obviously there must be a happy ending

why must we argue over who the best LI is for shepard when obviously?? the only important ship is shepard x happiness

Darkside of Dimensions Review

Since I’ve seen it twice now and gotten a few asks, I figured I’d share my thoughts on the new Yu-Gi-Oh! movie with ye.

Spoiler-free summary: I really enjoyed this movie, especially Kaiba’s and Yugi’s characterisation, but the duels dragged. The antagonist was an interesting person but an uninteresting duelist so the big duels against him were repetitive and lacking flair. The animation was mostly gorgeous but did suffer from “eh that character is in the background in this shot, it’s fine if they’re just a misshapen blob” syndrome. The plot made as much sense as YGO ever does: it’s supposed to be in manga canon but there are still inconsistencies and the plot could have used more structure. It’s definitely only welcoming to people who already like YGO, I can’t imagine getting much out of it if you’re not a YGO fan! But if you are, it’s excellent fun!

Now for details!

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Houses as Halloween Things

Gryffindor ;
All tricks, no treats. Okay, yes treats, how can there be no treats? But pranking is obviously still a must. 

Hufflepuff ;
10/10 has dressed as an animal at least once. Or twice. Okay fine, basically every year.

Ravenclaw ;
Totally the type to plan on rationing out their candy but end up caving in and binge eating a shit ton.

Slytherin ;
Either dressed in some sexy costume or in a onesie. There is no in between.


QAC 58 - Escaping Womanhood || Non-Binary | AFAB | Internalized Misogyny

as a non-binary person who was deemed to be female at birth, i have struggled all my life with what others consider to be my “womanhood”. when women have fought so hard to progress gender equality to where it is today, asserting that there is no wrong way to be a woman because women can do and be anything– juxtaposed against the continual struggle of trans women and some non-binary people just to have their womanhood recognized and respected– it is incredibly hard not to see my own rejection of womanhood as anything other than internalized misogyny.

it certainly doesn’t help that society in general, but women especially, are often more than happy to write off my gender as being nothing more than internalized misogyny. i mean, given how awesome women are but how misogynistic society is, obviously any disconnect i feel with womanhood must be a result of internalized misogyny.


except no.

even if there is that, there’s also more to it than that. like the fact that i’m not a woman in the first place, but even so i continue to have to fight against the assertion that i am and the resulting guilt that follows in a seemingly never ending cycle because society just won’t let me be anything but a woman.


this video is the Performance Art version based off of this Tumblr post.

Things I Noticed My First Time Listening To The Last 5 Years

So, I recently listened to The Last 5 Years for the first time and I would just like to point out a few things I noticed that really hit home for me. (There are some spoilers)

1. In ‘Nobody Needs To Know’ Jamie says “Come back to bed kid, take me inside you. I promise I won’t lie to you. Hold on, don’t cry yet, I won’t let you go.” but in ‘See I’m Smiling’ Cathy starts crying and says “I swear to god I’ll never understand how you can stand there, straight and tall, and see I’m crying, and not do anything at all.” meaning he was more willing to not only be more honest with these random one night stands, but to comfort them when the cry than with his wife of five years. 

2. In ‘If I Didn’t Believe In You’ Jamie says to Cathy “I will not fail so you can be comfortable, Cathy, I will not loose because you cannot win” but I took the line in ‘The Schmuel Song’ Jamie says “Cathy you get to be happy… I give you unlimited time…” and then a few lines later says “Take your time.” (and I’m sure this line can be interpreted in different ways but) I took this to mean that Jamie is happy to support Cathy for as long as she is unable to provide for herself, since he advises her to quit her job in the line “Say goodbye to wiping ashtrays at the bar” and is telling her that he will help her until she has her big break. So, obviously in-between these few years his point of view changed. Also, it must have by the end of their relationship since he left her while she was still struggling with no job besides her summer job in Ohio as we know. 

3. Okay Cathy is kinda catty in ‘I Can Do Better Than That’ in my opinion… like she’s talking about this girl from high school who maybe doesn’t have the dream life but like… neither does she so I mean? Just my opinion though. 

4. In ‘Climbing Uphill’ I don’t think that Cathy is at all jealous of Jamie’s success, I think it’s more that she feels almost inadequate to him and like she’s maybe doesn’t deserve him???? Because she says “Jamie needs space to write since I’m obviously such a horrible annoying distraction to him.” She thinks he hates her almost and like she’s not good enough for him.

5. As much as I HATE Jamie by the end of the musical, In my honest opinion Jamie and Cathy should have broken up far before that (not like the story wise… I just believe that their relationship became unhealthy) because of… well the list number before this, Jamie constantly wanted to sleep with multiple other women right from the get-go after they got married, Cathy isn’t really that supporting of Jamie’s accomplishments and doesn’t want to go to a celebration of another book getting published. Also, in See I’m Smiling Cathy is almost trying to convince herself that she can hold on to this relationship AND she says “And I know in your soul it must drive you crazy, that you won’t get to play with your little girlfriends” which means she at least knows he’s been flirting with other women, right? There are so many other examples I could use, but these are the first couple that came to mind. 

I must stop forgetting about character’s birthdays and them rushing to draw something at 11PM for them. When will I learn jfc.

But I couldn’t just let it pass by, Zero (fuck the localized name) is absolutely my favorite Fe:Fates character, and I never drew him. And obviously, I’m also a slut for Zero/Kamui (If no one holds me down, I’ll end up getting married to him in ALL my files ;v;).

So, Happy Birthday to this big, sharp toughed baby. He deserves all the happiness!

