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The amount of hate tho this season was crazy. Being shady is one thing, but these queens were downright rude.. I h8 Valentina SO much, but patronizing her by clapping for a different title is BEYOND unprofessional. And I wanted Shea SO BADLY to win but after every single rude comment she said to everyone(including people who didn't come for her) I simply can't support her. Bullying and shade are totes different

lmao idk why you wasted your time typing this into my ask box when you obviously know where i stand on this. and now ima have to tell you why this is stupid. so here we go. first of all, them calling Val out for being fake af once they got off the show is not bullying, them changing the title of Miss Congeniality to Fan Favorite is not bullying. what is bullying is this 

and all the other disgustingly racist shit that’s been spewed at Shea because of Valentina’s fans. Second of all what fucking rude comments did Shea make? the reunion is literally there for calling people out for shit they said or did on the show, talking about drama that happened on the show and getting shit off their chests. and guess what? literally everyone did the same fucking thing Shea did. Why are you not saying you can’t support Trinity anymore after the things she said to Peppermint? why are you not saying you can’t support Sasha anymore after all the lil faces she was making? why are you not saying you can’t support Farrah anymore after calling Valentina out for being a shitty friend? I’ll tell you why, because you didn’t like Shea in the first place and you can’t handle a black person being anything other than docile. 

Everyone said shady shit tonight, none of it was bullying. y’all really need to learn the difference if you’re gonna talk shit. your fake ass reasoning on why you don’t like Shea anymore just shows how you really feel, and why you feel that way aka Blackness. 

and obviously if EVERY SINGLE one of those queens were saying the same shit, and clapping for the same title change and you can only comment on Shea?? baby you’re racist and that’s it, period. please reevaluate your comment and stay up out my inbox. 

Players || Jack Maynard Imagine

My hands run through my straight hair. Some Ariana Grande song blasting through the speakers in the club. A giggle escapes my lips when I bump into someone.

“Oops? Sorry?” I giggle out, still dancing to the music. The alcohol coursing through my system clouding my normally racing mind.

“Don’t be sorry,” A soft voice says. My eyes make their way back over to the person a soft smile on my face. I bite my lip and place my hand on the cute stranger’s forearm.

“You’re pretty cute,” I whisper into his ear lowly.

“So are you,” The man says placing his hands on my hips. I drunkenly giggle.

“I’m Y/N,” I whisper into his ear softly.

“Jack,” The cute stranger says lowly into my ear.

“Dance with me?” I ask pulling Jack’s hand and pulling my best puppy dog face.

Jack sighs hesitantly, “Sure.” A few moments later his hands are on my hips again pulling me into him successfully.

His hands trail up and down my sides causing goosebumps to appear on my skin. The rest of the night goes by in a blur.

The next morning, I stretch my arms out. A yawn escaping my lips.

“Shush, It’s early,” A voice says from beside me. A soft scream emits from my lips my heart racing. “Chill, It’s just me.”

I rake my eyes over to the person, Jack. I lift the blanket off myself and see that I’m still in my clothes from last night. “Thank God, I almost had a heart attack.” I swat him lightly on the arm. We exchange numbers and for the next few days, we keep in constant contact.

Around a month in of us being ‘friends’ Jack and I begin to date. Soon after that, he decides that it’s time to meet his friends.

I take a deep breath. I bang my fist against the door three times. The door swings open to reveal my beautiful boyfriend.

“Hi babe,” He says pulling me inside by my belt loops, pressing his lips to mine softly in greeting.

“Yeah, Hi babe!” A new voice calls from behind Jack. He steps to the side allowing me to see who the voice was coming from.

My mouth falls open in shock. “Y/N?” The person asks a person I had been close to when I was a kid, Joe Sugg.

“Oh my god, Joe?” I ask looping my fingers with Jack.

“You two know each other?” Jack asks skeptically, finger pointing between us.

“We knew each other when we were younger. How’s Zoe?” I ask shrugging off Jack’s obvious dislike of the fact that we knew each other.

“She’s doing very well for herself. I’m surprised you don’t already know about the stuff she’s been doing, to be honest.” He laughs.

“Sorry to break up the reunion, But I don’t believe we’ve met Y/N. I’m Conor Jack’s brother, I’m sure you’ve heard all about me.” Conor laughs obviously joking.

“I sure have,” I say looking up at Jack’s face.

“Wait that mean that you’re Y/N L/N?” Conor asks earning a nod from me, “You’re the resident player here in good old’ London aren’t you?”

“Uhh, Im sorry?” I stutter out.

“You were the female player of London, Just like Jack was the male player.” The boys all laugh at that. Jack’s eyes meet mine confusion swirling through them he shrugs and we join in the laughing with the rest of the boys.

Drag Race Season 9 Reunion

- Nina Bo’Nina Brown. An obviously very talented queen, who clearly has issues with paranoia and self-doubt which do not stem from everyday things. It’s weird that the push was to try and fix her thought pattern which is beyond the scope of what anyone there could provide. They should have advocated for getting her real help, instead of trying to absolve themselves in her eyes. Which is not the actual problem. 

- Charlie Hides. We all give up at things in life. You know when you are defeated, and just don’t want to do anything. Why was it such a hard thing for the other queens to just understand that that is what happened with her. Yes, its’ possible and probable that she hurt herself, but even if not, people are allowed to give up.

