obviously we all know this is the reunion

WTF Mashima!!!

WTF, Mashima! I don’t understand what’s going on in FT anymore. I’m so confused. There’s too much nonsense going on. First we found out that Zeref is Natsu’s brother and father plus he has a son who has “Loki” issues and uses “pleasure” magic. Then Natsu is unconscious again and dying. So Lucy is obviously the only one who can save him. On top of that everyone knows Natsu is END and that he is related to Zeref and that if Zeref dies then Natsu will too. Gray and Natsu almost killed each other. Plus characters are being killed off then coming back to life then there are all these family reunions, Nalu,Gruvia, Jerza & Gajevy moments. We also find out Anna made Natsu’s scarf. Now we find out that Erza is basically part dragon and in a way royalty…..WTF Mashima ?? Its becoming so hard to keep up with all this information all at once. I’m happy that everything is coming together and finally being reviled but there are some things lately that is unbelievable bs.