  • “Man, you’re fast when you’re drunk!”
  • “What’s gotten into you? Oh that’s right, nothing, ever.”
  • “Why wouldn’t she just come right out and say what she wants?”
  • “That can never happen again.”
  • “Love is trusting someone enough to tell them what’s really bothering you.”
  • “Come with me if you want to bang.”
  • “I’m going to get you to that hospital or die trying.”
  • “People make fun of the guy who stays home every night doing nothing, but the truth is that guy is a genius.”
  • “I don’t think I can do normal anymore.”
  • “Don’t say that whore’s name in front of our baby!”
  • “When did I become such a gooey romantic?”
  • “Last week I went out with a girl whose favorite band was Glee!”
  • “Treat me like I’m a girl scout trying to sell you cookies.”
  • “Your breath reeks of shredded carrots and deceit.”
  • “Here’s twenty for picking up a girl with only one word and here’s another twenty for that word being boner.”
  • “So you’re pregnant? Huh, looks like nobody told your boobs.”
  • “If we’re together long enough I hope that one day you see yourself like I do.”
  • “When it’s just not there, you can’t force it.’
  • “I can actually hear the sound of her vagina being boarded up.”
  • “A man can do a lot of living in three hours.”
  • “Sometimes things have to fall apart to make way for better things.”
  • “I can handle you preventing me from fulfilling a life long dream, that’s being in a relationship.”
  • “I’m too far gone, I’m broken.”
  • “Deep down you know you were never happier than when you were with her.”
  • “You can’t pay your mortgage with hacky sacks and good vibes.”
  • “I’m never going to talk to my dad again.”
  • “I am never gonna have closure. Closure doesn’t exist.”
  • “I want to be confused with you.”
  • “Never screw over a girl whose last name ends in a vowel, because she’s got brothers.”
  • “I’m a good boyfriend in my sleep.”
  • “With great penis comes great responsibility.”
  • “I’d say hump her brains out, but somebody obviously already has.”
  • “There’s an alien growing in my stomach that is going to explode out of my vagina!”
  • “When your friends have great news you’re happy for them for like a millisecond and then you start thinking about yourself.”
  • “I’m so sorry, you must think I’m totally disgusting.”
  • “Anytime a single guy hangs out with a married woman there are rules that must be followed.”
  • “You look gross when you cry. You know that?”
  • “God, your nose is bleeding like a faucet.”
  • “That is so romantic, I want to fill a pillow case with dead batteries and beat you with it.”
  • “Puffy cheeks, smudged mascara, slightly red nose, that girl was just crying.”
  • “All that stupid crap they tell you about how fulfilling teaching is, it’s all true.”
  • “Good for you for not playing with yourself!”
  • “Ultimately, we only see what we want to see when we’re ready to see it.”
  • “You guys bangin’? Keep goin’, I’m not even here.”
  • “Everyone has baggage.”
  • “I sound kind of douchey. I can’t stop myself!”
  • “There’s a fine line between a true story and a bald-faced lie.”
  • “Of course she is upset - take a look at yourself you dumb slut.”
  • “Being single sucks - turns you into a crazy person.”
Good Luck, Good Luck ~ Simon Minter Imagine

“So, how do you feel?” You asked
This was the first time you have ever attended a Sidemen FC vs. YouTube Allstars charity match. Obviously, Simon had done it before but you had never been in the crowd for any of them. You had always been in meetings or out of town but this year was finally, different.
“Uh you know, same. Quite excited though. But definitely more pressured that I have someone to empress in the crowd” He smiled sitting beside you in your place at the end of his bed.
“Really?! Who is it?!” You said facing him instantly.
“You obviously!” He said laughing
“Oh yeah.” You said sighing. Though you were happy, you had a pit sitting in your stomach. Deep down, you knew something wasn’t okay.
For about a week or so your foot had apeared brusied. At first you thought you must have knocked it on something, until it enlarged to the entire heel of your foot. This was the point when you knew you had to go to the doctors. Which was scheduled for later to night, approximately 6:30 and it was 5:45 right now. The thing was, is that you just felt that something was wrong and that’s why you didn’t want to go. But you knew you had to.
“We’ll I better get going” You said standing up.
“I- I thought you were going to stay the night again?” He said confused but with a slight smirk tattooed onto his face.
“Aw you know, gotta feed the cats and get some sleep. You do too! So uh, I’ll leave you to that.”
“Y/n, are you okay? You’re acting, off.”
“Off? Simon, I’m- I’m okay. I’ll call you later okay?” You said walking up to Simon giving him a peck on the cheek.
“Okay, but I’m on to you y/n l/n.” He said giggling, you simply smiled and walked out of the room.

Little did he know that you were on you’re way to the doctors, right from his house. Yes, you lied but you didn’t want to worry him. You pulled up to the parking lot and parked. The moment you started walking up the doctors steps your heart dropped. Something was totally wrong.
“Miss y/n l/n?”
“Yes, right here” You smiled through the anxiety.
“So y/n, we found that you have a type of bacterial infection in your foot. There are three ways to take on this issue. One, anibiotics, which doesn’t always help in some cases. Two, intense surgery, it requires treatment, long term bed rest and a month or two of no walking at all. Or three, amputation, Miss l/n we do not want it to get to this but if we find that it has reached the bone, we will have to operate. So we will schedule a scan and call you for the date. Till then I want you to limit all mobility. As much as you can of course, but we don’t want to disturb it any more than it already is.”
“Wow” You breathed
“That’s uh, not what I was expecting, I guess”
“I know it’s a lot but, there’s a cure. Ways to reduce this, so don’t worry too much about it until we tell you too, okay?” He laughed and put his hand on your shoulder.
“I’ll try” You smiled

You were now at your house, sitting on the couch. You were afraid to get up, if you did you could lose your foot! This was all too much. In the midst of your thoughts you received a call.
Simon You thought
But it wasn’t, it was the doctor.
“Your scan is scheduled for May 21”
“Oh great thank you so much” You smiled and hung up.
May 21, May 21. You thought.
What am I missing? You thought.
Shit. Game day. You realized. How can of all the days, your life altering ‘scan’ takes place. How do you tell Simon. Obviously you can’t lie again, you have to tell him what’s really going on. But not tonight. Too early. Even though it’s Thursday. He can’t worry about this.

