obviously we all know this is the reunion

one more thing about airport scene

Apart from the general awesomeness of this scene, there is one thing that makes it 200% better for me is the fact how different is this reunion from any other we’ve seen in the anime.

So here we have both Victor and Yuuri running desperately to each other when they haven’t seen each other 2-3 days and all they can think of is how much they need to hug and it almost ends with engagement that’s how desperate they are so yes.

But then let’s compare this with reunions we see in the first episode. You know that time when Yuuri came back home after like… five years?

Hiroko is obviously very excited but there’s no kissing, no hugging, nothing. I always wondered how much of Yuuri’s reluctance to touch comes from his childhood because Katsuki family seems to show their love in completely other ways. 

And it’s not a bad thing, of course, everybody’s happy that Yuuri’s home it’s just completely different from the airport reunion scene. Also, one more thing about that - here Yuuri comes back as a loser. It’s only he with his anxiety to think so but he feels that he disappointed his hometown as a skater and his parents as a son for not coming back so long and it adds to his sense of unease.

We don’t know too much about Victor (because we know nothing about his family why) but when he meets the person he is the closest to before Yuuri, Yakov, after about 7-8 months, he acts as they haven’t seen each other couple of hours and is obviously ignoring the fact that Yakov is still angry with him (he gets drunk shortly after but that’s another story).

Anyway, it’s nothing like the airport reunion. And I love it because it means that at this stage of their relationship they are already closer to each other than they were ever to anyone. Even the fact that Yuuri has done bad at his FS doesn’t make him nervous or guilty because he already knows that Victor will accept him no matter what. And Victor, Victor is a complete mess without Yuuri I mean he hasn’t even combed his hair?

Just look at them so in love with each other they can’t stand a day apart. They not only miss each other, they act like they’d feel incomplete without each other. And that’s even if they should be used to travelling and living alone.

Real soulmates, I’ll give Kubo-sensei that.

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-> Day Two: Travelling
Yuuri: Long distance, Reunion


OK, so I have some things to say, some things I would like to discuss after watching that. I have felt every feeling in the book. I was genuinely not prepared for that kind of first episode.

1. That opening scene. The music, the boys, Polly. All of it was the perfect opening scene. John was beautifully terrifying and oh my god when Arthur said “In the bleak midwinter” I had my first of many slight heart attacks.

2. Tommy mother fucking Shelby Blackmailing himself an OBE whilst requesting that his family aren’t being hung.

3. Lizzie Stark is looking stunning on that note not to mention how amazing our girl Ada looks.

4. Michael sniffing cocaine honestly really is my aesthetic and how damn FINE is he looking.

5. John in the damn countryside, with his dogs shooting at fucking birds. This is everything i wanted but obviously, it was all too good to be true.

6. Arthur with his little baby picking up eggs made my heart melt.

7. Polly well and truly being broken though was tough to see. Normally the strongest whooping all those boys arses into gear. Even though she was a shell of the Polly we know she still hit us with that one-liner.

8. Hi where is little Finn, who does he live with, is he OK.

9. Tommy Shelby hacking a man to death with a meat hook is what I’ve been missing.


11. So wait this whole war with the Italians started because John didn’t want Lizzie dating anyone else?? Which spiralled and led to Grace’s death which lead to Tommy losing his shit and murdering the Luca guys brother and father (is his father the man from the scene where Tommy was torturing the fuck out of him and Arthur shot him to stop the man suffering?) which has ultimately lead back to John may or may not being dead?????

12. That Michael and Polly fight wow just wow.

13. “We’re not the Peaky fucking Blinders unless we’re together.” *swallows lump in throat*

14. That last scene. I actually can’t. I think Michael survived but John, no one survives that many bullets. I knew the rumors of him being killed off were a possibility but did not expect it to be in the first episode. I honestly can not imagine peaky blinders without John in it like what the flying fuck. I will be BEYOND angry if that was the last scene of John Shelby i ever get to see.

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I can’t listen to the podcast right now. Anything interesting we should know? thanks jess

Lots but I was too lazy to take it all down. It’s worth listening to so definitely do when you get a chance. Here’s some tidbits. 

Maril: Also a lot of people have asked if Caitriona really was there when Sam fainted and she was.
Matt: Yes!
Tony: Sometimes we do but we rarely film half a scene without the other actor. It’s just kind of a respect thing among actors that someone is there to feed their lines.
Maril: Yeah where did they get that idea?

Maril: I will say it was nice to see these two together because obviously the first batch of episodes they’ve been filming apart and I think it really was a lot of fun for them to come back and start working with each other again.

Toni: They hadn’t actually seen a lot of each other because they filmed mostly on different days. There was kind of a real sense of reunion here.

Matt: Yeah they had one, just one episode that they filmed out of order but it was for the most part of the first half of the season they were apart.

Maril: I know fans were expecting falling to pieces and we certainly all talked about that and it’s something that we rehearsed with the actors and we all talk about. We all felt that it would be such an overwhelming moment here that it’s almost hard to process what you’re going through.

Matt: I’ve imagined a lot of these scenes a million different ways just like our fans so you can never do it the exact way that you’ve interpreted the scene so we have to come together sometimes on these.

