Things I Want to See in Boruto Anime

•Himawari being a bad ass.
•Hinata training Boruto and Himawari. (Boruto obviously knows gentle fist from the movie)
•honestly, I just want to see the babies being trained by their respective parents.
Boruto and Himawari with grandpa Hiashi.
Kakashi’s purple lightning.
•Mirai! I need some Mirai!
•Shikadai & Mirai interactions.
•Gaara’s children.
•Shikadai with his cousins.
•Affectionate couple parent interactions: NaruHina, ShikaTema, SasuSaku, InoSai, etc. (I’m not gonna hold my breath on this one though. cause, tuh)
•Shino being an important figure in the kids life.

Things I DO NOT Want to See:
•Boruto taking a dark path like Sasuke cause I will SCREAM!!!!!!!!!
•The next gen girls being paid dust!!! It’s only 8 kids!!! (as opposed to 12 characters w/ Naruto & em) Y'all will give each of them a worthy story!
•Naruto dying. Girl, I will literally fly to Japan, get some answers & fight whoever I need to fight.

ninja my ass ❖ zhang yixing

anon requested : You would make me so happy with a Yixing smut (no fluff please) ..friends with benefits or whatever you want to write 😀 but no stress, I gladly wait

w : 1577
style : smut (friends with benefits)
admin : neb

Such a tiring day at work would be perfectly ended with some good you-time, which would include calling your bestfriend Yixing at your place to binge-watch dramas and eating icecream on your bed. But you were pretty sure he was out with friends so you decided to be a geek all by yourself, which wasn’t bad after all.
Thirty minutes after, watching a horror movie, you found yourself wrapped up in a blanket and staring at the screen with wide eyes.
Suddendly you hear a sound which obviously wasn’t coming from the movie, so you stopped the play and looked around trying to see something in the shadow of your bedroom.
You don’t dare to move from you position as you hear your window opening and as soon as a tall figure exits from the shadowy corner of your room you throw your pillow at it, screaming in terror.
Nevermind, your not-so funny bestfriend, Yixing, is standing in the middle of the room with your pillow in his hands, laughing his lungs out and nearly tearing up.
You stand up from the bed, standing in front of him and you start hitting him in his chest with your tiny fists as he tries to speak just to miserably fail because he’s too busy laughing.
“You sneaky little bastard, I nearly had a heart attack!” you scream at him. He stopped laughing but heavily breathing, trying to catch his breath as you stand there, furious.
“Calm down baby, i was just trying to be a ninja.”
You try to ignore the pet name he just gave you, he didn’t do that often but it still managed to make your heart race. Because you knew what he wanted whenever he used pet names.
“Ninja my ass” you whisper as you walk back in bed, Yixing sitting next to you as he switches off you laptop and walks off to the desk and places it there.
He then comes back and sits while you were silently scrolling through your phone.
“Stop staring at me, you creep” you tell him as you feel him moving closer and laying down, head on your lap and his toned torso between your legs, still staring up at you.
After approximately five minutes of you ignoring him and looking at your phone you hear him sighing. He lifts his back and starts kissing your chin as he turns around, settling himself between your legs. He takes your phone away and sets it on the nightstand, wanting all your attention. A smirk grows on your face while he starts leaving soft bites and butterfly kisses down your jawline to your neck: you knew what he wanted. At the beginning the whole friends with benefits thing was really weird for you, you found it strange and uncomfortable. But as months passed you started enjoying all the benefits you got from that whatever it was, because you had to admit it: your best friend was hella hot and you wouldn’t mind getting touchy with him from time to time. So you just let him be while he starts lifting your shirt up and placing bites and kisses on your stomach, as you drown your fingers in his soft hair.
He comes up to kiss you, his lips so soft yet so rough on yours make you go light-headed. Your hands slide on the sides of his grey hoodie, lifting it up and then pulling it off, throwing it away in the room. His chest is amazingly wrapped in a tight simple white shirt and his long legs are covered by a pair of black ripped skinny jeans. You can’t wait as you pull off his shirt, admiring his toned abdomen and arms, he sure is working out. He smirks at the sight of you staring and suddendly pulls your oversized balck shirt off, making you feel the cold air in the room. You quickly try to cover your breast, as you were going no-bra you found yourself naked under his gaze. He reaches for your hands and pins them over your head, softly smiling.
“I’ve seen you like this so many times now, and you still manage to screw my head up with your beauty, baby.” he whispers in your ear and you can feel the heat on your cheeks growing.
No time for waiting though, because he quickly slides your cotton shorts along with your panties, down your legs. Now you’re completely naked under his control.
You start undoing his belt and pulling off his jeans and he helps you, sliding them down and throwing them. You don’t really care where your clothes are going, you know they will be there when you wake up tomorrow morning, just like Yixing.
He spreads your legs wide open, starting to trail a line of kisses down your neck and stops, giving attention at your needy breast. He takes your left nipple in his mouth, nibbing and licking it gently, while his other hands worked on the right one, his thimb lightly drawing circles on it. You felt your core warmp up even more and you felt the need to grab his broad shoulders with your hands The room was filled with your soft moans and his grunts, the temperature was going up. Yixing moves from your breast and his fingers slide to your core, lightly pressing his thumb on your clit.
“How wet you already are for me, baby.” He whispers, smiling. You close your eyes, whining a bit for his teasing, but you open them up as soon as you feel his hot breath on your labia. You quickly reach for his hair and you spread your legs wider for him.
He kisses your inner thigh, then moves to kiss your wet clit and starts licking it. His hands clasping your ass as you moan out his name. He groans in you, making you feel the vibrations and go crazy. His tongue abuses your entrance, going in and out at a furious pace, while you place your other hands at your side, clasping the sheets in pure pleasure. You feel knots growing in your stomach as another loud moan escaped your mouth. His teeths are gently grazing your throbbing clit as you feel your climax coming.
“Yixing, I-I’m really close” you manage to blurt out before he stops his actions and stares deep into your eyes. You whine loudly as you scratch his shoulder a bit, making him feel you’re disappointed. He looks into your eyes as he slides his boxers down, revealing his throbbing manhood covered in precum.
He needs attention too. You lift up your upper body just to be pushed down by an horny Yixing, who pulled out a condom from your nightstand. You take the shiney packet from his hands and you pull the angle with your teeths, opening it. While you stare into his eyes filled with lust you slide the condom on him. Yixing loved teasing but not as much as you did.
His hands are on the side of your head while he thrusts his hips, entering in you without preparing you. You feel full once again. He sets a painfully slow rythm, sliding deep into you and pulling all out except for the tip, before slamming his manhood inside you once again. He’s rough yet gentle and caring, and this makes you go crazy, moaning his name like it’s a mantra while your eyes are rolled back for all the pleasure he’s giving you.
“Yixing please, faster” you whisper while he kisses your neck, leaving purple hickeys that will need a ton of make-up the day after.
“As you plead, princess.” He says before gaining strenght and setting a faster pace. You feel your stomach scrunch up in pleasure as Yixing enters deep in you and touches that special spot which makes you scream his name at the top of your lungs.
With each thrust he goes deeper and faster, your nails dipped in his skin making him groan in a way that compliments your mewls and pleads for him not to stop.
“Fuck” he murmurs in your ear, nibbing at your neck and biting hard on your already marked skin.
You both are close to your orgasm, his fast pace and deep thrusts are making you go crazy. Your bodies are covered in a thin layer of sweat, you notice it as it makes Yixing’s muscles shine while they flex in order to pleasure you.
You scream his name one more time before letting go and give in, your hips lifting to meet his as your skin claps togheter, filling the not-so silent room.
You ride your orgasm with Yixing slowing up his pace but not stopping yet. Your clit is becoming more and more oversensitive. With one last deep thrust Yixing moans out your name and falls on your chest.
The room sure smells like sex, incredible, rough sex. You two try to catch your heavy breathes and Yixing streches himself over you to put the used condom in the trash can. He then lays besides you, with his chest touching your back. Even if he never tells you, he adores being the big spoon.
“Hey, Y/N” he whispers, turning you so that now you’re facing his chest. You tilt your head up and you meet his tired gaze. A little, satisfied smile creeps on your lips after he kisses your nose and pats your hair gently.

