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I know that there already is a lot of reasons mentioned out there of why Brooklyn 99 is a gift, but something I never saw is this:

There are two characters who are overweight and obviously not physically healthy. Be that from their obesity or something else entirely, the thing that hit me was: The instances I remember where nutrition and obsession with food was mentioned were not about Hitchcock and Skully. They were about Terry.

And that is actually really cool, because Hitchcock and Skully are both people who may or may not have medical reason to change their diet, but they don’t want to. And that’s fine. Nobody should gives them extrinsic reason to. They are the kind of people of whom I’d expect that they don’t want to change their weight or don’t feel it’s worth the effort to do so.

Terry on the other hand may not seem to be the obvious choice to many people, but he actually is. His muscle/fat-ratio says he lifts weights with the goal of packing lean muscle. That is something you don’t accomplish without counting calories, checking macro nutrients, probably sometimes going for food supplements, recalibrating your diet according to weight changes and changes in training schedule etc. etc.

Point is, this is nice and realistic. They could have gone for another instance of an obese character who is desperate about weight issues, pushing the idea that if you are overweight, you MUST want to change that. But they did not. They picked a character who has a lot less social stigma for it, but a lot more reason to obsess about food.

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I've seen a lot of photos of fat shibas. Does this breed have problem with overweighting?

To my knowledge they aren’t any more likely to become overweight than any other breed.  They have a slight tendency to develop Cushing’s disease which does contribute to increased weight.  However, they are a medium-small breed so it doesn’t take as much for them to become obviously overweight as it would with a larger breed of dog even if they are otherwise healthy.

Tropes vs women in gaming: All the slender ladies

I do share the opinion the women should be able to be represented in all body types. But again, Anita does a terrible job trying to bring this completely reasonable point across.

First of all, for some reason she includes Winston in the comparison of Overwatch body types. Why would an ape be representative of a human body type? How can she assert that Phara is slender if she’s clad in armour? (I mean obviously she’s not overweight but that doesn’t mean she’s slender)

She completely glosses over the fact the Hanzo, Genji, Mccree, Soldier 76 and Reaper share a very similar body type. Lucio and Junkrat also have very similar builds in spite of their height difference. Therefore, male characters also have similarities between them, it’s not a women-only issue.

She also uses Street Fighter and League of Legends and Dota 2, the first one much like Overwatch has many male characters with similar body types (Ryu, Ken, Gile and Nash to name a few). The second two follow the same reasoning even if it’s true the body diversity between genders is not equal.

Another diversity facet talked in the episode is age, arguing that old female character are less frequent because they are not as desiring as young ones.

According to Anita this is because these characters are designed for a presumed straight male audience and according to some canon standard of beauty, which of course she has no proof beyond “these characters are sexy to straight male players”.

I’m no expert in game design but I think that one of the staple rules of content creators is “make what you like” (not that keeping in mind what the audience wants is a crime but it should never be the moving force of your creation), if the audience likes what you are doing, then you proceed, if not it’s back to the drawing board.

These characters might have a very similar body type, and it’s not a crime to ask for more representation, but we must remember that women are more that their physique, they have distinct personalities and backstories that help them define who they are. The visual appeal in a videogame is important, but it’s equally or more important to make that character engaging.

(I’d like to make a parenthesis about the representation matter to talk about how she demands game designers for women to be able to be gross, then in a latter episode she criticizes women who are designed to be gross. The episode in question is The Sinister Seductress, aired September 28th of 2016, while this episode was aired in September 1st)

But in fact, the best part comes at the end, when Anita says that a broader diversity will make people realize that all women are beautiful.

Oh, that is infuriating.

Body type representation doesn’t exist to make women desirable to the eyes of men, body type representation exists because those body types exist and have every right as the others to be represented in the media.

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I Am The Blank Page Before You

Submitted by: lydvia

Description: If it were up to her, she would skip orientation completely. She’s done with trying to climb the social ladder. College is a completely different game to high school. No, the agenda for the next few years mostly consists of taking the most challenging courses she can, graduating as early as possible and going straight on to earn her PhD in theoretical mathematics before eventually winning the Fields Medal for her accomplishments. That’s the plan.

Lydia likes the plan. 

Rating: T

Genre: Romance, College!AU

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The only thing I don't like about your genderbent scottsman is the fact that it went from being an obviously overweight character to a slimmed down general population standard body type. Why couldn't it be a big ol fat gal? Fat girls don't exist?

Not my design, boy.

What really pisses me off about high school is that fact that these girls in my gym class go around behind me back calling me a cow and a whale just because I weigh 180 lbs and am physically healthy, healthier than them. What gives them the right to decide if I’m a cow or fat or overweight. The stereotype: if you’re chubby then you’re obviously overweight and unhealthy, really gets on my nerves because I have no choice in what I weigh. I haven’t eaten at a fast food restaurant in three years, I never really did before- just every once in a while, and I eat very healthy everyday. I jog on a regular basis and I run with my dog four or five times a week. I almost always walk home which is about an hour walk uphill the whole way home. I am in no way out of shape or overweight and yet they have the audacity to say that to me and a few other chubby girls in my gym class. High school is full of stuck up bitches and I’m sick of it. Let me go already.
—  Catlynn Byrd, Iowa 2014

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Yes thank you I wanna punch her in the fucking face too. It's disgusting that she's a popular youtuber ugh. I don't watch a lot of YouTube but Jesus she is a literal demon.

On the video “Dear fat people”

I know, and just ????? Who gives you the right to say that? she intended it to be funny, and in the video in which she explains that it was all in a humor tone she makes jokes about abuse.

In the video, she literally tells her overweight audience to “stop eating” and encourages fat shaming, because obviously overweight people don’t beat themselves enough already.

It’s like she imagines overweight people as people who are solely the way they are because they eat cheeseburgers and drink sweet drinks all day, and that all they have to do to stop being fat is “eat better”, and that’s not true. It’s not true because being overweight isn’t only your physical state, it’s 95% a mental state. I’ve been running at least four times a week for years. I’ve played rugby and trained long hours and I have been in a national-level team and I was still overweight.

And you’re aware you’re overweight, and that it’s best for your health and for everyone around you to lose weight, and that it’s not good to be like this, but it’s also not something you can just decide to change. It takes a lot of mental strength and will power to lose weight and to keep it down, and some people do not have that strength in them.

And that’s okay.

I’ve been counting calories since I was six. I’ve been self-aware from an age I shouldn’t have been. I’ve been feeling ugly for as long as I remember, and a video like this does not help me lose weight.

To lose weight you need time, you need self-esteem, you need to find a drive that keeps you going because it’s not easy or quick, and even after you’ve dropped the weight it’s something that will still haunt you.

What I don’t need is for a person who’s never struggled with being overweight to tell me to stop eating.

So yeah, I’d like to punch this lady in the face. 

I’d also like to assure other overweight people that it’s okay to love yourself. It’s okay to look for love in others, and to find yourself beautiful, and to be comfortable in your body. I think we often forget that mental health is also part of our general health, and that it’s a big part of anyone’s recovery. It is, in fact, the first step to get over weight problems. So keep going, keep your heads up, and I wish you the best of luck.