obviously for the show it was dramatic

If you like Friends but want a more updated version, you should watch Happy Endings:

Happy Endings is a beautiful show that was canceled too soon. But more importantly, it is so much like an updated version of Friends that one of the characters even calls them each by their friends equivalent at one point (while drugged after going to the dentist…obviously).

Your new Monica is Jane Kerkovich-Williams: a bisexual goddess control freak

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She is married to Brad, your new Chandler: 

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Jane’s sister, Alex, literally runs out on her own wedding in the pilot. Also in the fashion world (owns her own shop).

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Then there’s Penny, who is the wacky single girl friend (definitely a less dramatic backstory than Phoebe… )

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Waiting for new Joey? Look no further than Max, the gay/jewish player.

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Thinking, “Hey, I could do without a Ross”? Well, don’t worry. Dave is definitely sometimes a jerk but in no way as creeptastic as Mr. Friendzone Divorce Guy. Also, he’s the chef of the group, you know, some things have to change. 

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Go, watch, be happy. All episodes are on hulu, last I checked. This is an easy show to plow through and definitely worth it. 

I hear a lot of people knock on the phantom (most joking but some serious) because he essentially steals Raoul’s lines when he proposes to Christine.

But I mean, isn’t that a fantastic insight into the character of the phantom ? Think about it, Erik does not know *h o w* to show love, possibly even what love truly looks like. We don’t know a ton about ALW’s phantoms past but it doesn’t sound pleasant. His mother obviously was disgusted by his face and Madame giry tells us about finding him in a freakshow.

So probably not a lot of proper social development going on through Erik’s poor life. Maybe this is why he’s so dramatic too when it comes to Christine, because the only love he knows about is from art (books, watching the shows at the opera house).

Maybe Erik realizes that his dramatic way of showing love isn’t working, and then he watches as Raoul proclaims the most tender promises of love. And maybe that’s why Erik steals the words, because he sees that they work on Christine and he knows nothing about how to show love. He tries as best as he can, which is why he steals the lines from the person Christine loves dearly.

I just think that’s swell and very interesting to think about. I do think the phantom loves Christine despite what people say, but I don’t think he knew how to show it in a normal and safe way. I don’t think anyone who lived the life he did would know how.

(Again not an excuse, just an insight into Erik’s mind)

I love that Isak wasn’t stubborn and that he followed the advice of the school’s doctor ! He didn’t stay in his funk but chose to fight back the depression he was falling into.
I love that they didn’t drag out his misery for angst purpose. Ep 5 ended with a crying Isak and Ep 6 with a smiling Isak. In another show he would have been overly dramatic for weeks, would have taken the sleeping pills and it would have ended badly…
The length of ep6 doesn’t bother. The point of this ep was obviously to adress Isak mental state and show us how he’d deal with it. A 30min episode wouldn’t have added much. Instead, we had a short but earnest and realistic depiction of Isak’s distress and his resolution to end it, partly by confiding in Jonas. Adding an Evak scene (especially the sex scene !) wouldn’t have fitted with the theme of this ep.

Binged watched a show

Has anyone on the witchcraft community seen the cartoon “little witch academia”? a cute, charming witchy-all girls school anime where believing in yourself is the real magic. There’s obviously unrealistic powers, but the core of it is relatable to “actual magic”

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is riverdale that good? should I watch it?


but. and this is a crucial but… it’s obviously not for everybody. At least I don’t think so.

First of all idk how invested youd be on the fact that these characters are all based off of the Archie comic books. (And apparently this show is canon to those as well…?) And plus it pulls off all the cliche of a dramatic high school tv show. Like a mix of Degrassi and Glee. With the mystery thriller of like Scream.

If you watch Glee or even any shows on CW like the Flash, Legends of Tomorrow or Supergirl (idk why im only listing DC shows) it has that same trope where every character acts this… same certain way. im horrible at explaining it but its like every actor on the cw show copies each others acting. Like as if they all have to act the same certain way cus the shows are on the same network. That’s just me though and I personally like it and idk if others will too.

And as much as I love the thriller and suspense part of the show the writing issssss…. not terrible buttttttt somewhat high school cliche tropiness and that could really let people down. I mean like people wont be that interested in it but i personally like.

