obviously nothing has changed except their hair

Man, I ship Komaeda and Hinata from DR2 pretty hard, but like

for the first time (and for the sake of shipping purposes, of all things. gdi), I’m gonna try moving away from the canon a little to make it so that they have a way more mutual and healthy relationship together.

The thing is, I like this ship, but only in a certain way, largely more with them being set on Dangan Island instead of the main story (bc obviously things would not work AT ALL between them in the main story, seeing how much shit irredeemable shit Komaeda pulls there). Keep in mind that i haven’t finished the anime yet, so this /might/ change when I do.

Also, this isn’t related to how I like the ship, but I kinda altered Komaeda’s design so that he looks way more sickly and emaciated. In the game, he looks like a regular kid with nothing going on except his white hair, which would be cool if he just had the dementia part. But heck, man, he also has lymphoma. As someone who has a combination of these two diseases together, I feel like Komaeda should at least lack the abs he has in the main game.

Therefore, this is more along the lines of how I draw/imagine them:

Hinata has warmer colors going on while Komaeda’s so pale that sometimes, he kinda looks like a zombie. I see him this way because in the game, he mentioned that he’s basically a dead man walking, so I thought it’d be more fitting if he looked… less healthy and more dead.

Headcanons based off of this:

The other kids just sorta assume Komaeda’s either just a really frail guy or know something’s up with him health wise and are slightly concerned, but they never suspect anything severe/don’t really care much for him because he’s kinda weird and keep their distance from him.

But Hinata’s with him all the time and notices how sickly he acts and is the first to ask if anything’s wrong with him bc the boy is clearly unhealthy (though Komaeda does a pretty excellent job at misdirecting and avoiding the conversation) and he eventually tells Hinata about his condition.