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Ok so with these last episodes, to be specific, ‘The Trial’, most of us if not all have come to the conclusion or at least suspicion that Yellow Diamond shattered Pink Diamond and her behavior was obviously giving it away:


There’s something that still doesn’t really fit here…

“I was there. I saw it with my own eye. I watched the leader of the Crystal Gems – Rose Quartz – shatter Pink Diamond!”

Now, it’s not that wise to trust a gem’s perception and vision, when she only has one eye and a ‘gem eye’.

And hear me out here, because this is a bit nuts, what if she can see well but her eye-gem-vision allows her to see everything with a red filter?

And… what two colors look pink like Rose Quartz when mixed?

Red and White

We know gems can shapeshift into almost anything so how about a Diamond shapeshifting into a smaller gem?

What about the common knowledge that only a Diamond can shatter another  Diamond?

So what if not Yellow Diamond but White Diamond?

But that brings a lot more questions…

Why would YD try to cover WD? And why did WD even shatter PD to begin with?

But until more proof, like a Zircon, I rest my case.


I’m still not sure what this mural means but I see Rose holding a diamond and another gem in front of her with her arm lifted. In the past I saw people saying this was YD but looking at her desing and WD mural, I can almost confirm that’s indeed WD.

Honestly that’s all I have until here.

I really NEED to see White Diamond and find out more about her.

hunk: hey have you ever thought who shiros favorite is?

lance: oh hunk. oh my hunky honey bear. you do NOT want to know my thoughts on THAT whole situation

hunk: oh boy. ok I’ll bite, who is shiros favorite?

lance: fine you asked for it. it’s pidge.

hunk: …..huh. I would’ve thought you might have said keith.

lance: oh yeah he is too

hunk: ok you lost me

lance: look the way i see it is, pidge is the favorite the way the baby of the family is always the favorite. Keith is like the eldest son, born to take over the family business or whatever.

hunk: alright….so where do we fall in all of this?

lance: well pidge is first with keith running a close second so while keith may not get more desert at the table or get away with murder like pidge does, he’s given more responsibilities and will ultimately gain more of the inheritance. after him comes allura who’s sort of like the hot girl next door shiro has a crush on but he’s too shy to ever ask out. then it’d be you, the cuddly middle child who’s kind of left to his own devices cause your can obviously take care of yourself, then coran, alluras whacky uncle, then the Lions who are the family pets, then me


lance: the other middle child who’s the obnoxious class clown only there to get a cheap laugh out of the audience and kind of just there to make shiro angry or exasperated and give him more personality otherwise he’ll look boring

hunk: ….lance

lance: but then again I’m not the last one anymore cause now slavs in the picture and HE’S the one who makes shiro angry and annoyed…..although, he is a lot smarter than i am and he brings out an even funnier side of shiro so I’m probably still the least favorite…….what were we talking about again?

hunk getting up and hugging lance from behind: lance you know you can always talk to me about stuff right?

lance trying not to tear up: uh yeah hunky bear i know that why wouldn’t i know that

hunk: us ignored middle children need to stick together

lance: heh yeah

Confessions - Carl Gallagher Imagine

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Warning: Sexual content, swearing, etc.

Word Count: 2277

“Carl, give it back!” you yelled, rolling your eyes and chasing your best friend up the stairs of the Gallgher house.  Since you had stopped to text a few times while the two of you were playing a video game on the couch, he took it upon himself to snatch the phone out of your hands and run away with it.

“Hey, I just wanna know who could possibly be so important that they could distract you as I kicked your ass in Call of Duty,” he teased, sprinting into his room and unsuccessfully attempting to slam the door before you put your foot in the doorway.

“Ow, what the fuck, Carl?” you yelled, limping in on the foot that hadn’t been crushed by the door.  “I was literally just answering my brother to let him know that I was spending the night here per usual!  And I was letting him know that I’d go grocery shopping tomorrow.  Now give me my phone back so I can finish kicking your ass downstairs.”

Carl smirked and raised his eyebrows at you, plopping down on Ian’s empty bed.  “Your brother.  Mhmm.” His eyes continued to nosily scan the screen of your phone.

“Yes, Carl, my brother.  I’m pretty sure we both know that I have nobody interesting to text considering I’ve been single for, what, six months now?  Now give me my phone back,” you demanded, inching forward and banging your hip into his dresser.  The rocking of the dresser caused a box to fall on the ground, spilling out its contents.  A smirk formed on your lips as your eyes scanned the ground.  It was your turn to tease him now.  “Ah, nice condoms.  I see someone has been getting the ladies?”

Carl immediately shot up to his feet, shoving you to the side and bending down to pick up the condoms off of the ground.  “Ha, I wish,” he said with a chuckle, a slight blush forming on his cheeks.  His shaky hands struggled to shove the contents back into the box.

You raised an eyebrow in response, stepping forward and ripping your phone out of his back pocket.  “What do you mean by that?” you questioned, walking around him and climbing up onto his bed as he remained on the ground.  “We’ve been best friends for years and I’m pretty sure we both know you’ve had your fair share of girls over here.”

“Yeah, I have, but…” He paused for a moment as he shoved the box into one of the drawers and slammed it closed.  “I’ve never gone, like, all the way with any of them… you know. Sure I’ve done just about everything else, but I’ve never actually done that with any of them.”  It was pretty clear he was embarrassed to confess this to you.

The smirk reappeared on your lips as he hesitantly climbed up onto his bed and plopped down beside you, his eyes refusing to meet yours.  “Wow, Carl Gallagher, a virgin?  When did you plan on telling me this?” you mocked, shoving his side before giggling quietly to yourself.

Carl clearly wasn’t amused.  He rolled onto his side so his back was facing you.  “Stopppp.”

You laughed yet again and rolled your eyes, squeezing his shoulder.  “I’m just messing with you.  I’m in the same boat as you.  No need to be embarrassed.”

“Really?” Your words caused Carl to roll back over to face you, his eyes scanning your face.  “Hmm. Interesting.”  Slowly, a smug grin formed on his lips.  “I guess that makes me feel a little better, but not completely.  Now since you’ve embarrassed me, it’s your turn to confess something about yourself.”

Your eyes widened as you shoved his chest with the palm of your hand.  “What? How is that fair?  I just confessed to the same thing!” you exclaimed, but Carl wasn’t having it.

“Nope,” he responded with a chuckle, grabbing your hand off his chest and holding it in his own a few seconds longer than usual. “You can’t have the same confession as me.  It has to be original.”  He was relentless.

“Ugh, fine,” you huffed, rolling over onto your back and staring up at the ceiling.  After a few moments of silent pondering, an idea finally came to your mind.  “I’ve never had an orgasm.”

The sheets ruffled as Carl shot up into a seated position on the bed.  A puzzled look took over his face as he stared down at you in disbelief.  “Wait, huh?”

You bit your lip as your cheeks began to heat up.  “I mean, yeah, is that so weird?”

Carl went silent for another few seconds, combing his fingers through his wavy hair as his face remained scrunched up in confusion.  “Well, yeah, kind of,” he started, nodding his head. “I get that you’ve never had sex, but I know you’ve done just about everything else with your past boyfriends.  And, what?  I just don’t understand.”

Your cheeks darkened even more as you looked down and began to play with your fingers.  “Sure I’ve done a lot of things with my past boyfriends, but… I don’t know.  None of them ever really brought me to that level.”

Still, Carl looked confused.  His eyes wouldn’t leave your embarrassed face as he tried to figure this out.  “Okay, so like, obviously your past boyfriends went down on you, right?”

This wasn’t exactly how had planned to spend your Friday night.  With a sigh, you sat up and rested your back against the wall.  “What do you mean by obviously?  Joey attempted it but got ‘tired’ and gave up after like thirty seconds. And Matt and Ben never did.  Matt said that it was weird and he’d rather not do it.  Ben said that girls like to go down on guys but guys don’t like to go down on girls.” You shook your head and covered your face with your hands.  “Can we please talk about something else now?”

Carl held up his hand in rejection and shook his head.  “No, no, no.  Not yet, Y/N.  I’m still confused,” he said, his wide eyes still burning into your face.  “So you’re trying to tell me that all three of those guys didn’t like going down on their girlfriends?”

“Yes, Carl, I guess that is what I’m saying,” you replied, beginning to get a bit annoyed.  “Why is this so hard for you to understand?”

Finally, a quiet laugh escaped Carl’s lips, but he still continued to shake his head.  “So you’re trying to tell me that there’s real guys that exist that don’t like to go down on their girlfriends?”

“Oh my god, yes, Carl.  That is what I’m saying.” Plopping down on your back again, you grabbed his pillow and threw it at his face.  “Enough now.”

“Wow.” He still wasn’t done.  “You’ve dated some really fucking weird guys, Y/N.”  When you only responded with an eye roll, he finally allowed himself to lay back down beside you.  “But still, never had an orgasm?  That’s insane.  You’ve been deprived.”

Your eyes at last met his as you shot him a glare.  “Wouldn’t know.”

“It’s amazing.  Heavenly, almost.  Feels so good it’s almost indescribable.” Carl’s eyes glowed as he described the obviously incredible sensation you had never experienced.  “Wish I could help you out with this one.”  After realizing what he said, the boy let out an awkward cough as his eyes darted to the ceiling.

“Yeah, me too,” you murmured, your cheeks changing to match the current color of his.  Not wanting to make things too awkward, you cleared your throat and sat up.  “Okay, we’re done with this.  Now it’s time for me to kick your ass in Call of Duty.”

