i don’t understand why the chapter the prince’s tale has caused so many people to shed snape in a better light and paint him as this tragic character who was in love and had an awful life and deserves to be put on some kind of pitying, loving pedestal. if anything, that chapter only served to highlight his awful behavior, at least for me. 

so, the first part of his memory shows snape jumping out of the bushes to tell lily that she’s a wizard after she’s performed this feat that should be impossible, and that’s all well and good. then, he proceeds to insist that lily is a witch, and petunia responds rather hautily, “’wizard! i know who you are. you’re that snape boy!… why have you been spying on us?’” obviously petunia’s not being the nicest, and so snape responds “’haven’t been spying. wouldn’t spy on you, anyway, you’re a muggle’”. right off the bat, here’s proof of snape’s prejudice against muggles. this didn’t just magically appear in hogwarts as a result of the people he was forced to spend time around - the sentiment was already there. 

then, in another scene, lily and snape are underneath a tree, talking. it’s in this scene that we see the sort of weird obsession snape has with lily, when jk rowling writes “he watched her as greedily as he had watched her in the playground”. rowling wouldn’t have used this wording if she didn’t want to emphasize the way he was looking at her - how lily has become this kind of escape for him, maybe his only source of friendship and happiness. and i’m not denying him that, but treating her this way is obviously unhealthy and leads to problems. 

the next scene is on platform nine and three quarters, when lily is preparing to leave for her first year at hogwarts. it’s revealed that petunia sent a letter to dumbledore asking if she could come too, and that it was snape’s idea to read the letter when he saw it, full well knowing how tense petunia and lily’s relationship is and how this could affect it.

then, once on the train, snape’s prejudices are revealed once again. lily is crying because petunia called her a freak and the two aren’t on good terms, and snape says “’so what?’”. lily replies “’so she’s my sister!’” to which snape says “she’s only a -’” obviously about to imply that petunia is inferior because she’s a muggle.

then, a few years after, lily and snape are talking in the hallway. snape calls dark magic “’…a laugh, that’s all’” and when lily calls him on it, he immediately shifts the conversation to james potter, attempting to change the subject, to which lily replies (rightfully), “’what’s potter got to do with anything?’” obviously, despite knowing the ideals and actions of people like avery and mulciber, snape isn’t able to take responsibility for being friends with them. then, when lily she knows that james is awful, but then continues to chastise snape for the company he keeps, he doesn’t take note of anything but the fact that she doesn’t like james. he treats her like something that he needs to keep a hold onto.

in the next scene, set after the fifth year incident, snape doesn’t even deny that he wants to be/his friends are death eaters. he’s come to “apologize” to lily for calling her a slur, and he doesn’t even deny he is in a group that thinks that calls people the slur and who want to kill them. lily says it best: “’but you call everyone of my biirth mudblood, severus. why should i be any different?.”

then, snape is in dumbledore’s office. voldemort has just revealed that he thinks lily’s son is the son of the prophecy, and he wants to kill the whole family. dumbledore asks “’if she means so much to you, surely lord voldemort will spare her? could you not ask for mercy for the mother, in exchange for the son?’ ‘i have - i have asked him -’ ‘you disgust me. you do not care, then, about the deaths of her husband and child? they can die, as long as you have what you want?’ snape said nothing, but merely looked up at dumbledore.” yeah, me too dumbledore. snape disgusts me too. the fact that he was willing to let a child die so that he could have lily is appalling. this is where his true character is revealed, because this is a grown man who claims to be in love with a woman, yet doesn’t realize that if you love someone you want them to be happy, not want to have them. 

the part of the chapter that has to do with lily does absolutely nothing to paint their relationship in any sort of healthy, positive light, and honestly serves to reveal snape’s true character of being a pretty awful person.

So I’m rewatching 7.17 right now and I’ve been compromised (obviously). This is yet another parallel to 12.11, and I just needed to put it out into the world.

Cas-as-Emmanuel and Dean without his memories BOTH still had this instinct to continue doing their main thing (Cas trying to do good, healing people, helping, and Dean hunting monsters and saving people).

