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Lessons With Sam [blurb]

Part One: Kissing

A/N: miraculously there isn’t smut and just an adorkable kissing scene

It all started with a simple question as both you and your best friend, Sam, were the only ones in the Holland household. The telly was blaring in the background as your eyes were fixated on the screen of your phone; meanwhile you were completely unaware at first that Sam had apparently been staring at you for a while already.

“What does an orgasm feel like?” Sam blurted out of nowhere although your vision was still focused on your phone.

“Holy fuck are you for real? You have got to be kidding me.” You could not contain your laughter as your focal point finally was interrupted, throwing your head back against the couch and catching sight of the now flustered boy who was alongside of you.

Though you really did try to look at his facial expressions praying that he was just playing games with you. Obviously he was fucking hot, as you would admit, and he could probably get any girl he wanted so why would he be asking something so silly —but that was not the case as there was no hint of him kidding around.

“I’m being serious. I literally have the worst with luck when it comes to girls let alone having sex.” Sam pouted at you as both his hands were now attempting to cover his adorable freckled face —obviously being greatly embarrassed from the moment he began recalling his first encounter of a blowjob up until a recent incident he had with intercourse.

“You are adorable, sweetie.

“Forget it. I knew it was impossible to get help from you.”

“Okay, fine. I’ll help you.” As your laughter finally died down and you gradually began to regain your normal breathing.

Further from that moment there was an exchange of thoughts and experiences from Sam and you, as you had asked him to be completely honest with all your questions and he agreed with all your terms and conditions without a second thought —there you began to explain everything you knew and how you would be teaching him.

“Do you even know how to kiss a girl properly?” You sarcastically retorted at the boy but only making you earn an eye roll from him.

“Duh, obviously?” Sam answered although hinting him being slightly unsure due to the tone of his voice.

There you gave a faint, obscure smirk before shifting in your position —as you once were sat cross-seated on the couch though now proceeding to move your legs widely in front of him as each leg was on either side of Sam’s waist, basically straddling him while as he was seated. “Okay then show me how, pretty boy.”

Without whispering anything else, you leaned forwards and sealed the space that was between your lips and for a starter his lips were softer than you had expected, it being luscious and tender. You did not in anyway move your lips as you awaited for Sam to demonstrate his knowledge with the topic. He did weakly attempt to kiss you though it was far more worse than as you thought with his kiss being literally plain and deprived of emotions.

“For starters, please remind yourself that you are actually kissing a live woman and not a soppy bread,” you prompted once you had disconnected your lips from his

Followed by, “give the kiss emotions and show the girl you’re actually into kissing her precious lips because if not it could result into awkward moments between the both of you.”

And lastly instructing, “place your hands around my waist and try to use faint hand gestures to make the mood a tad sexier, but don’t overdo it though because you might just squeeze her hips too tight and it can also result in awkward moments too.”

Afterwards you fastened your lips with his again but this time placing your hands around his neck meanwhile you felt his hand grasp near your ass, though you couldn’t complain because admittedly it really was hot. And thankfully Sam’s kiss this time had more gestures, dynamic, and emotions which made you smile between the kisses at his successful effort.

So you pulled back with a soft smile before stating, “not bad.”

“Okay but try those techniques and this time add more movements with your mouth like nibbling and sucking,” you guided and afterwards continuing what you left off with him.

This time you initiated the scenario with you slowly brushing your lips against his before pressing them tenderly against each other. But on a side note, it was amusing to say that Sam’s lips actually tasted like some kind of candy you — literally just imagine one of your favorite candies and then imagine his lip similarly like it yet with hints of mint?

Though as Sam tried what you had just told him you felt his teeth harshly bite down onto your lower lip. “Ow! What the heck?”

“You said suck and nib!”

“Yes I did and you literally did the opposite of what I just said, Sam!”

“Well, I’m sorry!” He raised both his hands in surrender as his eyes was staring at you with a sorry expression

every time i see something like “haha “hatekeepers” only have a voice online! they’re too scared to talk irl!!” im just like… it’s almost as though cis+het aces aren’t scared to make lgbt people feel uncomfortable in their own spaces irl.

 it’s almost like lgbt people haven’t been ousted from lgbt spaces because they happened to make a cis+het ace angry by showing “pda.” 

it’s almost as if… cis+het aces AREN’T scared to assert themselves irl because it’s almost as though they have some kind of societal privilege that makes them feel like it’s okay to force their way into lgbt spaces and make the people there change to suit them… but obviously lgbt people are the cowards here! 

not as though we’re in a system which favors the voices of cis+het people above lgbt people… haha in what world would this ever happen though

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Is Danny Fenton identical to Danny Phantom? (I'm not talking about the times when they've split; I'm talking about the normal state of affairs.) What makes two people the same person? Do they need to have the same body? The same brain? The same immaterial soul? The same chain of memories? If you could somehow split Fenton and Phantom so they both had identical personalities, who would be the real Danny? Can a person survive when split into two? Or do they "die" because they're no longer unique?

Oh boy, that’s a lot of questions. Fortunately, I’ve actually talked at least a little bit about all of this before.

To answer your main question, Danny isn’t two people. Any more than any other superhero is.

Clark Kent and Superman appear to have different personalities and lives to those around them, so nobody realizes they’re the same person. Nobody has any reason to suspect that Superman has a secret identity.

Things are similar for Danny, because he’s a ghost. Why would someone suspect that a ghost is living a secret life and going to Casper High? And even if they did have a reason to suspect that, their appearances are different enough that it flies over everyone’s heads.

The Guys in White get as far as suspecting that Danny Phantom is an associate of Tucker Foley, and they even go to Danny’s house to question him. They dismiss the idea that they could be the same person solely based on his appearance. Danny Fenton looks physically smaller, weaker, and according to the GIW, even younger than Danny Phantom.

Danny’s able to alter his appearance, or more specifically, materialize a ghost around his body. They have the same mind, though. They’re the same person.

When Danny becomes two people, the show itself states that he actually split himself in half. He removed the ghost half from his body, but since they are one person, that also removed half his mind.

Danny is Danny, whether he’s a ghost or a human. When you split the two, all you have is two halves of Danny.

As for whether or not that’d kill him, well, it obviously wouldn’t. Danny’s split himself in half more than once, and he’s turned out okay in the end.

What’s more, I don’t think it’s actually possible for him to completely split himself in half. Dan still aged after losing his human half, so no matter how empty he wants to claim he is, there has to be something that’s still human inside of him. Poindexter didn’t age, and his spirit has been around since the 50s. And Desiree died of old age, yet she still looks young as a ghost.

The whole thing is kind of confusing, but these sorts of things just have to be accepted when you’re dealing with a story about ghosts that takes a sort of science fiction approach. It’s trying to explain the “science” behind ghosts. It’s gonna get weird.


Part 1-

The ringing in your ears was loud. You don’t know if was because of the scream Sasha let out next to you or the fact your thoughts were screaming so loud for you to do something that you couldn’t process it but all the thoughts stop when you look over to Daryl. You knew that look, after being with him for the past two years you had only seen it a hand full of times but you knew it. 

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Richard had come to see you for the weekend on his downtime from a shoot he was doing. You both planned to get some food and then head to the cinema and watch one of the newest releases. Richard had been adamant that he would watch anything as long as he wasn’t in it. 

You made both of you a cup of coffee, your radio playing away in the corner of the room. It was the Kerrang! rock channel. “So how’s the shoot coming on?” you asked, pouring hot water into the mugs. 

“We’re hoping to be done and dusted in the next two weeks, so then I can have a bit of a break,” Richard replied, offering you a smile. That smile always made you weak, but of course he would never look at you in such a manner. Richard was far too sophisticated for the likes of you. Your wardrobe consisted of a lot of jeans, band T-shirts, Converse pumps and leather jackets. You were a rocker through and through, highlighted by your half shaved hair and tattoos. Richard, on the other hand, loved literature, working out regularly and wouldn’t want to date a rock chick. 