The topic was dropped and the rest of the night was spent playing video games and stuffing your faces with junk food, which were your usual activities.  But something was different.  There was a tension between the two of you that usually wasn’t there.  Every so often, you’d catch Carl staring at you, causing his eyes to immediately dart away whenever you noticed.  More than once, you’d both go to reach into the bowl of popcorn between you at the same time and your hands would brush and linger near each other for a few moments too long.  The typical banter you two always shared now almost appeared to be what it always had been but neither of you would admit: flirting.  Sleeping together had never been an issue for the two of you, but tonight it was much more difficult for you both to get comfortable – not too close or too far away from one another.  Spooning was never weird before, but tonight Carl seemed extra fidgety as you pressed your backside into him.  Still, neither of you addressed the change and eventually managed to drift off to sleep.

You felt like you were on top of the world.  In heaven.  Straight ecstasy.  What a dream.

Your eyes flew open but the feeling didn’t go away. Your legs began to tremble as you propped yourself up on your elbows.  “F-Fuck… Carl?”

The moment you spoke up, the blankets were pulled back from your stomach and Carl’s face became visible between your thighs.  He looked up at you, flashing you a smirk.  “Good morning.  Wasn’t sure you were ever gonna wake up.”  Without another word, he inserted two fingers inside of you and moved his face back between your legs, darting his tongue across your clit.

The sensation was too good that you hardly knew how to react. A gasp escaped your lips as you bucked your hips up toward his face, increasing the pressure.  It was in that moment that it started to dawn on you what was happening.  “W-Wait. F-Fuck, Carl.  S-Stop,” you breathed out, but you knew it wasn’t what you wanted.

Carl pushed your hips back down on the bed and resurfaced again, pushing his wavy hair out of his face.  A smirk formed on his lips again as his eyes glanced between your shaking thighs and your awe struck face.  “You really want me to stop?”

Without another word, you pushed his head back down, caving into the feeling that was taking over your body.  “Don’t stop,” you demanded, contradicting your previous statement and tangling your fingers into his messy hair.

Carl immediately began to move his fingers inside of you again, his lips moving around your clit as he began to suck and swirl his tongue around at the same time.  Your moans got louder, causing Carl to increase the speed of his fingers.  His tongue was now gliding up and down your clit, increasing the pressure each time he made it to the top.

That was all it took.  Your hips ground against his face and you tugged on his hair, your eyes closing tightly as you climaxed and came against his tongue.  

As the world spun around you, you felt Carl climb back up and take his spot beside you, propping himself up on his elbow.  While you recovered, you could feel him staring at you, his eyes filled with nothing but admiration.

When you were finally able to catch your breath, you rolled over onto your side to face him and raised an eyebrow at him, grinning.  “Wow.”

“Sorry I didn’t wait to ask for your permission, but you were kind of moaning my name in your sleep beforehand, so I saw it as the perfect opportunity,” he said with a chuckle.  After a moment, the smile fell from his lips and he rolled onto his back. He cleared his throat and bit down on his swollen lower lip.  “And, uh, I don’t know if it was just me, but something felt different between us yesterday and, um, yeah… Kind felt like all those repressed feelings finally started coming up or something… I don’t know.”

Shaking your head, you moved closer to the embarrassed boy, cuddling into his side.  “It wasn’t just you.”

A small smile formed on Carl’s lips before it transformed into a smirk.  “You know, I once read that in order to have an orgasm, you need to be physically attracted to the other person.”

Rolling your eyes, you pushed Carl onto his back and climbed on top of him, straddling his waist.  “Yes, I’m attracted to you.  I guess everyone was always right whenever they said that we couldn’t just be friends,” you confessed, raising an eyebrow at him as a bulge began to form through his pants.  “And I’m guessing the feeling is mutual.”

Carl’s cheeks darkened a bit, but the smirk remained on his lips.  “You’re right.  I don’t go down on just anyone… Recently, at least.”

“How could I ever repay you?” you flirted, leaning down and resting your forehead against his.  You could tell you had the upper hand for once from the way he swallowed the lump in his throat and stared at you with wide eyes.  “Remember that confession you shared with me yesterday?”

Carl furrowed his brow and gave you a questioning look. “The one where I shamefully told you I’ve never had sex?  Yeah, what about it?”  God was he slow sometimes.

Brushing your nose against his, you wrapped your arms around his neck.  “How would you feel about changing that?”

That was all it took for it to click in his head.  His eyes widened for a moment before he grabbed your hips and flipped you over so he was on top.  He flashed you a smirk before brushing his lips against yours.  

“I guess maybe we’ll be able to call it even then.”


Once again, I’m new to the game on here so please let me know if you enjoy! xx

Stick With Me, Kid *Negan Series*

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Summary: Negan finds a little girl, no more than ten, amongst a car wreckage, after finding out she’s alone in the world. He takes her as his own, raising her through the apocalypse. If there’s one thing that his greatest pride but also his biggest weakness, it’s his daughter, Y/N!
Ratings/ warnings: Teen, mentions of blood and violence. I feel like, Negan as a dad is a warning.
Writers Notes: This doesn’t really have a set plot, it will follow alongside season 6 & 7, I’m unsure if I’ll make it so Carl and reader have a thing. But… I got big feels seeing Negan and Judith.

Notes: I had this idea last year, I wrote a few parts and then forgot about it. Now here I am, uploading it because I miss writing Negan! - Rosalee

Chapter One: Everybody Dies {Reader 10yrs old}

You weren’t really sure what was happening. One moment you were in your home playing with your dolls, the next your mother is picking you up and buckling you in the car seat. This had happened before, her frantic behaviour, it scared you but you were used to how anxiousness she is now. She never let you outside anymore, even living in the new community of people, she never let you out of her sight.

You peeked out of the car window and caught glimpses of the people you knew running. You also saw people that you didn’t know, dirty and grimy, attacking your friends. You frowned and your curious young eyes trained on the events before you.

“Mum, what’s happening?” Your small voice calling out to the women who was speeding out of the gates, “mum? We have to go back and help!” You plead as she continues to ignore you.

You turn your head and look out of the back window, watching as the gates faded into the background and became no more as your turned a corner. Trees and forest edge being the only scenery.

“Mum what about dad?” You asked in a rush, “we can’t leave him? What about dad? Mum.”

Your eyes welling up as she turned her head looking at you, stone cold stare but fear in her blue eyes as she looked at you. “Y/N, be quiet okay? Dad… he… was bitten okay? You know I told you what happened to people who are bitten? Right?” She glanced back at the road before you as you nodded lightly. “We can’t go back! We’re never going back, it just you and-”

“-MUM!” You yelled and pointed to the road where a man staggered out of the forest edge.

You could only watch as your mum swerved the car to avoid hitting the man. The car skidding along the road and tipping over, barrel rolling and smacking into a tree, upside down. The impact caused you to hit your head and black out for a few minutes; unaware of the potential danger around you.

You blinked your eyes open, a light thumping happening in your head as your vision is blurry. The blood rushing to your head, fast, as you’re stuck upside down.

You hear a deep, gritted growling, sounding like a frustrated animal. You blink rapidly and see, what you assume, is the man from the road trying to crawl through the windshield. Up front he looked rotten, disgusting and a grey sort of colour. Bloodshot eyes, skin flaking from his hands that outstretched trying to grab you.

Your heart thumps in your chest, tears falling from your eyes and you begin to scream. Looking to the driver’s seat and your mum isn’t there, car door open but no sign of her; panic settles in as this… man gets closer.

Over your screams for your dad or mum, you don’t hear a van pull up or the steady feet of men get out. No, all you see is the crazy man get pulled away, black boots stand over him and one slams on his back. A single gunshot is fired making you flinch, whimpering into the silence as it goes straight through his head; stopping the man growls.

The same boots along with a few others walk around the car, you whimper as a pair stop beside your window. “Boss, I think there’s someone alive in the car?” A deep, gruff voice rings out.

“Well, pull them out and let me take a look at them! It’s not rocket-science, Simon.” A smooth, clear voice comes from behind the car.

You stare wide-eyed as a man’s face appears; black moustache and grey, wiry hair, deep confused brown eyes stare at you for a moment. He opens the door, the metal scraping against the floor and he leans in, you whimper and recoil away.

“I’m gonna undo the buckle, be ready for the drop,” he tells you before pressing the buckles button and that sends you falling to the roof.

It doesn’t hurt just a little sudden, you look finally able to see him the right way up and he just gestures for you to crawl out to him. With no other choice you shuffle out of the car, standing up and looking up at the tall man; he’s wearing a khaki coloured shirt, sleeves rolled up and some jeans. He places a hand on your shoulder, moving you around the car to the back where a handful of man are stood. Waiting.

“Just a little girl,” the man holding your shoulder calls out. “Look like whoever she was with is long gone.”

You nervously look at the men. All holding some type of weapon, looking mean and tough. You heard dad and mum talking about a group, mean, biker looking group that took from settlements like where you ran from.

“What’s your name little darlin’?” A voice called out, your (E/C) eyes drift nervously to the voice.

A man with slick, dark hair and a black, leather jacket called to you. He looks mean, in the sense he’s swinging a baseball bat that has barbed wire coiled around it. But he has a kind smile, encouraging almost.

“Go on, tell him your name,” the man holding your shoulder taps lightly and you look down at your feet. Scared and afraid, terrified would be accurate.

“She’s scared, give her a minute,” the same man with the bat calls back. “Skinny Joey, check the car over and Simon bring her over here.”

You feel the slight nudge to move forward, you look up as you walk towards the man, glancing at the few others who are looking over the car. You stop a little short of him, he hands his bat to Simon, you think that’s his name, and then kneel down in front of you. He smells of smoke, leather and a distinct dirt smell, it’s not bad but different.

“Aren’t you just the cutest thing I ever did see, I haven’t seen a child this cute since, shit, before this whole mess.” He’s grinning, “I apologise for my foul mouth, now sweetie what’s your name?”

You take a few seconds and he nods in encouragement, “My mum told me not to talk to strangers.”