At the core of who he is, Cas just wants to help people. With no memories of who or what he is, or what he’s done, Cas just wants to use his apparent “gift” to heal. To save people.

At the core of who he is, Dean stripped of all his memories of who he is and what he’s done, Dean’s instincts still drive him to hunt. To save people.

DEAN: Must be weird not knowing who you are.
EMMANUEL/CASTIEL: Well, it’s my life. And it’s a good life.
DEAN: Yeah, well, what if you were some kind of… I don’t know…bad guy
EMMANUEL/CASTIEL: Oh, I… don’t feel like a bad person.

Because that’s Dean’s fear (and Castiel’s too, when he’s burdened with the weight of his memories), that what if underneath it all, he really is a bad person. What we see in 12.11 is that underneath it all, Dean’s truly this guy:

-Jiutou casts Flamethrower-

With the new Clip Studio Paint update came animating tools. So obviously I had to put it to good use and animate our favourite flame-spouting Tiefling, Jiutou.


2016 at a glance with EXO • HAPPY NEW YEAR! 

Just a quick flashback to the many different activities EXO has done as a group, solo, sub-units, etc. They continue to show us why they’re at the top and why they will continue to be there. Not sure what will hold for them in 2017 but I can only wish for more success and opportunities to (rest) to do things as a group and on their own. I’m so proud of them! I obviously couldn’t put all their achievements and activities I totally didn’t forget EXO-CBX but the way I did this, it wouldn’t have fit or of course Yixing’s solo work so there is some organization to this madness… nonetheless, this past year was definitely full of many good things and of course bad but I try to block those out so… and can only hope for many more good things this coming year!

May this coming 2017 also bring all of us happiness and a chance to see them (and lots of rest for them too) but with as little accidents as possible T__T.

EXO we are one… SARANGHAJA!

Fun Facts about Marvel Loki!

Inspired by that one popular Deadpool post from forever ago!
(I may be cheating because I’m technically including multiple incarnations, but they all “count” as him in some way- no alternate universes or timelines- so shaddup. The distinctions between them obviously matter, but not for the purposes of this list.)

  • He was in the Marvel universe 13 years before Thor was
  • He has “put a terrible slash on the internet” (Yes, that kind)
  • He likes Daft Punk
  • He likes Wicked
  • He got to use Mjolnir once. Against Thor. For the good side.
  • He identifies as both male and female, is clear about it, and other characters acknowledge it
  • He’s pansexual
  • He’s the patron god of certain sex acts
  • He basically killed himself twice to escape his evil baggage from the past (and then his mind to escape future evil baggage)
  • He wore the Guy Fawkes mask once
  • He’s also worn the X-Men uniform
  • He goes by the “God(dess) of Stories” now
  • He wasn’t evil enough to be elected president
  • Really, to sabotage his own campaign, he just called people lighting cars on fire over him idiots, clarified that he wasn’t “evil” anymore, and said he planned to basically play by the rules if elected
  • While “trying” to become president (he actually wasn’t), he made sure to face off against a woman whose life he’d ruined in the past so that she’d look like a hero when everyone realized she was right about him, which did great things for her career
  • When he was forced to erase his memories and “change,” he only made sure to remember that he loved Thor and his one friend, Verity, who believed in him
  • He used to secretly hire Deadpool and Gambit to run cons for him, then would trick them into thinking they’d betrayed each other to get himself off the hook
  • He named his hellhound puppy after Thor when he died
  • He’s totally a selfie person
  • He hates the word “smooch”
  • When he was trapped on earth with false memories (due to his own spell), he was a friendless, nerdy child. When others explained to him what was going on, he quickly regained his memories, led them through a convoluted set of steps create a second spell to free everyone else from their own fake memories, and then…. turned out to have not regained his memories at all. He thought they were role-playing with him. The new “spell” failed at a critical moment.
  • He was the protagonist, antagonist, and “innocent victim that died at the beginning to kick the story off” of one series, all at the same time.
  • He was once locked in a tree by Odin. The only way to escape was if someone cried because of his situation (the joke being that no one ever would, since everyone hated him). After a long time, he finally built up enough willpower to fling a leaf into someone’s eye, /technically/ drawing a tear that existed because of his situation.
  • Sleipnir, Loki’s 8-legged horse child from the original mythology, technically does exist somewhere in the universe. Other canon children include the Fenris Wolf and the Midgard Serpent. He’s even rumored to be the father of Hela, Queen of the Dead, but neither of them have any idea if that’s true or not, especially since she has existed longer than he has
  • He actually time-traveled and tricked Odin into adopting him
  • He once dramatically took the form of a unicorn
  • “Loki’s the bad guy! Sauron multiplied by that antiDumbledore guy cubed! His alignment is totally chaotic evil! He sends misogynist abuse for the lulz!” - His playful description of his more evil past self