“Y/n? Y/n!” Simon cooed
“Wake up sleepy!!” He laughed hovering you.
Game day. It came so fast! You don’t even remeber Friday. Probably because you were thinking about your scan the whole time.
“Oh yeah, wow.” You laughed sitting up. Noticing that Simon was already dressed.
“I have a suprize for you!” Simon exclaimed.
“A suprize? This isn’t my game silly.” You shook your head hiding your pain.
“I know but, for all the support you’ve given me.” He smiles handing you a thin rectangular shaped box. Opening up slowly it reveals a football shirt for SDMN FC, and the back reads 'Simons #1’.
“Simon! This- Oh my gosh!” You smiled holding it to your chest.
“You like it?” He said giggling.
“I love it Simon, thank you!” You chuckled hugging Simon. Then remembering everything.
“Simon, I’m sorry there’s something I have to tell you.” You say sighing.
“I cant go to your game today.” You put your head in your hands.
“Wha- y/n! We talked about this! You said you would make sure you could!”
“Simon! It’s not my fault!”
“How can it not be your fault.” He said standing up.
“It’s your meeting.”
“Its not a meeting Simon.” You said eyes glazing.
“Then what is it? A date? Another football game?”
“I have osteomyelitis.”
“What?” His face softened slightly.
“I have to get a scan today, to determine whether they have to operate or amputate my foot.” You said as you started crying.
“Y/n, I’m so sorry. I had no idea, you didn’t tell me?” He said walking towards you.
“Yeah, I know. I just- I just didn’t want you to worry.” You said wiping your eye.
“We’ll of course I’m going to worry!” You both laughed
“So, today?”
“Yeah” You said looking at the clock.
“In an hour.”
“We’ll you better get dressed then!” He said lifting up the shirt that he had just gave you. Smiling you pick up the shirt and say thank you.
Simon left the room for you to change and went down stairs. You put on the shirt and it suddenly put you at a slight ease.
“I have to go now.” You said at the bottom of the stairs seeing Simon on the kitchen chairs.
“Y/n,” Simon began walking towards you.
“Promise you will tell me anything from now on. Even if you think it will bother me or scare me. You have to tell me everything.”
“I promise.”
“I mean it.” He says
“I promise Simon. I have to go know.” You say hugging him.
“Okay, good luck” He said pecking you on the cheek.
“Good luck”
First imagine of the new book, done! Wow I haven’t done this in a whole but I can tell you, it feels good to write again. The inspiration I got for this story actual came from my past, I had osteomyelitis when I was younger and to be honest, it effected my mental health a lot. I think this is where my anxiety comes from. It was a difficult time in my life let alone traumatic, to the point where I don’t even remeber certain things because the nurses gave me amnesia to forget. This is very personal and I am proud to incorporate it into a story. School is almost done and that means free time to write lots of imagines! In my Joe Sugg and SDMN books feel free to write requests! Thanks for reading and sticking by me!

grace xx

The Art of the Unusual Courthsip: by Kurt Weller and Jane Doe

1. First date: take her to one of the most popular landmarks in the city. Make sure she gets shot.

2. Second date: take her on an urban whack-a-mole adventure. You’re the moles. A drone is the whacker.

3. Third Date: take her to a cemetery and expose her to radioactive material.

4. Fourth date: time for something exotic. Take a trip together to somewhere you will be hunted like animals in the wilderness. Bonus points if she’s scared of flying.

5. Fifth date: take it up a notch. Don something fancy and go dancing at an upscale cocktail party. But make sure someone there tries to kill you. At least once.

6. Sixth date: ladies it’s time you take things into your own hands. Surprise him with something unexpected. Like showing up at his place and kissing him. And after that? There’s nothing a man loves more than you suddenly pushing him away and confusing the shit out of him.

7: Seventh date: plan something big and elaborate and get the both of you kidnapped by terrorists.

8. Eighth date: make things interesting. Start dating other people. But make sure you dial up the sexual tension between you and make sure everyone else is painfully uncomfortable.

9. Ninth date: don’t tell her she’s fat but challenge her to a race up 70 flights of stairs. Then promise her drinks but never end up going.

10. Tenth date: one of you take the initiative and frame your boss for a double homicide and then when things look like they cannot get any worse, get them killed.

11. Eleventh date: one of you get the other arrested and hand them over to the CIA to be thrown into a dark site  and tortured for three months.

12. Twelfth date: reunite after a period apart at some seedy motel and beat the shit out of each other. Wall slamming is encouraged.

13. Thirteenth date: dudes, surprise your soulmate with the news that you got another woman pregnant. They love that.

14. Fourteenth date: and again, start dating other people while being obviously so in love it makes people squirm in their seats. Sacrificing your lives for each other is also highly encouraged.

15. Fifteenth date: men, risk your career/job/future for the woman you love - but I mean, still, don’t tell her how you feel.

16. Sixteenth date: out of the blue, open up emotionally and expose all your vulnerabilities. Person on the receiving end of that sudden outburst must counter with showing up with first person’s favorite beer and offering a shoulder to cry on.

17. Seventeenth date: get her brother out of jail just because it will make her happy even if it makes no sense on any other level.

18. Eighteenth date:: take her to that cool hipster place that just opened, wear matching outfits and pour your heart out. Later, try to make out in a crowded bar with your friends sitting across the table.

19. Nineteenth date: thai curry. Or maybe help your friend break out from prison. Both very exciting.

20. Twentieth date: get stuck at work and make out in the basement.

21. Twenty first date: save the world from a nuclear disaster together and them admit your feelings over open comms for everyone to hear. It’s ok, it won’t come as a shock to anyone except to her because everyone has known since day one.

22. Twenty second date: show up at his place, make your friends scramble to leave awkwardly before you start tearing each others’ clothes off.

