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Valentine's Day at 221B Baker Street
  • John: *obviously loves all the cheesy Valentine's Day stuff*
  • Sherlock: John let's not do all that stupid stuff today
  • John: *buys Sherlock roses*
  • Sherlock: thank you but Valentine's Day is dumb
  • John: *takes Sherlock on a picnic*
  • Sherlock: its a made up holiday
  • John: *takes Sherlock out for a fancy candle lit dinner*
  • Sherlock: it was invented to sell more cards and flowers
  • John: *buys Sherlock heart shaped chocolates*
  • Sherlock: people should love love everyday John not just once a year
  • Sherlock: *secretly loves all of the cheesy trash*
  • John: *secretly knows it*
Just say it [Mycroft Holmes]

Words // 1011

Warnings // none

Summary / Mycroft has been coming over a lot all of a sudden and it’s starting to annoy Sherlock.

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“What’s going on?’’ You asked sleepily once you stepped inside the kitchen. John sat in his chair, laptop in his lap and his fingers clicking on the keys. Sherlock’s eyes turned to you and then back to the person who was just out of your field of sight. Luckily John did care to inform you of what was going on.

“Mycroft’s here and both of them refuse to say a word.’’ John said as he turned his head to you and you nodded, pouring yourself a cup of coffee. You were quite amused by it though, you had heard of Mycroft, Sherlock’s brother who possessed a ‘minor’ position in the British government, key word minor. You yawned, you had just woken up and suffered through a few days of Sherlock talking your ear off until three in the morning because John was gone which is why you deserved to sleep in once until well in the afternoon.

You walked into the living room and finally saw Mycroft for the first time, quite obviously he had to wear an expensive suit. He was leaning on his umbrella which was both funny but very extra, his face was rather neutral and you wondered what the fuss between the two of them was all about.

“Right, you’re giving each other the cold treatment. So the solution is, one of you two starts talking or you just leave. It’s not that hard.’’ You said and John chuckled, the silence remained and John had continued with writing his blog in the meanwhile. “Of course, you know what I thought he was bad but you’re both the absolute worst.’’ You said, rather amused. It was funny to see both of them not willing to set the first step because they were too stubborn too and you wondered how John had been dealing with these years.

“I have nothing to say, goodbye brother mine.’’ Mycroft said before leaving. The door shut behind him and you laughed with John, Sherlock gave the two of you a weird look. “Exactly my reaction.’’ He said as he understood how funny it was to see Sherlock and Mycroft when both of them were refusing to talk first, it was like dealing with a pair of toddlers who were both trying to be very mature but couldn’t say sorry, both believing they were right and the other was wrong.

After that the three of you just went about, doing whatever you always did although Sherlock was a bit more irritated the whole day.


It was just over a week later when Mycroft showed up the next time, you were sitting behind your laptop, doing some work when the door opened and Mycroft stepped inside. This time though, both John and Sherlock were out. You had wanted to desperately join them but John had convinced you to finish your work first, they were only going to the station to ask a few questions and you had also forced John to go get some more groceries once they were finished because of course you decided to open the fridge to find a hand, experiment.

“Hello.’’ You said as you turned to face him, he was obviously surprised by the look on his face to find you alone in 221B but it happened quite a lot, also because you forced them out from time to time. If you had gotten really fed up with them Mrs. Hudson helped you to force the two of them out so you had some time for yourself, they could just go to John’s house.

“Hello. I have a case,’’ He said, his voice sounded slightly off edge but you didn’t really pay attention to it. “but I can come back later.’’

“No you can just drop it here. They’re going to be back in a while,’’ You said. “or if it’s not a file I can just write everything down.’’ He nodded and had a small smile on his face which fitted him rather odd but was somewhat sweet.

“Of course, here it is.’’ He said as he handed it to you and you flipped it open, staring at it for a few seconds before nodding and closing it.

“Y/N was it?’’ You nodded. “I look forward to hearing progress.


