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Lovable Morning

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Sweet smelling hair was the first thing that he woke up to. Deans first instinct was for his eyes to go over the details of face and acknowledge how his heart was basically trying to run out of his body.

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Drunk - Part 2 (Sirius)

Part 1

* * *

You clutched your mug to your chin the next morning wondering what the hell to do. ‘Morning.’ James said, entering the kitchen. 
‘You look rough.’ You said, admiring the bruises on his arms, the dark circles under his eyes and the serious case of bed-head. ‘Shuddup.’ He groaned, rubbing his eyes. You chewed on your lip as James pulled out the cereal and poured himself a very large bowl. ‘Hey can I ask you something?’ You asked, seizing the moment. James grunted and you took it as a yes. ‘Did you tell Sirius that I don’t love him?’ You asked. James opened the fridge and starting poring milk into his cereal. ‘Probably.’ He said, not looking up. 
‘Why?’ You pressed, feeling a bit hurt. James shrugged, putting the milk back and picking up his bowl. ‘Because you don’t.’ He said, starting to walk away. 
‘Woah woah woah!’ You cried, pulling his arm. ‘What’s that supposed to mean?’James freed his arm and turned to you, sighing. ‘Because it’s obvious that he loves you more than you love him.’ 
‘And how do you know that?’ You asked, folding your arms. 
‘He has given you loads of chances to prove it but you never take them.’ James shrugged again and turned away. ‘Just obvious.’ He walked into his room, closing the door behind him. 
It was common knowledge that you weren’t the best at seeing signs of emotion. Or that you were good with dealing with emotions. The truth was you had liked Sirius for a very long time. A very long time. But since you didn’t see any signs you moved on. You placed the mug gently on the counter and made the brave decision to talk to Sirius. 

‘Sirius?’ You said, knocking on his door. He grunted in reply. You opened the door to see Sirius sitting on the edge of his bed, the sun pouring into his bedroom. He, like James, looked rough. Hair sticking up in random positions, dark circles under his eyes and his face blotchy. ‘What’s up?’ He asked as you sat down next to him. ‘I just wanted to talk to you about something but it’s a bit awkward.’ You said truthfully. 
‘Hit me.’ Sirius replied, his full attention on you. 
‘Okay. Okay.’ You said, preparing yourself. ‘Well last night you said something to me-’ 
‘Oh lord, what was it?’ Sirius said rubbing his eyes. ‘Did I tell you i wanted to be a dragon trainer again? Because I don’t only drunk Sirius does-’ 
‘No!’ You said, laughing. ‘It was uh-you told me you loved me.’ The colour drained from Sirius’ face. 
‘Oh.’ Was all he managed to say. ‘Well-uh-you know, people say dumb things when they’re drunk like, the dragon trainer stuff so…’ 
‘Yeah well,’ You swallowed, ‘James kinda confirmed it this morning so…’
‘Ah…’‘We don’t have to talk about it, obviously!’ You said, standing up, ‘I shouldn’t have said anything, I’m sorry!’ ‘No wait!’ Sirius said. You stopped. Your heart was beating so fast. ‘What if it was true?’ ‘What?’‘What if it was true? That I…loved you.’ Sirius’ eyes were locked on yours. You were finding it more and more difficult to swallow. ‘Then we would have a problem.’ You replied. Sirius’ shoulders dropped. ‘Why?’ He croaked. ‘Because I love you as well.’ ‘And-uh-’ Sirius started but he was smiling too much. You were smiling too. ‘Why is that a problem?’ He asked, standing up. ‘Because we live together.’ You said matter-of-factly. Sirius moved closer towards you. ‘Well…’ He said, ‘I mean, you live down the hall.’ ‘My room is down the hallway.’ You grinned as Sirius began to close the gap. ‘Yeah.’ He replied, ‘And my room is here.’ He said, and you could feel his hot breath on your skin. ‘So…’ He trailed off, the end of his sentence lost as he pressed his lips to yours, his hand running up your back and tangling in your hair. The kiss was short and sweet and afterwards you both looked like you had slept with coat hangers in your mouths. ‘So.’ He said, his hand on your waist, ‘You do love me like James loves Lily?’ ‘Well, well, well.’ You said, ‘So you do remember last night?’ ‘Maybe.’ He said, but his eyes were shining. 

Halfling!Yuuri and his phoenix familiar from the fic a silver splendour, a flame by @handsingsweapon. GO READ IT, EVERYONE. GO READ IT. IT’S BEYOND AWESOME.

OKAY SO JUST AS I UPLOAD THIS I REALISE YOU POSTED FASHION REFERENCES, AND UH. I AM SORRY FOR THE INACCURACIES? I started this before I saw the post and have been dead to the world the past weeks because of deadlines so I didn’t see the post sooner, but my style is simple enough I think I can edit this to fit the refs hmm (I HATE HOW THE SHAPES OF THE CLOTHES IN THIS LOOK ANYWAY).

I did consider pastel/muted colours, but pastel was too bright and I did not want to draw attention to Yuuri (instead of the phoenix), while muted made him blend with the background too much. So. Dark red. Yeah. ((sweats as he rationalises his bad colour choices))


I plan to do Viktor too, here’s hoping to my somehow managing that because I SUCK AT TIME MANAGEMENT. (I did Yuuri first because I have Yuuri bias, obviously.)

Ivy vs Ed

Okay so I thought 3x15 was a absolutely great episode! One of the best this season but I may be biased as heck because I love sassy Ozzy! Anyways I think that the parallels between ivy and ed are going to be fantastic and really interesting. Firstly, and most obviously both of their colours are green. Secondly, they started their arcs off as very innocent, very naive people. Thirdly, Ed started becoming who he is because he wanted to protect Kristen just like Ivy wanted to protect her plants. Fourthly, ed helped Oswald when he got shot in season 2 and nursed him back to health, just like Ivy has this season. Fifthly, I’m assuming Ozzy is going to take Ivy under his wing sort of like he did Ed. I m not quite sure where they are going with this but I feel like at some point there might even be a fight between Ivy and Ed about Ozzy. Idk but I’m excited to see where these parallels are going to take us!!

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Since the trio is obviously for life would they ever have kids? Do you think they would want any?

i don’t see them having kids. 

i don’t think vanessa likes children, or the idea of a child being dependent on her - not because she doubts she’d take care of it, just that she really actually doesn’t want to. i imagine she’s had a long talk with usnavi before ruben even came into the picture because he was worried she was making that decision based on her own difficult relationship with her mom, and that probably did colour it a bit, but it’s not that she thinks she’ll be like that, it’s just she knows having a kid isn’t the be-all, end-all of happiness and that she’d be happier without. 

usnavi and ruben i think both have half-entertained the idea of kids but never with any huge desire for them. usnavi definitely loves children, and when nina or benny or anyone else has kids he’s absolutely the world’s most devoted uncle, but i think he also has a pretty open, broad view of family. he absolutely gets that its maybe different when you have your own but he doesnt see the love he has as any less fulfilling: he’s got vanessa and ruben and all of his not-really nieces and nephews who adore him, what more does he need? (after all, abuela never had kids of her own, and she was still the best abuela in the whole world in his view)

ruben i think probably never really wanted them but he definitely went through an internal crisis in the early stages of post-jamaica life, in the really bad days when he couldn’t imagine ever wanting to touch another person again, he couldn’t imagine ever being able to sleep through the night without waking up panicking. his line of thinking was like, how could he have a kid if he couldnt even protect himself, especially because at that point ian was still out there? and it was jason talking about his son that got ruben to help him that one last time (not to derail too far but i headcanon ruben as having an absent dad so the idea of jason’s kid have to deal with that probably hit home), and also because he missed his own mom so badly when he couldn’t talk to her. so the idea of family and of whether he’d have to be alone forever obviously brought the issue to the forefront a lot. but when he starts to get better and then when he meets the other two he kind of realises he doesn’t particularly want kids anyway - he likes them, he’s good with them, just doesn’t want his own - but it’s very different making the decision not to have them compared to when he felt like the choice had been taken away because of what happened to him.  though he never does figure out if thats the same decision he wouldve made if none of that traumatic shit happened, but he’s comfortable with it anyway

they have dogs and plants and each other and a lot of extended family (blood related or otherwise). they’re not wanting for any more.

