obvious referrence

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Hi! I was reading your twitter /// and I assume you already saw the new episode. I was wondering why people are guessing next week's episode will cover a sarumi moment. Is it because of 'knuckle bump' and because of Anna's words at the end?? ('a powerful boy and two former boys') =D

Ahaha, actually, I hadn’t when you sent me this, but I have now! It was so fucking good, I’m dying right now… Saruhiko! ; ; You have grown so much…

Anyway, yes! You are correct on both counts - I’m about 99.9% certain that “two former boys” refers to Sarumi - it seems like an obvious referral to their history together when they were in middle school. “Knuckle Bump” also seems like a shout out to Lost Small World, one particular iconic scene:

It was also mentioned in the novel quite specifically, so I think it’s an obvious reference. Also, possibly this:

There may be more to it than that, considering that other things are happening in the episode, but I think this is a large part of it, and it seems likely the ‘resolution’ we’ve all been waiting for will happen in this episode. :)

Credits go to @smallworldscans for the first image and @ridiasfangirlings for the second.