obviously i want to see them all

How I’d personally like Otayuri to develop

Obviously, we’re all hoping for our own things out of this movie and so on, we’re hoping to progress and get to know the character’s personalities even more and follow them on more of their incredible journey. But on the topic of Otayuri?

I want it to hurt. 

I want to see stupid teenage pining and Yuri being a dick to Otabek because he can’t comprehend his feelings. 

I want Yuri to experience the most confusing and exhilarating time of his life with his best friend by his side, regardless of if they’re a couple or not. 

I want Yuri to learn about love because we barely, barely got there in season one, but I want him to experience it in the way we all do. The confusing and heartbreaking way, where nothing makes sense and everything is wrong until suddenly it’s not. Suddenly it happens and with a burst of fucking light Yuri finally fucking realises that love isn’t about sex appeal or what stupid crazy things you do for the other person, but it’s about how much you care for someone. 

I want Otayuri to be cannon, but I also want my heart ripped into a million pieces as the whole fandom howls and screams at the screen for Yuri being an idiot. 

I want the slowest of all slow burns because life is a fucking slow burn if ever I saw one.  

I’ve really been on the fence about who I want Sana to open up to when the time comes.

Part of me wants it to be Chris because she was Sana’s first friend in the squad and has been kind to Sana through this season. 

Part of me wants it to be Isak because Sana was such a catalyst for him opening up in s3 and I love their supportive friendship.

Part of me wants it to be Jamilla because they’ll face some of the same struggles and there’s obviously some history that they need to address between the two of them.

But the BIGGEST part of me wants it to be Eva. Because in s1, Eva was isolated and alone and she found her home in the girl squad and learned to love and trust herself again because of them.

I want Eva to see her s1 self in Sana and show her that they’re still friends and that she’s been there. All this season, Eva has been sending Sana knowing looks, and I’m just waiting for her to wake up and see what’s going on and be 100% on Sana’s side.

i keep seeing this trend of ppl being really insecure about their writing to the point they don’t even consider posting or writing at all. fandom is supposed to be fun and obviously no one wants their fic to be “bad fic” but i think it’s really sad for so many reasons. like writing is fun, writing is expressive, it’s creative, it brings people together… 

so what if your fic isn’t the best? if someone leaves a nasty comment on your fic, delete it and block them. i’m not saying it won’t get to you, but i’m saying it’s probably gonna happen especially for new writers.

and if you are new to writing, you’re probably not gonna be very good at it right away. you may even suck at it for a while. own it. suck at writing. post bad fic to your heart’s content. and i promise you, in time, you’ll start to see improvement in your writing. and if nothing else, you’ll be having fun and making friends because most ppl won’t be assholes and leave horrible comments. most ppl will love that you contributed to their fandom–especially for smaller fandoms and pairings–and most ppl, if they don’t like something, they ignore it 

just remember no one is perfect. writing is a skill and craft, just like drawing, that takes years to hone. if you don’t do it, then you’ll never get better; if you don’t share it, you’ll never be able to get feedback. if it’s something you want to be really good at and maybe follow for a career, find resources to teach yourself and write write write 

but don’t let yourself be so scared that you never write, don’t tell yourself you’ll never be as good-as-so-and-so. don’t strive to be as good as whatever BNF is in your fandom. strive to be as good as you, strive to be the best you can be. own your writing, because its yours not theirs. and guess what, a lot of well known authors are ppl who just got lucky. maybe they’re good, maybe they’re great, maybe they’re just mediocre. at some point they sucked too, at some point no one knew them, and then one day they wrote enough that ppl took notice. but what matters is that they’re writing and having fun

so go write, embrace your bad fics and write because i promise you it will be worth it

The thing I’ve found to be true is that hypocrites cannot see their problematic behavior if you write it on their forehead and make them look in a mirror. Also if you need to be affirmed by the world for all your choices then you are in for a world of hurt.

Someone doesn’t like what you do? who cares. You don’t like what someone does? Who cares. If you don’t want to be judged, maybe you shouldn’t judge others either.