Phan fluff: Nail polish

Dan and Phil are looking through their bag full of meet and greet gifts from tatinof, inside there are things like sweets and letters. Phil finds a drawing of him and Dan ‘Wow, Dan look at this’
‘Our fans are so amazing at art this literally looks real’ Dan picks up a photo ‘Aw phil you look cute here’ Phil blushes. ‘Hey look nail Polish!’ he exclaims 'Omg we should paint our nails!’

Later that evening Dan and phil are sat on Phil’s bed in their pajamas 'So what colour do you want Dan?’
'Obviously black you spork, what about you?’
'I don’t know, I’m thinking blue’

Dan looks over at phil after finishing his first hand 'How you doing th… Oh my god phil it’s everywhere, let me do it’ he giggles, Phil turns to face Dan. 'How can the hell did you manage to get it on your face!’ Dan says as they both burst out laughing
'I dont know’
'Your such a dork’ Dan leans in closer to phil
'you know you love me’ as Phil starts to kiss Dan the entire world seems to slow down. Dan kisses him back gently, there is nothing more important to them than this moment. Dan pulls away gazing into Phil’s eyes for a moment 'Now then, lets finish the mess that you started’

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I'm not the same anon who originally asked, but you saying you would go into depth about the god tier outfits sounded awesome! Please tell us your process of deciding!!!

okie dokie this is gonna b a long one

the entire godtier thing started when i made the connection between windchimes and the breath aspect and how cool i thought it would be to slap some onto johns outfit

as you can see i went a bit wild with those. the outfit itself is quite breezy as far as my godtiers go, as you can see with the wide sleeves. John’s outfit was based almost entirely on his aspect, except for the little bells on his shoes which i thought would be a nice element of silliness for the windy boy 

conversely, kanaya’s outfit as a sylph of space was based more on personality. I designed it as a kind of ballgown not only to reflect her fancy taste in clothes but as a parallel to rose’s seer outfit (also, the cravat was a reference to the classic vampire look cause im a shit)

which was also heavily influenced by the ballgown motif (if anyone picked up on the parallels between these two designs, go you!)

both Rose and Kanaya’s designs were constructed more to fit their personalities, as its quite difficult to convey the aspects of light or space through anything but the colour scheme 

The general basis of the trolls outfits changed from country to country as we went up the hemospectrum

Aradias is loosely based on a Kimono (as you can see with the Obi and the long sleeves) I left out the recognisable wrapped top (not sure what to call it) so that i could fit in the time symbol (also in all the time players i have that flat zigzag thing to reflect gears on a clock). Japanese influence with Aradia specifically was a reference to Damara

and with Tavros i used a hanbok

These are the 2 best examples of Asian influences in my designs, because especially with karkat i was kind of having a hard time fitting all the elements of the class and aspect into the design, so i had to disregard a primary country of influence to make things easier

moving up the spectrum i moved further west into Ottoman-inspired territory (keep in mind its all very loosely based, the goal wasn’t to recreate historical clothing, it was to make interesting outfits that suit the characters)   

Nepeta is probably the best example of this influence as you can see with the form of the clothes. It was at this point that i realised i could put the aspect symbol in places other than the general chest area, because that is PRIME space for interesting necklines. The fur trim in this design is basically because cats are fluffy and nepeta is the cat lady

i have a love affair with puffy pants apparently. Terezis outfit is more based on her personality than her aspect or class (a bit of a weird move on my part, i probably couldve made her look more seer-y), but the waistcoat and collared shirt were to make her look more like a lawyer. The colour scheme on this one was actually a bit of an accident, but when i took a look at the finished thing as i was about to change the colours to be a bit more unified, i realised that terezi is all about colours so i just left it as it was. The arm belt things were because of Godot from phoenix wright.

And finally the highbloods

as you can probably guess at this point i had given up on putting the aspect symbols onto the costume if i couldnt fit them on elegantly. I based them primarily on older english fashions (im talking between 1600- and 1900. lots of breathing room). I gave eridan a corset. i know corsets on dudes are girdles but this is a corset. get a load of those slashed and puffy clothes. despicable. (I actually forgot to put eridans horns in when i first uploaded it so that was nice.)

Basically i just wanted to make him look like a ponce. 

GAMZEE on the other hand (and i know no one is overly fond of him but his outfit was really cool imo)

Originally, i had planned for him to be a more dnd-esque beserker, not many articles of clothing and all that, but this whole thing was about making outfits so i didnt really want to put in just. naked gamzee. What i did was take a harder look at the bard class and obviously, theyre made to do damage, and what better way to look menacing than to chuck on some chainmail and colourful fabrics (there are many, many better ways to look to look menacing). basically i thought gamzee would do the most damage as a semi-heavily armored blur of colour and instability. The fabrics in gamzee’s design are probably the most symbolic i got in this whole thing and that is entirely the fault of having designed this in english class. 

uh yeah. Thats basically it. If you want me to go into the hows and whys of any designs i didnt go through here, im happy to do that. 

Osteo Strega

                                       ~ Strega for a Bone Witch~

Colour Scheme

-”Bone” coloured fabrics

-White, creme, beige

-Pastel colours

-Chestnut brown accents

-Tea Stained fabrics


-any faded looking clothing

-any colours one may traditionally associate with Mori Kei

Clothing and Accessories: 

-Tea length dresses

-White Lolita-styled dresses for a more “innocent” feel

-Lace: white, beige, cream coloured

-Light floral prints

-White Chiffon

-Layered petticoat

-Lace ballet flats

-distressed flower crowns, with or without antlers

-Bone Jewelry (needless to say), tons and tons of bone jewelry

-Oddity Jar necklaces

-Charm bag necklaces

-Antler hair forks

-Quartz Crystals

-Chiffon or lace veils 

-Mary Janes, Sandals, any comfortable shoe



-Bone Jewelry

-Some forms of Necromancy*

-Earth Magick, Fog/Storm Magick

-Divination Methods including Osseomancy (bone divination)

-Mist, Fog

-Old, dead looking landscapes

-Moors, abandoned woods and rock formations

-Ruins, and old houses


*or any other type of craft having to do with bones, or none at all (this isn’t meant to be a style for specific religious group, however it may be more popular amongst some people of religious/spiritual persuasion)

So, I did decide to finally post this. Osteo Strega takes its influence more from Mori Kei colour scheme than the traditional Dark Mori/Strega colour scheme. It is created for witches with an affinity for bones. Obviously, this isn’t the only way to dress if you enjoy bone jewelry, however with spring approaching, I thought I would publish what I’ve been working on for the upcoming season. I think it’s great for the summer season, and for those who live in warmer or more humid climates, but still want to pull off an air of witchy-ness without sweltering. I would love some feed back. 

xoxo Batty

You’re a metamorphagus (Golden Trio)

anon: Imagine being a metamorphagus and best friends with the golden trio , in 4th year you decide to tell them your secret but you find a hilarious way to tell them.


