obviously for the show it was dramatic


Figure Skating Jumps With Yuuri and Viktor

This blog started out as a Yuri!!! on Ice trash blog, but somewhere along the way, my love for figure skating was rekindled. My blog now doubles as a figure skating… trash blog, lol! Yeah, I have no life.

Anyway! Jumps - wonderful to watch, confusing af to recognize. If this is your usual sentiment, then you have come to the right place! Let Yuuri and Viktor show you the different jumps done by figure skaters, as well as tips on how to recognize them.

Jumps are actually fairly easy to recognize once you know what to look for. The first thing to look for is how skaters propel themselves off the ice. Was there a toe pick assist - meaning did the other foot’s toe pick help the skater push off the ice? Or was the skater propelled solely by their knees? The former is called a toe jump, because the toe pick was used to lift off the ice. The latter is called an edge jump, because the skater jumped off directly from an edge of their skating blade. This is most recognizable through a deeper bend in the knees, because without a toe pick assist, the strength of the jump comes solely from the knees.


Right, so we also need to understand edges first. If you search for close ups of skating blades viewed from the back, you will find that there is something like a hollow on the bottom of the blade so that there are two edges. If you were to stand with your feet just slightly apart, the inside edges would be the edges in line with your inner thighs (and calves, whatever). Conversely, the outside edges would be the edges that are facing the outside world.

Now, the great thing is all jumps are landed at the back outside edge. Which foot depends on the skater. Yuuri and Viktor both seem to favor landing on their right foot. Most skaters have a preferred landing foot, but to help you visualize, a skater who prefers landing on his right foot, for example, would always land tilted slightly to the right, because he is landing on his right outside edge.

So if it is not the landing that differentiates the jumps, what does? Yep, you got it - the entry.

Now that we have the basics down, time for the fun part: the different kinds of jumps!


Loop: Entered at the back outside edge of the same foot. You land exactly where you started, hence the “loop”. Example of a loop is the first gif, which is a loop done by Yuuri. The knee bend is not very clear, but see how his right foot is tilted to the right and slightly back? Clear back outside edge, landed also on his right foot.

Salchow: Yuuri’s bane of a jump is entered at the back inside edge of the opposite foot. The fun thing about the Salchow is that apart from the usual clues (knee bend and tilt of the foot), the nature of the landing is such that the entry leg sweeps into a wide arch once the skater lands on the opposite leg. Example is the second gif, done by Yuuri. See how Yuuri bends his knees? That is an obvious edge jump. See how his left foot tilts slightly inwards (inside edge take-off) before jumping off? Another interesting thing about this gif is Yuuri’s entry on the Salchow – it looked like he jumped from both feet. Two-footed Salchows are right or wrong depending on who you ask, but the idea is that the skater should still be taking off from the correct foot and the correct edge when entering the Salchow.

Axel: Yuuri’s favorite is also a common favorite among fans because it is easily recognizable AND it is the jump type with the highest points. The Axel is the only jump entered facing forward. Because of this entry, however, to land on the back outside edge (where all jumps land), you have to make an extra half rotation. That means a triple Axel is actually an Axel with three-and-a-half rotations, and this is also why it is given the most points. Also because of this, a quad Axel is the only remaining possible quad jump that has not yet been landed. (Can you imagine having to do four-and-a-half rotations?) Example, of course, is our boy Yuuri nailing that triple Axel in the third gif.


Toe Loop: Arguably the easiest jump, it is basically a loop with a toe pick assist. With the extra assist, it is usually the first quad landed by most male skaters, and in the show, this is the only quad Phichit can land. The fourth gif is a triple toe loop done by Viktor. See the way his left toe pick helps him off the ice? See how cleanly he takes off (slight outside tilt of his right foot) and lands on the same foot (same outside tilt)?

Flip: Viktor’s signature quad, the flip jump is entered by the back inside edge of the opposite foot. Enter on the inside edge of one foot, land at the outside edge of the other foot - hence, you flip. You can also think of it as a Salchow with a toe pick assist. The fifth gif is a triple flip done by Viktor. I chose his triple flip because the animation is clearer here. See how his right leg swings for that toe pick assist? His left entry foot is tilted slightly inwards to jump from his inside edge, and he then lands on his usual right landing foot (tilted slightly outwards to the back outside edge). (Bonus: The quad flip in particular is interesting to watch out for because for some reason, the skaters do a full turn before the jump, which is not as obviously done when skaters do a triple flip instead. It makes the quad version look dramatic, at least especially in the show when Yuuri and Viktor do it with that solemn look on their faces and all, but it’s also fun to watch when real-life figure skaters like Shoma Uno - who was the first to land the quad flip - also does that full turn before jumping. Somebody explain this to me, though. What physics is at work there? Idk.)

Lutz: Chris’ signature jump and my personal favorite is the Lutz, which is entered on the back outside edge of the opposite foot. The interesting thing about the Lutz is that because it is entered from the outside edge of the opposite foot, it is counter-rotated - that means the skater goes one direction then spins the opposite direction. It is a high difficulty jump and so gets the second highest base score after the Axel. The last gif shown here is a Lutz done together by Yuuri and Viktor, and I slowed the gif down a bit to better show the characteristics of the jump. Viktor actually gives the more consistently clear example of Lutzes in the show, but see how Yuuri enters the jump on the first few frames? That is typical Lutz entry, where the skater’s entry foot crosses over to the opposite side to give it that tilt it needs so they jump from the back outside edge. See how Viktor’s left foot is slightly tilted so you see underneath his skate? He is tilted slightly to the left, but he then jumps counter-clockwise, even if with that tilt, his natural spin would have been clockwise. He then lands on his right foot on the outside edge.

And there you have it! The six types of figure skating jumps. I hope that was helpful to those who are interested in learning to recognize these awesome jumps. The more figure skating fans, the merrier, I say!

(Any questions on these jumps? Leave me a message and talk skating to me. I would love to answer your questions! ♡)

Attention, spoilers below!

