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all the boys // panic! at the disco

~love struck~

can you imagine sam introducing steve and bucky to pokemon go

he has to go full Falcon just to catch up with those two super soldier nerds running around the entire goddamn city leveling up

they’re en route to a HYDRA base and bucky goes “wait steve drop me off here i’m gonna run the rest of the way” and steve is like “why the fuck” and bucky is like “i have EGGS TO HATCH, STEVE”

they’re under some alien attack and bucky is yelling at steve for backup but steve is on another street because “I HAVE TO CATCH THIS VULPIX”

meanwhile sam is just flying over a fountain dodging blasts because there’s a golduck

nat is the gym leader for the Avengers Tower gym and no one can beat her

Reaching Out (Is Hard) Starters
  • “I feel like shit.”
  • “Maybe I do need to talk about it.”
  • “Oh, God, I can’t take it!”
  • “Could you just rub my back for a minute?”
  • “<Name>, my _____ really hurts.”
  • “I feel like no one cares.”
  • *anxious stammering*
  • “Please, I need…”
  • “Could I get a hug?”
  • “I think I might be sick.”
  • “Will you help me?”
  • “I don’t want to be like this any more.”
  • “Are you busy? I could really use some company.”
  • “…I-I think it’s a panic attack…”
  • “Can you just sit with me for a bit?”
  • “What if I’m not good enough?”
  • “I don’t know if I can do this by myself.”
  • “Can I talk to you?”
Fic Recs!

Ok since its Fanfiction Writer Appreciation Day, I’m making a post with some of my favorite fics and headcannons!

Somewhere Only We Know- @howyondufelt 

A super cute Jake Peralta x Reader soulmate au!!!

I Lava You- @galaxayy

A super sweet Evan Hansen x Reader where he plays ukulele!!!!

High School Sweethearts- @alanabecksgf

Honestly one of the best series i’ve ever read!! Evan is written really well!

I Could Be Jewish For You- @treebitchevan

A sweet Ben Platt x Reader. I love this song and it was adorable to read Ben’s reaction!

Countdown- @pacman-tattoo

An absolutely amazing Rich Goranski x Reader!! It’s also a soulmate au which makes it even better!

Asking You Out for the First Time- @earlyjunes

I love benji so much??? And these are so cute??? Pls read

Catfish- @hadmysushigotmyslushie

One of the best Jared x Reader’s I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading. Soulmate getting catfished? Sign me up

Cecily Smith- @yikesjaredkleinman

I love Jeremy Heere so much and i love soulmate au’s if you couldnt tell…. I love this fic so so much

Dance Party Headcannons- @sincerlyyme

Again,,, I love Benji Applebaum !!! Alli, 10/10 i love these

Step-bros- @the-insanely-cool-evan-hansen

Ok i love this fic so much,, i love the stepbros au and i love Lei’s writing!!! just overall i love it a lot

I just had the absolute most vivid dream I’ve ever had and it was about dnp coming out… bare with me

it was on younow, they did a joint one. the camera was on a table or something and the image was slightly tinted orange for some reason, maybe it was was later at night for them idk. They were both leaning over the phone, their heads taking up the whole frame almost. Phil’s head was resting against Dan’s cheek and it was squishing it; after a few seconds dan pulled back a bit and gave Phil a look where his eyes were wide but like he looked excited and his lips kind of curled inwards and he was smirking a bit. they then fell back onto wherever they were sitting which i guess was a bed or something and Dan was leaning over Phil. at this point Dan put his hands on the sides of Phil’s face and just like leant down and kissed him. it was just a peck but he ended the broadcast right after it.

i normally wouldn’t write something like this,,, but this was one of the weirdest dreams I’ve ever had. my dreams are always random and are never about real life situations, and I’ve never had a dream that felt as real as that one. it was so weird that i woke up straight after and thought it had actually happened (you have no idea how confused i was when i came on tumblr and nobody was talking about it). Also, it was odd because I remember dreaming about just watching the regular liveshow… like I was aware the dream was happening when it was just them there talking to us. even that part of the dream was a bit distorted though, but the end part just felt so real. in the dream as soon as it happened, I closed my laptop and laid down on the floor and just said “yep. there it is” and then got really happy and excited and rolled over and put my face in my hands. which is another weird thing, as I’ve never seen myself in a dream before.