You were born a metamorphagus. And that wasn’t something that “normal” people were born as. As you grew up, you learned to control it and by the time you got to school you had complete authority over it, meaning that no one had to know about it. 
Your best friends, Hermione, Harry and Ron were also excluded from your little secret, but by the time you got to your fourth year it all got a little too much and you decided to reveal yourself. 

One day you, Harry and Ron were sitting in the common room, it was late at night and everyone else had gone to bed. ‘Where’s Hermione?’ Asked Ron. You shrugged, turning the next page of your book, ‘I think she’s in the library.’ As if on queue Hermione walked through the portrait hole, a stack of books in her arms. ‘What are all those books for?’ Asked Harry. Hermione dropped the pile of books onto the table and sat down next to you. ‘For the transfiguration homework.’ She said. ‘I’ve chosen to do mine on metamorphagus.’ You stopped. Did she just say?…’Meta-what?’ Said Harry. Hermione rolled her eyes, ‘McGonogall has talked about this so many times.’ 
‘Uh guys-’ You said. 
‘Well we obviously weren’t listening’ Said Ron, cutting you off. 
‘Guys-’ You tried again.
‘Read this.’ Said Hermione shoving a book at Ron.
‘Guys?’ You said once again.
‘I don’t want to read just tell us.’ Said Ron. You rolled you eyes. If they weren’t going to listen, you’d just show them. You focused hard and willed yourself to change hair colour. You felt it happen. It was now purple. You smiled to yourself and picked up you book pretending nothing had happened. A minute passed and the 3 were still arguing until,
‘Y/N did you know what meta…y/n?’ Said Harry, looking at you with disbelief. Ron looked at you with the same expression. 
‘See Ron I-Oh my god.’ She said. The tree looked at you their eyes wide. Without looking up you changed your hair colour again - this time green. 
‘Y/N I hate to alarm you but-’ Started Ron but Hermione cut him off. 
‘Are you a metamorphagus?’ She said. You looked up at them your eyes changing colours. You then changed your whole face to make it look like Snape. ‘No, why do you ask?’ You said. The three screamed and then Hermone hit you with a book as you changed back to your face. ‘Y/N How could you not tell us?’ She said. You laughed.
‘I don’t know because the look on your faces was amazing.’ You said. 

TATINOF Berlin (2.30 pm)

Before we could even go inside: Everyone sang “The Internet Is Here” and “Danger Men At Work” like literally the whole crowd

The show:

1. Many, many, many, many hellos

2 Dan thanked the audience for not being quiet because that would have been awkward.

3. They appreciated our singing (We heard you singing, it was awesome)

4 Dan had to name 3 facts about Germany: 1 Capital of Germany (best European country at the moment); 2. It’s freezing cold and Phil failed his tweet becaues he could have said “Brrrlin” instead of “Brrmany”; 3. The people of Germany speak German

5. Phil spoke German (”Ich bin Phil und du bist wunderbar”) and Dan questioned it (”Did that make any sense??”)

6. They mounted the lion and the llama (Dan: Even though English is not your first language you can peer pressure)

6. Introduction to the story (same as in the movie)

7. Phil started to sang the song and everybody(!) joined

8. The 7 second challenge!! 

The same Audience task as in the movie but it sounded better with our European accents (qoute by Dan)

Dan: Rap about Germany (nailed it)

Phil: Count from 10 backwards in German (failed it)

Dan: Dab with your legs (nailed it)

Phil: Rap four lines from Dan’s disstrack (failed it)

Dan: Highfive ten people from the audience (nailed it, he did 17 actually)

Phil: Imitate Dan’s first video in German (nailed it)

ALL OR NOTHING!!(dun dun duuun)

Dan: Turn into a dolphin and swim to the other side of the room (obviously failed it, but it was a good dolphin impression though)

9. The Amazing Phil

Well first of all, Dan said “I’m not saying ‘Dad’ as I did in the last show” and when Dan got angry and wanted Phil to give him the cloth in his suit, the cloth was very long and rainbow-coloured (PRIDE FLAG!)

10. Weird kid

The first two were the same as in the movie but instead of telling the story about his “American mum” Phil told the story about how he told everyone his real dad is a french gangster and that when a girl asked his mother about it, his mother told everyone that he is part french #amazingmum (picture where “…totes french” was written in Comic Sans and another picture with Phil’ french name “Phil Ratousse” was written on)

Audience stories:

“I had a relationship with a statue” (2 out of 5)

“I used to think that there were actual people in a CD so I never skipped a song” (3 out of 5)

“ I used to chew my doll’s clothes because I wasn’t allowed to chew chewing gum” (4 out of 5)

“I used to have a sheep plushie and I imitaed it by eating gras” (4 out of 5)

“I used to walk like a horse until I was 5″ (4 out of 5)

“I used to eat butter with my fingers”(5 out of 5)

11. Uncle Dan’s support hotline

We named the llama “Merkel”

Dan: spoke German twice (”Hallo” and “Guten Tag”)

(Not the right order)

How can I stop being awkward?

I’m wearing all black and my parents don’t like it

I want my senpai Brendon Urie to adopt me (Dan formally noticed everyone in the audience)

Dan drinks beer (manliest man alive)

I moved in with my best friend and she’S annoying me alreday

Jesus supporters always run away from me, am I possesed? (Dan: Jesus has the best fandom)

John Cena

Rick Roll

12. Crafty Corner:

gnom with Phil’s show shirt, pride hat and #meme on the back

Phil trash no.1 shirt made out of a trash bag

The Amazing Plant Is Not On Fire with Phil as Alladin and Dan as Jasmine (Dan took it because Phil kills plants)

Horse-Moth painting

Actual ladders EP (everybody did the ladder hands)

BONCA-award for “Best dads of the year” (We’re all their adopted children)

Book of Fanarts

13. Phil tries singing again and again everybody joins

14. Timetravelling as in the movie

15. Dan’s existential crisis

16. Fanfiction:

(Phil had to pull out the car)

We chose ‘pirates’( Phil bullied Dan because he is left-handed so Phil got the hook, their parrot was broken(too long in the microwave))

then space ( Phil killed an alien with a lightsaber and the world exploded, Dan and Phil are the only two humans alive(!))

and then french girl (sadly)

17. Do the dishes

18. Dil (many worshippers)

19. Dil’s speech ( when he talked about Phil the whole audience did heart hands, *aaawwww*)

20. The song!!! (everybody joined and we all had glowsticks and Phil was so surprised he stopped singing for a millisecond; soo many heart eyes!!)

21. Highfive with jump

22. They said good-bye and left

!During the show were so many anecdotes and comments on Germany and the language!

Hope you have a better impression about the show now!

Do you ever think if Voldemort didn’t exist and Sirius got to be Harry’s godfather. Cause I do.