Mycroft had visited frequently ever since and it was getting on Sherlock’s nerves to have his brother present almost continuously and today was another day he was present You were sitting in ‘the chair’ listening to Sherlock who was talking about his latest case when he noticed Mycroft standing in the doorframe.

“Don’t linger, it’s annoying.’’ He suddenly said and you looked over the chair to see Mycroft standing there, again. It was getting close to annoying.

There was a silence for a while until Sherlock had a face which you described as the moment he realized he was an idiot but this time he didn’t make any sound. 

“Don’t say anything.’’ Sherlock snapped at Mycroft who had just opened his mouth and shut it, he looked extremely offended. “Tell her the truth.’’

“Excuse me?’’ He replied, sounding confused which would be a first as you know Mycroft liked to call himself smarter than Sherlock so for him to be confused it either had to be him faking or he really didn’t have a clue which was more than rare. 

“You obviously like her so just say it? Do I really need to go through all the obvious things you’ve been doing. You’re getting slow for someone who claims to be smarter than me.’’ Sherlock commented. “I am.’’ Mycroft snapped in response.

“Look at that, never thought I’d live to see a day where Mycroft is red.’’ You said with a small chuckle, you were amused by it all but also flattered because Mycroft could have a heart and be really nice if he both wanted it and he seemed to do it almost every time he was around when you were present.

“What about tomorrow night? Dinner?’’ Mycroft smoothly asked and you chuckled again but nodded.


Do people really hate this?

I don’t understand why people hate this episode so much. At times I was a little disappointed but overall it killed me on so many levels it was exactly what I wanted! I loved that Sherlock and John were working together again and that Sherlock said John was family.

Sherlock was willing to sacrifice himself after saying he didn’t want to die in TLD for John& Mycroft.

Mycroft and Lestrade’s little cute scene towards the end❣

And obviously Sherlock& John with Rosie in 221B.

I loved the episode tbh, Molly almost being killed and Sherlock’s fake love confession disappointed me but seeing his reaction after realising he’d lead her on for no reason shows his real humanity.

Ready for my newest heart-wrenching T6T theory? Well too bad because here it is.

So we all just watched a clip of John and Greg making fun of Sherlock by comparing living with a baby to living with him. Sherlock does not quite understand the comparison. We also saw the teddy on the mantle and Sherlock putting on his suit jacket at the staircase to John’s room. Here is my theory as to exactly what is going on in this scene.

As i just posted, I believe because of the teddy and the fact Greg is joking about John’s “new” life with a baby that John is back living at Baker Street – and has brought the baby with him. That’s the brunt of the joke, afterall. “Living at baker street with a demanding baby must be SO different now!” – compared to “Living with your wife and raising that baby together in your flat must be SO different than living with Sherlock 4 years ago”. The second joke isn’t really a joke…. because the basis of comparison is gone. They don’t say either and allow us to guess. Most people assume John’s raising that baby with Mary at their home together but there’s no actual reason to believe that – especially considering Doyle didn’t write either scenario.

So the baby’s at Baker Street, at least part time. She must be sleeping in John’s room with him (let’s assume he’s back in his old room upstairs). He may even share his bed with her. Imagine he faces her when he sleeps, unlike how he’s always shown on his back. File that away for later.

Sherlock is over the moon with having John and his girl at Baker Street. She’s still very very young and can’t get into things – 221b isn’t a dangerous place at all. He adores having her around. He does everything he can to make sure she’s comfortable and cared for. However, he obviously doesn’t tend to her in the middle of the night or see her at her most messy. Sherlock has a pristine image of John’s baby that can do no wrong. This is why he doesn’t get the joke Greg and John make. They say living with a baby is hard, rowdy, thankless – things Sherlock obviously knows he is – however he never suspects the baby to be. How could John and Greg compare living with Sherlock to living with such a sweet child? It doesn’t make any sense. But the comparison is there, with a literal mirror, nonetheless. File that away for later.

