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Hi, I love your story and I was wondering if you could recommend some other simblrs with good stories too? Thank you!!! <3

Hi!! Well my love!! You can check out my follow forever!! It’s on my resources page here! Also!! If you go onto my actual blog (it’s on the right hand side!) I have a ‘currently reading’ section!! If you hover over a story it will tell you the name!! and if you click it’ll take you to the authors blog!! (DO U KNOW HOW LONG THIS TOOK TO SET UP??? SO MANY LINKS, SO MUCH HTML!!)

Obviously I read more than 10 stories but these are some of my favs! But I’ll give you some more because you were so sweet!!! 



Anddddddd like a 1000x more!! So get your reading glasses on nonny!! time for some stories!! when yo’ done come see me and I’ll give u another list 😉

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This mentality of "you heard the irrelevants, now get ready for Harry Styles, the real artist of the band" is the most disgusting thing ever, the reason why he has the nastiest fans and why people have a hard time swallowing the solo harry pill. I love him as an artist and I think he deserves to do great (obviously better than the others, since he has a proper team and years of solo pushing) but maaaaan, obvious agenda is obvious sometimes.

I know, media are disgusting for a lot of reasons, the way they paint Harry compared to the rest of them despite Harry still has to release something is doing more damages than good. They could have way more people being fans of this if they controlled this speculation and this narrative of Harry vs the others. Not everyone will be able to ignore this constant ‘he’s better than them, they were just doing random songs, Harry is the deal’ attitude if they don’t change it before the release and during the actual promo. 

Final Farewell Part 2

For those of you that wanted a second part, I hope that you like it. Because this turned out all types of crazy for me to write (late at night mind you)

Read the first part here  https://thisgingerlovesbechloe.tumblr.com/post/158294434573/final-farewell

I hope that link worked because I don’t know how to do shit on Tumblr.. or anything for that matter. So let me know if it didn’t lol

Anyway here’s the crazy mess I came up with. This was longer than intended and I don’t know how to do the thing where you can click on it to expand so sorry for those who have to keep scrolling that don’t want to read.

Being Beca’s bridesmaid was the last thing Chloe ever wanted to be because that would mean someone else got to marry the love of her life. Yet, there she was with the other bridesmaids waiting for Beca to come out and show them the wedding dress she had picked out.

The former Bellas were obviously more excited about this event. Aubrey shoved Chloe’s shoulder more than once in the last ten minutes. Silently telling Chloe to get it together. Finally, Beca came out and Chloe stopped breathing. Beca looked so incredibly beautiful it made tears form in Chloe’s eyes for more than one reason. Everyone agreed this had to be the dress she wore. It fit Beca’s features well, and Beca was completely confident in it.

A couple of months after Beca went dress shopping it was time for the bridesmaids to pick their dresses out. Any other wedding Chloe would’ve been ecstatic, but this just felt like another punch in the face. They all had agreed on a simple dark green dress. Beca told Chloe it looked beautiful on her and Chloe knew her cheeks flushed a bit before she thanked the girl.

The Bachelorette party was hosted by Stacie of course. She had rented out a private club just for them. She may have included male and female strippers, but Beca objected to that immediately. Fat Amy and CR were all for it though.

A couple of hours and a shit ton of alcohol later, the girl’s were on the dance floor. Chloe was dancing freely by herself when she felt someone staring. She looked up to see Beca smirking at her. Chloe beckoned the girl by curling her finger over and over. The brunette rolled her eyes and laughed before joining Chloe on the dance floor.

The song had changed to a slow, sensual beat and Chloe grinded into the girl so sexually that she heard Beca’s breath hitch. Chloe grinned slyly and did it again and suddenly Beca’s hands were roaming Chloe from her thighs up her body. Then the tables turned and it was Beca who was grinding on Chloe and some kind of spark hit the redhead. She brushed Beca’s hair to the side and gently kissed Beca’s shoulder. “This feels right. I’ve always thought it felt right with you” Chloe whispered into the other girl’s ear causing her to tense up.

The song ended and Chloe watched Beca make her way to the bathroom in a hurry. Chloe glanced up to see Aubrey looking at her disapproval shown in her eyes. But Chloe had to follow Beca and apologize if she upset the girl. Once she entered the bathroom Beca was splashing her face with water. Then their eyes locked in the mirror.

Chloe didn’t know what to say she was watching Beca intensely trying to figure out what was going through the brunette’s head.

“How long?” Beca finally spoke after what seemed like an eternity.

“How long what?” Chloe asked suddenly taken aback.

“You know. Don’t act like you don’t know what I’m talking about,” Beca spat.

Chloe winced at Beca’s tone. She did know what she was asking. How long had she had feelings for the girl.

“Why? Why spring that on me now? I’m about to get married for Christ sake!” Beca brushed her hair back staring at Chloe.

“I wasn’t springing anything on you. I didn’t - I mean that was the alcohol talking I didn’t mean to do or say that. It doesn’t mean anything okay,” Chloe was numb this conversation was never meant to happen ever. Especially not now not like this. It was too late.

“I think it did mean something. Looking back I just pushed it off as you being touchy-feely with everyone. Now that I think about it it was mostly aimed at me. How did I not see that?” Chloe watched as the wheels in Beca’s mind turned finally realizing all of the hints Chloe had given her throughout their friendship.

“Tell me you never had feelings for me. Tell me you don’t love me,” Chloe finally said. She needed to hear those words so Chloe could finally have the closure she needed all along.

“I’m getting married in two days Chloe,” and with that Beca walked out the bathroom door leaving Chloe to cry alone. Aubrey eventually went in to check on her and helped her back to their hotel.

The wedding rehearsal was nerve wracking to get through. The planner had them all stand in certain spots and Chloe couldn’t help to think this was not the spot she should be standing in. She should be the one waiting for Beca to come down the aisle to her. Not Jesse.

She had been nice to Jesse throughout this whole process because really it isn’t his fault. If anything it’s hers for not speaking her mind sooner. None of this would’ve happened if she would’ve just manned up. Or maybe this would still have happened. Because Beca returning feelings for Chloe was a joke.

Chloe tried avoiding eye contact with Beca all together. It was the most awkward Chloe had ever felt in her entire life. She was so scared she was going to lose the girl as a friend from her stupidity the night before. Beca didn’t seem to act like anything was wrong. She was laughing with the other bridesmaids and would walk off to talk and kiss Jesse more times than Chloe wanted to witness.

The next day was going to be hectic. The girl of Chloe’s dreams would officially marry the guy of hers. It sounded insane to her. She was torturing herself by going to this wedding at all let alone help plan the whole damn thing. And all of this just so she would stand to the side watching Beca face Jesse instead of her. She tried to get used to that the evening before at rehearsal.

