obviously not from the show though okay

every time i see something like “haha “hatekeepers” only have a voice online! they’re too scared to talk irl!!” im just like… it’s almost as though cis+het aces aren’t scared to make lgbt people feel uncomfortable in their own spaces irl.

 it’s almost like lgbt people haven’t been ousted from lgbt spaces because they happened to make a cis+het ace angry by showing “pda.” 

it’s almost as if… cis+het aces AREN’T scared to assert themselves irl because it’s almost as though they have some kind of societal privilege that makes them feel like it’s okay to force their way into lgbt spaces and make the people there change to suit them… but obviously lgbt people are the cowards here! 

not as though we’re in a system which favors the voices of cis+het people above lgbt people… haha in what world would this ever happen though


Part 1-

The ringing in your ears was loud. You don’t know if was because of the scream Sasha let out next to you or the fact your thoughts were screaming so loud for you to do something that you couldn’t process it but all the thoughts stop when you look over to Daryl. You knew that look, after being with him for the past two years you had only seen it a hand full of times but you knew it. 

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Guys I am so tired of seeing posts about how Mark’s love for Cristina is lesser than his love for Kieran because it’s more innocent, less “complex” (what?) and ultimately, less passionate which is all code for less sexual. Apart from the fact that I disagree (Mark definitely does want to, for lack of better term, bone her as well*), this is also so so so so ew because it places sex and sexual attraction on this pedestal as if it’s the be-all and end-all of every relationship. As if a relationship just cannot be meaningful or deep or loving without an inherent sexual element to it. Sigh. Just stop, okay?

*Obviously though, he is a lot less hands-on with Cristina and doesn’t actively show that as much. He has a (sexual) past with Kieran, so of course he’s going to have a lot more freedom to make a move and such, especially because he knows that Kieran returns his feelings, whereas he is (was?) more unsure with Cristina, which is mentioned a lot.

Unfair Fights

Pairing: Jin x reader

Chapter: 1/ ?? (pls give feedback)

Word count: 484

Request: I saw you were looking for requests so can you please do a Jin vampire AU??  Take your time and thank you!

He forgot about me. I can’t believe he forgot about me. He was supposed to have coffee with me today, but once again, I was dumped.
It’s been the third time he cancelled our plans because he was “busy” with work, but today he simply forgot about our date.
I drank the rest of my drink and quickly grabbed my stuff because it was getting kinda late.

As I stepped out of the coffee shop, I stupidly called him once again, but surprise, he didn’t answer the phone.
But then you saw something in the distance, a fight. Three guys vs one, kinda unfair I thought. Not wanting to draw attention to my side I quickly pass trough them, and sight in relief until:

“Hey you, stop!!” oh god. oh god. I hope that’s not for me, walk faster, walk faster - i thought. Too late tho. You felt a pair of arms grabbing you and not letting you go.

“Let go of me!” I screamed. No one will hear me, I’ll die and no one will know oh god.

“You saw to much of this.” he said.

Then, like a lightning, that one guy from the fight kicked the person who was grabbing me, making me fall to the ground and watching the scene.
Something about him felt unusual, almost magical, really delicate, like porcelain, really handsome.
After being lost in my thoughts, I see a hand extended at me, which I accept.

“I’m so sorry about that, you weren’t supposed to be a part of it.” he said while still grabbing my hand and kissing it. His hand were so cold - i thought.
He was looking at me with piercing eyes, almost like he knew everything about me, knowing that my heart beating so fast.

“I’m Jin.” That’s a pretty name, you thought.

“Y/N. Also, thanks for saving me.”
You had a better look at him. He was slightly bruised and with some cuts, obviously from the earlier fight and wearing all black.

“It was nothing, really. Are you okay though?” He said, showing some kind of compassion.

“Yes, don’t worry! You in the other hand probably have had some better days.” He kinda laughed a little bit, the first time this night. You didn’t even know, he thought. In the other hand, you thought he’s laugh was beautiful.

“Come to my apartment so I can take care of those cuts, that’s the minimum I can do.” Okay, that was bold. Not even 1 hour ago you were being dumped by some guy and now your bringing another one home.

“It’s nothing, really. You must be tired and it’s not even that painful.” You weren’t going to give up so easily.


“Okay. Where to?” He said as he walked towards the car, his you most likely suppose.

“Aren’t you going to come in?” Oh boy, this guy as me hooked.

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This genuinely scares me. Her ribs are literally protruding from her skin. I’m NOT trying to body shame her just a disclaimer. But you can go look at pictures of her from 2014 and warped tour of 2015 and she was pretty healthy looking. Now she looks pale and malnourished. Even though she does it do herself with the veganism, detox tea, and POSSIBLE (I emphasized possible) plastic surgery, its still scary to see her like this. Regardless of how much we all dislike her, she’s still human and obviously has a mental problem/illness and I really hope she’s okay.

