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my best good friend @ushiiwakas tagged me to post MY CURRENT WORKS IN PROGRESS. obviously i need to do this under a read more and i need to get better friends because this is torture. 

most of these won’t ever be finished or posted unless i get a lot of interest in them, so if you see something here that you would REALLY LIKE TO READ, please let me know and i’ll see what i can do.

posted in order of most to least complete.

i’ll be tagging @mnwood, @ibelieveinthelittletreetopper, @scones-and-texting-and-murder​, @schmerzerling​, @almaasi, and any other of my writer friends lurking around out there to post their WIPs as well <3

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boyfriend! hanbin

asking her out would be something he would take very seriously and by this i mean that there’d be a lot of preparation and probably a lot of insecurities to the point bobby would just nag at him to get things done.

he would be oh so very nervous when she accepted him and once again, their first date would be obviously calling out how much effort he put on it. literally he would be working on the smallest details because that’s just how much of a perfectionist he is.

the best way to express his feelings for her would certainly be songs, songs and more songs and even when they were mad at each other, songs would be the way he could let out his feelings in a easier way.

he’d be very straight forward with her - after a long sulking - if he didn’t like something for example when she used revealing clothes. he wouldn’t exactly be enjoying them if he wasn’t keeping her company.

dates would also consist of him working most of the time and her coming over to be with him. however, he would feel bad for it and make up to her when he could, putting a lot of effort to those special dates that didn’t happen that often.

if something was wrong with her, he would like to be the very first person she’d turn to. in a sense, he would want to be like a best friend and since he has such way with words, he would probably be comforting her easily. and until she wasn’t alright, he wouldn’t leave her. he’d make sure she was feeling okay before he left,

oh and he’s the kid of the relationship. literally. he can be so grown up and hot and what not when there’s the moment to but when they’re together, he’ll turn into a baby. if he asks for something and she ignores him or teases him, he would be whining the living hell out of her.

friends around = a very touchy hanbin and probably even very whining. he wouldn’t want her away from him especially if she was close to his friends. he would be pulling her to him all the time.

‘’you wanted a girlfriend like mine but ha- you don’t have one.’’ yes he’d be such a tease. his friends would suffer a lot.

and when he missed her? oh my he’d be so down. he’d be pouting all the time because his girlfriend wasn’t there or was busy. so he’d just randomly message her. and he rarely messages.

oh also, she’d be updated on every single thing his little sister did. if she used the right shoe on the left foot, she would know it. if she once sneezed on his face, she would also know it. she would literally know everything about his sister because he’s such a fool for that little cute human being.

first time saying ‘’i love you’’ would consist of a very shy hanbin whispering it to her very quietly like it was a secret that should be kept. and he’d want to hear it back. oh and he’d also call it out randomly if she was asleep next to him.

getting more intimate with him would consist of a very nervous hanbin and probably even asking her ‘’is this okay with you’’ more times that it was necessary.

he’d bring her along to vacations even if it was family vacations and guess what- he’d be the fool he is for his sister and probably go on and on and on over it because his little sister was there so there was little time they’d be alone. probably they’d only be alone when hanbyul is asleep and even so-

he’d stand up for his girlfriend but he’d also want to see her doing it for herself and be proud of her.

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*whispers* what are your opinions on what would happen...if oikawa met akaashi?

OKAY so obviously this vastly depends on the situation, as well as which interpretation of both characters you wanna go with. Honestly, I personally can interpret Oikawa like, four different ways, and Akaashi is, let’s be real, not nearly as thoroughly developed as Oikawa is, so he’s even more open in a sense. 

But this is the way I LIKE to imagine it… 

First off, Oikawa puts a lot of effort into his appearance. Not into self-care, mind you, he probably needs like thirty seven massages, and I’m sure he doesn’t eat enough when Iwaizumi’s not shoving food in his face. But he knows attractiveness is a powerful tool, and so he’s weaponized his face. Akaashi on the other hand, is one of those people who is just naturally stunning. He doesn’t do anything with his hair. In fact, because it’s loosely curly, the less he washes it the better. His skin is just clear, his eyelashes are illegally lush. He dresses well, but only because he was taught to always look presentable.