Let’s all worry about our own choices, shall we?

*(Obviously I mean insignificant stuff, if someone is a Nazi, fucking judge!)*

so apparently this coworker of mine used to play a lot of dnd and he had an orc rogue i think, who’s obviously supposed to be a stealth-centric character. But instead of channeling his abilities into dexterity or anything else stealthy, he channeled it all into charisma for the sake of intimidation. Essentially he, a hulking and undexteritous orc, would attempt to sneak into a building. If he was spotted, he would roll for intimidation (and win almost every time) and shout “YOU DO NOT SEE GROGG” at them and proceed.

Experimental drawing for the edgy art meme prompts…

OBVIOUSLY I’m not gonna draw all of them because I got like… 20… but yeah, I’ll probably pick 3 or 4. I’m giving priority to those who specified the character they wanted to see.

Anyway, the prompt here was “drowning”. I tried to go for a “fake screenshot” feel. I hope it’s not TOO ugly.

On pricing your artwork:

I wrote this originally for Artist Alley Network International, but it struck a chord with a lot of people, so re-posting here!


Your artwork, and your merchandise, is WORTH SOMETHING!

1. You are producing something no one else can.  Even if there are a hundred other similar items, only you are making artwork like you.  That is worth something even if you don’t immediately see it.

2. You aren’t walmart.  You are a small business owner and need to charge what you’re worth rather than race to the bottom to see who’s the cheapest.   This ties into #1… so what if someone else has acrylic charms for $3. You are the only one selling YOUR art, so price it at it’s worth.

3. Shipping, storage, packaging, presentation, and protection are all worth extra.  Your item may only cost $1.50 to produce, but you also spent .10 to upgrade the quality.  You spent .50 cents to ship it.  You spent another $1 on packaging, and you spent $30 on the display it’s on.  You rent your apartment or garage for $500-1500/mo.  Your table cost you $300 to rent.  Your online store charges you .20 cents per sale plus a transaction fee. Your item will sell at a loss if you sell it for $2 or $3, even if production was less than that.  Factor in all these costs when you sell your item.  PLUS, your worth.  If you spent hours making the design, you deserve some of that in compensation!

4. Perceived value is actual value.  Customers who see an artist where everything is $2-3 probably will perceive it as less valuable than the artist who sells everything from $20-30, even if the artist selling cheaper actually puts more time into their work.  Perceived value also will change the way a customer approaches your artwork.  Will they cherish it and save it and frame it, or will they punch holes through it with a thumbtack, or will they forget it’s in their bag and find it bent up hours later?  Sometimes pricing your art higher actually creates DEMAND, because it now looks like it’s worth something.

5. fast sketch does not necessarily = cheap price.  Did you spend money on your art education?  Are you experienced in your field?  Is there a lot of demand for your artwork?  Do you work professionally with many clients? Did it take you years and hours to develop your style and speed?  All of these are separate from how long it takes you to draw.  Which is why a 10 minute sketch might be worth $40 rather than minimum wage x time spent drawing.

6. We are all in this together.  If you fight with your neighbors on who can price art the cheapest to get the fastest sales, you are fighting a downhill battle which will ultimately make ALL of your artwork worth far less.  Instead, look at an artist and go “Wait a minute? They charge HOW MUCH?  That means I can charge that much, too”  When I sit in a row of artists charging what they’re worth, I notice that ALL of us make far more sales than if we underprice one another.
This also reflects in the market, too.  If a client who wants to charge $1000 for 24 illustrations is turned down by countless artists they’ll realize they have unrealistic expectations.  When people start seeing the $ sign, instead of factoring in their time and energy and take these low paying jobs, these clients will become upset when they see the artist they really wanted turning them down.  Obviously artists from different countries will price differently, BUT, if you’re selling to someone in a different country with a higher dollar value, ask for that higher value!  You’re competing against THEIR dollar rather than your country’s dollar at that point.  Same goes for pricing commissions online.


