I’m gonna state the obvious but eh.

I don’t appreciate suicide bomb jokes in my ask box.

Especially if you’re purposely taking a jab at my religion.

Even if you made it league related it’s offensive.

Whoever sent them is now blocked.

Just a PSA, that from here on out, i won’t even bother arguing with whomever sends me something like that i’ll just block.

I’ve had asks before that skimmed it and i let it slide but i’ve deceided no more.

No islamophobic jokes. I’m muslim. my husband is muslim. it’s not cool.

Don’t be a jackass. Grow up.

i hate to sound like a tight ass but i had to say it.

ok rant over. i have work to do.

Edit: the city is now looking into how to extract the salt from my haters to use on the roads this winter. apparently there is a lot.

anonymous asked:

Right when I thought the potato wars were over it's brought right back up! (But America potatoes are da best. Just stating the obvious with mod Tord.)


  • Batman: You know Clark, there's one reason why I've felt relatively comfortable working with you, despite the fact that you could probably punch the moon into dust.
  • Superman: Why would I even do that?
  • Batman: It's because you were rai--
  • Superman: Why would ANYONE do that?
  • Batman: --sed human, even though you--
  • Superman: There is literally no possible benefit for anybody if the moon were to be punched into dust
  • Superman: What, does everyone think I'll just wake up one morning, "Hey, looks like today's a good day to eat breakfast, go for a walk, and oh, obliterate the moon"
  • Superman: "Probably punch the moon into dust," unbelievable

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How we know the Crystal Gems are Americans

The Crystal Gems invaded a small agrarian nation and declared war on the local leadership

They fought a war on domestic soil

and then recruited the locals to fight on their side

In which the local civilians suffered way more casualties than the invading CG

All in the midst of a much more important global disaster that they should’ve prioritized over dealing with their enemies.