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Top 5 fav cophine moments :)

sorry this took me so long, but i wanted to add gifs…aaand i’m doing 6 bc i’m absolute trash and couldn’t narrow it down. so here we go:

6. when delphine is saying goodbye, and knows it could very well be the last time she ever sees cosima. i love love evelyne in this scene bc she really looks like she’s trying to memorize every single bit of cosima’s face, and ugh wow.

5. ummmmmm this kiss. bc of delphine’s hand….like??? need i say more?

4. i’m pretty sure this is going to be a flashback, and we haven’t even seen it yet, but…..omfg. this is….thirsty delphine? i am deceased. i have literally rewatched the s5 trailer a million fucking times bc this is so hot i cannot handle it.

3. SMOOTH OPERATOR COSIMA!!! obviously one of everyone’s favorite moments, but i love love this so much. especially bc of the way delphine ends up leaning against the table, like it just really confirms her as a top™….as if we did not already know.

2. controversial, but, the break up. listen. cosima’s small, “i love you” with her puppy eyes was so traumatizing, i cried for 30 minutes. and then! delphine dramatically breaks down in the middle of the hallway, increasing my heartache tenfold. they were both so amazing in the scene, god it’s just so sad.

1. delphine climbs into bed with cosima to keep her warm. this scene really got me bc first we have cosima’s blurry vision seeing delphine strip down in front of her, and her face is like, “is this real? am i dead already?” like she literally cannot believe her eyes. so that already had me emotional, but then delphine’s face when she looks down at cosima i just like…really lost it?? she looks at her with such care and reverence, like she’s just in complete awe of her. i really cannot believe they made me wait an entire season for this, but tbh it was worth it.

i love them so much, honestly i’m so glad i waited to binge watch this series bc i really could not have survived the hiatus between seasons lmao. they compliment each other so well, i just really want them to be happy. lord knows they deserve it.


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Discard immediately after actual chapter consumption.

  • This is 4 panels… of a 35-page chapter. Just let that marinate.
  • Honestly, of all the possible outcomes and expectations I had for the follow up to the rimming scene, this was NOT it. I was expecting more denial from Yashiro, avoidance by Doumeki, Yakuza politicking, maybe some internal strife from both aforementioned parties. Not this. Not them sitting in Doumeki’s apartment, with Doumeki dressed for bed. Like. This is kind of overwhelming me.
  • And they are definitely in Doumeki’s apartment. 1) sparse tatami room that definitely doesn’t exist in Yashiro’s apartment; 2) Doumeki is in casual sleepwear that is sized for his frame, not bursting at the seams like it would be if borrowed from Yashiro. Also, I know Yashiro loves his suits, but he’s not gonna sit around in his own apartment in a musty outfit that has been worn through a car chase, 2 big confrontations, a beat down with a sword, and a combo hit of blowjob and rimming. He’s got standards.
  • I have several questions about Doumeki’s forearms. And by questions, I mean explicit sexual fantasies.
    • For example: what does his bench, and what does he look like dripping from sweat and exertion post-coital I mean what? Huh? Who said that
  • I mentioned Yashiro’s grip on the spoon being….intentionally casual. I mean COME ON, that grip says, “This is definitely precarious and will drop in 2 seconds but I’m not gonna let go so what are you gonna do, punk? Huh? Hold my hand? Airplane this spoon right into your face, goddamn right you’ll hold my hand.” But like, in Yashiro’s way. (per poliyoyo, his grip is likely because he’s holding the spoon with the non-dominant hand, which makes way more sense. However, I enjoy Yashiro calling Doumeki a punk so this stays.) 
  • But really, how gentle are they with each other? Their developing intimacy hit a wall after Yashiro got shot (you know, events then being what they were), but seeing them back in this domestic setting, comfortably inhabiting the space together - it honestly chokes me up.
  • Very interesting how Doumeki grips the spoon with his injured left hand when he’s a righty. Verrrryyyy interesting.
  • Their faces are so close.
  • Their faces. Are so close. They ain’t lookin’ away from each other now, are they?
  • I know these will all be answered in time and I just have to sit on my hands and wait, but:
    • how did they end up here?
    • WHY did Doumeki get casual? I can’t imagine feeling comfortable changing when his Boss is still wearing his work attire, so.
    • What are they eating?
    • What is Yashiro even thinking right now? What is his conclusion to all this? Obviously positive but I’m so excited for the insight.

Y’all I cannot even handle myself right now. Saezuru is my lifeline. 

Just curious, not baiting seriously....

For both Caryl and Bethyl shippers…how would you feel if the other ship went canon and yours didn’t? Reactions? No judgments to anyone responding PLEASE, we’ve had enough fighting, I’m just interested in how everyone would feel. 

I do not and have never seen Daryl and Carol on a romantic plane personally. I loved their bond back in Season 2 and 3, and obviously disliked how Carol handled things last season. But I cannot deny their bond either, it’s there. It’s beautiful. It’s probably one of the few healthy (somewhat, I still have issues with her keeping what she did from him) bonds either has had. But I don’t see romance in it at all. 

If they did it that way, I’d want to see how it went, I’d want to see how it played out and I’d want to see how it affected both of them. 

Thoughts? Let’s have an honest dialogue, seriously. Take the devil’s advocate approach but let’s have a rare both ships conversation without any negativity. 

I’m tentatively tagging this post but without ship names (unless you’re on mobile, you’ll see it b/c it’s in the post)

Fic: Knock Out

anon prompted: Blaine and Kurt are rivals in a big boxing championship and only meet as they’re about to fight. While they fight, they both do really well until Blaine ends up hurting Kurt and winning the fight but feels really awful about it and apologize. Kurt doesn’t believe it at first because he thinks Blaine is patronizing him and gets angry, fluff, angst, fluff etc :3

Not sure if I did that exact ending, but I think the premise is there. ~1550 words, PG-13, vaguely violent (typical boxing stuff) but mostly fluff.

“Oh, mother of God. That’s Blaine Anderson?”

“I know, you’d think he’d look more fearsome for someone so lauded,” Rachel said, sniffing disdainfully at the sight of Kurt’s opponent. “He looks like he should be modeling for Precious Moments figurines somewhere.”

“This is not good, Rachel!” Kurt hissed, turning away from the packed arena. “I can handle fighting people who are smaller or more obviously muscular than me. What I cannot handle is fighting attractive people.”

“You beat that British guy without complaining,” Rachel said, scowling in confusion. “And he was exactly your type, too. What’s the big deal with Anderson?”

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