She had finally talked herself into getting out of bed. She immediately checked her phone and saw two missed calls from Aubrey and one text from Beca. She opened the text first.

I can’t fucking do this. What was I thinking??

Sent at 7 am. Chloe looked at the clock on her phone it was 9. She immediately called Beca but it went straight to voicemail. Shit!

She listened to the voicemails from Aubrey who was freaking out saying Beca was having severe cold feet about this wedding and that Chloe needed to find Beca and talk some sense into her. Chloe laughed at that. Why would she want to talk sense into Beca. In fact this was the best news she could possibly hear right now. That was such a messed up thought. Chloe knew deep down that she had to get Beca to that wedding even if it did crush her soul.

Chloe texted and called Beca a million times. None of the bridesmaids knew if the wedding was going to happen, but everyone got ready anyway. Before they knew it it was 3 pm and the wedding would start in an hour. The worst thing Chloe thought was Jesse had no idea Beca was missing. And it was all because of her she thought.

The door flew open where the bridesmaids were stationed. It was Beca. She looked horrible. She had been crying all night by the look of it. Everyone jumped up.

“Where the hell have you been?” Aubrey asked.

“I had to sort things out” Beca mumbled.

“Sort things out? Beca, it would’ve killed Jesse if you didn’t show up with no explanation whatsoever” Aubrey folded her arms.

“That’s why I showed up okay? Now where is he? I need to talk to him,” Beca asked glancing at Chloe. Chloe shook her head at Beca wondering what the hell the girl was doing. Then Aubrey was guiding Beca out the door to the room Jesse was in with the groomsmen.

All eyes turned to Chloe with questioning looks. They had seen what happened on the dance floor at the Bachelorette party. Chloe filled them in on what happened. Fat Amy and CR mumbled something that sounded like “I knew it” and Chloe felt like she was going to puke because she didn’t know what was going on.

There was yelling going on outside the door. All the Bellas gathered around to listen.

“Really Beca? You’re just going to walk out on me after all of this. After all that we have been through?” Chloe had never heard Jesse speak in that tone before and it caused her to wince.

“It’s complicated Jesse. I’m sorry I really am. I just can’t do this.” Beca was full on crying at this point.

“Tell me why. You at least owe me that” Jesse sighed.

“I can’t marry you knowing I have feelings for someone else. Feelings I didn’t even know were there not consciously” Beca’s voice was weak.

“Who is it? When did you figure this out? I thought we were happy Bec!” Jesse was furious.

“We were happy! But then something happened the other night and I thought I could ignore it and go through with this wedding. It would be the wrong thing to do”

“Did you cheat on me?” Jesse asked hurt in his voice.

“Of course not. I wouldn’t do that to you”

“Who is it? I deserve to know”

“It’s.. Chloe” Beca spoke so quietly Chloe couldn’t tell if the girl had really said it or if she had imagined it.

Chloe opened the door. Jesse and a Beca looked over at her. Jesse gave Chloe the coldest glare she had ever received from anyone.

“This is unbelievable” he laughed. “Well I hope you two are happy” and that was it he left the church.

“Beca?” Chloe mustered to say as the brunette watched the man she was supposed to marry walk away.

Then her attention was on the redhead. “I have feelings for you. I always have I just didn’t realize it until the other night. This is such a disaster,” Beca shook her head.

“I know I screwed everything up. I am so sorry Beca” Chloe fought back tears.

“No. Chlo. The disaster is that we lost so much time that we could have spent together. I’ve always loved you but Jesse was a good guy. He was safe. If something didn’t work out with him I would be hurt for a while, but it would’ve been different with you Chlo. You are the only person who could break my heart. It was easier to avoid the feelings that were there for you knowing I had a safe ride” Beca finally admitted.

“I would never do that to you” Chloe hugged Beca hard. “I love you”

“I’m so sorry I put you through hell all of these years. I love you,” Beca captured Chloe’s lips with hers in a heated kiss. Like no one else was around.

“So, uh, do we get our money back from the dresses and what not?” Fat Amy called out.

But Chloe and Beca were in their own world kissing each other with such passion that they never had gotten to do up until now.

“I’ll take that as a no” Fat Amy said while CR nudged her.

i don’t know, i don’t have an issue with ‘soft sapphic’ culture in and of itself - i understand that it works for a lot of people and i’m fond of any movement that aims to a) unify lesbians + bi/pan girls and b) teach young lgbt kids that their attraction isn’t gross or bad.

however…i do think certain narratives being spread on this site (and in other places where this terminology is used, i’d imagine) do more to contribute to internalised homophobia than they do to reduce it. this is obviously unintentional and i’m not blaming sapphic girls who spread this stuff at all but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth discussing and at least considering.

i see a lot of posts saying things along the lines of ‘love between girls is the purest and best thing in the world!!’ and i understand that these posts are meant to be at least mildly hyperbolic but here’s the thing: a lot of girls who love girls already feel like their love has to be perfect to compensate for the fact that it’s non-heterosexual.

i know that on a personal level it wasn’t useful for me to hear stuff like that (although i might have thought it was for a while). what i actually needed to hear wasn’t ‘love between girls is perfect’, it was ‘love between girls isn’t always going to be perfect and that’s okay. you’re finding love hard and that’s okay.’

i used to have so much anxiety over the fact that i wasn’t having a Pure Gay Experience; the first girl i dated wasn’t the love of my life, sometimes i just wanted to make out with girls i didn’t have feelings for, i had feelings for girls who’d never love me back and that made me bitter and angry and jealous. all of this would have been normal teenage stuff if i was straight but my shame was definitely amplified by the fact that i felt like i had to compensate for being gay by having almost fairytale-style romances.

like i honestly think there is so much value in teaching young sapphic girls that their love won’t be soft and special all the time because they’re human beings no less worthy of love and respect than anyone else. and in teaching straight people that our love isn’t going to be any purer than theirs, but they have to respect it equally anyway. i feel like i’ve said this a million times but i have no interest in activism that only seeks to validate the most ~palatable q*eers~.

listen, women + girls who date each other end up in abusive relationships sometimes. they fight and they split up. they break each other’s hearts. they have meaningless hook-ups with each other. they cheat on each other. sometimes things are bad or just not that special, but the thing young sapphic girls need to learn is that things will go wrong not BECAUSE they’re lesbians or because they’re bi or pan. they go wrong because that’s how life works. and regardless of who they’re dating or fucking or loving, they deserve respect and support.

i don’t want to be a killjoy and i’m not saying that a cutesy post about how every time two girls kiss the moon gets brighter is going to ruin anyone’s life. but i don’t think idealising OR demonising love between girls (or any two lgbt people) is really the way to go with making young gay/bi/pan girls feel better about themselves. don’t teach them to aspire to ideals they can’t reach; teach them to be human and teach them to love themselves and their sexualities regardless.