Your phone suddenly chimed. It was another message from a guy you were chatting with on a dating app. He was very similar to you, enjoyed rock music, concerts and seemed fairly easy going. “Sorry,’ you told Richard. “I’m just chatting with a bloke online. He seems really nice. We’re on about meeting up.” 

“Oh, really?” he asked, seeming to be caught off guard. You immediately noticed a change in his demeanour; his eyes seemed to dart away from you and his jaw clenched. 

Richard became quiet very quickly, looking as though he just wanted to get out of the room. “Are you okay?” you asked. 

“Yeah, fine,” then he offered a fake smile. 

The next day and the whole scene played out again; you mentioned the same man you were talking to and then told Richard that another man had messaged you. “Look at him!” you laughed, showing Richard the photo of your newest online match. The man was dressed up as a viking, obviously a keen LARPer. 

“Funny,” Richard replied, unimpressed by the man in front of him on your phone. 

“Richard, what’s the matter? I know something is bothering you. And it’s to do with me messaging people. Why is it bothering you?” you asked, becoming defensive. “Can’t I talk to men? It’d be nice to actually meet someone who’s nice and not a complete arse.” 

Richard looked down at your last sentence and you saw his jaw clench again. 

“What the hell is wrong?” you cried out. “Have I got to ask your permission to message people? Does it offend you?” 

“Yes, it does fucking offend me because I want to be with you!” Richard shouted back. 

“Oh, come on. This is a damn joke. You don’t like me,” you spat angrily. 

“If I didn’t like you, would I do this?” he growled and rushed at you, cupping your cheek and kissed you. Your kiss deepened and you felt him embrace you, causing you to sink into him. 

Guys I am so tired of seeing posts about how Mark’s love for Cristina is lesser than his love for Kieran because it’s more innocent, less “complex” (what?) and ultimately, less passionate which is all code for less sexual. Apart from the fact that I disagree (Mark definitely does want to, for lack of better term, bone her as well*), this is also so so so so ew because it places sex and sexual attraction on this pedestal as if it’s the be-all and end-all of every relationship. As if a relationship just cannot be meaningful or deep or loving without an inherent sexual element to it. Sigh. Just stop, okay?

*Obviously though, he is a lot less hands-on with Cristina and doesn’t actively show that as much. He has a (sexual) past with Kieran, so of course he’s going to have a lot more freedom to make a move and such, especially because he knows that Kieran returns his feelings, whereas he is (was?) more unsure with Cristina, which is mentioned a lot.

