obviously more in love than the other*

Jerza is obviously canon. Even if their moments together are rare, the ones they have are really strong… More than Na.lu moment.s I’m in love with Na.lu, but did you see Na.lu kiss? Or Gruvia kiss? No. Jerza admitted their feelings for each other like no one else in FT did. Jerza Power <3
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Seriously, I knew the legal woes for Anna and Bates were not resolved but to have it out there like that. Ugh. Mary runs the estate and others wonder about their future but Anna Bates faces a murder charge, though many still suspect her husband. Still? Again? For more than one episode???? WTF???

I love Anna and Bates (obviously) and this is killing me!  4 of the 6 seasons dealing with “murder”, rape and prison. I love their relationship and our scenes are amazing but this so much. Let’s hope it’s episode one and done!!! 

I don’t know if any of you watch scandal but I just wanna share with the world how much I love mellie grant and….. mellitz…. which is crazy because I do know she deserves so much better fitz is a hypocrite but there was a time (literally 10 minutes before the season finale!) that they were a team and seeing them having each other’s back and being comfortable around each other again was so wonderful but obviously we can’t have nice things without shonda rhimes ruining them! and mellie, once again, is miserable! I love how she can’t be happy for more than 5 seconds haha how nice I hope shonda rhimes keeps up with her great work :)

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thoughts on: Kise Ryouta or Oikawa Tooru?

Hm, despite all the similarities like a fanbase and good looks and even the presence of an injury and grumpy, aggressively caring friend , there’s one draaaastic difference between them.

Kise is coming from the generation of miracles, generation of geniuses, Kise Ryuota is yet another genius kid who is so amazing and who simply can’t reach other geniuses just yet. Oikawa isn’t.

Where Kise is exceptionally gifted, Oikawa is only slightly more athletic than others. When Kise is super fast to improve, Oikawa spends days and days and days in the gym polishing his skills.

Where Kise is raw talent, Oikawa is crafted work. Soooo pretty obviously whom I love more;) (even though, don’t get me wrong, I still love Kise and his dedication to beat Aomine and how he learns to win for the team and wreck himself for the team).

But still, Oikawa is someone I can really really relate to, while Kise isn’t quite so. Oikawa Tooru all the way for me~ ~ 

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wolfstar + birthdays

  • sirius goes all out for all the marauders birthdays when they’re at hogwarts specifically because birthdays were like any other day in the black household, the only difference was a ridiculously expensive gift such as cologne or clothes (which no pre-teen/teenage boy is really all too fussed about but this was all they received as anything sirius deemed fun would automatically be unacceptable to his parents)
  • we’re talking like the full dorm is decorated with hundreds of balloons and banners and charmed self-exploding party poppers (which set off as soon as the birthday boy is awake) 
  • sirius always made sure to spoil remus more than the other boys on his birthday as he never seemed to receive much in the way of presents from home due to his family’s financial issues 
  • remus obviously noticed that he would get more than james and peter but was too embarrassed to confront sirius about it for a long time (though he would always tell sirius it was too much and he shouldn’t while blushing like a true boy in love bc sirius is so thoughtful)
  • but finally in 6th year remus tries to repay the favour after saving up all year specifically for sirius’ birthday and buys him so much from zonko’s and honeydukes and even manages to afford a bottle of firewhisky and remus waits until the others have went out for the evening before sitting next to sirius on his bed and settling the pile of presents before him which leads to sirius getting so emotional and overwhelmed - “MOONY! WHY HAVE YOU GOT ME SO MUCH, I DON’T NEED IT TAKE IT BACK, notthatimbeingungrateful, i just want you to be okay and treat yourself”
  • “I’m fine pads, don’t you like it?” “nooooooo moony its great and so generous of you but i don’t want you to go without” “why are you so concerned about me being okay? you always get me more than you do james and peter, i don’t need more pity from you sirius it’s bad enough with my furry little problem.” “it’s not pity remus, i want to spoil you. you deserve to feel loved… and maybe i could be the one who makes sure you are….” “i already know you love me like a brother padfoot, don’t worry” “yeah, but maybe, recently, the love i feel for you isn’t exactly brotherly anymore” “what” “shit, i’m sorry remus… mpfh” 
  • this encounter then leads to them making out furiously in sirius’ bed and being caught in the act by james and peter. remus and sirius are super embarrassed and are apologising so much to which james replies “don’t worry about it guys, we’ve seen this coming for ages and in fact peter here owes me 5 galleons” “why couldn’t you two keep it in your pants until after we left hogwarts?!”
  • then obviously next year involves birthday sex for the pair of them and sirius would fully expect the works which also involves breakfast in bed afterwards (even tho remus is so against it bc crumbs in a bed are horrid but he lets sirius have it just because its his birthday)
  • finally after theyve been together for a few years and harry has just been born a couple months ago, remus decided that for sirius’ 21st birthday he would propose to which sirius quite enthusiastically agreed to
  • ~ just want to ignore the fact that soon after they get split up :( ~
  • but then after being told to lie low at lupins after escaping azkaban and capture, remus and sirius quickly fall back into how they used to be and since it is almost sirius’ birthday again by this point remus decided to propose again to reaffirm that he still felt exactly the same and was as in love as he was twelve years ago