-Sirius would be the one to gift him his first broom, always going on about how his godson is already a quidditch prodigy(not sure if the broom thing is Canon though)
-he would take Harry on his motorbike
-Harry absolutely adore those trips
-his pada was the best just after moons
-because let’s be honest, Remus was not named godfather because ministry are bigot but Remus was supposed to be the responsible one
-atleast that was what Jily hoped
-except no, Remus would always smuggled sweets to Harry
-chocolate being their favourites
-Remus would be the one to teach him how to colour James’ hair blue
-Lily spent one week researching a counter spell while Sirius hollered with laughter every time he met James
-Remus talked to him like he was a grown up
-“come on Haz. Don’t you believe that Molière used laughter as a means to criticize royalty? I mean the noble was pretty well shamed in Les fourberies de scapin”
-“honestly haz, did you listen to the Hamilton album. It’s pure gold”
-Sirius was obviously jealous and suddenly in love about how Remus was good with Harry
-he wanted to be the cool godfather and instead it’s moons who is loved most
-but seeing Remus interact with Harry made him want things - things he always thought he was too much of a rebel to want
-him and Remus take always take Harry one weekend on two. To give time to jily to shag and sleep uninterrupted
-when Harry got into kindergarten, Sirius or Remus are usually the ones to drop him
-and to pick him up in the afternoon
-one day, Harry tells the two men about the pretty boy in his class “draco is sooo pretty. I will marry him when I’m older”
-Remus obviously finds this very cute
-Sirius on the other hand wants to play all godfatherly and ‘understand the intentions of draco’

How They Met

I might do a part 2 if you guys like this. Let me know!
-Admin A

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You stood flustered behind the counter, the old man quite obviously staring at your chest as you leaned over to place his groceries in the bag.

“You’re so pretty,” he leered at you, “Have you always been this pretty?”

“Thank you,” you smiled politely, trying to keep your voice from wavering, “did you want any cigarettes or tobacco?”

The man ignored your question, leaning in slightly to smile at you. His eyes were bloodshot, a disgusting yellow diluting the blue colour of his iris. You took a step back as he flashed his teeth at you and you noticed some people in the line behind the man eye him cautiously.

“Is your mother this pretty?” your hands began to shake as his eyes travelled to the badge pinned to your shirt, “Y/N, I like you. When do you finish work?”

“Thank you,” you smiled again, your eyes flicking to the guy behind the old man, he was a regular in here so yo knew his face.

“Do you need help?” he mouthed and you shook your head quickly, looking back to the man eyeing you.

“Can I get you anything else?” you asked quickly.

“You can answer my questions,” his smiled faded, irritation replacing it.

“I’m sorry but I have a line queuing, if you’re not ordering any cigarettes could you pay, please,”

“So fucking rude,” he spat, angrily swiping his card through the eftpos machine, “I was just complimenting you,”

You felt tears well in your eyes as he glared at you and your heart pounded in your chest.

“Have a good night,” you said, your voice cracking.

“Y/N,” he snarled as he walked away, “I’ll remember you,”

You breathed in a shaky breath, trying to calm yourself down as the next person walked up.

“Are you okay?” he stared down at you in concern, eyeing the way you shook as you scanned his items, 12 energy drinks.

“I’m fine,” you smiled up at him.

“Are you sure,” he craned his head around as if he was looking for someone,

“Did you want to call someone else to serve you look like you’re going to cry,”

“No no I’m okay,” you shook your head, “I’m sorry,”

“Don’t apologise,” he smiled at you, flashing his sharp canines as he held up his card to indicate he was paying by eftpos, “That guy was a creep,”

You nodded bagging his drinks and handing him the bag.

“Thank you,” you had calmed down a little, “have a good night,”

“You too,” he turned to walk away, freezing at the sight of something outside the convenience store and your heart sank as you followed his gaze. The old man from before sat outside, and the guy turned back to you, pulling the receipt out of his bag and scrawling something down.

“I work right down the road, I’ll probably be there all night,” he looked at you seriously, “If he tries to follow you or you get scared just walk right down that path until you hit a big white building, key in this number. You really should tell your manager though,”

Before you could say anything or ask for his name, the guy walked away and you stared the receipt, contemplating throwing it out when you met eyes with the old man outside, and you folded it neatly, sliding it into your pocket.


You hated working the closing shift, it was always so creepy and what happened earlier hadn’t helped. You told your manager about the old man and he walked you out of the store, staying with you while he looked around the area to see if he was around and you were glad to see he wasn’t anywhere in sight.

“Do you want me to drive you home?” your manager asked, “It’s late,”

“No its fine,” you shook you head, the nerves fading, “I live just down the road, I’ll be fine,”

He nodded hesitantly and you regretted your decision as he drove away. The night seemed to wrap around you and you quickened your pace. You could feel eyes on you and you pulled the address from your pocket. Could you go to a complete stranger because you were afraid of another stranger? Was that stupid? The guy did look around your age, though.

Any hesitation you had about the matter disappeared as footsteps echoed behind you, but when you looked back, no one was there. You used your phone as a torch as you followed the directions written on the receipt, and you could see the big white building he was talking about. Nerves buzzed like electricity through you as you mind raced. What if he wasn’t there? What if someone else answered, you didn’t even know his name. You stopped in your tracks as you noticed the guy leaning against the wall talking to someone else. Should you leave? Were you interrupting? You were about to turn back around and head home when he looked up and waved you over.

“Hey,” he smiled, “Y/N right? I had a feeling you’d come. Are you okay?”

“Yeah, I just thought I heard someone behind me,” you glanced over your shoulder, “sorry. I’ll go,”

You spun on your heels, your stomach churning as you walked away.

“We’ll walk you home,” the guy jogged to catch up to you and you turned to face the two guys as they fell in step with you.

“I’m Wonwoo, I work with him,” Wonwoo smiled at you.

“I’m Y/N,” you smiled, “You don’t have to walk me home, I’ll be fine,”

“It’s no trouble. That old guy sounds like a creep,” Wonwoo scrunched his nose in disgust, which you found strangely adorable. 

“If you were fine you wouldn’t have come to find me,” the guy smirked at you and you stuck your tongue out. You looked the two guys over as they chatted beside you about lyrics and needing practice but you didn’t pay attention, not wanting to be rude and eavesdrop. You didn’t know the guy’s name and you wanted to ask but you weren’t sure if he’s said it and you’d just forgotten so you were waiting for Wonwoo to casually drop it in a conversation. He was incredibly tall compared to you and his tanned skin was smooth and honestly so fucking nice looking. His hair was coloured a silvery-blue that shined every time he walked under a streetlight, and he had the prettiest eyes you’d even seen on a guy. Before long you found yourself staring at the way he moved, the way he smiled as he spoke.


You snapped out of your trance, blushing as Wonwoo and the guy laughed at your startled expression.

“How far away do you live?” he raised a hand to cover his mouth as he chuckled at you and you blushed. You looked around, surprised to find your apartment building was already in sight.

“Oh ahh,” you stumbled as they stared at you, “you can leave me here, my apartment building is just there,”

Mingyu nodded, patting his pockets frantically as if he was looking for something. You shifted your weight from foot to foot, not wanting to leave before thanking him but also not wanting to interrupt.

“Dude do you have my notebook?” he turned to Wonwoo, who shook his head.

“Here, just tear a page out of the back,” Wonwoo handed the guy a small, black notebook and a pen from his pocket.

“Here,” the guy scrawled something on a page, tearing it out of the book and handing it to you, “txt me when you’re inside. If you don’t I’ll have to come back to see if you’re alive,”

Wonwoo snorted beside him and the guy froze.

“Oh my god pretend I didn’t say that,” he laughed nervously and you smiled, “Just txt me that you got inside okay. I mean you don’t have to but-”

“Thank you,” you laughed, “thanks for today,” you waved as you left the two guys, heading towards you apartment and you looked back as you unlocked the door to the lobby to see them staring at you. You smiled to yourself, your heart fluttering headed inside. You walked up the stairs, staring down at the guy’s number as you unlocked your front door. You finally had his name.


