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Blog rate is finished!!!!
Holy cow, 200 follower art raffle!

How  did this happen???

I’m not sure??

But boy howdy this sure does diddly darn makes me happy!!

So uh;; I guess i’m gonna try and do an art raffle??

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sometimes i wonder if i’ll ever actually end up killing myself. cause, you see, i may not act like it, but i am so fucking insecure. i don’t think i can do anything right. i can’t even look right.

sometimes i wonder if i’m a liar. maybe that’s what you should call me, i mean obviously i’m faking it. i have good grades, i’m a pretty active person, i laugh, and i smile. that must mean i’m happy right?

sometimes i think about the fact that people might actually care about me. i wonder if that would be enough to stop me. its enough for others, why don’t i think about it like that? maybe its because i doubt people care, but i guess maybe i should learn to accept it for him. then again everyone leaves right?

sometimes i think about the terrifying fact that i might actually live long enough to die of old age. like isn’t it crazy how much i want to die, but then someone or something could potentially change that? insanity.

sometimes i think about myself, but mainly i try to forget about me. i don’t like remembering all the horrible things i’ve said and done. i’m such a terrible person, such a bitch, i’d much rather focus on you. cause, you see, i may not act like it, but i am so fucking insecure. i don’t think i can do anything right. i can’t even look right. and i am so fucking sorry for constantly being such a nuisance. god, i am so fucking sorry about me.


I made a set of New Year party pictures portraying all important characters of my AU fanfiction and two characters who also have something to do with a main story though never appear in it. This takes place some time after the fanfic (obviously: the story takes place at summer while this must be the end of december)

1. Yazoo, Reno, Rude and Alvis (rod) decorating an x-mass tree according to a scheme but probably mistook Yazoo for one. The tree is a fake. Rufus hate living cut trees and flowers. Alvis is so joyful because there’s no snow. He hates snow, that’s canon. Yazoo is very happy but you can’t tell it by his look. Just believe he is)

2. Kunsel and two other remnants were sent to buy drinks and alchogol. Zack the dog just enjoying the winter chill that he missed at summer.

3. Oh, Rufus, Evan is to naive to get your “Hangman’s knot” joke. Evan Townshend is a character from a novel Final Fantasy VII Lateral Biography Turks -The Kids Are Alright. Although I enjoyed only the first third of a novel, I really like the character. He never appear in my fanfiction (at least in a main story) but I really like the idea of these two geting along. I think Evan doesn’t know much about dress-code and ties XD

4. Tseng and hungry gulls girls: Freyra (shotgun), Elena, Dark nation the second and Keiko. Keiko is a small OC who does not affect the story, that’s Tseng’s younger sister and his only living relative. She is a family member so I found her presence quite logical. Those panda onigiri is her job for sure :3
That make up is probably Freyra’s job as well as Keiko’s jewelry: girl rarely wear some. Elena don’t do make up too).
I’m hungry now.

It’s a bit too late, but happy New Year everyone and Merry Christmass! And happy Chinese New Year too! Sorry, it took me a while to draw these. BUT! I still has an x-mass tree being decorated, so…does it count?

btw there’s Valentine’s day tomorrow! Cheers and hugs everyone!

anonymous asked:

Would it be a satisfying ending for you if Bonnie stayed in the other dimension/kept visiting Enzo forever? Personally, I hate the idea and I think it would be a horrible ending for Bonnie's character who's just been through so much shit. Obviously, I don't want Enzo to be gone for good so I can only accept him coming back as a human as a real happy end for both of them. But I was wondering what other people think about this. I must say I'm getting a bit pessimistic... :(

(Sorry this got so long :/)

For me personally it’s obvious this other dimension was created for one of the main 3 to go to when they die in the finale. Sacrificing Enzo was just the catalyst for the creation part. If they bring him back it’ll imply that whoever else goes there can be brought back too and I’m guessing that’s not the message they want to send (even though Cade was able to bring back the Salvabro’s who were both killed before becoming his servants). Considering Elena is in the finale at a funeral and crying for a lost friend, I’m going to assume they want us to think that death is final and there is no coming back this time. 

Idk about you but I’m so tired of Bonnie living her life for everyone else and sacrificing her own personal happiness for those around her. Let’s be completely honest, if in 50 years time Caroline calls her from wherever she is in the world and says that she’s in trouble, do you think a 70+ yo Bonnie is going to hang up the phone? No, she’s going to rush to her side and put her life at risk. She’ll do it for Damon, for Elena, for Caroline, hell even Matt. That’s just who Bonnie is. Even if it means her own death, she’ll be there for these people. And who’s to say it doesn’t happen in 5 years instead of 50? 

I’m over that life for her. I want her happy and loved and somewhere that no one can ever hurt her again. If you were to pick that place, where would it be? Paris? There is no way Damon wouldn’t call her in Paris if Elena’s life was at risk and she wouldn’t drop everything to get on the next plane. She’s just not safe in our realm, and yet she has her own one where she could be. She’ll be the only character to be able to ensure her immortality, and to manipulate that environment to her preference unlike the prison world Kai was stuck in. My preference would be for her to be able to travel between the two as a one up on Cade. 

She’s never spoken about wanting kids, we (annoyingly) never got her career aspirations, we did however get:

As well as the mention that she’d turn into a vampire if it simply meant spending an eternity with Enzo and nothing more. This is all coming from writers who have her endgame planned fairly early in the season. 