They didn’t include the stretch marks because Cait doesn’t have them naturally and they didn’t think the makeup would show up on screen

Maril: Kudos to Caitriona and Sam because they really get lost in the moment are able to really kind of be in the moment. Especially in a scene where you’ve obviously got people around
Matt: Oh absolutely

Matt: As performers they find a way to block that out. They get so deep into character
Maril: I think there’s a trust there too between them. They’ve got a great friendship and they really trust each other and can be vulnerable here

They had to fight to keep them in that room for as long as they did and to keep the little moments between them

Players || Jack Maynard Imagine

My hands run through my straight hair. Some Ariana Grande song blasting through the speakers in the club. A giggle escapes my lips when I bump into someone.

“Oops? Sorry?” I giggle out, still dancing to the music. The alcohol coursing through my system clouding my normally racing mind.

“Don’t be sorry,” A soft voice says. My eyes make their way back over to the person a soft smile on my face. I bite my lip and place my hand on the cute stranger’s forearm.

“You’re pretty cute,” I whisper into his ear lowly.

“So are you,” The man says placing his hands on my hips. I drunkenly giggle.

“I’m Y/N,” I whisper into his ear softly.

“Jack,” The cute stranger says lowly into my ear.

“Dance with me?” I ask pulling Jack’s hand and pulling my best puppy dog face.

Jack sighs hesitantly, “Sure.” A few moments later his hands are on my hips again pulling me into him successfully.

His hands trail up and down my sides causing goosebumps to appear on my skin. The rest of the night goes by in a blur.

The next morning, I stretch my arms out. A yawn escaping my lips.

“Shush, It’s early,” A voice says from beside me. A soft scream emits from my lips my heart racing. “Chill, It’s just me.”

I rake my eyes over to the person, Jack. I lift the blanket off myself and see that I’m still in my clothes from last night. “Thank God, I almost had a heart attack.” I swat him lightly on the arm. We exchange numbers and for the next few days, we keep in constant contact.

Around a month in of us being ‘friends’ Jack and I begin to date. Soon after that, he decides that it’s time to meet his friends.

I take a deep breath. I bang my fist against the door three times. The door swings open to reveal my beautiful boyfriend.

“Hi babe,” He says pulling me inside by my belt loops, pressing his lips to mine softly in greeting.

“Yeah, Hi babe!” A new voice calls from behind Jack. He steps to the side allowing me to see who the voice was coming from.

My mouth falls open in shock. “Y/N?” The person asks a person I had been close to when I was a kid, Joe Sugg.

“Oh my god, Joe?” I ask looping my fingers with Jack.

“You two know each other?” Jack asks skeptically, finger pointing between us.

“We knew each other when we were younger. How’s Zoe?” I ask shrugging off Jack’s obvious dislike of the fact that we knew each other.

“She’s doing very well for herself. I’m surprised you don’t already know about the stuff she’s been doing, to be honest.” He laughs.

“Sorry to break up the reunion, But I don’t believe we’ve met Y/N. I’m Conor Jack’s brother, I’m sure you’ve heard all about me.” Conor laughs obviously joking.

“I sure have,” I say looking up at Jack’s face.

“Wait that mean that you’re Y/N L/N?” Conor asks earning a nod from me, “You’re the resident player here in good old’ London aren’t you?”

“Uhh, Im sorry?” I stutter out.

“You were the female player of London, Just like Jack was the male player.” The boys all laugh at that. Jack’s eyes meet mine confusion swirling through them he shrugs and we join in the laughing with the rest of the boys.

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The amount of hate tho this season was crazy. Being shady is one thing, but these queens were downright rude.. I h8 Valentina SO much, but patronizing her by clapping for a different title is BEYOND unprofessional. And I wanted Shea SO BADLY to win but after every single rude comment she said to everyone(including people who didn't come for her) I simply can't support her. Bullying and shade are totes different

lmao idk why you wasted your time typing this into my ask box when you obviously know where i stand on this. and now ima have to tell you why this is stupid. so here we go. first of all, them calling Val out for being fake af once they got off the show is not bullying, them changing the title of Miss Congeniality to Fan Favorite is not bullying. what is bullying is this 

and all the other disgustingly racist shit that’s been spewed at Shea because of Valentina’s fans. Second of all what fucking rude comments did Shea make? the reunion is literally there for calling people out for shit they said or did on the show, talking about drama that happened on the show and getting shit off their chests. and guess what? literally everyone did the same fucking thing Shea did. Why are you not saying you can’t support Trinity anymore after the things she said to Peppermint? why are you not saying you can’t support Sasha anymore after all the lil faces she was making? why are you not saying you can’t support Farrah anymore after calling Valentina out for being a shitty friend? I’ll tell you why, because you didn’t like Shea in the first place and you can’t handle a black person being anything other than docile. 

Everyone said shady shit tonight, none of it was bullying. y’all really need to learn the difference if you’re gonna talk shit. your fake ass reasoning on why you don’t like Shea anymore just shows how you really feel, and why you feel that way aka Blackness. 

and obviously if EVERY SINGLE one of those queens were saying the same shit, and clapping for the same title change and you can only comment on Shea?? baby you’re racist and that’s it, period. please reevaluate your comment and stay up out my inbox. 

Drag Race Season 9 Reunion

- Nina Bo’Nina Brown. An obviously very talented queen, who clearly has issues with paranoia and self-doubt which do not stem from everyday things. It’s weird that the push was to try and fix her thought pattern which is beyond the scope of what anyone there could provide. They should have advocated for getting her real help, instead of trying to absolve themselves in her eyes. Which is not the actual problem. 