You know what’s the greatest thing about Thirteen Reasons Why?
It’s that everyone, every single character, is totally, completely human. They’re all 100% realistic and three dimensional. They’ve all got both virtues and vices, strenghts and weaknesses. They’re all also deeply flawed and damaged.
Obviously they’re not all the same… In fact, everyone has their own very distinct personality (and they always, always act on character).
But what I think the show is trying to say is that nothing is either black or white.
It’s one big fucking gray area and we’re all in it. The people who made small mistakes that ended up in tragic outcomes and the people who knew that what they were doing was wrong and did it anyway.
Because yes, Hannah was an amazing, funny, clever, beautiful girl who did not deserve anything she got. But yes, she also did have a flair for the dramatic.
And yes, Bryce Walker is a rapist and I hope he gets the sentence he deserves and more. But - and here you might not agree with me - Justin also told us he was always generous with him and his other friends.
This obviously is not to say that Hannah being a bit of a drama queen excuses the people who hurt her. And also is obviously not to say that Bryce being there for his mates excuses him for commiting one of the worst crimes possibile.
This is just to say that whoever wrote this show, whoever wrote this characters, knows exactly what they’re doing. Way too often TV and cinema (but also books, comics, video games ect…) tell stories in which people are either entirely good or entirely bad. And, I know, they do it because we like to read and watch stories in which we can identify with the good main characters. And it’s okay.
But it’s also not realistic. Those people are not realistic. In real life people fuck things up. Hopefully not as bad as they did in Thirteen Reasons Why, but still, it happens. People make mistakes and people kill themselves. It’s tragic, but it’s real.
To sum up, what I’m trying to say here is: it’s okay to watch shows in which the characters always choose what is right instead of what is easy. It’s okay to identify with those characters and it’s okay to “use” those shows as an escape from reality.
But sometimes you have to watch shows like Thirteen Reasons Why. Not because they tell you what is going to happen, but because they tell you what COULD happen. Anyone could be the next Hannah and anyone could be the reason why they decide to kill themselves. Shows like this remind us that actions have consequences. So, next time, think before you act and try to fix what you can still fix, before is too late.
Because, before Hannah proved them wrong, everyone on the tapes thought they were the good character.

… Except for Jeff. Jeff was 100% pure.

Also, sorry, I wasn’t planning to turn this into a morality lesson. It just happened.

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What did you think of the final confrontation between Zuko and Azula? I think Azula embodies the dark path Zuko could have easily taken in the face of his personal and moral struggles if it weren't for his uncle, his mother and obviously himself in the end. It'd have been powerful to have him defeat her, thematically speaking. Why did they have Katara defeat her? What did that accomplish? Many criticize the Aang/Ozai's deus ex machina solution, but this one was even more disappointing to me.

The showrunners made that decision because defeating Ozai and Azula is a dramatic formality - what matters to character development is that Zuko defeats what is worst in himself. (The other protagonists, too.) And I love it.

The key to the character development decisions in the finale is found in the season two episode “Bitter Work.” That episode shows Aang struggling with the philosophy of earthbending, having difficulty standing his ground against a falling boulder. It also shows us Zuko, motivated by his rivalry with Azula, say “screw basics, I want lightning!” In the end of that episode, Aang gets enough of a grip on earthbending to at least use it, while Zuko learns how to redirect lightning.

In the finale, Aang shows his mastery of earthbending philosophy as he stands his ground against Ozai (so much worse than a rock), and Zuko decides to use his lightning redirection to save Katara, at the cost of a chance to definitively beat Azula into the ground.

But the other thing is, by the time Azula takes that cheap shot at Katara, it’s clear Zuko’s already won everything that matters.

In terms of firebending, Zuko was having that fight all his own way. Go back to Zuko’s first fight against Zhao and listen to what Iroh tells him - then look at Zuko’s footwork in the finale. His feet aren’t going anywhere but where he wants them to go. Also his breathing, the source of firebending. Zuko’s breathing is controlled; Azula’s chest is heaving. Even with the massive power boost the comet’s giving both of them, it’s more than possible to tell that Zuko’s firebending is neat and precise, and his defence is now solid as a rock. This is a trend that’s manifestly apparent through the last quarter of season three. The gap in the fight occurs because Azula’s worked out that Zuko’s winning, and she needs to change her tactics.

Then there’s the fact that Zuko has someone to jump in front of at all. In Katara, he has a friend so steadfast she’s come along to the middle of enemy territory on the day firebenders are most powerful to back him up in his fight. Meanwhile, though Azula tried to compel that sort of loyalty from Mai and Ty Lee, she couldn’t. Mai chose Zuko over Azula, and Ty Lee chose Mai over Azula. She’s alone, but Zuko has friends and family. She’s devastated by Ozai turning his back on her, but Zuko’s past it.

Zuko’s never been better off, and Azula never lower. He’s got nothing more to prove - not to himself, not to Ozai, and not to Azula. It’s not relevant which of Zuko or Katara strikes that final blow, and boy does that go to the heart of Azula’s own insecurities.

Third thing. Zuko saves Katara with a firebending move drawn from the principles of waterbending. Katara finally defeats Azula by freezing them both in a big block of ice and then breathing out water to free herself. Which bending discipline is based on the breath, again? Firebending. Katara defeated Azula with a waterbending move drawn from the principles of firebending.

Instead of Zuko giving it all to definitely absolutely positively defeat Azula personally and win a fight that, as I say, he’s already won, the writers preferred to show Zuko prioritising Katara’s life over his own family drama, and how both he and Katara have learned from each other.

shadowhunters kissing stats

okay, i’ve been wanting to actually sit and do this for a while and finally i have. i remember talking, briefly and dramatically, about the disparity between the length of kiss scenes in shadowhunters between het pairings (read: pairings that include clary, mostly…) and magnus/alec (the shows current only nonhet canon relationship) so i’ve actually compiled Numbers and Data

maths is definitely not my strong suit and if anything seems glaringly wrong, sorry. also, obviously this is just from skimming through episodes - if i missed something, sorry - but in my mind, this looks pretty accurate. 

the actual list of numbers and timings is below the cut, but i just want to make a few points clear