Anyone who has seen New Hope should remember the line about the fact that many people died to get those Death Star plans so that eventually Luke could to blow it up. So I expected to lose at least part of the Rogue One crew. But the movie did such a good job of giving each one of them their own time (obviously some had more than others… Jyn was the lead and integral to it all and Cassian was next) within the movie to shine and for you to love them. And because of that, it really hit me hard when each one of them eventually fell. They didn’t all just get their own moments to shine. Each one got their own death scene and got to face it head on knowing it was their choice and that what they were doing was worth it. It was sad, but it was powerful and moving too. I really did expect at least Jyn to make it out. But they went out heroes. Without them, the Rebellion would have died. They gave it the New Hope. May the Force be with them.

You know who is really, really great? SHAY.

Like honestly, she’s such a wonderful character and I’m so happy with how she’s portrayed. 

First of all, I love her character design so much. I love that she’s so tall and muscular. And sure, she has those big … earring things, but otherwise she doesn’t have any ridiculous facial features (i.e. huge eyelashes, lipstick, etc.) so that we “””know she’s a girl”””” Yet she is still super adorable!

Not that I don’t like the character designs of other, more “”””feminine-looking””” female aliens on the show (i.e. Allura obviously, and Nyma) but I just really, really like Shay’s design and how unique it is. 

But more than that, I absolutely love her as a character and how other characters treat her.

Tall/muscular female characters are so often made into stupid jokes and shamed by other characters for not being “feminine enough.” I was just bracing myself for someone to make some idiotic comment like “lmao that thing is a girl?!?!” but it never happens

Not only that, but she plays a fairly pivotal role in the story and her character is treated with so much respect. She’s not portrayed as some random extra character, but someone who is really important, really sweet and kind, and incredibly brave.

At one point Hunk is talking about her and calls her “a hero named Shay” and I just really love that––not “an alien” or “some girl” but a hero

And that brings me to the relationship between Hunk and Shay, which is honestly one of my favorite things about the whole show––and something that I feel deserves a lot more recognition. I mean, LOOK HOW CUTE THEY ARE. 

And it doesn’t really matter whether it’s platonic or romantic, because either way it’s just so utterly genuine and important. What matters most is that they teach each other so much about freedom and bravery and fighting against injustice. They bring out the hero in each other. 

But I also like that even the possibility of it being romantic isn’t made out to be something to laugh at. Like yeah, Lance and Pidge both kinda poke fun at Hunk about it, but it’s more of an “ooooh Hunk likes someone!!” kind of way and not “lmao I can’t believe you like her kind of way. (Granted, I don’t think either of them know what she looks like when they make those comments. But as far as I recall they don’t tease him after they meet Shay, either.)

TL;DR - Shay is amazing and important, and I love how respectfully she’s portrayed. Bless her and bless this show. 

Libra moons seem very hard for people to understand. And I think most people just tie them in with stereotypical libra traits, being ruled by venus especially. They mostly get being “superficial” thrown in their face a lot. Libra is ruled by venus; the planet of beauty, harmony, and love/affection. Naturally those with moon in libra value these things very much. But there is obviously more to them than just caring about avoiding conflict and finding the beauty in everything they see. Libra also rules the 7th house of relationships, marriage, open enemies, lawsuits, etc., making them very diplomatic people. Libra moon individuals are highly concerned with their relationships, specifically their intimate/romantic relationships with others. The moon represents our needs and what makes us feel secure and nurtured; this is what relationships provide to libra moons. This, however, gets so twisted and hyper extended that it leads to people saying that these people cannot survive without relationships and become manic without them which is just simply false. It literally just means that they take their relationships seriously and will avoid sabotaging or causing conflict within them by all means. Libra moons are very considerate people too, they just do not like wasting their time. They put their input in when they feel it is needed and will provide benefit to the other person as well as themselves. Remember libra is the scales (balance). If libra moon feels their input would be a waste of time, or the person simply would not care, they will keep it to themselves. Libra moon individuals experience pain on a high level at times as well, which fluctuates a lot (remember, scales). They go from anger to peace, up and down, and they must be able to see the lasting impact of the decision or what has hurt them in order to make sense of it. They believe the world is made up of cause and effect, give and take backs.

Moon in libra individuals are also very idealistic and dreamy people, making this a very creative and artistic placement for the moon. They usually are avid readers, finding peace and relaxation in words that speak of fantasy. It’s important for these people to have relaxation time and think it is much needed to take time out of their day in order to prepare for the next.

I think the reason I adore Rogue One as much as I do is because, unlike the previous Star Wars movies, there’s no Chosen One. Having one is perfectly fine, and those movies are obviously fantastic too - but I just love how in Rogue One nobody is more important or ~special than the others. In the short time they are together they become a team, a crew, a family, each member as indispensable as the next. And even more importantly: they weren’t chosen AT ALL. They chose themselves. They saw an opportunity to Do Good and they just… did it. 


Top 10 Frasier Relationships (as voted by my followers)
10 (2/2). Roz Doyle & Martin Crane

“Hello, Mr. C!”
       “Hey, Roz, how’s my girlfriend?”


So, okay - First off: DECEASED.

Second, Philip hasn’t initiated any sort of physical contact with Lukas since the cabin - other than the roof scene - and he got pushed off and hit twice when they were fooling around, since then every kiss, touch and hug has been initiated by Lukas, but when they’re sitting under the tree he finally knows it’s okay and he kisses him, he even asks him about being in love! They’re holding hands and obviously talking intimately, IN AN OPEN SETTING (i.e. not the woods, hiding) Throughout the episode Philip becomes way more comfortable with touching and kissing Lukas because he knows he won’t be pushed or hit and that it’s okay and safe, HE MADE THEM A PLAYLIST AND CUDDLES INTO HIM. I’m so dead, I’m waking up at 1am and watching it again.

Little Do You Know

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(Request: Could you do an imagine where the reader has body image issues? I love your blog by the way.)

(Request: Can you do a newt x reader in which the reader is really struggling with her body image? If you don’t I understand I would just really appreciate it right now.)