Greg and John are together in the sitting room, John smooths his shirt because he just stood from his chair. Sherlock’s missing his suitcoat which is still upstairs from when he took it off when interacting with the baby earlier. He dresses at the foot of the stairs, and follows the men out. They obviously do not have the baby at 221b at that exact moment.

Ready for the hardest part? The one grueling thing we’re going to choke back sobs when we see? Recall the two parts you filed away: John’s sleeping position next to his child and Sherlock’s mirroring. We know from the books that Mary Morstan wasn’t going to last – but the baby isn’t either. Not even Sherlock’s excessive studying and worrying can save her. This is the 125 y/o spoiler they’ve been talking about. John Watson will once again be sleeping alone. There will be a hole in his heart that will not easily mend. We will see him cry in that bed and not because he woke up from a dream. He’ll be crying because of the nightmare that is his real life. Sherlock will hear him in the quiet of the night. He’ll ascend the staircase and hesitate at the door. Sherlock will push the door open to find John broken and sobbing. Sherlock will instinctually climb into bed beside him and take the place of his lost child, completing the mirror. John will curl into him and sob against his chest and Sherlock will try his best to be a sentinel of strength but we will see that facade drop, even if John does not. John will eventually sleep because Sherlock is near, but when he wakes Sherlock will be gone, another extension of that mirror. When John and Sherlock come together in E2 it’ll be the most natural thing in the world because we’ll have seen them reach for each other at their lowest points. We’ll be rooting for them after going through Hell like this. And that is precisely where series 4 is taking them.

Told you ya didn’t want to read my theory.

Old Habits Die Hard
  • *late at night, Molly's flat*
  • Sherlock: *pretending to sleep on her sofa*
  • Molly: *at the door with her date; whispering* Thank you again Chris, I had a lovely time. Um, I'd invite you inside but my flatmate's a tosser.
  • Sherlock: *smiles*
  • Molly's Date: *eager* Oh, can't you tell him to...you know...clear off?
  • Sherlock: *pretends to stir*
  • Molly: *hesitant* Uhh, I'm sorry. It's just, he's right there *gestures at her sofa* he really needs the sleep and I shouldn't disturb him.
  • Molly's Date: *disappointed* Okay, well, some other time, then.
  • Molly: *forces a smile* Mmhmm.
  • Molly's Date: *kisses her cheek; leaves*
  • Molly: *shuts her door and breathes deeply* Thank God for that. I can't keep doing this. It's exhausting.
  • Sherlock: *stands; stretching* You think it's easy for me? *takes her coat*
  • Molly: *wraps her arms around him; pouts* Can't we tell them yet?
  • Sherlock: *sighs* Yes, it is about time they knew *kisses her* Good luck with it.
  • Molly: *laughs; folds her arms* Oh no. We're doing it together.
  • Sherlock: *smirks* Old habits die hard. Of course, telling John and Mary does mean we'll have less alone time. To ourselves.
  • Molly: *takes his hand* Well, we'll just have to make the most of it tonight, then, won't we?
  • Sherlock: *grins* Oh, God, yes *drags her to the bedroom*

I’m sure there are two storylines running through TFP. Look, there are those scenes where Sherlock wears his light blue shirt:

This is obviously at 221b. You can see on the slate that it seems to be for scene 3 and 8 and 16. So, between these scenes, there will be others (flashbacks?). I think it’s Mycroft telling Sherlock about a / his case, explaining what has happened and why he needs Sherlock’s help.

But Sherlock also wears the blue shirt when he lands in that helicopter on that beach:

You can see it better in a setlock pic from Southerndown:

This was the same day and beach they filmed Moriarty land in a helicopter, but that doesn’t mean it is the same location in the episode.

John filmed on that day and beach as well. He’s in this costume:

Needn’t relate to Sherlock’s landing scene, might not be the same storyline or day.

I’d say this is the same outfit as John wears in the scenes in that grey bunker:

Only, in those scenes, Sherlock wears a white shirt:

Therefore, I say it’s not the same day for Sherlock, and maybe not the same storyline. The white shirt narrative could be in Sherlock’s head (because of the dystopian setting, the gun and the I love you). The blue shirt narrative seems more action packed and could therefore involve a case, maybe Moriarty.