- Valentina. People are ripping into her for mentioning Selena when comparing herself, but why is that a problem? When you idolize someone, you want to be like them. Rupaul herself is all about Diana Ross, yet no one is coming to snatch her wig when she says that’s who she is trying to emulate.

-  Aja. I never got the hype around her, mostly because I was watching the actual show and I have working eyeballs. As we all know, you can’t blame the editing. But in the beginning of the season Aja went after Valentina before any of the alleged shade Valentina was doing outside of the show. Yet, no one came for Aja on that. 

- The Stans. The biggest issue with the queens was how the fans acted towards the queen. Mostly it seemed that Valentina’s fans were being racist and hateful towards other queens. While Valentina did end up posting something about it later, it truly isn’t her place to policing what people say. I do think it’s a great example of how racism is still a big issue especially in the LGBT community. Also, we have to remember that these queens are real people and not characters who someone wrote and made up. BE NICE! 

- The Tea. This season the level of drama was minimal. Yet on the reunion it was a seasons’ worth of drama. But so what? Literally no one saw what happened in the show. So it came off as if the top four (mostly Shae and Trinity) were being mean to the other queens. This time, I do blame it on the editing. And that editing was the choice to switch up the Untucked format.

-  A Blessing. Cynthia did not say CuCu. It’s a Hanukkah miracle, Baruch Hashem 🤢


One Piece Chapter 859 Theory: Luffy’s “Epic” Entrance

We know the plans​ laid out by Bege are most likely going to fail given how he went in specific detail of everything. Luffy has a thing for making epic entrances, he even expressed that in 859. The thing which will make this entrance “epic”, is how it’ll cause Bege’s plans to end in one huge cluster fuck. I believe the Tamatebox will serve as an accidental signal which will tempt Luffy to jump out and crash the wedding ceremony much earlier than had anticipated. This will obviously piss off Bege and force the two to work together in escaping the island without suffering massive casualties. Bege has explained that if the plan messed up even in the slightest, then they're​ going to be in the middle of an all-out massacre. However, I believe that may not be entirely the case, I think that the Straw Hat/Firetank Pirate alliance will span till Wano, where the anticipated Supernova reunion will take place (in order to defeat Kaido). My reasoning for this is, we have yet to see the Underworld Brokers appear at the Tea Party. Yes, we know they all want Luffy dead after messing with SMILE and Kaido//Doffy’s business. But you may have forgotten, not all of them are Luffy’s enemies, POTENTIALLY one of them in particular, is both mutual and powerful as an ally for Luffy, none of ther than, Kuzan, former Admiral of the Marines. Big Mom ain’t dying this arc, be real here, a confrontation may brew, but there won’t be a fight. Do you honestly think Luffy would wanna take out a Yonko through these measures? I don’t think so. We wait till Wano.


Ready? Cool, me too.

It’s 3am where I am and I played a drinking game with @walshizzle tonight which has resulted in me drinking lots of red wine. The teeth, the lips… It looks like I’ve been feeding on the blood of innocent mortals. So, I’m drunk and this is the warning that there’s going to be a lot of swearing and a lot of typos in the following post.


So I start with this because it is the most important part of the episode in my opinion. Quick N.B.- I’m currently depriving myself of chocolate and other delicious things (clearly not alcohol!) for lent because I know that on Easter Day, oh my dear Lord, that creme egg is going to taste soooo gooood. Caterina going on maternity leave was lent for all Omelia fans. 13x15 is Easter Day.


a) When Owen asks if Amelia wants to be married to him, the sharpness and promptness of her response says it all. “Fuck yeah I wanna be married to you.”

b) He was always the rock with Cristina, to be the one fighting. And finally, he’s saying “fuck off, I’m awesome”, expecting Amelia to run. AND SHE DIDN’T. I have full faith she’ll fight for them.

c) Owen is so dejected about being in the same argument he was in with Cristina about babies, which is obvious from how he sighs and walks out the scrub room. Lots of people have been saying Amelia is pregnant and whilst I hope to dear God she’s not (purely cos I want them to just be a functional married couple before getting children involved), I don’t believe Amelia would abort a baby.

d) He knows she can’t sleep without floss. sobs uncontrollably

e) That fucking screentime. Her face, HER SCRUBCAP, his face, on the same screen, at the same time. Ask me how happy I am- go on, ask me! I’m going to rewatch this episode whilst eating my body weight in chocolate on Easter day and I’ll live stream the whole hideous event.


(I believe this is what the kids are calling it.) So tonight they faced the age-old Spice Girls problem of “If you wanna be lover, you better get with my friends.” For those of you too young to know that reference, search Wannabe on youtube and educate yourselves on ‘90s female pop music and the origins of “girl power”.

In a week that International Woman’s Day was a thing, surprisingly this week was very much about men standing up for themselves. Riggs got into an argument with Alex about how to treat a baby and Meredith was caught between them. She took Alex’s side and asked why he was being an ass, meanwhile he stood by his beliefs that he was doing right by the patient and asked why he blindly trusted everyone over him.

They saved the kid in the end and Riggs asked her how she felt about him. Not Alex, not Maggie, not Owen… We all know the answer but let’s see how long it takes. I’m giving it a week for her panties to be in the backseat of her car again.


