obviously this is my favourite line

some important things said in lance’s birthday stream:

  • jeremy’s favourite part about playing lance is he has so many great lines
  • he also likes how lance is a bit of a goof
  • this ties in with the fact that jeremy likes to make the other va’s laugh in the booth (d’aww)
  • there are lots of bloopers, to which I say give us the fucking gag reel I swear to god
  • the no.1 lance pickup line in the top seven video is actually jeremy’s favourite: ‘girl you’ve already activated my-’ ‘LANCE’
  • jeremy and lance are ‘very different’, however both are a bit goofy
  • lance is space sokka
  • lance is sweet and loves ‘this group of people’ (team voltron)
  • hunk and lance have been friends for a long time
  • there is going to be more growth in his sharpshooter skills and he becomes excellent at marksmanship 
  • we are going to get to see everyone grow in shiro’s absence
  • lance and lotor don’t get along (obviously)
  • kalternecker is coming back

some of my favourite moments from S21E02 (cause trust me there’s even more than this) contains spoilers for the episode obviously so if you haven’t watched it yet go do that now!!!

Small Hyungs and Giant Maknaes

Just a collection of tiny hyungs and their giant maknaes. It’s just for fun. It’s between the oldest members and the youngest so not between the other members. Obviously not every single pair in kpop since I don’t know everything.  It’s cute nonetheless! 

Jinho and Wooseok | Pentagon

Jinho is really super cute and adorable. He’s a 92 liner and Wooseok, the adorable -voice as deep as the earth’s core- maknae is a 98 liner. If you don’t stan Pentagon you should. They’re amazing. But also, Jinho with the rest of the maknae line- Yuto and Kino. This is just my favourite picture, ever. The cuteness wrecks my heart. 

MJ and Sanha | Astro

MJ, the mat hyung of Astro and Sanha the cutest fucking maknae on this planet. They’re so cute I die. Sanha is a 00 liner and MJ is a 94 liner. Also, JinJin and Sanha are a cute pair too. If you aren’t stanning Astro, what are you doing? Sanha is one of my favourite maknaes, the boy is evil and adorable. 

Jinhwan and Chanwoo| iKon

This makes my heart happy. Jinhwan is a 94 liner and Chanwoo is a 98 liner. Look at them. Look how adorable they are together. Like don’t you feel the need to squish them both? I really, really love ikon they get me hype and make me happy. Stan. Stan. Stan. 

Taeil and P.O | Block B 

Taeil just gives my heart many feelings and when he is around P.O I don’t know what to do because it’s a cuteness overload. Like, help?? Taeil is a 90 liner and P.O is a 93 liner! Must protect at all costs, alright? Give Block B more love. 

Xiumin and Sehun| EXO

The fake maknae and the real maknae. Xiumin is a 90 liner and Sehun is a 94 liner. Like pls look how cute? I love them so much. Also, Suho is a very tiny hyung as well, like really tiny like have you seen him next to Tao? 

Himchan and Zelo | B.A.P

Like, there isn’t an extreme difference but I just really wanted to include Zelo cause he is known for being really tall and his dancing is fucking amazing and also ‘cause the picture will forever amuse me and I love b.a.p so there’s that. Zelo is a 96 liner and Himchan is a 90 liner! And Himchan is one of the mat hyungs so this counts! Staannn, 

This is just something I’ve been dying to do. And again, I don’t know every single kpop group out there so this isn’t every single pair and it’s between the oldest hyungs and the maknaes! It’s just something cute and fun! <3 I also do not own the images. 

✩ Indigo 

lgbtq representation in the raven cycle

Scrolling through the ‘pynch’ tag I’ve seen a lot of posts saying that Adam and Ronan aren’t good lgbtq representation because the word ‘gay’ or ‘bisexual’ are never used in the series, that pynch felt rushed, and that it was like Maggie decided they were queer halfway through the series in order to jump on the diversity bandwagon. 

If you are queer, you are more than entitled to think that them not actually labelling their sexuality is poor representation or isn’t good enough (if you are straight, I don’t care about your opinion). Personally, I don’t think it matters that the words are never shown because their sexualities are so explicitly depicted over the course of the novels. I read something that Maggie posted on her blog where she talked about not wanting to have to write that coming out narrative, that she wanted to show them being queer without having to them go through this narrative of coming out that draws such a clear line between straight characters and queer characters. Which I very much appreciate, as a queer person who is sick of coming out narratives being one of the few ones queer characters are allowed. I also think that the lack of labelling is perfectly okay because it is so clear that the characters are not only queer, but that Ronan is gay and Adam is bi, that the words don’t need to be used. And this from someone who normally has fits whenever writers refuse to call bisexual characters bisexual. 

