obvs i say this with affection

AAO excerpt

Against All Odds was gonna be a one-shot at first, but I changed my mind (obvs) so here have this excerpt that I’m no longer using

“Alright then,” says McCree. “Here’s a bet for you.”

McCree sets down his coffee. Leans across the table. Puts on the cockiest smile he can manage while his heart races and pounds.

“I bet,” he says, “that you won’t kiss me. Right now.”

Hanzo looks startled, and McCree thinks he’s got him cornered. Either he’ll win his first bet in two weeks, or he’ll get a smooch from the object of his affection, however reluctant. He expects the former, because as competitive as Hanzo is, McCree expects he would rather take the loss than kiss him. The thought stings a bit, but it’s par for the course.

Hanzo very carefully sets down his drink. His movements are deliberate, his expression shifting to cool, calculating evenness. The only thing that betrays him is the bob of his throat as he swallows once, hard. McCree watches, waiting, confident in his challenge.

Hanzo lifts a hand and reaches across the table. He curls a finger under McCree’s chin, thumb pressed under his bottom lip, and now it’s McCree’s turn to be surprised. He has barely enough time to think, Lost this one, too before Hanzo leans across the table.

McCree expects a quick, unpleasant thing–a dry, hard press of their lips to fulfill the letter of the law if not the spirit, but that’s not what he gets. No, what he gets is an honest-to-god kiss: soft lips molding to his, the delicate brush of his nose against Hanzo’s cheek, a hand settling warm and firm on the back of his neck with fingers weaving loosely in his hair. This isn’t a silly thing to settle a bet–this is something else entirely. This is genuine, something terrifying and exhilarating in equal measure. It’s the kind of thing he’s imagined on some of his lonelier nights, thinking (hoping) what if Hanzo actually liked me, and now that he has it, he doesn’t know what to do.

He lets his eyes drift closed, carefully purses his lips against Hanzo’s, and feels the other man smile.

Hanzo kisses him once more, then again for good measure, before he leans back. He tries to look smug, but the faint pink in his cheeks diminishes the effect. McCree is left speechless, nearly forgetting to breathe.

“So, uh,” he starts intelligently. He coughs, clears his throat, and tries again. “Guess I lost that one too, then.”

“So it would seem,” Hanzo replies. He takes back his hand, and McCree suddenly feels cold for his absence.

McCree starts to speak again, but has to stop himself. He traps the words behind his teeth before they can escape: what was that about, was that what I think it was, will you kiss me again, please god do that again.

It takes a moment to find something safer to say, but before McCree can open his mouth, Hanzo gets to his feet. His face is suddenly shuttered, unreadable. He picks up his tea cup and looks at it as he says, “You may pay me tomorrow. A bottle of sake will suffice.”

Then he leaves the room, his sash trailing behind him until it, too, disappears around the corner and out of sight with a little good-bye flick.

McCree sits at the table with his coffee and waits, but Hanzo does not come back.

Lena comes into the dining room the way Hanzo left. She takes one look at McCree, sighs, “Oh, poor luv,” and pats him on the shoulder before she goes for coffee.

if i survive, baby you’re the one

thorki one-shot; explicit; warnings for incest (obv) and underage 

(many thanks to @darklittlestories for looking at this and assuring me that it didn’t sound like absolute crap. it’s been a while since i’ve published anything with these norse idiots, and one gets rusty.)


“You’re so beautiful, Loki,” Thor says quietly. Reverently.

He runs his palms down the youth’s sides, drinking in how small and fragile Loki’s new body looks in his large hands. Every inch of him is decorated in soft, pinking marks made with lips and tongue and teeth - everywhere Thor has lavished his bottomless affection on his beloved little brother.

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anonymous asked:

I saw you answer the ask about the antis saying Sasuke only asked sakura what happened in the forest of death to test his new curse seal powers. I just wanted to say, if that was true (it's not obv), why didn't he ask about Lee and Naruto, who are unconscious and about why the others (Ino, Shika, Choji, Neji, Tenten) are there, like if they're okay. I'd say Choji and Ino would look beaten up too? Anyways, Sakura being hurt really affected him. That scene will always stand out to me.