Good luck everyone.  We’re all in this together!

pittsburgh penguins ranked in order of how much they hate me
  1. evgeni malkin: posts pictures of himself on social media, knowing that i will see them and cry. grows patchy playoff beards that i am somehow attracted to. fights all the time. snipes filthy goals. takes,,, so many penalties. clearly wants me dead.
  2. sidney crosby: every time he giggle-honks it is a personal attack on my well-being and i am 98% sure he knows it. also continues to wear The Hat despite knowing that i love his post-game curls.
  3. kris letang: has a v cute son and a v pretty wife and doesn’t ever bring them over to my house ???? v v rude, tanger. obviously hates me a great deal.
  4. patric hornqvist: gives me heart palpations whenever he’s shirtless. which is always.
  5. brian dumoulin: deliberately made me fall in love with him before revealing himself as a frat boy who doesn’t know what indy music is in some bizarre plot to end me. 
  6. phil kessel: hasn’t given me his sister’s phone number, so clearly doesn’t want me to be happy.
  7. carl hagelin: has prettier hair than me. knows he has prettier hair than me. chooses to flaunt the fact that he has prettier hair than me. clearly a lot of hatred there.
  8. trevor daley: has yet to teach me his skin care routine or secrets for looking Like That.
  9. chris kunitz: is 37 years old and still looks so Good that it can only be an attempt to end my life.
  10. olli maatta: a literal ray of sunshine who wants to burn me alive from the inside out with the power of his smile.
  11. justin schultz: has a sinister plot to make me attracted to men with missing teeth and beards.
  12. matt cullen: is Team Dad but refuses to adopt me.
  13. nick bonino: posts pictures of maisie and jake together with the understanding that i will see these pictures and pass out. obviously wishes me harm.
  14. conor sheary: knows that i die a little every time he gets injured. still has the audacity to allow himself to be injured.
  15. jake guentzel: hasn’t proposed to me yet???????? obviously hates me at least a little.
  16. bryan rust: hasn’t responded to any of my long, extensive, hand-written love letters. clearly dislikes me.
  17. matt murray: has a Large Dog named beckham that he will post about but will not bring to my home so i can pet???? wtf matt.
  18. marc-andre fleury: loves me, supports me, wants me to be happy.

some stuff that would be cool in the next animal crossing:

having your other characters be active in the town while you play on your main (see them walking/fishing/talking to villagers, etc..)

being able to take pictures with villagers (think of the Sims 4 camera skill) and frame the pics

placing public works projects the way you place furniture in ACHHD

l o n g e r h a i r s t y l e s

official gyroid section in the museum!!!

being able to play the live version of KK’s songs in your house

a path building system that’s something more developed than placing patterns on the ground one by one

mean villagers that you really have to work hard to get to like you/having to work harder for friendships in general

you know how sometimes a villager is like “oooh I heard _____ and _____ were together on the beach” I want those things to be REAL. i want DRAMA. give me the hot gossip

being able to go in the river

placing villager houses (obviously)

bring back notes in a bottle, have them be something that you can receive from random players all over the world

seeing NPCs around the town when their shop is closed



Prompt: HI HI HI HI! Can I request a batmom in which after something dangerous goes down and BATMAN saves her she kisses BATMAN and the next day all the papers have “ Y/N WAYNE CHEATING ON BRUCE WAYNE WITH BATMAN?!?” And then they all have to answer questions on the “affair” and then they have a press conference where Bruce forgives her for the affair


You cling to your husband as he carries you out of the warehouse. Riddler is tied up inside, the boys took care of that while Bruce untied you.

“Are you alright, Y/N?”

You nod, your face buried in the Batman armor. “’m fine”

“Let me see, sweetheart” he whispers. Setting you gently on a bench, his cape flares behind him when he crouches down, “You’re alright now. I promise”

You nod again, this time leaning forward and pressing a quick kiss to Batman’s lips. Unbeknown to the two of you, someone had snapped a photo of that kiss.

