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According to the FBI, three-fifths of all religious hate crimes in America are now committed against Jews, while a recent Pew poll revealed that 54 percent of Jewish students have either been the subject of an anti-Semitic attack or witnessed one. The frequency of these attacks among college-aged students, moreover, is five times that of any other age group. The reason for this is obvious: Across the United States student groups associated with the Muslim Brotherhood, specifically Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) and the Muslim Students Association, are engaged in a vitriolic campaign against Israel and those students who support its right to exist. These organizations promote the propaganda of the terrorist organization Hamas, and call for the destruction of the Jewish state.

Students for Justice in Palestine, the more active of the two groups, claims to support a left-wing agenda of “social justice,” and “universal human rights.” Like the left itself, though, Students for Justice in Palestine doesn’t stand for the rights of Palestinians in the territories controlled by Palestinians, including the rights of Palestinians to disagree with each other without being targeted by their terrorist rulers. Instead, SJP’s sole agenda is the destruction of the Jewish state.

While SJP’s self-professed purpose is “to promote self-determination for the Palestinian people,” the organization defines the boundaries of this liberation as extending “from the river to the sea,” i.e., from the Jordan River on Israel’s eastern border to its western border on the Mediterranean. To advance this genocidal agenda, SJP endorses the lie that Israel was created on territory stolen from the Palestinians and, therefore, Jews illegally occupy Arab lands from which they must be purged.

In fact, Israel was created on land that had belonged to the Turks, who are not Arabs, for 400 years previously. In 1948 when Israel was created, there was no Palestinian political entity, no movement for a Palestinian state, and no people calling itself Palestinian. These core genocidal lies make up the primary agenda of SJP and its anti-Jewish allies, and are crowned by the ludicrous claim that Israel is an “apartheid state” with policies worthy of the “Nazis.” In fact, Israel is the only democratic and ethnically tolerant state in the Middle East, the only place where gays, Christians and women are safe. The real Nazis in the Middle East are the Arabs who openly call for the extermination of the Jews.

Oh and I hate to state the obvious but if you disagree with that you’re proving my point and invalidating the experiences of so many people 👍

  • Batman:You know Clark, there's one reason why I've felt relatively comfortable working with you, despite the fact that you could probably punch the moon into dust.
  • Superman:Why would I even do that?
  • Batman:It's because you were rai--
  • Superman:Why would ANYONE do that?
  • Batman:--sed human, even though you--
  • Superman:There is literally no possible benefit for anybody if the moon were to be punched into dust
  • Superman:What, does everyone think I'll just wake up one morning, "Hey, looks like today's a good day to eat breakfast, go for a walk, and oh, obliterate the moon"
  • Superman:"Probably punch the moon into dust," unbelievable

GINTAMA: favourite relationships[Zura + Kyuubei]

↳ K: It appears that this battle is unavoidable.
It appears that we are doomed to share the same character traits. One of us must be
       eliminated for the sake of more screen time.


There’s no need to point out the scarf sharing anymore, but

KuroShiro = Cake + Fork haha one single fork for the two, why need more *shots*

MikoRei = Bottle + Two flutes tied with a ruban. And it must be that I’m crazy but to me the two flutes are forming some sort of heart and the wrapping of the bottle is forming a heart too. But I’m crazy, I know.

SaruMi = Bouquet of roses+ One rose from the bouquet, of course given by Misaki

And my life is complete.

And I love christmas.


ladies and gentlemen, i am just gonna state the obvious: we have a doppelgänger in our midst. as an artist who respects creative integrity and intellectual property, i am disgusted at how much you have copied me…do YOU NOT have any value or respect for originality?? you’re a laughing stock, it’s cheesy, it’s disgusting. i personally found it absolutely artistically atrocious. i am embarrassed to be sitting here in your presence having to even dignify you with an answer of my opinion.

So in the Hand that Rocks the Mabel episode, when I first watched it I was really wondering why Grunkle Stan set aside his grudge to form that agreement with Bud Gleeful (especially cause he’d be promoting Lil’ Gideon, who is creeping on his grand-niece). Also look how angry he was when he heard Mabel had gone on a ‘date’ with Gideon: 

That’s a man who’s grand-niece you don’t wanna mess with! Then there’s the deal: 

Y’see?! Its just quite off; and it seems like the episode wants us to be won over with the fact that Stan will do anything for a little money grabbing! (for proof refer to cash register above!) 

But here’s how I see it…

Now, in order to explain things, I just want to mention some of the posts I have seen about Lil’ Gideon in this episode. Namely, how he didn’t look enamoured after watching Mabel leave the Tent of Telepathy;

After seeing this, I thought “well, that’s obvious he was just interested in getting closer to the shack, cause he’s sure the other journal is hidden there. Mabel was just a ‘prize bonus’ to his plan, which is why he reacted so badly when things went wrong and all the things after, as mentioned in the post.” 

I rewatched the episode recently and after stealing the clown painting from the Gleefuls, Stan puts up the painting, sighs and says “I could have had it all.” 

Which we would assume meant the ‘high life’. Though, I thought this was an odd thing for Grunkle Stan to say, I mean, think of all the other times this man has swiped something from someone! I was expecting a type of one liner about how the Gleefuls were idiots anyway or praising himself for his own fraudulent talents. When I realised that Gideon and Stan were doing the same thing: finding the journals. Its so obvious to me now! So painfully obvious!

Stan only knew that there were two journals, and must have had some knowledge/suspicion that Gideon had the other one! Then there’s the wording “had it all [the journals]” and it’d make sense that he was down about it. At least thats my thoughts on this, I may be reading too much into it but I kinda like doing that when it involves shows with mysteries/theories.