He laughs loudly, “That’s a good rule, but your mum isn’t here.” You look down, “And I’m only trying to help, I’m Negan, these are my men. Now you know who we are,” he grins as you look at the others all watching.

“I’m… Y/N,” you say hesitantly.

“Wanna tell me what happened? Why you’re out here all alone?” He looks at the wreckage.

You follow his eyes before looking back at him. “My mum packed me into the car, where we lived was under… attack, I think. By those… things,” you nodded to the man who was trying to get through the windshield, “she was driving fast and swerved not to hit him,” he nods solemnly.

“And she left you?” He asked and you shrugged, “woke up from that tumble and she was gone?” It wasn’t a question but you nodded. He seemed to be in deep thought as you looked at him, he looks up at Simon who gives a small sigh, nodding in agreement to whatever silent conversation they were having. “So, you’ll be coming back with us, we’ve got a good set up someone will-”

You cut him off, “I should stay here, what if… my mum left to get help?”

“Listen, kid,” Negan starts off, “that maybe true or she left you or she left to get help and died, the bad out way the good in this world. I don’t feel comfortable leaving you alone,” he tilts his head.

You shake your head, “No! You don’t know for sure, she wouldn’t just leave me,” you turn and sit beside the wreckage of the car.

Negan shrugs, taking the bat from Simon and telling his men to get into the trucks and vans. He gives you one last look before driving the way you had driven, you watch as the vans turn in the opposite corner and drive off.


Your dad told you stories how it gets worse at night. How to never stay outside at night, you wrapped your arms around your body and shivered from the cold. The sun was setting, getting to that time where the somewhat safeness of the day time faded. Your mum would have been back by now, if she left to get help, she wasn’t.

You felt neglected, why would she just leave you? What would possess her to just leave you. Alone with no one.

You stand up walking across the road, peeking into the forest, maybe she was stuck somewhere. Maybe she needed help! You step into the forest and begin walking, it was hard to see because of the darkness painting the sky slowly.

After a few minutes of walking you see her. Sat up against a tree, already looking just as rotten and disgusting as the man from earlier, plus people attacking where you lived. Her shirt was soaked in blood, you flinched away from the nightmare in front of you, she didn’t even look like your mum but it was her. You step back, twig snapping and your eyes darted to her.

She lazily lifted her head, making groaning sounds in the back of her throat; trying to stand up. Her noises attracted others, you could hear more faint groans, without thinking you turn and begin to run back. You squealed when one almost grabbed a hold of you, ducking and running back to the car, why? You didn’t know.

You clear the forest edge and breath heavily, yet, you smack into something. Or someone. You scream and thrash around to get out of their hold, only stopping when looking up, Negan?

“Just wanted to give you one last offer to come back with us,” he looked beyond you to the forest where you had obviously come from. “What were you doing in there?”

“Looking for my mum,” you muttered. “I found her!”

He nodded, “Well, I guess you don’t need us then, where is she?” Before he can stand up, you wrap your arms around his neck and hug him, he tenses and looks at Simon who shrugs.

“No! Don’t leave me,” you cried; the realisation of being alone and having no one falling onto you. “Their all gone now.” You cried.

“Stick with me, kid.” Negan sighs, rubbing your back reassuringly. “I’ve got you,” he stands up and hands His baseball bat to Simon before walking to the truck.

(Let me know what you think. I’m still editing, hence why things are a little off and such. I’ll get to my laptop soon (published and formatted from phone) hopefully, the tagging works on my phone, otherwise I’m sorry! My first Negan series, with reader as a child, I’m nervous!-Ro)

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je-ne-suis-pas-mignon  asked:

With Lance comforting Keith in the trailer and the writers confirming that he takes care of his nephews and neices I hope that the fandom stops calling Lance a jackass, obnoxious, fuckboy or an asshole in their fics. He might be loud and flirtatious, bordering on annoying occasionally, but I never saw him as any of the above. I see those exact words used for lance time and time again in parts of the fandom, tho. I hope season 3 changes that. Lance seems to be the most polarizing of the cast.

I mean, in general, I’ve always found it very peculiar that people accuse Lance specifically of not respecting women.

What Lance does, is flirt with people. His chosen method of flirting with the exception of one lewd-sounding joke Shiro immediately called him on (which he never did again) is pretty much “hey. you’re pretty. do you know I’m also pretty. I think this is very interesting.”

And Allura rolls her eyes. It’s up to you if you think she’s genuinely uncomfortable, but, considering Allura made it very clear in her first canon appearance, and has made good on ever since that she is pretty dang clear about what she decides isn’t okay- I feel like a really uncomfortable Allura would do a lot more than roll her eyes. It feels like a kind of lighthearted interpersonal teasing at this point- Lance jokingly asks Allura for a kiss for luck, Coran makes Lance kiss Platt, our next shot of Lance is him, disappointed but already having withdrawn without obvious compliant and gone back to his Lion.

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Credit for gif -> xxx

  • Fuck man he gives me such fuckboy vibes sometimes I love and hate it
  • Even though he’s a squish probably gonna go over board on this
  • Not even sorry lol
  • Okay but let’s begin
  • He’s obviously one of the “hot guys” at school
  • Like everyone wants to sit with him or just be near him
  • But you never really understood why people liked him so much?
  • Probably cause you were more into personality first cause looks can only last so long
  • So you were just meh about him
  • Look Jaehyun knew he has good looks, not the best but good looks.
  • But he used what he can for his advantage
  • He’ll say something like, “did you understand the homework.” Someone will just give him answer to the homework.
  • So when he asked you about the homework you’re just like “Yeah I did.” And just go back to whatever you were doing.
  • He’s taken aback but that caused him to get curious about you
  • Actually started to talk to you more and he thought you were cute
  • Cause Im gonna get all emo and shit
  • He loves skinship
  • But at first he was all embarrassed about it and didn’t want to make so many like cringe faces when holds your hand
  • But with skinship he’ll also get red.
  • You know what he just get’s red all the time.
  • Especially when you hype him up and compliment the shit out of him
  • He loves that
  • “Oh DDDDAAAAMMMMMNNNNN!!! You look good babe.”
  • Pet names all the time.
  • When you make fun of him you call him Jeffery until he tells you to stop cause he’s getting embarrassed
  • You literally range from calling him Jaehyun, to Jae, to Jeffery to Yoonoh to “hey loser”
  • Loves being the big spoon
  • But doesn’t mind having his head on your shoulder at times
  • Loves when you run your fingers through his hair
  • Let’s you do make up on him
  • Makes you a playlist of old school jazz and rock for you and literally writes a paragraph reasoning why he choose that song.
  • Hates whenever the other members comes along to y’alls dates only because they will bring up embarrassing stories about Jaehyun.. Like how he slipped in the showers and started shouting “HELP I’VE FALLEN AND I CAN’T GET UP.”
  • But loves whenever they have take cute pictures of the two of you
  • Once a month takes you out on a day long date as a way of saying “thank you for putting up with me”
  • Won’t do all those deep feelings talks until a year of dating.
  • He’ll protect you and take care of you even if he doesn’t do the best job with himself. He’ll make you his main priority.
Falsettos things

I just saw it and thought I’d jot down some of the little details I noticed and loved Mendel’s hypnosis 

  • Trina’s 👏 clapping 👏 (I can’t remember what song but it was great)
  • Marvin’s sarcastic thumbs up when he says “biblical times" 
  • Jason’s despair at the adults in every single song
  • Mendel "subtly” getting a hold of Trina’s handkerchief
  •  Mendel points out the homosexuals in the audience in “Welcome to Falsettoland”
  • Marvin trying to hide behind Dr. Charlotte when Whizzer arrives at the baseball game   
  • The lesbians’ back rub vs. Whizzer and Marvin’s caresses
  • Jason rocking out to Hebrew prayers on his walkman
  • Trina and Marvin’s fiddler on the roof moment in  “Everyone Hates His Parents" 
  • Whizzer has just given up in “Days Like This” - he looks so hopeless it’s just crushing
  • They only use real furniture in the hospital- seems too clean, too foreign
  • Whizzer admiring Marvin’s tie at the bar mitzvah 

One last note: at the end of "I’m Breaking Down,” my mom leaned over to me and said “I would have given her a Tony just for that.” Obviously.

Because I Love You (Part II)

James Buchanan “Bucky” Barnes x Reader

Summary: (Y/n) left, and Bucky knew at that moment, his whole world crashed.

Warnings: Angst, Alcohol, Cheating, Modern!AU, Swearing
1.74k Words.

Again, sorry to those who are named Adley!

Part I | Part II | Part III | Part IV

A/N: Part II is out. I realized I had quite a ton of grammar mistakes in Part I, so I re-read this one a few times. Sorry if there are still some. I hope you all enjoy this one. 

The only thing running through Bucky’s mind was why in the world was (Y/n) here? Did Adley contact her? How did she find out about Adley? Bucky noted that (Y/n) had stiffened in Natasha’s arm when she heard his voice, the voice that promised her nothing but sweet happiness ever since the day she agreed to his confession. His eyes darted between (Y/n) and Adley, swiftly ignoring the death glare Natasha has been giving him.

Bucky took a large inhale, his brain trying to work things out- trying to look for all the possibilities where he wouldn’t lose her. He knew his heart was racing against time, but he couldn’t feel it, all he received was the agonizing pain gnawing his stomach.

No one moved for minutes, afraid of the moment that was to come if they did. Bucky heard (Y/n) draw a long intake of breath, and he stared at her as she closed her eyes. He longed to see those (y/e/c) orbs, the ones that never failed to make him fall for her all over again, but he knew that if he did, the dreaded feeling in his guts would increase tenfold because they would only reflect all the damage he had inflicted upon her.

(Y/n) stood up. Such a small movement yet it screamed so much more, and that was the call Bucky took for himself to speak.