- Charlie Hides. We all give up at things in life. You know when you are defeated, and just don’t want to do anything. Why was it such a hard thing for the other queens to just understand that that is what happened with her. Yes, its’ possible and probable that she hurt herself, but even if not, people are allowed to give up.

- Valentina. People are ripping into her for mentioning Selena when comparing herself, but why is that a problem? When you idolize someone, you want to be like them. Rupaul herself is all about Diana Ross, yet no one is coming to snatch her wig when she says that’s who she is trying to emulate.

-  Aja. I never got the hype around her, mostly because I was watching the actual show and I have working eyeballs. As we all know, you can’t blame the editing. But in the beginning of the season Aja went after Valentina before any of the alleged shade Valentina was doing outside of the show. Yet, no one came for Aja on that. 

- The Stans. The biggest issue with the queens was how the fans acted towards the queen. Mostly it seemed that Valentina’s fans were being racist and hateful towards other queens. While Valentina did end up posting something about it later, it truly isn’t her place to policing what people say. I do think it’s a great example of how racism is still a big issue especially in the LGBT community. Also, we have to remember that these queens are real people and not characters who someone wrote and made up. BE NICE! 

- The Tea. This season the level of drama was minimal. Yet on the reunion it was a seasons’ worth of drama. But so what? Literally no one saw what happened in the show. So it came off as if the top four (mostly Shae and Trinity) were being mean to the other queens. This time, I do blame it on the editing. And that editing was the choice to switch up the Untucked format.

-  A Blessing. Cynthia did not say CuCu. It’s a Hanukkah miracle, Baruch Hashem 🤢


One Piece Chapter 859 Theory: Luffy’s “Epic” Entrance

We know the plans​ laid out by Bege are most likely going to fail given how he went in specific detail of everything. Luffy has a thing for making epic entrances, he even expressed that in 859. The thing which will make this entrance “epic”, is how it’ll cause Bege’s plans to end in one huge cluster fuck. I believe the Tamatebox will serve as an accidental signal which will tempt Luffy to jump out and crash the wedding ceremony much earlier than had anticipated. This will obviously piss off Bege and force the two to work together in escaping the island without suffering massive casualties. Bege has explained that if the plan messed up even in the slightest, then they're​ going to be in the middle of an all-out massacre. However, I believe that may not be entirely the case, I think that the Straw Hat/Firetank Pirate alliance will span till Wano, where the anticipated Supernova reunion will take place (in order to defeat Kaido). My reasoning for this is, we have yet to see the Underworld Brokers appear at the Tea Party. Yes, we know they all want Luffy dead after messing with SMILE and Kaido//Doffy’s business. But you may have forgotten, not all of them are Luffy’s enemies, POTENTIALLY one of them in particular, is both mutual and powerful as an ally for Luffy, none of ther than, Kuzan, former Admiral of the Marines. Big Mom ain’t dying this arc, be real here, a confrontation may brew, but there won’t be a fight. Do you honestly think Luffy would wanna take out a Yonko through these measures? I don’t think so. We wait till Wano.

talking bodies (3)

Summary: Min Yoongi, also known as Suga, is notorious for being one of the few male stars that doesn’t need a fluffer before a shoot. You are the girl who is known to leave men walking off set with their heads down, embarrassed for finishing too quickly. These are your collaborations. (porn star!au)

Read part: 1 | 2

Warnings: hints at double penetration at the beginning, a bit of making out, but this is probably the mildest chapter so far.

Fuck. How’s that feel, babe?”

You tilt your head back with a moan, feeling it collide with a shoulder.

“Guh-good. S-so good. Oh god.”

“Look at her,” Taehyung chuckles, lifting his head up to look at Jungkook, withdrawing his lips from your neck. “She’s a gorgeous little thing, don’t you think?” You’re too far gone to see the smirk on Jungkook’s face and the look the both of them exchange between each other, so you’re unprepared for the way Jungkook and Taehyung roll their hips simultaneously, driving themselves deeper into you. You shut your eyes even tighter, one hand gripping onto Jungkook’s shoulder, the other wrapped around Taehyung’s wrist as you cry out.

“Aww, princess. Are you gonna cry, hmm?” Jungkook goads, taking your chin between his thumb and fingers to tilt your head down.

“Wanna see you come, pretty kitty,” Taehyung whispers, taking your earlobe between his teeth. You feel their chests shake with quiet laughter at the way you keen at their ministrations and it isn’t long before you’re finding yourself overwhelmed by it all, your climax quick to arrive with each thrust of their hips.

Your lips part in a silent scream, nails digging into skin hard enough that you’re certain the both of them will be left with small crescent indentations afterwards. The room is filled with rough moans and quiet groans as Jungkook and Taehyung follow not far behind, hips stuttering and losing their rhythm. Your thighs tremble, stomach clenching from overstimulation, and your languid in their arms, out of breath and slightly dizzy with euphoria.

“And… cut!”

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Ready? Cool, me too.

It’s 3am where I am and I played a drinking game with @walshizzle tonight which has resulted in me drinking lots of red wine. The teeth, the lips… It looks like I’ve been feeding on the blood of innocent mortals. So, I’m drunk and this is the warning that there’s going to be a lot of swearing and a lot of typos in the following post.