I hate Dolores Umbridge more than any other Harry Potter villian because she wasn’t brainwashed. She wasn’t a follower of Voldemort. Her actions were on her own accord and bigotry and abuse.

Voldemort was conceived under a love potion and thus cannot feel any type of love, greatly influencing why he did what he did (not that it excuses it obviously)

But her character was meant to represent true evil in it’s purest, non manipulated form


Today was awesome cos I got this package from amanda-healthyhappywhole all the way from Austin, Texas!

It started out as a book swap, and ended up with us sending about five pounds worth of our favourite things half way across the world to each other! (Pretty sure the postage cost more than the contents, but what can you do?!)

Obviously I love everything, although if I had to pick a fave it would be the “I ❤️ Books” t-shirt - perfect for lazy Sundays on the patio😉.

Thank you Amanda for putting so much love and care into choosing what to send, you’re such a thoughtful and supportive person! 😘

I know it’s still early and tut literally ended 12 hrs ago but we need to talk about kylie and avan. Now before I start,I KNOW they’re in happy relationships (I think it’s been like 2/3yrs) and I respect it entirely.

Now I obviously don’t know them personally,so im gonna go by astro signs cause that’s like 30% of who we are.

They’re both aquarius’ which make this chemistry thing easier to understand since air signs understand each other better than any other sign. We don’t feel emotions as deeply as other signs. Everything takes place in our head,the IDEA of being in love is more appealing than the actual work that comes with it and im a gemini saying this.

Fire is ridiculously dramatic,a walking novela tbh,water is intense and overwhelming and earth is solid and steady. Air…..we don’t really feel love that deeply but when we really like someone we want their friendship first-above all else and that’s what avan and kylie have. Their energy is so infectious (seriously watch their interviews I think there’s like 2 in total). Now I know they’re fiercely loyal to their partners cause it is VERY hard to pin an aquarius down and once you do it’s over but chemistry doesn’t lie. In fact it evolves from either lust,love or both. So we dacey/tuhad fans aren’t too far off with these “maybe they like each other” theories. I honestly think they’re probably too much alike to ever date but they care for one another on a very deep level. She inspires him on screen,I noticed in the first episode of tut that from the moment he got on screen with kylie his whole demeanor changed. He was way more into his character and it was amazing to see the kind of affect she had on him. I really adore them as individuals and even more so as a twosome so I hope they get more projects together.

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To quote Sherlock Holmes, "when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth". Look, obviously none of us know what's going on, but to me the A/T theory is impossible because Sam and Cait wouldn't be that disrespectful to their and each other's SOs. Maybe shipping is crazy, but it's built on a much more solid foundation of evidence than A/T. And besides, anti's don't need to read here if they don't like it. Personally, I love your blog, Jess!

I completely agree with you! Thank you :) 

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Do you think the sensate sensates visited each other off screen? Like they hung out and got to know each other more than we saw in the time allowed for the show?

Yeah, probably. Or at least the times where we did see them on screen together but it cut to another scene, I like to think they stuck around and kept hanging out, like Kala and Capheus watching movies and Lito and Nomi in the museum (I can’t remember if they were cut off for other reasons I think they just switched).

I also hope that Will and Riley did because I will be honest, as much as I really do love blueski, the whole ‘I love you’ thing threw me a little at first because it seemed to come out of nowhere (though I accounted that down to the fact that they obviously share feelings and feel a lot more than we do so it probably makes sense for them idk it was just harder to relate to) So I like to think that they just chilled out together a lot more than we saw 

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Do you personally believe that Starco will go anywhere in the show? I'm apprehensive about it, in all honesty.

I personally believe that it will be like Stevonnie: There will be an episode or two where it shows where they obviously have more than friends feelings for each other, but other than that their love isn’t a conflict, just a sweet addition to the banter on the show ~A.Y.

So I just had this idea. It’s heavily hinted that Garnet changes the course of events in the show whenever she can see an outcome that she likes, visibly doing so to keep Steven safe. And many people have then theorized from this that Rose and Garnet planned out Steven as a tactical advantage against homeworld, because his half human abilities are unpredictable for homeworld.