Submission: But her ribs are the only bone showing. My ribs are pretty visible (Juliet and I have very similar bodies) but I’m not malnourished. Her legs and arms aren’t skeletal so I wouldn’t worry too much. She’s very thin but I don’t think its unhealthy (she could also be sucking in for photos to appear thinner). 

ladylaertes replied to your post: i know im many moons late to the party but lemme…

linkie tbh im really glad someone else feels like this on the whole mike/eleven thing.. I did Not like it at all not one bit no sir but I didnt see anyone else talk about it

are people okay with mike/eleven??? do they support it or do people just not talk about it?? i literally… like, we just up & decided to marathon it and now im here. the only fandom exposure ive had has been like, neat gifsets from the show. and honestly tho i typed up more about mike/eleven, i dont like nancy/jonathan either for the same reasons of forced romance (though obviously with different contexts). its a greater problem with media, that guys n dolls cant be friends without the THOUGHT of ~love~ crossing their minds at least once. but since nancy’s plot was already romance-themed, i was willing to let nancy/jonathan mentions slide because, well, at least its relevant to what we’ve seen prior. 

its also very bizarre how we have to have dustin say “you’re only crushing on eleven bc she’s the only girl who’d talk to you lol” when we… havent seen anything about mike & other girls at all… obviously the kids are dweebs and people dont hang out with dweebs. but i hate when movies have to tell us that through the script and not through the visuals. mikes relationship with eleven in a crush way coulda be made stronger by this, if we saw girls bullying them just as we saw people bully jonathan (which helped us see him as an outsider to the high school and nancy as a sympathetic friend who’s not like other girls). this is still trope territory, and maybe even moreso into born sexy yesterday (because of the “you’re the only girl that understands me bc you dont know any better” concept) but at least it would make sense


Competitive Streak (Siegbert x Shiro)

“Shiro was trained to be spear fighter. His weapon class has the advantage over Siegbert’s.”

“Oh really? Then why did Siegbert take down Shiro in that last match?”

“It was luck!”

The two young princes watched as their fathers bickered back and forth about which of their sons was the more experienced child. Two soon-to-be kings acting like utter children.

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Some cute past memories from Kagamk, Kuroko, Kasamatsu and Murasakibara? :3

Kagami: “Taiga!” You screamed when he fell down unceremoniously after dunking the ball. Himuro and you snapped into action and ran up to him. You procured a plaster from your pocket and placed it on his scrape. Himuro, meanwhile, fussed over Kagami’s elbow which was twisted at an odd angle. 

“I think it’s broken,” Himuro said quietly. Kagami grimaced and turned to face you; your eyes began to water in worry and Kagami spluttered, “No! It’s okay, ______! Don’t worry about me, okay?” 

Himuro stopped prodding Kagami’s arm to instead gawk in awe at Kagami in love. 

Kuroko: “Tetsuya,” you whispered, glancing up from your book, “what are you reading?” 

The boy looked up at you from his own book, obviously a little shocked that someone dare talk even though the teacher announced it to be ‘quiet time’. He gaped at you and you nodded your head to get him talking. 

“Um, it’s,” he lifted up the book to show you its cover. You nod furiously and Kuroko puts a finger to his lips. You roll your eyes and resume your task. 

Five minutes later, you kick his leg under the table to get his attention. When he looks up, you smile and tell him that you like his book. 

Kasamatsu: He’s scowling as you wrap plasters around his fingers and kiss them better. Every so often, he sniffles into the crook of his arm and blushes when your eyes dash up in concern. 

“Yukio, are you better now?” You ask softly, side-eyeing his guitar lying in the corner of his room. He’d been eager to show off a song for  you, but he ended up cutting his fingers on the strings. 

You’d felt guilty that you had indirectly caused your friend pain, so you were quick to remedy it. Kasamatsu, albeit hesitantly, greedily accepted your affection, allowing you to tend to a few cut fingers with more love and care than necessary. 

Murasakibara: Your mother was beaming when she ushered the boy inside your home and you were struggling to wonder why. Murasakibara had strode over to you determinedly, his hands clearly hiding something behind his back. 

He then shoved a crudely iced cake in your hands and expectantly looked at you. Clueless, you took the cake and your mother sweeped in to cut you both a slice. 

Murasakibara’s stubby fingers now shoved a smaller portion of cake in your face and you opened your mouth. When you chewed and swallowed, Murasakibara grinned. 

“I wanted to bake a cake for my most pwecious person, so mommy said it should be _____-chin!”

I’m not easy to love. I’ll break down sometimes in the middle of the night and if you’ll ask me what’s wrong, I’ll just shake my head and smile at you. You’ll always here the phrases, “nothing”, “i’m fine”, “it’s okay” coming out from me, even though I obviously show there’s something inside that is bothering me. I got a lot of secrets, that I tell the moon every night and if you think i’d share it to you, think again. I have issues and insecurities, I won’t believe if you say I’m beautiful because I know I’m not. I have flaws that I think everyone shouldn’t see except for me. I’m not easy to love, I’m the most complicated. maybe that’s why they don’t try.
—  // 11-19-’16, 11:48pm

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How would BTS react if their girlfriend (is an Idol) would collapse (because of to much work and Stress) while performing on an Award Show? And their realtionship is actually a Secret?