  • magnus and alec are probably the most heavily promoted and well-received couple on the show and are a main couple
  • magnus and alec have been together for more time than clary and jace were together and more than simon and clary have been together
  • i have included all ‘’pairings’’ that kiss on this show, this includes camille/simon etc
  • i can’t really be bothered doing any commentary on why this is important rn, i may reblog this later and make more comments but feel free to reblog and comment on this
  • pay attention not just to the total times, but the longest kiss scenes each pairing gets, and how many kisses the total time is spread over
  • have fun getting mad w/ me lmao 

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My self esteem has taken a huge hit since I cut off all my hair and I’m honestly so glad. I have been shattered. I got rid of something I was known for to an extent. I used my hair as a safety net. I let it define me. I relied on it a lot and I got a ton of attention for it. All the people flipping out over it telling me to grow it back just proves what a big deal it was and still is. I am forced to look at myself as a human being and decide who I am. I’m redefining myself. Some people are saying I’m being dramatic and it’s just hair or that I talk about it too much but I think it just shows how much people don’t understand. My appearance is such a huge part of my identity and it’s wrong. It’s harmful to me. I feel so much pressure to look perfect every day and if I don’t I feel like I don’t matter or I’m letting everyone down. Obviously that is so dramatic and not true at all but it’s such a weak spot for me. When people say things like “sorry you look better with long hair” or “you were prettier before” it can hurt me so bad if it’s at the wrong moment. I am so detached most of the time it really doesn’t affect me but if someone catches me in a weak moment it can get to me and bring me down. I’m tired of seeing myself for my outer shell. I’m tired of feeling scared people don’t love me anymore. As if the entire world loved me before anyway omg 🙄😑 the people who are telling me I’m not pretty anymore never loved me to begin with and I don’t want their approval or anything from them really. I need to stop caring about people who don’t know me. Everyone close to me has been SO supportive and encouraging and it’s been so fun. When I’m calm and comfortable and I look at my hair, my natural reaction is pure happiness. There is no fear, no doubt, no questions. I love my hair! If I wanna grow it out later I will but right now I do love it and want to keep it for a while. I only think about growing it out when the desire to please people starts to creep back in. Thoughts of growing it out come from a place of fear and that sucks. This entire new chapter has been about ditching fear and it genuinely has been so positive. There is the negative undercurrent of fear, yes, but it doesn’t negate the good. I want this to stop. People can and will say whatever they want but I’m doing my part to cut off all negativity. My self esteem is more important than random insensitive strangers on the internet who prefer long-haired women. There are so many accounts you can look at if you want some rapunzel chick. I can’t live for other people. Again, it’s not that they don’t love me anymore, it’s that they never did. The people that know me are so supportive because they know it’s not that big of a deal and that I am SO MUCH MORE THAN MY HAIR. But I need to remind myself of that!!!! And it’s time I show that to the world too. I have so much to share, so much I’ve created and so much that I think about and I intend to put that into the world this year. I am actually finding myself for the first time outside of my appearance. I’m seeing myself in a new light. Of course I’ve always been aware of the fact that I’m more than my looks, I consciously understand that but I can actually FEEL it now. I didn’t truly believe it before. I guess what I hope you guys can take away from this is that if people are defining you by something superficial or if YOU are, challenge that. You are more than what people say about you, what you look like, your circumstances, really anything external. You’re so much more. We have to get in touch with our value as humans, feel it, believe it, live it and SHARE it with the world. Confidence comes from knowing you are full of light and goodness and that no one can change that. I’m only sharing myself with safe people, people who know and understand me. I’m going to continue to be myself to the fullest and put myself out there but I’m no longer giving weight to what people think of my appearance. Of course it’s hard but I welcome the challenge. If I like it, that’s all that matters. My happiness is important and so is yours. So anyway I just wanted to update you guys on my life and let you know that recently I’ve been struggling with this but I’m working through it. If it seems like I’m always dealing with something, it’s because I am hahaha. That’s life when you’re in touch with your feelings, it’s not bad! It’s more challenging but WAY more fulfilling at the end of the day. I love feeling my feelings and acknowledging them and dealing with them, I didn’t always do that and my life was nowhere near as good as it is now. Overall I’m happy and very optimistic, I’m working on myself, my relationships, my music and my health and this year is already turning out to be one of the best yet, despite some bumps. Love you guys and hope this helps you understand me a little more 💜

EDIT: I wanna add on to the first thought that I’m glad my self esteem has been shattered. I wrote this in between takes while shooting a cover today and I forgot to finish that idea. I’m glad I’ve been shattered because I was building myself on a flimsy foundation. My infrastructure was so shaky and flawed, I was doing okay but I needed to be rebuilt. Those pieces of me that were clinging to other people’s opinions and approval needed to crumble so I could rebuild into a better, stronger version of myself. This is a theme in my life. Every few years, whatever pieces of me start to go in a bad direction are eventually destroyed and then I rebuild into a better version of myself haha
Theater!Lance Headcanons

In honor of today being the last show of my school’s musical (i’ve cried SO much today guys) I’ve decided to compile a bunch of theater headcanons for team voltron that are mostly lance-centric!! 

>the paladins would so be in their school’s drama club

>Pidge would obviously be the all around tech manager

       >she dominates the sound/light board

>Hunk is the stage manager!!

        >He often works front of house and sells his baked goods! (some people            go to the shows just for them)

>Shiro is the director and works hand in hand with Hunk about the crew

>Coran is their theater teacher (you cannot argue with me on this, he is TOO dramatic)

>Allura is their choreographer when musical season comes! 

        >She teaches the crew everything from tap to ballet

         > She was the one who taught Lance how to use his legs to make his                   ballet hella graceful

>Keith always manages to land a lead, albeit the smaller ones, mainly due to his angelic voice

>He has the spark that makes the audience just adore him 

>He’s SUPER animated and it gives him this flair that makes him stand out

>when musical season comes he BLESSES everyone with his voice (like holy damn did the reincarnation of Beyonce step into the room)

> He’s super nice to the freshmen who join and give them tons of pointers!!

> He’s gotten nominated for multiple awards over the past few years like Best Male Lead Overall, Best Male Dancer, and Best Male Singer, and has even won a few!

