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Blind Side - Chapter 3

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You stood alone in your closet, wearing nothing but a silk dressing robe, surrounded by outfits and accessories for every occasion. Flowing gowns, skin-tight workout gear, mix-and-match business attire, and a ski suit you wore for all of five minutes – you’d honestly rather freeze than look like a walking marshmallow. You never thought this day would come, but here you are. Hundreds of options, and nothing to wear.

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So I read the possessive clones prompt and answer and loved it. Then scrolled down and choked at an image of Padawan kenovi. I haven't seen the phantom menace since I was small. So he looked like a grown up. But he's adorable!! Can I have a protective loving 212th with a de aged to teen Kenobi? He looks like a shiny!! And all obi wan knows is that he's surrounded by people who care for him and don't want to hurt him and look the same but Qui Gon is gone and he can't feel him anywhere. Cue clones

“So you’re afraid?” Obi-Wan wasn’t looking at them and Cody gritted his teeth.

“…Yes.” He finally got out, unable to lie to the other man at that moment.

“Good, that means you’re alive.” Obi-Wan stared at the sparkling field, the light catching the subtle blue in his usually so green eyes. “Remember that feeling, it might be what pushes you to survive.”

Cody felt his stomach twist at those words.

Soldiers weren’t suppose to be scared.

They were suppose to march on.

But this…this moon was like nothing they had ever experienced before.

Their General had called it a Sith construction.

Lightning rose from the ground around them, separating them from their ship.

They had only been there to examine and gather information about the strange moon, not get grounded by Waxer accidentally triggering the moons defenses when he had fallen onto the alter of a small temple they had found.

It was the only safe spot from what they could tell.

Obi-Wan had his eyes on the ground the entire time, was obviously seeing something they couldn’t. And then he had thrown a crumbled brick from the temple down into the energy.

The stone had just…evaporated.

It had left a copper feeling in Cody’s mouth and obviously the General had felt what had gone through them at that moment.


“Look.” The Jedi pointed to a spot where the lightning was not going. “That pedestal there. That’s the off ‘button’.”

“That’s…far away. I don’t think we can reach it.”

“No…you can’t reach it.” Obi-Wan offered slowly.


Cody clung to the slight body in his arms, desperate not to let go.

That moment when his General had suddenly jumped, going further then any unassisted human normally could was printed onto the retina of his eyes still as the man landed in the middle of the storm of energy sparkling around him.

Some of it had hit the General but he had continued to the pedestal, had run even with the storm hitting around him until he reached it and then…collapsed at the pedestal as the storm died out around him.

If there was ever a moment Cody had honestly feared for Obi-Wan’s life, it had been then as he had rushed, tripped on his own feet, crashed to the dirt while the smell of ozone reached his nose.

And then he had reached the fallen shape and scooped him up, barely thinking as he had run for the ship with the others following, unknowing how long the energy would stay off.

Whatever the General had scarified would not be for nothing.

“Commander, I need to have a look at him.” He looked up at the medic, blinking before nodding, easing his grip on the slight shape only to stare.

He was not the only.

Helix blinked down at the barefaced teenager in Cody’s arms.

Copper haired and beardless, wearing their general’s clothes and slightly signed from the storm looking was their now youthful looking General.

“Koth.” Helix whispered before reaching out and brushing the copper hair of the dirty and sweaty face of the teen before resting his fingers at the pulse point.

Strong and steady.

At least some relief.

The rest crowded around them at the ramp, looking down at the soft, teenage version of their General.

“…He looks like a shiny.” Switch finally offered what they were all thinking.

“Shut up. Helix?”

“He’s…fine. I mean, changed but he’s fine as far as I can tell.” Helix continued gently touching the young Jedi. “I need to get him up in medical bay to check properly though. And we’ll need to contact the High Generals.”

There was a tiny shuffle and then Obi-Wan opened his eyes slowly, blinking up at them with confusion in his bright green eyes.



Obi-Wan felt horrible, he felt stiff and horrible, like he’d been electrocuted.

And he couldn’t feel his Master.

But he was being held and he felt safe despite being stiff and not feeling Master. So he opened his eyes to look up at a group of men who all looked the same. “…Hi?” He offered them.

They looked at each other before looking back at Obi-Wan, who blinked at them.

“Hello there.” The one holding him offered in return, gentle as he stood with Obi-Wan in his arms. “Can you…tell us where you are?”