So I start with this because it is the most important part of the episode in my opinion. Quick N.B.- I’m currently depriving myself of chocolate and other delicious things (clearly not alcohol!) for lent because I know that on Easter Day, oh my dear Lord, that creme egg is going to taste soooo gooood. Caterina going on maternity leave was lent for all Omelia fans. 13x15 is Easter Day.


a) When Owen asks if Amelia wants to be married to him, the sharpness and promptness of her response says it all. “Fuck yeah I wanna be married to you.”

b) He was always the rock with Cristina, to be the one fighting. And finally, he’s saying “fuck off, I’m awesome”, expecting Amelia to run. AND SHE DIDN’T. I have full faith she’ll fight for them.

c) Owen is so dejected about being in the same argument he was in with Cristina about babies, which is obvious from how he sighs and walks out the scrub room. Lots of people have been saying Amelia is pregnant and whilst I hope to dear God she’s not (purely cos I want them to just be a functional married couple before getting children involved), I don’t believe Amelia would abort a baby.

d) He knows she can’t sleep without floss. sobs uncontrollably

e) That fucking screentime. Her face, HER SCRUBCAP, his face, on the same screen, at the same time. Ask me how happy I am- go on, ask me! I’m going to rewatch this episode whilst eating my body weight in chocolate on Easter day and I’ll live stream the whole hideous event.


(I believe this is what the kids are calling it.) So tonight they faced the age-old Spice Girls problem of “If you wanna be lover, you better get with my friends.” For those of you too young to know that reference, search Wannabe on youtube and educate yourselves on ‘90s female pop music and the origins of “girl power”.

In a week that International Woman’s Day was a thing, surprisingly this week was very much about men standing up for themselves. Riggs got into an argument with Alex about how to treat a baby and Meredith was caught between them. She took Alex’s side and asked why he was being an ass, meanwhile he stood by his beliefs that he was doing right by the patient and asked why he blindly trusted everyone over him.

They saved the kid in the end and Riggs asked her how she felt about him. Not Alex, not Maggie, not Owen… We all know the answer but let’s see how long it takes. I’m giving it a week for her panties to be in the backseat of her car again.


Richard Stubborn Webber. How this marriage works is beyond me because I’ve never seen two people be so stubborn towards each other. But that’s part of their charm I suppose. He has a bad back. She is being her usual meddling self but yet it’s Richard who admits he never wanted to come between her and her son. 


Like mother like son- stubborn af.

On one side: April Kepner is so very kicked aside in my opinion. Quite frankly, as much as ADORE Meredith, if you’re in a career like surgery and someone offers you a position as chief of the field, you’d take it. Everyone in that field would. By accepting that job, it was her one declaration of saying, “I’m actually pretty good at what I do thank you very much.” Ever since they were interns, she’s been laughed at and pitied and as much as I hate Catherine meddling in her son’s life and April’s- if it means April sticking up for herself then I’m in.

For instance- Meredith saying “You stole the car” and April just smiling and walking off. Oh, I was so close to slapping a bitch up the wrong way. But actually I’m very English and hate confrontation so realistically I just narrowed my eyes.

On the other hand: Catherine- fuck off. Stop pitting April and Jackson against each other and using her to reel your son in. Not cool, not fair, and sort your own problems out before meddling in other people’s business.

DeLuca and the Interns

Much to my Jolex fangirl’s dismay, Jo is very much a support system for DeLuca these days. It’s nice. But I also hope it doesn’t get in the way of Jolex getting back together. Also, side observation, Alex and DeLuca have the same facial hair. Same as Mark Sloan’s used to be. I’m all for that.

Interns? Residents? No idea. Basically, the people who don’t wear dark blue scrubs. They’re all for Minnick, they’re all loving their job. I like that. Positivity in a workplace is good. Shoutout to Stephanie for voicing all Amelia stans opinions with “You’re back, I’m so happy!”


No idea if this is their ship name but I’m shipping whatever it is! I can tell they’re going to try to make Richard an obstacle for Arizona but with Eliza’s eyes and that beautiful smile and that “hiofsa afsap asfsopget aopstat” Polish (was it?!) then I can only assume the attraction will prevail. So yes to all this. I have so missed Arizona Robbins genuinely smiling about someone else we know. S12 she got her slutty groove back with a lot of girls we never even met. S13 she’s getting her sweet ‘I’m in love’ smile back with someone we see and know and can learn to love, and I’m really enjoying it.


There were some. I didn’t really pay much attention to them because of all the Omelia, Griggs, Webber, Japril and Elizona development going on around them. Sorry. Something about a cooking incident and something about a baby with a heart mummmmmmuuuurrrrr.


Patients will come and go, Stephanie will always be the biggest Amelia stan, perhaps Catherine’s meddling will lead to a Japril reunion, Webber needs new mattresses in the on-call rooms, Jo supports DeLuca whilst still OBVIOUSLY being in love with Alex, Riggs is so very assuming that Meredith wants him to be ‘all in’, and Omelia are going to be married forever and all will be ok.

You’re welcome. Gotta go brush my teeth. Bye.

Voltron season 4

guess who will stay up all night thinking about a goddamn cartoon?