> He! Loves! Costumes!

> He’s the god of quickchanges, like he will go from a tux to day wear in a single eight count

>Despite being the lead and being needed on stage constantly, he always makes sure to help out backstage with the crew

        >he always makes sure to thank each and everyone one of them after                  every show!

>He does other acting jobs as well outside of his school’s theater

       > he’s currently trying to nail a role in movie!!

        >also trying to get into voice acting because why not??

>He helps everyone with their makeup and makes sure they never go on stage without highlighter

>PRESHOW RITUALSSSS (most of these are based on my own cast’s)

        >they each have their own lion that they bring to every show (Lance always        brings his on during bows!)

         >Lance caresses the ghost light before every show asking for it to bless              them

        >they chant the voltron theme song (the dundundundunDUNdunDUn                  Dundun one)

        >they practically scREEch before going on stage every night

>at the end of every show there’s always something planned, usually either a party at Lance’s or going to eat at Applebee’s (half-apps???) or the Diner

>if anyone thinks lance wouldn’t be a theater kid you can personally fight me bc my boi is too dramatic to not share it with the world

i hope you liked them!!

If you like Friends but want a more updated version, you should watch Happy Endings:

Happy Endings is a beautiful show that was canceled too soon. But more importantly, it is so much like an updated version of Friends that one of the characters even calls them each by their friends equivalent at one point (while drugged after going to the dentist…obviously).

Your new Monica is Jane Kerkovich-Williams: a bisexual goddess control freak

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She is married to Brad, your new Chandler: 

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Jane’s sister, Alex, literally runs out on her own wedding in the pilot. Also in the fashion world (owns her own shop).

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Then there’s Penny, who is the wacky single girl friend (definitely a less dramatic backstory than Phoebe… )

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Waiting for new Joey? Look no further than Max, the gay/jewish player.

Originally posted by welcometoyouredoom

Thinking, “Hey, I could do without a Ross”? Well, don’t worry. Dave is definitely sometimes a jerk but in no way as creeptastic as Mr. Friendzone Divorce Guy. Also, he’s the chef of the group, you know, some things have to change. 

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Go, watch, be happy. All episodes are on hulu, last I checked. This is an easy show to plow through and definitely worth it. 

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Okay but now i'm really gonna need the story of you summoning, meeting and befriending Satan when you reach the optimal follower count. Pretty please with Jenny on top!?!?

IT’S TIME (I’ve literally been waiting for this moment for a week)

The coffee shop is nearly empty, patrons heading home to dinner and family and sleep. The parking lot outside is quiet and dark, cars silently gliding towards the road, sweeping their headlights briefly over the store front before sliding away. The baristas are more often in the break room than behind the counter, scheduling next week’s shifts and discussing how exactly they’re going to distribute the closing tasks today. They know that the customers who are left are fine, fresh refills in their cups and the knowledge that another is but a holler away.

The author has been observing the slow trickle of people for a while now, casually flipping between the novel she’s supposed to be writing, a bullet point list of interesting facial features, and a crockpot recipe she’s trying to convince herself she really wants to try.

(She does not know why she think she should enjoy crockpot shepherd’s pie. She just knows that she should enjoy it.)

She is one of three customers left in the store. There is a man she’s affectionately named “The Wizard” for his tendency to drape his coat over his shoulders like a cape. He is huddled over his tablet and might be near tears as he scribbles something out. The other customer is a woman the author knows quite well, but will not acknowledge. It is not because of her needle-like teeth or the script written carefully across her shirt or even because of the off-putting cackle the woman seems fond of.

It is because there is some trouble the author knows she should not engage.

So she ignores the woman-who-will-not-be-named and focuses on her computer.

It’s as she’s typing out “charming slouch, neck extended, a home out of his spine” and “add twice amount of onion” that she gets the notification.

The notification.

“Oh fuck,” says the author. She has not prepared for this at all. (This is pretending that she would have prepared for it with prior warning.)

(She would not have.)

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My thoughts after that clip

Okay first of all we have Sana approaching Yousef which means she hasn’t taken Eskild’s advice which is good
Then we have Yousef being cute but more distant with Sana than other times
Why is this?
I think the boy is just trying to protect his heart.
Let’s go back to Friday’s clip. In the texts we saw Yousef stating several times that he thinks Sana doesn’t like him. He thinks she unfriended him the day after det beste fra Islam clip aka the best afternoon of his life. Then, last time he talked to Sana (spiller alene) he was ready to tell her he likes her but he panicked because she was super cold towards him and he thought she hated him so what did he do? He acted like a 12 years old. After that Noora tells him that Sana had said she doesn’t like him but that she thinks she does and what does he say? “Just forget it, don’t talk to her about me” Then on Friday Sana smiled at him and you could clearly see how confused he was but happy at the same time. Same as today. He was happy but he wasn’t trying to make a move on Sana. Why? Because he thinks she doesn’t like him and he’s trying really hard not to get his hopes up ‘cause last time he did he had his heart broken. So he tries to act cool but we’re talking about Yousef dork Acar here so of course he acts like a 12 years old again and throws grass at her

That’s what I get about Yousef’s behaviour

Now. What do I think is going to happen?

I think Sana is going to take Yousef leaving as a sign to give up. She’s going to think that it’s just not meant to be so she will focus on other stuff.
But then Friday will come and the boys will be at Sana’s house and something (or someone, Elias? Noora?) will make Sana change her mind in the last minute. And she will find a chance to talk alone with Yousef and she will finally tell him that she likes him too (Remember that he’s leaving on saturday and not Friday so I don’t think we’re going to get an airport scene as cool as that would be) And that’s when Cengiz’s famous difficult scene will take place, when they both confess their feelings for each other and finally get together
Now after this two things can happen.
a)He can leave with the promise that they’re together and that could mean two things:
a.1) he leaves and doesn’t come back for the last episode which I don’t think it’s going to happen 'cause it wouldn’t make sense
a.2) he leaves and comes back for the last clip as a surprise but honestly? How much money do you have Yousef? Plane tickets are expensive

b) He stays with Sana, that can mean that he either stays forever or he stays for one more week until the show ends

And then there’s another option that would be waaaaay more dramatic but more unsatisfying.
Sana doesn’t get to talk to him and instead we see her leaving him a voicemail confessing her feelings. But he doesn’t get the voicemail until he’s gone and then he comes back as a surprise for the last clip (but again plane tickets are expensive haha)

Well obviously my favorite option is option b. And I really hope that that’s what we’re going to get

I know we’re all really frustrated right now but we’re talking about Julie, she’s given us materpieces, we know she can do It. Also she wouldn’t have given us Yousef saying sana and him are soulmates if it didn’t mean anything

I’m sorry for the long post and for the mistakes there might be but again I’m on my phone right now because my Internet hates me

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obviously i love all of my girls but who do you think out of all the liars, including mona (janel), is the best actress?

