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Is there a variation in the chessex's pink borealis sets depending on when/where they were made? I noticed that some are a true pink with silver sparklies, and others have more of a gold sparkle with a "warmer" pink. I noticed the same thing with sky blue borealis- some have silver sparkle, some have gold. If you're not sure what I'm talking about, I invite you to look on google images. So please tell me, are my eyes playing tricks on me, or is this color/effect variation an actual thing?

Definitely! I’m not sure what the difference is–I suspect it’s newer vs older but that’s just a gut feeling. Whatever the reason, there are definitely two different sub-types of borealis.

Left: My original pink borealis from 2+ years ago. It has larger, chunkier glitter that iridesces from golden, to greenish, to teal.

Right: A newer one I bought six months ago off ebay for a necklace. The glitter is smaller in size and subtler, and iridesces from silver to blue.

A friend of mine even has a split set with most of the set being the left type except for the d12, which is the right. There’s no difference in CHX item number as far as I know. I’ve noticed the glitter difference in pink, teal, sky blue, magenta, and royal purple so far.

I Will Never Be The Faithless One (Pt 2)

Artist / Band Member: Andy Biersack.
Inspired by the song: Heart Of Fire- Black Veil Brides
(Y/N) / Andy Biersack
*No Warning*
You were in your house, with Amanda; remembering those memories of that first BVB concert and the ‘one night stand’ with Andy that happened 2 years before. That night after that good fuck, you were scared as fuck. Look if he got you pregnant! So the other day you run to the first farmacy and bought the 'emergency pill’ for emergency cases, just like that. So obviousley you didn’t ended up pregnant, but Andy wanted more of you. The last 2 years, you two were a kind of 'friends with benefits’ but you, without knowing it, you fall in love with him! And he didn’t know, he was touring and when he used to come back you two fucked and the other day talked like nothing happened and that was so frustraiting.
Today they were coming back from Warped Tour and Amanda and her 5 months pregnant belly were too much exited to see Chris back in the house, well, we were all exited. They were the happiness of the house! They always make such a mess in the house and you get angry as fuck but you’re just having fun so your angry doesn’t last that long.
“Hey little Ben, are you exited to see daddy again in the house?” You talked to Amanda’s belly.
“Sure as hell that we are girl!” Amanda said to you, she was so happy and exited. She was so scared to have a baby because she said that she was going to raise him alone.
“Don’t swear, Ben’s gonna’ hear you Am.” You said laughing. In the past 2 years you’ve become so closer, more than best friends you were sisters!
You walk up stairs to go shower because Amanda told you that you smelled so bad! 'What a fucking lie, I smell so good’ You though to yourself. You were picking your clothes when you hear Amanda’s screams and a 'YOU’RE BACK YOU’RE BACK OH MY GOODNESS YOU’RE BACK’ You instantly knew that the guys were back from tour. So you ran downstairs and see Andy look at you a smiling so big that make you smile and giggle.
“Hi, I see you came back home again. Welcome home guys.” You said smiling of happiness of having your boys back home to destroy your house.
“Hey little Ben, daddy missed you so much! God, you’re so big on there. I can’t wait to see you, and have you on my arms and sing a lot of songs for you little boy.” CC said getting on his knees to talk to Am’s belly which was so big to be of 5 months. You all 'Awww'ed.
When you were smiling for that little cute act suddenly you were picked up by someone and that someone spinned youaround.
“Oh my god girl, I’ve missed you a lot. Did you miss me?” Andy said kissing you and then your neck.
“Kept it PG guys! Little Ben’s in here buddys.” Ashley said to you. You all laughed about taht.
“Yes Andy I’ve missed you too.” You smiled and kissed his cheek.
“You know (Y/N), I have something to tell you, but it’s going to be later because I have to shower, eat and cuddle with you!” He said smiling to you and giving you a peck on the lips.
He run upstairs and after of like 5 minutes you hear the water running. You went to his room and took all of his clothes out of the case. You left them to wash later. You all eat, you watched 'Scary Movie’ *The funny one* and then you and Andy went upstairs to his romm and stayed there just cuddling and talking about the tour and Am’s pregnancy. Out of nowhere he turn to you.
“Hey (Y/N) remember that before I said that I needed to tell you something?” He said looking at you serious and you scared yourself.
“Yeah, I remember. Why? What is that thing so important that you have to tell me?” You said covering you fear with a faked smile.
“Well, it’s been 2 years since I know you and these 2 have been the best 2 years of my life I swear, and we started in a weird way, we fucked and we did it right girl!” He laughed you blushed. “The point is, that I fell for you, without knowing it! And I don’t know if you had, but it was your smile, your eyes, the way the you move your nose when you don’t like something or someone. The way the you laugh nerviously when you lie. Every little thing about you was what make me fall in love with you (Y/N). And I just love you so much and I wanted to know if you wanted to be my girlfriend?” You were crying because that was the last thing that you could’ve imagine!
“Oh my god Andy YES, YES I WILL BE YOUR GIRLFRIEND OH MY GOD I LOVE YOU SO MUCH” You said crying and laughing and hugging him. He laughed and kissed you on the face.
That wasn’t the end, that was the beggining of a beautiful love!

Deans Confession

I just thought about 10x16 “paint it black” and i had to question myself. Whom Dean talked about.

Here´s a reminder

The only people who are close to Dean AND who are STILL alive are:



and Charlie

He wants to experience people, feelings DIFFERENTLY than before. That tells us that the person he refers to is a friend of him, someone he spends time with.

I don´t think he means Sam, because in this season we see a balance between them. Why would he want to change anything about their connection 

Then there´s Charlie. Dean hurt her and he still feels sorry for it, but Charlie still is like a Little sister for him, so i don´t know in wich way he would want to experience feelings towards her differently.

So the only person left is Cas.

Also the father replies:

“Go a little bit deeper perhaps, than with Gina?”

So the father obviousley takes Deans desire to experience people, feelings differnetly as romantic longing.

It seems like Dean finally starded to question his relationship with Cas, and maybe he wants it to be deeper.

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Goodmorning! I was wondering, WCIF the banana pj's that were used in your recent post with the ice cream, and also the white mesh shorts/pants that your sim was wearing in your recent tattoo post? I'm obsessed w/ your outfits, you have no idea!!!! Thank you!

hiiiii thereeeeee 💖 you can get the banana PJs here and here! i cant recall which post when youre talking about the mesh pants tho, are you sure the post was mine? :-D


Okay so in an interview a few years ago Harry said one ritual he has in drinking tea before bed. 
‘you can’t go to bed, without a cup of tea’ 
up until then I thought the line was about Louis because he obviousley likes tea,

but in the 2015 anual (it’s official and all with the Modest! logo and shit) one weird fact on Harry’s profile was that he has this thing which makes him talk in his sleep.

So quite frankly that line is all about Harry.