14 Romantic Comedies Directed by Women to Watch for Valentine’s Day

Austenland dir. Jerusha Hess
Bridget Jones’s Diary dir.Sharon Maguire 
But I’m a Cheerleader dir. Jamie Babbit
D.E.B.S. dirAngela Robinson
Desperately Seeking Susan dir. Susan Seidelman
Enough Said dir. Nicole Holofcener
Just One of the Guys dir. Lisa Gottlieb
Love That Boy dir. Andrea Dorfman
Obvious Child dir. Gillian Robespierre
Puccini for Beginners dir. Maria Maggenti
Saving Face dir. Alice Wu
Sleeping with Other People dir. Leslye Headland
Something’s Gotta Give dir. Nancy Meyers 
You’ve Got Mail dir. Nora Ephron

In Obvious Child, the scenes with Jenny Slate and Gaby Hoffmann. When they hang out, Hoffmann brings her tea; they try on clothes and they’re throwing them at each other. There are similar scenes in Working Girl, but they don’t have the same intimacy. I feel like one of the things that male directors tend to miss is how intimate women are with each other in female friendships. Women are more likely to hug each other, share clothes or say ridiculous things to each other that they don’t say in mixed company. A lot of that gets lost when men try to translate female friendship on to the big screen.

Women on Women Writing Online: Marya E. Gates


A24 | Films Of A Revolution edited by Fernando Andrés

Let’s not kid ourselves — the film industry has and always will prioritize money and publicity over all. And so, A24 is not returning to form — it’s going into the future. A future where films can be made for the sake of film, and filmmakers can harness the reigns of their story. Within the last half decade, A24 has established itself as a behemoth of indie cinema — a fearless and often risky venture aiming to bring the bravest and most unique voices of today to audiences everywhere. This is an ode to the revolution they have started, to the flame they have kindled, and of course, the films they have championed.

Director/muse relationships: Gillian Robespierre & Jenny Slate

Films together: Obvious Child (2009), Obvious Child (2014), Landline (2017)

The [Obvious Child] short was not originally written with Jenny in mind but then when Jenny said yes to it, it really took off. She really understood the characters. She really brought her to life in nuances that only Jenny has. When we sat down in the editing room, it was magical. […] When I sat down to write the feature, it was always going to be for Jenny because she was such an amazing collaborator on the short. She had such an insight into my brain and Donna’s brain that it was never going to be any other way.

Gillian Robespierre