Richard Stubborn Webber. How this marriage works is beyond me because I’ve never seen two people be so stubborn towards each other. But that’s part of their charm I suppose. He has a bad back. She is being her usual meddling self but yet it’s Richard who admits he never wanted to come between her and her son. 


Like mother like son- stubborn af.

On one side: April Kepner is so very kicked aside in my opinion. Quite frankly, as much as ADORE Meredith, if you’re in a career like surgery and someone offers you a position as chief of the field, you’d take it. Everyone in that field would. By accepting that job, it was her one declaration of saying, “I’m actually pretty good at what I do thank you very much.” Ever since they were interns, she’s been laughed at and pitied and as much as I hate Catherine meddling in her son’s life and April’s- if it means April sticking up for herself then I’m in.

For instance- Meredith saying “You stole the car” and April just smiling and walking off. Oh, I was so close to slapping a bitch up the wrong way. But actually I’m very English and hate confrontation so realistically I just narrowed my eyes.

On the other hand: Catherine- fuck off. Stop pitting April and Jackson against each other and using her to reel your son in. Not cool, not fair, and sort your own problems out before meddling in other people’s business.

DeLuca and the Interns

Much to my Jolex fangirl’s dismay, Jo is very much a support system for DeLuca these days. It’s nice. But I also hope it doesn’t get in the way of Jolex getting back together. Also, side observation, Alex and DeLuca have the same facial hair. Same as Mark Sloan’s used to be. I’m all for that.

Interns? Residents? No idea. Basically, the people who don’t wear dark blue scrubs. They’re all for Minnick, they’re all loving their job. I like that. Positivity in a workplace is good. Shoutout to Stephanie for voicing all Amelia stans opinions with “You’re back, I’m so happy!”


No idea if this is their ship name but I’m shipping whatever it is! I can tell they’re going to try to make Richard an obstacle for Arizona but with Eliza’s eyes and that beautiful smile and that “hiofsa afsap asfsopget aopstat” Polish (was it?!) then I can only assume the attraction will prevail. So yes to all this. I have so missed Arizona Robbins genuinely smiling about someone else we know. S12 she got her slutty groove back with a lot of girls we never even met. S13 she’s getting her sweet ‘I’m in love’ smile back with someone we see and know and can learn to love, and I’m really enjoying it.


There were some. I didn’t really pay much attention to them because of all the Omelia, Griggs, Webber, Japril and Elizona development going on around them. Sorry. Something about a cooking incident and something about a baby with a heart mummmmmmuuuurrrrr.


Patients will come and go, Stephanie will always be the biggest Amelia stan, perhaps Catherine’s meddling will lead to a Japril reunion, Webber needs new mattresses in the on-call rooms, Jo supports DeLuca whilst still OBVIOUSLY being in love with Alex, Riggs is so very assuming that Meredith wants him to be ‘all in’, and Omelia are going to be married forever and all will be ok.

You’re welcome. Gotta go brush my teeth. Bye.

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all right bro, happy hcs: the reunion that sara and nyssa deserve, because nyssa doesn't know she's still not swept up with the blood rage and sara hasn't seen her in what could be years and nyssa will take one look at her, smiling and laughing again, and know that her beloved is back.

okay so since obviously we knew that arrow s5 ended with everyone being rescued by the legends and the legends now having 13 new people to deal with (some that go on vacation, or become time pirates, or join the time cops)

but like this whole time you have nyssa

who is still remembering pit sick sara

and staring in awe at the woman in front of her, the one that saved them, who is captain of a time ship and everyone looks to for advice and 

nyssa can’t believe how much sara has grown into the woman nyssa always knew she had the potential to be and so shes sort of standing there on the ship in this little shock and 

once sara sorts thru everything else she kinda turns to nyssa like “you knew i was alive” and nyssa is just like “but i didnt know you were you.”

and its just this sort of moment

(later sara will make a joke about how nyssa saved her from that island, and now it was sara’s turn to save her, but for the moment theyre just together and happy)

Band Of Brothers Bastogne reunion things (that I wanted to share):

(I was going to do this a bit differently, but I kinda just wanted to sum up everything and not on the reunion things I attended, so I’ll just do a random bullet point list. So they might not be in order, and I won’t really separate things between Friday and Saturday. But if anyone wants to know more about a certain thing, feel free to ask)

  • James Madio face timing Rich (who was in Australia) to show him the queue. I didn’t personally see it, but it happened while I was stood by the table, so apparently Rich has seen me without me knowing x)
  • Shane Taylor getting super excited when I told him my name was Roe and grabbing my arm and generally just being super happy. Him also remembering me on Saturday and basically having a chat with me for as long as he could before we were ushered out of the room, and then waving to me when I left (he is so sweet I’m so happy)
  • Bart Ruspoli asking me and El ( @really-itshotinafrica ) what our favourite episode was, and both of us having no ide what to say to that, and having to think for ages.
  • Rick Gomez and Ross McCall being super excited about everything and asking if I wanted a photo with them, which I ended up getting because I didn’t want to say no. I look awful in it, but both of them look great, so hey ho.
  • Dale Dye generally just being a massive sweetie.
  • James forgetting if he had signed the posters I had or not and having to double check.
  • Me finding out Robin Laing is Scottish during the Q&A session and basically being sat there in shock for a few minutes (I didn’t know okay I got so shocked).
  • Bart being a bit confused when I reached him on the Saturday, because he recognised me, so I had to tell him I’d been there the day before as well.
  • Rick Gomez and James Madio going to the bathroom together, and popping out behind Dale on the way and generally just being great. 
  • Bob Izumi, a 101st Airborne veteran signing things for ages and basically just being a badass. 