“(Y-Y/n), I-” he started, his voice was slightly croaky and (Y/n) shuddered as she predicted his next words. It was the exact same tone Bucky used when he lied to her about coming home in the middle of the night. Back then, she would lie to him as well, assuring him that it was alright, but not this time. (Y/n) knew she had to leave, for if she stayed, he’ll just toy with her heartstrings once more.

“Adley, that’s all I needed to say. I-If you’ll excuse me, I have to go, have a good life,” (Y/n) said, following Natasha as they made their way to the door. Her voice did not once quiver, and Bucky wondered how much has he made her suffer for her to be able to grow into someone this strong.

“(Y/n)! Wait, please!” he cried out, and she stopped. (Y/n) motioned for Natasha to go on without her. Bucky could sense the hesitation in the redhead’s movements, before suppressing a tremor seeing the bitterness and resentment in Natasha’s eyes, all directed towards him. (Y/n) turned around, her expression not betraying how she felt. Bucky saw it all in slow motion, how her small steps turned into long strides, how her right hand reached out to her left, pulling the ring he gave to her on their second anniversary and clenching it in a fist.

“James,” she started, and Bucky broke down into a trembling mess because she had never use his first name, he never allowed it. His eyes were shut tightly, terrified of the judgement heading his way, and terrified of seeing her leave. “James, look at me,” Bucky bit his lips, and did exactly what she said, “James. You obviously can’t do this anymore. I don’t deserve this, Adley doesn’t deserve this,” her warm and soft hands; the ones where if people touched, they would never be able to tell all the hardships this woman has been through, caressed his much larger and rougher ones.

It only lasted a few seconds, and Bucky let out his tears when he felt her warmth leave his. On impulse, he lunged to (Y/n), clutching onto her like his life depended on it, because to him, it did.

“I’m sorry (Y/n)! I-I really am, please! Stay! Don’t go!” he wheezed. Bucky nuzzled his face into her hair, cherishing the hint of vanilla that had fused itself with (Y/n)’s own almond scent. Bucky didn’t know how long they stood there like that, and Bucky didn’t realise the pained expression that was painted on Adley’s face, but (Y/n) did. With all the strength in her, she pushed the man she loved away.

“If you’re really sorry, you never would’ve done it in the first place James, you know that,” (Y/n) said, “Heck, even I know that! And after all the effort you’ve gone through, all the effort you’ve put in for me to trust you?” Tears cascaded down from her eyes, once more, “You threw it all away as if it meant nothing!”

Bucky knew exactly what (Y/n) was talking about. Getting her to go out with him was never easy. When he first met her, the (y/h/c) was already broken and lost. She never wanted to give love a chance, but he changed that.

“Look, Bucky, you’re a really great guy! And I’m honoured to know someone as good as you could like someone like me but- I just can’t.” (Y/n) said, looking up into those icy blue eyes.

“You can’t, or you won’t?” Bucky asked, and (Y/n) wanted to retort but the guy was right. She simply didn’t want to risk it.

“(Y/n), I know what your dad did, I’ve heard it all from Natasha,” Bucky said, grabbing (Y/n)’s hands in his own, “but I promise you I won’t be that kind of guy. I won’t hurt you. I won’t let you go down the same path your mother did. And if you’d just give me a chance, a chance to prove it to you,” he brought her hand up to his lips, lightly kissing her knuckles, “I swear I will treat you right.”

“You remember, don’t you? Even if you don’t, I do,” (Y/n) said, backing away from Bucky, “It took you 7 months, 3 weeks and 1 day for me to finally accept your love. And that wasn’t just it, remember the conditions you stated when you pleaded for me to give you a chance?”

Bucky couldn’t breathe, he knew he fucked up. He’s losing his best girl, his best friend and there’s nothing he could do about it.

“Well, you’ve used it all up.”

Bucky watched as she edged closer to the door, tears staining his face and blurring his vision. (Y/n) grabbed the door handle, opening the entrance to her new beginning. Just as she was about to take a step, she paused and turned around. Bucky’s heart swelled, hoping she would give him another chance, but it plummeted after seeing the newfound resolution in her eyes.

“Oh, and Adley?”

The brunette looked at the door with furrowed brows and pursed lips.

“Don’t let him do to you, what he did to me,” (Y/n) said with one last smile; before leaving the house, before leaving both Adley’s and Bucky’s lives.

The warm sunlight that passed through the door disappeared, and the house became eerily quiet. Bucky could feel Adley’s stare from behind his back. He looked pathetic, crouching on the carpeted floor, face messed up and his form quivering, but he didn’t give a damn. He clenched his fist tighter, but felt a sharp jab in one of them. He looked down in confusion, and his heart felt hollower seeing the ring she left him.

“J-James,” Adley called out, “James…?”

Her voice was soft and cautious, as if talking to a lost child, Bucky noted. He could sense her approaching, although the carpeted floor did well for its job, silencing the sound of her footsteps. She called him out once more before tapping his back, and he allowed instincts to take over. He stood up and turned to her, all traces of agony gone and in came anger. Adley flinched as he grabbed her arm firmly.

“Did you tell her?” he grunted out, and she whimpered, “Did you tell her?” he questioned again, pausing between each word.

Adley quickly shook her head, forcing out a small no. He tore his grasp from her, biting the insides of his cheek to make sure this wasn’t a nightmare. Bucky recognized that it wasn’t Adley’s fault when she wrapped her arms around him timidly, but those arms weren’t the ones he was used to after a day’s work. It may have been the ones that provided him pleasure, but they were not the ones that radiated warmth and home. He took Adley’s arms off himself and left her house, disregarding her calls of his name.

The drive back home was vague to him. Actually, everything was vague for him; he faintly remembered searching their (no, not theirs anymore, his) house for anything that belonged to her (that’s probably why it looked trashed), then leaving to the bar not too far away. He was gulping down his sorrows, and only snapped out of it when a familiar reprimanding face looked down at him.

“S-Steve…” he drawled out.

The blonde looked unimpressed, arms crossed and jaw ticked.

“Bucky, what are you doing?”

“I’m drinking! Come, join me!” he paused, “Wait, how did you know I was here?”

“You texted me about how much you screwed up and this is the only bar you’d go to if you were alone, Buck,” Steve replied, “So what happened?”

Bucky shook his head in slow motion, drunken laughter bubbling up inside him. His head throbbed from the amount of Gin and Vodka he drank, but his heart suffered more.

“I fucked up, Steve. I really did…” he looked at his best friend, who only returned a stare of his own, “(Y/n) found. She left.”

“You know I’m not gonna help you Buck,” Steve sighed, “I told you the day I found out that you needed to stop your game. The only reason why I didn’t tell (Y/n) myself was because of your reasoning as to why you did it, you know that.”

Steve took a seat beside Bucky, and they both drank in silence. The buzzing of the bar was tuned out as Bucky travelled back to times where (Y/n) looked at him like he was her world. Back at Adley’s? She looked at him so bitterly yet the love was still there, albeit broken, but still there. She wanted him to be happy, and if that’s her last wish for him, so be it.

“I’ve made up my mind, Steve. I’ll stay with Adley, and treat her right.” Bucky noticed Steve’s perplexed expression, and the lingering word ‘Why’ hanging above them. He took one last shot of burning liquid down his throat before staring ahead.

“That’s what (Y/n) wanted for me.”

And he will follow it through without a word.

Protective Or Possessive - Part Three | Jughead x Reader

Originally posted by kulo-ren

Pairing: Jughead x Reader

Description: Sticking with your friend Veronica’s plan, you head to Pop’s to confront Jug and it becomes a whirlwind of emotions between the two of you.

Warnings: none.

Word count: 1,763

A/N: the support for this has been incredible and i really hope you enjoy this! so many of you asked for a part three and i hope this lives up to the expectations <3


“He hates me,” you sighed, flopping down onto your bed with your phone pressed to your ear. The moment you’d got home you’d called Veronica since she was the mastermind behind this whole thing. You’d told her his reaction and how horrible you felt that you’d upset him so much. Part of you wanted to go and come clean to Jug but when you’d voiced this to Ronnie, she’d shut it down instantly. The plan was in motion and there was no stopping it.

“He doesn’t hate you, (Y/N). Stop being such a drama queen.” Although you couldn’t see her, you knew that Veronica was rolling her eyes at you right now.

You snorted. “Says the biggest drama queen I know.”

“Shutup. Look, Jughead doesn’t hate you. Our plan kind of worked, right? We got a reaction out of him. Just sit tight for a few hours then show up at Pop’s. I know for a fact he’s not going to be too mad to want to talk to you.”

“I don’t know, V.”

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Roses |Joe Sugg|

Summary -  could I please have an imagine where Joe and the reader (his fiancé) have an argument over the wedding planning in front of the boys and then the reader walks out and the boys get them back together!! Thank you!❤

Word Count - 1,874

Warnings - N/A

A/N - I changed it slightly so it was Joe that walked out and not Y/N.

You sighed as you leaned your elbows against the table, your chin resting on the palm of your left hand, staring down at the bright purple notebook that was lead in front of you.

You wished you had the peace and quiet that you needed to be able to figure out which flowers would look better as centre pieces but no. You were currently joined with 7 incredibly, loud, annoying guys. Your fiancé and his 6 best men. Yeah, that’s right. 6 of them.

“Well, what are we thinking? Roses or lilies?” you asked, trying to bring the conversation back to the wedding. The boys were currently sat talking about a new video game that was coming out in a few days, not exactly your topic of choice at the minute.

“Whichever you want, love.” Joe smiled, gently kissing your cheek. You sighed quietly as he turned back to his friends.

What was the point of you being sat at the table with them, being disrupted every time you tried to ask a question about the wedding?

Joe didn’t even seem bothered, he had basically let you pick everything out and he’d just be happy showing up on the day, not knowing any plans.