A Monster & A Thief

The fox wasn’t like anything Clawsimodo had ever seen (though to be fair he hadn’t seen much of anything ever). The cheetah had mistaken him as a vixen for first, accidentally tumbling into a tent to find him in a dress. Clawsimodo had felt guilty and embarrassed and hiding his face as he mumbled several apologies.
And then the fox had smiled, emerald eyes warm with friendliness. “Try to be a little more careful, hm.” And he had sent Clawsimodo on his way, leaving the cheetah absolutely star struck.
But the feeling that was both warm and fluttering had quickly been ripped away from him when he was named the King of Fools publicly humiliated after.
In the chaos of mocking laughter, the pain from being pelted with miscellaneous items, he begged for his Master Bellwether to set him free.
The sheep did nothing.
But still the laughter suddenly died, Clawsimodo looked up to see the fox standing above him and looking at the cheetah as if he had never seen him before. Clawsimodo tried to hide his face, shameful tears escaping his closed eyes.
“I’m sorry,” the fox breathed. He knelt before the cheetah, using a handkerchief to wipe the rotten fruit and vegetables off the cheetah’s face. He did so with no hesitation, no sense of disgust. “This wasn’t supposed to happen.”
Bellwether had been furious with the fox but he wasn’t fazed in the slightest, instead escaping the soldiers that were told to sic ‘em. But Clawsimodo’s relief over his escape was overshadowed by Bellwether’s anger and the disgust of the people as he quietly vowed to never go outside again.
But not even an hour later, as he walked through the towers of Notre Dame, he heard a familiar voice. He followed it in an almost desperate manner, reaching the church floor where he quickly hid behind a column.
And there he was.
The red fox was lying on the stone floor, eyes up at the towering ceiling. Beside him was a much smaller sandy colored fox pacing back and forth with an angry expression. He was wearing a strange outfit that reminded Clawsimodo of a goat.
“What a fine mess you got us in this time, Wilde,” the small fox growled. “A real fu-”
“Ah, ah,” the red fox waggled his finger in a disapproving matter. “Remember what Cottontail said: we’re in a church, watch your language.”
The small fox snarled, “We’re trapped in here, Nick. That crazy sheep wants our heads.”
The red vulpine, Nick, sat up. His expression was one of thought with an edge of wary. “I think she wants something else.”
Clawsimodo swallowed, he knew first hand how terrifying Bellwether was. He guessed her pursuit was more relentless than he had originally thought if she had forced the two foxes to claim sanctuary.
By the big-warred one’s expression that hunch was right on the money, the poor thing looked ready to tear his fur out. By Nick’s bristling tail he was just as bothered by his friend, he was just hiding it better.
“Finnick,” Nick breathed, “Lets-” His words cut off as his eyes suddenly spotted Clawsimodo besides the pillar. The cheetah let out a soft yelp.
Nick’s ears twitched, his head tilted to the side, “Hey.”
But Clawsimodo had already whirled around and ran back up stairs.
“Wait, I wanna talk to you!”
“Wilde, where are you going!”
To the cheetah’s horror the two fox’s were chasing after him, and they were much faster than him. Still he reached the top of the bell tower before he felt something grab his tail. “Woah, hang on, hang on,” Nick insisted, releasing Clawsimodo’s tail when he stopped.
“S-sorry,” Clawsimodo took a few steps back, hugging his arms around himself.
“Why are you apologizing?” Nick’s brow furrowed. “That’s what I’m here to do.”
Clawsimodo’s eyes widened at the fox whose smile was apologetic and sincere. “I didn’t mean to drag you onto the stage like that. I mean, if I had known…” Nick’s paw started to indicate to Clawsimodo before quickly pulling his paw back. “I’m sorry.”
The feline smiled awkwardly, “It’s okay.”
“My name is Nick,” he introduce and nodded to the fox behind him. “This is my partner in crime, Finnick.”
“Hi,” Clawsimodo greeted softly, expecting the foxes to leave.
Instead they looked around the room he called his own. “Do you live here?” Nick asked.
Clawsimodo nodded shyly, feeling embarrassed by the state of the room and wishing he had tidied it up. Finnick had walked over to a table to study the figurines, “What are these?”
“O-oh, these are nothing!” Clawsimodo hurried over, his skin blushing under his fur. “Just a hobby.”
Nick had walked over to see the small statues of the townsfolk, his eyes glittered at the sight. “You made all of these?”
Clawsimodo tried for a nonchalant shrug, “I dabble.”
“These are amazing,” Nick smiled, picking up and observing the statue of a baker. “Oh boy if I could do this…you wouldn’t see me dancing on the street for coins.”
The words made Clawsimodo frown, “But you’re so good at dancing.”
Nick smiled coyly at him, “It keeps bread on the table.”
Finnick snorted and rolled his eyes at the pair before turning his attention to the tavern the cheetah had built.
“So what’s your name, Spots?” Nick asked, smoothly waving his tail back and forth.
His answer was a barely comprehensible murmur, “Clawsimodo.”
“Creative,” Nick purred. He leaned up and looked around, “So besides crafts what else do you do for fun?”
“Not much,” Clawsimodo cringed, “I mainly just ring the bells. I’m the bell ringer.”
Nick’s ears perked, “Bells?”
His interest made Clawsimodo brighten, “Yeah! Do you want to see them?”
“Sure we would, right Finnick?”
The smaller fox wore an artificial smile, “Nothing would bring me more pleasure.”
With Finnick clinging to Nick’s back like a baby Clawsimodo led them throughout the bell tower, introducing them to all of the bells.
“This is Angel…and Sweet-Sweet…and Little Junior…and Big Junior.”
They stopped before the largest bell, Clawsimodo’s secret favorite. “This is Summer, she’s the oldest.” He smiled when Nick slipped into the inner side of the bell and howled a hello, his voice echoing through the gold chamber. Finnick hissed in anger and tried to cover his too big ears.
Clawsimodo peeked out from under the rim of the bell, “She liked you.”
Nick chuckled, fangs showing as he grinned. “Got anything else?”
Clawsimodo led them away from the bells and up to the roof of Notre Dame, the sky a pleasant plum as afternoon turned to night. “My room may be small but you can’t deny the view,” Clawsimodo smiled.
Nick and Finnick had gone silent, eyes wide and in awe as they sat down and looked at the vast setting with starving expressions.
“This is beautiful,” Nick breathed while Clawsimodo sat down next to him. “I could stare at this forever.”
“Whatever, it’s okay,” Finnick muttered though was obviously very impressed.
“You could,” Clawsimodo said softly. “Stay here, I mean.”
Nick quickly shook his head, “No, no, there’s no way.”
“But you could,” Clawsimodo reminded. “You have sanctuary.”
Finnick threw out a rude laugh that rewarded him with a rude glare from Nick. “Go sit over there,” he pointed to a spot a few feet away. “Go sit and mind your own business.”
Finnick walked off with a snarky smirk.
Nick sighed and turned back to Clawsimodo, “We didn’t want to claim sanctuary, honestly it feels more like we’re trapped.” Clawsimodo pouted and Nick explained, “We’re used to the open air, to traveling. We don’t work well with a closed door and four walls.”
“You mean like the other mammals at the Festival of Fools?” Clawsimodo asked. “But they’re not anything like you. They’re evil.”
To the cheetah’s dismay Nick’s hackles rise. “What makes you say that?”
“I’m sorry-I’m sorry! It’s just… I was always told they were cutthroats and thieves.”
Nick relaxed but still didn’t look overly pleased. “I was chased out of my home town because of all the things I stole.”
Clawsimodo’s eyebrows furrowed in confusion, “But you’re so nice.
Nick’s smile was pained, "There are mammals much nicer than me. So, whose been telling you all this evil animal talk?”
“My master…” Clawsimodo hugged himself. “Master Bellwether. She raised me.”
Nick’s snout curled in distaste, “How could that wool-wearing donkey raise someone as nice as you?”
“Oh she’s very kind,” Clawsimodo quickly assured. “She took me in when I was abandoned as a baby.”
“Abandoned?” Nick echoed.
“My parents didn’t want me because I’m a monster.”
“Did Bellwether tell you that?”
“Look at me.”
There was a long moment of silence. Clawsimodo guessed Nick was looking at him and finally realized how ugly Clawsimodo was. He and Finnick would leave and never look back and he’d be alone again. But that was nothing new.
“Give me your paw.”
Clawsimodo didn’t hesitate, offering his paw which Nick took with both of his, turning the cheetah’s paw palm up.
“Hmm…” the fox hummed thoughtfully, running his claw across the pad of Clawsimodo’s palm. “Interesting.”
“What’s wrong?”
“Well, I’m reading your palm and I see the usual things like you’ll have a long life but…apparently something’s missing.”
“What is it?” he panicked.
Nick released his paw and shrugged, “I’m sorry Spots, I don’t see any monster lines. And the paw doesn’t lie.”
He looked at his paw, feeling like he had never truly seen it until now. No monster lines…
Nick showed his paw to Clawsimodo. “Now check me, do I have any evil lines?”
The cheetah balked, “No of course not! You’re the nicest mammal I’ve ever met!”
“I’m also a fox, one that used to make a living by stealing. And I think Bellwether’s wrong about the both of us.”
The words made Clawsimodo smile softly, he couldn’t necessarily agree with Nick opinion of Bellwether but…he was pretty sure he had just made his first friend.
“Niiick,” Finnick’s groan interrupted the quiet. The small fox was lying on his back and glaring at the stars. “Can we leave yet?”
Clawsimodo looked between the two. “I can get you out of here.”
Nick and Finnick stared at him. “What?” Nick breathed. “How, the doors are all guarded.”
Clawsimodo stood up, “I know every inch of this place. I can carry you two down the wall, they won’t see you.”
Finnick’s jaw dropped, “You’re insane.”
Nick jumped to his feet, “Let’s try it.”
Judy had slipped back into the church when Bellwether had left only to see the dancing fox no where in sight. She should’ve just left right then, why was it any of her business? So what if this fox was strange, and interesting, and handsome…why did she care?
Still she found herself slipping upstairs to keep looking. She had forced those two foxes to claim sanctuary. She felt responsible for what happened to them here.
Judy’s excellent heading picked up voices from above her head and somehow found herself on the roof. Taking a moment to still her shaking legs (curtesy of the great heights), and walked as close as she dared to the edge.
Just in time to see the two foxes reach the bottom of Notre Dame. Her eyes widened as she watched the two talk to the hunchback from the festival, and then they ran off into the dark of the streets, vanishing from sight.
The deformed cheetah nearly had a heart attack when he climbed back onto the roof and saw Judy standing there.
“You saved them,” she breathed, surprised.
The cheetah than growled and moved toward her in a threatening stance. “Go away!”
Judy jumped back, several feet, “Wait, wait hold on!”
“You can’t be here! It’s sanctuary! No soldiers are allowed!”
“I just wanted to check on them,” Judy reassured him. “I don’t mean them any harm!”
He snorted but didn’t step any closer, “Go away.”
“I promise I will, but I need you to do me a favor. Please, if he comes back tell him I’m sorry. Can you do that?”
The cheetah’s eyes narrowed and he was silent for a moment.
“If you go, now.”
Judy sighed in relief and turned to walk back down into the building. She stopped at the last second and turned around, “Also tell him he’s lucky.”
The cheetah’s confusion could almost be described as adorable. “Why?”
“I have good instincts when it comes to mammals,” Judy explained. “So I can tell he’s lucky to have a friend like you.”

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(1/2) I can literally understand all of your bi-dean meta except for the male siren thing. The siren literally was trying to be the perfect little brother for Dean. I mean the siren literally says "I should be your little brother. Sam. You can't trust him. Not like you can trust me. In fact, I really feel like you should get him outta the way, so we can be brothers. Forever." as well as "No. I gave him what he needed. And it wasn't some bitch in a G-string. It was you. A little brother."

(2/2) I mean I’m NOT against bi-dean, everyone has the right to their own opinions. And A LOT of your analysis is interesting and valid, but if your suggesting that bi-dean is proven through “Sex and Violence.”, I’m lost, cause that seems to have incestuous subtext rather than bi-dean subtext (not that there’s anything wrong with shipping Wincest). I mean Dean could get any girl (and probably guy) if he wanted. The siren revealed what he needed/wanted most was family(specifically Sam)…

(3/2) Cause at this point, tensions were high between the brothers due to Sam’s powers/secrets and Dean needed someone he felt he could trust by his side, a little brother who was devoted to him, some one who understood him (which is why Nick shared the same tastes and interest). I mean I have a little sister and every time she likes something I enjoy, I’m fucking ecstatic. I mean I’ve watched this episode so many times and I fail to see how this is anything but an episode meant to solidify…

(4/2) and push the point that the brothers were not on the same page, and it foreshadowed the future fight and subsequent rift b/t them in “When the Levee Breaks.” I mean y'all say that Nick was a sexual being meant to seduce Dean, but it’s still weird cause he’s trying to being the perfect brother in canon. Sorry this got so long, I’m just curious at why so many people think the male siren has anything to do with bisexuality (of the non-incestuous variety, cuz I can see tht meta 4 wincest ship) 


I think this is really to do with something I was talking about last night about suggestive subtext, when trying (incoherently) to explain why I didn’t think Dean getting his memories back was textual - I think it can be taken as a strong reading and I wouldn’t disagree because I literally make the same reading, but I think it’s implied canon. Ditto the bi subtext around Larry this latest episode. We all know it’s a mechanical bull with a gendered name, not a human male, but between Dean being told he “had the hots” and the ridiculously pornographic riding sequence, and the general phallic nature of the bar they were in, it all still is overwhelmingly suggestive of queerness. 