Seokjin: I think that Seokjin would honestly have a hard time staying put. Obviously, he’ll want to get up from his seat, run backstage and make sure that his partner is okay. Though, if their relationship is a secret, then he’ll know that going backstage isn’t an option. Just like the audience (definitely), he’ll be just as surprised and concerned as he could be. Though, he’ll have to do a lot of acting to not burst into worry. I think that the most he could do in the moment, was to ask a manager to check on his partner, and report the situation to him. He wouldn’t be very concentrated on what happens next on the show, his head to filled with concern.

Suga/ Yoongi: You know blank-face-Yoongi? Well, that’s just it. We all know that when Yoongi is worry and/ or concerned, he’s going to put on his poker face to try to show the less possible emotions. Just like Seokjin, he knows that running backstage isn’t an option for him, so he’ll stay put just because he knows that that would be the most reasonable thing to do. He wouldn’t pay much attention to the show anymore, just stealing quick glances from the corner of his eyes to see if his partner is returning in the audience or not. He’ll maybe get up though, once it’s time for advertisements, and run backstage by himself. Discreetly.

J-Hope/ Hoseok: Even if he tried, Hoseok wouldn’t stay still, he’ll worry way too much to just stay put. It’s all in his nature anyway, so I don’t think that it’ll come out very suspicious to the audience, though if he decided to get up and leave backstage right away, that might be a giver. I think that he’ll try on some ruse, you know, like saying he has to go the bathroom – or that he needs his make-up to be fixed, anything to just have an excuse to go backstage and accidently run in his partner. Once he’s sure that they are okay, he’ll come back in his seat, though it wouldn’t lower the worry a bit.

Rap Monster/ Namjoon: Namjoon is a leader, so he wouldn’t have any other choice to act like one. Even though he’d be dead worry, he’ll know that he’ll have to stay put and wait for any further comment. Just like Seokjin, I think that he’ll ask one of his manager to learn more about the situation and report to him how bad it actually is. I don’t think that he’ll be as mischievous as Hoseok to try escaping the camera’s eyes, so he’ll have no other option than to wait for his partner to reappear.

Jimin: Out of all seven of them, Jimin would, by far, be the most worry about the situation. He wouldn’t help it, like Hoseok, it’s in his nature to see the worst out of the situation. I don’t think that he’d really care if anyone sees him sneak in backstage, so that’s why his managers will have to keep him from doing anything that he might regret; it would almost be as if he was grounded. I think that he’ll even try to sneak off behind his manager’s eyes, just because he has to be sure that his partner is okay. He wouldn’t like to be forced to stay put, it would literally kill on the inside.

V/ Taehyung: Well Taehyung would be very, very worry as well. Though he wouldn’t take a decision on his own, but rather ask to his leader (and his managers) if it’s possible for him to go backstage. The most reasonable option would be to stay put, like the others, and even though he wouldn’t like this a bit, he’d have no other choice to do as he was told. He would literally beg his manager though, to see if his partner was alright, for sure.

Jungkook: I think that Jungkook’s reaction would be actually pretty similar to Taehyung’s. He wouldn’t make his own choice and ask for advices, too scared to run backstage if that meant being in trouble. He wouldn’t be able to stay put, and worry would be written all over his face; like his leg would be shaken, and he’d bite his lips nervously while trying to look around to see if his partner is returning. The other members would have to try and reassure the best they can for him to calm down. I think that, at some point, like Hoseok, he’ll probably make up some lie to sneak off backstage.

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This one’s definitely not accurate. 

- Nageoire


Iconic Costumes from Musicals! As requested by anon.

  1. Danny (Grease)
  2. Mark (Rent)
  3. Fiyero (Wicked)
  4. Chris (Miss Saigon)
  5. The Phantom (Phantom of the Opera)
  6. Enjolras (Les Miserables)
  7. Bert (Mary Poppins)
  8. Elder Price (Book of Mormon) 
  9. Frank N Furter (Rocky Horror Picture Show)

Okay, so the criteria I used was pretty random and this is all just IMO (obviously) but I tried to go by the most easily recognizable looks, which is why a couple of movie musicals ended up in there, as well as Book of Mormon even though it’s a fairly recent show. Same with Fiyero’s costume, the tight pants are really memorable among fans, but they always go with this look for the promo pics.

And Miss Saigon is on the list because I can. :P

Thank you operafish and rjdaae for helping me with this list!

I’ve been seeing some comments along the lines of “HR does none of the work but takes all of the credit.”

Um… what?

Before I start, I’d like to make clear that I’m in no way saying “everyone has to like HR!” It’s totally cool with me if you’re not into HR, or like Harry better, or whatever. What irks me is when people mischaracterize him.

Firstly… exactly what credit is HR taking? I can’t think of a single time since 3x05 that he has taken credit for anything (including his own ideas) or that a member of the team other than Wally has shown any appreciation at all for what he does. The team has twice shot down his museum designs. Barry immediately assumed he was responsible for trying to get Wally out of the cocoon. Joe called him “psychotic”. Thea essentially said he was useless in a deleted scene. No one has ever commended him for doing anything at all, even when his ideas have led to lives being saved.