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WTF Mashima!!!

WTF, Mashima! I don’t understand what’s going on in FT anymore. I’m so confused. There’s too much nonsense going on. First we found out that Zeref is Natsu’s brother and father plus he has a son who has “Loki” issues and uses “pleasure” magic. Then Natsu is unconscious again and dying. So Lucy is obviously the only one who can save him. On top of that everyone knows Natsu is END and that he is related to Zeref and that if Zeref dies then Natsu will too. Gray and Natsu almost killed each other. Plus characters are being killed off then coming back to life then there are all these family reunions, Nalu,Gruvia, Jerza & Gajevy moments. We also find out Anna made Natsu’s scarf. Now we find out that Erza is basically part dragon and in a way royalty…..WTF Mashima ?? Its becoming so hard to keep up with all this information all at once. I’m happy that everything is coming together and finally being reviled but there are some things lately that is unbelievable bs. 

Reunion (Jr.)

Request: Jr and you had a crush on each other in high school but you two never did anything about it bc it was already the end of your last year and you two were going to separate schools but you bump into him again a few years later at a restaurant where his fans are waiting for him outside
Length: 1,525 words
Genre: Fluff

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Nate Maloley - Sorry (based on the song)

Okay, so you maybe didn’t know it, but I have been a belieber since 2010 and since Justin’s new song came out yesterday and it is just pure perfection I made an imagine based on the song! I hope you like it!

A breakup is never easy, even when you both agree on that it is the best thing you can do. Especially when you had been together for two years and you even lived together. Moving out from Nate was the hardest thing I had ever done. All those memories we shared were brought back packing my things. He helped me and it was the worst. I wished things were just like at the beginning, but we fought so much lately that we had to do something. Nate had a lot of work and I felt like he cared more about his career than our relationship, which was okay in some content, but I felt like he got carried away sometimes. And after weeks of discussion we agreed on going on in separate ways. But to be honest he was the one who suggested it, I wanted to work on it and not just give up, but if he wanted it, I didn’t want to force him into staying with me.

So it had been three weeks since I last seen the person that meant the most for me for a long time in my life, and I still didn’t even know how I should go on with everything around me without him. I knew that our relationship wasn’t the best, but it was a huge part of my life that I loved and couldn’t just get rid of it.

But then one night I got a text from him that surprised me a little bit.

“Having a celebration party tomorrow because of the new song. I would love if you could come.”

To be honest it felt great that he was the first one to contact the other. I thought I would break earlier and text him, but I was glad he did it. I still loved him and I was happy for his success and wanted him to know that I will always support him, so I texted him back that I would be there.

We didn’t really told people that we were over, for two entire weeks only our close friends knew about it and it was that week when a photo leaked of me going home to my own flat and then fans blew up that we really did broke up. I was a bit afraid how they would react if it gets out that I was on the party. But then I just forgot about it and focused on the fact that I would see him again.

I put on my favourite dress that he liked so much on me, and drove to our… I mean his apartment. Gilinsky was the first person that I recognized when I got to the apartment.

“Oh my God, Y/N, what’s up?” he asked hugging me.

“Not much, you know…” I sighed not even knowing how I could answer this question. I obviously had been better.

“But what are you doing here?” he asked a bit confused. “I thought you and Nate…”

“Um, yeah, but he kind of texted me that he would love if I came. And you know, I still feel the same for him, I want to support him,” I shrugged smiling. His face softened and he nodded.

“Right. I’m glad you two can make it work even now.”

“Yeah, me too.” I didn’t want to say that it was going to be the first time we would meet since the breakup, but never mind.

We chatted for a bit about his upcoming tour with Johnson and how he had been with Madison, but then I saw Nate for the first time. He was standing across the room and was staring at me. I couldn’t decide if he was angry, sad or happy, there was no expression on his face.

“Um, Jack, would you excuse me for a bit?” I smiled at Gilinsky nodding towards Nate.

“Yeah, sure, talk to you later. It was nice seeing you again.” He hugged me again and then I made my way towards Nate. We didn’t lose eye contact as we crossed the room and met in the middle.

“Hey, you really came,” he said looking down at me with a light smile.

“I told you I would.”

“I know, but I thought… Never mind. I’m glad you are here. You look good.”

“Thank you,” I said tugging my hair behind my ears. He looked around then and back at me.

“Can we talk for a sec?” I nodded and he escorted me towards the bedroom we used to share.

You know I try but I don’t do too well with apologies 
I hope I don’t run out of Time could someone call the referee
Cause I just need one more shot at forgiveness 

I took a deep breath stepping inside. I walked to the desk and leaned to it looking at Nate. He closed the door and turned to me, he looked a bit nervous.

“How have you been?” he asked standing in front of me with his hands tugged into his pockets.