Okay just to cut this short, there’s a lot of things I like about the show that makes it amazing but because of those things im not sure if you or any other people I recommend it to will agree. honestly its like watch it if you’ve never ever EVER seen a high school drama show or sitcom. BUt its very cliche and I guess the only reason why I like it is because they bring it the world of Archie in this other world of like mysteries, drama, sex and whatever. Personally i loved reading the little Archie comic books it use to entertain me a lot in high school.(idk if this is worth nothing but this show is about everybody not just Archie)

Also the other thing that keeps me engaged on watching this every friday is fucking JUGHEAD JONES AKA COLE SPROUSE. I love him so much and I grew up watching him in Suite Life and Suite life on Deck and its just so cool to see him all grown up in a serious show like this (and funny enough hes back in high school lmao)

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i think caroline forgot that she's a vampire when she ran after the girls in slow motion x_x that scene didn't make any sense

Obviously it was done to gave a certain effect to the scene. It had to be dramatic.

If she used the vampire speed, it wouldn’t have the same impact.

They chose to go for the drama/slow motion instead of the action/fast saving.

It was really a matter of few seconds anyway.

Besides, it’s not the first time they choose the dramatic effect instead of the practical one.

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Does it bother you or anyone else how dramatic Jim Boob is when someone asks to court his daughter? He acts like he never sees it coming but considering that he pre-screens any man who breathes in his daughters' direction, what is the big surprise???

Well everything JimBob does bothers me ;) But yes, I find that irritating.  Dude, you choose who gets to interact with your daughters; obviously you’re going to approve them.  Especially since, as Jeremy confirmed in the last episode, they keep their guards up the whole time.  You’ll never know the real them and they’re showing you what you want to see.  And frankly, you’re too stupid to recognize that fact.

But, you know, the guy needs to be the center of attention at all times, and he enjoys making sure that the young males know that he will always have power over them, so…

listen u have no idea how important in the flesh is 2 me

i started watching it in 2014 (a couple months after s2 aired i think?) when i was still a baby gay coming to terms w the fact i wasnt straight and i was mentally ill and in the flesh helped me so so much like i had so so much self hatred and thanks to it i started accepting myself a little more

also my great uncle died like a week before i started the show and it helped me distract myself too like not to be dramatic but i owe this show my life

also i met a lot of cool ppl in the fandom  and generally the fandom was p chill cause everyone was gay and mentally ill so like?

basically im emo and even tho the show def wasnt perfdct i really hope we get that one special (and its issues get fixed obviously)

Stiles’ side of the wall / analysed

So this is my background for my laptop. (obviously)

But I gave it a better look and the people sitting there, behind Stiles, make me question this scene.

These people are just staring of into the disctance, everyone in kind of the same position: back against chair, legs seperated and hands resting on them. We only see two complete people in our vision, but the ones behind them also seem to have the same posture. 

In the front of this shot, you have Stiles, leaning against the infamous wall. I suppose this was for the dramatic shot and to show he has a connection with Lydia, but it would make more sense if he was also sitting alongside those other people. 

What I think is that the people on Stiles’ side also slowly forget their life before they were taken. Since they never existed in Lydia’s world, perhaps they start to forget their existence too.

If this is one of the first episodes, then it would make sense that Stiles still remembers, or mostly remembers, hence not sitting there like a robot with no sense of living.

Also, the place he is in seems like an abandoned factory/company. Although the benches are kind of something you would see in a train station. (at least where I Iive) So to go further along in my previous post about the wall, I don’t think they are in a parallel universe, but more something like Bardo (season 3B). You’re not living, but you’re not dead: Bardo. 

So......the Minion movie (mainly Overkills)

 It was actually a cute movie for a few reasons but MAN OH MAN, THE OVERKILLS. 

See her entrance = Yeah, shes got power and style I can dig it. Moves can’t compare. Badass.

Sees his entrance and their dynamics = OH OKAY, YUP, YUPPP, WOW, A+


There is something about powerful woman with their head over heels husbands that get me. She was in charge the whole time, he was used to and loved the over dramatic body language as well as her loving the fact he rolls with it, he loved her so much and was obviously very comfortable to help her get her goal while also letting her do all the work, she loves his work and his passion for it not to mention his tiny quirks, He was sort of a fanboy for his own wife first and of evil second, and at the end she shows she isnt just using him (if thats what the audience may have thought) by holding him close while the shield is coming around them. That’s when you for sure know it was all legit and you almost wish for their own movie. Honestly. 

(end spoilers)

So would I see it again? Yup, and not even JUST for the couple. The story was actually very good in some parts (yeah there were plot holes but for everything they packed into that movie it was a given and kids wouldn’t be able to tell. They put attention on details that normally wouldnt be bothered with, and with that many different avenues can be taken down the line. They set it all up very well for a possible DM3 or minion2 without making it seem like your missing out (Except I would have liked to see what happened to the couple afterwards, but why we didnt makes me belief they will come back somehow.) 