I feel like this book was necessary because Zayn struggles with explaining himself most of the time and people keep misinterpreting what he says or what he does. Even though his intention is good, it doesn’t often comes off that way. And people always think the worst of him. Meanwhile in this book, someone obviously helped him to put it on paper and you can see what a good person he is and how human he is!!! Reading that book made me feel closer to him and I’m so happy he shared that with us!

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I'm proud of myself because I'm getting my important documents organized and even though some of them are missing and I wish they weren't (nothing vital, but I hope nobody asks about them anytime soon...), I think the system I'm using now will help me in the future and I hope to heaven above that I don't keep putting things in random places assuming I'll remember where they are. Because obviously my past self operated under that assumption? She was young and foolish.




let’s get this clear: the fact that troy was the team leader is bullshit. obviously the best one fit for the role was chad, not only he was a great basketball player but also really dedicated to the game and the team. i’m not saying troy was’t good player or teammate all i’m saying is that if the coach hadn’t been troy’s dad (who obviously used his son to follow his steps and dreams, put a lot of pressure in him and didn’t allow troy to do his own thing or to explore his possibilities beyond basketball), chad would have been the captain instead of him. peace out.

Working with Stones

Stones, rocks and minerals are a great source of power, but most of the information available about them is new age nonsense. There is a great deal of evidence in folklore for the use of stones and minerals in magic, here is how I work with them in my own practice.

1. Don’t buy stones if you can help it. Find them. Riverbeds are a good place to start, abandoned quarries, the seaside, mountains. Contact your local rock hunting club for good locations to search. Pick up stones from sacred sites (with permission and common sense, don’t go chipping off chunks of Stonehenge obviously), local spirits will often give you stones by putting them in unexpected places, treasure them and leave something in return.

2. Use them raw. Stones don’t need to be polished to show their beauty, they don’t need to be cut or set in silver. Their raw texture, still dusted with the earth of their birthplace is powerful. If you want smooth stones, use those polished by the sea or the river. 

3. Appreciate common stones as well as rare. Common stones are versatile, there’s a lot that can be done with a chunk of white quartz, which is not a hard stone to find. Coal is used in a lot of old spells. Slate is brilliant stuff for drawing sigils on. Chalk is terribly useful, as is red ochre. The geological name of a stone is less important than its shape, colour, features and origins.

4. Inherited stones also have unique powers. Your grandmother’s emerald engagement ring, the stone your great uncle carried in his pocket for good luck. They absorb power and build up a relationship to your family. My best working stone is a chunk of raw amethyst my Grandfather found in the desert which then sat on his mantelpiece for years, watching.

5. Research is not easy. Most books about the magical properties of stones and crystals are rubbish. Throw out anything that mentions atlantis to start with. Instead read folklore, read old grimoires, learn how stones were used by Scottish seers and renaissance astrologers, learn which stones were valued by the native peoples of your area, study the uses of hagstones and various fossils. The lore is out there, it’s just scattered. Check your sources.

6. Minerals are more than just stones and crystals conveniently sized to fit in a pocket or charm bag. They include rocks the size of houses and sand as fine as dust. Dust and dirt is particularly useful as an ingredient in natural magic. Graveyard dust, footprint dust, red sand, white sand, black sand. Become aware of and work with the entire mineral kingdom and you will gain insights and a relationship to the land that goes down to the bedrock.