“I would rather not lie, so I won’t answer this question,” I told him turning my gaze away from him. I still respected him enough to not go around and lie him that I feel fantastic. I missed him and I was not ashamed of it.

“I… I asked you to come here because I thought about us a lot lately and I wanted to apologize. For everything I did.”

“We just broke up, you didn’t even say anything bad to me.”

“No, I mean in the past few months. I was such a bad boyfriends, I couldn’t appreciate what I had. You.”

I took a deep breath and I knew that if he was about to continue I will break down into tears. And he carried on.

“I feel like an idiot for letting you go.”

Is it too late now to say sorry 
Cause I’m missing more than just your body 
Is it too late now to say sorry 
Yeah I know that I let you down 

“Nate if you just want to make me cry with it, please stop,” I whispered not looking at him. He stepped closer and took my hands in his.

“I would never want to make you cry, you know I love you more than anything. I just want to say how sorry I am for everything.”

“You weren’t the only one in it, I know I made mistakes too.”

I’ll take every single piece of the blame 

“No, I was the one who made it worse. I was the one who made the problems and I feel like shit for not realizing how stupid I was.” I shook my head.

“You were not stupid.”

“I was, because I chose letting you go instead of fighting.”

I’m not just trying to get you back on me
Cause I’m missing more than just your body 
Is it too late now to say sorry 
Yeah I know that I let you down 
Is it too late to say I’m sorry now 

“I understand if you hate me now, but I’m begging for another chance. I promise I will change.” He looked into my eyes and was waiting for my answer while holding his breath. I felt like a huge weight was taken off of me and I finally could see that it was about to get better.

I put my arms around his torso and pulled him to me.

“I missed you so much,” I murmured into his neck trying not to cry, but a few tears escaped.

“I missed you too baby. I’m so sorry for everything.” I shook my head leaning back and looking up into his beautiful eyes. “I missed my girl,” he whispered smiling at me. “And I now want everyone to know that we are back together.”

I laughed at his eagerness and tiptoeing I pressed my lips to his. It was like it was yesterday when I kissed him last. Like nothing had happened. Everything felt the same just better.

“I love you baby,” he murmured between two kisses.

“I love you too.”

“Okay, let’s go, we have a party out there.”

“Nate everyone will go crazy if they see us together,” I chuckled as he pulled me towards the door.

“I don’t care!”

“The fans will go crazy,” I sighed knowing we can’t avoid photos at the party.

“I have no fucks to give baby. We are back together and that’s all I care about,” he said kissing my forehead and pulling me out of the room.

Obviously I was right. Some photos of us leaked by the next day and everyone was going off about our reunion. But I didn’t care, because I finally had my boyfriend back.

12x01 - Keep Calm and... How do I keep calm when that episode was SO GOOD?

Top Moments

Dean and Mary Obviously. Some thoughts on their reunion and interactions in the episode:

  • The way she took him down at the start - Mary’s very first scene and she is proving to the audience that she can handle herself, she is no longer the original fridged woman. She is every bit the skilled Hunter and fighter she was when she was younger.
  • Dean talking about John and Mary’s meet-cute. Slaughterhouse 5 and Zeppelin. So now we know that it isn’t all John that Dean gets it from. His favourite things also come from his mother. That is certainly a positive point to know going forward.
  • Dean’s face when Mary hugs him - it was beautiful. I have nothing else to say.
  • Mary and the Impala! Dean’s realisation that his mother had sex in the back of the car and that he was probably conceived there… hilarious! Oh Dean. You and the Impala truly are bonded aren’t you? I see the Impala as a symbol of Dean’s soul (as I believe many others do too) and this moment was brilliant in tying up that theory that his whole life right from conception has been connected to his car.
  • Mary saving Dean from Knuckleduster Lady. She saved the day this episode. I doubt it will be the last time she saves her boys. 
  • Blood on her hands - That moment sitting in the car where Mary was looking at her hands reminded me of Lady Macbeth “Out! Damn Spot!” Anyone else think that or is that weird? I dunno.. but I think Mary is going to be very much haunted by her choices and what is ultimately her fault. She didn’t get her memory wiped of her deal with Azazel. We know she knew him when he was standing over Sam’s crib. Mary will recognise this and understand that it was her deal with Azazel that started this series of events that leads her here now, facing her grown son and his kidnapped brother, both doing exactly what she has been running from her whole life. Then, one of the first things she has to do as soon as she is brought back to life, is take another life. I can very well believe that she sees that damn spot… the blood on her hands. How she will deal with this will be an interesting thing to watch throughout the season ahead.
  • Are you okay?” “No.” GUYS. GUYS. You know when we were talking about what good things Mary would bring to Dean and Sam’s lives and how her presence should encourage good character development and a change for the better? THIS IS THE START. What was it that Cas said in 10x03?“It’s what the humans do. They say they’re fine. And even if I—I don’t look it, you say I look well, and that way, we avoid talking about something we can do nothing about.” Castiel learned this from the Winchesters, because they do this all the time. They repress any issues they have, they lie about feeling okay because its easier than dealing with the huge amount of emotional baggage that they are carrying. Mary however comes along and when Dean asks if she’s okay she tells the truth. and it leads to them having an honest conversation, with Dean helping her a little bit and her helping him to understand a bit more. It was such a good conversation for Dean to have. 