23. Twenty third date: get married.

24. Twenty fourth date: surprise him and disappear.

25. Twenty fifth date: surprise her and show up in the farthest corner in the world where she has been hiding. And then make her glow.

re: regina's sexuality

the only romantic relationship we see regina actively choose for herself (daniel) is extremely short-lived and she’s very young at the time that it occurs. this isn’t me playing the “you don’t know what you want when you’re an adolescent or young adult” card by any means because some people do and everyone’s individual experience is valid, but when i was that same age, i had multiple, all-consuming crushes on boys; i had romantic and physical relationships with boys. i wrote diary entries about how much i loved boys, how beautiful they were, how much i wanted to be with them-and that doesn’t make my current self any less of a lesbian.

regina’s sexual relationship with graham is both a very clear act of self-harm and a rape on her part (even if the show won’t acknowledge this explicitly), please stop using this as proof that regina is attracted to men when that affair had nothing to do with physical attraction and everything to do with power and control.

her marriage to leopold was nonconsensual and there’s a strong possibility that she was a child bride.

and you could absolutely argue that regina is bi and genuinely in love with robin-that’s valid and your right. but for a lot of people, her pixie-mandated romance with robin represents yet another relationship that was forced on regina; this is a woman who has expressed in canon multiple times that she feels that fate is against her, that snow and charming were allowed all the trappings of fairytale love that she was denied. and tink tells regina-a woman so convinced that she’s destined to suffer at the hands of fate-that robin is her ideal (and possibly only) chance at happiness at a time when she’d recently freed herself of an arranged marriage and was pretty clearly (and not for the first time) coded as suicidal. and later tells her that she ruined robin’s chance at happiness by refusing to be with him. and as a lesbian who’s struggled with heteronormativity and internalized lesbophobia and pressure to prioritize relationships with men from practically everyone in my life, i see a pretty strong metaphor for those experiences in this arc! on top of that, robin’s abrupt appearance on the show (not as a side-character who would eventually become a love interest, like hook, but a character intended to be regina’s soulmate from the second he appears) comes across as an attempt from the showrunners to invalidate readings of regina as a lesbian to a lot of people, especially since swan queen had already been shipped very vocally by fans for more than two years by the time he showed up.

like, i just think you should really closely consider why your first instinct when lesbians take “my happy ending isn’t a man” at face value is to tell them she “didn’t mean it that way,” when they obviously feel that their experiences are reflected in those words, when they’re just trying to see themselves in a character they love and relate to on a show overwhelmingly defined by the power of heterosexual love specifically. i’m just so tired of my posts about lesbian regina being derailed by people telling me she must be mga; she absolutely can be, and more power to you for whatever you choose to headcanon, but concretely denying the reality that many lesbians have had multiple experiences with men in order to prove that a given character “can’t” be a lesbian is so harmful, to young and closeted lesbians especially. just don’t reblog the post if that’s not your vision of regina, that’s all; i don’t think it’s a lot to ask.

MC giving the RFA home made chocolates on their first Valentine’s Day together

This is my try to do Valentine’s Day head canons/imagines. I’m a week early, but oh well. If you read this … I’m sorry about the culture mix I probably ended up using.

Does contain mild spoilers like real names.


  • Well, he never had a girlfriend on Valentine’s Day before. He usually ended up meeting his LOLOL friends and eating bowls of noodles with black bean paste on April 14th, or “Black Day”, instead. They would sit together talking about how love was overrated. Afterwards they would all go home to drown their sorrows in LOLOL.
    • Last year, one of his friends had found a girlfriend and did not take part in their little circle of loneliness. Yoosung did try to be happy for him, but inside he had never felt so betrayed before.
  • This Valentine’s Day however would be different. Since he has you now. This means that he will receive chocolates or something from you, right? He already got excited about it as soon as Christmas was over, and has been looking forward to it ever since.
  • When Valentine’s Day comes around Yoosung would be so thrilled the whole day, at any time expecting you to just magically show up to give him a gift. He almost has a heart attack when he actually sees you waiting in front of his university.
  • You smile at him and hand him a small box with a cute ribbon and a little card on it.
    • “For my love Yoosung <3”, it says.
  • It contains home made chocolates. You have spent many hours at night making them, but you’re glad you did it. When you see Yoosungs face lighting up in joy and excitement you’re sure that it was all worth it.
    • “MC … you made them just for me?”
    • “Of course!”
    • “I … Thank you so much, MC. They are amazing. I’m so happy!” Yoosung pulls you towards him and hugs you, tenderly kissing your forehead. He’s so touched and happy that he can’t even feel embarrassed about being right in front of his university with other people around you.
  • Yoosung spends the rest of the day overjoyed. He will mention that his girlfriend is the best at every opportunity until both his LOLOL friends and the rest of the RFA are annoyed with him. He still won’t stop, though.
  • He’s also keeping your chocolates untouched for a while. It would be a shame if he would just eat them right away. He also definitely has at least one picture of them on his phone and will keep it forever.
  • Expect him to at least try and actually make home made chocolates for White Day to return the favor.


  • Has got a lot of Valentine’s Day gifts before. Mostly from his fans, of course. He appreciates those flowers and cards and chocolates a lot … But still, they are not the same as a gift from a lover. Since Valentine’s Day is about love, romantic love, right? As much as Zen loves his fans he would gladly give up all the gifts he gets to get just one from the person he truly loves – which he never tires to explain to everyone.
  • So he has usually spent the day lamenting in the chat room about how he was doomed to forever live the sad life of an actor who was only admired from afar (much to the annoyance of Yoosung).
  • Since he has you by his side this time he’s pretty excited about it. He doesn’t mention anything, but he’s very aware that Valentine’s Day is coming. He’s very curious about the gift he’ll get from you. When the day finally comes he can barely wait to find out.
  • But first, there is a whole pile of boxes and cards and flowers waiting in front of his apartment door. The fans are being sweet as usual. As he brings everything in, he notices one of the boxes in particular. It’s cutely wrapped in red and white paper, and there is a shiny red card in the shape of a heart attached to it.
  • Deciding to open this one first he turns the card and almost jumps in surprise.
    • “Happy Valentine’s Day, my love! <3”
  • You have not put your name, but he recognizes your handwriting right away. Zen can feel his face becoming warm and his heart beating faster. Has a wide smile on his face while opening your present.
  • He finds it so cute that you would just leave your gift with the others for him to stumble upon it unexpectedly.
  • When he sees that you actually made home made chocolates for him he pretty much melts. He calls you right away to thank you and tell you just how happy he is.
    • “Babe, you’re so cute”, is the very first thing he says when you pick up. You just chuckle softly into the phone.
  • Zen will definitely take a selfie with your chocolates, possibly while eating one of them, and post it in the chat room.
    • “Look at what MC gave to me for Valentine’s Day! Isn’t she so amazing?”
  • Expect LOTS of kisses and cuddles and declarations of love when you two see each other again.
  • You will probably get a really huge bouquet of flowers or two on White Day.