Right of the bat, top three is: Troian, Sasha, and Janel. All three of them can NAIL intense, emotional, and dramatic scenes and move you as a viewer. I want to say those three are nearly on the same level from what we’ve seen.

• Janel made her performance in 7x19 her bitch. I honestly feel like she’s slept on when it comes to overall recognition.

• Troian has always been a top dog on this show, rightfully so. I will never forget Druggie!Spencer and how she played the hell out of that arc.

•Sasha is also so, so good when she has to deliver. My favorite aspect about her is how she’s in such control of her face that just the littlest thing she does evokes emotion. I love how in 7x19 when she watched Mary confessed to killing Jessica, Sasha’s face said more than words could ever speak. You can actually see the breaking in her heart just through her stare.

Anyone remember that Grey’s Anatomy episode 12x09, “The Sound of Silence”, where Meredith got injuried and she couldn’t speak throughout 98% of the entire hour so everything was focused strictly on her facials and body language all episode? 

Even if you’re not a Grey’s watcher, I highly recommend that episode because of its greatness from the silent acting to the cinematography. That damn performance (along with others) won Ellen Pompeo that People’s Choice award in 2016. I could DEFINITELY see Sasha doing something like that - just telling a story through her face, no words. Just because she’s so good at it!

This year for the Teen Choice awards for best drama tv actress the nominees are Lucy, Troian, Ashley, Sasha, Shay, and Bella Thorne. No shade or anything but I would have yanked Shay or Ashley out and put in Janel instead. She deserves so much more. But those 3 are my girls - can’t even pick between them

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Hiya! Could I please request a reaction to their girlfriend revealing their pole dancing ability or showing them a routine for the first time? No worries if not and no rush if so!

Requests are open right now so please feel free to send in anything! If you have any questions about the smuts or admins feel free to ask anything! When you send in requests, the more detail you give about what you want or about yourself we will try tailor it to you. Also if you are shy you can always message us requests off anon and we won’t post it if you say so or just want to chat to us feel free to message us!Thank you for requesting!

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S.coups- First time seeing your pole dancing skills, his jaws would drop! His eyes would be glued on you and it would be difficult for him to recover from what he just saw. He would be so surprised at your talent and he would definitely ask you to show him more, or he might come closer to you and whisper in your ear “WOW, baby you look so sexy” There is no in between for this man honestly, he would either react cutely or he might be all turned on.

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Jeonghan- While you perform for him, he would just watch you with a big smile on his face and when you are finished he would come close you to wrap his arms around you. He would do whatever he can to make you do it again for him as he enjoyed it a lot, he will not leave you alone until you do so. But honestly he would just find you so talented and he would adore you more than ever!

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Joshua - He would immediately be shocked to find out you could pole dance but he would also be so proud of you. He would beg you to show me a routine. A private routine just for him. During the routine his eyes would be glued to and his member would be growing hard in his pants. After the routine he will definitely be taking you to the bedroom. This gentleman definitely has some dirty secrets.

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Jun - This boy would find you pole dancing one of the sexist things ever. He would be so surprised but also excited to see your routine. When you performed to him he would watch you closely with a smirk on his face. He would love the way you would move against that pole. After you finish he will pull you close and say “how about I show you my talents now.”

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Hoshi- You join him in the practice room, when he takes a break you offer to show him your pole dancing skills. He would be so happy that you even offered because you usually like to keep your talents hidden. When you start he would clap like a crazy person and would stand to join you while dancing sexily. He would be so turned on watching your body all tangled around the pole and he would also beg you to teach him so that he can add the moves into his choreography somehow.

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Wonwoo - He would be really shocked when you first tell him. He wouldn’t know how to react or what to say. He didn’t expect this but he would very encouraging and try to persuade you into showing him a routine. Once you agreed and showed. He can’t keep his eyes off you. The way you moved was amazing. Each second of that routine was perfect. He was proud of you and would constantly try to persuade you into showing him more.

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Woozi- He would he in his usual space (his studio) and you would be waiting for him to finish but then you got bored so you decided to practice your routine on the ground. The first reaction you would get from Woozi is… He would stare in shock, as you have never mentioned about being able to do a routine. He wouldn’t be able to focus on producing songs until you finish because you are honestly just the biggest distraction.

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DK- You and DK would be joking around and playing, and suddenly you decide to surprise him by doing your routine. His first thought would be “Holy shit, what is this girl doing” but then he would slowly enjoy watching you, he would keep yelling and clapping like an idiot, that’s just his way to show his support and how proud he is of you. From that day on he definitely continue to annoy you to show him more.

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Mingyu - once you guys were hanging out and then you decide to show Mingyu one of your hidden talents. You get up and start your routine. His immediate reaction would be “what is happening…” but eventually he would be so excited and just have his eyes glued on you like wow. He loved the way your body moved against that pole. Everything about you was so perfect. Just when he thought you couldn’t get any more perfect you just did. After you finish he would pull you close and say “you’re so perfect.”

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The8 - He’s usually really quiet but when he finds out you can pole dance he’s all over you trying to convince you to do it. He’s practically dying to see you grinding against that pole. Once you finally cave and show him he’s got the biggest smirk on his face while he watches you. He’s so proud of you and from then on he would always beg you to show him again and again.  