When it comes to the siren we actually had some more of this suggestiveness this episode which sort of repeats my point I’ll make about it: we only heard Sam say that there could be male sirens. No context, about brothers or even the context of the case for the easiest surface reading that it was just trying to get some hunters off its back by any means necessary. If you’ve forgotten the siren episode or it’s only a dim hazy memory and you sort of connect it to Dean but don’t regularly chug the entirety of canon and then yell about it with strangers online, the episode is not as memorable. So it’s really just posing the point that sirens aren’t all hot chicks, and giving us Dean’s reaction because, right then, he is the casual viewer, and all he knows is the concept that a siren could seduce you as a guy as well, and he just says, “huh.” 

Its surface text reading (and I checked this with my mum after watching because she’s admitted she has 0 queer subtext reading skills but is a very smart, character-driven writer who knows how to read a text) is platonic, not remotely sexual, and when I told her that some of the fandom takes it as proof of Wincest, she burst into hysterical laughter at the concept, and explained to me the reading that Dean is just concerned about his brother and it was an obvious exploitable emotional weakness.

(So the rest of this answer is like a more than usual implied “sorry Mum” :P) 

To me, this episode works by sorting out several layers and understanding that any reading of it you make has to have at least the surface text pasted firmly on top at all times. It WAS a platonic brother thing, and that’s the only way to wring a successful queer reading out of it, because if you start to suggest too far, you immediately cross over into wincest territory, by suggesting the surface text has the sexual element and that it was actually present in the episode as like, feelings and shit the characters were dealing with. 

If you look at it as SUGGESTIVE subtext, accept that the siren is “just” Larry the mechanical bull, then you have exactly the right angle on it for the “huh” of your own.

So, I guess you’re bringing up the meta I wrote about Bobby and 4x06/4x14 - in that case Bobby is the perfect little “huh” angle into it. No one tells him on screen about the brother thing. He definitely knows the siren was presenting as male when it attacked Dean. He killed the thing :P He was the one who sussed it out by checking Nick’s FBI alias out. He knew for half the episode that Dean was being stalked by a male siren, came in, killed it, and aside from some pointed looks from under his hat, didn’t mention it.

There’s a popular text post about the episode that goes:

remember how sam and dean both thought that the siren infected its victims through sex

and when sam walks into the motel room to find dean with nick-the-siren and dean’s totally under the siren’s control sam just

rolls with it

This is the suggestive subtext at work. Nothing here affects the actual text of the episode: it’s about both our interpretation and interpretation within the text of the episode about how this situation might be read. (Obviously this mentions Sam but it goes doubly for Bobby who didn’t see the talky part of the fight, and is never corrected on screen about what he just saw.)

It’s not about wilfully forgetting that the episode has a main text about the brothers, but to see beyond it, within that text. I think it’s probably the causes of the biggest misunderstandings about this episode when you see arguing about it because I think an all or nothing “it’s literally about bisexuality” gets usurped by “I should be your brother” but saying “it’s just about these surface text platonic feelings (because the show would never make it about surface text wincest)” also means you block yourself off from analysing it. The wincest reading of the episode exists in the exact same liminal space of the subtext as the bisexual reading, which means they stumble all over each other and makes the arguments incredibly difficult to untangle because two people can both stand there pulling on the arms of the same moment arguing it means different things in a way most episodes don’t have when it comes to direct, sexual subtextual readings. (e.g the Dean & pie/cake subtext if you don’t agree can just be discarded, rather than it being directly suggestive of the completely alternative reading.) 

Like, stuff your ears to the other subtext and sail right on past :P (When I did the rewatch I actually did essentially lash myself to the mast and demand to hear the song while obviously letting the ship sail to the proper place without getting dashed on the rocks, and I think it’s compelling but not my subtext and most importantly, since I read 0% of other episodes as having overt Wincest readings but many many episodes as having overt bi!Dean readings, I’m utterly secure in literally watching the siren episode and picking out the Wincest subtext and being like “yeah okay then”)

If you don’t assume that the show is saying anything profound about Wincest, though, and the “i should be your brother” is just a deflection away from overt sexual readings, it’s much more interesting for the bi Dean subtext. An example I’ve compared it to before is in 2x03, which follows a very similar emotional pattern to this episode with Dean and Gordon. Before Sam and Dean fight, we’ve seen Dean get VERY buddy buddy with Gordon, and there’s a wealth of suggestive subtext in their very brief interactions since they bond alarmingly fast at a bar, thirdwheeling Sam, and that’s immediately got hook up connotations. When Sam confronts Dean he has a sort of “I know what this is about” moment and there’s a real “Oh shit he’s going to tell Dean he’s crushing on Gordon and his judgement is impaired” moment, before Sam tells him it’s because Dean misses John and is filling the gap. I do not think the suggestiveness of Gordon and Dean’s interactions suggests that Dean had the hots for John, just like I carry on not thinking that when Crowley starts his official seduction in 9x11 comparing himself to John, or later in 10x01, to Sam. 

Once I’ve got a surface reading and the deflection and the way it was read in the aftermath (yeah we’re working backwards through the episode here :P) then there’s a kind of solid place of understanding my own interpretation to examine the rest of it.

There’s this article which would be kind of pointless as evidence in other cases of actor commentary on the story because PR is not showrunning, etc, and we can’t really depend on them to answer with a proper understanding of what WE are listening out for, or what the show has crafted around their understanding, but in this one when we’re looking at suggestiveness is fascinating:


yeah, at that point I thought he should be ambiguously sexual. As an FBI agent he was a guys guy, but this creature wasn’t a guy or a girl. I tried to find something in between and enjoyed having control over these boys in a sexual way”

This is not describing anything between Sam and Dean, but how the actor played it between himself and them - he saw the siren at work, as using sexuality as part of its control. This reading applies to the entire episode, with all the cases of the siren at work, but obviously those were all “hot chick” siren moments, and so exerting control over the men was a given that it had been using a strip club full of female dancers as the lure to find them, so they’d be understandably into hot women. Which means the overt reading of sexuality is oh so much easier to make and credit and honestly having him say even this much about it is pretty dramatic, though of course as a killed-off one time character, he’s got a lot more freedom to chat about the process and admit to playing up sexuality in a room with 3 male actors. 

I’m just going to grab my laughing from the rewatch I did for the next point, about the gap between Nick commenting that he was the siren and had trapped Dean, and the brother line:

That glorious, glorious moment of floating amazement where the it-was-a-actual-legit-seduction text peaks, and you’re allowed a moment from which most bi Dean peeps never recovered. (There’s a three strikes and you’re out policy here: Playthings, this, Dr Sexy. :P)

Because of course, whatever comes out Nick’s weasely mouth once I press play again, the question has been asked. The idea has been planted. It doesn’t matter what they say after this even setting aside all the logic of siren lore explained in the episode or any of the other circumstantial stuff which leads me to my text of the episode conclusion this is a bi Dean episode through and through.

They gave Dean a male siren and gave us these few seconds to let us reflect on that in its pure, this-was-a-seduction in the main text of the episode moment. There’s a level outside the text here where they set this all up, and threw this at us, and handled it in such a way as to leave it open to going on 7 years of fandom arguments about what interpretation was the correct one of the 3 on the table. This is the thing about these fandom arguments: when it comes to people trying to tell those who see Dean as bi that they’re making it up or something, or putting it into the text themselves, the response is usually, no, we’ve got it from the show. Even if you immediately go along with one of the other 2 alternatives (it was platonic all along despite the siren’s sexually charged MO: it was about a sexual proxy for Sam all along despite the fact the siren textually does not have to replace like for like objects of affection) THIS MOMENT before we know it’s officially about Sam, the show is textually letting you think about it for 3 seconds in a deadly serious context.

It’s like 2:30am I need to stop waxing on about this but seriously this fucking moment.