Secondly, he does none of the work? Clearly Barry is the one doing the crimefighting. Cisco is the one making the gadgets, and so on. But HR’s being doing a ton of research and coming up with decent ideas. And he’s now made a museum from scratch. Obviously we don’t yet know if the museum will be worthwhile or a total mess (I can’t see the point of the show building it up since 3x06 just to have it be a disaster though), but this is a project HR has clearly put a lot of time, effort, and skill into. He also helped Wally despite it being incredibly risky for him to go against the rest of the team, and asked Wally not to tell anyone about it. That’s not the act of someone seeking unearned glory.

HR’s character is not “okay everyone else go do stuff, aren’t I brilliant?” It’s “I kinda suck, everyone is just looking for an excuse to send me home, so I have to prove myself despite the fact no one cares.” 

Some fans seem to be stuck on the team’s perception of him from 3x05 without looking at the actual reality of what he’s been doing since then.

I Don’t Know What to Think - Nate Maloley (Part 2)

Read Part 1 Here | Read Part 3 Here

“(Y/N)!” you hear a faint voice shout.

You could clearly notice the worried voice desperately searching for your presence by their loud, hefty footsteps parading around the house and various doors opening and closing shut. You still had yet to know who the voice belonged to, however. The low-toned shout sounded like Nate’s, but it could have been Sam or John’s. These boys sounded similar sometimes, and it didn’t help with the holler having been so distant.

He was getting closer. The footsteps were getting louder and the pantings were becoming nearer, and the door finally swings open. It was Sam. Not Nate, but Sam. You looked up and made eye contact with the tall, newly blonde boy only to be secretly disappointed that it wasn’t Nate. You drop your head back down to your knees. Sam continued to stand by the door with his hand still on the handle and stared at you while continuing to pant vigorously. He attempted to slow his breathing down by taking in large amounts of oxygen, but even so, he was more importantly afraid of how you were feeling right now. You see, everyone in the group was close, so whenever a picture blows up on social-media, all of you were always tagged regardless of relativity.

“(Y/N),” he quietly said, his panting becoming less dense. He takes a step forward and you turn your head away from him in reaction. He sees this as a sign to stop in his tracks in fear of pushing you too far. You just needed more time to let this sink in, that’s all.

You sighed heavily and turned back to face Sam, giving him a smile to show that you were fine, even though you obviously weren’t. “I’m okay, Sam.”

He slowly saunters over to the bed and climbs on to sit next to you. You didn’t know what to do and you couldn’t look at him because you were on the verge of tears. You bit your lip to refrain yourself from crying, but Sam knowingly brings your head to his chest and hugs you tight. Then the tears came rushing down your cheeks, staining his light gray tee. How can one stupid picture cause this much pain?

He pulls away and lifts your chin up. “Look at me, (Y/N),” he gingerly spoke. You did what his calm, hushed tones asked and shifted your water-filled eyes at him. “Baby girl, you know he wouldn’t do that,” Sam chuckled. “Do you know how mad-crazy in love he is with you?”

“B-but why would he keep this from me?” you whimpered. Your sobs and sniffles made it hard to get words out of your mouth. “I-I mean this happened two n-nights ago, didn’t it?”

The tears gradually lessened and Sam lifted his shirt to wipe away your tears. “He needed time to figure out what to tell you. He was scared shitless, afraid of how you’d take it. Nate thought you were going to leave him, (Y/N). Heck, he’s been hellbent over this and barely sleeping since.”

“Wait, you knew about it?!” you raised your voice at Sam. “All of you knew??”

“No, no! Not all of us. Just me and Swazz, but we couldn’t say anything because Nate wanted to be the one to bring it up to you, (Y/N). You have to believe me. You have to believe him.”

“And why should I?” you pouted and folded your arms. 

Sam used his hands to unfold your arms and looked at you. “Because, ma. You know he wouldn’t do this.”

He was right. You knew Nate was telling you the truth over the phone. Your cloud of judgement took the better of you, but your mind still boiled at the thought of another girl getting her hands on your man.

“I need to call Nate,” you jumped off the bed. You picked your phone up from the ground and saw that you had just broken it from that thrust you did before. “Ugh!” you groaned. “Sammy, can I borrow your phone please?”

“My phone? Uhm. I broke it…” Sam replied in guilt. He had a habit of doing that, breaking his phone.

“Again?” you chuckled. “Okay, then where’s he? I have to find him.”

“Last time I checked, he was at the stud-”

“Got it!” you ran out the room. “There’s chicken in the fridge!!” you yelled extra loud to make sure he heard you. Sam really loves chicken just as much as he loves breaking his phone. And without a plan, you set out to find Nate.

A/N: Yes, it stops here for today. (: The story was meant to end on part 2, but I wanted to make it into a 3 part story, so I’m sorry if you thought Nate would be in this. He will be in part 3 obviously, hahaha. Please leave me any thoughts or comments if you’d like. Your feedback is much appreciated, and helps motivate me to write more for ya’ll. 💕☺️


Jane the Virgin and cheating the narrative

I’ve been mulling this over since the season 2 finale, and I realize I’m still angry at a show that I really love, so it’s time to start writing it out. This post will obviously contain all the spoilers for JTV through season 2. You have been warned.