Bonus: John

In the explosion pic, he wears a different jacket and a light shirt:

Like in those official promo pics:

Or in Mark’s tweet when filming at Lower Machen:

Where Sherlock also wears the blue shirt.

Therefore, I’d say that 221b, beach (for Sherlock), Lower Machen and the explosion all belong to one / a case-centred storyline, while the scenes with Sherlock in the white shirt in the grey bunker are something different, perhaps MP.  John wears the same jacket in the bunker and at the beach because Sherlock imagines him there, but he’s real in Lower Machen and when the explosion takes place.

Make of that what you will.

pics from @thesetison and @vatican-feels-cameos

anonymous asked:

Hello! :) I love your blog! About Mrs. Hudson's "reptile" comment to Mycroft.. If you look at the background, they're very obviously in front of the mirror over the fireplace in 221B. I think John's hurt or Redbeard's mentioned or the things Sherlock had to do when he was away and Mycroft has said something horrible to Sherlock in regards to the drugs and/or moving on or something ("Sentiment"). Mrs. Hudson looks utterly disgusted. Look at her chin after she says that line... Thoughts?

Hi Nonny! 

Thank you! I’m happy you enjoy my blog!

There’s been some speculations already about what prompts the NICEST LADY IN THE WHOLE SERIES to call THE BRITISH GOVERNMENT a “reptile” with such spite. And what would cause that? Someone hurting one of her boys. 

One of my favourite theories that I have seen speculate that Mycroft was framed by Mary, and in turn making it look like Mycroft caused all the shit that happened to John and Sherlock. I like your theories as well, given that I think John and “Redbeard” will be playing a large role in S4′s plot. I’m still SUPER against Mycroft being a baddie, but I suspect he’s involved in some capacity.

Whatever it is, I am CERTAIN it has to do with John and Sherlock. Hudders takes NO SHIT when her boys are being shat upon.

Sherlock 4.2 logic

Culverton took the note from his sister, and later it got to Euros, via mutual friends (I believe she said). Therefore Culverton wasn’t necessarily working for Euros, tho it is possible. (I doubt it, because Smith is a big-mouth, she wouldn’t have trusted him.) So Euros is presumably working with Moriarity to destroy Sherlock, and having Smith kill him would have been okay, but there are bigger fallback plans. But do they start with shooting John? Notice how Sherlock is doing fine until he grabs the gun from Smith’s daughter, and suddenly he’s tripping balls. I think the gun was coated in something. This mystery hallucinogen would possibly explain why the first episode was wonky - maybe she was already feeding it to them (she obviously has cameras in 221b, as she knew about the secret brother and “it is what it is.”

itsinthelanding  asked:

Did anyone ever connect the fact that the Suzhou numerals AND the smiley face in 221B are the same color? Like... obviously they’re both yellow and all, but could that mean anything? I’m serious haha

Hey Lovely!

It’s because sometime between TBB and TGG Sherlock has acquired a can of the yellow paint, since the smiley doesn’t show up until the beginning of of TGG:

You can see the can of paint on the table in the second pic, though I don’t think it’s the same brand of paint (the can looks different):

But I’m not sure 100%. I suspect Sherlock got some to experiment on after John started making fun of him needing to go get “an expert”’s advice on what the paint is. It’s so painful how perfect Sherlock wants to be in John’s eyes, so I really REALLY think Sherlock started learning about the various paints after he ended up getting John arrested… and then he did all that only to find out John called him spectacularly ignorant on the blog and it only escalated from there, prompting the “I only save things really important” strop – it’s something that was building up since John said “you need advice?”. And in the end he just upsets John AGAIN and then Sherlock pouts again.

They’re so ridiculous; I can’t get over how ALREADY John is making Sherlock want to keep impressing him, and he gets SO upset when John thinks less of him.