7. Use stones as tools, not ingredients. While small fragments of minerals and sands can be added to charm bags and the like, most magical stones are tools in the way a wand or a knife is a tool. They aren’t one use wonders. Work with them regularly, keep them close to you. Scry with them, heal with them, speak to them. Develop a working relationship over years and you will be rewarded with a powerful ally.

8. Be aware of correspondences, but not bound by them. Planetary correspondences in particular can be useful in determining the particular virtues of a mineral (one again, check your sources), but working with the stone itself will reveal its powers. Colour symbolism will help, as will folklore, but in the end each stone is an entity with its own strengths, which it will communicate to you if you listen.

9. Precious and semi-precious stones have their virtues too, and I’m not suggesting avoiding them altogether. Just be aware of where they are sourced, how ethically they are obtained, and the fact that their monetary value and exotic beauty does not necessarily make them more useful than the rock from your back garden. 

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Yeah, but at the same time you've got other countries like Djelibeybi and Lancre which do have kings/queens, and it's Good and Right. Ptraci is specifically described as coming into her heritage. (Similarly, Sybil is consistently described as being great because she's aristocratic; admittedly I think she's totally alone in this.) In Lancre there was an, uh, interruption in the succession but it's presumably going to be hereditary going forward.

Sybil is interesting because she does get massive privileges from her aristocratic position but she tries to use them for good instead of evil unlike de Worde, and she isn’t an idiot like Lord Rust. Vimes is obviously uncomfortable with the idea of aristocracy, even once he is one, but sadly we won’t get to see the true test of this: what happens to their son Sam, who inherits the power and wealth (and rage?) without having the life experience to put it into context. Troubling.

I think you could say that like Tolkien and other English fantasy authors there’s a hankering to a kind of idealised past where yes there’s a king but the peasantry are relatively free and independent and the aristocrats don’t commit atrocities against them except for a few bad ones who get strung up so it’s okay really.

While they both make robust defences of the little guy (hi Frodo!) they aren’t very principled defences, and they can reject the worst horrors of modernity without really being able to suggest any alternatives. But I can’t really blame them for that, this shit’s hard.

I Miss You (Cover)
5 Seconds of Summer
I Miss You (Cover)

So this is track 7 of the unreleased album I put together. I have the Unplugged ep, but at the time I didn’t feel like moving audio files. I only have the three other songs that are actually from the ep on the ep. When I post that eventually, you can download it and move it to wherever you like obviously. Reblog if you want the steps to downloading audio files off of youtube or tumblr. That’s where I get everything (but I only download the unreleased stuff, you should use this knowledge for good lol). If you actually read all of this then you’re amazing.

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what are your favourite things about Shawn??


okay so here it goes again.

basically, shawn’s obviously very humble but he’s also deep down a cocky person. or like, he knows how hot he is. evidence a: HOW MUCH TEASING HE PUTS US THROUGH. like, that instagram stroy from a couple days ago??? there’s no way he didn’t know what he was doing to us. 

also, he’s such a family man and it makes me think of how good he’ll be as a dad? just the image of him holding a baby girl in his arms, shushing her to go to sleep, tired eyes and tired voice singing some lullaby at three in the morning literally MAKES ME WANT TO CRY. 

and i had another one but i forget so. here you go! 

let’s talk about shawn

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Onision makes videos on YouTube and has said a lot of terrible things and also bad about using dnp as clickbait He does the typical putting them in the thumbnail when theyre mentioned for 2 seconds thing but also he'll say that Dan is attractive but Phil is ugly- obviously looking for attention from viewers of theirs that may want to defend them type things. I don't know anything about the situation but I heard once that he had some rape allegations. He's not good :/ Best to not touch his videos

i’ve never even heard of him :/ except i think dan mentioned him once maybe ? oh well he’s irrelevant! phil lester has a cute boyfriend and is beautiful ! he good !