So Oikawa at some kind of volleyball situation, sees this guy, who is also a setter, a setter for a nationally ranked spiker, and a powerhouse team that he took to Nationals when he was a FIRST YEAR, and he’s BEAUTIFUL and so of course Oikawa fucking hates him. And Iwaizumi’s like, why? This is a normal fucking person FOR ONCE!!! Because of course Iwaizumi and Akaashi have bone-deep weariness with bullshit in common and they get on like a house on fire.

Oikawa’s muttering to himself, just hitting terrifying serve after terrifying serve. Then we add Bokuto to the mix, who is like OH MAN NICE SERVES! CHECK THIS OUT!!! and he serves too, and if the manga is any indication, Bokuto is a terrifying server if, like in everything else, he can pull himself together. But of course, he’s too keyed up and the first one is out, and then he gets really sad. And Akaashi comes over and with a subtle nod to his team, gets him calmed down and playing again in no time with like five monotone words. 

And Oikawa just drops the ball in shock, because this pretty asshole just soothed this wild beast with no charm in the slightest, and can that guy out-manipulate him??? And Iwaizumi’s just like my god please stop you asshole and Matsukawa and Hanamaki just keep talking about how hot Akaashi is because this is the funniest thing that has happened in months. 

Finally, Akaashi, who honestly has no clue this is going on because caring for Bokuto is a Full Time Job, notices how powerful Oikawa’s serves are. He comes over and politely asks if Oikawa-san has any training recommendations, because, as a setter, he’s found it difficult to increase his own power levels, and Oikawa is impressively powerful.

Oikawa just sneers at him, and is like, “I WAS BORN LIKE THIS!” and tosses his hair, and haughtily walks right into a post. Hanamaki and Matsukawa raise their fists to the sky. This is the best day of their lives. 

Iwaizumi takes Akaashi aside and explains Oikawa’s entire training routine in extreme detail. Bokuto sits down next to Oikawa with his bloody nose and begins to describe an injury he got one time in excruciating detail. 

Somewhere in the distance, Kuroo is cackling. 

Lovers From The Past (G-Dragon Scenario) - Part 3

I’m pretty blown away by the massive response to the second part, so I’d just like to say thank you for that ^^ It made me very motivated to keep working on this series. I hope you’ll like it!


Summary: Time goes by and your relationship with Ji Yong slowly starts to develop again. Is it love or friendship that blossoms for a second time, though?

[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4] [Part 5] [Part 6] [Part 7] [Part 8] [Part 9] [Part 10] [Part 11] [Part 12] [Part 13] [Part 14] [Part 15] [Part 16] [Part 17] [Part 18] [Part 19] [Part 20] [Part 21]

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Sherlolly prompt: Anderson tells Sherlock his best theory - the one that involved Sherlock and Molly making out.

So I tried and failed  to make this work, I do hope you aren’t too disappointed. TBH I’ve been swamped with work, not that that is any excuse. Well, here goes….

“Bit disappointed.”


“Well… It’s not how I’d have done it.”

“Oh, everyone’s a critic. Go on then, how do you think I did it?” Sherlock smirked at Anderson as he sat in a small chair in front of the camera.

“Well. If you had a bungee cord, that would work wouldn’t it? And… Stop laughing at me!” Anderson glared at him. “If you aren’t going to take me seriously, I won’t tell you.”

Sherlock visibly sobered, slipping into the cold detached mask Anderson was used to.

“Right. Well. I think that there are a number of ways you could have done it, but this is my favourite, cause its the most likely. In my opinion.”

Sherlock muttered under his breath, something sounding eerily like idiot, why am I listening to this and Molly.

“Anyway, well. I don’t really know how to start. Oh, well you had no idea Moriarty would definitely shoot himself in the face, so I assume you had a number of back up plans, and then when he did shoot himself, you texted Molly to get the silicon face mask and contacts ready for his face-”

“What!? Anderson, that is preposterous. How was I supposed to have gotten the exact measurements for his face?”