The Pajama Fic: Part 11

*Sorry I didn’t want to break this down or shorten it any more than I did so this is a long post. Hope you like it, please tell me any thoughts. I’m going to post some inspo pics in a sec so you can see what I see. Here i play with the idea that Dan is really into fashion (which I think he is)*

The next day was an easy start. The coach came to pick everyone up at 11:30, as you waited Dan gingerly took your hand, obviously unsure about how public your relationship was. When you don’t object you catch him smiling to himself causing you to stand on your toes and give him a quick peck on the cheek. Everyone was far less worried about the activity Sony had planned for us today. The little information they had given us was that today would be far more relaxed as they thought they might have worn us out over the last few days; looking around the coach at all the people snoozing against each other, you couldn’t help but agree. It isn’t a long journey and yet again you’re led into a building by a guide, everyone curiously peering around for clues about today’s activity. The room you end up in is clearly a photographers’ studio with a couple of doors leading off into other rooms.

“Maybe we’re doing the promotional images today.” You suggest to Dan who nods in agreement.

“But why wouldn’t they tell us that? I’m suspicious as to why they said we sound have our creative heads on for this morning.” He adds, looking around the room as if in search of some unusual activity was lurking in a corner of the room.

“I can answer that!” Our guide responded having overheard your conversation. “You see the thing is room in missing right now is quite obvious.” She addressed the entire group. Everyone now started looking around the room like Dan had, determined to work out what our task was for the day.

“I literally have no idea.” Said Tyler, huffing in frustration.

“Well everyone, we’re missing all the staff.” She explained, causing everyone to do a collective ‘oh’ of understanding. “Today you guys are going to be in charge of your own photo shoot. We’ve supplied everything you’ll need; in the room to our left is hair and makeup, in room to our right is clothing. Behind me is all the camera equipment from our latest range that you’re promoting.” They were a lot of oohs and ahhs coming from the group now as they attempted to peer into the rooms from where they were standing. “You have to understand…” She said with more gravitas. “..Sony has placed a big responsibility in your hands. You must decide on the theme, the outfits and makeup looks. You must deliver photos of a high standard as they are to be feature in Marie Claire magazine, Instyle and a number of other magazines in which we are promoting our new camera range. We need photographs of all of you as well as any group shots you want to do. You have all day in here but I recommend that you all get started as soon as possible as there is a lot to be done. Also don’t forget to write down whomever did each job so that we can mention you, for example Zoe and Louise designed make-up looks for the day or whatever. Don’t forget to show off our product with a professional level photoshoot and last but not least, everyone have a great time!” Everyone was watching her intently now, and you couldn’t help feeling excitement and creativity that was building in the minds of everyone around you. “Now, go!” She shouted, clapping her hands to signal that we start straight away. Everyone began rushing, mainly Zoe and Louise, towards the side rooms. Loud gasps could be heard as you approach one of the rooms. You stepped inside the doors and understood why. The room was far bigger than you imagined and totally filled from end to end with racks of designer clothes. Everyone started flooding in and traipsed up and down the racks. Zoe was letting out a constant high pitched squeal  that had everyone near her covering their ears and Tyler was actually skipping.

After a while of exploring and general high pitched noises of approval everyone gathered again in the main room where Troye and a couple of the guys had set up a flipchart and were scribbling jobs on it in marker pen. Sensibly you all chose jobs to work on and argued about a theme.

“I suggest we do super bright colours and show off the ultra-pigmenting setting on the camera.” Suggested Phil whose colourful outlook did seem appropriate.

“Yeah but we did colours yesterday with the paint fight, didn’t we?” Replied Alfie, looking around for agreement from the group whom nodded.

“Yeah lets actually do something that fits with the fashion magazines at the moment.” Agreed Zoe who was obviously itching to get her hands on a couple of the outfits.

“Do we want to do casual stuff or dress-up things?” Asked Connor who had carried a particularly nice shirt out of the Clothes room and was now clutching it to his chest protectively.”

“Well if you think about it the rest of the campaign is what we look like normally, with all the vlogging and everything.” Added Dan suddenly. “Let’s show people what we look like when we actually dress up, it will be a nice change.” Several people nodded in agreement and it was decided.

“Now who wants to do what job?” Asked Troye, who seemed to have taken lead and was writing down names on the flip board. Hands shot up here and there for different jobs; Connor, Alfie and Caspar were in charge of props, set and some lighting. Phil and Troye had taken dibs on the photography but several others said they also wanted to help. Louise decided to take on the makeup and Zoe was put in charge of clothes but when fashion was called out you were surprised to see Dan raise his hand as well.

“No, you can’t dress everyone in black Dan.” Sassed Tyler, causing a few laughs.

“No, in all seriousness I’ll do it properly.” Dan replied and you smiled at him, you knew he had always been into that stuff and now was his chance to show off. He noticed you smiling at him and blushed slightly.

“Alright it’s decided. Everyone to your work stations!” Said Troye who had taken the role of ‘director’. You headed off to the clothes room with Dan and Zoe as you have promised to help them get all the outfits sorted. You politely followed Zoe, holding the pieces of clothing she excitedly threw at you and admiring the colours and fabrics that lay across your arms. You turn to see where Dan has got to and notice him trawling through section of clothes in the corner. You watch for a moment as he browses and appreciate the way his hand gently brushes along the fabrics, stopping only momentarily when he finds something he likes, then moving on.

“Oi, stop it love bird.” Zoe’s laughs at you and you notice that you’ve been staring at Dan silently and have dropped a couple of the clothes off the top of your pile.

“Sorry, sorry…” You stutter in response, breaking out of your trance and picking up the clothes that were probably worth more than your house.

“Zoe can I have a chat?” Asks Dan from across the room, who has picked out a couple of pieces of clothing a draped them over his arm. “I have some ideas.” He says, waving his phone at her to show.

“Sure thing darling.” She says and skips over, peering at his phone as he starts describing something. You continue picking up clothes as you hear;

“Well there’s this shoot that Kimye did for Vogue and…” You smile to yourself as you remember Dan’s weird little obsession with Kanye and how that might transcend into today’s photoshoot.

“Okay I think that’s about it for now…” Zoe announces after about an hour, pushing a laden rack of clothing out of the room. “Time to get people to try some on!”

“What were you talking to Zoe about for so long?” You ask Dan as you both leave the room together.

“Well there’s this photoshoot I really like.” He begins bringing out his phone to show you. “I like the way the photographer uses these contrast without making it all black and white…” He appreciates the photo on his phone but you can’t help but look at his face whilst he talks about it. There’s something so beautiful about a person when they talk about something they care about and you find yourself drawn to the way his eyes have lit up yet his face remains serious; he looks thoughtful and you can’t help but think he suits it.

“Daniel” You hear yelled across the room, it’s an excited looking Louise peering from around a door. “You’re up, come and be beautified!”.

“What? Why do I have to wear makeup.” You hear as Dan gets forcibly dragged towards Louise. You spend your time helping the boys set up as one by one they get dragged off by Louise to be beautified, some noticeably more compliant than others. Everyone had decided to use a luxurious looking burgundy coloured sofa for the main set. To each side of it was placed tarnished gold side tables on which sat ornate table lamps emitting a low, emotive glow. The lighting had been adjusted to a lower, more amber tinted glow that made the whole set incredibly intimate for such an open space.

