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“What are you wearing, Y/N?!” 

Dean’s doing everything in his power not to flip his shit right now and it’s pretty comical. 

At least it is for you.

“A bathing suit. What does it look like, genius?” You glare gesturing to your tight black dress and red high heels.

“You might as well be.” He scoffs dramatically in his typical Dean fashion.

Here we fucking go again. If it was up to your boyfriend, you’d be walking around in a god damn parka.

“I need to interview the shady fuck from the crime scene earlier. He was checking me out so obviously it’s the best move to get information.”

“Wear my coat.” Dean demands starting to remove it.

“No I’m good.” You roll your eyes at the pathetic hunter in front of you.


“I’m not gonna blow him in his office, Dean. I just need to speak to him.”

Dean’s eyes go wide in shock, he looks two seconds away from throwing you in Baby and locking you in the bunker forever. 

“Watch yourself, little girl.” He growls leaning into you as much as he can while still looking professional. 

“Watch this!“ You sass slapping your ass before spinning around and sauntering off. 

“Damn it…people walking away from me!” Dean huffs stalking after you.  


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