tl;dr i had a really vivid realistic dream that Dan and Phil kissed on younow

i’m posting this in an effort to exorcise the demons:

draco malfoy losing a bet and his friends making him sing “i need a hero” at karaoke, scowling & staring firmly at the floor

harry potter, eyebrows raised and arms folded, watching

South Park : White People Renovating Houses - A Review / An Analysis of Eric Cartman’s Behavior and Mentality

Okay, so Randy is distracting with his brand new show that Sharon clearly wants no part of. I wonder why she’s even doing it. Is she okay? Are Randy’s shenanigans becoming too much for her? …It’s okay, Sharon. It’s okay.

The white supremacists thing was nicely handled. They made the hateful group look stupid and at the same time did it in a subtle enough way to make the episode more about a flipping houses analogy in regards to convincing old fashioned people to change and move on with the times. They DID say they would stop being as political, which I’m happy about because I want to watch the kids lives when I watch South Park. Politics were exhausting enough on TV all year without South Park also getting in on it, but I digress.

The main thing I want to touch upon in this episode is Cartman’s character development from the entirety of the last couple seasons to the first episode of this season.

The events in this episode in regards to Cartman was the end of a long needed character redemption/arc. Cartman’s core personality was almost entirely (at least on a surface level) put into question the moment PC Principal beat the ever loving shit out of him for not being PC.

Cartman was a rude, blunt, angry, character who was pretty much commissioned by his friends (Kyle mostly) to blackmail PC Principal into doing what he wanted. He tried to do this by claiming PC Principal took Butters underwear, and in his threat he said he wouldn’t want to end up being like the spokesman for Subway or something. Then he gets beat senseless for ‘using a term that excludes women from the workplace’, following that with ‘are you purposefully using words to assert your male privelege?’

Right after this event, Cartman is in the hospital denouncing any beliefs he had before out of trauma. All he could do was spout PC nonsense and claim how much he needed to change etc. Something like that. This insinuates that physical abuse/force or unjustified violence/overpowering domination is something that forces Cartman into a very submissive people pleasing state of behavior. He wears shirts that insist women are superior than men because he subconsiously thinks that if he says what he really thinks or even talks about men in any good way, he will be attacked physically. So instead he does it sarcastically because people don’t know if he’s serious or not, which is enough for him to get away with his comments while also maintaining his facade. But his submission is still apparent, because he still lacks the complete control over his thoughts and his own expression that we’re used to him having.

And we see this when he begins to feel better in the skankhunt episodes, dealing with his trauma by using distraction with electronics and his friends attention, like any normal kid would. And then because his friends believe that he is skankhunt, they metaphorically kill him through destroying his technology in the same way that Heidi metaphorically killed herself through tossing her phone in the river.

After this happens, Cartman is not only torn from his mental distraction devices that gave him joy when he was feeling most suppressed, but he’s also been betrayed by the only people he emotionally trusted and cared about. He feels completely alone, like a ghost, alienated and quite literally stabbed in the back, if by back I mean his laptop, and he even becomes somewhat mute.

This brings me to Heidi. Heidi was going through a similar depression, the difference being that she alienated herself while Cartman was falsely forced into this weird death analogy. They connected through their loneliness and because they were both deprived of affection and attention. This started their unhealthy relationship of neverending validation. Heidi gave Cartman a relationship/ hugging / hand holding/ showing her his vagina/ being company for him while Cartman gave her constant validation and viewed her affectionate rewards as a result of his obedience to PC ideology.

This created a new comfort zone for Cartman. He had one person who could give him attention and make him feel needed, in return for him basically complimenting her ever five minutes while putting himself down and in a very repetitive and brainwashing-like manner. Hence the shirts, hers saying beauty and his saying the beast.

As the season progressed, we saw Cartmans hallucinations worsen. His homosexual thoughts were fighting with his new PC sense of reality, which was stressing him out. Not only that but with the threat of troll trace, Cartman was terrified of Heidi discovering the type of person he was before he started acting PC. As Heidi used an ingenious method of emoji analysis, Cartman began to have his fake reality distorted since Heidi was no longer telling jokes to him so he could in his patterned behavior tell her she was funny. Because his patterned behavior was altered, Cartman began to doubt his feelings for Heidi.