It’s so clear Adam is bisexual because neither his relationship with Blue or his relationship with Ronan is prioritized over the other, or written to be lesser. Maggie describes Adams attraction to Blue and Ronan in the same terms and in the same way. His relationship with Blue is never given the treatment of ‘once I was with a guy, I realized how much I hadn’t been complete being with a woman’. Even when he’s beginning to realize that he returns Ronan’s feelings, he still acknowledged that he thinks Blue is attractive, even if he no longer has feelings for her. He also doesn’t have any ‘gay panic’ when Ronan kisses him, or at any point while he begins to realize that he returns Ronan’s feelings, which speaks pretty clearly, in my opinion, to him knowing he’s bi and being totally fine with it, even if he’s not out to his friends. Which I don’t think he was, partially because of the contrast with how his friends interact with Ronan. 

Reading the series, it was so obvious from book one that Ronan was queer. To be honest if you thought that was a change made halfway through, it’s because you were approaching it from a heteronormative view point, not because Maggie suddenly decided he was queer. One of my favourite lines is in the first book: ‘I’m always straight’ ‘That’s the biggest lie you’ve ever told’. This joke is exactly the kind of joke me and my friends would make with each other. That’s such a queer joke! It’s great! It makes it clear that not only is Ronan queer but both he and his friends are totally accepting of it! Ronan being gay is there in Maggie’s descriptions of how he thinks of Blue (and Orla) versus the other guys, in his interactions with Kavinsky (who is also obviously queer, but unlike Ronan hasn’t come to terms with it). It’s there in the small lines between him and his friends that acknowledge that he isn’t attracted to women. It’s VERY there in how he thinks of Adam. 

In terms of their relationship being rushed, I think that’s just another example of reading through a heteronormative lens versus reading and being open to the possibility of queer characters and relationships. In both the way Adam talks about Ronan and Ronan talks about Adam, their attraction to each other is clear. Adam might have developed feelings for Ronan after Ronan had already developed and accepted his feelings for Adam, but that doesn’t make them forced or rushed. A slow build relationship like theirs can’t by it’s very nature be forced or rushed to be honest, not when you can see Adam slowly beginning to return Ronan’s feelings. 

tl;dr if you think that it wasn’t obvious that Ronan and/or Adam were queer before they kissed, I recommend you reread the series with the fact of their queerness in mind. 

the mods’ favourites

Hey y’all! We promised you something special to celebrate a follower milestone, so here it is! Under the cut is a compilation of the mods’ favourite Check Please fanfiction.

there are more than two sides to eric bittle by heyfightme

this series is one of my favourites!! heyfightme is my absolute favourite CP author and these works definitely do not disappoint!! it’s a series about bipolar bitty, and it’s really well written and it shows a different perspective on bitty that i absolutely love. definitely worth the read! - Mod Bitty

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Lance’s Top 7 Funniest Moments

For Lance’s Birthday, I decided to make a video compilation of Lance’s seven funniest moments. Since we already have a list of Lance’s best pick up lines and people are doing “Lance’s Top Moments” I thought why not make a list based on another aspect of his character.

When I first got into vld, Lance was my favourite because he made me laugh. I have a preference for the comic-relief characters. Obviously, Lance is much more than that but his hilarity was a major thing that drew me to his character.

[Disclaimer: I tried to make this list as unbiased as possible. I put moments that I liked but also that are fandom faves. If I missed any, you are free to reblog and add them. Please do not reply to this post saying that “oh you missed this part”. I only added seven to mimic the vld twitter list. Lance has many funny moments so it was hard to only pick seven but I made my choices. Please respect them]

you know that feeling when you’re reading something and you come across a line that just hits you right in the heart and you have to take a moment to sit back and recover because it’s so damn good and beautiful and perfect?

Did I ever tell you buds bout a discovery i came to? no? well lemme enlighten you.

