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Oh man, yes. I couldn't have put it better myself. I'm really excited about S3!Bellamy's downward spiral because I know he'll come out the other side and be stronger for it. As was Stefan. And obviously... Stelena/Bellarke parallels. It's really late where I live and my brain doesn't work well lol but there /are/ parallels between them, right?

Me too! I’m sure he’ll end up with even more hate than usual once his storyline really gets going but I love the grey. It’s the best thing about The 100 because everyone has done something awful but it’s how they respond to it afterwards that makes all the difference.

I agree that he’ll come out of it so much stronger. Definitely adds to the complexity, too. 

The most obvious parallel between Bellarke and Stelena for me has to be the foundation of both relationships: mutual respect, trust, understanding, acceptance, etc. Bellarke also has that “you know me better than anyone” thing going on, which I love. A big difference between them, though, is that Clarke is more logical whereas Bellamy is more emotional, and Stefan/Elena both are emotional. BUT it works for Bellarke and it’s what their angst stems from.

Ugh. They both kill me, honestly.

Feminism in YA // hollys bourne & smale, cj daugherty, and anna james

I recap the Feminism in YA event feat. @HolSmale @holly_bourneYA @acaseforbooks @CJ_Daugherty

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I had been very excited about this event ever since I bought tickets. Feminism and YA are two of my favourite things! So, obviously I arrived super early, despite the fact that I had CCF earlier… Yes. Can you tell I was enthusiastic?I had a lovely chat with the lady  sitting next to me about book signings and ALL l the books I TOTALLY NEED TO READ. When the authors came in I attempted to guess…

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2 4 6 the answer is unbroken 10 12 13 23 26 39 54 also getting to your ask box was a fuciking PROCESS

2. How old were you when you had sex for the first time?
I guess it was 15 if I remember correctly.

4. Have you ever had phone sex?
Yes. Obviously.

6. Name a non-pornographic movie that turns you on?
…..well…your answer is Unbroken, duh. I’m not sure…maybe Mr. & Mrs. Smith. I love Angie.

10. Back rub or foot rub?
Back rub. Especially ‘cause my back hurts right now.

12. Have you ever swapped partners?
Nope. Although it sounds like something exciting to do.

13. Have you ever experienced DP?

23. One thing you haven’t done sexually that you are hoping to try.
I’ve tried about everything so….I guess things that involve more than two people. I haven’t had many orgies and threesomes in my life so far.

26. Have you ever masturbated outside the confines of your home?
Like in my car? You love that idea, bitch. Yes, I have. Duh.

39. Name a hard limit of yours.
A sexual one…hmm…anything including body fluids such as urine and vomit?

54. Would you rather play dirty doctor or naughty detention?
Definitely dirty doctor. I looove roleplay. Ugh.

That’s because you’re a drunk ass, love.