Of course my preference would be for a human!BE to live a happy, long life together (even if I do think they’ll never be truly safe unless they move far away from the MFG and prioritise themselves above all else for once) but I’m being realistic now. I also love the idea of Bonnie being an immortal being considering everyone else is trying to turn human and the human who was the most vulnrable may be one of the strongest of all. 

anonymous asked:

I often wonder how Jake feels about this whole storyline and the way Nick acts. I know he's a professional, so he'll do what he needs to and he's obviously gonna support the writers and the show in interviews, but he must have an opinion. As someone who passionately talked about how much he loved S2 Nick, and how much he likes him with Jess and enjoys working with Zooey, I don't see him being thrilled with this. He never talked the same way about NG after 2013, that's saying something.

I wonder that too. Maybe, just like the writers, they don’t think this episode was a big deal? Maybe we were supposed to be happy with their little scene in the end? I wonder how Zooey feels about this entire season. Most of the episodes had Jess in some not so good situation on her life, especially about her unrequited feelings and doing everything she can to save Nick’s relationship with Reagan.

My happy place seems to be listening to the Game of Thrones soundtrack (all 6 hours of it) when doing work. Every year come exam time I’d use it as my study soundtrack, and so every year i progressed through Uni I’d have an extra hour to listen to. I’m almost sad I don’t have exams this year, because writing essays to the soundtrack isn’t the same! I spent so many days hunched up over the table in the flat for hours at a time (I made a rule not to stop revising until I’d get to the end of the soundtrack at least once in the day) and although this obviously was a time of stress and high pressure, looking back on it now I think I was also… happy? I’ve always been a really studious person, and although I got so stressed about exams and studying, wishing I had free time, there must have been something comforting and happy about those times because now i’m listening to the season 2 soundtrack and wishing I was revising for my medieval lit exam. Maybe it’s because now I *know* all that hard work paid off because I got excellent exam results and this study time ended up getting me my First? Or maybe it’s because everything was just so normal back then? I don’t know, but today I feel positive about everything and remembering how hard I would be working listening to this music is making me really motivated.

No need to say goodbye

Request: Once again I loved the OS that you write with my request! And as I still have some ideas lurking in mind, I come again pollute your ask. May I suggest a GabrielxReader? Shortly after Gabe’s death, she discovers she’s pregnant, so she decides to stop hunting and leave the TWF, to try to have a normal life. Obviously, nothing normally happens as she must raise a half human half archangel son who loves to make jokes like his father, but (…)also regularly faced angels to whom the child is an aberration and demons who want to kidnap him (for I don’t know why). And one day, as she tries to protect her son again, she receives the unexpected help from Gabe, who had once again faked his death. Happy end with fluff and candies ! Thanks ♥

Words: 2348

Pairing: Gabriel x Reader, Dean, Sam, Castiel

Warning: nothing I think, correct me if I’m wrong, maybe a little angst

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Eight-year-old Blair is the girl on the bus that everyone teases. Chuck is the little boy that comes to her rescue. He, too, is an outcast of sorts, struggling to cope with the loss of his dying mother. Together, they invent an outrageous game of “Dare” to keep their spirits alive. Their game becomes a glorious mutual addiction. It binds them together as it tears them apart. As their feelings for each other grow through childhood into adulthood, each must decide if they are willing to finally acknowledge their love for each other. But can they ever stop playing the game?

AU: chuck and blair +  “jeux d’enfants” // ”love me if you dare”.

  • Fan: *cries over Zayn leaving*
  • Society: oh my god whats wrong with her, she needs to get over it, its not like the band broke up, she is obviously overreacting, she must have a problem if she gets this upset over something stupid
  • Guy: *fave sports team loses* throws fits, abuses people, starts fights and riots in some cases people end up dead
  • Society: isn't it great seeing people being passionate about something!! we should encourage people to find a passion, something that gets them excited and makes them happy

Okay even though im happy Vanessa won…. I’m not happy that a bunch of people were DQ’d for sitting. Like obviously the rules weren’t explained enough. If they knew sitting was illegal, they wouldn’t have risked their chance to re-enter to game. The end. One person doing it would be understandable. Maybe in the heat of the competition they forgot. Okay. But three or four people???? Nah that’s just shady. Something was not communicated there. That’s like when more than half the class gets a question wrong on a test. Obviously they were not taught correctly; not their fault. Same concept here. I don’t think that’s fair at all and im actually a bit frustrated about it

Sasuke loves Sakura.

Sasuke loves Sarada.

Sasuke married Sakura because he loves her.

Sarada is not Karin’s daughter. 

There is a reason, and we still don’t know it but still is pretty shitty Sarada hasn’t met him in 12 years.

Sakura still believes in Sasuke, she wouldn’t be wearing the Uchiha crest and he wouldn’t let her have the crest either if he didn’t love her.

Sakura is not delusional she obviously knows whats going on she’s hiding the truth from Sarada.

Although whatever the truth is it doesn’t change the parting must be hard for all of them including Sasuke who loves his family. The reason must be pretty messed up or Sasuke wouldn’t leave. 

We can’t change those 12 years, and there must be a reason, all 3 of them suffer and we do too, but there is a happy place at the end for them and for us.