Obi-Wan glanced about but as best he could tell, he was in a cargo room?

“Good guess but do you know the name?” The man continued. “Do you…know us?”

Obi-Wan hesitated before shaking his head. “No to both of those questions…but you feel safe. The Force tells me you’re safe.”

The man closed his eyes for a few seconds before opening them again. “My name is Commander Cody. I think its best that we get you to the rest of the Jedi order little one.” He murmured.

“That would be nice…could I rest until then? I feel…very sore.” The arms tightened protectively around Obi-Wan’s sore frame at that and the dark skinned man gave a sharp nod, smiling gently at him.

“Of course Obi-Wan.”

‘I never gave you my name.’ He wanted to be suspicious. But the Force told him he was safe and he was just so tired and sore.

Instead he cuddled into the man holding him and closed his eyes, wondering where in all galaxy’s name his Master was.

Last Assignment (#3)

Summary: Reader is in art class. The professor assigned a nude model to each student and gave a last assignment of the semester that has a lot of weight on the final grade.  

Pairing: AU!Bucky Barnes x Reader (Reader POV)  

Warnings: Steve fluff

(Y/N) = your name

a/n: hey guys, here’s part 3. I just want to say sorry again for being late, I had a very difficult week, and my computer was just not cooperating on friday. Anyway, here we go. Hope you enjoy it. Sorry it’s so short, but pt 4 will definitely be much longer! Let’s talk about this story!! Also, dont forget to check out this post.

Part 1

Part 2


“Boyfriend. Just to be clear, I am her boyfriend, not just her best friend. So, I’d keep my hands to myself if I were you.” Steve looked very clearly tense, and just a little bit awkward.

“Yes, sir.” James did a mock salute. The atmosphere suddenly became thick. 

“Okay, whoa, testosterone. Let’s leave that out the front door.” I stood up and grabbed Steve by the forearm, “C'mon, let’s get going, we’re going to miss the movie. See you later James, text me if you need anything”

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Japan Trip

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(Excuse the title I had no fucking clue what to call this :’) Okay so this was an idea from a follower that I really liked. It’s fluff with a smut theme. I wanted to write smut but writers block so I hope you still like it.)

The sheer curtains blew gently in the warm, night breeze. With a lush hotel suite that had double doors on to a balcony, over looking the ocean and the magical night sky, you were in awe of the world. You forgot sights like that existed in real life and when you turned around after hearing your boyfriend of half a year, Jonghyun, walk in to the room, you forgot beautiful sights like that existed. He had nothing but a white fluffy towel wrapped around his waist and droplets of water dripped down his toned, tanned body in the most sensual way; you couldn’t help but stare. He’d taken you along to Japan while his group were touring; you had a feeling he’d taken you there and got a room with that view for a reason. You were a virgin and hadn’t gone very far with your boyfriend yet, despite being with him for a while and being deeply in love with him. Perhaps things would change. Jonghyun smirked to himself when he saw your eyes sizing him up from his pink kissable lips to the bottom of the towel that covered his modesty. His charismatic dark chocolate eyes sparkled as he looked at you, licking his lower lip as he thought. 

“It’s late baby. Come to bed?” 

He said before sitting down on his side of the queen sized bed. Though, Jonghyun was far from tired. You knew what Jonghyun was thinking, you could see it in his face. He was giving you the sleepy eyes, the ‘I want you’ lip bite and honestly, it made your knees tremble. He was such a sex god, you even wondered yourself how you hadn’t had sex with him yet and then you remembered that with each base you hit, you got increasingly nervous, so much to the point where you felt sick. 

“Sure Jongy, I’ll be back in a moment.” 

You replied with a blush dominating your face. He made your legs as wobbly as jelly just by being around you. You hurried in to the bathroom, your hands clinging on to the sink as you took a deep breath. The cooling night air helped you clear your mind; you were over thinking everything. If anything to happen between you and Jonghyun that night, you’d stop him if it felt wrong and if it felt right, you’d let it happen. It was sex with your boyfriend; it wasn’t a big deal, right? After brushing your teeth and combing your hair, your eyes wondered over to the clothes you brought with you on the trip. The whole trip, you had a feeling that you might end up being intimate with Jonghyun and so you brought a silky nude night gown with black lace that stopped just above your knees. You bit down on your lower lip as you brought it out of your suitcase, wondering if it too much out of your comfort zone. Jonghyun was sure to go crazy over it; he got giddy over you wearing tight jeans or a top that showed just a hint of cleavage. Slipping it over your body, you caught a glance of yourself in the mirror. It was different, the night gown was sexy, made for a woman who knew what she wanted. This woman was indecisive, not knowing how she felt and what to do but no matter what, she was safe in her boyfriends hands. 