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I gotta be honest...you are PATHETIC. Just because a worthless piece of shit guy who is no good for you leaves you is no reason to fuck up your sobriety. He wasn't good for you or to you, and he obviously never cared about you. You are better off without him. Grow the fuck up, get your shit together, and move on. He isn't worth it. Stop being a fucking idiot, put the drugs down, and man up.

Lol fuck off I do what I want and to be fair I was using drugs again long before he broke up with me


“I was offered the part of Mrs. Robinson in The Graduate but I could not see myself rolling around in the sheets with a young man half my age whom I’d seduced. I realized it was an effective part (Annie Bancroft eventually won the Academy Award for it) but it offended my sense of values. Of course, in the years since then, explicit sex has become commonplace on the screen – so commonplace that it is considered novel when a film appears without a few naked bodies thrashing about. Now I really don’t put anybody else down for doing such scenes. To each his own. Many actors enjoy doing these turns, and obviously many people enjoy watching them. I don’t, either doing or watching. I can’t picture myself in bed with a man, all the crew around us, doing that which I consider so exciting and exalting when it is personal and private. I am really appalled by some of the public exhibitions on the screen by good actors and actresses who certainly have the talent to convey the impact of what they are doing without showing us to the last detail of pubic hair and rosy nipple how they are doing it.” -Doris Day

Valkyrie Part 2: Welcome back

A/N: Yay, Part 2 is here. Again, here you can find the basic idea and here the first part of this series. In this part I’ll throw Scott and Theo into the mix. :) Enjoy!

Word count: 1931

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„Sooo…what am I looking at?“, Scott asks while his eyes wander over the crammed blackboard in Stiles’ office. It looks exactly like the ones he used to put up in his bedroom in the good old days, only more professional. Stiles leans on his desk and rolls his eyes at Scott’s stupid question.

“A murdered werewolf, obviously. Do you know him?”

“No, I’ve never seen him”, Scott says, leaning in to have a better look on the horrible photo that depicts the bloodstained body. Stiles sighs and runs his fingers through his hair. He really hoped Scott could know something that he doesn’t, that he somehow missed or overlooked. These are bad news.

“Don’t you think that’s weird? That there’s a werewolf in Beacon Hills that we don’t know?”

“Not really. I mean, it’s still a beacon, right? I guess that many supernatural creatures pass this town without us noticing.”

“But none of them gets killed like this”, Stiles mumbles darkly. “And the weirdest thing about it is her.”

He points at the picture of Y/N right in the middle of the board. Scott takes a look at it, almost too interested for Stiles’ taste. It’s that interest that gets awoken in a man when the woman on the photo is attractive. Which is absolutely not what this is about.

“Don’t look at her like that! She sat in his puddle of blood as I found her”, Stiles exclaims indignant and startles Scott out of his contemplations. His best friends turns around and frowns at him in confusion.

“So why didn’t you arrest her?”

“I have!”, Stiles huffs. “But we don’t have any prove it actually was her. She didn’t hold the weapon and she said she was there by accident, just found the body.”

“And you don’t believe her?”

“Of course not! Nobody accidentally finds a dead body in this town. And there is something off with that woman. I checked her record and she shows up amazingly often around crime scenes. Moves a lot, isn’t really attached to anybody and she just came to Beacon Hills. For whatever reason, as far as we know, she doesn’t have a job or family here.”

Scott listens closely to Stiles while he holds his monologue, observing him even closer. There is a hint behind his eyes that deviates from his accusing tone. As he stops speaking, Scott figured it out and he can’t suppress a cheeky grin.

“She is fascinating you.”

Stiles’ eyes widen in perplexity. It looks almost amusing. At least funny enough to make Scott smirk brightly.

“She doesn’t!”, he denies heavily. “Absolutely not, alright? But I have a weird feeling about her and usually my intuitions are on point.”

“A feeling, huh?”, Scott retorts meaningfully and earns a deathly glare for that.

“Shut up. This is serious. Someone is dead. And I don’t want anybody else to die.”