It wasn’t until I watched the ‘72 adaptation where I noticed the revolutionaries were building the barricade partially from paving stones and I didn’t remember if that was accurate seeing as most adaptations just go for the furniture pile.

so turns out this is accurate. “twenty yards of pavement had been torn up” (its a really long quote but they were used to start the building of the barricade”

One of my favourite lines had always been “you are tearing up the pavements of hell!” […] “our barricade is built from good intentions.”

It’s obviously a play on “the road to hell is paved with good intentions” but realising that the revolutionaries actually tore up the streets to build the barricade makes that line SO MUCH MORE SYMBOLIC.

Basically Victor Hugo why do you make me feel things about PAVING STONES?

I would like to tell you guys about one of my best ouija experiences, given the season and everything. 

So, one day my sister and I were playing with a board we had made, and whilst we were playing, she decided to show me a video she thought was funny. It was Family Feud. One of the man was on the show whilst very obviously drunk.

Several questions appeared which he answered oddly and we cracked up. Soon, her favourite question of the show was up, “What is a three letter name of an animal” or something along those lines, and the man answered “Frog.” Both of us cracked up. We were laughing so hard (and creating a lot of energy).

Suddenly we began to have activity on the board again in which an entity over and over spelt out “F-R-O-G” and kept s laughing for about an hour.

Ouija boards, if handled correctly, can be safe and really fun! Most spirits just want to chat or play, and you can meet friendly ones with a sense of humour.

cybersinner  asked:

I'm in the middle of finals week (ugh), do you think you could do some lazy day headcanons for McCree and his S/O

I would be honoured!! McCree is my absolute favourite and I’m currently dealing with a tough breakup right now so I needed this as well. Thank you!

  • On days like this, changing out of pyjamas was almost illegal
  • It was probably around 2 PM before both of you decided to roll out of bed, that was of course after the two of you had previously spent 3 hours cuddling and refusing to move even an inch.
  • All American breakfast? Obviously. McCree’s rustic cooking skills never failed to impress you as you tried to learn along the way
  • Whilst he’d finish up n the kitchen, you’d put on your favouite movie and pull out multiple blankets and pillows.
  • Jesse would come in with two plates and sigh as he saw your grinning face as you sat there surrounded by soft things.
        ~ “Darl, you’ve watching this movie three times this week alone!”
        ~ “I know but it’s my favourite
  • You’d curl up against him as you enjoy binge watching old classic movies, laughing when he’d quote the odd line or sing along quietly.
  • Take out later that night seemed to be tradition on days like this
  • However the two of you would groan as you heard the doorbell ring, play fighting to see who’d answer the door
  • Eventually, you’d give in to his puppy eyes and soft smiles
  • The mood changed as you dimmed the lights, turned on the fireplace and cuddled closer to him - he was so warm
  • It was inevitable that you’d fall asleep on him.
  • As the final credits would roll, he’d admire your sleeping figure fondly before scooping you up in his arms and carrying you back to bed.
Little Monster part 6


Pairing: Professor!Steve Rogers x reader

Warnings: Foul language, mentions of sex but without explicit content. If this isn’t your cup of tea, please skip!

Word count: 1.571

Summary: Professor Steve doesn’t know what to do with himself.

A/N: I’ve been suffering from serious writer’s block. All I can seem to get on the page is crap. This is my attempt at restoring the balance and getting myself out there again. Hope you like it.

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5

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Why I Stan Spike - in terms of his character

Without a doubt, Spike is my favourite character on BtvS. With Buffy very closely behind.

However, a lot of my love of Spike comes from two areas. 1) the amazing amount of growth his character had over the 6 seasons he was on Buffy and the 1 season he had on angel. 2) because he literally has all of the most iconic lines from the show!

Obviously, Buffy’s speeches, especially in seasons 5 and 7 are obvious famous Buffy quotes, as well as Angels monologue in Passion. But apart from that. Spike literally soaked up a shed load of the best lines on the show. Even from his first episode.

Apart from Out. For. A. Walk… Bitch. And a whole bunch of other super famous Spike quotes. Below are a few which sometimes pass you buy but when you hear them you are howling with laughter.

The writing of his character is just so bloody good.

anonymous asked:

What are some cool date ideas? Maybe something a bit more unique than the ordinary..