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Seungkwan - His reaction would be the most dramatic thing you have ever seen. Once you tell him his drop will literally drop to the floor. He would not have anything to say. When you show him a routine he would cheer you on saying “Y/N you go girl!” He will be so proud and definitely brag about you to the other members.

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Vernon - Being a little awkward turtle would not know what to do. When he’s around you he turns into a little shy schoolboy so obviously when you decide to show him one of your routines he would sit on the chair and just turn into a little bright tomato. But inside he would be so proud of you.

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Dino - This little boy would not know how to react. But once he saw you performing he would be proud. He could not keep his eyes off you for even a second. Once you finished he would annoy you into teaching him and once you did let’s just say pole dancing has become one of his hidden talents.

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Is it possible to ask an headcanons? The settings is in the happy "we are all alive" univers after the final boss. The guys s/o attends the wedding of their best friend. Who is even their ex, a very important one. No romantic feelings anymore but at some point the chocobro noticed their partner are kinda strange. They ended up to loudly sobs and run off the church. The guys misunderstood their reaction (they aren't upset because they love their ex) how it end?

Ooooh drama~! Love it! Will write this in drabble format :D As usual, I started with the intention of keeping these short and then completely lost control. A normal day for Miss Immortal *sigh*.

Tagging: @blindbae, @itshaejinju, @airlea-sicarius, @the-lucian-archives, @rubyphilomela, @lady-asuka, @stunninglyignis and @asendioncosplay :D

PERMALINK FOR ANDROID USERS: https://themissimmortal.tumblr.com/post/160146159710/is-it-possible-to-ask-an-headcanons-the-settings

Noctis: Noctis smirked to himself as he stood next to you in his custom-made suit, and stared up at the beautifully arranged wedding altar a few feet in front the both of you. He slowly turned his head towards you and his smirk faltered into a small frown when he caught your eyes misting over. He nudged you gently, gaining your attention before grasping your hand inconspicuously in his own. He squeezed your hand softly, but firmly, worrying to himself about the reasons behind your emotional response to the sight of the beautiful altar. He was most worried about the fact that the wedding he was attending with you was the wedding of your male best friend who had also been your boyfriend before you had met the prince.

Noctis leaned down slightly and whispered in your ear, “are you going to be alright?”

Your gaze flicked up towards Noctis’ midnight blue eyes and you let out a soft sob before shaking off his grip and fleeing from the room. Curious eyes stared after you as you ran, and even more curious eyes followed after Noctis as he ran after you, calling your name softly as he moved.

You were now freely crying as you stopped in front of the beautiful water feature of Leviathan in the main foyer. Noctis immediately grasped your hand in a desperate hold, and looked at you with a pleading look in his eyes.

“Y/n… do you still love him? Is that what you ran from the ceremony?” Your eyes widened in shock at Noctis’ question. You immediately shook your head, trying to quickly settle to misunderstanding.

“No, no! I’m just… I was just imagining our wedding and I just…” you trailed off, hiccupping slightly as you flushed red. Noctis’ mouth fell open, and you decided to continue your explanation for Noctis’ sake. He looked very confused. “I just felt so happy and I knew I was going to burst with emotion, and when you held my hand and looked at me like that I just… oh my Six, how embarrassing! I absolutely lost it, and now all those people in there probably think I left because I still have feelings for my best friend!” You cried out, absolutely mortified.

Noctis chuckled, staring down at you with fondness in his eyes. He leaned forward quickly and pressed a sweet kiss against your slightly parted lips, lingering close at its conclusion. He smiled against your lips and rubbed his nose against you in an act of endearment.

“Our wedding, huh? You want to be my queen? I’ll gladly have you.”

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ive been forcing my dad to watch one punch man with me lately, and for the most part hes enjoyed it. today, we got to mumen riders introduction and i turned to my dad and said “ he’s the best one. hes my favorite” and my dad just kinda looked at me like “why???? hes so lame and goofy???”. so we went on our way and watched up until the deep sea king episodes, and that part with mumen rider fighting the king comes on, and i excitedly look over to my dad to see what he’s doing and theres just tears… flowing down his face and he just whispers “you can do it mumen rider.” and he is just so emotionally invested in mumen rider.

BUT THEN at the part where saitama got the fan mail that said thanks, my dad thinks its genos who sent it and is like “meh whatever genos is a dramatic nerd” so saitama goes to that oden place, and when mumen rider says that he sent the letter instead, my dad just breaks apart, he starts crying and smiling and hes just so happy and excited cause mumen rider and saitama get along and mumen rider is just so pure. at the end i turned to him and was like “whos your favorite character” and hes like “mUMEN RIDER OBVIOUSLY”

The Basic Anglophone Les Mis Adaptation Formula

Or BALMAF for short

If you’ve seen more than one non-musical Les Mis movie in English (whether it’s American OR British), you might have noticed that sometimes they’re eerily similar to each other. I’m talking about the 1935, 1952, 1978 and 1998 movies, as seen above.

I honestly think these are all at least somewhat based on each other. They all follow the same rough structure, they share suspiciously specific details… it’s not really hard to make the connections. So I figured I’d try to put that structure into words.

Disclaimer: I’m not necessarily saying these are all bad things. (Although most of them are.) They’re just shared features and I get that plot needs to be streamlined when you adapt a giant novel into a movie. But it’s amusing to make fun of them. Also I only included the ones that show up in at least three of the movies.


1: This is the story of Jean Valjean and Inspector Javert, everybody else is mostly just there to drive the plot forward.

2: Prison porn, lots of prison porn Okay okay not literal porn but you know what I mean. (exception: ‘98)

3: Fantine? Who’s that? Oh right Cosette’s mom. I guess we should give her a couple of scenes then… (exception: in ‘98 Fantine gets an actual story arc.)

4: We should really linger on this Montreuil-sur-Mer part of the plot, that’s the good stuff (but we can’t call the town “Montreuil-sur-Mer”, that would be ridiculous.)

5: The Thénardiers can only appear once, when Valjean goes to pick up Cosette, or not at all. Who needs all those plot points later on, this story is about the EPIC CHASE between Valjean and Javert!