Dean and Castiel

continued under the cut…

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My thoughts and speculation on Caryl season 7

Okay, as you all know by now, season 6 was pretty much the first season in the series where we got close to zero interaction between Daryl and Carol. They had maybe 3-4 minutes of interaction over two episodes including a quick hug initiated by Daryl, Carol joining Daryl for a smoke and both of them digging up Denise’s grave. That’s basically it. Aside from that, we’ve got small Caryl reminders like the Cherokee Rose Easter Egg, Daryl getting all defensive of Carol in front of Jesus, Abraham asking Daryl about settling down, Denise telling Daryl and Rosita to not be afraid of owning their feelings and Morgan telling Carol that Daryl would have come for her if he had known she was gone. That’s not much if we compare this stuff to what we got in previous seasons but it’s still something and it matters a lot down the line.

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What if; A Yuuki Kuran {Attempted} Motivations Analysis

Okay, so I wrote this like, two years ago. I deleted it the minute I posted it. Yet, Sophi has kept it in her drafts all this time. The minute this chapter came out we both were like, hang on. That post you made, spelled all this out. So now. I’m going to share it with you. You might not agree, but that’s fine. It’s old anyway. But i figure there is enough of you out there who might just appreciate it and have your own ‘ah-huh’ moment.

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I’ve wondered for a long time why Homeworld forces ever left Earth. Obviously, the rebels were outnumbered; there’s nothing we knew that should’ve caused them to flee in a panic like we’ve seen. 

 Finally, we know. It was the “damage from the Diamonds.” To win the war, Homeworld sent some form of energy that corrupted all/most of the Gems on Earth.

Excuse me if I swoon over the Rumbelle reunion scene

(We all agree that Belle’s script in 3x10 and 3x11 didn’t make any sense, so I’m going to focus on all the emotions Emilie poured into her actions and words.)

First of all we have this

Amazing surprise kiss, basically a fanfiction coming true.

Belle has tried to stay away from Rumple. She obviously still loves him, has never stopped doing so, but she knows her impulsiveness has already caused her a lot of trouble, so for once she tried to act rationally, and to walk away from Rumple. After all she’s been through, it’s understandable. 

So, what made her change her mind?

She discovered that Rumple had almost died. Again.
She’s lost him, for different reasons, an awful lot of times, so much that her wedding vow mostly revolved around that. And since their marriage she’s lost him again and again, and he nearly died another couple of times.

So when she learns he was about to die she realizes she could have lost him another time, maybe forever. And the thought kills her. In my opinion, this makes her desperate to be with him again, because it makes her really realize just how much she couldn’t bear it if he died. 
She doesn’t even let him talk, she basically throws herself at him because she needs him.

And what about Rumple? Well, his “wtf, why is she kissing me?” face is one of the best things of the episode. So, at first he’s just bewildered she’s kissing him, then during the kiss he has that “sooo, should I hug her?” moment, then he finally goes “well, I have no idea of why this is happening, but I’m not complaining”. And when he accepts that this is happening, well, then he makes my heart stop. Because after lifting his arms somewhat awkwardly, he finally wraps them around her, holding her close, because he loves her, he loves her and he needs her so desperately.

They kiss like their life depends on it. And when Belle starts to pull back, Rumple leans into her, like he’s saying no, please, one more second, just another second, because he’s no idea of what will happen when the kiss ends.

And when the kiss does end, Rumple still finds it hard to believe that she’s actually back

Belle, on the other side, has absolutely no more doubts, and is being her usual super-tactile self. When she kisses him, she aims straight for the floof (lucky girl) and keeps touching him: his hair, his neck, his face, his shoulders. 

And when he finally realizes she really is back, he smiles like the happy puppy he actually is, and they share one of the greatest kisses ever.

I mean, they’re not kissing they’re clinging desperately to each other.

Look at my lovesick puppies swinging as they kiss (Belle would be on her tiptoes if she weren’t wearing heels <3).

Somebody help me, I have already watched this scene 14327658936904753458249854639485230427963985 times and I have no intention to stop.

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wheatleyscience9  asked:

This might just be me looking into things, but does it bug you that there's been some "I miss blake/Blake is gone" subtext with Yang but none with Blake? I know it's only been 5 episodes but it's kind of been bugging me lol.

Actually, the number of episodes in the volume so far are disconnected from the number of episodes that Yang and Blake have both been in. We’re five episodes into Volume 4 (which will 12 episodes long in total), but Yang and Blake have both individually only been featured in 2 episodes so far (Episodes 3 and 4 for Yang, Episodes 3 and 5 for Blake). 

So part of it’s just a lack of screen-time to fully go into detail. However, even though Blake never verbally mentions Yang, I do think that what happened to Yang was very much in the forefront of Blake’s mind when Fennec and Corsac arrived at her parents’ mansion and the White Fang’s involvement in the Fall of Beacon came up. 

Also the OP features that very blatant ‘mental’ transition from Blake to Yang. The way Blake turns away from her parents and Sun as the “camera” transitions over to Yang in Patch is indicative that the incident with Yang and Adam is still troubling her.

Personally I have a suspicion that we’ll see Yang and Blake reunite later this volume and that we will get more overt insight on both of their individual emotional reactions to the Fall of Beacon during that confrontation. I’ve mentioned before that I think Fennec and Corsac will end up being sent by Adam to collect Yang in Patch. 