Well yeah it’s like we said, he obviously asked her her because he cared. The others may have been fellow Hidden Leaf comrades, but she was more than a comrade. It’s like when Shikamaru said thateven [Sakura] couldn’t stop him from leaving”. For Sasuke, she and Naruto were different from the rest.

life is too short to whine about the natural evolving of a language

you should enjoy the fact that your language is still alive and being used and there are people out there contributing to it every day in their own ways

language isn’t just a set of rules, it’s a tool and a way of communication and a part of our heritage, history and identity, and a reflection of our society and the culture we live in

when people make up new words, they’re doing what ppl have been doing for centuries before them so like… if you find a new word somehow annoying or irritating, you’re obvs allowed to whine about it but idk i’d rather target my energy on other things like idk not being an elitist asswipe

(of course there are words and sayings i hate but like idk it really doesn’t affect my daily life that much)

so yeah

augustedelweiss  asked:

How do true cases of ADHD (all subtypes) affect your personality based on MBTI? We probably all know an ENXP with ADHD, but I've never seen someone discuss NJs, whom also appear to frequently be diagnosed. What does each type look like when complimented by ADHD?

Anyone wanna share their ideas?

I’ve got adhd (hyperactive type) and I think it does impact the way I interact with people to a certain extent? But ngl, I can’t really draw the line between my personality and my adhd. And i think a lot of people are the same way.

All i can really say is that there’s an increased likelihood of mistyping as a high Ne type and as an xxxP (due to shitty tests). 

ok. another probably unpopular opinion alert - from me (oh don’t you lovelies love it?????? omg, no, please stop punching me in the face) - about this shit - because i still am sorta incensed, sorta not-surprised, sorta in the fetal-position about all the “omg he’s so high” and “zomg he is so hilarious!” chatter.

like, i think if we can agree on anything in these tumblrparts, it’s that jared leto is fucking bonkers, man. like, so staggeringly creative and free-thinking that when he is in a mood and sharing with us, what a normal person may see and assume is someone under the influence, is really probably just him. being himself. like, for reals. 

as someone who is operating on a similar wavelength as this perfect mess of feels and fragments, i cannot tell you how many times i’ve had people, people who’ve known me FOR LIFE, like people who are probably a match for me for like a kidney, ask me if i was in that moment with them, on drugs. sometimes, weird people are just weird. and entertain themselves by seeing just how fucking weird they can get.

not saying he is a saint and that our little angellamb would never!, because I’m sure we all know babydoll got down and probably for sure during the years of 2004 - 2007 when he was all up in a crew that contained a lot of so-obvs-that-if-they-sneezed-it-probably-looked-like-everyone-in-their-immediate-vacintity-was-suddenly-in-a-real-life-snowglobe-coke heads, because one does not associate with a shitton of people snorting and not partake for kicks themselves, so hear me out. i just honestly, really do believe those years are behind him. because, realtalk, for that man to have that much happening in his life at all times - in which hundreds of people are dependent on him for income in some capacity, in which he is buying and selling and investing in businesses, in which he is running multiple business, in which he is talking constantly with persons interviewing him and looking for any kinda soundbyte that will wreck him, in which he is a mother-fucking TYPE A bossbitch who has his eye on everything - i sideeye that a man as overworked and overscheduled as he is toking up as much as we all wanna scream he is.

secondly, and more stomach-knottingly, i personally don’t think any second in that Hang W/ was hilarious. in fact, i found it utterly upsetting in ways i am finding it hard to express right now. i think it broke down the wall and was almost a bit too real and endlessly revealing.

1) he appears to be entirely alone. possibly in his new home tho - the combo of that snapchat christmas sweatshirt and his down puffy coat, leggings under shorts makes me think possibly even not in LA because my god it’s 11pm there and still like 65 degrees. but back to alone. entirely alone. endlessly lonely. 

2) there was a lot of tension throughout his face… his lips, his brow, the corners of his eyes, his eyes themselves, that it was hard to watch him speak. 