- h o l a thanks for requesting, i hope this is what you were searching for (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ + feel free to leave a request in our inbox we are always glad to accept and write for you! untile next time i send love~ b y e !

Can we talk about this picture for a sec? Just a real quick sec?

It’s a picture of Mary and her cousin Elizabeth, the Visitation (obviously). Yes, it’s from the Nativity Story movie.

But look at those two. We know that John literally jumped in his mother’s womb when Mary approached (Lk 1:41). Can you imagine, especially you mothers, the child inside you leaping at the sound of somebody’s voice? Even as a teeny little baby in Elizabeth’s womb, John knew his Lord and Savior was approaching.

Can you imagine Mary, with her quiet faith and just starting to accept that fact that God was inside of her? Here is her cousin, much older than she, running up to her saying, “Most blessed are you among women, and blessed is the fruit of your womb. And how does this happen to me, that the mother of my Lord should come to me?” (Lk1:42-43)

Obviously they are both filled with joy and we can imagine Elizabeth reaching out to feel her Lord in Mary’s stomach. Look at how beautiful and tender and joyful that moment was. Pure joy radiating on their faces.

Both of them, docile to the Lord’s will. Complete trust, even when circumstances are unusual (Mary’s virginal conception and Elizabeth’s aged one), in their Lord. Neither of them seeking their own gain, but all for the glory of God.

Look at Mary’s face. She knows she carries God in her womb. We can imagine that when she was with Elizabeth, she started to understand more fully the magnitude of who was inside of her. What sort of impact Jesus would make. It probably started to hit her that her Son would change the world. Forever.