However, due to the new info we’ve gathered from the latest episode, I suspect that instead we will see Fennec and Corsac go to Yang to manipulate her into traveling to Menagerie and reuniting with Blake. I can easily see them trying the same Jehovah’s Witnesses BS on Yang and Tai that they were pulling on Ghira and Kali (that the White Fang as a whole isn’t in agreement with Adam’s actions and that the group responsible for the Fall of Beacon was a splinter group), perhaps even offering Yang “a sign of good will by helping arrange a meeting with her and Blake.”

Even if Yang doesn’t trust the two, I can see her choosing to go to Menagerie anyway for a few reasons: 

  • Firstly, Gray mentioned in his RT post a few weeks back that Yang would “start to look for a path to recovery” in the second half of the volume- and getting answers from Blake about why she ran away would definitely be a sign of that, considering how emotionally hurt Yang was by Blake’s departure and by how traumatized she’s been by Adam. 
  • Secondly, Yang clearly feels guilty over holding Tai back from being able to chase after Ruby and bringing her back home. I can see her initially choosing to go to Menagerie in order to give Tai “an opening” to go to Mistral and start looking for Ruby (though whether or not he’ll actually take that chance remains to be seen). 
  • Thirdly, Yang’s still a good person at heart. If she’s suspicious of Fennec and Corsac and is made aware from their discussion that the White Fang know Blake’s current whereabouts, I can see her deciding to put her frustrations aside to go to Blake and try to warn her about the Fang striking there. 

Now, obviously I can’t say that I know this is gonna happen for sure. However I think it’s very likely, given the current setup and what clues we have from the OP and from the various media and comments from CRWBY. The most notable clues imo are:

  • Fennec and Corsac covering Yang up in the OP with a shadowy Adam looming over them all and Adam fighting Blake in the Menagerie desert later in the OP
  • Arryn’s repeated mentions to an upcoming scene she recorded that is an “emotional rollercoaster.” In trying to temper my hopes for a reunion between Yang and Blake this volume, I had suspected this scene might be Blake’s reunion with her parents- however we can see in the episode that that scene is mainly communicated through body language and that the few lines that are there aren’t in line with Arryn’s description. While this mystery scene could still be something other than a Beeunion, I think the odds of that scene at least involving Yang in some manner have just skyrocketed 

So for now, we’ll just have to wait and see what happens. 

CS TLK, Finale, and Proposal Speculation

After tonight’s episode, I went through all the CS spoilers for the upcoming episodes and I came up with a kickass theory that I’m basically convinced is going to happen, so here we go.

First things first, I have had my camp set up on TLK & Proposal Mountain ever since Leanne’s article came out saying that, even though there’s no wedding this season, there could still be a proposal that takes place after a significant smooch (aka TLK).  What I’ve been trying to figure out is how it’s all going to go down, so this is what I came up with.

(Under the cut because it’s a little long)

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Keep Calm & Trust Melissa McBride

I want to preface this post by saying that the subject of it - the possibility of Emily K*nney attending the SDCC on Friday is at this point considered to be a rumor as it still hasn’t been officially confirmed AND her appearance there doesn’t automatically mean that she will be included in the main panel with the rest of the panel. 

The main reason many Carylers are not exactly “thrilled” with this potential tidbit has absolutely nothing to do with hating Beth as a character or that she is somehow considered as a “threat” to our ship - in fact that kind of thinking is not just pedestrian in nature but frankly insulting to both our intelligence and the way we feel about CARYL in the first place.

Contrary to popular belief Carylers don’t “hate” Beth, we don’t yearn for her “death” and we certainly don’t project our feelings about a fictional character to the person behind it.

Emily K*nney is a real person who plays a minor character on a show we watch and love, she is part of the cast we admire, she has a role in the story being told and some of us could even be considered her personal “fans” too!
In fact most of the animosity and unpleasantness associated with Beth has nothing to do with Emily herself - the reservations a lot of us feel when it comes to her character stems directly from the maliciousness and negativity that this “ship war” has brought upon this fandom.

The fact of the matter is that as long as this horrible scenario where two women have seemingly been put on display and pitted against one another in order to garner a “choice” made by a man who has become some kind of “prize” in TWD world, the strife and viciousness between the “ships” will continue. The ambiguity and “trolling” done by certain cast members, the media and in some cases celeb by TPTB make the situation and tension a million times worse, where statements, pics, tweets and interviews basically become weapons of mass destruction of “feels” on both sides.

Important events like the SDCC where the Season 5 trailer is set to be released could and pretty much always do, generate countless “rumors”, wild speculation theories, spoiler possibilities and worse - assumptions that quickly become “facts”…
Essentially something this BIG can be both a shipper dream and unfortunately a shipping war “nightmare”!

That being said while I can certainly understand the reservations some feel about the presence of Norman Reedus, Melissa McBride and Emily K*nney at the comic con at the same time and what their interaction could reveal - I am choosing to look at the potentially explosive situation as a positive opportunity for both TWD and our CARYL ship!