Some of my favourite/most memorable dates:

- setting up a tent inside the apartment
- going to an outdoor movie screening
- having a picnic on a rooftop
- going to a lake
- star gazing (obviously)
- go to a major train station and take the first one to the end of the line
- going to a farmers market (I like simple things)

Other fun things I’d like to do

- spend a day at an animal sanctuary
- cook pizzas
- build a fort
- build a bed in the back of a truck or inflatable pool and watch movies/the sky
- go dancing

My Brother’s In Love [Pt. 2]

After learning about his little brother’s secret – and apparently serious – relationship, he was on a mission. That mission included Ian getting shit-faced.

“So, Ian,” He started after sharing a dozen or more beers with Ian, a comfortable buzz finally setting over them both. “Wanna talk about this lucky guy?”

“I love my mouse.” Ian said abruptly, apparently not hearing or acknowledging Lip’s question. 

“What? Mouse? You don’t have a mouse.” 

“I do have a mouse!” Ian shot Lip a dirty look as if he had just said the worst thing in the word. “His hair is black and he has blue eyes and I love him very much.”

“Your… mouse?” 

“Yes.” Lip was very confused. The only pets they had ever had is that one turtle that died, he doesn’t remember anything about a mouse. Why was Ian declaring his love for this non-existent mouse?

“Ian, seriously, you don’t have a mouse. What the fuck are you talking about.”

“You kinda sound like him.” Ian smiled slightly, the haze in his eyes filling with a warmth. 


“My mouse.”

“I sound like your mouse?”

“Yeah,” Obviously Ian understands the look on Lip’s face so he continues. “He always says that he’s no one’s bitch, not even mine, but he kinda is. I know he is, cause he laughs at my jokes and my jokes are terrible, they’re shit, and he holds my hand even though he would totally deny it if you asked, he’d probably punch you in the face. He’s tough like that, he’s a total badass, but, Lip, he’s so soft, I’ve never met a softer person, he’s like a human blanket. A badass blanket.” In amongst Ian’s ranting, which he had a growing smile throughout, he gathered that Ian's ‘mouse’ wasn’t a mouse at all. 

“Tell me more about your mouse, Ian.” Lip realised that the encouragement was unnecessary since it seemed like Ian was going to continue anyway. 

“He’s so cute, he is the definition of cute but he would tear your arm off if you told him that, well, he wouldn’t tear my arm off cause he loves me, he told me that, he told me that, before I told him. It was amazing. He told me and then threatened that he would shoot me if I made a big deal out of it, but how could I not? He told me he fucking loves me, after two years, of course I knew way before that but he finally said it, after everything. Im so proud of him.” Ian trailed off, obviously lost in his own thoughts, leaving Lip in a jealous kind of awe. His brother was so in love that it hurt. He could see Ian’s feeling displayed all over his face, the intoxication allowing him to let down his guard and spew his thoughts without much hesitation. It was unbelievably fairy-taleish. “Should I call him?” Ian suddenly asked. “Imma call him.” He decided, not allowing Lip a chance to answer. He fished his phone from behind the couch cushions where it had fallen and hit the dial button, obviously having his ‘mouse’s number saved as a favourite. Lip had never been happier than he had gotten his little brother drunk. 

The line rang for about five seconds before Ian started talking, obviously his boyfriend had picked up. 

“Hey, you.” The smile on Ian’s face grew impossibly bigger. “Nothin’s wrong,” “I’m well aware what time it is.” “What, can’t I call the boy I love?” Then he started giggling, something that Lip couldn’t remember ever happening before. “You’re cute when you’re angry.” “Nah, you wouldn’t, you like my face too much to do that.” “Don’t tell me to shut the fuck up,” Lip found himself quietly laughing at the conversation, the love between Ian and whoever was on the other side of the line was obvious, even if Lip was only hearing one side of the exchange. “I can hear you smiling, you dimwit.” Then Ian straightened up and the smile fell from his face, concerning Lip. “Hey, listen, no, fuckin’ listen. I love you, alright? You gotta get that in that noggin of your’s mister.” Lip heard a whisper quiet laugh come from Ian’s phone and then he could’ve sworn he heard a soft ‘yeah, yeah, I love you too.’

I have quite a few different reasons for liking the Twelfth Doctor. I think that’s reflective of how much his Doctor has changed from Deep Breath up to the most curren episode, the Doctor Falls.