The next morning you’re woken up by a series of kisses being trailed down your spine, “Mmm, babe, no. I’m asleep”

Bruce’s throaty chuckle sounds by your ear, “Obviously not, love. How’s your cheek?”

“Fine, a little sore, but nothing too bad”

“Good. I know Riddler isn’t the most dangerous villain in Gotham, but he still managed to get you”

You curl up, nuzzling into Bruce’s chest, “I don’t wanna get up”

“Neither do I, but the boys are all here, and they want to see you. They won’t admit it, but you scared them last night”

“Alright, I need a shower, and then we can head down”

Bruce gives you a smirk, “We can always share, save the water”

“You don’t need to save water! You’re a billionaire!”

The two of you finally manage to get downstairs an hour later.

“Good morning, Ummi.”

“Morning, Dami. Morning, boys”

Tim looks nervous when he glances at you and Bruce, “Mom, you might want to come look at this”

He holds out the newspaper article, and the first thing that catches your eye is the title, ‘Y/N WAYNE CHEATING ON BRUCE WAYNE WITH BATMAN?!?’ A grainy picture is beside the title, it isn’t clear enough to show you actually kissing Batman, but both of your faces are close enough for people to assume.

Bruce glances over your shoulder at the paper, and promptly bursts into laughter. You whirl around, “That’s not funny!!”

“Sweetheart, it’s hilarious. We’re going to have to set up an interview to explain this”

“I’m gonna have to apologize for kissing ‘Batman’ aren’t I?”

Jason chuckles, “Looks like it, Mom. That’ll be funny”

You smack Jason with the newspaper, “Hush, you. God, this is a nightmare! “

Bruce leans down, his forehead gently pressing against yours, “Don’t worry … I forgive you for cheating on me”

Everyone’s silent for a minute and then they burst into laughter, “That’s not funny!!”

“Hey!” He holds up his hands innocently, “I’m not the one caught kissing a vigilante”

Bruce ends up scheduling an interview with Vicki Vale two days after the news article was released. The two of you are sitting across from the Gotham Gazette reporter.

“Thank you for agreeing to meet with me, Mr. and Mrs. Wayne. I’m sure all of our readers and the viewers here” she gestures to the camera crew who are filming everything live, “are eager to know what happened”

“Of course”

“The first question I have is for Mrs. Wayne. How long have you been having an affair with the Batman?”

You straighten up, “I am not having an affair with Batman. I kissed Batman on the cheek, perhaps relatively close to his lips, in order to show my gratitude. He had rescued me from the Riddler the night the picture.”

“So you claim that you aren’t having an affair? Mr. Wayne, do you believe her?”

“Of course I do. It is well known that my company sponsors Batman, I have met him multiple times. He explained what happened that night when I contacted him, it is one of the reasons I agreed to this interview.”

“Mrs. Wayne, how did you explain yourself to Mr. Wayne? Do your children know about this scandal?”

“My children were actually the ones to show up the news article, so of course they know. I’m positive that they are all watching this interview right now. As for explaining what happened to my husband, he knew that a kiss on the cheek means nothing. Bruce knows that I love him, and I know that he loves me.”

“I will admit, for a split second I feared for my marriage. However, once everything was explained to me I apologized for jumping to conclusions.”

Vicki Vale raises an eyebrow, “So, Mr. Wayne, you apologized, but did Mrs. Wayne apologize for causing this scandal?”

“I did, actually. I apologized to my family for making them go through this nonsense, but to satisfy everyone I will apologize again.” You turn in your chair, facing Bruce, “I’m sorry for causing such a confusion for everyone. What happened a few nights ago was not what everyone thought it was. I would never have an affair with batman … if I was going to have an affair with a hero it would be with Superman”

After that you quickly walk off-stage, trying to reign in your laughter at Bruce’s face. You know the next time you see Clark you’re going to have to apologize, but for now, you’re going to enjoy what you just said.