If I ever try to explain to myself WHY this episode is bi Dean, it’s all resting first and foremost on those few seconds of screen time, because in that point, no take-back has been offered. Knowing there IS a take-back a second later doesn’t actually detract from the raw suggestiveness of this moment, which let us think, if we picked up on it immediately, that Dean had a male siren and had been seduced just like all the men and their “hot chicks”. It allows a whole moment where it seems like the show is telling us that Dean is *just* into men and the siren managed to snare him that way by catching him unawares. After all, Sam and Dean are looking for a siren-cum-stripper so getting in under their noses would be important. Dean didn’t trust Cara because she was female despite her being in a generally more socially accepted job, and she was used as a deliberate false lead by Nick (by planting the flowers) AND the show to imply that someone in their general vicinity that they’d been having a thing with that episode could be the siren. Sam’s new female character hook up was not, in fact the siren. Dean’s new male friend WAS. Admittedly it’s a lot of thinking to do in 3 seconds but if you’ve been waiting for the blow to fall that the siren has been worming its way in romantically as Cara, and going along with the surface text of the episode so far, then the instinctive “wait WHAT” is enough to do the work here before the show comes back out of slow mo and carries on like usual, establishing a nice safe cushion-y layer of no homo. 

The show DOES however offer its own reading on TOP of the no homo, within the episode, to make it absolutely unequivocally clear there’s a “no incest” reading too - the surface text is EXTREMELY fragile this episode and they do a lot of hard work and backpedalling to try and maintain the fragile surface tension, so, still working backwards through the episode, we get to this:

So whatever floats the guy’s boat, that’s what they look like?

Yeah. You see, sirens can read minds. They see what you want most and then they can kinda, like, cloak themselves. You know, like an illusion.

Cut to the siren seducing the next dude and cue the sweet relief of the subtext that shatters the first interpretation offered by the subtext so far. Sam n Dean have had their relationship portrayed a certain way (overtly: the lying and ongoing season 4 angst, subtextually, a little odd framing and more stray comments beyond the norm) and the episode will come down about said relationship, but this random bloke is the key to what happens next.


Disappointed mom and Jesus judging this guy:

The siren emphasises not that she’s a sexual rival (although we don’t know if that guy has Oedipal issues) but mentions that she is a sink on his time and an anchor stopping him from running away with them to be alone together forever and ever and ever, which, with their line about him not sticking her in a care home yet, suggest that she is ill and frail enough to be a full-time job for the guy, much like Dean is stuck with Sam as part of their full-time job and ongoing “look after Sammy” mentality.

So before Nick ever shows up it’s clearly shown that “floats the boat” has a surface level disconnect to the target of murder (and it’s just that statistically the siren is going after mostly hetero dudes with wives, given where they pick the men up and how lends itself to the typical MO). This scene is obviously the “lol no incest” for the end of the episode once the siren tries to drive them apart. […] Both sexualised interpretations live on: the massive logic leap to say “yeah well what if there were Oedipal undertones to this relationship?” which is a headcanon you can float which will mean the siren can still get Dean for that reason, but at this point, the main text of the episode becomes: “the siren will use sexuality to seduce the man, but the target closest to the man that will be the victim is that of unfortunate proximity, not necessarily a sexual rival to the siren.” And therefore, until the reveal after Dean drinks from the flask, we have a long stretch of episode where Nick is main-text seducing Dean with no argument, and the only counter-argument offered is Nick’s own words.


Wait, he killed his mom?

The woman he was closest to.

Dean’s thoughts go there. Sam shrugs it off, having either not noticed this is weird because new info makes sense to him, or he’s already worked this one through and come to the realisation the siren’s pattern isn’t strictly sexual or that this was a thing but he’s not going to judge. :P So we have two conflicting interpretations at work here; Sam’s chill attitude which surface level suggests there was nothing odd about it, and Dean’s ‘ugh wait but with the information I had available to me I have come to an incredibly awkward realisation!’ tone of voice. (And the subtextually buried one contradicted by the main text of Sam’s dialogue where it is also possible he assumes like Dean this was incest but that it isn’t weird/gross enough for comment.) Sam is implied to be ahead and be offering a rational explanation for this to Dean, i.e. wow that was an unfortunate interpretation, Dean! Fortunately, I, a better-informed individual who has had more information to work with than you before we started this conversation, have come up with a rational alternate explanation which does not involve incest!

This one particular death has pretty much the whole episode riding on it when it comes to interpretation because it is used as the way to confirm non-incestuous relationship replacement with the siren (which along with the siren still showing sexual control over Sam and Dean when he has them under his control backs up the way it seduces the man and says they should run off together romantically - Nick also makes them fight in order to be in love with one of them ~forever~ (a.k.a until the spell wears off and the survivor comes to his senses and probably kills himself over what he did)) - of course because despite the focus on the mother, the man still sleeps with the siren and it’s still framed as a romantic/sexual seduction to get him to the point of murder. The sexual element persisting after the siren says “I should be your brother” is a point I’ll get to better in a minute when I recap the conclusion from my rewatch but does essentially give you the choice of reading that he was talking crap there :P

There’s also the implication of the empty beds/back and forth of the episode, where Sam and Dean’s time management parallels back and forth. There’s suggestive subtext here between Dean and Nick because Sam has wall-banging sex with Cara, and their part of the story is directly back and forthing with Dean and Nick - we have some serious gaps in time, and when Sam returns to the room just before the fight, Nick and Dean are waiting, on those neatly made beds that seem to see no action. I don’t think they slept together. BUT the suggestiveness is right there and people have commented on it and picked it up, so it’s a valid part of the subtextual layer.

Here’s the conclusions I came to in my rewatch:

Aw, Nick, no. We were having so much fun.

Or it could be her saliva… You really should have wiped the lip of that thing before you drank from it, Dean. I should be your little brother. Sam. You can’t trust him. Not like you can trust me. In fact, I really feel like you should get him outtta the way, so we can be brothers. Forever.

Yeah. Yeah, you’re right.

So, what’s left on the table?

  • Completely valid if out of left field for the episode’s subtext alternate reading of Dean as somewhere on the Aro spectrum so the siren doesn’t affect him at all romantically, and goes for filling the emotional void it creates from a different angle (several season 3 moments imply Dean has a void in himself for romantic love as emphatically distinct from his need for Sam, but I’m pretty sure I clocked them all coming from Sera as an ongoing subtext about Lisa as endgame, including foreshadowing of what happened with Lisa in the long run when Gamble got to write that full arc, so you could argue A: it’s all from one source as with the many contradictory writer impressions of Dean’s sexual/romantic identity, and B: it wasn’t even as straightforward as that even when she was implying it existed, as that relationship eventually wrecked itself upon the shores of the brotherly bond too, by her pen).

  • The interpretation that this was just about Sam, platonically, because this is his closest relationship, and the siren, recognising he was a hunter, needed to get to him fast (the other victims took a lot of softening up and a hefty blow to their bank accounts first because this is clearly how the siren makes a living: like the shifters it doesn’t need to kill to eat, just for fun, using its powers for personal benefit and amusement) and so it took an alternate approach to get under his skin in a day using the available tools: Dean is all fucked up about Sam’s secrets and sneaking around talking to Ruby and being a monster and so on, creating an ideal weak spot to get at him: Nick creates an uncomplicated ideal other human for Dean to adopt as a brother in the shortest time possible, because he fully intends just to make the hunters kill each other/themselves on realising what they did and leg it out of town before anyone comes to finish him off and so to Nick the sexual side of it is an unnecessary complication to tidying up the situation.

  • As above, but the wincest reading, with the siren’s sexually charged MO included despite the only proxy-kiss because of all the subtextual implications and the apparent links between Nick and Sam.

  • As point 2 again, but with the siren’s sexually charged MO still counting in the background of why Nick, because Dean’s repressed bisexuality made him a double easy target.

    Dean would not suspect the dude, while thinking he was hunting a stripper, and yet the siren’s MO still works on him as Dean’s “float the boat” umbrella is very wide. The “brother” thing goes back to the main text platonic reasons, and Nick just needs to say something to get Dean on his side that’s still broadly in character for Dean (like, he would not have just magically got through his whole gay panic in that moment: the other victims were all aware of who they were and what they wanted throughout [see also: the first man they interviewed at the start]: part of Dean’s horror in this moment is probably realising the siren affected him AS Nick and having the same moment of wondering about himself before Nick’s reassuring words ease him along - oh, this is just about Sam).