(A/N: I tried my very best with this one, especially since I had two requests for it, which is why I took a really long time to fill it out! t I completely understand how someone can feel self conscious about themselves, (I know I do all the time,) and I hope this helps, even a tiny bit. I think you’re all amazing and beautiful, please don’t ever feel this way xx )

There were at least two things you knew you loved more than your entire life: Newt and his creatures. Obviously that didn’t’ mean you didn’t love other things, it’s just that you held those two things in your heart deeply.

You had met Newt in your third year at Hogwarts in your Defense Against the Dark Arts course, and at first things couldn’t have been more awkward.

Despite being a Hufflepuff, you were quite competitive, often trying to get the best of the Gryffindor’s and Ravenclaw’s, you even tried to out sass a Slytherin at one point. Needless to say when you were paired with a shy Newt, things couldn’t have been worse for you.

It wasn’t until you had the opportunity to really understand Newt, that you realized he was quite possibly the sweetest boy on this planet.

 You came to realize that Newt was just as brave as a Gryffindor, smart as a Ravenclaw, and as witty as a Slytherin; in fact, he often came to inspire you in many ways.

Needless to say, the both of you developed one of the sweetest and most meaningful friendships in your entire life; you couldn’t imagine a life without such a great friend.

Every time you felt upset with either a grade, or a nasty comment made by another student, or even with your own appearance, Newt was always there to make everything better. 

Normally he’d do his best to remind you of the amazing things you had accomplished in school and assure you that you had so much potential to do incredible things.

This being said, each time Newt was made fun of for being himself, you were always there to defend him, and of course, assure him that there was nothing better in the world, than him being himself.

Because the two of you were such good friends, it wasn’t odd for either of you to hear rumors about a potential romance between the both of you, however, instead of denying anything, Newt and you would simply giggle amongst yourselves; finding the entire situation funny.

When word got out that Newt had been expelled, you were crushed.

Sure, you carried on for the next few years with friends at your side, but it was difficult to really have fun when your best friend was gone. The times that you needed him were the worst however, especially when it came to any school event.

Despite you being very competitive at times, unfortunately, you were also a bit hard on yourself when it came to the way you looked, even more so when it came to other people viewing you.

Even though you came from a Magical lineage your parents were very strict when it came to appearances, so at a young age, you were accustomed to look your very best; no matter the circumstance.

But once you started attending Hogwarts and started to take on a bigger role within your courses, you often found it difficult to maintain such a polished look all the time- this is precisely where Newt would come in to help; but now that he was gone, your confidence started to fade rapidly. 

Approximately, it had roughly been about three years since you last saw Newt, and it had taken you by complete surprise when you heard someone greet you with such familiarity.

At first you couldn’t help but furrow your eyebrows at the honey haired man with a blue trenchcoat and a briefcase, as he waved at your cheerfully.

“It’s been a while!” he said again, his cheeks flushing. “How have you been?”

If it wasn’t for the man’s familiar hazel eyes, you would’ve completely missed the fact that Newt was currently standing in front of you- well, towering over you for that matter. “I-I’ve been fine,” you replied slowly, still in shock. “What about you, how have you been?”

Chuckling and running a hand through his hair, Newt pointed at his briefcase and shrugged, “I’ve been traveling,” he said, “met lot’s and lot’s of Magical Creatures.”

In that moment you remembered all of the conversations the both of you would have in private. 

Although Newt had a passion for his Care of Magical Creatures class, he was often afraid that other students might make fun of him for enjoying such a class.

Of course you never found it strange, in fact, you often encouraged Newt to pursue that career choice, but he would shrug and blush furiously, saying that he was never going to actually be able to do such things.

“I’m so happy for you!” you replied with a large grin on your face, “I always knew you could do it.”

“Well,” continued Newt, with an almost sheepish look on his face, “after my- eh- absence from Hogwarts, things were a bit difficult. But I would always remember your encouragements, and if truth be told, that’s what really gave me the courage to do this.”

You stared at Newt, needless to say, with a shocked look on your face, your own ears tinted red. In all your years, you had never, ever, heard anyone say such thing to you, and if you were honest, the feeling felt incredible.

“I’m glad I could help.” you replied wholeheartedly.

Your meeting with Newt was certainly one to remember-until he thought it would be a good idea to invite you to a formal gathering with all sorts of Magizoologists from all over the world.

Currently, clothes were flying in all directions. One look at your room would have given even the most prestigious Drama Queen a nightmare. 

“I can’t believe that I finally see Newt again- and I have nothing to bloody wear!” you thought to yourself angrily as you grimaced at the simple blue fabric that covered your hand.

After what seemed like forever, you stared at yourself in the mirror, inspecting every single inch of your body in full detail. 

Within every passing inch you couldn’t help but feel disgusted with what you saw, there was either too much or too little flab all over, you were unproportioned, and the very image of it drove you insane. 

In fact, you were so preoccupied with judging everything in sight, you completely missed when Newt knocked on your door all three times. Even when he took out his wand and whispered “Alohamora.” under his breath, you didn’t budge.

It was only until you head Newt gasp, (Y/n)! You look incredible!” did you notice him. You jumped a bit, completely unaware Newt was standing there in a black suit with his signature briefcase at his side.

“I-I’m sorry if I startled you,” he said apologetically, raising his hands in defense, “I knocked and I couldn’t hear anything coming from inside your apartment- and I got a bit worried.”

Chuckling nervously, you shook your head in understanding. “It’s alright Newt, really, but uh- I really don’t feel like going anymore,” you explained sadly; the sinking feeling in your heart worsening when Newt’s face fell.

“Why not?”

“I just-” you started to explain, but faltered. How on earth could you potentially explain to someone as amazing as Newt that you didn’t feel like going anymore because whenever you saw a glimpse of your reflection, the mere look of it made you want to gag.

“I just don’t think I’m polished enough to go.” you concluded, hanging your head.

Furrowing his eyebrows, you noticed Newt staring at you up and down, and then circling you, almost like how an animal would. “You’re plenty polished to go.” Newt retorted.

In response, you shook your head once more, “Of course you’d say that, you’re my best friend, you’re supposed to say that.”

“That’s hardly the case,” replied Newt again as he stared at you with his big hazel eyes. “Even if I didn’t know you, it’s not about being polished. I know you’re scared of the way you look, and I know you don’t like it-” continued Newt as you looked down, not daring to meet his eyes.

“-but there’s more than one way of being beautiful, and you want to know what the best part of that is? You shine, regardless of the way you’re using. You might not think you’re polished enough- but little do you know, you’d brighten up any room you walked in.”

The Heartache Pg3

Bendy’s eyes were wide when she said this. In love? With Boris? How? He was confused. He shook his head and laughed.

Bendy:“What? Me? Nah, nah, nah, that can’t be doll, you’ve seen me going after women.” She gave him a look.“What?”