The smirk drips from Scott’s face and gets replaced with a deep sigh. Well, maybe it has been too quiet the last few months. He looks at Y/N`s photo once more, tries to judge whether she seems suspicious and like a murderous freak or not. It’s impossible to tell.

“What’s the plan?”, he asks involuntarily because it’s obvious that Stiles has one.

Stiles shifts uncomfortably on his feet for a moment. He’s well aware of the fact that his request is not very pleasant.

“Well…I need someone who keeps an eye on her. I can’t do it myself and I can’t ask one of my officers to observe a possible supernatural threat, so…”

“So I’m the one who’s left”, Scott grumbles. “Great. I’ll need to call Isaac to keep me company.”

“Thanks, man, I owe you one.”

“I’ll put it on the list. What’s the rest of the plan?”

Stiles frowns for a second. Then he rubs his eyes which doesn’t make him look any less tired.

“In progress.”

“So you don’t have one”, Scott states bluntly.

“Not really.”

“What do you usually do when you don’t know what to do?”

Again Stiles gives him the ‘isn’t that fairly obvious’ look. “I call you, dumbass.”

“And what do you do when I can’t help you?”, Scott continues impatiently, ignoring Stiles’ attitude. He got used to this treatment when Stiles is stressed from work.

Stiles himself stops to think about it for a moment, chewing on his lower lip. “Most of the time I call Lydia.”

“You should do that, she’s probably working in the lab”, Scott decides before he grabs his jacket from the chair and turns his back on the blackboard. “And while you’re at it, I’ll watch your little crush.”

“Shut up!”, Stiles calls after him as his best friend leaves the office with a big grin on his face.

Since you’ve come home yesterday night, you haven’t left your apartment. You’re not in the mood to explore this new town or meet any person at all. At the beginning you had to calm down. You have this ritual where you just sit on the sofa, drink hot cocoa with a shot of vodka and watch some stupid TV show to distract yourself from bloodstained bodies and the horrible reality. You haven’t really stopped to do that since. You know that it can’t go on like this forever. Sooner or later you’ll have to handle your life and stop feeding on ordered pizza. But you’re not ready yet.

Some hours into the evening, after the sun already set and you threaten to fall asleep in your small living room, you sit up with a sigh and rub your tired eyes. You need to get some sleep. Otherwise you’ll probably start to hallucinate. But you still see him in your mind. The only way to get so tired that you may forget him is a glass of wine. That normally does the trick. Therefore you push yourself from the sofa and stumble into your even smaller kitchen to fetch a glass.

You’re busy with carefully pouring the yellow liquid into the old fashioned glass as you suddenly hear a noise from your living room. You immediately stop dead and listen hard. This can’t be, right? Not the second time in two days. Maybe your mind is already messed up from sleep deprivation.

Still…you’re having a weird feeling about this, an instinct. Most of the time your instincts are reliable.

You’re still listening hard while you slowly and silently open a cupboard and get out your sharpest knife. There is not sound to be heard except for your fastened heartbeat.

You tighten your grip on the handle as you creep back into the living room, scanning the dimmed room closely. It’s empty. But the window stands wide open. Did you close it after you let in some air? You’re not sure about it. But the way in which the gust of wind makes the curtains flutter gives you goosebumps.

You step forward to close it. Right as you shut it with a thud, as you’re halfway distracted, you sense a presence behind you.

Before the fingers reach your neck, you whirl around, dive under his arm and punch the handle of your knife against the person’s temple as hard as possible. Adrenaline takes over and your warrior instincts set in. Your opponent is a man. You realize that as he groans loudly and stumbles backwards but you don’t have the time to take a closer look at him. Instead, you rush forward, place your foot behind his calve and pull it away. You throw him flat on his back. To prevent him from getting up again, you kneel down on his stomach and press the knife at his throat, successfully pinning him down on the floor.

Only now you scan him while you’re breathing hard. Those blue eyes, the perfect hair and this cheeky smile…you’d recognize him anywhere.

“Still the fierce fighter”, he teases you with a wink.