When he started, this was a Doctor that questioned who he was, whether he was doing the right thing, whether he was good at all. Over the course of his first series, he steadily comes to the realisation that he isn’t really a good man. Instead, he’s just someone bumbling through the universe trying to help people where he can, and learn along the way.

This was also the time where I could relate to The Doctor the most. This was a Doctor who didn’t like much physical contact with other people, as an autistic person I could relate, didn’t pick up on certain social cues from Clara, again I could relate, and had little patience when it came to ‘Pudding Brains’.

During his second series, he softened quite a bit, but became more like The Doctor most of us can remember. In fact, this was where Twelve seemed to take on the trait that I notice the most about him, being THE Doctor. As in, this incarnation seemed to be an amalgamation of everything that had come before, and just felt like the veil the character usually has on had been lifted. He still questioned whether he was doing the right thing, but this was The Doctor mostly comfortable with who he is.

Then, he remembered where he got the face from. One of my favourite quotes of Twelve is

“To remind me. To hold me to the mark. I’m the Doctor, and I save people.”

Which is a line that basically sums up exactly who The Doctor is, and what he should be. I think this was the moment that he actually moved away from the conclusion he had drawn at the end of his first series. He wasn’t just passing through like an idiot, he was the man that was going to actively save people.

Then, obviously in his final series he meets Bill. Personally, this is my favourite Doctor/companion duo of the New Series. The Doctor is much more comfortable in his own skin, and now is mentoring Bill. He’s much more comfortable wiith his own sense of morality. No longer questioning if he’s a good man, he knows that all he has to be is kind. That’s the key to being good, just being kind.

I think the first line to outline how much he has progressed in this way is from Thin Ice.

“Do you want to help me? Or do you want to stand here stamping your foot? Because let me tell you, I’m two thousand years old. And I’ve never had the time for the luxury of outrage.”

Or this one.

“Human progress isn’t measured by industry. It’s measured by the value you place on a life. An unimportant life. A life without privilege. That boy who died on the river, that boy’s value is *your* value.”

Then, of course, my favourite few quotes of this Doctor and pretty much all of Doctor Who that I will leave with, that will sum up why I love the Twelfth Doctor. Because I can’t imagine many other Doctors delivering them in quite the same way.

“Without hope, without witness, without reward. Virtue is only virtue in extremis.”

“I’m not trying to win. I’m not doing this because I want to beat someone, because I hate someone, or because I want to blame someone. It’s not because it’s fun. God knows it’s not because it’s easy. It’s not even because it works because it hardly ever does. I do what I do because it’s right! Because it’s decent! And above all, it’s kind! It’s just that… Just kind.

“If I run away today, good people will die. If I stand and fight, some of them might live. Maybe not many, maybe not for long. Hey, you know, maybe there’s no point to any of this at all. But it’s the best I can do. So I’m going to do it. And I’m going to stand here doing it until it kills me. And you’re going to die too! Some day… And how will that be? Have you thought about it? What would you die for? Who I am is where I stand. Where I stand is where I fall.”

anonymous asked:

hi i'm obsessed with YA lit too do you have any recommendations?! thanks in advance 😊

I get asked for recommendations quite a lot so I thought I’d just wrap them all up into this one post. It really depends what sub-genres  you’re interested in, and I obviously don’t know what you have/haven’t read, so here are some of my favourites from across the board: 

note: these are also perfect reads if you’re looking to dip your feet into YA.


Science Fiction/Dystopian



These are just some off the top of my head. Enjoy!!! ✨

Steggy Fic: Package

I’ve written a drabble or short fic for every day of Steggy Week 2k17! This was written for Day 1: Agent Carter Timeline.

Note: This takes place during the Agent Carter Season 1 episode “The Blitzkrieg Button”, and uses several lines of dialogue from the episode. Obviously I didn’t write those.

“Ah, my favourite foreigners,” said Howard cheerfully, straightening up from his pool table, as Peggy and Jarvis slid open the door to the boxcar. “Did Mr. Mink have his minions blackmail you?”

“Indeed, sir,” said Jarvis.

“You certainly know how to pick your partners,” Peggy added, drily.

“Well, Mr. Mink is a black-market smuggler, sure, but he got me back into the country, and he’s predictable in his greed. I like predictable, and I like greedy.” In one smooth motion, Howard reached down and pitched the cue ball directly at Peggy’s head. She automatically leaned to the side and glanced behind her in time to see the last of Mr. Mink’s minions hitting the floor, out cold from a billiard ball to the head.

