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Music tag🎶🎶

i got tagged by @fairylightfluff thank uu for tagging! ^-^

rules: put your music on shuffle, list the first 9 songs and your favourite lyrics from each, then tag 10 other people to participate

1. Winter bird - AURORA (All my demons greeting me as a friend)

Feel it as the wind - strokes my skin - I am moved by the chill hear the winter bird sing.

2. Don’t cry - Guns N’ roses (Use your illusion 1)

I know the things you wanted - They’re not what you have - With all the people talking - It’s driving you mad (fun fact: my dad used to sing this to me as a baby whenever I cried and now it makes me cry so damn hard)

3. Sweeter - Jess Penner (Love, love, love)

time is not on our side - no she don’t wait for anyone the stars or the moon

4. Roman holiday - Halsey (Badlands)

Feet first, don’t fall - We’ll be running again - Keep close, stand tall. 

5. Slow it down - The lumineers (The lumineers)

And when she stood, she stood tall - She’ll make a fool of you all

6. West end kids - New politics (Vikings)

we are the kids that you never loved - We are the ones that will never grow up

and also

We are the voices you never heard - We are the fire you never let burn

7. We sink - Of monsters and men (Beneath the skin)

I know that it’s a waste of time - Chasing in the dark - But keep me in your clouded mind - ‘Til time ignites a spark

8. Mrs. potato head - Melanie Martinez (Crybaby)

Will a pretty face make it better?

9. Ready to go - Panic! at the disco (Vices & virtues)

What does it really mean - To get nothin’ from anyone?

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