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Different anon but aw man I kinda see my old self in Gil a little bit?? I had to take anger management for like, 3+ years, and knowing how old he is I can only imagine the kind of hurt and pain that fuels his anger (hoo boy didn't mean for this to get deep I'm sorry)

nawww its alright, you didn’t go too deep. Honestly same abt relating who I used to be to Gil? When I was a kid I really bought into a lot of the ideology that Gil holds firm to. I don’t ever mean to sound like I’m calling him an idiot for that or anything, like, I think I get how it happens is all. 

You’re very right. Gilbert’s in a whole lot of pain right now.

starkid groupchat!!

i finally decided to make a starkid gc!! if you want to join you can either rt the tweet i linked or message me on here with your username on there.

it’s?? kinda selective but not really??
basically you just have to be active (i really don’t want the chat to flop!! i will spam pictures of danny devito every day if i must) and NOT ship commander up and taz from starship (i know it’s a popular ship in the fandom, but she’s sixteen, guys.). also don’t be homophobic or transphobic or racist or any of that shit, obviously.

finally, as far as i can tell in order to add you to the gc you must either be following me or have your dms open, so that too!!

and yeah, that’s pretty much it. join away!!

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what are, in your opinion, some of the BEST smtm stages? Or your favorite ones haha

wait…from all of SMTM history or this season? if you meant from all of time i’m just gonna pick like the 5 or 6 that still stand out in my head.

  • superbee: THE SHARK SONG…this shit was the funniest thing i’ve ever seen. this is a personal choice obviously…shit still is one of the funniest raps ive seen on this stupid ass show.
  • bewhy: day day.
  • innovator - more than a tv star i just really really loved the message in this rap. he was so good.
  • double k & loco : home. there wasn’t a fucking dry eye in the house.
  • this swings performance with giriboy.. fuck…iconic.
  • bobby- YGGR

i’m forgetting lots. but this is what i can think of right now ha.

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Whats the story of you sleeping with a professor, like how did that happen?

So basically…I was taking this class called Fitness Theory and Practice. It was for a PE credit or something. There were three instructors and I just so happened to be assigned to his section of the class. As the semester went on, he and I would sort of crack jokes at each other. He was about 33, I think? So, he was pretty hip with the times and like, obviously in shape and shit (he teaches a fitness class). Eventually, I was like, “You said you do personal training, yeah? Can we like, make that a thing?” And he was like, “Yeah, fa show. Put your digits in my cellular.” So one night, he texted me and was like, “I’m about to go to the gym. Come with.” And I told him I couldn’t cause I had this health project I had to finish or something. So he says, “Bring your stuff, come to the gym with me, then come to my place after and we can work on your project.” At that point, I was like….this is weird, right? But I do anyway cause I’m a hoe. We get to his place and he’s like, “Where do you wanna start?” And I was just like, “I don’t even know. I have this project, then your project for your class, then a Bio test next week. You don’t just wanna give me an A on your project so I can work on my other stuff?” Y’all….he goes, “That’s fine.” El oh el. I was like, “Wait, what?” Then he goes, “Let’s finish your health project then we can study for your Bio test.” At this point, I’m like, is this dude a homo? Why is this happening? So, I decide to push it. I go, “It’s already hella late, I don’t know what we’re gonna get done.” He goes, “You can sleep here. We’ll study until we can’t and you can crash so you don’t have to drive to your place.” By now, I’m like, Oh… Def gay. So, because I’m me, I say, “Then I’d have to sleep on a couch and that just does not sound ideal…” He laughed and goes, “No you won’t.”

Then we had sex.


so i recently had some POP ROCKS for the first time in like seven years and my reaction was literally the same as hinata’s lol


Drew the NDRv3 girls in style-ish/casual-ish/fashion-ish clothes idk
I saw others did this to previous DR girls and I wanted to try it

I used refs for the clothes because I have no sense of style o)-<

Me: *scrolls down my dash to catch up with yesterday’s posts*

My dash: *+100 variations of gifsets, +50 fanart, + 50 meta posts about  Welcome to the Madness* *the OtaYuri fandom on fire*

Me:  .    . (ミⓛᆽⓛミ)✧ ♡  ✧  ʕ  ̿– ㉨  ̿–  ʔ .    .   .    .    .     .    .    .     .     .    .    .     .    .     .    W  E  L  C  O  M  E     T  O     T  H  E    M  A  D  N  E  S  S  !  !  !  ~  ~

  • Robin: Oswald isn't going to go down that cliche path of revenge and going on a kill spree to get Ed
  • Gotham: *Oswald gets a small army to kick Ed's ass*
  • Cory: I don't know, I think Ed maybe would kill Oswald again if he came back
  • Gotham: *Ed cares for and misses Oswald and wishes he hadn't killed him*
  • Robin: Oswald doesn't truly love Ed
  • Gotham: *Oswald comes to a firm realization that he is in fact truly in love with Ed and willing to sacrifice himself*
  • Cory: I don't think Ed is in love with Oswald or attracted to him really
  • Gotham: *Ed has a homoerotic hallucination of his best friend and previously potential lover*
  • Me: Trust no-one

I know this shit is old as fuck but I’m gonna write it anyway. So, I just logged onto tumblr and saw that Johnny Depp was trending and decided to write this to get it off my chest.

So, y'all remember the incident where Amber Heard accused Johnny Depp of domestic violence in 2016. She had a video of him slamming cabinets and throwing shit around, obviously angry as fuck, witnesses and pictures of her face after Depp hit her. They are divorced now. And let me tell you, it still baffles me how quick people are to forget. Not only that, but people still shame her, because she settled for an agreement where she received money from Depp instead of suing him. And you know why she did that? Because he fucking admitted to hitting her. So you got multiple evidence supporting her claim as well as a statement from the abuser who confirms it true. And y'all still defending his sorry ass.

What are they defending him with? Well, I’ve read multiple posts and comments online saying that she’s allegedly a “psycho” and an abuser as well. Oh and that she provoked him on purpose so she could collect his money. that doesn’t excuse shit.

You. Don’t. Hit. People.

I don’t know if the whole “she beat up her ex-girlfriend” is true or not. But if it is, than damn she just as a fucked up person as Depp it. Still doesn’t excuse his actions.
Even if she cheated, even if he found her in bed with someone else you don’t get to beat your fucking wife up. The fact that she took his money doesn’t change the fact that he raised his fist. If you’re in a relationship with someone who makes you so fucking angry that you get the urge to hit them or throw bottles across the room you either break up and/or walk the fuck away. (Unless she attacked him too and it was in self defense.)

I don’t care for your gender or sexual preference or status. When you abuse your significant other in a relationship by throwing things around and scaring them, by beating or mentally abusing them, the result is the same.