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Gravity Falls // Rick and Morty parallels 

I too am like Alexander Hamilton
  • Me: I haven't slipped in a week, I was weak, I was in shape, you'd never seen a college freshmen more in need of a break...Heading to the gym, or thinking I might..
  • That's when that pumpkin pie cheese cake came into my sight..it said-
  • Cake: *does not speak. is a cake*
  • Me: ..lord show me how to say no to this
Things that fuck me up about "Changing Channels" (spn 5x08)

According “Dr. Sexy MD”

1) It’s obviously a parody of Grey’s Anatomy.
Dean has a crush on Dr. Sexy.
Dr. Sexy is based on Derek Sheppard.
Derek Sheppard is portrayed by Patrick Dempsey.
Patrick Dempsey and Jensen Ackles portrayed lovers in “blonde” (2001).
Patrick Dempsey’s character was called ‘cass’.

2) Dean explains to Sam that the guy who’s flirting with the doctor only exists in her mind. In GA that’s Denny Duquette.
Portrayed by Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Who is in GA as dead as in SPN, by the way.

This ep just fucks me up so bad, srsly

Sky High is so great.

The main character is obviously a parody of Captain America, and the guy who you think is a villain is actually a good guy, while the girl who you think is super perfect is actually trying to take over the world. Its biggest theme is not being a hero, its that stereotypes are usually wrong, and people aren’t always who they seem.

Also, the names are incredible. Gwen Grayson (obviously a combination of Gwen Stacy and Dick Grayson), Nurse Spex, Mr. Medulla, and of course, everyone’s favorite, Warren Peace.

I absolutely love how Steven “cast” the other gems in his dream in Chille Tid. It’s obviously a parody of bad sitcoms, but the stereotypical TV roles everyone got perfectly reflect their relationship with Steven. Since this is made exclusively from Steven’s imagination, it’s a great look into how he personally perceives their relationships.

Pearl landed the role of Steven’s mother, which is impressive considering that the kid has a whole army of potential moms to choose from. She’s notably in a position that gives her direct authority over Amethyst, which suggests that Steven views her as the Gem’s second-in-command (even though that’s not her official title). Her role is based around always being there for Steven, which is both helpful and smothering.

Amethyst is the cool older sibling. Not a mother, but a sibling. This could be viewed as both an insult and a compliment- on one hand, it shows her less respect than Pearl received, but on the other hand, it paints her as more relatable and approachable than Pearl. Someone more on Steven’s “level”, whatever that may be. Her role is based upon providing comic relief and an opposing view to Pearl.

Garnet is the Fonz-esque cool friend/mentor. She’s implied to be the most charismatic and likable character in the show. The studio audience can barely contain their glee even before she’s said a word. At the same time, she’s not really apart of the “family” with Steven like Pearl and Amethyst are. She’s something more distant and mysterious, and apparently comes and goes as she pleases in between giving vague yet helpful advice (which is pretty much how normal Garnet operates when you think about it).

Also, Connie’s the date. Can you say canon couple?

OK SO Fukua’s reveal trailer was quite obviously a parody of Ultra Street Fighter IV’s Decapre trailer, right down to the fact that it was a reveal of an essentially cloned and retooled version of another character. The main difference being that Decapre is 100% serious and Fukua is for all intents and purposes an April Fools Joke made in-part to parody fighting game characters of that nature.

The best part?

Fukua has a colour palette based on Decapre (as you can see in this screenshot)


Cheerleader Parody thing?

*To the tune of PTX’s cover*
When I need motivation,
My one solution are my queens,
Since they stay strong,
They are always on my playlist,
Right there when I need them,
All these other bands are tempting,
But I’m empty when they’re muted,
And they say,

Do you need me?
Do I sound pretty?
Do I make you feel like listening,
I’m like no, not really cause

Oh, I think that I found myself my favorite band,
They are always right there when I need them,
Oh, I think that I found myself my favorite band,
They are always right there when I need them,

Well, their harmonies are flawless,
They make happy, like a smile in a bottle,
Cause their a group of choir nerds,
And they have those magic chords,
All these other bands are tempting,
But I’m empty when they’re muted,
And they say,

Do you need me?
Do I sound pretty?
Do I make you feel like listening,
I’m like no, not really cause

Oh, I think that I found myself my favorite band,
They are always right there when I need them,
Oh, I think that I found myself my favorite band,
They are always right there when I need them,

I give them love and affection, pentaholics did I mention, (x7)

On third time,
Right there, right there, when I need them, (x5)

On third time,
Do you need me? Tell me, tell me, tell me,
Do I sound pretty? Tell me, tell me, tell me,
Do you need me? Tell me, tell me, tell me,

Oh, I think that I found myself my favorite band,
They are always right there when I need them,
Oh, I think that I found myself my favorite band,
They are always right there when I need them….

I’ve been looking at this picture, and there are a few things that I thought I should point out

the first is the obvious 3 hidden on Tsukiyama’s collar. 3 is associated with growth, creativity, and friendship. It is also the Tarot card The Empress, which has been associated with Hinami, (coincidence that there’s a jailbreak for Hinami coming up in the manga? I think not). 3 is also closely connected with the illuminati  

Also note the blue thing in Tsukiyama’s hand. The color is definitely significant, with how bright it is and how it’s in the center of the piece. Why blue? Because Tsukiyama is sad. This represents that he is very lonely and broken, and he’s not going to let go of that sadness soon, judging by the firm grip he has on it. 

Lastly and most importantly is his hair 

It looks a little odd, doesn’t it?