You buried your head in your notebook again; thankful that there were only a few details left, most of the wedding had already been planned. By yourself, obviously because Joe’s input wasn’t needed apparently.

“I think this Outlast game is going to be better than the last.” Oli told the rest of the boys, taking a sip of beer from one of the bottles in the middle of the table.

“You shit yourself when the last one came out,” Caspar laughed loudly.

“Only because Joe kept screaming when he was playing it, he kept making me jump.” Oli argued in protest.

Even though you were slightly annoyed that Joe wasn’t being very helpful, Oli’s memory made you smile. You remember that night very clearly. Oli and Caspar had stayed over the night, and all three of them were downstairs playing the asylum based video game.

Every few minutes, you would hear a girly scream, and it would be coming from Joe. Then seconds later, Oli and Caspar would tell him to shut up as they had both fallen asleep on the sofa and Joe’s screams had woken them up as he had been playing the video game with his headphones in. Though hours later, Joe had joined you in bed but had refused to go to sleep, so spent most of the night sat up with you nuzzled up to him, your head resting in his lap. He had spent most of the night telling you about the game, because apparently people were telling his character to go down the drains.

And Joe didn’t want to go down the drains.

That memory seemed like it was years ago, when in actual fact it was weeks ago but a lot had happened since then.

Joe had spent most days at meetings, and most nights with the boys. Usually this wouldn’t have bothered you, but with you and Joe getting married in just a few weeks, you would have thought the wedding would have been Joe’s priority, but clearly not.

His priority was his stag party.

Where as you had spent the days planning the wedding, and the nights well … Still planning the wedding.

Joe had decided his stag party was going to be a mad one around London, with all 6 of his best men. Your hen party was a little more low-key. You were spending it in Brighton, having a girly night with Zoë.

You weren’t much of a drinker anyway, so a quiet one was much better in your opinion.

Caspar dropping his beer bottle on the wooden floor disrupted your thoughts as you sighed quietly, standing up.

“Shit, Y/N. I’m really sorry.” Caspar looked up at you, like a child that was about to be told off.

“It’s fine Caspar.” You smiled slightly, going into the kitchen and grabbing some towels before starting to clean the mess up, not even noticing the cut on the palm of your hand until Caspar did.

“Come on, I’ll clean it up,” Caspar smiled sympathetically as he took you over to the sink in the kitchen. You have spoken to Caspar about the wedding, more than anyone. More than Joe. He wanted to be as helpful as possible as he was the one, out of all of the boys, that you were closest to and you had been close since you and Joe first started dating.

The others were completely out of ear shot of yours and Caspar’s conversation at the minute, not that they were listening anyway.

Caspar quickly took the towels off you with the glass inside and binned them, before running the cold water and sticking your hand underneath it.

“Is he doing your head in again?” Caspar mumbled lowly, but still keeping his eyes on your hand.

“How did you guess?” you chuckled weakly, watching Caspar intently as he started to wash the blood off your hand.

“Just a wild guess, you’ve hardly spoken to him, or looked at him for that matter.” Caspar commented.

You shrugged your shoulders and sighed.

“It’s just that, he’s seeing his stag party as being more important than the actual wedding. Joe’s using the wedding as an excuse to get pissed and he doesn’t really seem interested in the wedding at all Caspar. I don’t really see the point of it. He doesn’t even seem like he wants to marry me anymore.” You told Caspar, tears brimming your eyes before something out the corner of your eye, caught your attention.

“That’s what you think?” Joe mumbled, glancing at Caspar as a signal for him to leave the room.

Caspar nodded silently and gave you a weak smile before leaving, closing the door behind him.

“Well its true isn’t it?” you frowned, looking back down at your hand as the blood continued to flow.

Joe stayed quiet until you heard his footsteps approaching and the clicking of a box before he reached over you and turned the water off, drying it with a towel and started wrapping a bandage around your hand.

But still, he said nothing at all.

“Joe?” you said, wanting an answer off him.

“I know it seems like I only care about this stag party, but it’s sort of my last night out as a free man.” He shrugged, still concentrating on your hand.

“Free man? Before you get tied to me for the rest of your life?” you frowned, pulling your hand away from him as Joe let out a deep sigh.

“That’s not what I meant and you know it.”

“That’s what you said though.” You narrowed your eyes at him. Maybe you were being paranoid, or maybe your thoughts were confirmed and he really wasn’t bothered whether you got married in 3 weeks time or not.

“Don’t assume that I don’t want to marry you, just because I’m excited about my stag party. Don’t put words into my mouth and expect me to be alright with it!” Joe frowned; raising his voice at you as you flinched, not expecting this kind of behaviour from him at all.

He had never raised his voice at you, because whenever you normally had disagreements, he normally walked away until you both calmed down… And it looked like he was about to do that now, as you watched him grab his jacket and walk out the door without a second glance.

You let out a shaky sigh as you wiped your eyes with the back of your hand, before going back into the living room.

“What just happened?” Jack asked, looking at you concerned.

Maybe they couldn’t hear you and Caspar talking quietly before, but they had definitely heard yours and Joe’s disagreement.

“Joe knows he just walked out of his own apartment, right?” Conor asked stupidly.

“Erm, guys. I really don’t mean to sound rude but I think it would be best if you all left. You can organise his stag party another night.” You told them, your eyes still fresh with tears.

That’s if there will be a stag party, you thought.

All of them got up, grabbed their jackets and left, quickly. Except Caspar who stayed where he was, arms folded across his chest.

“Caspar,” you started, before he shook his head.

“Say what you want, I’m staying.” Caspar protested, grabbing his phone. “I’m just going to let Maddie know where I am, don’t move.”

You nodded slightly as he went into the kitchen and sat down at the table where Josh was previously sat as you looked down at your cut hand, the blood starting to seep through the bandage and even though the pain was now striking through your hand, it didn’t bother you.

Caspar came back minutes later and sat next to you.

“I’m guessing you heard everything.” You mumbled, glancing up from your hand as Caspar simply nodded.

“Couldn’t help but hear.” You chuckled weakly as a tear rolled down your cheek.

“Joe will calm down soon, you know he will.” Caspar told you, gently rubbing your hand. “Maybe just sleep on it and see how things are in the morning?”

You nodded slightly, looking at the clock that was nailed to the wall as it read the time.


“I didn’t even realise it was that late.” You sighed, standing up and rubbing your eyes. “Sleeping on the sofa?”

Caspar nodded and gently hugged you, kissing the top of your head.

“I’m not leaving you, but I’ll grab pillows and stuff, you just go to bed.” He told you.

Caspar had stayed over more than enough times to know where you kept spare bedding, so you did as he sad and dragged yourself to your bedroom.

Your eyes felt like they were burning but you weren’t really sure why. Because you’d been crying? Or because you were extremely tired? I guess the reason didn’t matter.

You didn’t even go to the effort of changing your clothes, you simply got into bed in what you were wearing, which was grey joggers and one of Joe’s hoodies and you instantly fell asleep as soon as your head hit the pillow.

Though after a few minutes, you felt a pair of arms wrap around your waist.

“I’m sorry.” You heard a deep voice mumble, nuzzling into your neck.

You sighed slightly in relief as you heard Joe’s voice, his strong arms around you.

“Just forget it happened.” You told him, turning onto your other side as you looked up at him, the moonlight shining through your window.

“Caspar called me, told me I was being a dickhead.” Joe chuckled, his eyes still shining with tears, making his eyes look like glass.

“I’m not saying anything.” You chuckled, gently wiping his eyes with your thumbs as you nuzzled into his chest.

“Y/N?” Joe mumbled, his voice sounding tired.

You looked up at him, waiting for his next sentence.

“I think roses are better for the centre pieces.” He grinned sleepily before falling asleep with your bodies intertwined in each other.

Maybe he was listening after all.

Wings - A Warren Worthington III imagine

@typicalserialkiller requested “Warren Worthington imagine where he’s embarrassed of his wings so until you show up to the school and also have wings and help him with his confidence about them”

Warren can you come downstairs, the voice of Professor X echoed through Warrens mind. He let out a sigh and pulled the headphones off his head getting off his bed and trudging down the stairs.

He saw the professor and professor McCoy standing by the main doors with a girl. Not just any girl though she had small feather wings coming out of her back like his old wings. The breath felt pulled out of his lungs. 

Part of his mind went to anger. Not towards her of course. But the fact that she still had beautiful wings and now he had metal killing wings which made everyone hate him.

Looking past the professors she saw him and he was able to notice the moment her mind took in someone else had wings, it put a large smile on her face.

“Y/N this is Warren he’s a student at the school. I thought he could show you around.” The professor explained looking expectantly at Warren.

“I mean sure whatever.” Warren shrugged off the ask earning a roll of the eyes from both professors. Y/N moved quickly past the two older men and to Warrens side.

“Take the lead then Warren.” 

Warren just began to walk off. He always had to have the bad boy I don’t care exterior so no one saw he was actually emotional. 

Y/N made up for his silence by explaining how she came to the school, that she liked his leather jacket, and that she hopes they could be friends. 


Friends are exactly what they became. Being new at the school was hard. Some lunches Y/N would spend the whole time asking him questions and talking herself. Some lunches they sat in silence. Warren wasn’t sure which he preferred. 

One lunch they were sitting outside on the grass and Y/N had her wings stretched out to full length as keeping them by her side was cramping sometimes. 

“Why don’t you stretch out too Warren? If it hurts me it must hurt you your wings are a lot heavier.” Y/N suggested causing him to look up at her.

With her wings out she did look really heavenly.

“I don’t want to.” Simple answer but it made Y/N frown all the same.

“Why not? You always try to keep in your wings I’m sure they would be pretty impressive out.” She didn’t mean it taunting. She didn’t mean it painful but it still hit a cord in his feelings.