3) so many moments where he is looking in the camera, but shifts his eyes away, as if he’s stared to long into it, at us, that he’s afraid we’ll catch on.

he’s an award-winning actor but when he’s playing the role of j, his eyes cannot lie.

4) too soon to tell and everything is speculation at all times, but, the “if you don’t show up for work” line was not just some throw away idiom jared felt like tossing out to our ears. i think it was poignant and telling. i don’t think he was referring to himself. at all. this man will fly home to LA from South America, be home less than 24 hours, then fly cross-country to NYC to attend a luggage store grand opening. for free luggage. he shows up for so much all the time. i think this was said directly to someone specific. whose track record at the moment for “showing up” may not be entirely stellar at this time. who knows. SPECULATION. S P E C U L A T I O N.

5) he looked desperate, in a way. like this wasn’t necessarily a cry for help - but like, a cry for someone to give him a moment of attention. affection without conditions. he looked so raw and delicate, his thin legs jutting out before him, splayed haphazardly on a windowsill. i think it’s clear at this point that someone asked him to work on his chill on social media - to not give so much away - of himself, of pieces of himself he never shied from. and i think its clear that it’s affecting him - that loss of connection with so many people at all hours of the day, telling him he’s amazing, and lovely, and wacky, and funny, and letting him be irrelevant on anything and everything. the only truly confirmed-Jared is only really reaching out now via snapchat and now hang w/. which i think says a lot. it’s incredibly hard to faux-jarè on snapchat and hang w/ (for obvs reasons) and i think these two modes of connection and communication are still so relatively new that far less people utilize them than Twitter or IG. i think that gives him a sense of safety to be himself still and less regulated - when it seems at this point his Twitter persona and his Instagram (which is basically repostings of Snapchat or random pictures of him from Into the Wild or from wherevs) are being looked-after by someone not-entirely-JaredLeto.

Ultimately – the Jared we’ve loved and adored since whenever we began to love and adore him, is no longer ArthouseMovieJared, who can do a picture or not do a picture, but when he does it he’s not doing it to be a blockbuster with an expected Opening Weekend Gross of $200million dollars.

Signing onto do a maaaaajor motion picture like “Suicide Squad” with a major Hollywood cast, and director, and producers (the top one being the actual Publisher of the Comic Book series the film is highlighting) is a total game changer. and with that transition, whether we want to accept it or not comes so much more added responsibility and expectations that it’s not even comprehensible. 

Listen, i’m more than excited to see him on the big screen again - because he will first and foremost always be one of my favorite actors - but i’m hesitant to wholeheartedly embrace this role, mainly for selfish reasons. mainly for the fact that we’ll lose him these next few years as he fulfills his contract and completes multiple pictures that, if they don’t film this consecutively a la other franchises - and it sounds like they’re not planning that - he’ll be dedicated to the joker (pre-production, filming, post-production, possible reshoots, maintenance of his look during downtime, publicity tours on publicity tours, worldwide promotions, the premiere, the reviews, the response, if favorably and the film does well financially: pre-production, filming, post-production, possible reshoots, maintence of his look during downtime, publicity tours on publicity tours, worldwide promotions, the premier, the reviews, the response, red carpets on red carpets to regenerate buzz, and so on and so on) probably through 2019. That is fucking terrifying….that is helluva lot of deja vu and dedication.

Times they are a-changin’. And I’m overwhelmed by a foreboding feeling.

[somethin bout that face tells me that those twists & turns ain’t so wonderful.]

Seventeen Reaction - Someone trying to touch their S/O

I’m spamming you with requests I apologize<3 but can you do a reaction with seventeen where a stranger starts trying to inappropriately touch their s/o??


S.Coups - I picture Seungcheol being the type to just go for it and grab the persons hand (probably a little too hard tbh) so they knew that you had someone who’d actually physically hurt anyone who dared to try anything on you.

Jeonghan - He’d try and be as polite as possible and tell the other person something like “sorry, but she’s actually with me” but he’d have such pure anger in his eyes when speaking to them which you’d never see that’d make them stop.