But I noticed two things while watching the show. One, that, very obviously, Garnet loves Steven more than most everything. She’s undeniably one of the best mothers to him, being more caring about his feelings and wellbeing than the other gems are at times even.

And two, that while Amethyst and Pearl have shown grief over the loss of Rose Quartz, even to the extent of having full episodes about them coping with the loss, Garnet has never had one of these episodes.

Notably, I cannot think of a single time she’s lashed out at Steven over replacing Rose on the team, or really showed any sort of remorse over Rose’s death.

My headcanon, to be quite honest, is that the first time Rose saw that Greg stopped by the temple, Garnet saw the outcome of Steven, somewhere down the line, and steered Greg and Rose in a direction that led to that outcome. Without telling Rose.

I know it’s way off base, but even considering the episodes with flashbacks, Garnet gives him advice that would lead him to forming a healthy relationship with Rose. If anyone would know what could bring them together, it would be Garnet.

Garnet really does love Steven. She loves Steven almost to a fault. I’m assuming that seeing the possibility of a world with him, and not having that outcome, especially with Sapphire’s tendencies to focus on the future as if it’s already happened, would be unthinkable for her. Probably not to the point of forcing Rose towards death, but guiding her towards the idea of bringing that life into the world.

Life Is Strange Ranting Funtime

Can someone tell me why the Life Is Strange fandom is SOOOOOOO god damn obsessed with Chloe and Max/Chloe, though? Especially when it’s done at the expense of other (actual) cinnamon rolls like Warren and Kate? Like seriously: is it because she has some dyed hair and is really awful to Max so is obviously xX_EdgeM4ster-Xtreme_Xx??? Honestly, it really does totally confuse me how people are so in love with her and Max/Chloe. Yes, she’s an INTERESTING character, but she’s far from a nice character. I really don’t like her that much. Like being a shitty friend isn’t edgy, it’s shitty. 

And even more than that, though, if you like her, okay, and you ship it, okay, but is that really grounds to go and talk about how awful and creepy Warren is? Even though he literally is like THE OPPOSITE of Chloe insofar as he’s not edgy but actually seems to respect Max??????? Or even Kate–like I get the desire for slash or femslash, but Max/Kate would be SUCH a cuter and healthier ship than Max/Chloe anyway????

ALSO I luckily haven’t seen much of this in the fandom, but I am SOOOO nervous to see the lowkey ableism about how awful it is that Chloe is disabled–but not for anything like quality of life or anything, but because she can’t be “edgy” and “punk,” neither of which even blue hair Chloe is.

Anyway, that’s my little anti-Chloe worship rant for today. I love LIS, and the fandom, but just PLEASE chill out on tearing down other characters to bolster your fave, who is hella (lol) problematic anyway.

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What's your favourite thing about each Beatle? Love your blog mate👌🏻

Oh thank you! (: And nice question, Ill list one thing for each cause listing all would take forever cause it would be too long.

John; I love how real and honest he always was. Despite his flaws he always spoke his mind, was never fake and never pretended to be someone else to please people or be accepted.

Paul; I love what an amazing family man he was. Thats probably my favorite thing about him that doesnt have to do with music. He was obviously an amazing father and husband. He loves his family more than anything.

Ringo; I love Ringo’s sense of humor and I love that he was always very accepting and lovable of other people. For example, John often said he loved Ringo (after the band had split) because he never judged him and accepted Yoko, unlike the others. And little things like that.

George; I absolutely love how down to earth George was. I love that he was so real and honest about hating the fame. I love that he often said he was just a normal dude and was often surprised when fans would follow him around and fangirl over him, “Im nothing important!” he would say.

And soo many other qualities more for all of them <3

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I'm mad like I keep seeing posts about how that spoby 6x07 sneak peek scene is nothing but sex and how they don't have any "emotional scenes" like all they do is want to have sex and that's it and that's why she needs to find guys when Toby isn't in town and how she doesn't even tell Toby about her drug problems-that she finds help in other guys instead of Toby.. Like people think their relationship is only about having sex and making out compared to like hale and ezria

that, along with 99% of the other complaints people have about toby/spoby, comes from a place of jealousy, which is a nasty little thing.

spoby has had more emotional scenes than probably haleb and ezria combined, but they’re young and in love and obviously shown to be very physical. the spark between them has not fizzled in the slightest over six seasons; so yes, when they see each other after days apart they will kiss. they will hug. that’s just the kind of relationship they have.

as for other guys being better for her? i’m sorry, but hell no. every other male in her life, save for jason (her half-brother), and ezra and caleb (her best friends’ significant others) have pressured her into a relationship based on purely physical aspects, as opposed to toby who has a) never pressured her, and b) is there for her emotionally before physically. no other person could ever give her what he does. no other person could make her as happy or as at peace. no other person would go to the lengths he’s gone to in order to support, help, and protect her. 

i’m all for opinions, but hating on another ship just because yours is lacking in some area and you’re jealous? awful. don’t pay them any mind, anon.