Molly:“Bendy, you obviously care about Boris more than anyone else. You love being around him-I’ve never seen you so happy! He’s so sweet to you too! You both really seem to care about each other, so why not?” She shrugged. Bendy frowned and rolled his eyes.

Bendy:“That’s crazy.” He stood up and walked away. She quickly followed him.

Molly:“Bendy, you just told me you couldn’t focus on your dancing, your eating or anything else!”

Bendy:“So?” She began to skip.

Molly:“That’s how you know when someone really loves you.” He shook his head.

Bendy:“Yeah right. I can’t be in love with him, what would he think if I told him I loved him?” He shrunk a bit more. Molly shrugged.

Molly:“Maybe give him hints.” She said. Bendy looked away from her. He was quiet for a while as they walked through the park.

Bendy:“What’s the point though? He’s already in love with someone else.” She shrugged.

Molly:“Yeah…actually…he broke up with her, so you have a chance to find out if he loves you more.” He stopped and she skipped past him. This didn’t seem like a bad idea. Might as well give it a shot and see if he really was in love with the wolf or not. He quickly caught up to her and she stopped.

Bendy:“Okay, what do I gotta do?” She smiled brightly.

Molly:“Just be you Bendy. He’s still here isn’t he? If he didn’t like you for you he probably wouldn’t have came back to see you.” She had a point there. Bendy slowly smiled. Maybe this wasn’t such bad plan after all.

Bendy returned home feeling a little calm. Boris was cooking up dinner for the two of them. The two ate together.

Boris:“So, got any plans before Abella shows up?” Bendy chuckled.

Bendy:“Nah, I wanna spend all the time just being with you. If this plan works, I have a feeling she won’t let us see each other much again.” Boris frowned.

Boris:“Aw, I’ll be sure to write buddy.” He said with a small smile.“Oh yeah, did you ever find out what happened to my letters?” He asked. Bendy shook his head.

Bendy:“Nope. Whoever was suppose to deliver them must’ve got lost or something.” He shrugged.

Boris:“Hm…” The two continued eating.“Hey Bendy?” He looked up at the smiling wolf.“Thanks for being such a good friend. I couldn’t ask for a better pal.” The demon chuckled.

Bendy:“Well don’t go saying that, Abella’s got all the money and she can get you just about whatever you want.” He shrugged.

Boris:“Yeah, but she can’t get me anyone better than you.” He said as he touched his hand. All of a sudden Bendy’s face heated up and his tail curled. He looked in Boris’s eyes and smiled softly.

Bendy:“Heh…come on, save the charm for her buddy.” Boris chuckled. He looked down at their hands. Boris’s hand was still on his.“You know I’m really gunna miss you when you leave again.”

Boris:“Well, do I have to leave right away if I’m with Abella again?” Bendy shrugged.

Bendy:“I think she’d like that. She can’t seem to stand being around me.” Boris smiled a little.

Boris:“Well maybe if you had a chair with ya she probably wouldn’t mind.” The two laughed.

Bendy:“Boris, really?” He laughed. He didn’t seem to notice that he was holding Boris’s hand now.

Boris:“Haha, yeah….but really I’ll try and keep in touch with ya, and if I don’t get any letters from you I’ll just come back here and see what’s going on. How’s that?” Bendy nodded.

Bendy:“Yeah…okay. That makes feel a little better. I just hope Abella doesn’t get too mad at ya.” Boris rolled his eyes.

Boris:“Well then, that’s her problem. I should be allowed to see people I love right?” Bendy’s eyes widened and he could feel his face getting hotter.“Golly, you alright there Bendy?” He chuckled.“Your looking a little heated up.” Bendy tried to hide his face.

Bendy:“Yeah, yeah, I’m fine. It’s just a little hot in here is all.” Boris let his hand go and picked up his plate to put it by the sink.

Boris:“Wanna watch some T.V?” He asked. Bendy shrugged.

Bendy:“Sure.” He put his own plate in the sink and the two went into the living room and sat down on the couch. They were going through channels trying to find a comedy show. Then their show popped up. Their very first one. Boris grinned.

Boris:“Oh! I remember this! It’s been so long since we’ve watched our shows huh Bendy?” Bendy moaned.

Bendy:“Aw, this one? I never really liked this one. You were good in it though! I was just not in it that day.” He said as he shook his head.

Boris:“What? Come on buddy, you were great!” He nudged him a bit. Bendy chuckled. The two watched some old episodes they did together over the years. Bendy and Boris had some good laughs together. Then one of their musical shows came up and Bendy frowned. Boris was still smiling though.

Boris:“I remember this one, I think this is the first love song you wanted to sing.” He leaned back and put one leg over the other. Bendy crossed his arms and leaned back .

Bendy:“Yeah…” He shrugged. Too bad the cigar box was empty. He would’ve loved one right about now. He thought. Bendy, on T.V., was standing on the stage wearing a bow tie that sparkled.

~Someday when I’m awfully low,
when the world is cold, I will feel a glow just thinking of you…
and the way you look tonight.~

Boris was nodding his head as he listened.

Boris:“I was so focused on listening to you sing, I almost forgot to play my clarinet.” Bendy’s arms lowered onto his lap as he watched
himself on T.V. sing.“I wanted to hear you sing like this for a long time when we were working together. You weren’t really out of your shell much those days.” Bendy didn’t answer him, nor looked at him. The memories rushed back to him like a bolt of lightning. Just one of those things you wished you could forget and stay forgotten. Boris looked at him, his smile faded a bit.“I was really scared that day.” Bendy clenched his teeth. He remembered.“Heh, I thought this was going to be the last love song you would ever sing. You weren’t too interested in singing these songs. ”

~Yes you’re lovely, with your smile so warm
and your cheeks so soft, there is nothing for me but to love you,
and the way you look tonight~

Bendy stayed silent. His tail curled around his legs. He looked at Boris and frozed when their eyes met. Boris almost frowned when he saw the look of guilt in his eyes.

Boris:“Bendy? Are you alright?”

Bendy:“You don’t remember that day do you?” He finally spoke. He raised a brow.“Oh come on!” He yelled angrily which surprised Boris at the sudden change of mood.“You really don’t remember all the things I said to ya that day? How I treated you for the last two weeks during those days?!” He was on his knees trying to look down at the wolf but they were at the same height. Boris struggled to remember anything else that happened that day.“I was a major jerk! I treated you like you were suppose to do everything for me no matter what I did! I was acting like a selfish jerk, you really can’t remember all that?” The things he said, the lies he told him. Boris seemed to slowly remember some things. He itched his head.