    So in this case Nick finds it easier to go for the surface reasons Dean was emotionally vulnerable with the emphasis on his lack of trust in Sam, because Dean IS emotionally vulnerable in his most important relationship, and creates an ideal other person is someone who represents Sam just enough to show he fits the emotional void, but is sufficiently different enough (fun, common traits and interests to Dean, trustworthy) to count as a separate identity to Sam (because Dean does have a ton of issues which do not necessarily have to be incestuous but can be to do with the most important relationship in his life having an overbearing effect on everything he does and the way he relates to other people, as constantly shown elsewhere without demanding we pay attention to the alternative reading unless the viewer is inclined to like it and look for it).

And I am aware that after talking about how the incest subtext takes the most leaps along the way, it’s the bisexuality argument which, by being debunked by platonic bros main text, gets relegated to the back seat, now needs a strong counter-argument to its own “debunking”, while the main text is more compatible to the other subtext’s conclusions.

This is why there are fights. :P

Obviously I choose to believe the very careful mental meanderings that back up my reading that there is a suggestive element to the episode that can imply Dean’s bisexuality without having to credit that the sexual element includes a wincest reading, and as I said, this is because the episode is highly suggestive, but everything it tries to tell us in text is broadly the platonic bros reading, so it is left to choice, favoured interpretation, emotional preference, whatever, to pick out what you want. There’s a valid in-text suggestion that the siren does NOT work incestuously even when the most important relationship is a family one, and if you use these as the guidelines, the rest of the suggestiveness about the sexual elements can just be read as the fact that Dean was into Nick as a person rather than having been attracted to him because he reminded him of Sam. 

Although honestly it really just comes down to part 23346346 of infinity under the same heading as:

why I’m on the dean is bi train:

we’d never get a two minute montage of sam “riding larry.”


Hesitant-Chanyeol Smut

A/N here’s a request for soft body shy Chanyeol. I hope you like it!-A

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“Fuck Chanyeol” I hissed out as he grabbed my hips and pulled me down harder onto his lap.

What had started as a regular movie night at my apartment turned into an intense make out session with me straddling his hips. He pulled me down against his lap, making me feel his hard length through his pants. A moan escaped my lips, my hands reaching down to the hem of his shirt before he stopped me.

He pushed me off of his lap rather quickly, and I was both confused and a little worried because he never acted like this.

“Baby what’s wrong?” I asked, prodding a bit for an answer.

“n-nothing” He said, worry in his voice giving him away.

“Chanyeol, I know you better than that. What’s going on?” I asked again, looking him in the eye.

A heavy sigh escaped him and he finally began to speak.

“I’m just… I don’t know, a little self-conscious I guess.”

I smiled and shook my head. “What are you self-conscious about baby?”

“I’m just worried about what you’ll think when you see my body. I’m not in my best shape right now, I’ve gained more weight than I care to admit.” He explained, crossing his arms over his stomach.

“Baby, we’ve done stuff before and I never had a problem with your body.”

He chuckled slightly “Yeah in the dark. You’ve never actually fully seen my body before this, and that makes me nervous.”

“Chanyeol, you know I love you right? What your body looks like doesn’t matter to me, I’ll love it no matter what.” I try to reassure him.

Honestly it didn’t matter to me what he looked like, I loved him for him, and that’s what mattered.

“I know, I’m just afraid you’ll love me less if you see what is under my clothes.” He replied sheepishly.

I looked at him and took his face in my hands, making him look at me.

“Baby boy, listen to me, nothing will ever change how I feel about you. I love you so much, and a little bit of weight gain isn’t going to change that. Okay?”

He looked at me and nodded his head, but I wasn’t convinced that he believed what I had to say.

I placed my hands in his and began pulling him up from the couch and taking him to the bedroom.

“What are you doing?” he asked, reluctantly following me.

“You obviously don’t believe me when I say that I love you no matter what, so now I’m going to show you how much I love you.” I said, pulling him into the bedroom and closing the door behind me.

Chanyeol attempted to turn the lights off, but I quickly moved him away from the light switch and sat him on the bed. “Leave them on baby, I want to see all of you. You need to trust me though, okay?”

He nodded and I moved his legs apart, placing myself between them. I kissed him, gently at first, then deepened the kiss. I ran my fingers through his hair and tugged lightly, making him moan against my mouth. I took his bottom lip between my teeth and pulled gently, causing another moan to leave his lips.

I began kissing my way down his neck, leaving small kisses and bites in various places along his bare skin. I got to the collar of his shirt and stopped, bringing myself back to look at him. I placed my hands along the hem of his shirt and he nodded, giving me permission to continue.

He raised his arms above his head and I lifted his shirt off his body before tossing it to the floor. He tried covering himself up with his hands but I quickly grabbed them and held them as I looked his body over.

He had a beautiful body, his soft curves slightly protruding over the top of his jeans. A look of panic crossed his face momentarily, but quickly went away when I laid him back on the bed.

“You have a beautiful body baby” I said as I kissed my way down his body. I lingered around his stomach for a few moments, leaving small bites and kisses along his soft skin. I could feel the tension in his body relax as I worked my way down his stomach and across his hips.

I worked my way down to the hemline of his pants and unbuttoned them, shimmying them down his hips a little. I hovered my mouth over the waistband of his boxers, causing his breath to hitch in his throat.

I looked up at him and he was watching me intently as I tugged at his pants again. He lifted his hips to assist as I pulled his pants and boxers off, tossing them to the floor.

I stood up for a moment, taking in the full sight of him. I could tell he was apprehensive, his lips pushed to one side, causing his dimple to deepen on the left side of his face.

“Fuck you look amazing, baby boy.” I said, causing a smile to slowly spread across his face.

“I can’t believe you’ve been hiding this from me this whole time baby, you are so fucking hot” I said as I kissed his thighs and began working my way up his body slowly.

I teased him for a few moments, keeping my mouth focused on his inner thighs. Small whines left his lips as I lingered over his hips and thighs, teasing him.

I finally worked my way to his member and pumped it in my hand a few times before taking his tip into my mouth. I slowly began bobbing my head up and down his length, causing a low moan to leave his body.

I looked up at him and he was watching me. I kept my focus on his face as I worked my mouth up and down him slowly. I watched as his brow furrowed and he tossed his head back, unable to keep his composure any longer.

He wound his fingers through my hair and bucked up into me a few times, becoming impatient with my slow pace. I obliged, quickening my pace, causing a string of moans to flow past his lips.

I kept my pace for a few moments, allowing his orgasm to build before removing myself from him completely. A small whine left his lips from the lack of contact, but I quickly straddled him and sank down onto him, giving myself a few moments to adjust before I started moving myself up and down along his length slowly.

I rolled my hips back and forth on him and ran my hands up and down his torso. He brought his hands up to my chest and rolled my nipples between his long, thick fingers as I rode him. His hands roamed down to my hips, gripping them firmly as I quickened my pace on him.

I knew he was trying to take control so I grabbed his hands and took them off of my hips, my fingers interlocking with his. I leaned down slightly, placing his hands on either side of his head as I continued to move up and down on him.

He moved his hands from mine momentarily, repositioning both of us slightly so he was sitting up and facing me. He cupped my face with his hands and kissed me gently as I started rolling my hips up and down on him once more.

I raked my hands down his chest and torso gently, causing goosebumps to form on his skin.

“I love you so much” I said, kissing him hard.

“ I love you too” He breathed out as I broke the kiss. I quickened my pace and he moved one of his hands from my face down to my clit and he began rubbing circles into it, causing my orgasm to build faster.  A string of moans left my lips as I was quickly reaching my high.

I sucked a hickey into his neck, just below his jaw line, causing him to moan out and toss his head back. He grabbed my hips and thrusted into me a few times, both of us finding our release together.

We stayed like that for quite some time, just embracing each other and giving each other long, slow, passionate kisses while our bodies settled. I rested my head against his chest and he placed his head on my shoulder. I ran my hands along his back as he absentmindedly ran his hands along my lower back.