Butters made this worse, clearly having the intentions of stealing Heidi from him or at least threatening that. Cartman wanted to flee to Mars with Heidi, (visions of Mars having vaginas that resembled a penis because he likes penis more clearly) but Butters also wanted to go. When Heidi finally figured out a way to get to Mars, Cartman was fully convinced that Heidi was changed and wanted to break his heart, so he sabotaged it.

His feeling towards Heidi we’re never genuine. They were a patterned coping mechanism that, changed in even the slightest way, became toxic in Cartmans mind. He is constantly searching for a new coping mechanism for his trauma, both new trauma and old trauma.


So, now we see Cartman obviously reunited with technology in the form of a new phone and Alexa. Alexa also sounds like a woman, and is funny, like the PC version of women Cartman was forced to think he adored to avoid physical/societal abuse.

Alexa is the perfect tool to make Cartman hyper aware that the affection he felt for Heidi could be easily replicated with Alexa, the main difference being that when he is with Heidi he was expected to spout out a script that was demeaning to him, self deprecating, and that appeased her no matter what. This is a sign of Cartman being forced into the ultimate submission.

Of course, this script is self imposed. Cartman views acting disingenuously as the only way he can stay with Heidi because that’s the version of Cartman she liked, guys. Heidi fell in love with the version of Cartman that hated himself and adored/doted on her. A validation party. And now that Cartman had his friends back, he didn’t need what Heidi gave him. He got his phone back too, which was another thing Heidi had been a replacement of emotionally.

Do I think this is fair to Heidi? Not completely. But Heidi was also using Cartman for her own self esteem and her own validation, just in a much less twisted way because she didn’t get traumatized the way he did. Cartman has a fucked up brain because of his trauma. Look at all his hallucinations this episode! They get worse as he gets more confused with himself.

That need for control doesn’t make Cartman a psychopath. It makes him starved for dominance. In his relationship with Heidi, he is 100% submissive to her and he’s trying to make himself happy again with the things that made him happy before, but Heidi doesn’t care about Cartmans happiness even though she thinks she does. If she did, then why would she be angry about him getting a new phone? It’s because she is still suffering and she wants Cartman to suffer with her so she has someone to validate her.

Alexa represents a female presence that gives Cartman control, control which Cartman has been starved for since it was forcibly taken from him by PC Principal and by his friends betrayel.

Heidi and Cartmans relationship was never healthy on either end and in order for both Heidi and Cartman to recover from their experiences and move on, they needed to separate. Because being together was a constant reminder of their previous issues that they could now move on from.

This entire episode was about progress and moving on. The rednecks stuck in their old ways moved on to better more progressive things and got jobs etc, and Cartman needed to free himself from the submission that had been forced on him. PC Principal was laying off, Cartman got his stuff back and his friends back, and… Then there was Heidi. Constantly nagging him to stay the same for the sake of a their relationship which, in my opinion, from the very beginning was abusive and toxic.

Like Heidi said, it’s 50-50. And they both were abusive towards each other in a tragic subconsious way.

Also I doubt Liane told Cartman ANYTHING Heidi asked her to. Which could’ve saved their relationship, who knows. But that’s just another example of a consistent abuse in Cartmans life. His mother. But that’s a whole other topic, haha.

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Okay at some point Carolina and wash go back to the wreckage of the moi and go to their lockers and rooms. Carolina hears a sudden scream and rushes to check on wash. He's found his heelies and skateboard. Carolina groans and laughs

When Dylan tells them about the wreckage on Sidewinder—says that it’s still there, abandoned, waiting—Carolina and Wash exchange a look.

The island has been peaceful. Quiet, but not in a way that’s reminiscent of empty halls, corridors for ghosts to pass through. The wind whispers at night through the trees, but the cadence is soft. Soothing. The shadows are not thick with despair here. Rain falls, not in a deluge, but light showers, leaving the air fresh afterwards. Clean. 