  • She did try to make home made chocolate and give them to guys she liked before. But it has been years and she has pretty much forgotten about this tradition since then. She doesn’t really think about it when other people around her mention it. She just doesn’t get the hype.
  • Why is it even bad to spend Valentine’s Day alone? Surely it is not that important …
  • So this time around Jaehee is not even really aware that it is Valentine’s Day. She does realize that there are a lot of couples in the café today, but oh well. She is simply working as usual, minding her own business, enjoying the smell of coffee and the familiar, warm atmosphere of the café.
  • However, what Jaehee does not know is that you are very well aware that today is Valentine’s Day … and that you have a different idea about it. You have put in quite some effort to prepare for it without letting Jaehee notice anything.
  • When the café closes and Jaehee tries to go to the back to change clothes, she is stopped by you at the counter. Jaehee does not immediately understand what is going on when you hand her a little, decorated box. She just automatically takes it, saying “thank you” in confusion.
    • “Happy Valentine’s Day, Jaehee”, you say while smiling brightly. “I hope you like them. I tried coffee flavor filling.”
  • Jaehee looks at the chocolates, still in confusion. She has no idea what is going on. Why are you being so sweet? Why are you giving her choco-… oh. Oh. Ooh.
  • Jaehee blushes so hard when she realizes what just happened.
    • “M-MC, oh my god, that is … You … Oh my god, I c-can’t believe you.” She cannot say anything without stuttering like a fool. It adds to her embarrassment. “Th-that is so, so sweet of you …”
  • You just give her another smile and leave for the back to get changed. Jaehee does not move from the spot for several minutes while trying to process the fact that you decided to give her home made chocolates as a Valentine’s Day gift.
  • Do you even do things like that for another woman? What … what is going on? Jaehee is so confused about the whole thing. But she appreciates both the gesture and the chocolates a lot.
  • Also, be sure as hell that Jaehee will try her best to make the best chocolates for her “best friend” in return.


  • Jumin has actually refused Valentine’s Day gifts before. To him, it is just another regular day that has been commercialized. It’s all for the sake of profit. He does not understand why people fall for this so readily and enthusiastically.
  •  Like, why would they even need a day like this? They say it is to appreciate their loved ones, to take the opportunity to show how much they mean to you … But Jumin honestly doesn’t get why this would be necessary. You should always appreciate your loved ones and always show them how much they mean to you, you should not need a special day for this.
  • This is what he believes and so he does neither get interested nor excited about it when Valentine’s Day comes around.
  •  Little did he know that you have been getting all fired up about it. When he shut Zen down in the chat room about how getting worked up about this day was a waste of time and actually kind of pathetic, you just smiled patiently, not arguing with him.
  • So when Jumin comes back from work on Valentine’s Day he finds you waiting for him in his penthouse. Since he loves it so much when you are at his home he’s just happy and doesn’t get suspicious at all.
  • Until you give him a wide grin and hand him a little box, decorated with a ribbon and a heart shaped card.
    • “Happy Valentine’s Day, Jumin!”, you proclaimed cheerfully.
    • “MC … Why would you get me a gift today? It was not necessary. I know that you love me and you don’t need to prove it by following pointless traditions such as this one.”
    • “Aw, don’t be a spoilsport. I just wanted to do it. Is that so wrong? Just take a look at it!”
  • So Jumin opens the box and sees the chocolates. Dark chocolates, just the way he likes them. For a moment he wonders where you could have bought so obviously hand made sweets, then he realizes that you must have made them yourself.
  • Ok, now he thinks it’s adorable.
  • Even if he does not care about Valentine’s Day he is happy knowing that you care for him and think of him so much. He gives you a hug and lots of kisses, pulling you close to him and telling you how much he loves you.
  • You probably end up eating the chocolates together that evening.
  • Jumin will see to it that only the finest confectionary and most beautiful flowers are prepared for you on White Day. If you did it for him, he must return the favor after all.


  • Saeyoung never wasted a lot of thoughts on Valentine’s Day. He did sometimes chime in and tease Yoosung and Zen a bit (lol Single Awareness Day), but these were pretty much the only times he even came in touch with that day. He did not give anyone so much as an opportunity to exchange gifts.
  • This year is different though. When the topic is brought up in the chat room he actually gets really excited. After everything you and him have been through he thinks it would be nice to do … normal couple stuff like celebrating Valentine’s Day, for a change.
  • Asks you if you have any wishes for that day. Do you want to go somewhere? Is there anything in particular you’d like him to get for you? He’ll prepare for everything and make sure you’ll have the greatest Valentine’s Day ever.
    • “Saeyoung … I don’t want to ruin the surprise, but … you know, it’s usually the girls who make gifts on Valentine’s Day. Your turn is on White Day.”
  • Oh. He has kind of missed that little detail, probably had something different in his head because of the years he spent abroad. Anyway, he is already fired up by now, so he won’t go back on his plans.
    • “Is it that important? Then let’s just pretend that I’m the girl on Valentine’s Day. I still have the wigs and outfits.”
    • But … you have already made plans for Valentine’s Day, too. “Nooo, I want to be the girl. I already prepared the recipe and ingredients for home made chocolates!”
    • “You … wanted to make home made chocolates for me? Oh my god, that’s so cute, I can’t believe you’d do that for me! I kinda wanna make some for you, too. Wait … why does only one of us get to do something anyway? Isn’t this unfair?”
    • “Hmm. Actually, since this is about us … I think we should just do it however we want to.”
    • “Right, right?”
  • And so you decide to celebrate in your own way. By making home made chocolates together. Of course the two of you end up going completely overboard. You try to make fillings out of crushed Honey Buddha Chips, and Doctor Pepper flavored creams. The results aren’t half bad actually. But the kitchen is a mess.
  • Melted chocolate and chip crumbs are everywhere. Everywhere.
  • By the end of it all you’re both exhausted and may or may not be sick with stomach aches, but it was all worth it. You had such a good time. Lots of giggling and chocolate-y kisses.
  • You’re so going to do it again on White Day.

