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Harvest Moon Tree of Tranquility/animal parade cosplay!  This is my test shot, since we had snow and I had no photographer! I love Chase/Chihaya, yet I never married him, I married Gill. I made the apron, and just the apron haha, since he wears just a button up shirt, and pants. But if you have any questions just let me know! Hopefully I’ll be able to get a real photoshoot in for Chase soon! I have his spring/summer and obviously his fall/winter done. 

chase - me
photographer - haha me again!

Okay. So the Sansa scene was fucked up - no argument. And obviously Sansa has had the most traumatizing childhood/storyline out of literally anyone. But idk. I feel like people need to chill with the D&D anger and “not in the books” argument. Because although it doesn’t happen to Sansa, it happens (and more explicitly) to Sansa’s childhood best friend Jeyne Poole, the daughter of Winterfell’s former steward, who was forced to leave behind her own identity to pretend to be Arya Stark and marry Ramsay Bolton. Since Jeyne Poole’s character was eliminated from the tv show and her storyline was merged with Sansa’s (who we didn’t hear from in the books for a total of 10 years) it makes sense that that’s the path that was taken by the writers. I wouldn’t say the scene was for “shock value” because who actually thinks it’s okay to depict a rape just for shock value? If it wasn’t happening to Sansa, it would be happening to someone else. This is Ramsay we’re talking about.  I hated this weeks episode so much because I just feel like Sansa is so precious and deserves so much better. But in the end, we all know that Sansa is a boss bitch and she hasn’t been broken yet and winter is obviously coming for everyone who has done her wrong - including Petyr Baelish. In due time.

Why the Pierce/Bucky scene rips out my heart

I’m sure tumblr needs another angsty Bucky Barnes post like it needs a hole in the head, but I need to talk about how Bucky JUST LEANS IN AND ACCEPTS THAT RUBBER MOUTHPIECE.

[edited to fix the sequence of the scene – thank you to sunsetofdoom who kindly let me know I had it wrong – I knew I was going to screw that up!]

First Pierce hits Bucky. Then, when Bucky brings up Steve seeming to know him, Pierce flat out lies to him, and starts feeding him bullshit about how he’s so important and doing so much good – as if HYDRA hasn’t scrambled Bucky’s mind and he actually has some concept of what Pierce is telling him – as if Bucky is actually doing any of this by choice. And when Bucky mentions Steve a second time, Pierce – with Bucky sitting right there in front of him – casually tells the HYDRA guys to wipe Bucky’s mind again, which is basically telling Bucky: “I don’t care if you know what I think of you because you aren’t a person and I know you won’t even resist.” (And all of this on top of the fact that Bucky had zero defiance in his eyes: he knew he had no power in this discussion; this was basically him begging, on the verge of tears, for Pierce to please not make him do this. And Pierce just degrades him further by not acknowledging how he feels and by abusing him even more.)

Pierce has just done everything possible to prove that he and HYDRA see Bucky as a tool and not a human being – and that he’ll act nice towards, lie to, or abuse Bucky at the flip of a switch just to get Bucky to do what he wants. And Bucky obviously understands what’s going to happen because he takes that mouthpiece and leans back like he’s done it a hundred times. He knows he’s going to be tortured and forget that one thing that seemed to matter to him at that moment – that someone recognized him.

And yet despite all of the above he fucking LEANS IN AND ACCEPTS THAT RUBBER MOUTHPIECE. HE MAKES HYDRA’S JOB OF HURTING HIM EVEN EASIER. HE’S BEING HELPFUL. That’s how much they’ve broken him and made him compliant and dependent.

That just destroys me.