Jonghyun had to look twice at you when you walked out, just to check that he wasn’t imagining things. His eyes lit up. You looked beautiful, sexual, angelic. He was lost for words.


Jonghyun stood up to get a better look at you, eyeing your body up just like you did when you saw him in his towel earlier. He’d put some light pyjama bottoms on but left his upper body topless to stop himself from getting too hot whilst he slept. His jaw dropping abs on display made it hard to concentrate. Jonghyun’s fingered the soft lace above your cleavage, his tongue slowly running across his lower lip in desire. Your breath hitched, not being able to look away from his handsome face. 

“You look stunning. Is this new?” 

He asked as his hands began to travel downwards, following the graceful curves of your body. His gentle touch made you tremble. You nodded, feeling your pulse race, goosebumps spreading like fire over your skin. 

“I like it, a lot.”

Jonghyun uttered, his hands coming back up to hold your waist, his cocoa eyes glimmering with his attraction for you. Beguiled by your beauty, his lips slowly moved closer to yours. Jonghyun wanted you; you could feel the sparks radiating from his skin, shooting electricity on to your body. Cupping your cheek affectionately, he placed his lips upon yours, trying his best to be gentle but in reality he wanted to ravish you. With your eyes closed, you sunk in to the kiss, his lips were plush feather pillows that made you feel on top of the world. Wrapping your arms around Jonghyun’s shoulders, you let your body take over, your lust for him spreading between your legs. The kiss was so amazing that you hummed sensually against his lips. Jonghyun took this as a sign that you felt comfortable in his embrace and deepened the kiss whilst his hands began to run under your night gown. His touch made you shiver. It was a new, blissful sensation to you. His fingers had never gotten so high up your thighs before. Jonghyun expressed his hunger through the kiss, your lips beginning to feel sensitive; he was demanding your mouth, claiming you as his woman. Oh lord, did he love you. You couldn’t help but moan loudly, your body was pressed against Jonghyun’s bare chest and he was oozing sex appeal from every pore. The tips of his fingers played with the elastic of your nude,  silky panties. It was hard to breathe. He was so close to touching your womanhood and though you were extremely aroused, your panties being soaked from your intense wetness, it all just felt like too much. His love was so powerful and that feeling only became more alert when he grabbed your hips dominantly, rubbing his clothed rock solid erection against your crotch. In that second, you had to push him away from you.


You panted heavily. 

“I’m sorry. I’m so sorry jagi.” 

He apologised instantly, knowing he’d gotten a little too excited. 

“No no, please don’t apologise Jongy. It’s me. God, why can’t I do this?” 

You dropped on to the bed, covering your eyes with your hands. All you wanted was to give Jonghyun what he wanted like normal girlfriends did but you were too nervous, too shy and you felt extremely guilty for it. 

“Because you’re not ready baby and that’s more than okay.” 

You felt Jonghyun sit next to you and pull you closer to him, allowing you to rest your head on his shoulder. Wanting to make you smile again, he placed a sweet kiss on your forehead before pecking one on your nose. He beamed when you giggled. All he wanted in life was to make you happy and the thought of you feeling angry at yourself for not going further with him, quite frankly, started to break his golden heart. 

“We can still cuddle and kiss and that’s all I want.  But I do really like this…”

He touched the fabric on your thighs again, in awe of how stunning you looked. The gown made you look so playful and seductive; he could definitely get used to you wearing more things like that. You couldn’t help but smile when you noticed the way Jonghyun still gazed at you with stars in his eyes. 

“You’re so beautiful, you know that? And obviously, I’m not just saying that to get in to your panties.” 

Jonghyun teased boyishly. Playfully, you hit him on the shoulder before tackling him back on to the bed. He made the most of the amazing moment by placing the sweetest goodnight kiss upon your lips and silencing you. You felt your heart swell with love at that moment and it wasn’t long before you were finally ready to be one with him. 

