obviously one of my most favourite videos

Confession:  One of the things I love the most in the Mass Effect series is the Salarian species. Mordin is my FAVOURITE character I don’t know why, but I just adore Salarians so incredibly much. With that said, I recently watched the Tempest briefing video, and oh my gods. I am equally hyped for the ship and that obviously beautifully Salarian voiceover character. I just can’t wait to meet him!

My favourite messages are the ones I get about my bio saying I’m a guest star in the LWYMMD video because OBVIOUSLY it’s a reference to the lobster Taylor is eating and not me being some amazing secretive dancer hired for the most iconic video of all time. Just a prop lobster. On a fork.

Just a very typical Jaspar conversation

Caspar: Best YouTube video?

Joe: Best YouTube video ever?

Caspar: Yeah, your favourite.

Joe: Ummm… your… one of your first videos.

Caspar: *unbelieving* No!

Joe: *nods* Your original videos are hilarious.

Caspar: Are you serious?

Joe: Yeah, i love them.

Caspar: Aww, buddy!

♡ from this interview ♡