Seriously. SPOILERS.

When the finale aired, I found that I was annoyed. Not disappointed in the way that I had expected (since I had begun worrying that the writers might do something to block Jane’s wedding), but because the two last-minute twists seemed… not very thrilling. Or rather… not jaw-dropping. This was to be expected - season 1 ended with a tremendous and utterly shocking cliffhanger, and it was obvious that season 2 would try for the same effect. The moment the wedding was carried out, it was obvious: something was going to happen to Michael before the wedding night. What other drama could they spin, right? Then the Susanna twist also sort of made itself obvious, the moment the Tuscaloosa smoking gun was introduced. “So she’ll play a role in Michael’s downfall,” I thought and… well.

The finale was frustrating, but I wasn’t yet angry. The anger came over the next few days.

Jane was happy, I thought to myself as I washed the dishes. Jane was finally getting what she’d always wanted, I mused in the shower. Jane had gotten her dream wedding to her dream man and was having this snatched away for the sake of drama, I grumbled as I paid my bills. And Luisa! Luisa had been promised a healthy relationship, with someone who prioritized her mental health above any romance, I seethed as I sat at work. 

I began to wonder if there had been a false narrative at play. And then I began to wonder if I was so angry at the finale just because of shipping preferences. So I tried not to think about the finale angrily anymore.

Then I started rewatching season 2.

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Some Random Thoughts on Preacher “Sundowner”

(Beware, Preacher spoilers for tonight’s - 7/3/16 - episode below) 

  • Honestly what’s sticking with me, the most horrifying thing (as well as the most realistic) is how Jesse keeps twisting responsibility away from himself and using religion as his justification. This isn’t him giving orders, it’s God. Oh, it’s not God? Then God must have given this to him. We (presumably) see this reasoning even more in the preview for the next episode where Jesse says “If his judgment is to send one more lost soul into the fire what can I do except watch him burn?” Jesse won’t back down unless, as he tells DeBlanc and Fiore, God himself tells him to… which when he does will be the catalyst for Jesse trying to bring God himself to his knees 
  • At the same time we get confirmation of what a lot of us already suspected/knew: that Jesse’s obsession with fixing the town isn’t truly about religion or even his love of power. He tells Eugene that he needs to “save the town” because then he’ll have fulfilled his promise, presumably the one to his dad (“Be one of the good guys because there’s way too many of the bad.”) As much as it hurts, I like this Jesse because of his realism (unlike the comics): you don’t come out of that childhood without having a seriously warped sense of purpose, and frankly we can’t cheer for “bad boy” Jesse without dealing with his actual bad qualities. Jesse is tragic because, despite his arrogance, he seems to truly believe that this is the way to be “good” and do right by that promise… and he couldn’t handle Eugene throwing that back in his face. 
  • I’m actually a little on the fence about Eugene, in that I’m not entirely sure how I interpret his desire to not be forgiven. My assumption is that it’s stemming mostly from fear: he can’t believe that people are suddenly being kind to him again, he’s waiting for the other shoe to drop, and figures it’s better to live in guilt than that kind of anxiety. Though I do think there’s a part of Eugene that wants to “earn” that forgiveness too. Having Jesse hand it to him just won’t cut it. 
  • And of course everyone is wondering how/if Eugene will get out of hell. I personally think he will (he’s a fairly big character in the comics and they’ve established him well on the show), but how that’ll occur is a mystery and I’m looking forward to that kind of new material. Actually being surprised by an adaptation is gREAT
  • I really do think things will smooth out soon though friends Jesse is reaching his tipping point and tHE ANGST CAN’T GO ON FOREVER OKAY IT’S A SHORT SEASON
  • Emily and Tulip’s bonding was SO important to me how often do we get a “Stay away from my boyfriend!” line that leads to friendship and helping each other with church chores??
  • I’m loving Fiore and DeBlanc more and more with each passing episode. I really hope they become fixtures of the show. They’d make such a badass team alongside the Unholy Trio and obviously they’d be hugely useful allies 
  • (That entire hotel scene was seriously my favorite thing ever) 
  • Cass and Jesse drinking pretty much naked was A++ but we’ve all been discussing that for half a week #StillBlessed
  • Previews for the next episode have the Unholy Trio + Emily fucking up baking and idk about you but that’s honestly the sort of fluff I need in my life about now 
  • Just let them all be happy

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Ah, thank you so much! ~Mod Mattie

Karamatsu wasn’t expecting to be stood up for his date.

Did [Name] forget? Were they not feeling well? These thoughts plagued Karamatsu until he finally decided to go to their house and knock on the door.

He was distraught when he didn’t hear any footsteps walking over to open the door. Sure, [Name] wasn’t the most social person, but they never seemed to have too much of a problem with him. Were they mad at him? Did he do something wrong? He checked the door knob to see if it was locked, and it wasn’t - which, considering [Name], was odd; they liked their private moments and made sure to almost always lock the door when they were alone. Karamatsu was now extremely worried - what was up with [Name]?