Warren scoffed, standing up. “Y/N we don’t all have nice feather wings damn it! People hate the sight of me because of mine alright? I hate them. I hate to look in the mirror or see people’s expressions trying to get by me in the hall. My wings are hurtful and ugly and nothing but a big scar.” 

His voice seemed strained at the end like he was trying to keep in his emotion. Y/N couldn’t reply she was too shocked looking up at him from her sitting position with an expression of horror. 

Warren just walked back to his room hating himself now for both his wings and for yelling at one of the only people who cared for him. 


Some time passed before there was a knock on Warren’s door.

“Go away.”

“Warren, it’s me can I come in?” Y/N asked from the other side of the door her voice quiet but worry obviously laced in it. 

There was a moment of silence and Warren sighed before opening the door. Y/N was relieved to see him as she had spent the last hour putting together her thoughts. 

Gently with her hand on his chest, she pushed him into the room and shut the door behind them.

“Y/N-” Warren started but she cut him off putting up a hand as if to say stop. “ You had your chance to talk now let me.”

“You don’t like your wings which I don’t understand in the least. They are part of you Warren and yea they are metal but they are still beautiful. If you were proud of them people wouldn’t care so much. And why do you care I’m sure you have no problem telling those people to fuck off. You are beautiful Warren I mean it.” Y/N finished her little speech with a huff of breath.

Warren didn’t have words to reply.

“Be confident in your wings Warren. They may be a quote scar but they are the most badass war wound I have ever seen,” Y/N remarked actually making Warren laugh a little. 

“So show me your wings streched out.” It seemed more a demand then an ask but the smile on her face let him knew it was alright.

Warren showed her his full wingspan and knocked over the radio on his desk in the process. They both paused and looked over.

“…I’ll buy you a new one Warren but nice progress.”


@rax-writes we haven’t talked but I’ve seen from Pasc’s blog you like Warren soo

Okay, so the story is that Chloe was Adrien’s childhood friend – his only friend - prior to being allowed to attend school...

I just wonder… who arranged this?

Because I don’t think it was their fathers…


Think about every interaction we’ve seen between Mr Agreste and Mayor Bourgeois, Adrien and Mr Bourgeois, Mr Agreste and Chloe…

Mayor Bourgeois doesn’t seem to know the Agrestes well at all (apart from the fact that they’re rich and famous). You’d think he’d at least say ‘Hi’ maybe ‘nice to see you again’ to Adrien or treat him with a degree of familiarity as his precious daughter’s only other friend? But nope.  

The same applies to Mr Agreste.

And in the episode Mr Pigeon, it struck me as odd that Chloe introduced herself to Mr Agreste as though she were meeting him for the first time.

It feels like neither father has ever been in the same room as their child and their friend (until now). Mr Agreste and Mayor Bourgeois seem to barely know one another. It really looks as though they’re all strangers to one another (apart from Adrien and Chloe obviously).


So, who arranged for Adrien and Chloe to socialize?

It’s probably got to be one, or both of their mothers.

We know that Adrien’s mom has only been missing for the last year or so; she was present throughout most of his childhood and is the most likely person to have arranged for Adrien to have a companion around his own age.

We don’t know why or for how long Chloe’s mother has been absent. If she was around until fairly recently, then she was probably the one to meet up with Adrien and his mother. Hell, maybe Mrs Agreste and Mrs Bourgeois were friends? Maybe they disappeared at the same time? Maybe they’re both somewhere together right now??

If Chloe’s mother has been gone a long time, then perhaps it was Mr Bourgeois who knew Mrs Agreste and decided that their two kids would get along. But then it makes even less sense that he doesn’t act more familiar/friendly with Adrien.


Or what about Gabriel Agreste’s assistant, Nathalie Sancouer?

Might she have arranged for Adrien to have some company his own age?

She did help to persuade Mr Agreste to allow Adrien to attend school (granting Adrien’s wish to make some friends). Although I wouldn’t say Nathalie always goes above and beyond for Adrien generally (e.g. when Mr Agreste asked her to get a birthday present for Adrien, she didn’t; she stole Marinette’s gift) she does get involved when Adrien is feeling lonely or neglected.

But Nathalie would have to have had permission from either Mr Agreste or Mrs Agreste to do something like this and I find it hard to believe they’d both be like ‘Yeah sure! Go find a friend for our kid, we don’t want to know who or get involved in any way because… meh…’

So yeah… I still think it’s one or both of the moms…

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Tell me about the one who loved him (part three)

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Part three of Tell me about the one who loved him.

Part two here.

I am so sorry it took so much time to publish it as I was never satisfied with it. I kept changing it non-stop, but this will have to do I’m afraid! I have decided as well to name Sirius’ daughter, it felt too impersonal otherwise. But feel free to change it in your head ;)

I love you all and thanks so much for the support I had these past weeks. I am beyond grateful.

(ps : I am sorry for the ones who asked to be tagged on, I didn’t figure how to do it yet!)

Sirius had been on the run for two days now and Harry couldn’t do nothing but being worried for his godfather. It was dangerous for him to be wandering outside and Harry could only hope nothing bad happened. When Sirius ran away, Lupin was urged to come to Grimmauld place. He was obviously angry with Harry telling Hermione, even if the intentions were good. Lupin knew what it was like to keep a secret from the people you loved, but still, he was still thinking it wasn’t for him or anybody but Y/N to tell his old friend that he had a child. Sirius was impulsive, he could have done something to endanger himself or even all of them, for that matter. As much as he wanted to shout at Harry that he shouldn’t have done what he did, he didn’t feel like adding more weight on Harry’s shoulders. It hurt him to see Harry feeling so guilty and concerned that his godfather was missing. They searched the neighbourhood for a complete day. But Lupin knew Sirius and if he didn’t want to be found, he was most likely to be hidden in a secret place nobody knew about. He always had his ways.

Harry entered the kitchen, where Lupin was sipping on a hot cup of tea. He stepped back outside, he didn’t want to look at him in the eyes with what had happened.

‘Sit down, have a cup of tea’ said Lupin, looking at Harry seriously.

Harry watched the kettle pouring hot water into a tiny cup in front of him and going back on the stove by itself.

‘No news from Sirius?’ asked Harry, hoping Lupin would bring good news with him, clearly knowing that it was less likely to happen by looking at Lupin’s expression.

Lupin shook his head.

‘I’m sure he’s okay’ he answered, swallowing a big gulp of tea.

Harry looked at his former professor. How old and tired he looked right now. He couldn’t feel less guilty to put this pressure upon Lupin, as the full moon was approaching. But Lupin wasn’t showing signs of the pain that struck him. He tried to smile, feeling observed.

‘I’m sorry’ muttered Harry, sipping on his tea.

‘We’ve talked about this. I take the blame as well. I shouldn’t have told you that story in the first place.’

‘I didn’t know he was listening to us.’

‘I know. You couldn’t have know how your godfather is a very proud and stuck up man. This is exactly why I never told him, you know? To avoid that sort of impulsive reaction.’

Harry nodded. He and Lupin sat in silence, the only sound to be heard was the old grandfather clock ticking in the background. Suddenly, they heard a door shut loudly and Sirius appeared in the doorframe of the kitchen. Harry got up at once and looked at his godfather. He looked like a mess, his hair was all over the place and his clothes were all dirty. Mostly, he looked like he didn’t even care about Harry and Lupin’s presence in the room with him.

‘Sirius! Where were you, we’ve been-‘ said Harry.

‘What are you doing here?’ cut Sirius, addressing Lupin.

He was obviously angry at his friend.

‘It’s not his fault, I was the one-‘

But Sirius cut Harry again.

Lupin was now standing behind the table, facing Sirius.

‘You kept this from me? I mean, it’s not like if it was any relevant to tell me that I had a child, isn’t?’

‘Calm down Sirius’ muttered Lupin, obviously not at ease with Harry listening to them quarrelling.

Calm down?’ Sirius replied. ‘Did you just tell me to calm down?’

‘I thought two days wandering in the streets like a stray dog and worrying to death your godson might at least calm you down a bit!’ Remus shouted.

‘Don’t you dare put this on Harry! You were the one responsible to tell me that I had a daughter! Two years since I escaped and you never even mentioned Y/N’s name first and most of all that we had a kid together, for god’s sake Remus! And you’re asking me to calm down?’

‘I knew it’d put you out of yourself’

‘Well, obviously it would! How do you think I would react? Knowing that Y/N was pregnant when I was arrested, that I let her down? That I missed all of my daughter’s life? Y/N was pregnant, Remus! With our child! And I wasn’t there!’ he shouted.

‘Let’s sit down, shall we?’ suggested Lupin, trying to use a warmer tone. ‘Harry, would you?’

Harry nodded and walked out of the kitchen.

‘No, you’re staying. I don’t know why Remus wouldn’t want you to hear all of this, since he told you his little secret before the first person it concerned!’ replied Sirius, walking to the pantry and pouring himself a glass of wine.

Harry could see his godfather was such in a mood. He knew he had a temper, he never questioned it, but looking at him right now scared him a little.

Lupin growled.

‘Sit down then.’

Harry pulled a chair and sat there uncomfortably. He didn’t want to hear that particular conversation, he felt everything was his fault.

‘Go on, now’ said Sirius to Lupin.

Lupin rolled his eyes, he looked like he was already discouraged by Sirius.

‘The night James and Lily-‘ he stopped talking and took a look at Harry.

Harry smiled weakly, showing Lupin he was alright.

‘The night it happened. I went to your flat. I needed to see it for myself, if there was any clue that you had betrayed them-‘

‘Obviously there wasn’t’ muttered Sirius under his breath.

‘I was in a state, you can understand. Y/N came in as well, she didn’t have a clue that what just happened.’

Sirius was now observing Remus.

‘I was the one left to tell her everything that had happened. About James and Lily, about you…’

Sirius’ eyes were darkening.