Jewel In The Crown (M)

florist!kihyun, 15.1k, he knows what beautiful is but he’s also a bit jealous and has shitty friends

warning: smut (kihyun is a virgin, his first time, oral for both, slightly dom!kihyun i guess??)

“You look really nice by the way…Ignore that. You look beautiful. You’re the most beautiful girl I’ve ever known.”

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I wish I had an outlet for my more upsetting thoughts - the really dark shit that creeps in from the corners and takes root in the background. Even when I’m having a good time, it’s still there, impossible to ignore completely.

I can’t blog about it, obviously. I can’t talk to friends or family - the response is either “that upsets me, don’t talk to me about that” or “you should see a therapist”. If I talk about it to a therapist, all they offer are distraction techniques or advice a for more positive outlook. What fucking good is that to me? I wouldn’t believe it if I didn’t think it was absolutely true. I am terrified by external problems that get worse every day because people ignore them or pretend they’re not real. I just want to be able to talk about that without having to politely tiptoe around so as not to freak anybody out and make them mad at or concerned for me.

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Stiles, Derek and Sex. Who talks dirty and what do they say? Who is super flexible? Who wants to cuddle? Who gives the best blow jobs? Who is the most likely to instigate? Who is the most romantic?

Oh I like this, I feel like I’m choosing spots for some incredibly kinky “Most Likely To” yearbook spread. ;P

Dirty Talk

You’d think Stiles would be the talker, and you’d be right. At first. Stiles is the one to talk dirty before they’ve started, before they’ve even touched, maybe. Throwing out some far too unsubtle innuendo right in front of the pack, or locking eyes with Derek over dinner and saying exactly what he’d want to do with him, just for the fun of seeing Derek’s eyes blow dark. When Derek’s the one to initiate it’s usually a lot less words and a lot more lifted brows, leaning in, and pointed touches.

Once they get started though, that shifts fast. Stiles is usually rendered wordless by the time they’re halfway to coming, stripped down to needy noises and single syllables, if he’s lucky. But Derek’s the exact opposite: rough sounds morphing into words as his inhibitions crash down, into how good Stiles is, how fucking beautiful he is, how much Derek wants him… everything he feels and wants slipping out between kisses, and that would probably be enough to wreck Stiles even without Derek’s dick in the picture.

Most Flexible?

They’re both honestly pretty flexible. Derek is a powerhouse but have you seen his acrobatic skills? And all Stiles’ lanky, lithe muscle (and hours of lacrosse training) definitely comes in handy in the bedroom, which gives them both a lot of options and a lot of positions to play with (which is good, because Stiles wants to try everything and Derek’s pretty inclined to let him).


Can I say both of them? Honestly, Derek is such a closet cuddler it’s not even a secret at this point. He craves contact, both as a man and a wolf, and it’s been so long that he’s let himself really reach out for that, be vulnerable in that way, that once he and Stiles settle into their relationship Derek is basically a constant blanket/pillow/chair for Stiles. He’ll drop down next to Stiles when he’s texting, reading, or watching TV, just lean in wordlessly until there’s a warm pressure all against his side. And it’s a good thing Stiles loves cuddling just as much, because contact eventually becomes Stiles’ number one indicator about how Derek’s feeling –– once he stops leaning into Stiles’ space, it pretty much means there’s a problem. That Derek’s hurting somehow. Because Derek’s response to any kind of pain, physical or emotional, is to close off and wall up to try and protect himself. And that’s probably also when he needs Stiles the most.


Um… both of them? I don’t know, they would obviously definitely say each other. And see the thing about Derek is that he can absolutely lose himself in tasting Stiles. The scent of want pouring off him, the way it spikes when Derek hits him just the right way. The only problem with giving blowjobs is probably Derek getting distracted by other places in Stiles’ body, working his mouth down his thighs and up his quivering belly, sucking marks all across his pale skin until Stiles comes from that instead so… if that takes away points from blowjob skills, there’s that.