6: You can have either Gavroche or adult Éponine but never both and they’re not related to the Thénardiers because we’re done with the Thénardiers already, didn’t I just tell you? Child Éponine may be allowed with the Thénardiers but she’s never named and has no lines.

7: Wow, Hugo really went off the plot rails after they arrive in Paris, didn’t he? There’s barely anything about Javert hunting Valjean in here! Let’s fix that and remove all this irrelevant stuff about all these side characters. We’ll just keep the love story because you gotta have a love story

8: I guess the revolution thing is kind of cool as a set piece for Valjean and Javert’s DRAMATIC REUNION. But we don’t really need to explain the politics and ideology and the fighting and all the minor character stuff, all that has nothing to do with Valjean and Javert!

9: Oh wait I guess we should still kill off whichever not!Thénardier kid we decided to include, though, for Dramatic Effect and to show how Tragic and Horrible revolutions are. (Exception: in ‘52 Gavroche doesn’t die)

10: Obviously Javert should go to the barricades to find Valjean, that’s much more important to him than “spying on the revolutionaries” lol (exception: '78)

11: Sewer chase scene! Yes, finally we’re back to the REAL story of Les Mis! Javert chasing Valjean in the sewers!

12: Well, Javert is dead so I guess we’re done now. VALJEAN WON! WHOO! HAPPY ENDING!

(more details under the cut)

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2B Malec Wishlist

CASUAL AFFECTION. Don’t get me wrong, I obviously love big dramatic kisses and moments like the wedding, the kisses and scenes in episodes 6 and 7 and of course the ‘I love you’ scene and kiss but I want casual displays of affection. Holding hands, quick kisses, kisses on the cheek, cuddles. People wonder why fans of LGBT ships freak out over even the smallest of things, and it’s more then likely because we’re always waiting for the next big, dramatic show of affection. We always get to see casual moments between hetero couples (clace especially) so why make Malec any different?

#8 Newlyweds Game

“Look, I don’t care what we do, but we’re NOT playing charades!” Angelina yelled over her friends.

“You’re never going to let that go are you?” George asked in disbelief.

“My hair George! My hair was on fire!” She shouted back.

“That wasn’t my fault!”

“Why can’t we just play twister like we planned?” Harry asked the group, coming back from the kitchen after fetching himself and Ginny a couple of drinks.

“Ron bailed, and he’s the one who was supposed to bring the game. Apparently Luna asked him out to dinner.” Hermione informed him.

“Apparently she’s more important then not letting his friends slip into the anarchy of having to choose what to play for game night.” Fred said in a jokingly bitter tone.

“How about the newlywed game?” Ginny offered. “We have an even number now.”

A long moment passed.

“Gin that game’s for couples.” Harry said, feeling the tension in the air.

“Well Hermione and Fred can pair up!” Ginny insisted to the still silent room. “C'mon they’re close enough friends to stand half a chance against us.”

“Whatever, if it’ll get everyone to stop arguing I’m in.” Fred declared.
“You ready to get fake married and put these guys in the ground ‘Mione?”

“Born ready.” Hermione giggled.

* *

The game was set up. On one couch sat Hermione, Ginny, and Angelina. On the other say Fred, Harry, and George. The twins leaned against Harry, squishing him between them as Ginny shuffled the cards.

“Okay, whiteboards ready boys?” Ginny asked. The boys picked up their boards and markers out of the games box and nodded, “Here we go, girls, name your partners favourite ice cream flavour.”

The boys quickly scribbled their answers on their whiteboards and set down their markers keeping the backs of their boards facing the girls.

“Angelina, you first.” Ginny told her.

“Well…” Angelina thought for a moment, “I guess I’ll say classic chocolate. Oh! With caramel sauce on top!”

Fred stopped on the floor marking a drumroll noise and flipped his board over with a flourish. Scrawled across it in messy writing was 'chocolate + caramel’. “And the lady gets it right!” He announced to his friends as Ginny gave them a tally on the points card.

“Yeah yeah, we haven’t even finished the first round Georgie calm down. Harry and I are taking you down.” Ginny told him confidently. “Harry’s favourite ice cream is crème brûlée.”

Harry flipped is whiteboard around showing that she was indeed correct.

“Crème brûlée? Manly.” George muttered, rolling his eyes dramatically.

“Hey, don’t knock it till you try it.” Harry defend himself.

Adding a point to hers and Harry’s column, Ginny gestured to the next pair. “Your turn Hermione.”

“Peanut butter cup.” She said causally, as if it was an obvious answer.

Fred whirled his white board around to show the group his answer, written in all capitals. “Obviously peanut butter cup! It’s the best flavour of everything!” He shouted and shimmied his shoulders in a small victory dance.

“Well I guess despite not being a couple, Fred and Hermione are in the races.” Ginny announced. “It’s a three way tie after round number one.”

* *

Round four was underway. So far the group had answered what their partners favourite ice cream was, what their parents names were, and what their childhood dream job was. Ginny had given each team a nickname on the new banner sized tally sheet. George and Angelina or 'Georgelina’ had 3 points, Fred and Hermione or 'Fremione’ had 3 points, and Harry and Ginny or 'Hinny’ had 2, despite Ginny’s insisting that the last question wasn’t fair given that she didn’t know what muggles called people who flew planes.

“What is your partners go to accessory?” Ginny asked, and set the card down to pick up her white board and marker. “Georgelina, whenever you’re ready.”

“Purses! Final answer.” George exclaimed with confidence.

An awkward silence filled the room as Angelina turned her board around to face her boyfriend, 'Earrings’ scrawled across the front. “Purses babe? Really?” She questioned George in a sharp voice.

“Ooo and Georgelina falls out of their tie for first.” Ginny said in her best announcer voice. Angelina narrowed her eyes and gave George a playful but pointed look, as if to say “And who’s fault is that?”

“Okay, well,” Harry began slowly, “you don’t really wear much jewelry, oh, those little leather bracelets?” He guessed.

“Dammit I forgot about those!” Ginny cursed, placing her whiteboard face up on the table. “I said sneakers. Ugh, it’s your turn now whatever.” She grumbled gesturing lamely to Fred.