After embracing for a while, we both got cleaned up and cuddled back into bed.

“Now do you see? You never have to worry about that kind of thing with me. I love you for who you are, inside and out, and nothing will ever change that” I said as I played with his hair.

“I know. I should’ve never second guessed it. Thank you for showing me that. I love you so much” He said, mumbling slightly as his eyes began to drift closed.

“I love you too, baby boy, more than you will ever know” I said, running my hands through his hair as he drifted off to sleep. I kissed his forehead and snuggled into him, falling asleep to the sound of his breathing.

Unfair Fights

Pairing: Jin x reader

Chapter: 1/ ?? (pls give feedback)

Word count: 484

Request: I saw you were looking for requests so can you please do a Jin vampire AU??  Take your time and thank you!

He forgot about me. I can’t believe he forgot about me. He was supposed to have coffee with me today, but once again, I was dumped.
It’s been the third time he cancelled our plans because he was “busy” with work, but today he simply forgot about our date.
I drank the rest of my drink and quickly grabbed my stuff because it was getting kinda late.

As I stepped out of the coffee shop, I stupidly called him once again, but surprise, he didn’t answer the phone.
But then you saw something in the distance, a fight. Three guys vs one, kinda unfair I thought. Not wanting to draw attention to my side I quickly pass trough them, and sight in relief until:

“Hey you, stop!!” oh god. oh god. I hope that’s not for me, walk faster, walk faster - i thought. Too late tho. You felt a pair of arms grabbing you and not letting you go.

“Let go of me!” I screamed. No one will hear me, I’ll die and no one will know oh god.

“You saw to much of this.” he said.

Then, like a lightning, that one guy from the fight kicked the person who was grabbing me, making me fall to the ground and watching the scene.
Something about him felt unusual, almost magical, really delicate, like porcelain, really handsome.
After being lost in my thoughts, I see a hand extended at me, which I accept.

“I’m so sorry about that, you weren’t supposed to be a part of it.” he said while still grabbing my hand and kissing it. His hand were so cold - i thought.
He was looking at me with piercing eyes, almost like he knew everything about me, knowing that my heart beating so fast.

“I’m Jin.” That’s a pretty name, you thought.

“Y/N. Also, thanks for saving me.”
You had a better look at him. He was slightly bruised and with some cuts, obviously from the earlier fight and wearing all black.

“It was nothing, really. Are you okay though?” He said, showing some kind of compassion.

“Yes, don’t worry! You in the other hand probably have had some better days.” He kinda laughed a little bit, the first time this night. You didn’t even know, he thought. In the other hand, you thought he’s laugh was beautiful.

“Come to my apartment so I can take care of those cuts, that’s the minimum I can do.” Okay, that was bold. Not even 1 hour ago you were being dumped by some guy and now your bringing another one home.

“It’s nothing, really. You must be tired and it’s not even that painful.” You weren’t going to give up so easily.


“Okay. Where to?” He said as he walked towards the car, his you most likely suppose.

“Aren’t you going to come in?” Oh boy, this guy as me hooked.

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Okay so, do you ship PlayerXStrelitzia? It seems to be one of the more popular pairings in light of her Chirithy revealing that she had a crush on the Player back when she was alive.

Eh, I’m pretty neutral towards them. Though it is implied that Strelitzia really liked player/has a crush on them, it’s not really revealed/confirmed, is it? All we have is her freaking out to save player from the war (which obviously shows she very strongly cares for player, but it’s not a confession or anything).

I actually am rather inclined to low-key ship Strelitzia with Blaine. I saw some cute art for them (it has to be somewhere in my queue I think…) and.. I kinda hope that Blaine is not the one who killed her off XD That would ruin this for me xD But really, just lowkey because that one piece of art I saw that was super adorable (shhh it’s this one by @thetwilightroadtonightfall)

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i dont really think heinous is gonna be in monster bash, considering her story has been kinda separate from the toffee and eclipsa stuff, and she seems to be draining youth from princesses specifically. not saying theres no chance of her showing up, i just find it unlikely. i am curious if shes gonna come back this season though since shes only had one appearance per season so far, i do hope we get to see more of whats going on there

okay so here’s the thing:

- she’s very obviously in the Butterfly line

- she’s draining positivity and individuality from youth in order to regain some form of energy. honestly, we can go as far as saying this is similar to Mother Gothel, who regained her youth and was hundreds of years old.

- she could be Eclipsa’s daughter that was abandoned when Eclipsa left her husband to go to a monster. Eclipsa, Queen of not abiding by rules and conforming to the norm, mother of the woman who enforces them in a Princess Jail? Hm.

- she took one (1) princess and then said she’s coming for Marco, who isn’t a princess. Honestly I think the reform school is just a sham to get young people in one building.

- the suction cup things are the same ones Moon put on Star so, like….worry, slightly.

- 3x13 - Monster Bash - All the youth of Mewni gather at the ancient Monster Temple to celebrate a new era of Monsters and Mewmans living together in peace, until guests start disappearing!

- they also cracked a joke about like…not showing up enough and “not coming after Marco” so it’s coming soon.


Competitive Streak (Siegbert x Shiro)

“Shiro was trained to be spear fighter. His weapon class has the advantage over Siegbert’s.”

“Oh really? Then why did Siegbert take down Shiro in that last match?”

“It was luck!”

The two young princes watched as their fathers bickered back and forth about which of their sons was the more experienced child. Two soon-to-be kings acting like utter children.

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For the RWBY question thingy how about: 8, 9, aaaand 14 ;)

8. If you could form a team with any RWBY characters who would you pick and what would your team name be?
oh man that’s a hard question, uh… i gotta go with qrow, obviously, yang, and penny? that seems pretty good balance wise. i have no idea what our name would be though.

9. Do you have a favourite type of Grimm? If yes, which is it?
nevermores and the nuckelavee

14. What are three of your favourite quotes from the show?
ruby: “i don’t want to be the ‘bee’s knees,’ okay? i don’t want to be any kind of knees! i just want to be a normal girl with normal knees!”

winter: “if you won’t hold your tongue, then i will gladly remove it for you!”
qrow: “alright then, come take it”

aand i don’t really wanna type this one out bc it’s kinda long, but i really liked roman’s monologue(?) while he and ruby were fighting right before he died

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How would BTS react if their girlfriend (is an Idol) would collapse (because of to much work and Stress) while performing on an Award Show? And their realtionship is actually a Secret?

Seokjin: I think that Seokjin would honestly have a hard time staying put. Obviously, he’ll want to get up from his seat, run backstage and make sure that his partner is okay. Though, if their relationship is a secret, then he’ll know that going backstage isn’t an option. Just like the audience (definitely), he’ll be just as surprised and concerned as he could be. Though, he’ll have to do a lot of acting to not burst into worry. I think that the most he could do in the moment, was to ask a manager to check on his partner, and report the situation to him. He wouldn’t be very concentrated on what happens next on the show, his head to filled with concern.

Suga/ Yoongi: You know blank-face-Yoongi? Well, that’s just it. We all know that when Yoongi is worry and/ or concerned, he’s going to put on his poker face to try to show the less possible emotions. Just like Seokjin, he knows that running backstage isn’t an option for him, so he’ll stay put just because he knows that that would be the most reasonable thing to do. He wouldn’t pay much attention to the show anymore, just stealing quick glances from the corner of his eyes to see if his partner is returning in the audience or not. He’ll maybe get up though, once it’s time for advertisements, and run backstage by himself. Discreetly.

J-Hope/ Hoseok: Even if he tried, Hoseok wouldn’t stay still, he’ll worry way too much to just stay put. It’s all in his nature anyway, so I don’t think that it’ll come out very suspicious to the audience, though if he decided to get up and leave backstage right away, that might be a giver. I think that he’ll try on some ruse, you know, like saying he has to go the bathroom – or that he needs his make-up to be fixed, anything to just have an excuse to go backstage and accidently run in his partner. Once he’s sure that they are okay, he’ll come back in his seat, though it wouldn’t lower the worry a bit.