“I’ve thought about that. Molly. She was in a relationship with him, she must have told you. Any way, you’re interrupting again. So, she’s got the mask ready and waiting, whilst you are on the roof, trying not to die, with a bungee cord wrapped securely around your waist and anchored to something on the roof.

"You’re in the ledge, waiting, on the phone to John and drop the phone, then leap off the building, so all John sees is you fall, as you’re hidden by the ambulance station and he is knocked over by one of your homeless network on a bike, Derren Brown hypnotises him- don’t look at me like that.”

Sherlock’s face was frozen in disbelief and mirth, staring at Anderson in shock.

“Ah hem. Yes… Okay continuing, Derren Brown makes sure he doesn’t see you bungee back up, and Molly throws the masked Moriarty out of the window that you crashed through, whilst you undo the bungee cord, flick your coat out, ruffle your hair and reach for Molly’s face slowly, bringing her lips forcefully to yours in a soul searing kiss that makes her knees nearly give out, so she reaches her hand up to your face, cupping it gently as you deepen the kiss, both of you breathless as you pull away from her, turn and leave Barts without looking back. Obviously, John reaches dead Moriarty, feels for a pulse and can’t find one so believes that you are dead, and breaks down so-”

Sherlock’s shocked laugh interrupted him.

“What the hell? That’s what you… That’s what you think?”

“Yes, what’s wrong with it? As long as the cord was tied securely, it would work! Besides it is much more feasible than yours. Maybe not the Derren Brown bit..”

Sherlock sat in the chair, laughing incredulously.

“You put a lot of effort into that kiss. Why would I kiss Molly? Her lips are too small, as are her breasts, she would quite honestly be described as mousy at best and most people seem to believe John and I are in a relationship, despite Mary being his fiancee.”

“Ah, but there. You’re defensive, and insulting Molly. I’ve been thinking since you’ve been away-”

“Always a bad idea, Philip.”

“Well I’ve been thinking and analysing you over the past two years, and I’ve noticed you only insult people when you are bored, defensive or hiding something. I think it’s the last two.”

Anderson leaned back smugly as Sherlock schooled his face into an impassive mask.

“Well if that is all, I have things to be doing, cases to solve, the sort of thing you wouldn’t know about since being… let go.” He stood, gathering his scarf and Belstaff.

“Not quite yet, I haven’t finished yet. So once you escape Barts, you go to Molly’s to hide out for a bit, out of the way so no one realises you’re not dead except for me, and then she gets home to find you passed out from exhaustion in her bed, she hasn’t the heart to move you, but the spare bed is covered in boxes and the sofa is barely big enough for Toby, never mind a fully grown woman.

"So she awkwardly climbs into bed beside you, blushing the entire time with her back firmly turned against you. Then, in the night, you both end up cuddling, and you wake up with her sweet smelling hair against your mouth, arms circling her small waist and her sighing your name gently. You lean down to kiss her on the nose and-”

A soft, gentle voice interrupted him.

“Sherlock, you haven’t been telling him about our time together before you had to rush around saving the world?”

Molly stood, arms crossed under her breasts as a genuine smile touched Sherlock’s mouth.

“You know I wouldn’t, Molly. What happens between us is between us and us only.” He reached over to her, drawing her into his arms and pecking her lightly on the lips.

“You don’t mind me stealing him away, do you?” Molly smiled gently at Anderson, pulling Sherlock out of his seat towards the door.

“Uhm” Anderson stared, mouth hanging open as he realised his OTP was canon.

Sherlock leaned down as the left, whispering into her ear.

“Sweetheart, I don’t care that the camera was still rolling. They were going to find out sooner or later…”

Feel free to send me prompts!

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Germany,England,Norway,Prussia and Romano helping their s/o study for their exams/finals,pleaseeee???BTW I adore your blog!

