obviousley  asked:

Goodmorning! I was wondering, WCIF the banana pj's that were used in your recent post with the ice cream, and also the white mesh shorts/pants that your sim was wearing in your recent tattoo post? I'm obsessed w/ your outfits, you have no idea!!!! Thank you!

hiiiii thereeeeee 💖 you can get the banana PJs here and here! i cant recall which post when youre talking about the mesh pants tho, are you sure the post was mine? :-D


Okay so in an interview a few years ago Harry said one ritual he has in drinking tea before bed. 
‘you can’t go to bed, without a cup of tea’ 
up until then I thought the line was about Louis because he obviousley likes tea,

but in the 2015 anual (it’s official and all with the Modest! logo and shit) one weird fact on Harry’s profile was that he has this thing which makes him talk in his sleep.

So quite frankly that line is all about Harry.