FUCKIN HOLT REUNION. Also Matt’s got a fuckin crack on the head and I LOVE IT

Well shit. We all accurately predicted Lotor’s zuko plot development and his parentage

But yoh know, after all this time, this lion switching thing still makes me feel frustrated. Like there’s something completely wrong with the paladins not being in their OG lions.

(Obviously someone cant move on from season one…)

I cant say im totally all in with shiro back in black and lance forever removed from blue. I just think there’s something AWFULLY wrong with displacing the OG series’ main character from being a paladin.

I dont know guys but there’s definitely no way keith’s going to be a blade for the rest of series. I can FEEL it in my bones. I love allura so much, her blue paladin arc is really giving me the feels, but i just miss having her back in the ship and acting as commander

Not to mention it completely broke my heart seeing the team reject keith. He tried to be the black paladin (in his own set of principles) and got shut away before he could even make a full shot. He thinks he’s shit and the team just colletively agreed on that and readily tossed him out of the paladin circle

I dont know man my heart is broken ok EVERYONE WERE SNAKES TO KEITH

Well…i have to say, that was the shortest 6 episodes of my life. I dont think i will be able to hold out for season 5. Every season never fails to make me hold on to my cheetos

Rn we still have many things to think about:

-Fuckin Lotor i mean what the hell are you planning man

- that shady ass operation kuron

-keith as a blade forever??? Wow sounds legit mate

-lotor’s bad girlies’ i mean…his ex generals’ plan (my kokoro is still broke)


-k e i ths m o th err!!!

-something else happened in honerva and zarkon’s story arc (yeah thats right. Our angsty ‘lotor died as a kid and honerva got obsessed with quintessence in order to sustain him’ theory)

Feel free to add

It was kind of a blur, you know. It happened so fast, I mean the whole situation happened quickly. We were - I was sitting at home, literally days before the VMAs. And you know, Justin gave me a ring and he said he wanted to basically make a section in his performance with us. And so you know, I obviously said, yeah I wanted to be supportive of my friend and so we put it together and it - but, it literally happened in the blink of an eye from the time where you know, flying to the east coast doing a couple rehearsals and then all the sudden next thing, you know, you’re on stage in front of you know, millions of people at home that I mean - It was a blur.

JC Chasez about *NSYNC’s reunion at the VMAs (2013)


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Do you think (when Cas sees just the brothers exiting the car in the alley) Cas thinks they've killed Jack? If Cas only remembers up until the moment of his death, do you think in that moment he thinks Sam and Dean killed the baby he swore to protect? I know we're all focusing on the emotional reunion with the boys, but I can't help but remember how focused Cas was on protecting Kelly and Jack at the end of last season. I kind of want his first question to the boys to be "where is the baby?"


Yes, I’m sure that it’ll be the first subject that Cas brings up when they actually get to the talking part. :p 

In that moment, seeing Dean again is obviously the main thought on his mind, but I’d say that it’s pretty much a given that after the reunion hugs with Sam and Dean, one of his first concerns is going to be what happened to Jack. After all, he sees that both brothers are alive and kicking, so yeah, I’m 99% sure that Jack will be the first thing that comes up once all three of them have taken a breath after reuniting. 

So we all know Sansa is Queen and ‘beautiful and regal’ but I noticed that she looks even more wholesome and radiant with every new stark reunion and I think that’s really beautiful. 

Originally posted by fuckyeahhousestark

Here, she’s obviously tired from running away which makes sense.

Originally posted by kadyorloffdiaz

More put together, but you still get the harsh cold lighting and she is shook.

Originally posted by petyrbaelishs

This is just super wholesome and you get the soft lighting finally. You can see Sansa becoming stronger as the pack gets to Winterfell. 

Tombstone has killed me dead

We are being spoiled with good episodes this season!

- Cas is back and Dean is sudenly in a way better mood than he has been all season. Could there be a coonection? Wejustdon'tknow.gif

- That reunion scene was everything. I know we saw it in the preview, but oh my god, I could watch it a thousand times. Dean’s “I do”! That hug! Dean’s face journey during that hug! Sam definitely looked more suspicious during his hug. Obviously he’s pleased to have Cas back, but you can tell he’s got questions.

- Cas is back, and he’s immediately so done with Dean’s cowboy fetish. You can just see him thinking “this is the man I’ve chosen to love.”

- All the silent communication between Cas and Dean had me screaming. When you could see Dean latching onto the idea of Dodge city, and Cas just gives him a look and he does that little head duck.

- Dean considers having Cas back a huge win.

- A side note to say that I want to steal Athena’s style so badly. I can never get my hair to hold those rolls properly.

- Cas and Jack are so sweet together. I do wish there had been some acknowledgement that Jack’s power did something to Cas, but I am okay with them being two sweet awkward peas in a pod.

- Also, Dean’s an angry sleeper. Like a bear. I’m just!

- Jack, my sweet nougat son :( He tried so hard, and was doing so good, and he was so eager to help and found the clues to piece things together, but then he accidentally killed the security guard and he feels so bad, and these guys are so bad at pep talks. My poor boy!

- Good on Dean for telling him the truth, and for admitting that even though he used to think Jack was a monster, he doesn’t anymore.

- Somebody save my precious lamb from himself :(

- But also destiel is real and I am screaming.