I’m way too tired to write a full review but this was mainly on the power couple. 


Very bored, Gwenllian spread her arms out dramatically. Both hands once again pointed at the mirrors. “Mirrors! I am telling you, that is what we do.”

Something prickled in Blue, uncomfortably. She eyed the mirrors; Neeve had used them for divination, Calla said. She’d stood between them and seen endless possibilities for herself stretched out on either side, in either mirror.

Maura was always shuffling the page of cups out of her tarot deck and showing it to Blue: Look, it’s you! Look at all the potential she holds!

“Yes,” Gwenllian said, shrill. “You’re getting it. Do they use you, blue lily? Do they ask you to hold their hands so they can better see their future? Do you make them see the dead? Do you get sent from the room when things get too loud for them?”

Blue nodded dumbly.

“Mirrors,” Gwenllian cooed. “That is what we are. When you hold a candle in front of a glass, doesn’t it make the room twice as bright? So do we, blue lily, lily blue.”

the raven boys, chapters 8 & 23
the dream thieves, chapter 6
blue lily, lily blue, chapter 8

Things we like about Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress:

  • The Main Character doesn’t have a love interest or any weird pseudo-romantic love interest bull in the background.
  • The character who probably would have been paired with him in another series (an obviously underaged girl) is instead intensely adopted by him.
  • Main Character hates the guy who turned her into a child soldier as soon as he learns the guy exists, even though the kiddo adores him. Ikoma’s having none of that bullshit. Not for one second. Not even when he barely knows her.
  • A female train conductor took off her overshirt dramatically once… to show off her rippling muscles. Her back and arms are lovely, jsyk. It hasn’t happened aver again and she’s characterized in a way that isn’t condescending at all.
  • None of he ladies are! The lady who adopted all the orphans on the train isn’t shown as weak for taking care of kids; the noble heiress, while a bit naive at first, is strong, intelligent, and learns to lead a train full of refugees and uses her politicking to their benefit.
  • The heiress’s bodyguard is such an earnest ‘knight protector’ archetype that its actually really endearing. He has Feelings, but gets embarrassed when he sees her indulging in a caramel one time. He acted like he’d seen her naked or something (which hasn’t happened! no creepy nude scenes yet!). They’re also about the same age, listen to each other well, and generally seem to have an honestly good relationship.
  • Outfits for the ladies are pretty good, with two exceptions: the adopted sister and one enemy lady, both of which worked for the bad guy. Little Sister’s wouldn’t be bad on an adult noncombatant, but for her I’m not toooo thrilled. Enemy lady had it worse, though technically she was covered in cloth. Technically. All of her plot and characterization were a bit suspect, honestly, and of a different quality than we’d come to expect.

Before you go off and watch though! Being a sort-of zombie apocalypse, please beware of: Zombie themes, child endangerment, child death, pregnant lady turning/death, gore, body horror, massacres, suicide, and execution.

5.08 Birth Commentary Transcript

W: Hi there, this is episode 508, entitled “Birth.” Um, I’m David H. Goodman; I’m an executive producer and writer.

W: I’m Jerome Schwartz. I’m a producer and writer on the show.

Colin O’Donoghue: I’m Colin O’Donoghue. I’m an actor who plays Captain Hook on the show.

COD: I don’t know why I sounded so formal there.

W: We appreciate a formal introduction. Thank you, Colin.

COD: Well, I thought it was important, you see.

W: I think we should say, I can’t imagine anyone who’s watching this for the first time listening to the commentary, but if you are: stop, because I think we have to start with a big spoiler, which is that Captain Hook is a Dark One. Which obviously is something everyone was going to find out very dramatically by the end of this episode here.

COD: I thought it was interesting that it seemed to be, uh, quite a big shock to people. For some reason. But to me, Hook was quite dark in the beginning when I first started on the show. You know, he always had that darkness within him. So it would have been easy for him to give into it.

W: Yeah, and I mean, I should say, I remember when we were just starting out talking about this season, there was an idea of Emma’s plan in the present being—turning Hook into a Dark One, and then the room had this kind of “aha!” moment, which was, well, what if she already—what if she’d already done it, and that was the secret she was keeping in the present. And so, just in case anyone was wondering, it was something that was planned pretty much from the get go—

W: In one form or another, yeah.

COD: Hm.

W: Liam Garrigan, who plays, um, King Arthur, who has just been a super pleasure to work with and brought so much to the Arthur role.