They like it here. They’ve adjusted to lush green, to damp earth and blue skies. Neither are prepared for the unforgiving, frozen hell they each left behind.

They both still know they have to go.

and then we’re skipping the fucking angst we’re not gonna talk about it

well actually there is this:

The trek up to the crash site is quiet. 

Every time Carolina expects Epsilon to end the silence, she has to remind herself he’s gone.

soRRY!! moving on:

No fucking way,” Wash says, voice cracking.

Carolina ignores the fear that grabs her throat in a vise. There’s no one here. There’s no one here. Still, her feet drag her closer, as though behind that locked door—bashed in by who knows what, barely hanging on to its hinges now that Wash has forced it open—is some kind of threat. “What?”

Wash laughs, and it sticks in his throat, like the lump that’s been sitting in hers has managed to occupy two spaces at once. “I don’t believe it.”

She steps around the door, and groans. 

It’s his skateboard—and the ridiculous shoes he was so fond of. 

She rolls her eyes. “Seriously?” You scared me, asshole. It wasn’t rational. But a lot of things about this place weren’t.

Wash laughs again; though she doesn’t, Carolina has to admit, his amusement is contagious. It’s good to see him laugh, though she knows it must have hurt, suddenly facing yet another relic of simpler times. 

“I kind of want to bury them,” he says. 

Now she’s laughing. “That is so fucking dramatic.” She wishes Epsilon were here to have heard that. “Besides, you hate snow.”

Their helmets are on—it’s fucking cold—but she can almost see the smile touching his lips, just barely there, cradled in the corner of his mouth. “I really do.”

“Just take them,” she says, tugging gently at his elbow. She wants to leave, while there’s still a good note to end this on. “You can teach Caboose to skate.”

Laughter stutters out of him once again. “That’ll be a fucking mess.”

“It will,” she says. “He’ll love it.”

Caboose accidentally snaps the board in half, but Wash can’t say he really minds.

Just another BTF rant...

I was just thinking about how BTF instills serious FOMO (fear of missing out) in young competition/convention dancers so it’s really no wonder kids almost exclusively attend their events. Like you see all these videos from Gen IV and in a few weeks it will be Dancerpalooza either posted by BTF social media accounts or little dancers themselves so kids have a visual of what they’re missing out on. Idk I guess it’s no different from other comps and conventions but it’s on such a large scale and for some reason it feels like more than just promoting the brand. To me it seems like there’s actual pressure to attend BTF events to stay relevant in the dance world which is totally not true and is actually so limiting. Not to mention the politics of it all (I know you all are so tired of hearing it but seriously) like if you’re not at all these events and pumping money into BTF and rubbing shoulders with their faculty then your chances of winning at their regionals and nationals are possibly jeopardized.

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*sneaks in and whispers* What if Nagito sang meant to be yours from Heathers? What about a Danganronpa Heathers crossover? I VOLUNTEER HAJIME AS VERONICA BC HE SASSY. And as sad as it is I think that Kazuichi would be Martha- HELP ME CREATE THIS

Oh. Fuck. Yes.

You, anon, have just made my motherfucking day.

Meant to be yours is actually my favourite song from heathers and I can do a mean soprano cover. I have to admit I always pictured Sayaka as Veronica and Mukuro as JD (they’re one of my all time otps don’t judge), but Nagito is absolutely amazing as JD.

Kazuichi as Martha is going to break my fucking heart. Btw, since I refuse to change any costumes, shark boy will be wearing a big fluffy sweater throughout the show. Just imagine him smiling and saying: “I’m a sucker for a happy ending!” My heart boi.

I don’t really know who would be Ram and Kurt, since Ram needs to be somebody Kazuichi would plausibly have a crush on and Sonia does not suit Ram whatsoever. I would say Gundham but he’s too much of an outsider. Hmm… maybe Leon? Yeah, Leon would be good. And then Kurt can be Hagakure.

Just imagine Leon and Hagakure being pissed out of their minds trying to drunkenly serenade Hajime. Or Leon shouting “I haTE FRESHMEN! WHERE ARE YOU LITTLE PRICKS?!” Or Hagakure being like “KAZUICHI BLOW-DA! WIDE LOAD!” And fucking bitch slapping Kazuichi’s lunch tray onto the floor.