Decided to try and add the whole minor trio, too


  • Has literally no idea what all the fuss is about. The day has been so irrelevant for him up until now that Valentine’s Day doesn’t even exist in his vocabulary. When the others start to mention it in the chat room more often he becomes curious and actually googles it.
    • Valentine’s Day, also called Saint Valentine’s Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine, is an annual holiday celebrated on February 14. It originated as a Western Christian liturgical feast day honoring one or more early saints named Valentinus, and is recognized as a significant cultural and commercial celebration in many regions around the world, although it is not a public holiday in any country.”
  • Alright, so it’s something religious? Then why is the search full of hearts and roses and present ideas? So confusing. Saeran learns that it’s a day associated with lovers and giving each other small presents, but it makes no sense to him at all. Like, what in the world compelled people to celebrate romantic love on some old Christian holiday?
  • He ends up researching and reading more articles about it than he will ever admit, just to make sure he got his info right.
  • He’s relieved to find out that local tradition usually only involves girls making gifts on Valentine’s Day while guys would return the favor on White Day. So at least he doesn’t have to worry about you expecting something from him.
  • When Valentine’s Day comes Saeran still acts like he doesn’t even understand, but he’s actually become really aware of the tradition and it’s implications.
  • He’s secretly hoping to get a gift from you, not only because he’s emptied his sweets stash and is craving sugar but also because it would be kind of like a little, formal proof that you cared about him.
  • So he makes the cutest expression when you hand him the little wrapped up box, trying to hide his excitement. He fails miserably when he finds out you actually made home made chocolates for him. Even Saeran understands that this is a whole lot of work, and you willingly did this for him.
    • “Happy Valentine’s Day, Saeran”, you chuckle a bit. “I made them just for you, I hope you like them.”
  • He’s already put one of the chocolates in his mouth before you finished talking. You chuckle even more at how happy he looks eating. Then he puts down the box and instead pulls you close to him, kissing you without a word. He doesn’t say it but it’s obvious that yes, he definitely likes them. So you’re happy, too.
  • Despite never talking about it and claiming he’s not doing anything when asked by the others Saeran will try and do his best on White Day. He’ll get you sweets and chocolates in return, plus a bouquet of roses. Because he read somewhere that those were important.


  • V knows what’s up and is really calm about it. Oh yes, it’s Valentine’s Day. He does think it’s nice that lovers are coming together, giving presents, and appreciating each other. It can be beautiful. But in the end it is still a regular day. So he would be happy to receive a gift from you, but would also not mind at all if you didn’t celebrate.
  • Simply nods and smiles when people talk about it. Though it’s a bit amusing how Zen and Yoosung are making a fuss over spending the day alone once again while Jumin is giving overly pragmatic remarks, Luciel is poking fun at them and Jaehee’s trying to get all of them back on track. Such a cute and lively bunch.
  • V is just happy that they are all okay on a day like this.
  • But he is very touched when he actually does receive this cute little gift box from you.
    • “Oh gosh, is this really for me?”
    • “Who else, silly?” You smile. “Happy Valentine’s Day, Jihyun. I hope you like them!”
    • “Thank you so much, MC. I love it. I’ll treasure it.”
    • “… you haven’t even opened the box, my dear.”
  • Insists on taking a picture of you and the box before opening it. He needs to preserve the moment.
  • Definitely also insists that you eat the chocolates together. Probably feeds you the first one, then kisses you. Gives you an innocent smile and explains that it was to get a better taste. You end up giggling and feeding each other until all the chocolates are gone.
  • V decides to get you roses to return the favor. Since this is about expressing his love for you, he is really serious about it. So … he gets not one or two or three, or even a regular bouquet of roses. But one freaking hundred and one of them, red, fragrant, and fresh and beautiful. Complete with a personalized card, featuring a cute picture of the two of you.
  • Along with a note. You’re sure that it’s a sweet note, even though you can’t actually read it.


  • Of course aware of what Valentine’s Day is. He just didn’t care about it. Of course he was not able to, because of his job. But he also never felt as if it was a big loss.
  • This time around he still does not really care. It’s just not that important. Who cares about chocolates or whatever when you already have a life free of the danger of getting murdered at any moment.
  • It’s a bit of a strange situation when you show up with the chocolates.
    • “What? What is this?”
    • “… this is my Valentine’s Day’s gift for you.”
    • Looks at the little box in his hands in confusion. “Uhm, alright?”
    • “… you could show a bit more enthusiasm. It’s, like, a token of my love and affection for you.”
    • Now he looks at you. Blankly, for a moment. “I see. Yeah. Thanks, MC.”
    • “…”
    • “Hey, don’t be upset. I’m sorry, okay? I’m, like … I’m actually touched. Thank you.”
  • This isn’t a lie. It’s the first time he’s received something like this. Feels quite good, actually.
  • When he finds out that there are home made chocolates in there he honestly does not know how to react. You … spent not only money but also effort in this? This is serious, alright.
  • Kind of shrugs the whole thing off in order to not act too awkward in front of you. Like damn, a former secret agent is not made for stuff like this.
  • But when White Day comes around … you’ll find him just standing there, handing you a neatly wrapped present.
    • “Here, take this. This is for the chocolates you made for me. They were delicious, by the way … so, yeah. Thanks again. Stop giggling MC, what’s so funny anyway? I’m not used to this stuff, okay, don’t judge me! Just take this, be happy, and let’s get it over with.”
Ok guys, TAZ theory time

So in the Eleventh Hour when Taako got a prophecy from Paloma, the teardrop it came from was described as black with swirling colors in it. Obviously it’s about the Hunger. The prophecy said “you will be faced with a terrible choice, and when you must make a decision, always remember that there is a third option.” Or something along those lines.

So what I’m thinking: if this prophecy applies to Taako specifically, maybe it’s about Lup? Everyone in the IPRE group has gotten pretty comfortable with dying and (temporarily) losing members of the group. Until they get to the world where the Bureau is established. This is their last world, their last chance to fix everything and have a happy ending. But then one of them died, and they can’t start over.

So what if their “terrible choice” is saving this world, or saving Lup? And then what if the prophecy is telling Taako that he can save both?