Boris:“Yeah, I remember now.” He said simply. Bendy laughed but not happily.

Bendy:“How are you this kind to me after all that?!”


Bendy was smoking a cigar as he walked back and forth behind stage. Boris was walking towards him. He looked up and shot a glare at him.

Bendy:“There you are! About time! I thought I was going to have to cancel this how thing!” Boris frowned.

Boris:“Oh no! You don’t have to do that Bendy-”

“Don’t be late again, ya hear?” Bendy said as he pointed the cigar at him.“This is suppose to be my big day! We’ve got over two hundred people wanting to see me on stage tonight. I can’t have them thinking I’m some fraud! Do you?” Boris shook his head.

Boris:“No, of course not!” Bendy crossed his arms.

Bendy:“Well then why are ya goofing off somewhere else instead of being here prepared for the show?”

Boris:“I'am prepared. See?” He held out his clarinet.“I’m even dressed up in the outfit you told me to wear.” He was wearing a black and white dress. Bendy buried his face in one hand.

Bendy:“Boris….I told you to wear a suit and tie.” He shot a glare at him.“Just stay off the stage okay? They’re gunna think this is all a joke to them!” Boris’s ears lowered and he frowned.

Boris:“Gosh, I’m awfully sorry Bendy.” He said a bit sadly. Bendy sighed heavily.

Bendy:“Just…don’t let this happen again. I know we’re all for fun and all every now and then but this is not that night. This is the night where I finally show the world just how important I'am.” Boris raised a brow at him.

Boris:“I thought this was about ‘us’?” Bendy looked at him.

Bendy:“Well….yes? But no?” He shrugged.“You’re not the one on the stage tonight.” He said with a smirk. Boris’s shoulders dropped as Bendy turned around and heard the audiance cheering.“Remember, I’m counting on you to make this show happen! So is everyone else!” He quickly walked away.


         ~End of Flashback~

Bendy:“For two weeks…I treated you like garbage. I didn’t understand why you still stayed, I thought you were just an idiot.” He looked down and was shaking his head.“But I was the idiot. I always have been. I didn’t see how much of a good friend you were. I broke that promise I made all those years ago.”


Bendy:“No, no. I can understand if you hate me Boris.”

Boris:“But Bendy-”

“I DON’T wanna hear lies!” Bendy said a little loud.“Just tell me how you really feel! Be honest!” He said as he grabbed his shoulders. Boris gently took his hands off and looked in his eyes.

Boris:“Bendy, you don’t remember EVERYTHING that happened do you?” Bendy blinked looking confused.

Bendy:“What…?” Boris smiled a little.

Boris:“You already apologized. Don’t get me wrong, I actually…was planning to leave. Until Ched almost ran me over with a train.You don’t remember that day?” Bendy shook his head.

Bendy:“Not really. All I remember was treating you like garbage.” Boris shook his head as he chuckled.

Boris:“Bendy, I left that show because we got into a big argument. We already talked about this. You were going on about how it was my fault that you forgot your song you were singing for the last three days. All day and all night. I left and you were going to start the show with someone else. I was going to take a train home but Ched showed up and we got into an argument about money.
Telling me that you owed him a hundred dollars or whatever that greedy rat was going on about, and shoved me into the tracks. I hit my head hard on the metal bar and was knocked out. Next thing I remember, you were trying to get me to wake up and we were off the tracks. The train was ruined. You wouldn’t stop apologizing to me for three days after that. ” Bendy was quiet.

~With each word your tenderness grows, tearing my
fear apart… And that laugh that wrinkles your nose, it touches my
foolish heart.~

Bendy:“So….what do you think of me now?” He hesitantly asked. Boris chuckled and shook his head. He raised a brow.

Boris:“You really wanna know?” Bendy swallowed. After a minute passed he grabbed Bendy’s arms. The demon gasped as he was pushed down
on his back on the couch and the wolf gave him a mischievous smile.

Bendy:“B-Boris?” His face felt warmer than before and he was unprepared for what happened next.

~Lovely, never, ever change. Keep that breathless charm. Won’t you please
arrange it? 'Cause I love you…Just the way you look tonight.~

The wolf slid his hands down to the demon’s sides and began to tickle him. The demon burst into laughter. He tried to get away but Boris kept pulled him close and tickling him.

Bendy:“Oh yeah?” He threw himself onto the wolf and began tickling him. The two began to laugh as they tickled each other. Though Boris seemed to be able to tickle him the most.“Okay! Okay! I give! I give! Hahahaha!” Boris finally stopped tickling him.

`And that laugh that wrinkles your nose, it touches my foolish heart.
Lovely, don’t you ever change. Keep that breathless charm. Won’t you
please arrange it? 'Cause I love you…just the way you look tonight.~

Just as Bendy was catching his breath, Boris licked his cheek. Bendy looked at him with wide eyes. Boris was smiling warmly at him and the look in his eyes, he’s never looked at him that way before. Bendy slowly smiled and chuckled.

~Just the way you look tonight.~



Bendy:“….I-” There was a loud banging on the front door. The two sat up right away. Boris got up and quickly walked towards the door. When he opened it, his eyes widened.

Boris:“Abella?” Bendy’s heart dropped when he saw her. She was smiling brightly at the wolf and threw her arms around him. Bendy clawed the couch leaving scratch marks on it and clenched his teeth.

Abella:“Hello my sweetest flavored pie! It feels like it’s been forever since we last saw each other!” He took a step back but she took a step closer quickly.“When I read all your letters I felt like I was falling in love with you all over again!” Boris’s ears lowered.

Boris:“Oh…really?” She nodded.

Abella:“Of course my precious love pup!” She said as she cupped his face in her hands and pulled him in for a smooch. Bendy’s jaw dropped along with his head. It bounced off the floor and rolled away. The body slowly fell backwards and fell on it’s back on the hard floor. Boris gently pushed her back.

Boris:“Uhh, Abella, you actually came?”

Abella:“Yes! I just couldn’t wait any longer. My heart would not stop singing your name.” She threw her arms around him again and began to kiss him over and over. Bendy, in the corner, watched them and he growled low. He never felt this way before. His body walked over to him and picked his head up placing it back onto his shoulders. He wanted to speak, wanted to tell her to leave, but he waited for what Boris had to say. The demon crossed his arms. Boris gently pushed her back and tried to catch his breath.

Boris:“Uhm…that’s good and all….uhmm….oh golly…” He itched his head. She frowned.

Abella:“What’s the matter darling? I thought this was what you wanted.” He made a look of guilt and looked at Bendy. The demon blinked. He rolled his eyes and walked up to them.

Bendy:“I’ll tell her then.” She furrowed her brows at Boris.