(Just a note to say that all boyfriends should be like this if you’re in a similar situation. Yay for consent and all that good stuff) 

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"you’re a vet and i’m pleading with you to save my goldfish and you’re the first vet i’ve visited to not ask me if i’m sure i don’t want to go and buy another goldfish for three dollars" + soma

Hey uh fun fact, this ask is literally about 3 or 4 years old and I haven’t written for Soul Eater since 2015 but??? whatever here is some fresh 2017 SoMa for your SoMa needs

Of all the joys and wonders that come with being an uncle, Soul never thought that bringing a three dollar goldfish to the vet at two in the morning would be one of them. Really, he probably should’ve expected it- this was Wes’ kid he was dealing with here, and any true blooded Evans child will do whatever it takes to get their way no matter what time of the day or night. Of course, that meant driving all over town in search of a vet that was both open at this ungodly hour and willing enough to actually give them an answer as to what’s wrong with the fish and not suggest buying a new one. Gilbert Evans was not a child to take no for an answer and simply buying another fish was not an option- it was like trying to buy another uncle when he got sick and how would you like that? So, Soul had given given into the child currently wrapped around his calf with the best damn puppy eyes he’s ever seen.

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Let Me Help Pt. 1

Summary: AU where you grew up with the Winchesters because your dad was John’s best friend. After they die on a hunt, Dean spirals into self-hate. You can’t take it so you take off. Sam helps keep you grounded through texts/phone calls, also keeping it from Dean. Four years later, you are a counselor for civilians during the day and run a side business for hunters when your past comes back to haunt you. ( I REALLY SUCK AT SUMMARIES. I apologize for that!)

Word Count: 1,433

Pairing: Sam x Reader (friendship/practically siblings), Dean x Reader 

Warnings: angst. Right after John dies timeframe. Fluff. 

A/N: Okayyyy. So. Back when I still thought I wanted to get my masters in counseling I was talking with @dustycelt one night and this brilliant idea came to be between the two of us.  A story about the reader hating the fact that Dean couldn’t handle the death of his dad in a healthy way and her leaving to get her degree in counseling so she can help those who also need help. I give Steff tons of the credit for this because we sort of co-wrote it. We hashed out all of the details (summary for me is 1,000+) together and then I kind of went off and started writing it. SO THANK YOU SO MUCH STEFF!!!!! Tags at the end

Let Me Help Master List

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TG :re 129 - Shady people hiding in the shadows

I hypothesise that these two are working under the One-Eyed King or they are from an unknown fraction.

1/ How will things go with these Kingsmen?

The “spies” could be two of the OEK’s citizens. They’re observing Ayato’s group so we might see the One-Eyed King (or his/her legacy) waiting for GOAT.

Let’s say that by some miracle (Kirishima Armour™), Ayato and Co are not attacked and killed on the spot and instead they’re kept prisoners for further interrogation. Which argument and concession could Mr. Handsome use to form a durable alliance with the People of the Underworld? Can those people be allies or will they keep to themselves? Obviously, I need answers about that. I still want to know about the hierarchy in place, if the OEK still alive and how he/she did it, the way those ghouls sustain themselves, the total number of inhabitants, whether all of them are ghouls, etc. I NEED TO KNOW

2/How will things go with an unknown fraction?

If they’re not Kingsmen, who might they be then?

2.A) Could they be rogues? After all, a century has passed since the OEK went into hiding under Tokyo. The power sphere could have changed or become more unstable the longer the ghouls stayed underground. It is not improbable to imagine that a fraction of the original population could have decided to go its own way and form another community.

It would have been extremely risky and possibly suicidal to do so but not impossible. Hunger, fear, dissatisfaction, these are examples of motives to separate from the system in place. The OEK was admittedly the strongest ghoul among his/her followers. As the top dog, OEK must have overseen the feeding of the whole population. Deserting their King would have put a stigma on the rogues, especially if the ghoul population needed repopulating and soldiers/guards to keep the yard safe. The war killed many of them, ghouls were still hunted and there might have been a chance for humans to track them on the 24th yard as well. Going rogue would have also reduced their chances of survival in the hostile territory that was the 24th yard of 100 years ago (food issue, notably).

2.B) Survivors or Immigrants

The spies could be more or less unrelated to the OEK.

100 years ago, the OEK and his followers went to the 24th Yard (the Underworld).

There is little to nothing in regards of possible survivors who didn’t follow the King and stayed above. After all, not all Tokyo ghouls were in the 24th yards since we first met them on the surface. It means either surviving ghouls who didn’t follow the King or Immigration.