He looked all around their house for any trace of his other half; however, his efforts were futile, and they were nowhere to be found. Karamatsu was on the verge of panicking by now. How was he supposed to help his lover if he couldn’t find them?!

That was, until he heard a quiet sob.

Karamatsu immediately ran down the hallway to the room where he thought he heard it come from, to which he was met by what appeared to be nothing. He heard a sniff again, but it sounded like it was trying to stay quiet and go unnoticed. He walked over to the closet and opened it, inside was a shaking ball of blankets. Karamatsu felt concern for his lover bubble up inside of him as he crouched down and placed a loving hand on them. They tensed up underneath his touch, wanting to be left alone, but Karamatsu was having none of that.

“My [Name], what’s wrong? Why would a beautiful face such as yours be crying?”

They tried to hide more, tucking themselves further and further into the ball of blankets they had surrounded themselves in. Karamatsu’s eyebrows scrunched in concern. Why wouldn’t they tell him what was wrong? He wrapped his arms around the mass of fabric and held it closely, humming softly to the person held within.

“Do you wanna talk about it?”

“Hnm-mm.” That hummed solmemnly, scrunching tighter.

“That’s fine, my love. Do you, uh, wanna cuddle?”

They shifted a bit, but relaxed and hummed. Karamatsu got into a position where he could wrap his entire body around them. Even though his voice didn’t show it too obviously, he was probably just as flustered, if not more than his significant other. He rocked them back and forth lightly as he continued to hum the song from earlier.

“I’m sorry you’re not feeling okay.”

“S’okay, Kara.”

“Is there anything else I can do to help?”


Eventually, the ball wasn’t tight, and soft snores could be heard from inside the blanket cocoon. Karamatsu had also fallen asleep as well, his head resting on what one could only assume to be the crook of their neck. All was good.

SO HERES MY STORY FOR TATINOF FT LAUDERDALE. Well, I live kind of by Orlando so I had about a 3 ½ hour drive to get to the venue and me and my friend Madison (@85Ultraviolence on Twitter) were one of first people to arrive. We had to sit in this outdoor area until someone came and got us for VIP (which took about two hours). But while we waited some workers for the tour came out and asked us about weird kid stories and Internet support group questions and they were so nice! Once we were allowed in for VIP (which could have easily been snuck in to just saying) we got a red wristband and sat in a pretty chill room with tables and chairs around the room. everyone talked with each other about random stuff and it was so welcoming so dONT WORRY IF YOU’RE GOING ALONE!! YOU’LL MEET PEOPLE! Once Dan and Phil came out from behind the curtain there was screaming but they were so kind and Dan said “let’s have a meet up!” and it all started. everyone got in line and waited to be brought up on stage to meet them. When I went up I said “Hey there!!!!” very happily and Phil asked how I was doing and I said “I’m great! How are you??” and Dan said “very good thank you very much” and while this was going on I was giving them such big hugs like I didn’t want to let go of Phil ever but I had to (sadly). They then asked if I wanted my book signed (which was already open to the page I wanted signed) so they signed it and then handed the book back to me. Dan asked if i wanted him to take a selfie of us and I said “yes and can we also have a full body one afterwards” and Dan just said “Okay.” and took the selfie (amazing good words Dan). so Dan asked the security guard that was on stage if he could take the picture. Dan was about to put his arm around me for a normal picture but I quickly said “can we do a force choke picture??” and Dan said something like “oh yea lets do it alright” so we took the picture anD I LOVE IT. (my selfie is ugly but whatever) and then I started to walk off stage and they said goodbye so kindly and Phil waved and smiled as I walked off but I was like SHIT I FORGOT TO ASK MY QUESTIONS BECAUSE I HAD LIKE A FULL SPEECH PLANNED SO I RAN BACK ON STAGE. The security guard on stage was like NO NO NONONO you need to get off you need to go and I was begging begging begging to let me ask my questions because I would have regretted everything if I didn’t. and Dan and Phil were watching this and kind of nodded saying it was okay and watched me as I was literally saying everything so fast trying to be able to ask before this security guard pushed me off the stage. (he was just doing his job) I asked “What’s your favourite Star Wars movie?” first and Dan said “oooo I think I’m going to have to go with Revenge of the Sith” (although he said Avenge of the Sith but let’s ignore that) ((btw that’s my fave too good choice Dan)) and Phil answered but I didn’t hear him at the time. So then I asked “what’s your fave fall out boy album?” and Dan said “hmmm I’m going to have to say From Under The Cork Tree” (god is real) and then I don’t think Phil really answered he just said “I’m still stuck on that Star Wars question!” and I smiled and said “wait what did you say for the Star Wars thing again?” and he said “oh Empire Strikes Back!” and I said great choice! and I thanked them again because they could have so easily been like “ew rat get her off the stage she had her turn” but they’re so so kind and just want your m&g to be everything you hoped for. So I walked off for the final time and sat on a chair contemplating life while the rest of the m&g went on. The m&g only lasted for about an hour (maybe a tiny bit more) and then they came back out to say goodbye and that they’d see us at the show and walked behind the stage again. Then it was time for the show! I WONT GIVE SPOILERS!!!! I was second row center stage (I died) and I won’t tell you what happened really but Phil threw confetti in my face (life is good) and my friend caught phils mouth germs lets just say that. And obviously we know they do a weird kids segment since they put it in their participation video so Madison got on the screen for her weird kid story and they made so many joKES BASED ON HER I WAS CRYING FROM LAUGHTER. I don’t want to give anything away though so I won’t say much else. But I cried at like 3 points during the show because it made me feel so happy and okay with myself. I hope you all get to enjoy Tatinof whether it’s VIP or not you’ll have a wonderful time I can guarantee that! (and yes the force choke was for all of you ‘force choke me dad’ stans as I’m one myself)

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//Hi, RWBY Fandom!