Since the end of Season 4 we have observed a media turnabout regarding the B*thyl ship, the ambiguity surrounding the nature of the Daryl & B*th bond has lessened significantly and we have had clear “shut downs” of the romantic angle of that interaction by Norman Reedus and TPTB on several occasions.
Filming spoilers for Season 5 revealed a happy CARYL reunion and we know that Carol and Daryl are not just spending a lot of time together but they are ALONE to boot! There’s even been talk about a CARYL bottle episode!
Despite the mounting evidence and active steps being taken by all sides to dismiss the possibility of Daryl & B*th romance there is obviously a lot more room for improvement and even more clarification about its “end” AND the SDCC with Emily K*nney present may provide a CHANCE to send yet another but this time even stronger message regarding the direction the B*thyl bond will be progressing in the future.

Before you throw glitter at me just think about it;

Melissa McBride doesn’t troll and when confronted with questions she can’t answer like “shipping” she bows out gracefully and answers what she can with amusement and grace.
Norman Reedus admittedly has a tendency to succumb to “trollish” behavior from time to time but all of the interviews he’s done lately have shown his approach to be a lot more tame and clear when “relationship” inquiries are introduced.
TPTB have basically stopped the ambiguity and “advertising” of the other ship as of late and if anything seemed to be reminding its audience about CARYL (pictures during the marathon are one example)

Those facts alone tell me that the chances of much “ship” baiting and teasing are not going to be as rampant as some people fear AND the fact that Emily K*nney might be there will not influence that agenda very much if at all!
In fact her presence alone and the subsequent questions that follow just might make it more likely that the B*thyl agenda will be dismissed yet again and on a bigger scale too!
Maybe - just maybe HER being there will inspire inquiries about HER fate and HER story that could put the whole ship war to rest AND instead of causing more tension the information that stems from it all could actually give us some calm…and peace of mind?!?

Just ask yourself this question;

Do you really think that Norman Reedus would dare and disrespectfully troll an issue as disgustingly sensitive as Daryl choosing a “woman” or Daryl disrespecting a “woman” right in front of or sitting next to his close friend and favourite actress on TWD - Melissa McBride?

I Say - No Freaking Way!!!

Remember Norman might not be completely aware of the ugliness of this ship war but Melissa McBride has definitively seen it enough to send the “Be Nice” message…
With her on that SDCC panel I am very confident that any trolling shenanigans will be cut down with “Be Nice” or “Don’t Be Mean, Pookie”and I for one trust her to steer the CARYL ship where it needs to go!

Now that we feel better let’s fan-girl over CARYL in the trailer and all the new Melissa McBride and McReedus pictures!!!
Let’s talk outfits, seating arrangements, upcoming fan-fics, quotes, fan-art….giddiness galore!

CARYL On with all the gusto your little hearts can muster!

I Love You All XOXO


anonymous asked:

Here's the thing. okay. Jess is wonderful, he grew up into a truly great guy. But him and Rory... they were meant for each other at that time in their lives. The chances that they are the same people now is ridiculous and I personally think it would be downright lazy of ASP to have them end up together.

That’s the thing, they aren’t the same people now. They weren’t in the right place for each other when they were younger, they needed to grow. Now, they have grown, and from everything we’ve seen they’ve grown in an even more compatible direction. And I really don’t see why that is so lazy. Again, with Jess and Rory, atleast to me, it wouldn’t seem like high school sweethearts who pined for each other for 12 years. It would be two people who had a history, forgave each other, moved on (even if it took Jess longer to) but always held a soft spot for the other person, reconnect through family, and realize that the spark is still there. It’s different, they are different, but it’s still there. That doesn’t seem crazy or lazy or anything. That seems like a likely possibility given their history. Now, admittedly, it would seem even more likely if we had gotten the revival only a few years after the show ended, but pushing their reunion to now would be no more “ridiculous” than having Luke and Lorelai be getting married JUST NOW, 8 years later, when we all know it really would have happened in, like, 2009 or 2010.

Obviously this is just my perspective and there are a bunch of other valid perspectives as well, but don’t say mine is dumb just because it’s not how you pictures things happening. I have invested about 10 years into this couples, they are the only thing I felt was unresolved at the end of the series, and they are the number one reason I have hoped for a revival.

In Defense of Gray

On the surface, I can see how people think it’s a dick move on Gray’s part to flee the scene; however, here are a few things to consider:

1) Obviously, Gray trusts his comrades to be safe. He knows them. He trusts their strength. Given that they are all sitting up and speaking; they aren’t in that bad of shape.
2) While worn out, Gajeel was there with them, and the immediate threat in that location was over.
3) Gray still gave a shit about the infected by asking the blood to be delivered for the antidote.
4) Gray has just been given demon slayer magic for a specific purpose–to slay demons and stop this. Time is short, and Tartaros has done some serious shit. It’s gotta be stopped and Fairy Tail is obviously short-staffed at the moment. Gray’s going to be able to help out more by helping eliminate the threat. There’s not much else he could do.
5) We don’t know what was off-paneled; all we know was Juvia was knocked out while Gray was there.
6) On the Gruvia reunion front, as I said last week, there’s too much going on for a meaningful interaction right now anyway. The Juvia panels were a reminder that it will be addressed eventually. As much as I love Gruvia and want the reunion, I want it at the right time. As this is a shounen where action trumps romantic/feely moments, this is not the the time where it’s going to show up.