External Immigration sounds difficult and makes little sense for ghouls from another city to go to a devastated Tokyo where ghouls were hunted down to almost extinction by zealous humans. If the whole ghoul population in Tokyo did indeed follow the Kind underground then at some point, some of them might have decided to go back to the surface and stayed there, rebuilding the ghoul community as we know it. It would be an internal immigration: Tokyo ghouls from the underground slowly crawling out to the surface once feeling more confident.

On the other side of things, we don’t know how many waves of ghoul refugees coming from the surface to the underground. For all we know, the OEK and the followers might have been the first of a steedy migration to the underworld. Maybe not all the migrants were part of the original OEK’s people, hence why they might not be with the King now. I doubt the OEK and later Kaneki are the only ones to have moved to the 24th Yard.

The legend of this 24th yard is known on some levels by ghouls, especially older generations and informants. They might not have known the actual story but word of mouth could have consolidate this “urban legend”. Maybe the survivors of the war, those who didn’t follow the OEK, still had difficulties surviving in the Upper world and finally decided to join the community…but failed to find the real 24th yard and ended up living in their own community.

Regardless of their affiliation, I’m curious to how things will go with those spies.

Can the OEK and his followers help Kaneki and his group against the Washuu’s Dragon? That is…if they become allies to begin with.

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Baby Boy


Hello!! Im gonna just say thank you again for likes and reblogs and follows! I’m still in shock that Greedy got more than 100 notes. I’m still working on Part 2 so it’ll be awhile till I post it but I thought why not write a quick Monsta X story???? Im not exactly sure what to call it but i wrote it and its here and its ready to be read! I hope you enjoy it!

Genre: Wonho x Reader. Fluff. Super Fluffy.

Rated: Mature?

Warnings: Mentioning of cyber-bullying. Bad words.

 Word Count: 1766

You never were really one to use cute nicknames, even when you started dating your best friend, Wonho. He would constantly call you cute names like princess, doll face, baby girl, you name it, he said it. Before you guys had gotten together he would call you ‘baby’ and 'beautiful’, it was just who he was. You on the other hand wouldn’t, scratch that, couldn’t call him anything other than Wonho, Hoseok, and the occasional 'babe’ but even that was hard for you. You didn’t know why but anytime you tried, it just wouldn’t feel right and you felt you were too far into your relationship to randomly start calling him cute names.

 So when you pressed post on your picture captioned “My baby boy.” you couldn’t help but grimace at yourself. You couldn’t change it though, the minute you posted something, you were spammed with likes. The picture of Wonho snuggled into your side, reaching 200 likes in the 13 seconds. Being the girlfriend of a Kpop star had its perks but it also had its down sides. You let out a small sigh as you caught a glimpse of a few hateful comments but ignored them, already used to the familiar tightening in your chest. You shook off the feeling and laughed at some of the stupider comments like “You fugly botch.” and “Your eyebrows are uneven.” knowing full well that your eyebrows were pretty fucking perfect.

You were laughing at some other comments and before you knew it, you had spent an hour and a half stalking commenters on your post. As you looked through some girl’s feed a notification popped up. You wouldn’t have noticed if it weren’t for the fact that it was a dm and that is was from Wonho. 

He had sent you a screenshot of the picture you posted and written out:

baby boy huh?????? I like it ;)

You felt your face get hot at his words and quickly closed out of the message, leaving him on read. You immediately regretted posting the photo as you convinced yourself that he was going to tease you about it till the end of time.

 Wonho always found it adorable that your were too shy to use anything other than his name. He never actually had an issue with it but he enjoyed bugging you about it just to get you to call him something simple like 'babe’. He loved how red your face would get and he never grew tired of it; just like how you never seemed to get used to his cute name-calling.

 As you lay back on the bed, trying to think of ways to avoid his imminent teasing, you couldn’t help but smile at the thought of your new nickname for him. It wasn’t like you were actually going to start calling him baby boy but it was still nice to say in your head. Although Wonho was older than you, you knew the nickname was perfect for him. He was always under you, touching and calling out for you like if he were a child and you were his mother.

 You swiftly got up from the bed, wearing nothing but a large t-shirt, and made your way to the kitchen deciding to make dinner for yourself since Wonho wasn’t going to be him for about another hour.

 As you finished pouring your ramen into a bowl when you heard the front door close.