I heard that shit-talking Miles Luna is how you can become popular on this website. So I thought I’d give it a try!

  • I hate how he doesn’t cater to everything I want!
  • I hate how he writes things that I myself deem irrelevant and filler, even though I have absolutely no fucking idea what such things could be foreshadowing or leading up to!
  • How dare he have two characters of the same sex share a heartfelt moment that is neither romantic nor sexual! Doesn’t he realize that that is automatically queerbaiting?!
  • He is a communist.
  • How fucking dare he and Kerry write the show that they spend a ridiculous amount of their time working on the way they want to?!
  • He borrowed five dollars from me once and never gave it back.
  • He obviously just gives Jaune a lot of screentime because he voices him! Even though it’s observable that Jaune’s total screentime accounts for only about 12% of Volume 2!
  • HOW FUCKING DARE HE WRITE CHARACTERS WITH FLAWS?! Doesn’t he know that we want an entire cast of nothing but Mary Sues and Gary Stus?
  • He thought the LoK ending to be just “okay”, which might as well be a crime punishable by death.
  • His Bane voice is stupid.
  • He’s once of the nicest people on the planet and has worked hard his entire life to live his dream, but I clearly know how to run RWBY better because I’m a person with a blog.
When My Mom Looked Up Supernatural

So Friday I had gone to the Supernatural convention in NJ.  My parents, despite not knowing one bit of information about the show (even though its been on for ten years) were fine with it.  My dad had brought me, sat with me, half watched the panels and half played on his phone.

Now imagine this: Its the next day and my whole family is sat down for dinner, my aunt and uncle had even came over.  I’m half way into my first shish kabob when my mother says “Jessica, I don’t want you watching that show anymore.” Now I thought it was because the religion aspect.  Perhaps my parents had spoke about what my dad had seen at the convention.  Afterall, they’re kind-of-sort-of uptight about that sort of thing.

But I decided to ask why anyway.

“Supernatural?  What do you mean.”

And then she responds…

“Well theres those two men in a relationship.”

I swear I was going to explode from happiness (destiel obviously) “Umm, no?” 

THEN MY DAD SAYS “But what about that video.” (video here) AND MY MOM GOES “I know your old enough to start watching sexually implied content but from what ive seen THOSE TWO ARE WAY BEYOND IMPLIED.”

And yeah long story short my parents believe destiel is canon and I’m okay with that.

Unwanted (Nate Maloley Imagine)

AN: So here’s an imagine since i hit 300 followers! Thank you so much lovelies you’re awesome and amazing and perfect i love you lots! I hope you guys like it (p.s sorry it’s so long i got really into it and for the cheesy ending i just didn't know how to wrap it up)

Warning: Curse/swear words 

I thought today would be another day stuck in a hotel room, tour bus, or back stage alone for hours but it turned out a little bit differently than I expected.

Nate and I had been going out for a year and a half so when he said he was going on tour with Sammy for 3 months I decided to go with him. I couldn’t of handled being without him for that long. It was actually really fun being on the bus with them. But when they had meet and greets and shows I usually stayed on the bus, in a hotel room, or back stage. I figured it was just best I tried to stay away from fans after some of the hate I’ve gotten on twitter.

We were all hanging out in the living room area of the hotel after Nate and Sammy had gotten ready. Nate sat on the chair across from the couch while Sammy was checking himself out in the mirror.

“Are you sure you’re want to stay in here again all day y/n?”

Nate asked me. Obviously feeling bad about me always being alone.

“Yeah I’m sure, really it’s fine.”

I replied trying to show him that I was okay.

“Oh come on y/n don’t be a fucking party pooper. There’s tons of fans that want to meet you. They always bring you stuff and get sad when they can’t give it to you. Just come to the Meet and greet with us!!”

Sammy said, not understanding where I was coming from. He was telling the truth though. There was lots times when Nate brought me gifts after meet and greets that fans have brought me. Yet I was still scared to face the people who didn’t like me.  

“That is so not true. The fans hate me. Going would be such a bad idea guys.”

I said, starting to get a little bit frustrated.

Nate got up, walked over to the couch, picked me up, and sat me in his lap. He pushed my hair behind my ears and grabbed my face. Sammy got the memo and walked to his room closing the door behind him. Nate looked into my eyes with sadness and kissed me gently then pulled away.

“Y/n I really don’t want you to feel that way. They have to be okay with the fact that I have a girlfriend. And if any of them aren’t they aren’t worth our time.”

I thought about it for a second. I hated seeing Nate upset.

