obviously a scribble

Okay but soulmate au where person B’s handwriting is so much of a mess that person A doesn’t even think it’s a soulmark because it just looks like a really strange birthmark. Cue all the angst because they think they don’t have a soulmate because obviously this scribble is just like a weird scar or something like that. Then they see this stranger write something on a piece of paper and just go oh and yell something like “so you’re the asshole that made me think that I was destined to be alone” because that handwriting looks a whole lot like the odd mark on their skin and person B is just like wtf


The Language of Flowers (Happy Valentine’s Day!))

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Amaryllis: Promise of a future

Forget - Me - Nots: True love, hope, remembrance and memories

Roses: Pink for happiness, lavender for enchantment and of course red for love.


Nursey understands that it’s weird to stare at someone while they make tea. He knows it’s weird to be carefully watching to see just how much honey Dex squeezes into the mug. It’s weird to try to calculate how much milk Dex dumps in it. It’s weird, and there’s really no reason for it. He can’t stop, though.

“Is that for someone?” Nursey asks, when Dex picks the mug up and turns to leave the kitchen.

“Yes, me,” Dex answers, scrunching his eyebrows at Nursey like he always does when he’s trying to figure out what the fuck is going on inside his head. Good luck, Nursey thinks, even I don’t know what’s going on in here most days.

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Callout Post: BMC Fandom

-doesnt care enough about jake dillinger to realize the frosted tips pictures were obviously faked
-i scribbled those frosted tips on in paint tool sai in like 30 seconds
-i didnt expect yall to take it seriously
-seriously if you google be more chill, the first picture has jake and no frosted tips
- :/


anonymous asked:

Hey, princess. I had a shit day. Can you make a cup of tea for me and let's watch one of those shitty Nicholas Sparks movies you like so much? Not because I like them. They're dumb. I'm not crying, you're crying. I don't like them. - duckling anon <3

“There, there…”

Duckling-Anon, you’re back <3 Your shit day has probably more serious reasons than the ones for Levi’s bad day, but I hope this can make you feel better :) It certainly cheers me up every time I see you in my inbox.

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