Rap Monster/ Namjoon: Namjoon is a leader, so he wouldn’t have any other choice to act like one. Even though he’d be dead worry, he’ll know that he’ll have to stay put and wait for any further comment. Just like Seokjin, I think that he’ll ask one of his manager to learn more about the situation and report to him how bad it actually is. I don’t think that he’ll be as mischievous as Hoseok to try escaping the camera’s eyes, so he’ll have no other option than to wait for his partner to reappear.

Jimin: Out of all seven of them, Jimin would, by far, be the most worry about the situation. He wouldn’t help it, like Hoseok, it’s in his nature to see the worst out of the situation. I don’t think that he’d really care if anyone sees him sneak in backstage, so that’s why his managers will have to keep him from doing anything that he might regret; it would almost be as if he was grounded. I think that he’ll even try to sneak off behind his manager’s eyes, just because he has to be sure that his partner is okay. He wouldn’t like to be forced to stay put, it would literally kill on the inside.

V/ Taehyung: Well Taehyung would be very, very worry as well. Though he wouldn’t take a decision on his own, but rather ask to his leader (and his managers) if it’s possible for him to go backstage. The most reasonable option would be to stay put, like the others, and even though he wouldn’t like this a bit, he’d have no other choice to do as he was told. He would literally beg his manager though, to see if his partner was alright, for sure.

Jungkook: I think that Jungkook’s reaction would be actually pretty similar to Taehyung’s. He wouldn’t make his own choice and ask for advices, too scared to run backstage if that meant being in trouble. He wouldn’t be able to stay put, and worry would be written all over his face; like his leg would be shaken, and he’d bite his lips nervously while trying to look around to see if his partner is returning. The other members would have to try and reassure the best they can for him to calm down. I think that, at some point, like Hoseok, he’ll probably make up some lie to sneak off backstage.

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This one’s definitely not accurate. 

- Nageoire

I’m not easy to love. I’ll break down sometimes in the middle of the night and if you’ll ask me what’s wrong, I’ll just shake my head and smile at you. You’ll always here the phrases, “nothing”, “i’m fine”, “it’s okay” coming out from me, even though I obviously show there’s something inside that is bothering me. I got a lot of secrets, that I tell the moon every night and if you think i’d share it to you, think again. I have issues and insecurities, I won’t believe if you say I’m beautiful because I know I’m not. I have flaws that I think everyone shouldn’t see except for me. I’m not easy to love, I’m the most complicated. maybe that’s why they don’t try.
—  // 11-19-’16, 11:48pm

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Ah, thank you so much! ~Mod Mattie

Karamatsu wasn’t expecting to be stood up for his date.

Did [Name] forget? Were they not feeling well? These thoughts plagued Karamatsu until he finally decided to go to their house and knock on the door.

He was distraught when he didn’t hear any footsteps walking over to open the door. Sure, [Name] wasn’t the most social person, but they never seemed to have too much of a problem with him. Were they mad at him? Did he do something wrong? He checked the door knob to see if it was locked, and it wasn’t - which, considering [Name], was odd; they liked their private moments and made sure to almost always lock the door when they were alone. Karamatsu was now extremely worried - what was up with [Name]?

He looked all around their house for any trace of his other half; however, his efforts were futile, and they were nowhere to be found. Karamatsu was on the verge of panicking by now. How was he supposed to help his lover if he couldn’t find them?!

That was, until he heard a quiet sob.

Karamatsu immediately ran down the hallway to the room where he thought he heard it come from, to which he was met by what appeared to be nothing. He heard a sniff again, but it sounded like it was trying to stay quiet and go unnoticed. He walked over to the closet and opened it, inside was a shaking ball of blankets. Karamatsu felt concern for his lover bubble up inside of him as he crouched down and placed a loving hand on them. They tensed up underneath his touch, wanting to be left alone, but Karamatsu was having none of that.

“My [Name], what’s wrong? Why would a beautiful face such as yours be crying?”

They tried to hide more, tucking themselves further and further into the ball of blankets they had surrounded themselves in. Karamatsu’s eyebrows scrunched in concern. Why wouldn’t they tell him what was wrong? He wrapped his arms around the mass of fabric and held it closely, humming softly to the person held within.

“Do you wanna talk about it?”

“Hnm-mm.” That hummed solmemnly, scrunching tighter.

“That’s fine, my love. Do you, uh, wanna cuddle?”

They shifted a bit, but relaxed and hummed. Karamatsu got into a position where he could wrap his entire body around them. Even though his voice didn’t show it too obviously, he was probably just as flustered, if not more than his significant other. He rocked them back and forth lightly as he continued to hum the song from earlier.

“I’m sorry you’re not feeling okay.”

“S’okay, Kara.”

“Is there anything else I can do to help?”


Eventually, the ball wasn’t tight, and soft snores could be heard from inside the blanket cocoon. Karamatsu had also fallen asleep as well, his head resting on what one could only assume to be the crook of their neck. All was good.

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Some cute past memories from Kagamk, Kuroko, Kasamatsu and Murasakibara? :3

Kagami: “Taiga!” You screamed when he fell down unceremoniously after dunking the ball. Himuro and you snapped into action and ran up to him. You procured a plaster from your pocket and placed it on his scrape. Himuro, meanwhile, fussed over Kagami’s elbow which was twisted at an odd angle. 

“I think it’s broken,” Himuro said quietly. Kagami grimaced and turned to face you; your eyes began to water in worry and Kagami spluttered, “No! It’s okay, ______! Don’t worry about me, okay?” 

Himuro stopped prodding Kagami’s arm to instead gawk in awe at Kagami in love. 

Kuroko: “Tetsuya,” you whispered, glancing up from your book, “what are you reading?” 

The boy looked up at you from his own book, obviously a little shocked that someone dare talk even though the teacher announced it to be ‘quiet time’. He gaped at you and you nodded your head to get him talking. 

“Um, it’s,” he lifted up the book to show you its cover. You nod furiously and Kuroko puts a finger to his lips. You roll your eyes and resume your task. 

Five minutes later, you kick his leg under the table to get his attention. When he looks up, you smile and tell him that you like his book. 

Kasamatsu: He’s scowling as you wrap plasters around his fingers and kiss them better. Every so often, he sniffles into the crook of his arm and blushes when your eyes dash up in concern. 

“Yukio, are you better now?” You ask softly, side-eyeing his guitar lying in the corner of his room. He’d been eager to show off a song for  you, but he ended up cutting his fingers on the strings. 

You’d felt guilty that you had indirectly caused your friend pain, so you were quick to remedy it. Kasamatsu, albeit hesitantly, greedily accepted your affection, allowing you to tend to a few cut fingers with more love and care than necessary. 

Murasakibara: Your mother was beaming when she ushered the boy inside your home and you were struggling to wonder why. Murasakibara had strode over to you determinedly, his hands clearly hiding something behind his back. 

He then shoved a crudely iced cake in your hands and expectantly looked at you. Clueless, you took the cake and your mother sweeped in to cut you both a slice. 

Murasakibara’s stubby fingers now shoved a smaller portion of cake in your face and you opened your mouth. When you chewed and swallowed, Murasakibara grinned. 

“I wanted to bake a cake for my most pwecious person, so mommy said it should be _____-chin!”


Iconic Costumes from Musicals! As requested by anon.

  1. Danny (Grease)
  2. Mark (Rent)
  3. Fiyero (Wicked)
  4. Chris (Miss Saigon)
  5. The Phantom (Phantom of the Opera)
  6. Enjolras (Les Miserables)
  7. Bert (Mary Poppins)
  8. Elder Price (Book of Mormon) 
  9. Frank N Furter (Rocky Horror Picture Show)

Okay, so the criteria I used was pretty random and this is all just IMO (obviously) but I tried to go by the most easily recognizable looks, which is why a couple of movie musicals ended up in there, as well as Book of Mormon even though it’s a fairly recent show. Same with Fiyero’s costume, the tight pants are really memorable among fans, but they always go with this look for the promo pics.

And Miss Saigon is on the list because I can. :P

Thank you operafish and rjdaae for helping me with this list!