obvious to the whole world tbh

It is...

…SO insulting the way people constantly act like writers “wouldn’t” put lots of thought and detail into their work unless it’s like, high literature or a prestige adult TV drama or something.

For Pete’s sake, I write pulpy romance novels for most of my income. They’re not highbrow AT ALL, but that doesn’t mean I don’t put thought, effort, and detail into my books (many of which are serials). I don’t do it quite at the level of GMW obviously, because I don’t work in a visual medium and I’ve only got words…but man…on the occasions when I’ve seen people tell fans of my work that I’m NOT being deliberate when I so clearly am…I just want to scream because it’s so damn insulting.

As for GMW, the writers have point blank said that they’re also writing the show for adults—and I don’t think they just mean the nostalgia factor. Both the writers and the actors have used words like “multi-layered” to describe the show. They’re not just slapping this thing together. They’ve been so obviously intentional and deliberate; it makes me crazy to see people just dismissing their efforts out of hand. Even if I’m wrong about the WHY behind a particular choice—which I almost always point out could be the case unless I feel like consistent canon supports me 100%—writers (etc) still make their storytelling choices for a REASON.

And with TV, it’s extra insulting because it’s not just the writers whose work is being doubted and degraded, it’s the whole crew—from the directors to the set dressers to the costumers to the editors to the actors and everybody else. The idea that they couldn’t possibly being doing anything more than what is blaringly obvious is just…it’s just insulting to anyone who creates any kind of fiction for a living, tbh.

Drives me right up the wall.

/end rant