Ishida is quite obviously showing us that Tsukiyama is a member of V.

Any thoughts, @makyun , @ladymoonstache ?

Niall and Jade? Or is it Actually Niall and Hat

I figured it out.  I know what’s going on.  Niall was getting tons of shit for his hat before.  They set up a Niall and Jade video so that the fans could get riled up and defensive.  Suddenly the hat is no longer the enemy.  The hat is a friend. Everyone is announcing their love for Niall/hat over Niall/Jade.  

It’s all a set up to gain acceptance for the hat.  A very very clever set up that’s actually working.  Soon there will be the “real” Niall/hat shippers who loved it from the beginning *cough*me*cough* and the “fake” Niall/hat shippers who only jumped on the bandwagon after Twirl-gate.  It’s already beginning.

It’s obviously well-planned.  First, Niall introduces us to the hat.  He’s seen out with it quite often.

It shows up in pictures, but no one is intentionally drawing attention to it.  The fans notice anyway because that’s what fans do, but it’s nothing official.

Then one of Niall’s friends draws attention to the hat.  They just mention it casually though, almost joking around.  Not many people put the pieces together because it’s a slightly lesser known member of the LIC.

Then, as we see it around more and more often, people start to get uncomfortable.  Is Niall really that attached to the hat?  What does it MEAN to Niall if he’s seen with it that often?

He stops wearing it all the time though.  Sometimes he has it and sometimes he doesn’t.  Are they, aren’t they?  Will they, won’t they?  Niall doesn’t wear it on his show appearances or on the red carpet.  That would be too high profile of course.  It also gives people a chance to calm down and get off the defensive, to get used to the idea.

Then it makes a firm return to the limelight.  A second round of fandom speculation begins.

Niall mentions the hat for the first time on his Twitter.  Even though he gets questions long before, a specific day is chosen to address the fans’ concerns. Niall keeps the mentions positive and upbeat.

Incorrect.  Niall is as Irish as possible already.

In any case, with attention drawn to the fandom’s speculation on Twitter, gossip sites start picking up on it and reporting.  

Typically, the different sites can’t quite agree on the name of the hat. One calls it “Baker Boy” while the other calls it “Newsboy”.  I’ve done some in depth research and I’m confident they’ll soon figure out it’s actually “Milkboy”.

However, the reception of the hat is still extremely poor.  For the first time ever, a diabolical tactic is put into play.  I suspect the influence of the new team as this is far too competent for Modest.  

Niall is linked to a new contender, Jade.  Now fans are up in arms at the idea. Suddenly they yearn to return to the days of Niall/hat.  They realize that actually, Niall/hat is pretty cute and they ship it.  This was likely to happen no matter who they chose as “the other girl”.  It’s nothing against Jade, but people generally don’t like change.

The scare tactic worked!  Quite diabolical.  All that’s left now is an official announcement of Niall/hat.  The hat was actually in the video with Niall and Jade, so Jade can easily be explained away as a friend of the happy couple who was just there to help them out with keeping their relationship low key.

I’m impressed by the new team.  They haven’t even officially taken over yet, but this is the caliber of their tactics.  I think there’s a bright future ahead for our boys.

brilliantmistake submitted:

“The original [Sir Arthur Conan Doyle] stories had a huge female following, which I’d never forgotten, and that’s because the Victorian ladies liked the way Sherlock looked. (Laughs.)”

Moffat, in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

But… the Sherlock Holmes books were books. They weren’t pictures of handsome men or films with handsome men or anything about handsome men that wasn’t specific to the reader’s imagination. Saying women liked the way Sherlock looked makes absolutely no sense. It’s just plain misogyny dismissing women’s interests.

The rest of that paragraph is even worse:

So I thought, use this massively exciting, rather handsome man who could see right through your heart and have no interest … of course, he’s going to be a sex god! I think we pitched that character right. I think our female fanbase all believe that they’ll be the one to melt that glacier. They’re all wrong, nothing will melt that glacier.

Holmes isn’t good at seeing right though your heart, though (or at least not in a romantic way). He’s not a glacier (he’s very fond of Watson, for example) - he just doesn’t show interest in romance! 

Moffat is creating a fake argument to dismiss the original fans of the books he’s adapting while insulting his current audience (except the men, obviously). Does he really think women can’t be interested in drama or crime or problem-solving? The Sherlock Holmes series was a huge influence in the crime genre that writers are still mining for archtypes now (*cough* Doctor Who *cough*) - but women didn’t appreciate any of that, they just like the books because they thought Holmes was hot?

It’s similar to the mocking of the fans in The Empty Hearse, with the implied Sherlock/Moriarty kiss suggested by the teenage girl (obviously a parody of slash fans, implying that they’re ridiculous).

I can’t believe how little respect Moffat has for people because they like the same books he’s adapting into a TV show. 

- C

Conan Doyle made it pretty explicit that Holmes had no desire to be like that. He was ‘romantic’ in the sense of literature and philosophy, but he stated that Watson is better at understanding the ways of women and the ways of the heart. Also, no woman showed any interest in Holmes beyond his pretend fiancee? There are few times where Holmes showed he understood how women would react (one was Irene Adler with how women will go for their most important possessions in case of a disaster, and the other was wooing the working woman in CHAS), but that doesn’t show that he could 'see through your heart’. 

The fact that Moffat believes that women can only be interested in Sherlock Holmes because they were 'attracted’ to him is, like C said, dismissive and misogynistic and I have to question his knowledge of the original content when he continues saying infactual and baseless statements like this.

- SH