Abella:“Tell me what?” She asked as she crossed her arms. He smiled sheepishly. Bendy smirked at her.

Bendy:“Look, you two had fun and all but Boris already found someone.” He said this as he walked her to the front door.

Abella:“What?! Who?!” He grinned at her.


Abella:“Wha-” Bendy slammed the door shut and he walked away feeling better. Boris’s ears were down.

Boris:“I kinda expected you to do…something else. That seemed a little harsh don’t ya think?” Bendy shrugged.

Bendy:“Who cares? She shouldn’t have kept ya waiting for so long right?” He sat down on the couch. Boris couldn’t help but stare at the door.

Boris:“I think we should check on her just to be sure she’s okay.” Bendy sighed and looked at him.

Bendy:“Boris you sweet, sweet wolf, she’ll be over it in no time. Now come on over here and watch T.V with me.” He said almost sweetly as he held his arms out to him.

Boris:“Uhh….I dunno, I’m getting chills down my spine-” The door flew open and he spun around only to see Abella glaring at him. She stood in front of him with crossed arms.

Abella:“So that’s it then? You’re leaving me for that thing?” She pointed a finger at Bendy.

Bendy:“Well, I never!” He kept himself from smirking.

Boris:“Well…I was going to…well I mean….you see…” He wasn’t sure what to say. He already felt bad enough that she found out this way.

Abella:“You know, I was really hoping you would of kicked him out by now.” Bendy gasped.

Bendy:“I knew it!” He said out loud.

Abella:“But instead you fell for his lies and trickery! He’s a devil hun! Of course he’s going to lie to someone so sweet and innocent like you.” Bendy glared at her.“What makes you think he’s changed? You told me he’s hurt you before!”
Bendy frowned and looked at Boris. The wolf crossed his arms.

Boris:“He’s a changed demon, he’s always has been.” Abella stomped her foot.

Abella:“Why are you being so stubborn? It’s happening all over again! I’m trying to help you from making a big mistake! He’s evil! Look at him! The horns and the tail!” Bendy waved his tail around like a cat.

Bendy:“What’s wrong with having horns and a tail?” He asked with a smile.

Abella:“He also has a floating head!” Bendy shrugged.“Please don’t do this to us Boris.” She took his hand.“Please, just get rid of him, for me.” She asked sweetly as she looked in his eyes with a warm smile. Boris looked at Bendy who was giving him a pleading look.

Bendy:“Bori?” He said. The wolf looked away and they were quiet for a long time. She gently lowered his head to make him look at her.

Abella:“Everything will be just fine without him. I promise.” She whispered. Boris swallowed. He sighed and picked Abella up bridal style. Abella smiled triumphantly. Bendy’s eyes widened.

Bendy:“B-Boris?!” He heads out the front door. Bendy jumped over the couch and followed them outside.“Boris!” He walked to her car parked behind his truck.

Abella:“I knew you would make the right choice my sweet.” She said as she kissed his cheek.

Bendy:“Boris! Don’t-don’t leave me buddy! I’ll change! I swear! I won’t smoke so much anymore! I’ll come home earlier! I’ll stop chasing women!” He dropped to his knees.“I know I’m a screw up! I’ll do whatever it takes for you to stay!” He begged. Boris had placed her in the driver’s seat. He leaned down with his arms leaning on the door so they were eye-to-eye.

Boris:“Drive safely okay?” He said with a sweet smile. She frowned and gave him a wide eyed look.


Abella:“But I don’t understand!” Boris shrugged.

Boris:“Well, me neither. I’m not like everyone else, Bendy is a good guy. I actually try to understand him. He’s a good friend most of the time. He makes mistakes, but so does everyone else. I’m being a good friend by helping him out when he needs it and he does the same for me. He’s a devil, yeah, but not like any devil I imagine he would be. He learns from his mistakes.” He walked over to Bendy and helped him up.“Bendy, I love you just the way you are.
There’s nothing wrong with a little mischief every now and then.” He winked. Bendy smiled and he laughed.

Bendy:“Aw! I knew you wouldn’t leave!” He threw his arms around him.

Boris:“Bendy, you don’t have to stop doing all that stuff y'know.” He said as he hugged him back. Bendy looked up at him.

Bendy:“Oh good, I’m not ready to give up my sweet cigars Bori.” He chuckled.“But I WILL stop chasing women. Who needs em eh?” He giggled.
Abella sighed heavily and started her car. She drove away after giving one last glare at Bendy. The two watched her leave until her car disappeared.“Glad that’s over huh buddy?” Boris looked at him and nodded.

Boris:“Hey Bendy?” He said hesitantly as they walked back into the house.

Bendy:“Yeah buddy?” He said with a smile. He almost frowned when he saw the look of guilt on his face.

Boris:“I, heh….have a confession to make.” Bendy raised a brow.

Bendy:“Oh?” He crossed his arms and smiled.“Shoot.”

Boris:“….I was kinda….trying to get you jealous at first.” Bendy gasped giving a dramatic pose.“When I first met Abella? I just wanted to get your attention. But I just thought you weren’t interested in me like that. You just saw me as a friend.” Bendy walked over to Boris and put one arm around him and pulled him close.

Bendy:“Aw Bori, I can’t be mad at ya. I was actually planning on trying to get you to forget about Abella anyway if she ever did come around.” The two laughed and Boris hugged him.

Boris:“So Bendy. Got any plans for tomorrow?” Bendy grinned.

Bendy:“Well I was planning on taking a certain wolf out on a date tomorrow night after we spend the day having a nice picnic at a park, or go to the beach with Molly and him.” Boris grinned.

Boris:“Sounds like a good plan to me!” He kissed his cheek and his bow tie began to spin as his face grew warm. He began to giggle.


Abella was sitting at a bar taking a few strong drinks. She sighed as she buried her face in her hands.

Abella:“Oh Boris….what if he’s got you in some kind of spell?”

“Sorry, did you say; 'Boris’?”

The sad poodle looked up and saw an old rat holding a cup of wine.

Abella:“Yes? Do you know him?” She asked. He nodded.

Ched:“I know he likes to spend time with that devil on his shoulder.” Her eyes widened.

Abella:“You know Bendy?” He nodded.

Ched:“Yes. He causes more trouble than you think! I can’t stand him!” He growled.“He causes me so much money! He’s a bad influence on my niece too!” She gave him a look of worry.

Abella:“Goodness…” She said softly.

Ched:“I know a way to get rid of him for good though.” Her eyes lit up. He grinned. He took out a bottle with the words PURE WATER on it.“With a reasonable price, you’ll get rid of that devil for good and you’ll have Boris all to yourself. She hesitated.

