obviously it's not as simple as i'm putting it

chariotsofthegodsman  asked:

hc + clocks

((Ahhhhh yes good good

Obviously he uh-… Really likes clocks… But it’s more than just the “hey look who’s totally not a time traveler” kinda thing.

For one, the sound is just one he likes. Puts him in a good headspace. Relaxed. Focused. Mechanically, they’re also something he’s got a sentimental sort of fondness towards. The gearwork is complex, yet simple, even artful. He almost definitely tinkered with them extensively at a young age, and SOME of them were already broken. Some managed to work again after. His old family house almost definitely had some REALLY awesome timepieces in it. 

Then, well, eventually that translated to them as a sort of fondness for them overall, which eventually turned into a collectors hobby of ones he thought looked interesting/sounded nice!))