Germany/Ludwig Beilschmidt: Done. without even a second thought, he’d be right by your side to help. If there’s one thing Ludwig can do, it’s show up to pretty much anything completely prepared, and after years of dealing with a lot of people who.. maybe aren’t as concise and organized as he is, he’s learned how to prepare others as well. He’d sit you down across from him, and make sure you can memorize every detail, whipping out flashcards and notes and pretty much any form of studying there is in order to help you out. Sure, your attention drifted every now and then, but it wasn’t difficult for him to bring you back with some words of encouragement, a pat on the knee and a gentle smile, or something along those lines. It’s also very important to him that, in this stressful time, you stay healthy; you don’t overwork yourself, or stay up too late, etc. So, he’d map out every section of time for each subject, break, meal, and anything else you might need to do. Because of his extremely efficient tactics, you actually would end up finishing early, having a day to just relax. Together, the two of you did.. Well, pretty much nothing, in these final 24 or so hours before the exams started up the next day. Lazed around, watched TV, maybe took a break to walk his dogs once or twice. It was a little strange for him to not be doing anything productive, but he managed. He really enjoyed the time you two had spent together, though he didn’t verbalize this. With help like this, you aced nearly all your tests the next few days, easily.

England/Arthur Kirkland: Arthur was ecstatic when you even mentioned that you were having troubles retaining all this information. No, not because the idea of you struggling brought him joy. The opposite of that, actually. Being able to help you get out of a tight or unpleasant situation was what sounded appealing to him, and he was confident in his tutoring skills, so this was a golden opportunity. Also, he’s get to spend a lot more time with you this way. He hid it the first time, hinting “subtly” that a tutor might help you keep some of it in your head, but the next time he immediately offered to be the person to assist you in your studies. He thought you saw him as cool and collected when he asked, but you could tell how eager he was, practically melting into a pool of hope and anticipation. You couldn’t say no. And besides, he knew what he was doing, it’s not like you were accepting his offer blindly. He always had a hand on your shoulder or was as close to you as possible. Part of it was simply because he liked it there, and part of it was because he wanted to make absolutely sure that you nailed your tests, and he was ready to do really whatever it took to get you there. He also wanted make sure you were comfortable. He would make you tea, or gently rub your back on nights you felt like giving up, and if you made a mistake, he was never harsh or condescending. You were in the safest environment possible with him as your tutor. It was very rare for him to lose his focus, but it happened a few times, when studying near the time he usually went to bed, his mind would wander, but it didn’t take long for him to reign it in again. He managed to help you score high grades on all your tests, and took an immense pride in knowing that was his doing. Well, partly. You’d done an amazing job.

Norway/Lukas Thomassen: Honestly, neither of you desperately needed this. There were some things you were able to help each other out with, but for the most part, you had it down. This had really just been an excuse to hang out together and spend more time with each other. You would go to one of your houses, and study for.. Maybe a few hours? Going over the basics, maybe branching out and going over something new occasionally, spending a little bit of time reviewing each subject you had, whether it was in the same class as him or not. Four or five hours at the very most. After that you both just.. talked. Though Lukas wasn’t always the most chatty person in normal public conversation, he could really discuss things one on one with someone for the longest time, deep into the night, and into the early hours of the morning. In fact, this is exactly what you did, most nights. It could be talking about the universe, social situations and outlooks, society’s pros and cons and unfair things. A few times, you’d just complain about things to each other, bitch about common dislikes or people, but that never lasted long. No matter what you were doing, whether it was just talking, or even studying the subject you have the most trouble with, it was always calm. The talking especially, but he just had this air about him that was incredibly relaxing, and very soothing. Without him, sure you would have done fine on all of your tests, but you would have been a hell of a lot more anxious about them.