Stiles, on the other hand, gets intensely focused on it. Stiles and oral fixation is definitely a thing, and the feel of Derek in his mouth is something he can find himself craving at any point in the day. He would happily push Derek down and work him over for hours straight, studying his reactions, tracing the lines of veins with his tongue, taking him down deep and easing up again, pushing and teasing until Derek’s shaking, shredding sheets and begging to come.

Most Likely to Instigate

Stiles probably does more often, if only because Stiles will text Derek from school or work –– or, hell, the grocery store –– with some line of text or (Derek claims) indecipherable emojis detailing exactly what he’s thinking about right now and how it’s Derek’s job to help him out with that. When Derek instigates, it’s a lot more about lifting his brows in just the right way or leaning Stiles against the nearest surface and kissing the fuck out of him until Stiles gets the hint.

(Stiles will claim that Derek always instigates just by being too fucking hot to exist, but I’m not sure that really counts.)

Most Romantic

They’re both ridiculously romantic in different ways. Stiles would be the one for the huge romantic gestures: to plan things out months in advance, with multi-stage presents and detailed events. Anniversaries and birthdays would be Stiles’ domain, laying out perfect presents like he’s trying to win some sort of prize for it (except the prize is just the soft flush on Derek’s cheeks and the way he tries and totally fails to hide smiles).

Derek’s gestures would be far more subtle, and a lot more spontaneous. Like tracking down that rare tome Stiles was lamenting over not having and leaving it on Stiles’ nightstand without mentioning it, or wordlessly making him a cup of coffee and slipping it into his hands when he’s feeling drowsy (or taking away his coffee, bringing over a blanket and a pillow when he’s too drowsy and refusing to give up research for the night). Romantic dinners on a random night because he happened to have some free time that day, or because he was thinking about Stiles and how happy he made Derek and just wanted to do something. Subtle things whenever he’s feeling like it, slipped in almost like he’s hoping Stiles won’t notice. (Stiles notices.)

How tall the mercs are

This is a long post. I think I figured it out. But obvious disclaimer: I could be wrong.

If you don’t care about how I got the answer, here are the final results:

  • Engie: 5'7"
  • Pyro: 5'10"
  • Scout: 5'11"
  • Soldier: 6'0"
  • Spy: 6'1"
  • Medic: 6'1.5"
  • Demo: 6'1.5"
  • Sniper: 6'2.5"
  • Heavy: 6'5"

If you want to know how I got these measurements:

We see this photo from Ring of Fired: the mug shots of Spy and Scout with the height charts behind them. For this, I noticed that Spy appeared to be standing straight (good posture). Scout is obviously posing, and it looks like he’s leaning backwards, slouching like one would against a wall. So, I used Spy’s apparent height of 6′1″ to compare to the reference chart Valve has of their mercs:

This chart is grainy, but that’s okay; all I needed was a pixel conversion factor. I figured out how tall Spy was in pixels in this image (309 pixels) and divided his height in inches (73 inches) by that number to get the conversion factor: each pixel is about equal to 0.236246 inches. Or, each inch is about equal to 4.232877 pixels.

After that, I measured the heights of all of the mercs in pixels and multiplied by the conversion factor. If I messed up the pixel height, I messed up the final heights, but I think I did a good job. If anyone wants to double-check, go ahead.

The important result was Scout; even though he wasn’t standing up perfectly, if the number isn’t at least close to what the mug shot showed (about 5′10″) then this math isn’t reliable. Scout’s height came up as 5′11″. I think that his slouch and position with the camera is enough to take off about an inch or so in the mug shot.

Overall, here are the results (again):

  • Engie: 5'7"
  • Pyro: 5'10"
  • Scout: 5'11"
  • Soldier: 6'0"
  • Spy: 6'1"
  • Medic: 6'1.5"
  • Demo: 6'1.5"
  • Sniper: 6'2.5"
  • Heavy: 6'5"

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headcanons about victors return to the competitive figure skating scene?

1. Victor gave his last fuck to Yuri. He doesn’t care if he wins or loses. He’s like literally, just out there to do his best and get Yuri to his best and honestly he could come in number last as long as he feels like they’ve both tried their hardest and had fun together seeing who could do things. 

