Ignore Him-Stiles Stilinski

“He is my fate. He’s my soul mate. He pervades my whole existence. So, of course, I often ignore him.”-Gretchen Rubin

Teen Wolf Imagine:#58 Prompt:#…None

Word Count:923

Warnings: None that I can think of?

A/n: I read this quote and instantly thought of Stiles so obviously I had to use it for him! It’s sassy and cute and yeah I’m just really excited about it!

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anonymous asked:

do you have any thoughts on how Amren escapes the prison? I know Rhys said the crime has to be a lot to put someone in there because once you're in you can't come out, but obviously Amren did, and I wonder if Rhys had a hand in her escape?? did they become friends while she was in there which thus led her to being Second

I don’t have a ton of Amren theories, but the way I wrote it in ACOWAS was that whoever was responsible for putting her in there decided that it would be a worse punishment for her to be free but in a body she hated than trapped in the Prison forever. So she technically got out of the prison, but her true punishment was being given the body of a High Fae. It is interesting to wonder if Rhys was involved in her “escape”, but I suspect he wasn’t because he knows so little about her past and it took Azriel a lot of digging to figure out when she was even in there. I can’t wait until ACOTAR3 and we learn more about Amren’s past. :)


Cookies and Scream | Eating Gluten Free in London

The completely gluten free, vegan and absolutely delicious Cookies and Scream opened up a new branch on Holloway Road! So obviously my boyfriend and I had to go and sample a few things (apple and cinnamon cake + salted caramel and cookie dough milkshakes). I can’t believe how much the gluten free scene keeps growing in Islington. ♥♥♥

Today at work I said out loud “why am I like this” as a rhetorical question obviously and someone goes “why are you like what” and I had to answer the rhetorical question

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hello i read the writing u just posted and it ruined me for life and so obviously i had to send you a prompt. I Had To. so okay if you want, rymazian with sharing food. (bonus: if it's one of their favorites or a rarity.) :D

(1. thank you!! 2. sorry for taking so long w/ this)

Ryan burst into the cargo bay, shouting Akmazian’s name. Akmazian dropped the package he’d been putting together for a client and yanked his blaster out.

“What’s going on?” he shouted back. Fear gripped him, quick and brutal. Why else would Ryan charge in like his coattails were on fire unless there was serious trouble? Some of his panic must have snuck into his voice because Ryan stopped short. Sheepishly, he held up a white paper bag.

“Oh, sorry. I didn’t mean to surprise you. It’s just–you know that baker I operated on like two weeks ago? The one who was shot for ‘stealing a recipe’ or whatever? Xe just gave me this.”

He shoved the bag under Akmazian’s nose. He took a suspicious sniff.

“Oh my god,” he wheezed. Whatever was in that bag smelled unreal. Like everything Akmazian had ever wanted to eat–warm, sweet, heady, like honey but better. Akmazian could smell nothing but this for the rest of his life and not get tired of it.

“I know!” Ryan said. He was nearly giddy with excitement, way more energetic than Akmazian had ever seen him. “I can’t even pronounce whatever xe said it was, but there’s a reason xe was almost killed for it. Here.”

Ryan opened the bag and the delicious smell intensified. They both took a moment to breathe deeply. Ryan shook his head as if to clear it and reached into the bag. The thing–whatever it was–looked simple enough. It resembled a small loaf of bread in a pleasing shade of golden pink. Ryan broke it in half and handed the other piece to Akmazian. Akmazian bit into the crisp crust and his knees almost gave out. “Holy shit.

Ryan made a whimpering sound, looking as though he had just discovered the secrets to the universe.

Akmazian took another bite and sat down on the ground. Ryan joined him.

“Holy shit,” he muttered. “This is the best thing I’ve ever put in my mouth.”

“The best thing?” Ryan said slyly. Akmazian waggled his eyebrows. “It’s a close call, darlin.”

Ryan didn’t often flirt with Akmazian, not even after they’d started hooking up, but if anything could make him loosen up a little bit, it would be this….whatever it was.

“Not that I don’t appreciate it, but why’d you want to share it with me? I’m just saying that if I had a chance, I’d eat the whole thing.”

Ryan shrugged. “I don’t know. I thought you’d like it–I know most of what you eat isn’t really that great. Keeping it to myself felt like a dick move. Besides, I wanted to share it with you.”

Akmazian carefully set the bread-from-heaven on the paper bag and scooted over to Ryan.

“Darlin. I’m touched.”

“I care about you, okay?” Ryan said. He studied his hands, cheeks flushed. “Even though I don’t always…know how to show you.”

Akmazian cradled Ryan’s cheek in his hand. “Thank you,” he said. “I care about you too. I didn’t need a pastry to know that you cared about me.”

Ryan leaned in, smiling.

And no matter how good the pastry tasted on it’s own, it was even better on Ryan’s lips.

so i’m watching the deathly hallows part 1 and i’m at the scene where harry ron and hermione take shelter at 12 square grimmauld. so obviously i thought of sirius but i also had the picture of the empty house and then it hit me. the house is empty because sirius black is DEAD, he’s fucking dead??!!!!? guys! i don’t think i’ve ever fully realized that before???? like i could read it and watch it over and over and even talk and write about it but???? it never really hit me?! HE IS DEAD OMFG.


Small haul I did before work because Clintons has no cameras and I can’t resist VS


Orange splash Yankee candle - £9
Fireside treats Yankee candle - £9
Day planner - £7
Journal - £6
Framed quote - £3

Victoria’s Secret

This was such a mistake, one of the panties I took had a security tag on it without me realising, and I walked out so obviously with them because I had a backpack and had to hold them. I work in that shopping centre so regretting that so much 😫 at least they’re nice lol

Thongs x7 - £25

Total - £59

  • my brain:you are making up this problem for attention
  • me:i literally haven't told a single person about this problem? i am the only one that knows about this problem
  • my brain:yeah whatever
  • my brain:you are making up this problem for attention

companions + colors


Parks and Recreation: First Lines vs Last Lines


Glenn, it’s pretty obvious to everyone Maggie loves you, and not just because you’re one of the last men standing […] This is a good thing, something we don’t get enough of these days. Enjoy it.