Abella:"But…Boris really seems to care about Bendy. To go far to even say he loves him.” Ched’s eyes widened and he made a disgusted look.

Ched:“Come on! Don’t be ridiculous! A devil? In love? He’s just using him for his evil plans.” Abella blinked.

Abella:“What evil plans?” Ched looked around making sure no one was listening and then he leaned closer.

Ched:“Everyone else may have fallen for the devil’s charm but I’m tellin’ ya the truth here sweet heart. He wants the souls of the innocent.” She almost didn’t believe him but then again, he was a demon.“I’d go after him myself, but I’m old and not quick enough as I used to be.” She stared at the bottle for a long time. She pulled out her purse and pulled out a hundred dollars. His eyes almost popped out and he started to drool. He took it and grinned.“Pleasure doing business with you.” He gave her a whole bag of PURE WATER. She took it and left without another word. She looked down at the bag and sighed.

Abella:“Don’t worry honey. I’ll get you out of this mess.” She said to herself. She got in her car and drove off.

Wrightworth is not "random" or "stupid"

*it’s kinda a rant, I’m sorry*

Many AA fans, especially in other communities, don’t like Phoenix/Miles ship. Well, there’s really nothing wrong about it, but please don’t say Wrightworth is a “random pairing” or “stupid”. I know it’s not canon, but every popular AA ship isn’t canon. There’s not a “true pairing”, but only a pairing a fan could like more than other one.

So why do some fans say something like “Miles/Franziska is okay, but Phoenix/Miles is nonsense”?

Why some fans say “Phoenix is straight and Miles is asexual” like it’s the only possible truth?

Why some fans say “Phoenix and Maya are very close and they could love each other”, but Miles and Phoenix are “obviously just best friends”?

Please, don’t get me wrong: I’m totally okay if someone likes other ships. That’s fine, really. It’s just… I don’t understand why so many fans completely deny the possibility of Wrightworth, with weak explanations. I’d prefer something like “I don’t like Narumitsu, that’s all”, instead of “Phoenix and Miles don’t love each other, they’re not gay and they can’t have sex because I say so”.

Well, ship wars is a problem in every fandom, probably, but in AA is a very hot topic. (Not hotter than Wrightworth, of course…. okay, sorry XD)

angelfairy24 said: Hello. I would like to ask do you think that kook/min are in a relationship or close to being in one? What does k-army think about all their sketchy behavior? I think they like each other in a romantic way but don’t know how to deal with it.

oreocookie308 said: A) I love love love LOVE your blog. Ji/kook/kook/min trash here and I literally first joined tumblr just to follow you!
B) Obviously none of us will have the truth behind their relationship but are there any times you think they couldn’t possibly be “fo realz”? I imagine, int'l ARMY style, that their relationship has become super deep and more than just work friends or forced kpop bonding, but if hypothetically they were dating irl I figure they themselves would go out of their way to hide it right? I mean the new years eve butt rub/spank/giggle is AMAZEBALLS but from what (very) little I know of hetero coupledom in Korea that would be a crazy thing to do in public so I can’t imagine a gay couple getting away with it. Then again the so translated by Mnet V/Jin “bromance” at MAMA makes me think maybe the societal denial is so big maybe they just… get away with it?
3) I’m sorry this is like a fanfic length question! Educate me! Educate us all! Also, this ship will sail even if you tell me you met them in person and they spent 30 minutes punching each other in the face so be honest hahahahaha!

First of all, I get so overwhelmed whenever somebody tells me they’ve joined tumblr because of me. Thank you so much for liking this blog. I had no idea that there would be people out there who’d come to like it.. It’s always humbling ;__;

Now, Kook/min tho..

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Dean, but... not Dean - Dean Winchester x Reader

Title: Dean, but… not Dean

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Word Count: 3,562

Warnings: None

Prompt: Hi! This is a request for a fic/imagine where dean and Y/N are a couple and get gender swapped accidentally basically. I think you’ve done that before? So something like that but different obviously.

You rubbed your eyes feelings more sore than any other time. You were known for loving sleep, who didn’t after all, and whenever you had the chance to - at least when this life allowed you to - you would end up sleeping till very late. But today for some reason you had broken every record you had. And that wasn’t the weirdest thing of all, because the previous day had been especially hard anyway.

Your body felt particularly heavy, more so than any other time. You didn’t even open your eyes as you sleepily made your way to the bathroom. You knocked on a few things but didn’t pay attention still, your vision slightly blurry. Well, it certainly cleared out when your eyes widened at the sight on the mirror.

The person staring back at you certainly wasn’t you. Not the you you had come to know over the years and not the you that stared at you every morning you looked into this specific mirror. For a moment you through Dean had played a joke on you but first; there was no way that man was going to wake up earlier than you, he was more of a sleeper (one of the things that made you love him all the more) and second and most important; the moment you made a move so did the person in the mirror.

And as if the thought of what that witch-bitch aid before she fell down was not disturbing enough the fact that the person staring back at you made it all even more worrying. You narrowed your eyes at the mirror and sure the person did the same. Everything started making sense and that was the most disturbing: it wasn’t a dream. It was all very real.

Short hair, sharp jaw with a slight scruff that you definitely didn’t have. Firm and broad chest that was covered in only a black t-shirt. Muscular arms and pretty much everything else that could show that you were no longer yourself but… a man. And not just any man. But Dean freaking Winchester.

“Fucking hate witches.” you grumbled, Dean’s voice surprising you when it came out of you.

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ok yes this is another schuyler sisters post but the fact that the original actresses so obviously love each other so much is just refreshing and relieving honestly. I was watching an interview with Kristen Chenoweth from pretty recently and the interviewer asked if she and Idina Menzel hate each other because when there is more than one strong female character people love to make it into a competition. but no one could ever do that with the og schuyler sisters because it’s so clear how much they love each other and how they’re empowering and uplifting each other and that makes me so happy

“‘Merry Christmas!’
‘Hey, look – Harry’s got a Weasley jumper, too!’
Fred and George were wearing blue jumpers, one with a large yellow F on it, the other with a large yellow G.
‘Harry’s is better than ours, though,’ said Fred, holding up Harry’s jumper. ‘She obviously makes more of an effort if you’re not family.’
'Why aren’t you wearing yours, Ron?’ George demanded. 'Come on, get it on, they’re lovely and warm.’
'I hate maroon,’ Ron moaned half-heartedly as he pulled it over his head.
'You haven’t got a letter on yours,’ George observed, 'I suppose she thinks you don’t forget your name. But we’re not stupid – we know we’re called Gred and Forge.’”