Prussia/Gilbert Beilschmidt: You didn’t ask Gilbert to help you study. You didn’t ask anyone to help you study, actually. He just happened to notice how overburdened you were, and decided he’d step in. He knew he wasn’t anyone’s first choice in matters like this. He has tendencies to goof off and get distracted easily, and doesn’t always take these things seriously. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a good student, just maybe doesn’t work as hard as he needs to. He even knows the material well enough, he just isn’t always willing to put the effort into the work. With you, however, he was serious. Sure, he offered a lot more breaks than his brother would have, and maybe they went a lot longer than intended by mistake a few times, but he was still determined. Throughout this, he discovered, it actually felt rather nice when you learned something or answered a question correctly thanks to his help. It was like a swell of pride, but not the kind he would have wanted to brag about, as uncharacteristic as that sounds. The two of you got sidetracked often, and even fell asleep on each other one time (which was easy since he insisted on sitting directly beside you), but after a while, you really had learned a lot, thanks to his help. He had too, actually, but he wanted to uphold the status of tutor/savior, so he didn’t mention it. Thanks to how easily you both lost focus, the last day (and few hours) before exams consisted of a lot of cramming, and staying up a little later than either of you probably should have, but your finals went pretty well, actually, and his did too.

Romano/Lovino Vargas: Okay, here’s the deal: Lovino wasn’t really the one in charge here, even though it was unspoken. He had tried to help you, being a heroic and generous tutor, but ended up being wrong about a lot of things. No, hold on. He was fine in other subjects, but he had about the same knowledge as you did in all of them. Except for physics. He hated physics, despised it with all his being, but you were pretty good with it. However in turn, you were terrible with your mathematics class. He actually had a knack for this sort of thing. What ended up happening was you kind of tutored each other. He helped you with math, and you helped him with physics. You even put up with his grumbly complaints as he shoved the information into his head, obviously disgruntled. He would have been more upset, had it been anyone else, but you were an exception.

So, when I say he wasn’t in charge, I mean it was kind of a fifty fifty effort, though if he were to hear that he’d protest wildly, claiming that he had control the whole time, and he was probably doing a better job than those lousy, idiot teachers ever could. Either way, whether he was willing to admit it or not, you helped him learn a lot. Enough to pass his physics exam with an A-. He helped you learn just as much, you passing math with an A. That was stubborn little Lovino’s saving grace, and though he didn’t openly gloat, he felt enormous (and completely over blown) pride at having been a great tutor, enough to give you “A better grade than even he had gotten.”

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Have you read The Hobbit? And if so, did you enjoy the movies or the book better? I'm torn between the two.

Yep, I’ve read the books! I honestly did not mind (at all) the changes/additions that Peter Jackson made to The Hobbit Trilogy. It always surprises me when people throw a tantrum about the so called “deviations” from the book when the material they added into The Hobbit Trilogy was from the Appendices! Which Tolkien himself wanted us all to know in order to have a complete experience. 

If PJ had made The Hobbit following the book EXACTLY, it would have NOT been as entertaining as we know it now. Heck, Thorin & Balin were really only the 2 dwarves who had dialogue in the book. You barely hear about the rest of the company. I think that PJ excelled at making the audience truly care and love the characters (see: Bofur). 

I think that it’s just the way that filmmakers will continue to approach novel recreations. It would be lazy (and a serious cop out) if directors stuck word for word to the original source work. Really, there would be no point in paying $10+ if what you saw on screen is exactly what you read in the book. I’m not saying that production companies should completely veer off course from the text because there is such a thing as respecting the source text but a director and his team should be able to give it their own flair. 

Obviously I wish PJ had done some things a little differently (More Beorn, expanding Thorin/Fili/Kili’s relationship through DIALOGUE etc) but I was still 100% happy about the final product. Peter Jackson and company put a lot of effort, time, and money to bring Middle-earth on screen and I will be forever grateful to him!

Sorry if this turned into a rant! Guess I was pretty passionate about this topic, huh? Thanks for the ask!


I really don’t blame Tao’s father for wanting him to leave EXO. For now let’s just put our sad feelings aside and think about this rationally.

1. SM continuously overworks EXO and does not give them enough rest time 

This is a very valid reason. Overwork = tired + exhausted = injuries = them not being able to heal (physically and mentally) = lawsuit . It is only right that a father would want his son to live a happy life where he is safe and free of injuries

2. Not given sufficient time to visit family

How would you feel if you we separated from your family for let’s say 5 years straight. Homesick? Sad? Exactly. Tao and his father probably feels the same way. Of course he would miss his son. And what does not help is that SM hardly gives them any time to visit their family. Obviously Tao’s father would want to take him back and live with his son again. He probably misses Tao to death.