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[coughs] so, ehem. i kind of Went Off™ on a couple of people in @ashleythejohnson‘s instagram post about being at the Women’s March, and altho i totes stand by everything i said in my (many) comments, i was worried i might be spamming the post. so after i got tired and was temporarily done engaging, i decided not to check on IG for a couple of days to help both me and the dialogues cool down. but then i went on IG today to post that new selfie and i saw there were some new notes, including a new comment. i was dreading it a bit, but then i checked what it was aND???? IT???? WAS THIS??????

i mean. i’m. just. sitting here holding back tears coz??? i feel validated. not just as a person but for the things i was saying????? and it just feels…really nice to know that the things that my friends and mutuals and i are constantly talking with each other about and yelling at other people about in an attempt to be heard and affect some sort of change is actually noticed by popular people who want the same kind of change???? i mean, obvs part of this is OMG CELEBRITY-SENPAI NOTICED MEEEEEE i’m not gonna deny that but also to know that she read everything i wrote and said “i wish we were friends” is…really touching. like. i’m sincerely touched. AND - although this part is just speculation, i don’t want to assume or presume - considering some of the things that other people in the comments were saying about me or calling me (one actually called me a “liberal fascist” for simply pointing out how mistaken he is to put so much faith in someone like Tr*mp three times over), i feel like this comment was also crafted to…protect me? or at least the things that i was saying? like, as the owner of that space, and as someone with clout, this comment was pretty much gandalf bringing his staff down and telling the balrog to step the hell off. that may or may not be her intention at all, but i feel protected by it, and that’s so comforting. so…yeh. thank you, ashley <3 i mean, i already thanked you on twitter and on instagram, but i just can’t stop thanking you so…thank you???

The Rebel and the Rose. Part One: Chapter 7.

It’s FriYAY once more, and the weekend! Happy Days. I hope you all have a little bit of sun in your lives, and if not…I’m sure it will come.

Thank you to @lenny9987 for editing this beast, always in your debt for that!

…and also to @gotham-ruaidh, @writtenthroughtime, @westerhos, @londonerbecky, @iwanttodriveyouthroughthenight, @bonnie-wee-swordsman and @suhailauniverse for always being funny/serious/cheerful/intelligent/caring/sharing and many more things besides, this massive SMUT filled chapter is for you! Obvs this is the way I show emotion and/or affection (Is that healthy? Who knows!).


– – – — – – –

Part One: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six.

– – – — – – –

“Have ye ever lain wi’ a man, Claire?“ His eyes were serious now, as they stared over at her, she had still to lift her head. He knew the answer before he’d asked the question, of course, but he wanted to hear her say it. He needed her to understand the implications of what she asked him. If they did this, if they lay together, she may forever be tarnished with that mark.

She would no longer be a virgin.

"No.” She mumbled, her eyes finally meeting his. He could swear there was a hint of defiance there. “I know what I’m doing, Jamie. I want you.”

“Do ye now…” He counteracted, knowing she couldn’t possibly, really, understand.

He took one step forward, his hands tugging at the base of his shirt. There was only one way to make her truly see. If she still wanted him after, then he wouldn’t turn her down, he couldn’t. In one sweeping motion he removed the only thing keeping him decent and walked to stand directly in front of her. Inadvertently this had brought the very part of his anatomy he was trying to hide right before her eyes. She needed to she a man naked, to understand.

Slowly her eyes raised from his crotch up to meet his. Hers were wide. He’d shocked her, good. He reached his hand forward to take hers and laid it against him.

“Ye see, Claire. I’ll hurt ye, the first time. I canna avoid it.”

“I know how it works, I’ve read…”

“Aye! Ye’ve read things, Claire. Ye havena felt it, it isna the same! Just the basics, I need ye to ken the proper nature of it. I want ye, badly. I wouldna be in this state if no’ and once I start, I willna be able to stop.”

In a moment of passion he crawled across the bed, took her in his arms and pushed her against the wall the other side. Pinning her against the woodwork. Her legs automatically opened to allow him to stand between them. She still had her palm wrapped around him, he laid his hand over hers gently massaging her warm skin. With his free hand he started to run his fingers along the length of her, exposed as she was to him.