“Easy. Scarves.” He said matter-of-factly and leaned back in his chair.

Hermione’s mouth fell open in an overly dramatic display of shock as she laughed. She turned her answer around to prove he was correct “Good job Fred. You’re turning out to be a very good fake husband.” She joked.

“Excuse you? I am far more then that!” Fred exclaimed, “I am a wonderful, brilliant, fantastic fake husband.”

“Of course dear, how could I forget?” Hermione chuckled.

* *

The game was over and the group was back spread out in the living room. The loosing teams sulked in silence as the winners chatted loudly about their victory.

“I honestly had no idea!” Hermione insisted, laughing.

“So you just guessed that I the last thing I ate was a long lasting peppermint?” Fred asked astonished.

“Well I just thought about it logically. You did just come from work, and you and George mentioned being in the test stage for those a few days ago.” She explained quickly.

“Brilliant Hermione!” Fred exclaimed.

Ginny eyed the two suspiciously as they joked together. She looked at Harry sitting beside her and tilted her head towards them rolling her eyes. Harry smiled at her and placed his hand on her knee. A simple but affectionate action.

Ginny looked back at Fred and Hermione, they were both laughing hard at something one of them had said. Fred beamed at Hermione as she tried to pull herself together unsuccessfully. Her shoulders shook with laughter and her head was tiled back with a large open smile plastered across her face. Fred’s hand rested on Hermione’s knee.

Suddenly, Ginny’s eyes widened in surprise. Quickly, she masked her expression but her mind was whirling. She now had realized three very exciting new things. One, Hermione liked Fred. Two, Fred liked Hermione. And three, Ginny smiled to herself, these two would need some help admitting to it.

She had work to do.

* *

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Whatever you make of this, go for it. I have a request for MC x Saizo's sister Yuki. She's been on my list of female voltage NPCs that I desire that we will never have routes of for a while now. So, SFW or NSWF, I just want to see what you do with that pairing. Thank you ♥


here i put my gay lil heart into this it was fun af thank u for this Good Ass Prompt

nsfw under the cut as usualllll

Afternoon Affections

  • Yuki’s just like her brother in that she likes to tease a lot, but she’s a lot less sadist and a lot more sweet because she likes to spoil her sweetheart. Thinks MC is just the cutest thing and would kiss that girl silly if MC would let her–we’re all surprised MC hasn’t passed out from overheating after all of the teasing she gets.
    • Yuki also loves giving her compliments just to see her flush red.
  • MC was pretty self-conscious before she and Yuki were together in any way because 1) Yuki is Gorgeous and Sensual and 2) would Yuki look her way? Maybe? MC thinks she’s so inexperienced and plain in comparison…
    • Joke’s on MC because MC is literally Yuki’s type–cute, easy to fluster, and earnest as they come.
    • Yuki reasons she’s got a lot of time to convince MC otherwise, of course.
  • They talk a lot? Yuki’s not the type to go into something serious unless she can ensure she and her partner are on the same page–secrecy is for casual affairs. Though she doesn’t exactly give out all of the details of the things she does for confidentiality, Yuki is fairly honest with what her job entails–seduction and assassination being two big things–and if MC asks about what happened during her mission, Yuki will tell her. MC has adjusted fairly well to the reality Yuki lives in, and they meet halfway.
  • MC asks Yuki to train her in self-defense. At first Yuki is apprehensive about it, because she doesn’t like the thought–but she’s a realist before she’s ever an opportunist, and in Yuki’s line of work, she knows MC could easily be put in danger should anyone know details about Yuki’s relationship with her. It’s only natural MC should learn the basics, and the art of escape.
    • Yuki’s not exactly a nice teacher, but she’d be lying if she said she didn’t take advantage of the situation sometimes to feel MC up LMFAO.
    • MC’s torn because she likes the attention, but Yuki! I need to concentrate, or I’ll never get this right!
  • Sometimes Yuki doesn’t sleep, and MC knows it a little too well. She’ll hear pacing down the hall and then see an ever familiar silhouette come by her door–usually Yuki will walk through the entire castle until morning comes on those nights, and it worries MC a lot. So when MC sees her pass the door, MC stops her and brings her to the kitchen to make tea and talk in quiet, bated whispers–then MC takes Yuki back to her chambers, and they lay like that throughout the night. 
    • Yuki doesn’t always sleep on those nights, but she feels so content having MC in her arms that she can forget a little about how tired she is the next day.

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I Love The Fosters but..

That episode was annoying. 

1- Why is Jude laughing on his way to visit his brother whose having brain surgery? Don’t care how much of a joint you smoke, that will sober you up real quick. 

2- If they aren’t trying to write Noah as a bad influence/antagonist type character, they are failing 

3- Courtney is the worst character please let that relationship die 

4- Why wouldn’t Callie just tell the police immediately what happened? She didn’t do anything wrong? Then her lawyer friend tells her to be honest and she still isn’t???? Then when she decides to be, they arrest her? Even though she technically was distracted because her brother was dying??? 

5- Why would the officer try and question Jesus when he just had a seizure? He is obviously under duress? And so was Mariana when he questioned her??? I’m not even a cop and I know that anything said under duress does not count towards official records???  And wouldn’t Stef know that?? And why would she agree to let the cop question her seizing son???? And doesn’t it make a difference that the person Jesus punched was a kid that stalked Mariana and brought a gun to school and violated his probation and is obviously completely psychotic????? AND WHY ARE ALL THE COPS IN THIS TOWN SUCH AWFUL PEOPLE?????

6- Why was everyone so damn nonchalant in the waiting room like if you told me my son might need a craniotomy I would be losing my actual shit or if I watched my brother/son seizure uncontrollably and foam from the mouth I wouldn’t be napping and sitting around talking about my romantic relationship problems acting like I was waiting for someone to give birth like THIS IS SERIOUS SHIT. WHO DIRECTED THIS EPISODE??? 

7- I enjoy the dramatics of the show but tonight was just overkill. Which made the few scenes that they did input in order to be more lighthearted just seem insensitive and off putting. 

If this show turns into Pretty Little Liars I’m done with Freeform like BYE.