2. Obviously Yuri P spends the season screaming at them, but in a loving way, because Victor is all GROSS and LAME and also GROSS and also wearing and dancing to everything he ever wanted to but it clashed with his image. 

3. A side effect of going Fuck it!! YOLO!!! I’m here to have fun and flirt with my fiance and if I win a medal that’s cool!!! is, unsurprisingly, a feeling of joy and enthusiasm in your performance, which means Victor’s already insane PCS fuckin skyrockets.

4. “If you win I’ll give you fifty kisses!!!!” “what if you win?” “you can give me fifty kisses!!!!!” “I’m pretty sure that’s not how it works, Victor” “KISSES!!!!!”

5. He and Yuri trade the gold and silver spot pretty much all season. Victor’s so happy. He’s had so much fun with skating again. He retires for good at the end of the year and he’s perfectly satisfied with it and so is Yuri. 

Mikasa is only human.

I saw a post earlier about how Mikasa didn’t hesitate when she attacked Bert and Reiner. (Was also about how Bert didn’t want to do it and was forced into shifting and other things.) I just wanna show you this; 

She remembers their reaction before she cut them. This shows a side of Mikasa we don’t usually see. she has some regrets about what she did and she obviously feels bad. (To an extent as you have to remember the pain caused by Reiner and Bert)

She may of not hesitated when it came to attacking but she 100% hesitated when she went in for the kill.

Mikasa may not show many emotions (probably and Ackerman thing, they are warriors after all) but she is still human.

Post came from the blog; http://erensjaegerbombs.tumblr.com/

If you are referring to Zen as a fuckboi (originally a fuckboy), then you obviously don’t know what the word means so stop using it.

Learn hip-hop culture and then get back to me.

If you are trying to use it by twisting it into the popular incorrect use of the term, you STILL don’t know what the word means so stop using it.

Zen is still not a fuckboi.

He’s super loyal, flirts with no one else but the MC, and turns down a woman who is all over him even though it would advance his career tremendously because he has feelings for the MC. You seem to be latching onto his public persona even though you have seen many times over what he is truly like AND you know his family history and why he over compensates. 

“But he takes a lot of selfies,” you whine.

I take a lot of selfies too. The only difference is I’m not a popular actor who is known for his looks, who posts them to help keep his fandom happy.

Guess we all should stop liking all our favorite actors/performers because they are obviously all fuckbois too with their selfie posting ways.

But Zen’s a fuckboi somehow.

I feel like the song For Forever is such a heartbreaking song and a lot of people ignore that. I always see it as interpreted as the lying song, which obviously it is but it’s so much more than that. 

The way Evan’s voice starts out questioning and unsure what to say because he’s lying but as it goes on it gets more sure and emotional because what he’s saying is what he’s wanted for so long it’s what he’s dreamt of, a friend to talk about his favorite bands or the girls they like. He gets more sure because he’s not just making up random stuff as he goes. He’s telling them what he’s dreamed of having because that’s all he wanted was to not be alone.

Probably the most heartbreaking line is when he says “And I see him come to get me. He’s come to get me and everything’s okay” because he wanted a friend who was there to help him up when he fell. He wanted someone to be there when he needed them. But instead, he was there screaming for help with none in his sight. That’s why For Forever breaks my heart

BTS reacting to you being their crush and you keeping calling them cute and squeezing their cheeks.


I was gone because of school and I felt overwhelmed but I’m okay now!!

Jin/seokjin: You would be squeezing him and calling him cute and just babying him. The reasoning you were doing this is because you like him and you wanted to see how he would react, but you didn’t know he liked you back so when you were doing all of this he would just blush and let you do it since he liked getting attention from you and obviously you calling him cute.

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Suga/Yoongi: He would pretend not to like it but when you would just hug him out of nowhere he would crack a smile and be so happy that this was happening. He would probably tell you after that he likes you and would ask you out.