“When ye first do it, yer no’ accustomed to anything, aye? Yer body has to experience it. Ye ken that’s why yer slippery as an eel.” His fingers gradually crept along, his mouth inches from hers. He took her lips against his in a bruising kiss as he let his fingers slip inside her, just a wee way at first to allow her the feel of it. Then more. As he ran the palm of his hand over her, his fingers buried within, she moaned and tilted her hips to meet him.

“Christ, Sassenach. There’s no’ much room for my fingers, never mind my cock, but I want ye!” His tongue drew patterns against her lower lip as he spoke. Her eyes were closed and her head tipped back slightly as she rocked against him, unable to vocalise anything. The feeling was too much. She knew somewhere deep down this was only the beginning, that penetrating her with his digits was nothing compared to having him inside her. Her hand gripped him roughly now, noting every solid inch of him, causing him to thrust his hips.

“Claire, if I take ye now, like this, I’ll be no better than the barbarians they describe us as…” He panted against her, his fingers now abandoning their previous ministrations to pin her hands above her head. He needed a moment. “…ye dinna ken how much I’ve ached for ye, Claire, but I canna…”

She silenced him with a kiss, placed one foot flat against the wall causing her legs to spread and her hips to rise; and slowly, aching slowly, pushed herself flush against him. Using the leverage of his hands as they secured her wrists, she rocked her pelvis against his, groaning into his mouth as she felt him, hard and heavy, against her. The sensation sent jolts of pleasure through her belly and her nipples hardened. He felt them flush against his chest.

“Get on the bed, Claire. I want t’ see ye again.” He gasped as he pulled away from her searing kiss, freeing her hands. Her shift slipped fully off as she walked around Jamie and began to pull the coverlet off the mattress.

“No, Claire. Lie on top of it.” His voice was low, raspy as he watched her crawl atop the bed as he’d requested. He could tell she didn’t really know what to do. “Claire, dinna fash, just lie on yer back. Put ye legs apart, feet on the bed.”

A flash of something rushed through her at his words, her mouth watered and her fingers clenched into the duvet. She did as she was bid, lying with her head twisted towards him, her cheeks gloriously flushed. He reached out a finger and ran it along her collarbone. Her skin was so warm, he moved down rubbing his thumb over her nipple before replacing his hand with his mouth, sucking her slowly and then nipping at her. His teeth on her sensitive flesh was indescribable and she arched her back, her fingers finding purchase in his thick red hair.

He continued his path then, confident that she was so lost in the haze of his touch that she wouldn’t balk at what he was about to do. She’d the measure of the basic principles of sexual intercourse, but Jamie knew a few more intimate details that might be useful in this moment, things that he wasn’t sure she’d be comfortable with had he told her.

His tongue finally found its destination, her legs tensed and her fingers tightened in his curls as he licked the length of her before sucking against her damp skin, the salty sweetness of her filling his senses as he moaned against her. She tried to move his head, her thighs lifting as if to close, but as always he was one step ahead of her.

“No, a ghraidh, no’ yet ye don’t.” He mumbled against her, the vibrations of his voice sending ripples of movement through her and down to her toes. Her legs relinquished some of their tautness and her head fell back as he continued to lap and lick her very centre. The world seemed to fall away, her tummy clenched and relaxed in rhythm with his movements. Her gasps of breath were followed by his as he brought her to the brink over and over again. His tongue ran laps over her until she couldn’t see anything but spots in front of her eyes, her hands were pushing his head down and down, over and over. Her lungs never seemed to be able to fill with enough oxygen to supply her brain, and all the blood in her body seemed to have retreated south.

She cried out as he drew her sensitive skin into his mouth and sucked, hard. Writhing, her vision blurred and her whole body shook. Her legs curled up against her before flopping against the bed, her chest heaving in the aftermath.

Her brain had barely any time to come back to itself before she felt him against her. She was raw, shaking, but that didn’t stop Jamie. He’d needed to have her at his mercy, and he’d achieved that. He thrust into her quickly, holding himself flush with her, allowing her to come round a little and for her body to become accustomed to him inside her this way. Her hands came up and held his arse, her palms were clammy and unsteady.