COD: Yeah, Liam’s amazing. I mean, and a great guy as well.

W: Yeah, great actor and great scene here directed by, uh, Eagle Egilsson, director of the episode, who did a fantastic job with—yeah, I love that. Love that look right there. [Arthur looking at Excalibur]. And now, Colin, just to ask the question, I mean, what’s the approach actor-wise to an episode like this in terms of knowing you’re the Dark One, and knowing your character doesn’t know he’s the Dark One.

COD: [laughter]

W: Is that hard to play and to hide and do you sometimes get confused even yourself?

COD: I just put on more eyeliner, to be honest. To dazzle people so that they don’t ask the question. No, eh, it’s an interesting thing to sort of know that that’s coming up. You know, for me, it was good because I got to play, you know, over these couple episodes—I got to play both sides of Hook, and it was fun for me to get to go back to sort of what the old version of Hook was like for me when I first came on. Well, I mean, it’s not that hard to do, I mean, you take the scenes as they come. You know the intention and the emotion and whatever that you want to bring across in the scenes and you just do it. I mean, it’s hard not to approach it that way when it’s, I think it was nearly 5 o’clock in the morning when we were shooting this scene, so it’s like late and cold and, you know, you have to try and bring as much energy and stuff to the scene at that time, so you kind of more deal with the elements at that stage than anything

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LOL so my friend and I are binge watching this crazy Disney show called backstage because it’s so bad but so funny cuz it’s trying to be so dramatic and they’re trying to force a relationship with this obviously gay guy and this girl. we’re screaming it’s so cringe but i can’t stop watching!

A quick guide to recognising the Matsuno brothers

So I hear people talking about how it’s hard to recognise the brothers in Osomatsu-san. I know there’s a pic going around that lists details but I’m gonna expand on it here with some stuff I’ve noticed. This will include stuff like their default facial expressions (in emotes), colour, basic details/observations & how many strands of hair they have sticking up (their ahoge if you will)


The oldest brother. He tends to initiate situations, and is more of a “main character” than the other brothers. Often says “ii na” and “taihen!”.

Colour: Red

Hair: 2 strands


Almost always looks either smug or angry. Wears sunglasses & leather jackets a lot. Is often posing in some dramatic way. You know how in western cop shows they often have a character who speaks in a dramatic gruff & obviously forced low voice in order to sound badass or mysterious (think the main guy from CSI Miami)? Karamatsu tries to pull that voice all the time, so know to listen for that.

Colour: Blue

Hair: 2 strands


The tsukkomi/straight man. He’ll usually be the one shouting and commenting on everyone elses actions. He has smaller pupils than everyone else.

Colour: Green

Hair: No strands


The second easiest brother to recognise. He’s always happy. If you pause a scene of the 6 brothers and see one with a giant grin, that’s Juushi. He has the lowest voice of the brothers and his voice sounds different to the others. Rubbery body.

Colour: Yellow

Hair: One strand


Almost always has a cat face. Occasional tsukkomi. Usually on his phone. Wears hats the most out of everyone.

Colour: Pink

Hair: Two strands


The easiest brother to recognise. His hair is always messy. He’s usually slouching or lying down. Always looks bored. Doesn’t talk much.

Colour: Purple

Hair: Two strands

As a side note the names of the other main characters are:
Iyami - the buckteeth guy who says SHEH

Chibita - the bald kid who runs the food stand

Dayon - The robot they made in ep 2

Dekapan - Big guy with massive pants

Hatabo - Kid with Japanese flag stuck in his head.

Totoko - the brown haired girl who died for a mega nosebleed in ep 1

Hope this helps! SHEEHHHHH!


** For those who are still in doubt whether Will and Hannibal survived the fall. (If will have a 4 season. Fingers crossed.) **

Todd VanDerWerff

‘Obviously, this could serve well as an ending for the whole series, but it wasn’t intended to be. Where would this go in a fourth season or future movies or miniseries, and how on Earth would you ever wrap back around toSilence of the Lambs [as was rumored the show would eventually do]?’

Bryan Fuller

‘The Silence of the Lambs wouldn’t have been part of the fourth season. The fourth season would have been Will and Hannibal, having survived the fall, taking a new and dramatic turn in their relationship. For me, it was perhaps the most interesting chapter of Will Graham’s story.


SPREAD THE WORD TO HELP US RENEW THIS WONDERFUL SHOW!!!!! yahooscreen hulu starz syfy bbcamerica showtimeallaccess and others! #SaveHannibal