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all right bro, happy hcs: the reunion that sara and nyssa deserve, because nyssa doesn't know she's still not swept up with the blood rage and sara hasn't seen her in what could be years and nyssa will take one look at her, smiling and laughing again, and know that her beloved is back.

okay so since obviously we knew that arrow s5 ended with everyone being rescued by the legends and the legends now having 13 new people to deal with (some that go on vacation, or become time pirates, or join the time cops)

but like this whole time you have nyssa

who is still remembering pit sick sara

and staring in awe at the woman in front of her, the one that saved them, who is captain of a time ship and everyone looks to for advice and 

nyssa can’t believe how much sara has grown into the woman nyssa always knew she had the potential to be and so shes sort of standing there on the ship in this little shock and 

once sara sorts thru everything else she kinda turns to nyssa like “you knew i was alive” and nyssa is just like “but i didnt know you were you.”

and its just this sort of moment

(later sara will make a joke about how nyssa saved her from that island, and now it was sara’s turn to save her, but for the moment theyre just together and happy)

SEASON 3 HOLY CRAP also theory and analysis




I’m 90% sure this “shiro” is a clone or some shit, if that’s true then that’s going to fucking brake keith.

Also KLANCE ?!?!?


(I get a little all over the place next, It’s 2 am srry)

Imma get serious for a sec,
Keith’s behavior really struck a cord for Me for some reason and I did some more binge watching and rewatched season 1 and 2 analyzing keiths behavior cause I felt like it.

He said that shiro was one of the only people who didn’t give up on him, I’m going to count his southern father in on this untill they make that clear (where the fuck Is he), so I’m gonna say its safe to assume that shiro was the closest thing to a friend or family keith had.

The other paladins don’t personally know shiro untill the whole shiro crashing to earth incident, they only knew of him.
Keith how ever obviously knows him well I mean they might as well had a fucking family reunion sighn up I mean shit.

But when shiro went missing 3 of the paladins lost a leader, and close friend (and a space dad) while keith lost his only family, his best friend and the only person he ever realy looked up to, not to mention this is the second time that Shiro has disappeared without any clues.

I mean we all saw how Pidge (or Katie) reacted when her brother and father went missing, even now we see simillar reactions.
Pidge wants to find the information and sometimes makes brash and un Pidge like decisions.

Keith is known to be brash and have a hard time keeping his emotions (rage in particular) in check, Shiro was also his impulse control and even then he still had problems.
(That position now belongs to Lance )

Keith has no clue what to do, he lost his brother a second time, is forced into the leader roll he didn’t want and wasn’t really prepared for not to mention he litteraly has entire galaxys counting on *him* a teenager, anyone older then 12 can tell you the struggles of being an emotionally distraught teen.

Back to what I said earlier about shiro possibly being a clone, what they calle him I don’t know the proper spelling, but I do know it means clone, if the paladins realize this do you see how badly that could effect them??
Especially their trust, keith already as seen has some trust issues.
I think the black lion knows, it’s mostlikely the reason it didn’t accept him as its paladin because it didn’t have a problem accepting Shiro when Zarkon was still technically it’s paladin.

Also the galra knew he would escape back to Voltron, it was part of their plan, part of their experiment mostlikely to trick the paladins.

(Switching topic srry it’s late and I binged )

Lotor is smarter then Zarkon, he knows what he’s doing and I’m scared that it could negatively effect the paladins.
It’s showed how good lotor is with manipulation and mind games, he knows how to use someone’s weaknesses against them.
With keith, Lance and Allura still a little doubtful of their new positions I’m worried lotor may use that against them.
He’s already tried using keiths new leader ship against them without even knowing it!

Honestly I’m scared for what comes next.


Band Of Brothers Bastogne reunion things (that I wanted to share):

(I was going to do this a bit differently, but I kinda just wanted to sum up everything and not on the reunion things I attended, so I’ll just do a random bullet point list. So they might not be in order, and I won’t really separate things between Friday and Saturday. But if anyone wants to know more about a certain thing, feel free to ask)

  • James Madio face timing Rich (who was in Australia) to show him the queue. I didn’t personally see it, but it happened while I was stood by the table, so apparently Rich has seen me without me knowing x)
  • Shane Taylor getting super excited when I told him my name was Roe and grabbing my arm and generally just being super happy. Him also remembering me on Saturday and basically having a chat with me for as long as he could before we were ushered out of the room, and then waving to me when I left (he is so sweet I’m so happy)
  • Bart Ruspoli asking me and El ( @really-itshotinafrica ) what our favourite episode was, and both of us having no ide what to say to that, and having to think for ages.
  • Rick Gomez and Ross McCall being super excited about everything and asking if I wanted a photo with them, which I ended up getting because I didn’t want to say no. I look awful in it, but both of them look great, so hey ho.
  • Dale Dye generally just being a massive sweetie.
  • James forgetting if he had signed the posters I had or not and having to double check.
  • Me finding out Robin Laing is Scottish during the Q&A session and basically being sat there in shock for a few minutes (I didn’t know okay I got so shocked).
  • Bart being a bit confused when I reached him on the Saturday, because he recognised me, so I had to tell him I’d been there the day before as well.
  • Rick Gomez and James Madio going to the bathroom together, and popping out behind Dale on the way and generally just being great. 
  • Bob Izumi, a 101st Airborne veteran signing things for ages and basically just being a badass. 

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Open Letter to Marlene King

I don’t know if Marlene will ever read this but I wanted to just post and air out some of my feelings after watching PLL last night.


