obviously would have given him a different name

dedicated to @jeynegrey


“you already have a son with that name.”

“i know.  but why can’t i have two?”

“won’t you confuse them?”

“so what if i confuse them?  i want him to be named aegon.”

“look, i know that’s what you want but that’s not how i want it.  if your first son is named aegon, i don’t want mine to be given that obviously a seond-hand name that his older brother has the same one.  it would be different if you didn’t already have a son named aegon–”


“that’s what i said?”

“no, you’re mispronouncing it.”


“aegon.  say it again.”

“you mean….aejon?”

“better, you’re still a little hard on that ‘g’ it should be somewhere in between.”

“oh for fuck’s sake rhaejar.”

“no, that’s rhaegar.  you had that one right.”

“but aejon?  really?”


“like…jonnel?  there’s a stark somewhere back there named jonnel.”

“no, it’s a ‘g’ not a ‘j’.  a little bit less of that post-alveolar.”




“lyanna be serious.”

“you’re the one who wants to name your first son aegon and your second son aejon don’t tell me to be serious.”


“aejonnel.  also he’s a stark he’s taking my last name.”

“that’s not how that works.”

“look there can’t be two aegon targaryens in the same family.  that’s ridiculous.  so aegon targaryen and aejonnel stark.”


“i’m the one giving birth to him i call the shots.”