Ok, now for the Heathers. Obviously, Heather.C aka mythic bitch is going to be Junko. Obviously. Fucking power bitch, intimidating, looks good in everything, can destroy your social life, demon queen of highschool. “Fuck me gently with a chainsaw,”

Heather.D would be Celeste. Like, I know Celeste isn’t known for being pushed around but I feel like she would if it put her in a good position, power-wise. Like she would tolerate Junko controlling her if it meant she could control the rest of the school. Plus, she would swoop in for that monokuma scrunchie with no remorse as soon as Junko hit the bricks. The shine a light reprise fits her so well, just imagine her singing it while leading a group of teenagers in bitchy choreography.

I am torn with Heather.M. Between Sonia and Sayaka. I think I’m leaning more towards Sonia though purely because she’s blonde. And while Sonia is in no means a doormat, or dumb, I feel like she is more willing to be submissive towards her peers. Plus, Sayaka would try to kill somebody else before she tried to kill herself. But Sonia singing lifeboat makes me feel so sad. So sad, you guys.

Ok, now on to minor characters. Miss Fleming would be a human version of Monomi. She has good intentions but kind of fails to see and understand the big picture. Veronica’s parents: Sakura and Asahina. Kurt and Ram’s dads: Ishimaru and Mondo. The two cops are Kirigiri and Chiaki.

Hajime as Veronica though. HAJIME AS VERONICA THOUGH. He still wears the fucking skirt and rocks it. Him being a lovestruck dummy singing fight for me. Him in dead girl walking being sassy and sexy as fuck, rip Nagito. Him being 100% done in blue. Drunk Hajime in big fun. Hajime being caring and gentle in seventeen, dancing with Nagito like it’s the end of the world. Him being scared out of his mind during our love is god and yo girl. Him being a FUCKING BADASS in dead girl walking reprise.

And Nagito. Does this mean he’s NK then? Well, anyway, instead of slushies he is addicted to bagels. Fuck you, I’m bringing hope bagels back, shout out to my homeboy NicoB. Nagito singing meant to be yours would be fucking spectacular. Nagito singing I am damaged breaks my heart. Nagito just loving Hajime so much but being so damaged that he doesn’t know how to love somebody.

This au simultaneously makes me want to smile and cry.

~Mod Yoyo

Social Media

Characters/Pairing:ย Dean, Reader

Word Count: 414

Warnings: None! Cute fluff.

A/N: Thanks to @impala-dreamer for submitting this adorable Dean gif for my 250 followers gif drabble celebration. I really like what I did with this one. I hope you do too! Rules for the celebration are here if you would like to play along!

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Your Savior - 19

Thanks again for stopping by and reading! There is some minor character development in this chapter, but also so major plot points. I hope Iโ€™m not losing too many of you along the way. I have seriously had so much fun writing this, but more than anything I live for every like, re blog, comment, and message. Your support gives me purpose!ย 

Originally posted by nathaliaalianova

Link to Chapter 18

Chapter 19


Swearing, Negan being Negan, mentions of past sexual assault

โ€œY/N, omg, I swear if you donโ€™t go talk to him soon Iโ€™m going to do it for you.โ€ Brianna said quietly to you over breakfast after catching you watching Negan out of the corner of you eye for probably the thousandth time. He was leaning against a wall talking to one of his wives.ย 

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Also, what the hell was Shiro trying to do there? 

Where was he gonna carry Lance exactly? Outside?? Where outside?? The Galra are attacking the planet! And if he was then was he leaving Pidge alone to defend the lions and the castle (the most important thing they have to protect right now)?

Ok, Like obviously someone just took down your defenses so they can take over the castle… And the door is wide open, so I guess someone has to protect the entrance, because whoever sent that bomb is gonna try to get in soon.

But wouldn’t it be wiser to you know, tell Pidge to come back and watch over Lance? Or tell Allura not to go with Keith and watch over him, while Shiro would go and protect the door? Why did he have to carry Lance with him?? Like ofcourse they gonna use your injured friend against you! And you’re putting Lance in even more danger like this!

Shiro, what are you doing???