 "Wonho! Are you home?“ Your voice rang through the apartment.

 When you didn’t hear a response, you got nervous. Of course it had to be him, you thought. No one would break into the 6th apartment on the 4th floor randomly.

 You made your way towards the living room, stepping between the couches.

 "What the hell?” You whispered to yourself. You thought you were going crazy as you turned your back to face the large window to the left of you.

 Suddenly you felt two hands wrap around your waist from behind. You let out a yelp and jumped slightly.

 "Hey baby girl.“ He laughed into your hair as you calmed yourself down.

 "Pabo!! That’s not funny. I nearly had a heart attack.” You turned to face him and reached up to smack his chest but he quickly caught your hand.

“Ah I’m sorry babe… It’s just so funny to see you get all worked up.” He said and pressed a light kiss to your hand.

 You pouted and pulled away from him to walk back to the kitchen trying not to cuss him out for being such a jerk. He quickly followed after you and frowned when he saw the single bowl of noodles.

 "Did you make me any?“ He questioned as you snatched a soda from the fridge. You ignored him and continued to grab things for your meal.

 "Hey! I’m talking to you.” He said blocking you from grabbing your chopsticks.

 You glared up at him and pushed him out of the way harshly. He stumbled to the side and you heard an angry huff come from the back of his throat. This brought a smile to your face but you didn’t let him see it. You quickly grabbed the chopsticks, your drink, and the soup before waddling out of the kitchen.

 "Oh come on don’t ignore me! You can’t stay mad at your baby boy for too long can you?“ You could hear the smirk in his voice as you stopped midway to the kitchen table.

 The sound of him walking out of the kitchen made you quickly set your stuff down on the table before running to the bedroom and shutting the door closed. You heard his laugh and the sound of him shuffling down the hall before you climbed into the bed and covered yourself in blankets, trying to hide yourself from him and his taunting.

 The sound of the bedroom door opening made you squeeze your eyes tightly. You held your breath as you felt the dip of the bed and heard his light breathing. His hands pulling back the large blankets to reveal you wrapped up in even more blankets. A small laugh escaped him as his hands wrapped around you and pulled you into him.

 You kept your eyes closed until he pulled the material away from your face. Your eyes and the tops of your red cheeks being the only thing he could see. You looked up at him and he let out a small 'aw’ before you pulled back.

 "I’m ignoring you. Go away.” You said, your voice muffled.

 "Y/n.“ He sounded more serious than before and this made you look up at him but when you saw the smile his face held, you rolled onto your stomach and let out a muffled groan.

 "Go ahead! Tease me! Tell me how much of an embarrassment I am. I hate myself already. My self-esteem is lower than the average persons already so lets see if we can get it to go down even further! Come on I can take it!” You unwrap yourself from the bundle of blankets aggressively and sit up criss cross applesauce. You lift your chin and shut your eyes expecting to be hit with a bunch of harmless jokes and ridicules.

 Obviously you were joking but you still wanted to get the teasing over with so you could get over the regretful statement and get back to eating your ramen.

 Instead of laughter, there was just silence. You slowly opened your eyes to see him staring at you with an amused twinkle in his eyes.

 "Are you done now?“ He asks crossing his arms.

 You let out a huff. You were annoyed with yourself and Wonho. Frustrated, you allowed your body to slump toward into his, your cheek landing on his chest as you breathed in the familiar scent of him.

 "I just don’t get how it’s so easy for you to call me all these cute names?!” You sigh into his chest. “It’s not fair! When I try, it feels forced and awkward.”

 He lets out a chuckle and runs his hand over your exposed leg, pulling you into his lap.

“Maybe it feels awkward because you are making it awkward.” He shrugs. “I actually find it super cute when you get embarrassed about it.”

 You let out a strangled groan against his t-shirt and pull away from him. He doesn’t let go of you as your eyes lock.

 "Stop worrying about it princess. I don’t care whether on not you call me anything other than my name. I’ve always used nicknames for everyone, it’s just a quirk. Like how you’re crazy good at being adorable, it’s just a natural thing.“ Wonho chuckles and brushes his thumb against your cheek making your cheeks get red once again.

 He smiles wide at your reaction towards him and shakes his head before leaning in and leaving a small kiss on your lips. You sigh and lean further into the kiss. His hands now squeezing at your thighs making you wrap your hand around the base of his neck. He deepens the kiss but as he does so, you are reminded of your ramen when your stomach growls quietly. You disconnect your lips from his and look at his now red lips and cheeks letting out a small giggle.