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J-hope/Hoseok: He would be so extra and make squealing noises and dance for no reason, but he would also tell you you’re cuter and praise you since he didn’t want all the attention he wanted you to have it.

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Rapmon/Namjoon: HE WOULD JUST SMILE AND LOOK DOWN AT THE FLOOR AND YOU WOULD POKE HIS DIMPLES. He would love being praised by you because he felt loved and he also felt like a baby ( I feel like he’s a switch cause he’s so cute and baby-ish, but then like fuck me up daddy) but he would just squeeze you’re cheeks gaining confidence and telling you you’re cute too.

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Jimin: He usually doesn’t like when people pinch his cheeks but he loves when you do it, he would blush and just smile at you and look the other way trying to avoid you so you wouldn’t see him blushing.

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V/Taehyung: HE WOULD BE SO CUTE AND BUBBLY AND HE WOULD CHUCKLE A LOT. This big baby would LOVEEEEEE to be praised and being called cute. He would just say thank you and blush but soon after you would hug you for minutes and not let go of you.

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Jungkook: HE WOULD SMILE SO BRIGHT AND BIG, YOU COULD SEE HIS BUNNY TEETH. He would be the one to praise you but when you started doing it he would just act cute, maybe walk away cause he couldn’t take it.

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Marecal baby headcanons

Cause we could all use some happiness

- first marecal baby isn’t planned (tbh I only see them with one or two)
- it’s after the war there’s a democratic government and mare and cal both have regular citizen jobs, cal is an engineer, and mare does something with electricity
- so yeah first bebe isn’t planned they’ve been married for a couple of years
- mare didn’t want children cause didn’t think she’d be good with kids and doesn’t want to mess them up (remember maven)
- cal wanted kids but obviously never pressured her
- as they fell asleep he’d describe what their kids would look like and their abilities while playing with her hair
- mare would pretend to be asleep cause let’s be real the life he was describing sounded good but she was scared
- she was scared cause she didn’t want to wreck a child and she didn’t know if it would be safe for her or the baby
- but then bam one day after she realizes she hasn’t had her period in a while she goes to see Sara
- Sara laughs cause to her it’s obvious
- mare freaks out
- she goes home and tries to brainstorm the perfect way to tell cal
- and then when he walks in and finds her curled up on the bathroom floor she just blurts it out
- he smiles brighter than any flame he’s made
- and in the shock of it all they both end up on the bathroom floor laughing and crying happy tears
- cal knows mares nervous about the pregnancy so he gets Julian to find all the research he can on red/silver relationships red/red relationships silver/silver relationships new blood/red relationships and new blood/silver relationships
- mare feels more comfortable with the knowledge
- she warms up to the idea of motherhood and starts writing letters to the baby
- no one knows about them not even cal
- cal speaks to the baby directly right to mares bump even before there’s a bump
- one morning mare wakes up to his warm whispers
- she pretends to be a sleep so she can eavesdrop
- she almost starts crying (hormones)
- cal knows she’s listening (“mare I know you’re awake I was in the military I can sense a spy”)
- then he tickles her
- when her bump becomes an actual bump and the baby starts moving cal plays with it
- he puts his warm hand on her belly and the baby will kick wherever the warmth is
- mare pretends to hate it but she thinks it’s sweet
- Mare calls Farley more times than she’s like to admit asking if certain things are normal
- Clara is so excited to have a cousin and talks to the bump too
- when mare goes into labour cal freaks out
- mares chill
- she did her freaking out through all nine months
- cal didn’t 😂
- when he’s driving to the hospital she yells stop the car and he nearly has a heart attack and she’s just like can we get pancakes?
- they don’t get pancakes
- when she’s pushing she yells at him because of the pancakes
- Cal’s scared
- she almost knocks the hospital electricity out
- baby girl is born all is well
- cal cries so hard
- they name her Amber Coriane Calore
- after mare falls asleep cal slips out and gets her pancakes

I can’t I have so much more but I’m gonna cry 😭feel free to add