obviously she jests

We know you are waiting on news of whether or not this is Noel’s last season on Shameless, but unfortunately we still don’t have any definite answers one way or another. We can tell you so far none of our sources have any idea what this blogger is talking about or why they are saying that he was leaving.

Nor have we been able to find out how she is connected with Noel in such a way she would be privy to such information in the first place. Now this doesn’t necessarily mean anything because admittedly we don’t know everyone who knows Noel or people close to him.

We mean hell the cashier at his neighborhood gas station knows who he is, but it’s pretty doubtful Noel would tell him/her something that personal. 

We have two more sources to check out, but it could be a few days before we hear back from them. We know patience isn’t this fandom’s favorite virtue, but this time guys you will need to practice some.

We will, however, leave you with some information that puts this rumor more on the side of being just that, a rumor.

1. Sheila Callaghan - Gallaviches biggest shipper in the writer’s room - publicly stated she can’t wait to watch the shippers squirm this season. Now why would she say this in what was obviously jest if she knew all along they were headed for a permanent break-up by the end of the season?

One could argue that she had implied previously there was going to be a nice Gallavich moment in episode three that we have since learned had been cut it means she could be wrong about this too.

And that would be a good argument, except while she may not have been aware the scene, she wrote, would be cut at the time of the tweet by this point she most certainly knows how the season will play out. If they had decided to go in an entirely different direction that, would mean entire sections of the episodes, which have already been filmed, would be have to be rewritten & reshot.

2. Gallavich Promotion - Showtime has gone to more lengths to promote Gallavich than they have with any other couple on the show. Why would they do that just to say at the end of season five, “Ha Ha, fooled you!”

3.  Episode 12 - Both Ian & Mickey are very much in the episode & there is no indication either of them were going anywhere. Don’t ask if they’re together by the end of the episode because while we have our suspicions we aren’t 100% positive on that front. 

4.  Noel loves being a part of the show & playing this character - He’s said so many many times. Which means if he were to leave it would be because of a very personal reason or he has the opportunity to do something bigger and maybe even better than Shameless. 

We’re not saying it isn’t possible Noel’s leaving. Of course, it’s possible. But it’s just not very probable he’s leaving.