“Okay, okay fine. I’ll go.”

“Yes yes thank you thank you y/n!”

Nate said super excited and happy already.

“Come on Sammy we got a meet and greet to go to!”

“Yeeee okay let’s go lovebirds!”

We made our way out of the hotel room and to the elevators. Nate and I held hands until the elevator door opened to the lobby and I quickly let go of it. There weren’t many fans in the lobby but Sammy and Nate met the ones that were there. I took pictures of them with fans on the girls phone and hugged the ones that wanted to meet me.

Once we had met all of those girls we made our way to a conference/convention room. It was all set up and we had about 10 min until the fans would come and line up. There were 3 stools set up with a silky malo back drop. I sat on one of them and trying to relax my nerves before it started. Nate and Sammy were goofing off and laughing. Then the doors opened and screaming girls started to line up. They all already had their phones out taking pictures. Every once in a while I’d hear someone scream “Oh my god y/n’s here!” from the crowd all excited. That made me feel a little bit better.

The security guards had a special system so they would only let one girl at a time unless there were a group of friends, then they would let the group come together. There were a group of 2 girls that came first. They had me take a picture of them with Nate and Sammy, and then asked to take a picture with me. They gave me hugs and said how happy they were I was with Nate and then left. After them I started to feel completely okay with coming.

Things were going really smoothly until a group of four girls started walking towards us. They all seemed around 16 years old and were just looking at me with complete bitch faces. I tried to calm myself down knowing Nate would be here the whole time. One of the girls walked up to me.

“Hey, uh hmm sorry I forgot your name..”

“Y/n, what’s yo-” but she quickly cut me off.

“That doesn’t really matter, can you take our picture with the boys?”

“Um yeah, sure.”

I grabbed her phone and took a couple.

Then they all asked if they could take a group picture with me. They all got around me and Nate took the picture. Then they each gave me a hug. What the first girl said while she hugged me took me by surprise.

“You’re such a whore.” She whispered.

Then pulled away and walked off. I was in such shock but then the next girl came in for a hug. She whispered something also

“You don’t deserve Nate.”

I couldn’t believe this. But before I had time to think the next girl hugged me.

“And all of us hate you, all the fans.”

And then there was the last girl.

“Just give it up, you’re not worth it.”

And with that they all left. I didn’t even know how to react. I know I shouldn’t beat myself up about this but it hurt so much.

There weren’t many fans left so I kept myself together for the rest of it. Once we had met all the fans Nate and Sammy went back to goofing off.

“Hey Nate, I’ll be right back, I need to get something from the hotel room.”

“Okay babe, we might head up in a little bit.”

I quickly walked off and made my way up to our hotel room as fast as possible. Once I got into the room I ran into the bathroom and locked the door. I just sat on the floor and broke down. I couldn’t help myself. I wanted to be strong and pretend it didn’t matter, but the truth is it did. I already felt like I wasn’t enough for him and shouldn’t be with him but for his own fans to also tell me that made it feel so much more real.

Then I heard the room door open and Nate and Sammy talking.

“I’m gonna go change dude.”

Sammy said as I heard his door close.

Nate walked up to the door and knocked on it.

“Hey y/n, you okay in there?”

“Uh-m yeah, I’m fine. Just freshening up.”

“Can I come in?”

I unlocked the door and started to reapply some makeup so it didn’t look like I was crying. Nate walking and turned me to face him.

“Baby girl what’s wrong?”

He looked at me concerned.  

“It really doesn’t matter. It’s stupid.”

“No, y/n don’t do that. If your this upset it can’t be stupid, please can you just tell me?”

“Well it was uh going fine until a group of girls came and they all hugged me an uh kinda called me a whore and said I didn’t deserve you and that they all hated me. Which I’m not surprised, it’s all the truth.”

“Are you fucking kidding me y/n? They said that? My fans? This is not okay. Listen to me. None of that bullshit is true.”

“I know it’s just-“

“No y/n stop that. You can’t believe what they said. I love you and that’s all the matters.”

Nate started to calm me down while I also had to calm him down since he was really mad. We finished getting ready and it was almost time for their show.

The show was in the building next to the hotel so we had to go out the back of the hotel and went into the building through the back which went straight to the back stage room.

I hung out back there during the show and fiddled around on my phone. About half way through the show I heard Nate start to talk on the microphone.

“So tonight we just so happen to have a guest here!”

All the fans started to scream. Then Sammy said something.

“Hey y/n, why don’t you come out here and say hi to all the fans!”

Well fuck. I ran on stage and waved to all the fans and they all went crazy screaming and calling my name. Nate walked over and wrapped his arm around my waist. Everyone screamed “AWW”

“For everyone who doesn’t know, this is my girlfriend y/n. We’ve been together for a long time. She makes me so happy and I love her a lot. I hope you guys can love her as much as I do!” There were more aw’s and screaming

“Look at these lovebirds.” Sammy said

Then to my surprise all the people in the crowd started chanting.

“Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!”

Nate looked at me with a big smile and then pecked me on the lips. That’s when I realized it didn’t matter what happened cause I had Nate to make everything better.