I know you are a busy woman but I would really appreciate if you would take the time to read this. My name is Brittany, I’m 23 years old and have been a long time fan of the show. I have been here since the pilot season one episode one. PLL was a show that got me through some pretty rough times. The show began when I was around 15 years old and honestly that year was one of the roughest of my life. I lost my grandfather, I lost several friends that just grew apart, and it was high school as if that wasn’t stressful enough. PLL was an outlet it was a show that I could turn on and forget about my problems whatever they may be.

It was a show that gave me courage to embrace my quirks. I was the nerdy girl who always loved a good book and who loved school. I was deemed as odd for it but seeing characters like Mona Vanderwaal and Spencer Hastings made me realize that it was okay to be like that. That I wasn’t an oddity that there were strong women characters who were like that in the world.

As I said previously I was around 15 when the show started and had never been apart of any fandom, didn’t know what a ship really fully was. None of it I was clueless but PLL made me experience that for the first time. During the first half of season 1 Spencer and Mona grew to become my favorite characters but just loving two characters changed after one episode in 1B. That episode was 113. The scene where Spencer followed Toby into the ally and watched him cry, in THAT moment I knew that there was something there and I fell head over heels for what would become known as Spoby and they became one of the first ships that I ever loved. I remember after 113 aired saying that I thought they were a good match and people telling me no you are insane they won’t ever be together, then 119 happened. After that I was a goner. I had found my PLL ship. The one that I would be ride or die with until the very end.

I loved the pureness of them, the fact that they were so deep and complicated. I remember during 2B when you used to give fans tidbits and how you basically told us about the 225 kiss outside of the police station before it even happened just to reassure us Spoby shippers that they would be fine. I remember how during 3B after Toby’s A reveal (that literally had me in so much shock that I about threw my remote at the TV) all of us spoby fans would as you if you could give us ANYTHING at all and you telling us to wait for it. Did I mention that I’m an eternal optimist? I didn’t? Well I am, so during this time I garnered the nickname of Spoby Cheerleader of the fandom because when everyone else was so down I would say, we always have hope, Marlene told us to wait for it and I trust her. Spoby is her baby creation she’ll not do us wrong. And the waiting paid off 324 happened and you gave us two amazing parallels with the hands touching with the coffee mug like in 117 with the snow globe and the call back to the motel in 119. That was the moment that I felt like I let the final guard down and fully trusted you as a writer Marlene.

I know for storyline purposes sometimes you have to mislead. I understand that. That’s why when 324 happened I was like okay see this proves my point Marlene won’t betray us. Season 4 was a great season with little to minimal drama and it was nice for a change to be the ship that didn’t have constant drama, but then season 5 happened. The season that I like to pretend doesn’t exist. I understand that couples need to have conflict but having Spencer kiss Colin and Johnny two characters who were in 4 episodes or less just because she was having problems with Toby wasn’t my idea of a great season. But I stuck through it and we got 524, wasn’t happy that Spoby didn’t talk about their problems but I was just happy that they were back together.

Then 6A, the last time we truly saw our ship together. 609 that scene Spencer telling Toby that her speech was about him.. was such a great moment then to come back in 6B and know that they had been ripped apart was pretty heart breaking to say the least. I understand that it was realistic for one of the couples to break up during the jump, I didn’t imagine it would be all 3 of the main couples. I honestly thought that one of them would make it through. Then Yvonne happened.. I loved Yvonne as a character, I love Kara who plays her, but you all as a writing team really did Yvonne and Kara a disservice. Then on top of that Caleb happened.

Before the jump Spencer and Caleb was one of my favorite friendships on this show. Now I can’t stand watching any of their scenes. What was the point in making Spaleb happen? Just to create more drama? Because between that and Yvonne it made a lot of people mad. And all of us spoby shippers had to go through 6B and all of 7A with nothing. Then 710 happened. And I thought there it is, there is hope. There is hope that Spoby will be endgame that they won’t be rushed but boy was I wrong.

Killing Yvonne was wrong on so many levels and I think you and the other writers realize it. I didn’t WANT Yvonne to die just so Spoby could get back together. After the accident I was fearful that’s what would happen, but then Kara told us she filmed for 713 and I thought okay maybe that’s her last episode and she leaves town. It literally hurt my soul watching her die RIGHT after marrying Toby. Because Yvonne deserved better than that. Kara deserved better than that. But after that all of us spoby fans thought okay so this is their way of making the way for their endgame we’ll take it even though it sucks.

Now all of us spoby fans waited.. and waited.. and waited.. Then we got the promo for 718 and we thought FINALLY we are getting our reunion it may be with only 3 episodes left but its better late than never. Then it ends up being a one night stand that obviously never gets talked about. Or so we thought. So we were like okay, well the promo in 720 there is Spoby stuff and we know that Keegan and Troian filmed together so they have to be together right? Boy were we wrong..

I can say honestly that the only good thing to come out of Spencer having a twin was that Troian got to show off her acting chops. I remember a year ago when the twin theories began popping up. I thought cool idea, but I doubt the show will go there and it wouldn’t make a whole lot of sense. I was someone who thought that it was Wren and Melissa. When Torrey was revealed to be filming for the finale I thought it had to be true. Then to find out she filmed the scene at the stables then just filmed those two black hoodie scenes so that way Mona could peel off a mask of her face.. Just.. wow. In my opinion the finale was a mess. The pacing was so fast that it was hard to tell how much time had passed, the scenes jump all over  the place that my mother who is a casual watcher mentioned noticing it.