‘She never really forgave me. Like she thought I was only a bad news bearer. That was the last time I ever spoke to Y/N. She was demolished, Sirius. Not long after, I heard she moved back with her grandparents to Y/B/P. I tried to write, but I never got an answer. Years passed and she started to fade from my thoughts.’

‘But, two years ago, when I went to teach at Hogwarts. It was a dream come true, you know?’ said Remus, smiling vaguely. ‘I was teaching a group of first years. There was something odd in the air, I couldn’t put my finger on it. Then I saw her. She was Y/N copycat. The long black hair, she same smile. As I was talking in front of the class, she was always balancing herself on her chair, like she couldn’t stop herself from doing it. She looked at me and saw that I was annoyed. It hit me. She had your eyes and your damn smirk. My heart was racing and I couldn’t focus anymore. Can you understand? In the space of a day, I had seen James and you through their respective children, two people I had not seen for twelve years. I was in complete shock.’

Harry looked at his godfather. His eyes were watering slowly as he tried to focus on what Lupin was saying.

‘I don’t even know her name’ Sirius whispered.

Harry looked at him profoundly.

‘Her name is Stella’ he said.

Sirius’ eyes opened, Harry could even tell they were sparkling.

‘Stella…’ he muttered to himself under his breath.

‘She’s really clever. A bit goofy, has a talent for trouble. But she has a good heart, she’s really focused into her studies as well. She takes it after you…’ Lupin added.

‘I’d like to see her’ Sirius said, raising his voice.

Harry and Lupin looked at each other.

‘Sirius…’ said Lupin.

‘I want to see my daughter.’

Harry started to panic.

‘She doesn’t even know you’re her father!’ he shouted impulsively.

Sirius looked at his godson, confused.

‘What, it’s true! Her mother, she never told her about you, did she?’ he added, looking now at Lupin. ‘And maybe you should leave it that way…’

He didn’t know why he said that. Maybe he was angry with the fact that his only relative left had now a family of his own. Maybe he didn’t want to lose his place beside Sirius. Harry knew it was childish to think that way, but he could tell that he never felt glad for his godfather. Of course, he wanted him to know he had a daughter, he couldn’t keep such a big secret from him. But did he really want him to meet his child and forget all about Harry? No, he certainly didn’t.

‘Harry’s right, Sirius. I think we should leave it like that-‘

Sirius gave him the big eyes.

‘- just until things are sorted out at least. If we get through this war, if-‘

‘And what if we don’t?’ Sirius cut him.

‘What?’ replied Lupin.

‘What if we don’t? What if we die? What if I get myself killed before I even laid eyes on my daughter, on Stella? Don’t you think I have the right to at least see her? Doesn’t she deserve the truth? Maybe it’s not the prettiest truth but…’

Harry and Lupin stared blankly at the wall behind them.

‘Remus, couldn’t you just ask Y/N to come here and see me? Maybe I could work it out.’

‘You’re out of your mind. It’s too dangerous.’

‘I don’t believe she’d put me in any danger.’

‘She won’t accept’ replied Lupin.

‘At least you could try…’

Harry looked at Lupin nod in approbation. At that moment, he knew that lives would be changed forever : Stella Y/L/N’s, Sirius’ and his. Truth was, he didn’t know what scared him the most.

what’s in your bag: pansy parkinson

Pansy: Merlin, this is going to take a while… Alright. The essentials…

Pansy: here we go.

Pansy: Madame Moliere’s Melt-Free Dark Chocolate. Every sensible witch should have chocolate in her bag.

Pansy: Eyeshadow. Only the best, obviously. I don’t mess around.

Pansy: A scented candle. You never know when you’ll step into a room that desperately needs some freshening

Pansy: A hairbrush. Looking this good is nothing to joke about.

Pansy: The Elixir of Life (booze). Honestly, how else do you expect me to make it through Draco’s endless ramblings about Potter?

Pansy: Some potions… one of them may be Amortentia… another may be draught of living death… you never know what you’ll need at a moment’s notice.

Pansy: A Music Box that Draco’s Mum gave me for Christmas last year. I happen to think it means that she’s given us her blessing, but he says she gave one to Blaise, too…

And of course… lipstick. Hold on, let me see how much I have in here…

Pansy: my favorite’s in here somewhere…

Pansy: Ah, found it! Knew it was in there somewhere.

((OOC: I was tagged by the wonderful @kapitan5o and I tag @space-marauder i.e. the Draco to my Pansy (obviously), @askthegirlwholoved‘s amazing Cho Chang,  and @sirussly‘s ever-the-badass Tonks))

Would Never Call It Love Part 6 | Calum Hood

Inspired by the break up scene between Ross and Rachel in Friends. THIS IS NOT THE LAST PART. Part 7 will be the last part of this story. Hopefully you all enjoy. Inbox me your thoughts!

Previous parts 1 2 3 4 5

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After more thrilling shows with Ashton’s sweaty hugs and the exhilarating crowd heard from miles away, we all found ourselves here back at the hotel we were all staying at after the most recent show. All except, of course, Calum and Nia. Arzalyea and I were perched on the comfy bed near the edge, while the rest of the boys were sitting on the ground in a mini circle. Michael thought it would be fun to play a drinking game, a twist on spin the bottle. Instead of kissing someone that the bottle lands on, that person gets to mix a drink for you in private and you have to drink the whole thing. We had ingredients from things like vodka to horseradish. So, by midnight my throat was burning, eyes watering, and I felt the giggles come along as time went on. 

“Y/N, since you’re the most adventurous, how about we steam it up a little?” Luke suggested.

“And how are you proposing we mix it up?” I said, then continued to drink my orange juice chaser.

“Next person the bottle lands on, you have to take a body shot from.” My face cringed at the thought, but the already coursing rum and vodka running through my body made me nod my head, wanting to prove that I don’t back down. 

“Fine Hemmings, I just hope your girlfriend won’t kill me if it lands on you sucker.” I smirked to Arz who just pretend puked, and then laughed.

I spun the bottle at a moderate pace and it started to slow near the boys side. Once the bottle stopped, it landed on my now boyfriend, Ashton. He smiled proudly, already pulled off his shirt and laying down horizontally on the bed. I covered my mouth, embarrassed, as Luke poured a sloppy shot into Ashton’s bellybutton. He giggled at the odd feeling, but his eyes dug into mine, wanting to so badly feel my lips on a pretty sensitive part of his body.

“Now drink, sucker.” Luke mocked, and I pulled my hair back using my hand. As my lips pressed into his firm stomach, my lips rounded around the hole filled with liquor, and slurped it up, even using my tongue to clean it all up. I could feel Ashton tightened under me, and I swore I could hear a faint moan escape his mouth, even over the noises of everyone in the room. I sat up setting my hair in place and cleaned my mouth with the back of my hand, smiling proudly. But the room died down in commotion when we all heard the hotel door open. I was facing away from the door while everyone was facing it dead on, and bulging eyes told me it could only be one person. My head slowly turned around before my body, meeting his eyes. 

He was clutching his phone, water bottle, and wallet all in one hand, and all stared at us with a straight face. There’s a certain way you can tell when Calum is mad. His shoulders are far more back and brooding than a normal man, his brows hand low on his face with a slight downward curve, and his bottom lip juts out more along with his chin. To make the whole situation not seem awkward, I turned back around, as Ashton brought his hand to my knee to calm me down.

“Hey bro, thought you were gonna be with Nia the entire night?” Michael asked, and stuffed his hands into his pockets.

“I broke up with her.” The whole room seemed as if someone pressed the paused button on a remote, and the whole room fell silent. The only noise to be heard was the slight ringing in the air. Everyone’s eyes, even Ashton’s, fell upon me, as if I was suppose to have some response or reaction to this statement. However, I didn’t budge, and kept my ‘non-concerned’ composure. Deep down, though, my heart began to race in my chest and got louder with each pump to the point where I almost couldn’t hear anything else.

“Nobody ask any questions, I’m going to bed. Hope you all are having fun.” He said sternly. I could feel his eyes digging into the back of my head, as he left the room to the second bedroom next door that was connected to the room we were in. As the door slammed shut, I jumped, and Ashton placed his hands on my shoulders. I heard everyone let out a shaky breathe, and the room seemed quieter than before.

“So, I think we’re going to head out, probably down at the lobby to the bar, you’re open to join us but until then, night Y/N, night Ashton.” Luke said, more hushed than his normal voice, and all 3 slipped out of the room without a single peep.

I could feel my mouth hanging open, and the build up in my chest that contemplated coming out in the form of tears, as I stared at the messy comforter beneath me.

“I think you should talk to him Y/N…” Ashton whispered, both of our heads now hanging. I trembled feeling his hands dropping from the comfortable position on my shoulders. I could feel the lump in my throat growing by the second, knowing exactly what was bound to happen either in this moment, or very very soon.

“You’re the only one who could get through to him in this time.”

“But what about us…” I looked up to find Ashton already wiping away stray tears, and sniffled.

“We both know you never really felt anything for me. Well…I personally know now.” He looked up at me with red eyes. “But I know you’ve never liked me more than a best friend.”


“It stings. It hurts. it’s…heartbreaking. But I mostly blame myself.” More tears lunged from his eyes, as I sat up and grabbed his cheeks, making sure to wipe them away as they fell, some being stopped by his growing beard.

“Don’t-don’t say that please…”

“But I do. I blame myself for taking you away from him and making you question your feelings. I blame myself for confusing you. I blame myself for taking you for my own when I didn’t even think about you, I practically took advantage of you. But mostly, I blame myself from breaking Calum’s heart.”

“W-what, do you mean? I broke him Ashton, I told him I didn’t love him when I did, it was all my fault you hear me?” He shook his head, shutting his eyes.