“Dan actually suggested the colouring.” Zoe told you as you admired the work everyone was putting into it. You looked around and couldn’t help but think that the whole thing looked very atmospheric and…sexy. Then it was your then to get ready and you went to join Louise in the other room.

“I’ve got very specific instruction for you from Zoe.” She says, looking at a piece of paper held in her hand. “Honestly the whole thing is going to look amazing.” She babbles excitedly, delving into a collection of foundations and finding your skin colour.

You’ve been completely made up by Louise and you are now stood in a separate room everyone is using for changing. You standing wrapped in a little black robe louise has handed to you as someone goes to find the outfit you’re supposed to be changing into. You try not to fiddle while your hair which has been coiffered into large ‘Old Hollywood waves’. Your face is mainly neutral but your eyes have been dusted in a dark coffee colour that makes their natural colour and shape very prominent in your face. You would have felt extremely sexy if you actually had any idea what you were wearing. As you stood there, fiddling with the hem of your robe there was a knock at the door. You turned to see Dan entering cautiously.

“Hi, can I come in. Are you…” He trialed off when he saw you. “Wow, you look…” You snort his compliment away but then he steps into the room fully and your mouth drops open. Dan is looking like you had never seen him before. His complexion has been smoothed slightly by some light foundation. He looked tall and broad in a black silk shirt, left undone around his throat and revealing the white expanse of his neck and a hint of his collar bones. The suit he wore dark grey, tight suit trousers and black leather boots. Around his shoulders hung a deconstructed black suit jacket with matt lapels and across his arm hung something white that was still obscured by the door. However you ignored all this and stared straight at his head.

“I know…I thought I’d try it for this…” He muttered, gently patting his fringe which had been styled up into a messy quiff. You stared for a second before having to take a deep breath to steady yourself slightly.

“You look incredible.” You manage eventually and Dan replied with a cute smile.

“This is probably worth more than a block of flats back home.” he says appreciatively, looking down at himself. “Anyway I bought you something…”  He walks a little further into the room and you realise the white thing over his arm was the start of a huge dress. “I chose it for you myself.” He says, holding it up to the right height so you could imagine what it looked like when it was on. Now that you were closer to it you could see that it wasn’t white at all, but a light grey, and completely made out of feathers. It was as if it was once a pure white and had been dusted with iridescent coal dust, making it appear smokey and mysterious.

“If you don’t like it I can always…”

“Let me try it on.” You interrupt him, extending a hand to gently stroke the intricate layering of feather. Dna turns around politely as you drop your robe but you catch him sneaking a peek and don’t complain. You lift the dress over your head a slide into the silken cocoon lining easily. It fits well, starting at the shoulders and staying close to the body, sliding over your curves until it reaches the thigh and it flares out into a small, feather train. It was beautiful.

“Would you zip me up please.” You say quietly, turning your still exposed back to Dan. He walks over silently and you can feel his hot breath on the nape of your neck as he stands too close to do up the hidden zip. He finger lightly graze your skin as he smoothly zips you up and as you turn around to face him he doesn’t move away. Instead you stand intimately close together as he says;

“You look beautiful Y/N, you know?” You lay a small, breathy kiss on his lips.

“All thanks to you.” You murmur back.

Everyone outside is pretty much ready by now, and are stood comparing clothing and adjusting lighting. Dan reenters alone as you put your shoes on in the room still.

“Jeez, Dan what took you so long?” Phil teases him.

“You just wait and see.” He mutters back under his breath.

When you finally re enter the room everyone stops what they’re doing. Dan is adding big, burgundy and gold cushions to the sofa and turns around last after realising everyone else has stopped.

“Gurl, what the fuck?” The silence is broken by Tyler, who pouts at you sassily.

“You look boootiful.” Says Zoe cutely, running over to squeeze you hand, her petticoated gold dress swinging as she walked. You blush massively as you see Dan drop the cushion.

“Are we ready to start everyone?” Troye shouts, breaking everyone out of their trances and back to reality. Everyone went about getting things ready and you stood admiring people clothes from a distance.  Phil looked lovely in a shirt a couple of shades lighter than the burgundy sofa. Louise wore a long black dress with a sheer decolletage and sleeve and gold accessories. Tyler wore a white shirt and black bowtie and was stood next to Troye who was in a silver shirt with rolled up sleeves. Alfie complimented Zoe with a black bowtie with gold metallic tips.

First up is Zoe and you decide to sit down to watch the photoshoot take place like everyone else.  Dan pulls over a couple of chairs and beckons you. You both laugh as the dress stops you from sitting down properly and you end up falling into his lap rather than lowering yourself.

“Okay I didn’t think that through when I chose it.” Laughs Dan as he helps arrange the skirt as you sit.

“Don’t worry, I can’t breath but it’s fine.” You say sarcastically getting Dan to laugh again. You can’t help but notice how well your outfits compliment each other as you sit side by side. You rest your head on his shoulder as Dan leans forward to watch Zoe posing on the sofa.

“Work it gurl!” Shouts Tyler across the room as Zoe poses funnily.

“Hey Phil, get her to look at the light so the shadow falls nicely.” Dan suggests suddenly, his face actually serious with concentration.

“You know you’re actually really good at this.” You say to him.

“Thanks…” Dan Says embarrassed, hand automatically going to check his hair. “…I actually…really, really like fashion.” He smile awkwardly down at his hands. “I mean…the whole lighting is based off this vogue shoot I saw…the one I mentioned earlier…and I chose your dress as it resembles the Alexander McQueen I saw at the V&A…” He kept talking you through his decisions and you happily rested on his shoulder, your skirt wrapping around his legs slightly as you sit intertwined. You learn that he spent all the time discussing with Zoe exactly the look he wanted with your makeup and the dress, which is why Louise had such specific instructions, you can’t help but be impressed.

Next thing you know it’s your turn up and you awkwardly sit on the sofa, hoping for a little direction. To your surprise Dan gets up with you.

“Do you mind?” he asks, extending a hand out to Phil. Phil shrugs and hands him the camera and he fiddles with it a bit, checking the settings before looking up at you. A smirk crosses his face and he kneels, bringing the camera to his eye. Just as he does he winks and you can’t help but look away and blush. Click. He takes a photo and as you checks it you think you hear him mutter ‘perfect’ but you’re not sure. He continues giving you directions, his face surprisingly serious as he tells you to adjust your feet or your posture. He keeps the poses neutral, having you recline on the sofa or asking you to mess your hair a little. You push your hair forward, allowing it fall across your face lightly.

“Now look at me.” He says intimately. Your eyes meet and you get lost in the intensity of his deep brown stare. You forget that anyone else is even in the room as he takes your portrait, knelt a few feet from you in his black elegance. This time he mutters ‘perfect’ without looking at the photo.  

You don’t speak after your turn is finished, instead you just stand very close, his arms brushing the feathers that became a little ruffled at your shoulder. There is a couple of group photos at the end that the Sony representative takes for the group but then it’s time to pack up and go home. You all hang your clothes up on a rack, feeling slightly awkward in your normal skinny jeans again. Only when you get home to you remember the dramatic eye makeup is on your face. You smile as you wash it off in your sink and laugh as you remove Dan’s layer of foundation with a makeup wipe when he comes into your room complaining he can’t get it all off. You cuddle in your pajamas that night, and you can’t help but decide that this is still the outfit that suits him the most. 