I don’t know about you guys, but I LOVE the Visitation.

Orders: Part 2

Part 1

*Gif credit to whoever made this!*

A/N: This is obviously going to diverge from the movie, like some things will stay the same but most things are going to change… 

You managed to get them to trust you, at least a little bit, and you listened as they told you about their maze. You made up your own maze story, telling them believable scenarios that happened to you and your friends.

“Where are your friends?” Thomas asked, interrupting you in the middle of your story, “If you came from a maze like us, shouldn’t your friends be—”

“Dead.” It was true; your friends were all dead but not because you were all trapped in some kind of maze. Ava killed all of your friends. Everyone that you loved had been killed in front of your eyes because Ava wanted to mold your eight year old mind into something special. Something that would be too scared to fight back, someone that would do whatever Ava told them to, someone that would never disobey an order out of fear.

You hadn’t realized that everyone was waiting for you speak again, to elaborate on what happened to your friends. You looked away from the guys and moved over to your bunk, “My friends are dead. Every last one of them were killed right in front of my eyes and now I’m here… I don’t know which of us got lucky. Me or them.”

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How many blankets do i sleep with: 2
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Dream Trip: Japan or South Korea
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You don’t need to do it, if you don’t want to!

Phantom of the Opera Restaged National Tour Review

Here it is folks, my complete review of the “new” re-staged US national tour.  Below the cut you’re going to find a scene-by-scene review as well as overall impressions, observations, and opinions regarding this new staging.  My old school phan cohort, @inkedalchemy​ attended this performance with me and we were honestly trying to stay as open minded and neutral as possible regarding a new look to the classic show.  In general, there were things that we liked, and could see worked into the original production.  We also saw things we did not care for at all.  But despite that, we’ve compiled a thorough review for you all to read and consider.

But before I get started, I will emphasize the fact that this is NOT a game of “WTF do you know,” nor do I wish to start another internet flame fest between those who prefer the new tour and those who prefer the original production.  Let’s all be adults, let’s all be civil, let’s all respect each others’ opinions.  Those who felt I was unfairly judging the new tour before told me I could not have an opinion on it without seeing it in person…well, I went and paid money and did that.  While there were aspects I enjoyed, my overall impression of the production did not change.

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Pairing: Shizuo/Izaya
Theme: domestic!au: a slip of the tongue

Izaya had a tendency of saying things before thinking and so he had, actually entirely unwittingly, ruined many of Shizuo’s attempts to sweep him off his feet.

“Puppies are a hassle,” when Shizuo tried to bring bring up adopting a puppy as his way of “advancing their relationship.”

(Izaya handed him a key to his apartment silently.)

“Anniversaries are annoying,” just as Shizuo opened the door and Izaya was met by a string quartet and roses.

“Sex in the shower sounds too dangerous,” as a murmur to himself just as Shizuo threw aside the curtain, naked and about to step in.

So there was one thing that Izaya had stayed silent on, knowing that if he said something, it would probably make Shizuo sad or destroy what little confidence he’d have:


Izaya never thought twice about marriage, didn’t care too strongly about it. But he knew Shizuo wanted it and saw no real opposition to getting married. And since it was Shizuo, the idea would sometimes bring a small curve to Izaya’s lips, just because it was Shizuo.

“Shizu-chan, are you ever going to propose to me? Because I’ve been waiting, you know. Though Shizu-chan wouldn’t do it in an obviously cheesy, straight-from-a-movie way, right?”

They were eating together; Shizuo had cooked that night and he’d brought out dessert. Izaya had finally gotten impatient and asked him outright; he had a feeling Shizuo wanted to be the one to ask, but he would very well do it himself. Holding his fork in his hand, he watched Shizuo, narrowed his eyes when he saw the blush and guilty look as he avoided eye contact.

“…It’s in this cake, isn’t it?”


“…I can pretend I never said that and you can try again.”


So I had some spare time and, and I was kind of upset that there wasn’t a poster of Rey with the lightsaber, so I did the best I could to make one of my own. The snow if obviously from the end of the movie, since that was my favorite part, I made it the poster.


These are images I captured from Thor: The Dark World bluray extras: the first one is from the “Gag Reel” while the 2nd one comes from “A Brothers Journey Pt.2”.

It might seem normal, nothing big… however the big question would be… was this particular scene exist in the movie? I just watched the full movie again, and Thor never ever wore ‘earth’ clothings like that, while Jane never looked that casual as well. The scene is not included as one of the deleted scenes too.

Ookaaay, so this is just me 'speculating’ (so don’t take my words as valid)... but could we be seeing a scene that’s going to be included in Avengers: Age of Ultron? We all know Joss Whedon was present for a brief moment during the filming, and considering this is obviously NOT from the 1st movie (Thor’s hair)… where else would we see Thor back in daily clothings, right? Hmmmm….