“No, he loved you even after all of that. And I, being the extremely selfish best friend, took his girl for myself, not even blinking an eye. And I miss him, I mean we’re Cashton. We’re best friends, bandmates, brothers. And now, I think I completely ruined our relationship for good.” He smothered his face into my palm, holding onto my hand for needed strength. I felt my own tears well up in my eyes, but held myself together for Ashton’s sake. Even though he couldn’t see me, I nodded my head to his request from before.

“I’ll do it, I’ll talk to him.” He cracked his eyes open, and began using his cotton tee to wipe around his tears. He sniffled a couple of times, before giving me a slight smile and a final kiss on the forehead.

“So I guess this is it, huh?” I asked questioningly.

“Unfortunately so.” He combed through my hair, staring at me the loving way he always has. This was the last time he’d be able to, this close, this intimately. 

“I’m going to catch up with the others. Let me know how things go with Calum please.” I nodded, watching him get up, grab his coat, and smile at me one last time before closing the door, leaving me and the Maori boy separated.

I had the courage from the fading liquor to fully open his door without a knock, and saw him lazily lounging on the bed with only his sweatpants on. The room was dark, except for his phone light on his face. I flipped the switch next to the door, and walked in further to shut the door. His eyes squinted, and he did not look at all pleased to see me of all people.

“I was trying to sleep.”

“Obviously not, you were on your phone.”

He huffed out a chuckle, and threw his phone against the plush chair in the corner of the room with enough force to see the veins in his bicep protrude. 

“Look, Calum I didn’t come in here to fight I came in to talk.”

“No, leave. Get out. I don’t even want to see you right now, I can’t look at you.”

“You have no problem looking at me when you’re basically tonguing Nia down in front of me, or giving me a death glare when I’m in Ashton’s arms!”

“Oh yeah how’s your little boyfriend? You’re little fuck buddy?”

“We just broke up Calum!” His eyes caught mine as he sat on the edge of his bed.

I strolled over to sit on the front of the bed, while he remained facing away from me on the side. “Calum, we’ve had our fair share of mistakes. I made the mistake of sleeping with Ashton while I still loved you. And even though he was different, my mind never strolled away from you. It’s always been you.” I tried to slowly lay my hand on his defined back, but he jumped up, swatting me away as if I were a fly.

“Don’t, touch me. You don’t get to come in here, tell me you love me and expect things to get better, none of what you said makes it any better, it doesn’t work that way!”

I couldn’t say anything, I knew I was the one in the wrong when it came to him and I. If I never would’ve told him I didn’t love him, and then try to jeopardize his new found relationship with my own selfish feelings, this all wouldn’t have unraveled this way.

“You’re the one who bailed, you’re the one who ran away from your feelings when I broke our most implemented rule. And besides the lying problem, we have this whole problem to fix! How are you going to solve it? If you really love me like you say you do, how do you plan to make things better!”

“Calum…I did something, so incredibly stupid and selfish of me. I lied to you, I slept with someone else to get over you, I ruined your obviously better relationship because of my own love for you which isn’t fair to you or Nia. And as much as I would jump at the chance to redo everything…I can’t.” My voice was now cracking at this point due to fast hot tears flowing down my cheeks.

“But in the end I know that what we have is so much better than any other connection we could have with anyone else. What we have is something more than just a good fuck here and there, it was a growing friendship and genuine love for one another. In reality you are my best friend Cal, and the only person I’ve ever felt anything like this before. I love you Calum…”

I swiftly grabbed his hand, and brought it to my lips but again he jumped even farther away from me.

“I won’t just fall limp in your arms like I always have this time Y/N! I have always came back to you! Not again! ” He pointed a solid pointer finger at me, emphasizing his words directly toward me. “I think you need to leave, and I think you should get back together with Ashton.” He slowly walked toward the door to open it for me, but I quickly got up and pulled his shoulder to look at me but he didn’t even flinch, but however did stop in his tracks.

“No, no Cal we can work this out, the love we have for each other will help us work this out, finally, together!”

“Well that love fading.” My heart cracked at his words, hearing that he could possibly be falling out of love with me because of my own actions completely ripped me apart.

“Look, we have to work this out. There’s got to be a way Calum…please…” I ran in front of him and placed my pleading hands on his visible pecks, feeling his rapidly beating heart against my palms. “I don’t know what to do without you, I have nothing without you. There’s a void in my heart that can only be filled with you, I need you so badly…” My crying eyes looked deep into his now deep brown ones, feeling as if our souls were connecting as his bottom lip began to quiver.

“I don’t know what I would do without these gorgeous arms that protected me and kept me safe,’ I placed a kiss on his bicep, ‘without these hands that kept mine warm even if your own were frozen,’ I kissed his fingers, ‘without this cheeks that held a smile so bright and alive that I didn’t need to look at another art piece in the world,’ I kissed his cheek, ‘without these eyes that spoke to me when words weren’t needed,’ I kissed his eyelashes, ‘and without your heart, your amazing love-filled heart Calum.” I ended with kissing his chest, my lips longing to stay on his heated skin. For a minute, I could feel him want to grab me and hold me there for eternity, afraid of ever losing me again, but instead, he just stayed lifeless in front of me, his arms staying down by his sides.

“I can’t do it…you’re so different from when I first met you, you’re like this completely different person I don’t even know anymore. Whenever I look at you, I see Ashton,,,lying above you like when I caught you two…” 

At this point, Calum Hood had finally cracked.

“Just like I’m sure you see Nia’s face when you look into mine…”

“No, Calum no. All I see is you. Your beautiful, fun loving, kind hearted soul. You’re the best person there is and I’ll always see you, as you.”

“These couple months have completely changed everything Y/N…whether you like it or not…I just can’t keep doing this with you. All the lying, the sleeping around, the putting yourself before anyone else.” I looked up at him, trying to find in his eyes if he was telling the truth. He was.

“I would have given up everything I have, for you. I would’ve put myself in danger before I let so much as a finger lay on you. But now…those feelings are fading, because for once I am going to put myself before anybody else. It’s my turn to have some happiness.”

I pulled away, hand covering my mouth while the other laid on my hip.

“But this can’t be it I mean…this can’t be the end of us Calum…”

His never left my figure as he took in my physique one last time. The way my hair fell onto one side as I flipped it, the way my foot twitched because of my anxiousness, the way I bit my nail trying to for-see what was to come after this moment.

“Then how come it is?”

And this was the moment, I finally cracked.

Part 7 if y’all really want to know how this ends! I left this at a stand off point, but I have plans for a part 7. This part actually made me choke up because this Friends scene kills me. Request loves!

I’ve been thinking...

…and re-evaluating my priorities these days, and I’ve realized that for me joining this fandom has always been about Hook/Colin. Colin’s portrayal of Hook made me want to try and give the show a second chance, when I’ve all but given up on it mid S1. It never was about Jen/Emma for me. Although I won’t deny that both the actress (Jen) and the character (Emma) have grown on me considerably in the last couple of seasons. And I’m still devastated over this no more Emma/CS situation.

Some say they were drawn to the show because it was about strong women, not the case for me (don’t get me wrong; I deeply believe in gender equalty & will fight tooth and nail if told otherwise, it’s not that). Why? It’s quite simple actually; in my reality I’m surrounded by strong women; women that struggle to provide for their families, educate their children, keep their families safe & happy… I see it. Daily. But what I don’t see are men - men strong enough to realize how brilliant those women are.

That’s when Killian Jones comes into play, a man that doesn’t shy away from the fact that Emma Swan has bested him & keeps reminding her how bloody brilliant she is every single day. A man that accepts his own mistakes and takes responsibility for his actions. He’s not a saint, he fails constantly; be it fighting his nemesis or his own demons, but one thing never changes - he doesn’t give up, he wants to be better & he’d do anything for love. That’s the kind of man I want to see, well, at least on screen.

It’s true I was attracted to a pretty face at first (not only the face to be totally honest ;)), but pretty faces never make me stay. It takes much, much more than that. It takes courage, strengh, loyalty, love… basically all the qualities Killian Jones has shown during his character development arc.

And last but not least, it’s the actor’s personality that counts a lot; one that is talented, considerate, modest, loyal to family & friends, fiercely dedicated to his work & the character he plays. You know who I’m talking about, right? :)

so yeah, if you still have any doubts, that was me professing my undying love for Killian Jones & Colin O’Donoghue

& obviously my very own reasons for staying in the fandom :)

  • Emma: Okay kid, let's take that canoeing trip.
  • Henry: Do you really think now is the best time for a canoeing trip?
  • Emma: Of course. I know how important it is to you. That's why we constantly mention our plans to go canoeing. Not a day goes by that we don't curse the newest villain for trying to destroy the town because it delays our chance to canoe.
  • Henry: When have we ever talked about canoeing?
  • Emma: This might be our only chance to go off and do this before Gideon regroups and attacks me again.
  • Henry: Was the canoeing trip even my idea?
  • Emma: Let's go make one last memory as mother and son before the forces of evil attack again and the show remembers that I'm the main character.
  • Henry: Oh! This is a plot dodging trip.
  • Emma: Obviously. And it would work a lot better if you played along.
  • Henry: You're still bringing your gun in case Gideon decides to poof in and attack us on the river though, right?
  • Emma: Of course.
  • Henry: Canoeing is my passion.
  • Emma: There we go.
My North Star (pt 4)

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A/N: I got around to writing part four tonight! I hope you all like it. There no way in hell that this is going to be finished by part 5, because I’m thinking of at least another three parts. BUT Let me know if you want a part 5, otherwise I’m not going to continue to write!

Summary: You have been in love with your best friend, the one constant in your life, for as long as you can remember. But what happens when the new girl comes along? And a new guy, who’s pining for your heart.

Length: 3563 words omg sorry not sorry. I’ll make the rest of the parts shorter 

Previous parts: part 1 part 2 part 3

Genre: angst, romance, fluff.

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