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i really really hope that when dan and phil start the new tour people won’t stalk them at airports. it’s not fair towards those who pay for vip tickets to meet them and also it’s just generally creepy and wrong? waiting around for someone to show up and demanding photos etc. when they’re just trying to go from one tour location to another has to be tiring even if they don’t show it. let them travel in peace


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46.8% for the poll vote. Trophy husband alec? im just tired of Magnus always being the one waiting at home for Alec to return

It was 6pm, and Magnus was running late. He was supposed to be hosting a party tonight. Well. He and Alec were supposed to be hosting. It was Luke’s birthday, so Clary had suggested they do something nice both for him and the entire group in general. They were all suffering. They’d lost so many fighting Valentine… they all needed this. It was no small party - likely to be just as busy as Max’s Rune Ceremony, if more rowdy. Downworlders weren’t nearly as rigid as Shadowhunters.

But Magnus was currently doing a terrible job of hosting, because he wasn’t there.

He’d had appointments scheduled until 4, and the plan had been to get back to his apartment and take care of the arrangements. He’d spent the morning brewing a particularly complicated potion, so all he needed to do was finish up his consultations, drop the order off and get home. But his consult had overrun by at least half an hour, and then when he went to drop off the potion there had been an emergency which demanded his attention. And then there had been another emergency.

Magnus had barely even had time to breathe, and he certainly hadn’t had time to text Alec.

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In relation to that last post, there is a very real Save the Bees! action you can take right now if you live in the temperate north or in an area affected by natural disaster.

Please Feed The Bees!

It is unseasonably hot for fall and all the forage is dried up for the season, but the pollinators are still out and awake in the heat. Cook up a bit of 2:1 sugar:water, put it in shallow dishes with perches, and set out at a safe distance. They will be so grateful!

NOTE: I have a full-time CLOUD of bees AND yellowjackets at the feeder. I do not wear my bee gear going out to refill or when messing with the dishes and though many of them land on me out of curiosity I haven’t been stung once. Stay safe in Africanized areas, be sensible, don’t wear clothes or loose hair they can accidentally fly/crawl into, but they really mean you no harm. They’re just hungry. 🙂


Summary: Nothing makes a party more interesting than accidentally seeing your best friend’s erect penis.

Notes: A college AU. Fluffier than you would expect from the summary. (On AO3)

Derek’s not much of a party person. He’s kind of shy, and a little socially awkward.

But when Stiles had invited him, he’d remembered all those late-night phone calls between them—the latest of which had included Stiles mumbling “You’re one of my best friends,” before drifting off—so he’d said yes. Because Stiles wanted him there, and Derek was more than flattered by that.

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Winter is still a few weeks away, but Louis is freezing his bollocks off when he finishes his cigarette and heads back into the studio.

His fingers are numb and his nose is bright pink, but the relief that sits heavy in his stomach from the rush of nicotine makes it worth it. It’s bad for him, smoking a pack a day, but during writing season it’s the only thing to keep him sane. Even though it’s almost a tragedy, having to step outside into the freezing air to get a hit.

They’re in a time crunch, all of the boys, trying to get as many chart worthy songs written before promo season begins for the new album. With only a handful of decent tracks already recorded, they only have another three months, which. That isn’t nearly enough time.

So, Louis is stressed, and no one can blame him for stepping out for a smoke for the fourth time in three hours. Everyone just gives him sympathetic, knowing looks when he makes his way back into the already crowded room and falls back into his seat beside Theo and Harry.

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I remember for a while, I stopped drawing, and I’m really regretting it now, cause drawing!! makes me!! so!! happy!!

I stopped cause I didn’t think I was good enough, but don’t let that stop you! Practice really does make you improve, and never give up on something you love!!

If you have a passion to do something, then do it! Don’t let what other people say take away from what you love!

Cause I did that, and honestly, its shit.

I know ignoring what people say is hard, but doing what you love is awesome, and can make what you create feel even more worthwhile :D

okay so because i very obviously have major issues, i accidentally wrote a ficlet for #224 for @isntalovestory and not the one actually requested! massive apologies my lovely, so here is the one you actually asked for. 

#244 🍾💍: when the night starts to die down chas has to catch her breath as she looks towards one of the booths and catches robert’s head laying lazily into aaron’s neck. her son is whispering something and has a hand in robert’s hair pulling out confetti thrown by victoria and adam and the other hand is holding robert’s own hand and squeezing gently.

The party has dyed down now, the booze are gone and the kitchen is closed and there’s something so soft and silent in the air. 

Chas is there, cleaning up the mess merrily because she’s way past it and it’s only when she looks up towards the booth nearest the bar that she sees her boy. 


Aaron and Robert.

‘The happy couple.' 

They have this look about them, it appears as though they are almost in their own bubble, like no one else is invited to this place they have travelled to. 

They’re just looking at each other. Aaron staring so avidly that Chas wonders if he is counting the freckles on Robert’s face. 

It’s magical.