Either ways whether or not Tao is leaving I will support him. Through all these years he has put in a lot of effort and I feel that we as EXO-L’s should learn to acknowledge it more. Not just Tao alone, but all the other members as well, they all try very hard to entertain us and put on a good show, so lets show our support and don’t let the sad feelings overcome us. 


I really missed playing Dragon Age Inquisition. I hadn’t played in a while since the wedding and all the madness that is life flared up. Bioware puts a lot of effort into their games and it’s something I really admire. It’s not perfect, obviously, but it’s rich and I think that’s what matters in the end. Compelling story, good mechanics, and a wide variety of characters you end up caring about more than you thought you would. Good stuff. How’s everyone else’s night?

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my favs omg

who’s the cuddler: sirius is a cuddle muffin and remus is 100% fine with that

who makes the bed: neither of them on a daily basis, but I feel like when company’s coming over, Remus would put the effort in

who wakes up first: Sirius (i believe Remus is the opposite of a morning person)

who has the weird taste in music: sirius obviously loves rock but i feel like he would have a secret appreciation for classical music. 

who is more protective: sirius omg hands down

who sings in the shower: sirius again (though remus hums a lot around the house)

who cries during movies: sirius omg what a sensitive bby

who spends the most while out shopping: sIRIUS who has expensive taste and adamantly believes you can never have too many clothes

who kisses more roughly: remus 110%

who is more dominate: REMUSSSS

my rating of the ship from 1-10: 10/10 fav, so good, so good.

Send me a ship and I’ll tell you…

More from my TATINOF experience (no spoilers obvi)

People say all the time that they could die happy right now…well I can only count on my hand the number of times I’ve felt that way…seeing Josh Turner live, seeing Darren Criss live, seeing One Direction live, seeing Darren Criss with Starkid, and now seeing Dan and Phil live! It’s moments after those shows where I feel so happy and at peace…it’s almost like that feeling of love that I get! I’m so happy to be at a place where these people understand me and get me. No judgement is happening and everyone feels as if they are all one. No one acts better than the next person and it’s truly magical! I’ve never been somewhere where the atmosphere felt as welcoming as it did at TATINOF…it was truly incredible! It was like one big party…we were all laughing, smiling, and singing along…that was before the show even started. Once the show started it was awesome! It was full of references from all of their videos and inside jokes that only the entire phandom would understand…I heard a mom afterwards say she didn’t understand 90% of it, but at least she laughed at some points…seeing them interact on stage made my heart swell and melt all at once…they truly care for each other more than you would ever know…they were so smiley and happy and energetic….they have obviously put a lot of time and effort into this show and they had rehearsed really well…but there was plenty of improv too…hearing Dan yell Phil’s full name at one point was adorable…even if Phan isn’t real you can still see how much they care and love each other and how proud they are of each other…seriously if you are able to make it to a show then go…don’t hesitate for even one minute…buy the tickets and go watch them be themselves (slightly rehearsed) on stage…I can truly promise it is worth every penny! If given the chance I would go see them again in a heartbeat! I know that at this very minute I could honestly die happy!

Sulli is the reason SM keeps f(x) on the back burner

I firmly believe that SM would have put in a lot more effort with f(x) if it weren’t for Sulli. Sulli is obviously a SM sweetheart… even predebut pictures shows her having an uncle/niece relationship with a lot of the top execs at SM, and shes a breadwinner with her face…. but she really lacks in motivation, talent and ability to stay out of scandals.  She’s definitely not a vocal, and she puts zero effort into her dancing and the choiza scandal is definitely one of the biggest this year. I think that because shes such a company sweet heart they dont force her to work harder, instead choosing to give f(x) lackluster promotions and focus on individual activities which bring in enough money anyway. I think if it werent for her f(x) could have become a top dance/performance group, the female answer to shinee that they were meant to be.