 You quickly climb off of him and jump off of the bed. "Where are you going baby?” He asks with a frown.

 "To go eat my noodles.“ You say simply and walk out of the room towards the kitchen table.

 "Don’t you want to share with your baby boy?” He laughs as he follows you out of the bedroom.

 "Wonho.“ You warn.

 "Don’t you mean baby boy?” He teases from behind you.

 You quickly turn around and watch the smirk wipe off of his face as he sees the glare you serve him. He spins on his heels and runs back towards the bedroom but you jump onto his back. You litter the back of his head and shoulders with light punches and slaps as he tries to apologise.

 "I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry i couldn’t help it!“ He laughs as both of you land on the bed.

 "I hate you.” You mumble and try to get off of him.

 "No you don’t.“ Wonho chuckles and pulls you into a small kiss.

 The two of you forgetting about the ramen and spend the rest of the night in bed, Wonho trying to convince you that you don’t really hate him.

Slightly Different {Natasha X Reader}

Originally posted by diecry


Characters:Natasha Romanoff

Word Count: 1165

Perspective:New member to the team,who is a closeted lesbian.

Inspired by the song Girls Like Girls by Hayley Kiyoko. I really love everything about the song <3

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anonymous asked:

Hi I really love your blog!! I've shipped gruvia since 2011 when the fandom was small so this makes me really happy especially now they are (almost) canon!! :D I was wondering how you think the reunion between Gray and Juvia will go? Keep up the great work. <3

Hello! I’m very glad you like this blog! And yes, they are practically canon now, and it’s wonderful. 

As for how I think the reunion will go, I still believe that Juvia and Lucy have to show up and save the guys in some situation. Whether it’s now, or pushed to a later fight (perhaps against Zeref), makes no difference. It will happen. Because Mashima-sensei set the stage for that event. Both guys still think the girls are dead. Juvia mentioned Gray was breaking and that she needed to get to him. 

As you can see, Gray is devastated, and he’s constantly bringing Juvia up. His grief is not going to suddenly disappear just because Erza stopped their fight, which could possibly be merely temporary. I feel that if the fight here does conclude, then Gray and Natsu will team up against Zeref (we still need to see the “ace” up Gray’s sleeve), and that Juvia will show up, to stop Gray from further exerting himself (his wound that she healed with her magic is obviously reopened at this point).

Juvia’s presence will save Gray from his grief. When Gray sees her, he might take a while to believe it’s really her. But when he does finally realize the truth, I really think he will embrace her (and if we’re lucky, something more :D). As he said, he will be more serious. He won’t hold back any longer. 

Whether they become canon at that point, or if we will then have to wait for his official answer after the war, that I’m not sure about. But, it makes no difference. At this point his love for Juvia is confirmed. His utter devastation, and how he places Juvia on the same level as his most important people (such as his parents and teacher), is proof enough that his feelings for her are the same as her feelings for him.

Especially as 499 showcased, his actions completely mirrored Juvia’s actions for him. This was intentional. Mashima-sensei was making a very large statement with Gray’s attempt to sacrifice himself for Juvia. Within the Japanese text Gray was being very blatant in his desire to protect Juvia, as well as distinguishing her as more than just another comrade. 

Stranger Things exclusive: Duffer Brothers reveal season 2 details

The day Stranger Things fans have been anxiously awaiting all summer has finally arrived: Netflix on Wednesday officially greenlit a second season, set to premiere sometime in 2017.

Wanting answers immediately, EW called up creators the Duffer Brothers for an exclusive batch of season teases. Here’s what we got for you Thing-ers:

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This could possibly result in some backlash feedback, but...

I finally saw some anti-Reylo posts on my dashboard! Now, I’m not using the term “anti-Reylo” to mean people who hate or attack Reylo shippers, but to just simply mean people who don’t agree with the ship. I, in no way, am trying to fling around fighting words.

But with that said, I would like to explain why I have shipper feelings for Reylo, as I can only represent myself in the end.

I do not ship Reylo because that’s how “Hollywood has conditioned me to see romance”, in fact, the lead hero + lead villain cliche has never been my thing! I know what you all are talking about with Hollywood portraying dangerous relationships as exciting and romantic, while healthy ones are boring and seemingly leading to a dead end. I understand. But that is not why I ship Reylo or how I see Reylo.