Howard sighed. “And I was so close to running the table.” He perked up. “Oh, Peg, got a surprise for you.” She raised an inquiring eyebrow, and Howard grinned and knocked on what Peggy had assumed was the door to the toilet, or possibly a bedroom. “Come on out, pal.”

The door opened and there, in front of her, was Steve Rogers.

Peggy blinked, then stumbled slightly, Jarvis catching her with a steady hand on her elbow.

“Got a ping on my radar, went up to have a look-see while I was away,” Howard was saying. “Thought the serum might allow him to survive a deep freeze, so I thawed him out in my London lab, and voila!”

She was having a little trouble concentrating. “You - you what?”

Howard grinned again. “Nobody else knows he’s alive. Wanted to give you first dibs before he gets spirited away by Uncle Sam.”

Peggy took an unconscious step towards Steve. “You’re quite late,” she breathed, staring wide-eyed into his face, and he was looking at her exactly as he had in Schmidt’s fortress, the second-last time they’d seen each other.

She sobbed, and he stepped forward and wrapped her in his arms. She could hear Mr. Jarvis ushering Howard out of the boxcar, pulling the doors shut to give them a little privacy, but mostly all she could concentrate on was Steve - his smell, the feel of his arms around her, his heartbeat, the rise and fall of his chest.

They clung to each other for a long time. “It’s been almost a year,” she sniffed. “I thought -”

I know.” He took a deep breath. “Peggy, I understand if I’m too late for our dance.” His arms tightened around her a little. “It’s just - it’s just really good to see you.”

She drew in a shaky breath. “I still haven’t quite forgiven you for not giving us your coordinates,” she said, into his shirt. “Particularly, since, as it turns out, we could have rescued you almost immediately. However,” she pulled back, and their eyes met. “I’m afraid I have found myself quite unable to move on.”

“Oh,” he said, and then she was kissing him, and he was kissing back, and unlike last time, they had all the time in the world.


Both Howard and Mr. Jarvis were grinning when Peggy and Steve finally slid open the doors. Howard smirked. “You got some lipstick just there, pal.”

Steve shrugged.

Peggy took his hand and squeezed. “Howard, I am never going to complain about you finding Steve. But you’re risking notice from every American intelligence agency by being here. Why didn’t you just call me? I would have come to London. I would have come anywhere.”

Howard nodded. “Let’s get back to my place. We can have some sherry and I’ll explain everything.”

“You do realize that my work colleague Ray Krzeminski was killed while you were away? The SSR blames you, and they’re out for blood. We must assume they’re about to uncover all of your residences, your bank accounts, your corporations. So perhaps turning up unexpectedly was not your best plan.”

“So where can I hide?”

“This boxcar looks comfortable.” She sighed, and dug through her bag. “You’re good at sneaking into ladies-only establishments. Here’s the key to my room at the Griffin. If you get caught, you stole it. You can tell me what the hell is going on tomorrow.”

Jarvis raised an eyebrow. “And where will you be going, Miss Carter?”

“Out for a little fondue with the captain?” put in Howard, eyebrows waggling.

She ignored him, and smiled at Steve. “We’re going dancing.”

Movies about school shootings

Zero Day:

If you’re interested in Columbine, it’s a must watch. It’s an amazing movie with two main caracters, Andre Kriegman and Calvin Gabriel. They are in the role of Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris, two school shooters back in the ‘90s. Most of the movie is about them getting ready to shoot their school up, they make videos about how and why they gonna do it. And then there’s a 15-minute-part, where the shooting is showed by the security cameras in the cafeteria. I liked it a lot, it’s mostly based on the true story of Columbine, and not boring at all.

The heart of America:

This movie got me cry. It’s super emotional to the ones who got bullied in the past. It’s about blustering in schools. The two main caracters want to stop people makikg fun of them, and they think the best way to do it is to kill people who made them feel bad and cry at home for years. But not both of them are sure if they want to do it or not… I think it was an amazing story with some totally great caracters in it, so I can only say that it’s a must watch if you want to see a meaningfull movie.

Duck! The Carbine High Massacre:

This was the first movie about Columbine, it was made only a half year after the massacre. Anyway, it’s a pretty much a low budget. I didn’t like it at all. The actors are terrible, even a child could play their roles better, and the story is just a bad imagine about the life of a boy who decides to shoot his school up. It’s a great film to watch if you’re bored, but I can’t promise you won’t get more bored.