You just glare at him. Mixed feelings awake inside of you that you thought were long forgotten. Hatred and the exact opposite. Most of all repulsion.

“What are you doing here, Theo?”, you hiss back.

A small chuckle escapes his lips. He’s not taking the situation seriously, doesn’t believe that you’ll actually hurt him.

“I just wanted to pay you a little visit, babe”, he answers casually.

“Don’t call me that! I could kill you with one little movement and I have no reason not to”, you remind him through gritted teeth. He doesn’t flinch, his smile grows even wider. Insanity. This aura always surrounded him and that hasn’t changed.

“Come on, Y/N. You’re not a killer. And I won’t hurt you, so let’s end this little show.”

He’s right. You’re not. You could never do that. Therefore you admit defeat with a frustrated growl and give him free. He stands up light heartedly and flattens his shirt. Every single detail of his behaviour makes you angrier.

“I don’t wanna have you here”, you tell him coldly. “You need to leave.”

“Do you really want that? We always had so much fun, don’t you miss the old days?”, he mumbles. His expression changes within seconds. Suddenly the smirk is gone and he stares at you intensely. He comes a step closer and extends his arm, probably to touch your cheek or do whatever. But you stumble back. A shadow trails over his eyes that you can’t evaluate.

“I’ll ask you one last time: What do you want?”

He observes you for a while. His lips wander from your eyes over your lips and body. You don’t feel comfortable under his gaze. You did once and the echo of that times starts to haunt you. But you don’t show any of that. Instead, you display a steely expression.

Finally he sighs. “Alright, if you want to shape our reunion like this…I’m here because I heard you are dealing with Stilinski. Which really surprised me, to be honest. You must’ve changed your type.”

He folds his arms in front of his chest and raises his eyebrows expectantly. You’re taken aback by his statemet. You thought it would be about the dead werewolf but about this sheriff?

“I have no idea what you’re talking about”, you retort sincerely.

“Really? You should definitely stay away from him. Otherwise I can’t be sure what’s about to happen.”

You squint your eyes at him. “Is that a threat?”

“If that’s how you take it”, he answers with another one of his stupid smirks.

Well, that erases the last bit of your patience. You clench your fists and this time it’s you who takes a step towards him, although you’re a lot smaller than him. He doesn’t move an inch.

“You should know better than that, Theo. What business do you have with that Stilinski?”

A flicker of excitement appears behind those blue eyes. He enjoys the situation. He loves how you react. It gives him a satisfaction that you don’t want to provide.

“Let’s put it that way: He was an unpleasant part of my past. It’s not advisable to hang out with him. Not at all. So you better keep some distance, babe.”

His words make you shiver, though you try hard to hide it from him. He doesn’t really pay any attention to it anyway. His eyes are focused on your face. This time you hold it. But you’re unprepared as he suddenly leans forward, grabs your head and kisses you heavily. There is no gentleness to it and you pull back in shock at once, gasping for air. He’s out of the window before you can react.

–> Part 3

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I hurt my knee 2 years ago and it won't ever be perfectly fine again but it's still quite ok. I'm kinda scared to do jumps tho so I've been wondering whether there is an alternative that focuses on other aspects?(i'll obviously check it with my doc)

You can develop good skating skills like turns and edges! Lots of these use knee action though so yes please check with your doctor first! They definitely don’t put the same type of strain on your body as jumps do though. 

Good luck and stay healthy! <3

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Hey so i looked through your guide for MFP but i wanted to ask something. If you don't put in enough on mfp and click "complete this entry" it won't show you the projected weight loss for the next five weeks. Thus if you put in enough it does tell you. So my question: Is that a good indicator that i'm eating enough if it lets me complete the entry? I still don't 100% understand it haha. But i'm not hungry even when it says i need more?

No, MFP will let you complete as long as you’ve eaten at least 1,000 calories, but obviously that isn’t healthy for anyone. If you’re using the app in its default settings and don’t have a better way to track your TDEE and deficit, then you need to make sure you’re eating back whatever it gives you because it operates according to net calories and the deficit it calculates for you on the front end of things.