Based on the two viewings I had of The Force Awakens, I sensed chemistry between them - now chemistry can be any kind of level, whether it is sexual, romantic, or platonic. I’m still determining what it is exactly, but I feel like that feeling was intended by the script, just like it was intended for the audience to see Finn’s quickly sparked infatuation with Rey.

Who knows, maybe they’re pulling the ol’ Luke and Leia romance trap. Obviously Lucas knew that’s where he wanted to go with the story, despite knowing their true relationship - but he still lead audiences on.

But back to the main topic of why most people are anti-Reylo: unhealthy attraction. Yes, many speculate that it could be an incestuous ship, but until it is specified in canon, I think all sides of the argument can’t really progress further until we recieve more facts (which might not happen until Episode VIII’s trailer).

In my interpretation of Ridley’s performance as Rey, I don’t see Rey as a victim, especially when in the hands of Kylo Ren or the First Order. She’s resilient, even when Kylo Ren was approaching her in the woods by Maz’s place- her face looked like she was terrified, maybe even on the verge of giving up, but she kept defending herself.
And even when Kylo Ren tries to invade her mind, she fights back, not out of fearful defense, but out of her own power- one she wasn’t aware of until her awakening of the Force. Even in the climactic duel near the end of the film, Rey basically hacks away at her opponent and was pretty much ready to finish him off if it wasn’t for the planet about to expload and separating the ground beneath them.

THIS is the reason why I ship Reylo, and it’s because of MY OWN THEORY: They both harness their power from the Dark Side (message me if you wanna talk about that, I might make another post about it right after this). Rey was never portrayed as a victim or a weak person, as Finn witnessing her scruffle with the other scavengers in the beginning of the film was meant to establish.

I don’t ship Reylo to fantasize about people being dominated, manipulated, assaulted, or any other captivity kink you may like to assume of Reylo shippers. I ship them because Rey can take care of herself, and the two of them can become great together- maybe not even as lovers, but in general. They will be the most powerful characters in the end. (Probably even like a Luke and Vader parallel [minus attraction, obviously lol]- they can be their strongest and really change the galaxies if they both choose the Dark Side).

But yes- I ship Reylo because I sense their chemistry ans see their strength potential - side by side equal masters of the Force. Partners. Not slave and master. Not captive and captor. Just powerful partners.

Another Very Optimistic Timeline

Team Optimism still thinks all systems are a go, but we have slightly revised the timeline. These are my opinions, formed in close collaboration with one-d-af, tellmethisisnotlove, corpidicarta, happy1days, smilethelightsareon, and srslycris. If they make you angry, come yell at me (hiddensymposiarch). If you want to discuss politely, go to anyone.

First the timeline, then some discussion of the livestream and other topics. This is still very optimistic and is rampant speculation. It could be accurate, I hope it’s accurate, but it could be completely wrong. Further, there is obviously still tension behind the scenes, which means that even if we are right about the current plan, everything could fall apart at any moment if negotiations break down.

That said. If they are coming out soon, this is how I think it will play out.

November 1 - General control over the media changed to the new team.

November 2 - Ode interview with “not that important” comment

November 5 & 6 - Seeding for Harry. Media blitz with open speculation about his sexuality. Reaches very far, such that the general public sees it.

November 7 - Louis wears the Apple rainbow shirt to XFUK, and is papped.

November 9 - Livestream. Modest tying up loose ends and covering its butt. Possibly their last interview/event. Their last word.

November 9/10/11 - Seeding for Louis. Media blitz regarding his support for Tim Cook, articles also mention Harry. [Scope will depend on general interest by the media.]

November 10-17 - Expect Eleanor to still be around (Modest). Also expect continued seeding in the press for Harry and Louis separately (Azoff). Harry is well known, his seeding is about his sexuality. Louis is not well known, he needs general coverage and light sexuality seeding.

November 17 - Album release. Pre-sale orders are processed. Likely Eleanor appearance at the performance. [Likely her last appearance].

November 17 - December 1 - Continued seeding for Harry and Louis (separately) in the press.

December 1 - December 25 - Seeding for Harry and Louis as a couple. Social media interactions (birthday tweet!), papped out together in non-work settings, general re-establishment of their friendship.

December 26 - January 15 - They come out.

Some discussion below the cut.

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