I can tell you that I had only 3 requests of this finale. I didn’t have to have all 3 but I wanted to have at least 2. I walked away with one and a half. Those requests were that AD make sense (did not care if it shocked me or not), that spoby was endgame and we saw them reunite on screen, and lastly that Mona got the endgame she deserved, that she got to have a happy ever after and not die. Ironically enough I thought that the last one was the one that I would walk away without.

This is my main gripe about Alex being AD why? I know in the finale it was explained as her being mad about Cece’s death and wanting revenge. Now to start off 6B it seemed like that was what AD wanted but it seemed as season 7 progressed that became less and less the motivation. By the end of 719 last week I had gathered that whoever AD was had strung the girls along saying they would win once AD knew who killed Cece and that would be that. Then why did AD set them up to where they would get caught with Rollins’ body by Tanner and go after them now a year later and not go after Mona? Mona is the one who killed Cece even if it was an accident, so why would Alex hire Mona on as a helper if that’s the person who killed her sister that she was so hell bent on getting revenge for? It doesn’t add up. The girls had nothing to do with Cece’s death. I would have honestly been fine with there being this many plot holes with the twin thing had you not involved Toby. What was the point of that? Having him basically be raped again without him knowing it. And tainting basically half of the spoby scenes we’ve had in 7B to boot. This is my question on some of the scenes where it was supposedly Alex instead of Spencer, how did Alex know about certain things. Like how did she know that Toby invited Spencer to the cabin if it was Spencer in the scene with him at the radley at the beginning of 718? How did Alex know that Toby said something about wanting to try horseback riding with Spencer when it was Spencer in that scene?

Only two scenes saved the final 10 minutes, Toby being able to figure out the correct Spencer and seeing what Mona did with Alex and Mary. I believe it was Keegan who said something about there being one final scene that he filmed with Troian on his last day that was super emotional and that it was just the two of them.. What happened to that scene? Was it cut for time purposes? Instead of doing the final scene as a backdoor pilot type situation for the Perfectionists couldn’t you have given Spoby fans a reunion of sorts? I didn’t have to be long it could have been a minute. Just of them saying they love each other one last time. Instead of that in the last scene of the girls we get one mention of Toby and that yeah they are sorta dating again. And what happened to the Toby script tease you posted about Toby saying “I used to know a girl that says hope breeds eternal misery” was that in the Spoby scene that was probably cut?

I’m normally not a bitter person. I’m usually an optimist, but I can say I honestly I’m mad, I’m sad, and I’m tired. Knowing that I was a long time fan of this show for 7 years and the one ship that I love got the complete shaft in the end. The one that you have claimed for years is like your child. I said above that I had begun to really trust you back in season 3 Marlene but now I feel like I’ve been kinda stabbed in the back. Honestly I wouldn’t be quite so mad if every other ship hadn’t have gotten a little bit of everything that we didn’t. Haleb got engaged before the last jump as well as married and are pregnant, Emison got two beautiful little girls (through unconventional and horrible means I do admit) and an engagement which they rightfully deserved, and Ezrians got an engagement way before anyone else did plus a wedding. While spoby shippers get a hey sorry that half the scenes that you thought were Spencer in season 7 were actually Alex and oh yeah spoby are basically back together mentioned in an off hand comment. I mean if you didn’t want to do a scene then why not have had Spoby sit next to each other at Ezria’s redo wedding, just showing them holding hands or something would have been enough for me at this point.

I hope you and the other writers read this and take it into consideration. And don’t get me wrong I don’t mind open ended endings, I was a fan of the Lost series finale and that is the most open ended finale ever. But after being loyal to a ship for 7 years it would have been nice to walk away knowing that they got to be happy and seeing it too.

Hopefully you all will do a spin off or a revival movie a few years down the road where Spoby can be explored a little more or if there are some deleted scenes you can put them on the DVD. Because we the fans deserve that after this finale.


A Spoby fan

septembergrl88  asked:

Any particular things you’re excited to see in JL

I mean…all of it.

I suppose what I’m most excited for is just the team dynamic. I’m really interested in how they’re all gonna interact with each other and how their friendships will develop. We’re finally getting these characters in a movie together so I want to see a lot of that.

The Clois reunion is one of my most anticipated moments, of course. And obviously Superman’s return. We still don’t know how they’re gonna do that but I’m sure it’ll be amazing.

I’m curious to see how Bruce and Clark will reconcile. There needs to be some discussion about what Bruce did in BvS. This movie will deal a lot with him redeeming himself, I’m sure.

I think overall my most anticipated character is Arthur. He looks amazing. Jason is killing it. I think he’ll steal the whole movie.

Okay but re: this Flying Pizza Second Cousin - I do genuinely think they’re related to Joel because he’s said before (and so have people on Twitter - see nice allegations thread) that he has loads of first and second cousins. 

One would have to assume that they’re just bitter and jealous and although we obviously don’t know the full picture and can never actually know a celebrity, that’s pretty obviously the case. Even in their reply to an anon message I sent agggges ago to this person, they said they’d need to actually have watched and appreciated more of his work to claim or say he’s problematic.