Witchery and Mental Illness

This is something I’ve meant to write about for a while! Full disclosure: I have PTSD and additional anxiety on top, and formerly had major depressive disorder brought on by the PTSD (and other incidents), though I am happy to say that’s one area I’ve worked on a lot. At first, I was a little worried that witchcraft somehow made me “crazier” - my therapist and psychologist have since assured me that this is obviously is not true. :> So, with a little help, I’ve put together some tips for the mentally ill Witch! I know that my experience only covers a small umbrella, but hopefully, other Witches can chime in too!

1. You can be mentally ill and be a Witch Some older books, and this pisses me off to no end, insist you must be of “sound mind and sound health” to work magic. Now, I’m sure they mean well and are implying you shouldn’t conduct elaborate rituals when you have a cold, but trust me, you can be a Witch, conduct magic, and observe magickal works when you are mentally ill. OF COURSE you’re capable of, and can conduct, as well as any other Witch. Now, don’t get me wrong - your mental illness can affect your craft in mundane ways. For instance, my anxiety makes it hard for me to follow a very formal ritual because I get nervous I’ll screw it up. However, if I’m anxious, I can meditate at my altar or do simple bath magic just fine.

2. Take your meds (if you have them) Meds don’t “dull” your magic - if anything, they help you (me!) separate your mental tics from actual magic. Storytime: I missed a week of meds, and was psyching myself out looking for signs from a particular deity. Once I got back on them, a giant fuckoff swarm of bees migrated to the middle of urban Los Angeles and made a hive on my apartment window, which is at least 500 feet from any outdoor plants and the only exit being straight up for ten stories (for the bees, anyway)…  followed by an actual hummingbird. I Googled this, and apparently scientists don’t know what causes bees to pick where they make hives (it’s “instinct”). I don’t know what that was - sign or not - but I sure as hell didn’t have to look for it. Meds make magic easier. (:

3. Talk to your psychologist If you see someone, it can be very helpful to get their input to make sure your witchery isn’t having some kind of adverse effect. I really didn’t want to share my Craft with my therapist at first, but when I realized my question boiled down to “Am I crazy if I’m Pagan?”, I felt a bit silly. He helped me be aware that I wasn’t doing anything “crazy”, and that my spellcraft could have a positive effect on my mental wellbeing - crafting a nice tea ritual around taking my morning meds could be both a positive piece of spellwork AND a good reminder and motivation to take them.

4. It’s okay if you don’t want to do certain spellwork Not everyone has had the same experiences as you or I, and you might find some spells, rituals, or information that may pertain to your “hard topics” - for me, these are spells that can be triggering to my PTSD - which feel very unpalatable, or straight-up wrong. For instance, I have a spellbook that includes a “metaphorical suicide prevention” spell that advocates doing a ritual fake-death to rid yourself of your suicidal tendencies. This seems batshit fucking insane to me, and just reading (and typing out) that spell makes me feel sick to my stomach and like I need to retake my antidepressants. If you don’t want to, can’t, refuse to, or are unable to address your mental issues with magic, that is okay. If you see others trying to use magic to aid their mental issues, and you disagree, that is okay. YOU ARE OKAY. You’ll find many, many magic-users and writers who want to address trauma, illness, or psychosis with magic, but you do not have to listen to them. YOU trust YOU.

There’s obviously a ton more on the subject I could say, but feel free to send me questions! This is something I’ve been working on for a while :>

<3 Ash

fanchonmoreau  asked:

Here's a gay question that's not on the meme I didn't see on the meme: fictional characters not formally identified as lesbians who are definitely lesbians?

oh this is a GOOD ONE. i’ll do five just cause it’s a good number but obviously there are loads more. 

  1. KIRA NERYS. it’s one of the greatest crimes of television that we were given this swaggering angry butch traumababy and asked to believe that she was a heterosexualist. 
  2. JULIE DODSON. one of the best scott and bailey phenomena is that all scott and bailey fangirls seem to come independently to the same conclusion more or less immediately. julie dodson, lifelong lesbian. praise the goddess for pippa haywood’s legendary slouch.
  3. CLARE CARTWRIGHT. we all know that for happy valley to have any genuinely satisfying narrative resolution it must end with safe gay clare. 
  4. JANET FRAISER. most of my feelings about stargate have dwindled to [shrugging girl emoji] but listen you can take janet fraiser career dyke from my cold dead hands. 
  5. MINERVA MCGONAGALL. i don’t care about 99% of harry potter things but i am ride or die for lesbian minerva mcgonagall. if you’re not already convinced i have a trenchcoat full of femslash that will convince you. 
SnK Chapter 92 Poll

I’ll be closing the chapter 92 poll tonight so this is your last chance if you’d like to chime in. 

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OUAT questions?

This is a rant. I’m frustrated and irritated with the crap OUAT has become. I didn’t check for typos so read at your own risk.

Hook is a bastard. He’s selfish. He’s a bully and a murderer that never pays a price for his crimes but is rewarded for being a bully fuckhead. CS is 10000 times more abusive and toxic than Rumbelle. If only for the main reason​that Emma is so desperate that she sweeps all conflict under the rug. But there are actually many reasons they are worse.

Showing my age here but remember TV shows back in the 70’s? Probably even earlier than that? They never had ant continuity. The writer’s wrote characters based on what they wanted for the plot not of it made sense. The writing was so simple and contrived it seemed to reflect the mindset of the audience or at least the audience they think they have.
It was terrible , and every other character existed for the central characters. Plots, backstories could change weekly, because of the week writing. And again it reflects their audience. No effort, no need to think about it.

1) Everyone on Once Upon A Time now live to prop Hook.
2) The show forces his manpain on us because they will not focus a small, loud obnoxious group that never existed until S2.
3) The show throws away backstories, characterizations to ensure CS , esp Hook gets everything without the characters actually needing to work on it.
4) The doesn’t even hide the fact that they intentionally have characters forgive and forget past crimes made against them to further the plot. It no longer needs to make sense if it means that at the end of the day Cs/ Hook were propped up.