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The show makes it very clear that Stiles loves Lydia but besides context, Ive never really seen anything definitive that Lydia loves Stiles besides looking at scenes, can u educate me, pls?

i never said that lydia loves stiles.

obviously i cant say that, because the day that i say that would be the day that stydia is canon (and the whole fandom goes fucking cray)

what im sure as a stydia shipper though is:

lydia cares for stiles now more than ever, whether romantic or not, she cares for him, and i think thats whats so shippable about these two. jeff davis have never given us a romantic stydia scene, (except the kiss, which was downplayed a bit) and yet you just know how important they are to each other, how much they mean to each other. its absolutely precious how stiles and lydia are always protecting each other.  god, just watch the show from the pilot to episode 6 on this season and see for yourself. it shows through her reactions towards stiles, depending on how he is (like during the last episodes on 3B, you cant tell me lydia doesnt care for him) (like reaching for stiles’ hand when they were talking to dr. valack, looking at him when she feels in danger. shouting his name when she thought brunski was going to kill him.) its the small things in a scene that you’d have to pay close attention to that would tell you how much lydia’s feelings for stiles has developed over the course of five seasons, but even as a stydia trash, i can’t and won’t say that lydia loves stiles because i would just be lying to myself. what i can tell you though is that lydia cares for stiles now and even treasures him as one of her best friends, if not the closest to her at this point in the show, and if you don’t ship them, then u r wrong. kidding haha

stydia people, reblog this and educate this anon too. thank you.

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I went through Alexa's likes and she liked posts that defend Jaycee ❤️ like the one you reblogged about a child knowing their place

Oh i know! I seen it in my notifications when she liked it! Like me and jayceewilkins said before, there’s obviously more to the situation then what other people were trying to say. Regardless, I love alexa, she’s a great teacher, she seems wayyyy more mature than the “adults” around her because remember, alexa is only 21. She’s still young herself. Idk what’s going on with mrs. Wilkins, it’s not my business, but those kids love her for a reason, we see it all the time in snapchats, IG posts, and twitter. So till we have out or we may never find out, I’m team jaycee/team alexa!

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Grimmons, "stay there, i'm coming to get you" please? c:

This one ended up being longer than the others. I just really love these dumb nerds. I put them out of their comfort zones and of course they make a mess of it. Jeez. (Just a warning, there’s mention of being slipped drugs and vomiting)

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List 6 facts about yourself and tag 10 followers.

I was tagged by klebold666 and storm-spirit! Thank you lovelies!

1. On a daily basis, some days more severe than others, I find myself feeling as if I don’t belong in these modern times or even in America. I believe that I was meant to grow up somewhere between the Victorian and First World War era’s in England. These times weren’t without problems, obviously, but I desperately long for a simpler existence back then in a beautiful, English countryside.

2. In my high school yearbook, I was voted “Most Likely to Rule the World,” and you know I’m making that happen one bed-ridden day at a time.

3. Due to never traveling anywhere or being on a plane, I enjoy laying outside watching them fly overhead and imagining a destination for the passengers.

4. Writing is one of my passions that offers yet another escape, whether it’s creating poetry, short stories, or just jotting down my thoughts. I much prefer older means of writing, so I usually use a dip pen with ink or my typewriter.

5. There is a certain impulse disorder I am plagued by that is often linked to OCD, though the two have major differences. It is becoming unbearable, but I don’t trust seeking psychiatric help.

6. It’s now another sleepless night, and I don’t know what it is about not getting any sleep that makes me have racing thoughts about the terrible things, both personal and on a grander scale, but I shall hold onto them until my death. The forgive and forget mentality is only another ploy to replace accountability with a pathetic sense of resolution.

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Damian is always jealous of his older bros thinking Batdad loves them more than him and batman has to keep reminding him it's not true. When Damian still tries to eliminate the others and screams "THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE!"(usually while pushing the others down the stairs of the manor). Batdad lectures him that he loves his kids equally and puts Damian on time out.

I can imagine Damian being put off patrol and he sees it as Bruce disliking him, which fuels his rage more until Tim, Jay, and Dick sneak him out to run around Gotham behind Bruce’s back

Bruce finds out, obviously, but chooses not to say anything after he notices Damian’s feud die down