Zero Hour:

A lot of people think Zero Day and Zero Hour are the same things, but no, these are two different, amazing movies. Zero Hour is a documentary of the Columbine Massacre, it’s only based on facts. You can find it on YouTube, it’s about 50 minutes long. The actors are amazing, and it was directed just as well. You should really watch it if you want to know more about Columbine.


Honestly, this was one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen. It‘s so slow and boring, I can’t even tell. It’s obviously an art movie, but still, it’s just terrible. The half of the movie is about kids walking around and doing nothing, but saying hi to everyone. There are meaningless things in it what I couldn’t put anywhere in myself. I feel like it was a waste of time for me, but who knows, maybe someone else would like this movie.

Bang Bang You’re Dead:

If i want to be honest, I should tell you: this is my favourite movie. It has te most incredible story line of all time. It’s about a teenager, who once made a bomb and planned to blow his school up, but he got caught before he could do it. It’s about his life after people finding out his plans, and how he has a chance of telling people why he wanted to do it and the way he felt, and still feels. He got a role in a play (also called bang bang you’re dead - by the way, it’s a great play), where he would have to play a school shooter. The only question is: how will the other kids react to it? It’s a very emotional movie, and a must watch for the ones who are able to feel the pain of caracters in movies.

Hello Herman:

This movie is about a boy who murdered 42 people at his school, but right before his arrest, he send a video of the shooting to a journalist, asking him to put him on his show. The journalist gets interested in the case and visits the boy in prison, where he takes videos of him, where he tells why he did it. I wouldn’t say i liked it, i found it a bit boring, but it wasn’t bad.

Bowling for Columbine:

This movie is a documentary about the life after Columbine, it’s not fictional, it’s only based on bloody facts. There are some of the injured people from the shooting in it, viewers can see them being in a wheelchair or not being able to move their legs or arms right. It’s not only about columbine, but mostly it is. It has a psychological view of the shooting that I really like. I think it’s a must watch for the ones who are interested in true crime.

April Showers:

This movie showed me how much hard it is to be a survival of a shooting. It wasn’t the best movie I’ve ever seen, but it was special for me because of the storyline. The main caracters were survivals, who have lost their friends. It showed the pain of the family members and others. I wouldn’t say it’s one of the most emotional movies of all time, because that would be a lie, but still, it’s so meaningful. I think it’s a very good movie.


It’s a movie back from the ‘80s. It’s fictional and it’s about a mentally ill boy, who wants to kill his schoolmates, but then he falls in love with a famous girl from the school. Anyway, he starts killing the students and somehow he manipulates the girl to kill with him. After a while, the girl avoides him, so the boy plans something bigger - alone. He wants to blow up his school. The only question is that: will it be successfull?

These are ten of the most well known movies about school shootings. Have a great time watching them!

anonymous asked:

imo burning cas's body would be idiotic. one of the problems on spn is that we never see the boys learning anything about anything - like, cas's been with them for 7 years and they never asked him a single question about his life before meeting them or how angelic death works. so dean will never know if cas is truly gone, and, anyway, 'cas is dead = I suddenly realize I love him' is an old af storyline (seen 3 if not 4 times) which never meant canon destiel when cas came back. you're deluded.

Hi sweetie, I’m so sorry for your loss of a kind heart and decency that leads you to think this way and come on someone’s blog and send an ask like this.

I also feel sorry for you watching season 13 with this attitude. I feel like you may have missed SDCC?

You may wanna brace yourself as even taking away the romantic potential (which is moronic as it’s been set up for years that way but hey I’ll indulge for a second) - everyone including Dabb, Jensen, Jared and Misha and even Robert Singer has talked about this.

The key points from SDCC supported everything I’ve been saying since May:

How important Cas is to the show (Dabb), how Cas’ death that seems so final is key in how it affects the boys even more than Cas himself (Misha), how season 13 is “all about the relationships” (Singer), how Dean is affected deeper than Sam because they had a different relationship (Jared), how Dean just wants to shoot Jack in the face because he believes Cas to be truly dead after having even PRAYED for his resurrection (Jensen) and according to the plot lines and leaks so far all this is pretty blatantly what is happening.