“Oh…Jamie,” she gasped, her lips barely moving as her thighs lifted to wrap around his hips, his presence bringing her alive once more. “Please.” He began to move then, very gently at first, and then faster as he lost himself. He bent his head, his long locks shielding Claire from everything but him as he kissed her long and deep. Their tongues came together in time with their bodies.

She’d been so lost to the pleasure of his mouth against her that she’d completely missed the pain of their first coupling, she ached now a little as he thrust against her, again and again. But without her even knowing he’d kept her attention elsewhere to spare her. She smiled against his lips at the thought, he’d called himself a barbarian earlier, but he was more of a gentleman than she’d ever met before.

It was in that moment, watching him through hooded lids, that she realised how much she’d fallen under his spell and her heart stuttered. Her legs locked around his thighs now, and her fingers groped at his bottom. She was in too deep, she was sure he was also. In the heat of the moment she’d invited him into her bed and he’d confessed his desire for her.

She could feel the bruises forming as his hip bones hit the top of her legs, feeling his movements become more and more erratic. His moans grew louder and he buried his head against her neck as he cried out and fell against her, his legs buckling with the pressure of his orgasm.

Both slick with sweat, they lay, panting a systematic rhythm. His chest would rise and hers would fall. In time with each other even in their half-sedated state. Jamie shifted a little before pulling Claire against him. They were still surrounded by the warmth of their activities that neither of them felt the need to move under the blankets. Claire buried her head against Jamie’s chest, the sparse hairs there damp but comforting. Their legs intertwined and she wrapped her arms around his waist.

Tenderness start to ebb and flow through her as she fell into an easy sleep, her muscles throbbing with the most pleasurable pain. Her heart finally calmed as she squirmed and whispered ‘I love you…’ her words floating across his skin. She hadn’t meant to say it out loud, but in her haze she had. Jamie’s grip tightened and his breath caught in his throat.

“Oh, Sassenach. Tha gaol agam ort.” His speech was stunted, scared almost. There was so much at stake. He’d allowed himself to become accustomed to her, to fall for her. His brain was working faster than ever. He did love her, but he also was a wanted a man on the brink of war with an English King. He couldn’t risk dragging her into this, couldn’t allow her to end up with a price on her head too, or worse. Dead. His heart almost stopped at the thought, and he clung to her. He’d have this moment, for her as much as for him.

He’d lain with her, taken her maidenhead. His da had rightfully told him that lying with a woman you loved was the most glorious experience, he hadn’t had that until now. But he’d also told him to never lie with a woman you weren’t prepared to take care of afterwards. At the back of his mind the little voice, the irrational one, begged him to run. Run with her and never look back. But he had men, men who were relying on him. Camped somewhere outside of Edinburgh, and he couldn’t simply turn his back on them either.

Her body, warm and pliant, finally lulled him to slumber. Her scent grounded him, but his dreams still had a haze of unease about them. Of blood and war, and of the woman who had now stolen his heart.

flowerpower3233 I was joking with my post I didn’t actually think anyone thought it. Okay technically Val got first with Rumer and second with Z.

I’ll even say some of Rumer dances were better than Z. (Don’t hate me)

But that doesn’t really matter Val is lucky to have gotten to dance with two such gorgeous talented woman.

I’m happy he’s had two such women.

I hope Rumer and Val stay close I hope they do things together like Rumer doing SWAY because from what Rumers friends and family say DWTS and val has helped her confidence and helped her grow so much.

Z and V are obviously still very close she was there two nights in a row to see him win. She wanted them to win obviously Z doesn’t care.

One doesn’t have to better than the other they are both amazing people and their individual relationships with Val don’t affect The other.

Plus Z obvs adores Rumer.

And if Rumer can come in and change how Val sees Z and change their relationship than we are all obviously really wrong about it.

But I doubt we are I mean Vals still been tweeting about his pride and joy and going to her grad.

In my opinion

Val and Z are solid.
Val and Rumer are solid.
Rumer and Z are solid.

And Val has his mirrorball.

There is no need to worry at all.