Pietro Maximoff Imagine: Kisses
Words: 1.2K
Masterlist: x


Ugh go away” you groaned quietly as your self made alarm clock continued to beep, waking you from one of the most well deserved sleeps of your life. You and Nat had stayed up into the early hours of the morning trying desperately to find a way to use your power of electricity to transport things. After many unsuccessful tries you finally got one of the boxing gloves from the gym onto the floor in front of Natasha. So you could say you deserved this sleep. 

“I’m sorry y/n, I cannot let you sleep in” the alarm clocked buzzed, it was times like these you regretted making it. Tony had taught you many tricks of the trade, your talking alarm clock being one of the finished products of such.
“Fine” you moaned flipping off the covers before making your way over to the shower. “I hate mornings” your grumbled glancing at the now quiet alarm clock that read 7am. “Why did I have the stupid idea of early starts”.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

The clock was just reaching quarter to eight as you finished applying your favourite pink lipstick that Natasha recommended when you first met, you had to admit you loved this colour on you, it went with your Pink running shirt and black skin tight pants that you lived in. You never really wore any clothes that were different from these types, different shirts and pants obviously, but all like this, it meant that whenever you wanted to train or run or fight; you were always ready.
Sauntering down the stairs, you well-fit trainers giving you almost a bounce in your step as you arrived into the kitchen to see Natasha fixing herself a coffee.

“Morning” you sighed opening the cupboard looking for your breakfast granola bar which you found and grabbed, placing next yo a bottle of water in the fridge.

“Morning I- Jesus is that it again? Do you not fancy nice fatty bacon? Or a strong coffee?” she asked laughing as you began to eat your granola bar slowly.

“No not really, you said it yourself - fatty. I don’t eat fatty things really, or anything unhealthy; it’s just the way I am” you chuckled before finishing the last of your granola bar and chucking the rubbish away.

“Yeah well i’ll give you credit, I couldn’t do it” she said before sipping her coffee, the smell hitting you as she drank.

“Wow you do like it strong” you coughed on the smell lightly making her chuckle into the mug. As Natasha placed the mug back down and began rooting through the cupboards for her own granola bars you felt a light breeze of wind pass through the kitchen, it was weird though you felt it especially on your face.

“I can never work out where the breeze is coming from, not that i’m complaining, Avengers towers, as mighty as it is, needs air-con in the summer.” you complained making Natasha chuckle once again.

As she turned around, she looked at you for a moment before continuing, “What happened to the lipstick it was pretty, why did you wipe it off?” she questioned before opening her granola bar and taking a small bite.

“Oh - I didn’t. Huh that’s weird, maybe it came off when I was eating” you shrugged, pulling the lipstick out of your zipper pocket on your pants and using the toaster as a mirror to re-apply it all.

After placing your lipstick back and zipping up your pocket you turned to Natasha and spoke. “I’m gonna go for a run, wanna join me?” you offered to which Natasha shook her head.

“You know I can’t keep up literally, you run as fast as Pietro, and that’s his thing! Oh but don’t tell him I said that” she snickered making you chuckle and nod.

“Whatever you say” you smiled before making your way down the stairs and out of the building stopping outside the front doors to take a few deep breaths before you started to run. It was amazing, the feel was amazing. You loved, running was your life. The feeling of your problems being unable to catch up; you loved it. Then you felt it again, the breeze flow past you and that feeling once again on your lips. It felt as if there was something on them, something rough yet gentle pressing against them for a nanosecond before leaving you. Whatever it was, it needed to stop because each time it was making your lips tingle.
You ran until your legs could take no more, it was no doubt a record, not only for the fastest your abilities had gone, but the longest you had ran like that also. You were panting, it was good your makeup was always sweat-proof, otherwise there would be a melting panda upon your face. It was all there, except your lipstick, you never stopped to fix it as there was constant breezes only hitting you, catching against your face and you knew just by touching your lip it had somehow taken a little bit of your lipstick off.

After re-applying it once again, you walked back into Avengers towers and straight into the gym. You sometimes wondered why you ever wore lipstick because for the past few weeks this has been happening, you always felt a slight breeze and  a tingle upon your lips, but you never thought anything of it ever.

Walking into the gym you laid eyes on a panting Pietro. “Worn yourself out their Sonic” you chuckle watching as you sped over to you stopping you in your tracks.

“I am perfectly fine” he replied trying to hide his panting breaths. Pietro never got tired like this from training, he gets tired like this from running past his supersonic speed. But you didn’t see him, he must have hid from you as you both run the same tracks. Thats when it hit you, furrowing your brows you looked at Pietro’s lips and noticed a few patches of rather pink looking spots, it looked like your lipstick. In fact you were certain. That was your lipstick, it was Pietro.

“It was you?” you questioned watching him smirk before blushing a little. “You were kissing me? That’s what the breeze was, your supersonic speed? That’s why you’re so tired, you had to run faster than fast. Wait you? Why were you kissing me?” you asked watching as he blushed a little more.

“You’re beautiful” he whispered placing a hand on your cheek before leaning against your lips again, that amazing feeling except it was longer this time, not just nanoseconds, you could actually feel his presence. It was amazing.
“Why didn’t you just kiss me normally?” you asked once again pulling away just a little, you could still feel his hot breath hitting your mouth.

“I’m crazy for you and I know the feeling isn’t mutual”

“It is” you spoke interrupting him completely but you couldn’t listen to him like that. “It is mutual, of course I’m crazy about you also you idiot, I never stop staring” you laugh kissing him once again, but this time it was much more passionate, his large hands placed themselves on your waist carefully as if you were glass.

“Freaking finally” Natasha laughed making you both pull apart.

“You knew about this?” you exclaimed watching as she smiled.

“Oh yeah, and you can thank me later for getting you laid” she laughed making you blush.

“She’s not wrong though” Pietro smirked making you turn even redder.

As embarrassing as it was, even you knew she wasn’t wrong.

The Boyfriend Tag

A/N: tysm for all the excellent suggestions for this fic n apologies for the wait

part 1 / The Girlfriend Tag

“This feels familiar,” you muse.

You’re sat on Dan’s chequered bed as he adjusts the camera and lighting, grinning.

“Gotta give the people what they want,” he shrugs.

You roll your eyes. Hard to believe that it’s you that they seem to want to see. Dan had posted his Girlfriend Tag video a month ago, revealing your relationship with him to his huge audience. The response had been overwhelming. Your social media had instantly blown up with nice messages and love and support. You were so pleasantly surprised by the internet’s reaction.

Many of Dan’s viewers had also requested a part two to the original video so, after some light persuasion, you had been convinced to re-enter the world of YouTube tag videos.

“Hello internet,” Dan begins his intro after settling down on the bed and shuffling close to you, “today y/n is back on my bed!”

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A Kind of Tutorial

faultyoptics and other people recently asked me how do I do my art… Well, I think it’s time to do a kind of tutorial and explain that shit! Let’s get started! :D


I usually work on A4/A3 sized file - I avoid the smaller one just because it’s harder to work on the details later. A big sized file is very appropriate for extremely detailed paintings like portraits, indeed.

Make sure that your file resolution is 300px/inch or higher. Sometimes I work on 400px/inch but I noticed that decreases the performance of the software - it freezes and even shuts the software down (obviously the fault is only in my crappy PC and RAM)… But it’s really helpful if you want to print your work at the end.
Colour mode: RGB - in second time you’d change it in CMYK which is commonly appropriate for printing but if you keep your art work only on your PC or you put it onto Internet, the RGB mode is the right choice.