Effortless storytelling by lazy writer’s who obviously don’t care about the show’s history, the backgrounds and nuances of characters. They just simply write blindly to prop a pirate asshole . They must think the intelligence of the audience is very low.

The show is talking reboot if they get a s7. They rebooted back in s3 when it became about Hook.

This show holds no surprises or intrigue anymore. We all know that all characters will instantly forgive Hook. Look at how fast Emma forgave him for trying to kill Henry.

CS “drama” gets resolved almost instantly. No tears, anger, breakups.. just Hook’s manly tears.

The only happy ending, or long-term angst in question is Rumbelle.
Rumple is the only character whose past is always held against him. The only character whose heroism is forgotten even by Belle. Rumple has actually done noble, heroic acts.
His heroism he never needs acknowledged, or needs to call himself something a million times to make it true.
Hook’s heroism is him doing something selfish, never actually doing something heroic
Because just him saying he is automatically makes it true on this show.

I hate Hook, I hate the writing. The show deserves to be cancelled.

We all know who will get a happy ending and who will not. The show paints it obviously.
Belle will move on, Rumple will die and be forgotten.

Fuck the writer’s, ABC, Adam Horowitz, Eddy Kitsowitz, and Once Upon a Hook. The show is a joke.

           I was thinking, and then this random thought hit me: the Dragon lives in a tower, right? An isolated tower in the middle of the woods. And okay, there is this thing in fairy tales that wizards usually live in isolated magical castles because they apparently like that, but who also lives virtually locked up in a tower, in the middle of the woods? Princesses.

           But there is more to it. It’s all pretty symbolic, I swear. If you read the whole book, you can see that the Dragon doesn’t just have this habit of holing himself up in a tower in the physical sense of it. Wizards live a long time – maybe too much time – and regular non-wizard folk is usually wary and scared of them. Sarkan is more than a century old and he has started to alienate himself emotionally from other people, and from important emotional things, too. He keeps everyone at some distance, he feels uncomfortable around the villagers, he is scared of taking roots in a place, he is reluctant about getting close to Nieshka. He doesn’t know how common people think, or how to deal with them anymore: he ‘forgot how to be human’. He also lives in a metaphorical tower. And it’s more of a princess’ style of tower, something obviously bad, that is keeping him from getting in contact with the outside world and other people, and from experiencing good things like love, something that must be overcome, if you want him to have a happy ending. And (surprise!) this is where Agnieszka waltzes in, with all her peasant common sense and goodness and hopeful youth that clings onto the little things that matter in life – the same things that Sarkan is trying to ignore – and she forces him out of his comfort zone, because she is so alive and authentic and human. And this somehow brushes off on him, and now he cares about her, and can’t hide away in his tower anymore, and finds himself playing along with people and their stupid emotions again, and I find this adorable. Because, you know, Sarkan is a nice person, he just was very lonely. And snarky.

           So, what I’m really trying to say is that the Dragon is a snarky princess and Agnieszka is the knight in shining armor that comes to save him.

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Show!Ursa: would very much like her daughter to behave like a "lady", laughs about burning a city to the ground, calls her daughter a monster when she thinks she's not listening, murders the Fire Lord. Comics!Ursa: plays in the backyard, doesn't like hearing about violence or war, is all understandable about her new daughter's behavior, would never murder a fly. Same character?

Originally posted by reaction-resource-center

XD had to.

Ursa was ambiguous enough in the show, you know. You had no idea whether she really loved Azula or not (then the comics do next to nothing to prove that she does, so good going, Yang, thanks for proving Azula right), you had no idea what her political alignments were, and ALSO, you don’t have ANY signs of Ursa not getting along with her husband? LITERALLY. All you know is that she’s not exactly going to shout around that she wants Ozai to be Fire Lord. This can either mean that she was hiding her support of him in that endeavor, (because ffs you can’t conspire about something like a coup and yell about it, Azula, but I guess you’re really young so we let it slide), or that she didn’t support it at all, of course.

Comics, though: no love for Azula confirmed (one kiss when she’s asleep that to me amounts to NOTHING because Azula had no idea it happened), still no real sign that she didn’t like the Fire Nation’s war but she is shown as a victim to, uh, the Fire Nation system because she’s been forced to marry Ozai. So you’re supposed to think that because the Fire Nation traditions made her miserable, she mustn’t like their ways. And because she was forced to marry Ozai, then obviously this must be a horrible marriage from start to end! Despite, uh, the show always had Zuko talking about times when their family was happy, suggesting the relationship deteriorated over time…? :’D

I’m not saying forced marriage should be shown as good, fact is, this trope is seldom portrayed at its worst by fanfiction and um, Yang kinda writes like fanfiction so well, at least I won’t fault him for showing that forced marriage can end badly. But he makes forced marriage awful to the absolute EXTREME by making Ozai horribly controlling, jealous, cruel and whatnot. I know I have what may amount to the most favorable perception of Ozai ever, but I don’t think this was necessary at all. It was just to turn Ursa into an even more victimized mess? Isn’t Ozai bad enough with what he did to Zuko already? Him being an average husband would have never ruled out the harm he has done to his children, but no, Yang makes him a thousand times worse than necessary and instead of letting him keep the teeny tiny bit of depth that he DID have in the show (see him sitting at the turtle-duck pond by himself after Ursa is gone, in the exact same spot she always was at, suggesting that it affects him that she’s gone), Yang makes it so he treats Ursa like crap and just uses her as the means to become Fire Lord via Azulon’s murder. Like, sorry, but I like my Urzai a lot more complex and interesting than “he was soooo bad and she was soooo good but soooo sad and he made her suffer sooo much!”

Long story short, I have no respect for comics’ Ursa for all her decisions and her behavior, but the show’s Ursa, thanks to that wonderful ambiguity from where you can actually build something very complex, where she can have agency, where she can KICK OZAI’S ASS BY PROVING SHE HAS MORE BRAINS THAN HIM…! *heavy breathing* Seriously, though, show Ursa has potential. I’ll never love her, but at least she’s worth writing about.

I really found @loopy777’s essay on the Two Ursas is a great read. If you haven’t read it yet, I’m sure you’d enjoy it, Anon.