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@serpentandstang technically didn’t tag me in this, but my Tumblr notifications had other plans:

I don’t get notified about half the stuff I’m actually tagged in, so hell, let’s do it. I’m bad at overall favorites, but here’s nine albums I’ve loved as of late:

1. Dan Terminus- Automated Refrains
2. Enslaved- Axioma Ethica Odini
3. Megadrive- Seas of Infinity
4. Covenant- Northern Light
5. Black Sun Empire- The Wrong Room
7. Electric Dragon- Covenant
8. Mark Lanegan Band- Gargoyle
9. In the Company of Serpents- Ain-Soph Aur

List if thou wilt call for: @multiheaded1793, @foundcarcosa, @thestarrywisdom, @josephskelding, @medinaquirin, @bodysnatch3r, @coldalbion, @icarus-suraki, @buttphomet and anyone else who’d like to share (I thrive off music suggestions).

Harvey/Mike & accidentally proposing - for anon

Mike officially knows more about the meanings of different flowers and the politics behind seating charts than he ever imagined knowing.

He’s lying on his bed, surrounded by magazines and binders, and his head is swimming with it all. But he keeps reading, because Jenny left this with him as homework, and if he knew accepting Jenny’s request to be her best man (“it’s better than man of honour, and besides, apart from my soon-to-be husband you are my best man”) came with homework he might’ve said no.

Okay, he still would’ve said yes, but it would’ve been nice to have a heads up before he started drowning in colour charts and invitation designs.

He reads through all the bridal magazines and checklists Jenny left him with (“this is just phase one, Mike, wait until it comes time to actually start choosing things”), and when Harvey walks into their bedroom an hour later Mike’s reading an article on the differences between mermaid and fit and flare - because apparently there is one - and thanking his lucky stars that all he has to worry about is his tux.

“Something you want to tell me?” Harvey asks, an amused glint in his eyes as he takes in the scene before him.

“Adam finally proposed, so Jenny wants me to help her plan the wedding.”

“Of course she does,” Harvey says, shedding his jacket and shoes before joining Mike on the bed and leaning over to kiss him hello. “Looks like she bought every bridal magazine there is.”

“Pretty sure she bought more than that. I think I saw several back issues in here. Either that or she’s been secretly buying bridal magazines for the past year hoping Adam would be propose.”

“Sounds like good planning to me,” Harvey says, reaching for the nearest magazine and opening it to the first marked page.

Mike finishes his article and moves on to the next one Jenny highlighted: unique wedding and reception venues in New York.

Mike doesn’t know what makes him say it. But before he even realises it his mouth has opened and he’s saying, “If I ever got married I think I’d want a destination wedding. Small, intimate. Be able to start the honeymoon straight away, you know?”

“What do you mean if?”

Mike puts the magazine down and turns to Harvey, surprised. This must be showing on his face because Harvey raises his eyebrows in silent question. “I mean, it’s not as if you’d ever marry me. Which is fine,” he hastily adds, “because we’re together and happy and that’s all that matters, right? It’s not like you need a marriage certificate to validate a relationship.”

“Of course I’d marry you, Mike.”

Mike’s heart is suddenly beating very fast. “You would?”

“Why are you so surprised by that?”

“I don’t know, coz we’ve never really talked about it I guess. And with you never committing to anyone before me, and what happened with your parents I just figured…”

Harvey sits up properly, turns to give Mike his full attention. Mike feels the weight of Harvey’s stare like a physical presence. “Mike, I didn’t commit to anyone before you because I couldn’t find anyone worth committing to. I was waiting for you. And as for the rest of it, you are I are not my parents. We are nothing like them.”

“So you would marry me?”

“Of course I would,” Harvey says, voice impossibly fond.

Mike smiles slowly, reaching over and clasping Harvey’s hand. “Hey Harvey, will you marry me?”

Harvey’s returning grin is a thing of beauty. He leans down and kisses Mike. “Yes.”

Rajirra Hungers!

My favorite of this set by far. How can I help it with that expression? Anyway, another Satasha comission by DrawPanther. Then colored by me.


And then after adding flat colors…

A bit of major shading and a background thrown in…

Highlighting doesn’t do quite a much here since the eye-lights were really already in the original (though I added some more anyway!)

That’s it. BTW, at some point I obviously accidentally pulled the shade layer down a few pixels - note the outline at the top of her head. However, I liked the result so I left it.

But one more change. Both Sashimi and the artist had teeth in mind behind Rajirra’s fangs instead of a tongue. I dunno, I kinda like the tongue but…

Oh! I posted this on the wrong blog too! Well, no problem there. A quick Reblog from the other site and PRESTO! Good as new.


Jon/Ygritte + tropes

i take it back i just want a freelancer pin-up poster

Nánná and her hypothetical younger “twin” brothers. (Hypothetical in that they aren’t sanctioned by avannak)

Anik (an Inuit name meaning “Seer”, given to him because he was born the day Gothi died), the elder brother, was born when Nánná was about twelve or thirteen. To everyone’s surprise, Astrid became pregnant a month later by Hiccup. Nine months later Stoick II was born. The three of them are a tightly knit, adventurous group. Do not mention “half-siblings” to them, or you’ll be missing a few teeth and maybe a spleen. And if you mention to Stoick II that he should be heir, because he’s Hiccup’s true son, well, he’ll put you in your place real quick. They don’t see themselves as half siblings, and Anik and Stoick see each other as 100% twins, even though their birthdays are ten months apart.

Donor AU

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