Once done, create different layers: I initially did 5 layers for 5 different parts of the painting - background, face, hair, t-shirt, line work. If you are at the beginning of your digital trip, I suggest you to create as many layers as possible - it’d keep safe other parts of your painting just in case of errors.

And open your reference pic in another window, of course :)


 The key of a good realistic drawing/painting is a good sketch and… a lot of patience! Yes, before you start sketching anything, take your time to observe your model/object you’re about to draw. Try to pinpoint its characteristics, pay attention to the edges, angles, diagonals, shapes… It’s very useful thinking about that as if it were a cold geometric composition, not a walking human flesh mass. 

Months ago I posted a short demonstration of how I sketch portraits - you can check it out HERE. Anyway, there are many ways of sketching tbh… You just have to try and choose the method you feel comfortable to work with.
Important: line work layer! Make sure you’re not working on the background!
Hack: use the Ruler Tool to find the right diagonal inclines.

Once done, I’ve created another line work layer: I just cleared out all the construction lines and kept the correct sketch.


It’s extremely hard to find the exact shades of the reference pic using the Colour Picker. Also we have to drop them out with Eyedropper Tool and create our own palette.

As you can see, I did that directly on the reference pic window - it’s more comfy, imo. I dropped the most significant shades and classified them in 4 groups. Obviously it was not the only colour palette I’ve used for that painting - I’m pretty devoted to the basic one too :D


DUN DUN DUN! The most insidious part ever! Don’t discourage yourself if you can’t do it at the first attempt - I nearly cried while doing my first digital paintings, so… Be patient and determined! Rome wasn’t built in a day :’)

So, I’ve started my painting with a Basic Brushes set - it is not important what set are you going to use to… you have to mix all the shades with the Mixer Brush Tool as well.

Must admit it: that tool is freaking amazing! You can modify its presets: wet, load, mix, float and create different effects and enjoy them like a freaking pro!

Also you must know that mixing shades is a very long procedure… Sometimes it takes me 3-4 (or more) hours to find the exact volumes and the chiaroscuro thing. The horror, I’d say. But I love it :D

Step by step, I do the same with other parts of the painting: glasses and t-shirt.


First of all, put the colour on the Hair layer and start to mix it with the Mixer Brush Tool. This time use the settings indicated above: 50-90% wet and 4-9px Soft Mechanical brush (Basic Brushes set).

Once done, merge the Hair and the Face layer (keep visible only these two and go to Layer -> Merge Visible). Now you can work on the hair attachment - same method: Mixer Brush Tool, 20-40% wet and 4-6px sized brush. And then repeat one more time: merge the current layer with the background and smooth furthermore (top-bottom-bottom-top movement).


Meanwhile I added some casual white/green/azure strokes and started to enrich the background on a new layer. Once satisfied, I flattened all the layers and added more paint strokes.

Important: download some new brushes sets!

Random tips:
- play with layers/brushes opacity!
- be positive!
- don’t give up!

NB. This is not a professional guide! I learned to use Photoshop by myself and I really don’t feel like a pretentious master of everything - I just described how I usually work on my digitals step by step :)

Final version of this painting: HERE

Roommates with ash!

A/N: thanks for the anon who requested this! Its a little different, it’s kind of 4 different scenarios 2 from both pov’s (the last two are ash) I’ve never done this before so idk if it works, let me know what you think and maybe I’ll do more like this or never again lol! Hope you enjoy feel free to request/message

“Why couldn’t you just go back to her place ash!“ I groan impatiently, “or better yet, not offer all your one night stands breakfast and a shower.” Ashton smiled nonchalantly whilst preparing pancake batter

“You want me to be one of those guys? Really y/n, is that who you want to live with?” He asked earning a eye roll

“If it means I get in MY shower so I can get to work on time yes. Yes Ashton please be one of those guys” I grumbled, pacing back and forth. Ashton chuckled under his breath, making his way over to me. He placed his warm palms on my shoulders, stopping me from my pigeon like movement

“Relax. I’ll drive you, you’ll be fine” he smiled urging me to smile back, and when I didn’t, he offered a pancake to which I gladly said yes too.

“So how was it?”


“You know” I said raising my eyebrows suggestively “shower girl, was she worth me being late”

“Oh, right yeah.. Um yeah well, you kno- it was, uh..” He stuttered and frowned after I giggle quietly “we don’t need to know each other like that”


After coming home from work I sighed realising I’d forgotten my key, yet again but luckily Ashton opened the door almost instantly, his arms were crossed, eyes looking down at me tilting his head in an all too familiar way

“Don’t start, please” i muttered walking past

“Why don’t you just keep it on your neck like Zoey 101, I’ll make the necklace for you” he called after me

“Thanks for the offer roomie” I smiled, waving at the 3 boys occupying my sofa “did you go shopping today?”

“Yeah. I bought you those yoghurts you like” he replied as he took a drink from the fridge

“You’re a godsend!” I smiled, kissing his cheek quickly. While sifting through the cupboards mindlessly a thought occurred to me “did you by any chance pic-..”

“Yep” he answered before I finished “tampons are expensive, girls have it hard.“ A small bubble of muffled laughs and shushing came from behind us "real mature guys” Ashton yelled looking back at me shaking his head. I shrug my shoulders as I headed to my room.
“Don’t look at me, they’re your friends”


“Ok” Calum started “how have you not slept together yet, y/n is hot”

“God, why does this come up every time you guys here” I answer as Luke and Michael nod in agreement with Calum.

“It’s just bizarre man, l mean, you’re buying her tampons and there’s nothing in it for you” asked Michael making me frown

“It’s not bizarre, it’s called being a decent guy, not every male is sex crazed like you idiots”
they start to laugh and we resume our game, everything’s fine until killing Luke’s character becomes suspiciously too easy, I look up and follow his dumbfound gaze till my eyes land on y/n, she walks around the kitchen making dinner in her oversized t-shirt and shorts, mimicking Luke the others stare eyeing up her legs while she hums quietly, in her own world. I cringe just by watching them "I really need to stop inviting you over here” I mutter before snapping my fingers in front of their faces, y/n’s head snaps up alongside theirs, looking at me questioningly. “nice legs y/n you look good” Luke tells her grinning, only earning a smack from me.
“Thanks Luke” she replies beaming “I’ve been working out.” She winks as she retreats to her room, making Luke smirk at me in triumph
“You can’t sleep with my roommate Luke”

“Sounds good” y/n says, popping her head round my bedroom door “new song?”

“Yeah! thanks, it’s not done yet but it’s getting there, when did you get home?”

“Just now” she smiles “I’m going to order pizza, want in?”


Y/n calls me a few hours later and I walk into the living room to see her on the sofa curled into a ball nibbling on pizza

“What are we watching” I ask sitting next to her grabbing a slice

“One tree hill” she answers, I look at her dubiously, poking her back

“What!” She shakes my touch away, sitting up, a little irritation colouring her face

“What’s up? One tree hill is your pick me up show”

“My what?”

“Your pick me up. It’s your favourite show and you always watch it when your down so what’s up?” She shakes her head smiling at me

“I’m impressed irwin” I bow at her mockingly

“Well?” She sighs finishing her pizza and placing her head on my shoulder

“Nothing really, just boy drama”

“Wanna talk about it?” I ask placing my head on top of hers

“Nah, I just want to eat carbs and vicariously live through Naley”

“If it helps, my bandmates all want to sleep with you.” she smiles in spite of herself, a slight pink rising in her cheeks.

“Can I have Luke’s number”

“absolutely not that’s not happening” I answer throwing my arm around her “now who is Naley again?”