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Suddenly, it feels like the grandmasters of the game are purposely pitting Camila and Lauren against each other. The two IT girls of 5h, and eventually, the two girls with the biggest potential to be successful soloists.

IKWYDLS was their way of knowing if Camila would make it. I have a feeling that if that collab flopped, their label would then try to test Lauren’s bankability. (If I’m not mistaken, BTM was recorded for a while before it was released)

But then IKWYDLS soared high, and the label saw that Camila could make it. And the rest is history.

Of course, if Camila becomes a solo act, the label also need another next big thing from their milking cow – errm, I mean 5h – so who’s better suited than the former initial it girl, LMJ, right?

When Bad Things came out, Lauren’s collab with Marian Hill was released soon after. And despite the huge advantage Camila had (radio-friendly genre, rigorous promos etc), it’s like it’s Lauren’s turn to test the waters, and see if she could compete with the rising solo star that is Camila. And she did. Even if Back to Me didn’t trend as much as BT, it was still a success considering it was barely promoted, and considering the genre wasn’t mainstream in the first place, it still made waves, bigger than most indie acts. They still saw the pull Lauren has when it comes to her fanbase.

And now, Camila has just released CITC/IHQ, and it’s perfect timing that Lauren’s collab with Halsey was released. And fans loved it. Magazines are praising Strangers. And we all know that some magazines are paid to hype up an artist or a song. And both CITC/IHQ and Strangers are being hyped af rn.

I know it’s Halsey’s song (and I’m not downplaying her pull with her own fans etc) but Lauren has as much impact in this even as just a feature, and it’s already obvious seeing those mags and articles praising “Lauren Jauregui from Fifth Harmony” etc etc.

Obviously, Camila would still be first priority, since the label already spent a chunk on her. But Lauren’s seemingly paving her sweet way, steadily and surely, so when the time the cow has been drained and milked for all its worth, Lauren would be ready.

This is not me playing along the “narrative” (a much-hackneyed word in this fandom) theories and all.

This is just my observation as a music fan and as a harmonizer.

I’m not complaining though. Camren slaying the world? I’m sold. 👏🏻👏🏻


But like we really should talk about Alec and Izzy’s relationship in this episode.

Alec is feeling like crap about his fight with Jace in the last episode– and who goes to try and make him feel better? Not Jace. Not his parents. Izzy– his little sister. Isabelle is such an amazing character and I think keeps getting over-looked because of her “sexual” side that people keep bringing up.

They aren’t even looking at her interactions with anyone else! How she laughs at Mags’ obvious flirtatious behavior for Alec. She doesn’t even blink an eye when he does– instead actually enjoying his company. She doesn’t tell him to stop– she can see that the compliments do actually please Alec, even if he doesn’t say it. If Alec had reacted negatively to Magnus’ flirts, I can tell you now– Izzy would be the first to tell him to cut that shit out. But because she watches Alec and knows that he is actually happy about them she doesn’t– instead watching how the scene unfolds.

Her most important person? Her big brother. The memory she gave up was him SMILING. Not him frowning like he does through most of the episodes. Not him being with Jace. It is him enjoying himself in her presences that she had to give up. Not her parents who tend to be very strict. The preview for the next episode showed how uncomfortable she is in her own MOTHER’S presence. She hasn’t seen her mom in awhile and the first thing her mom comments on is her clothing. Her own mother is judging her on what she decides to wear instead of her personality. Alec has accepted her for who she is. She was raised probably more by Alec who was molded to cover his emotions by his parents. She knows that Alec can’t accept himself– yet accepts both Jace and her without even thinking about it. She knows her mother will never approve of her, but as long as Alec does she is okay with that– which is why she will always try and make him happy. Alec was the first person to accept her the way she was and so she will do the same for him.

And don’t even get me started on the “It’s okay, Alec.” line. Alec is freaking out– She has known– she has been trying to get him to talk about it. He doesn’t want to of course because he is STILL trying to please their parents and can’t accept himself. He is afraid of everyone finding out. She gets where he is coming from and isn’t forcing him out. She just knows that he has been repressing his emotions for so long that he will break eventually. Izzy loves her brother so much and doesn’t want to see him like that. She wants him happy so badly, but doesn’t know how to help. The only thing she can do is say that it IS okay. That even if the world is against you, that SHE accepts him for who he is. Just like he did for her.



“Oh hush up prissy pants~ I was just soooo excited to be home again and then I saw this strange mon right in our front yard with Auburn!” 

“That’s no reason to run ahead alone! Especially since the sun is setting! Though… I’m wondering why there’s a stranger in our yard too. Who is this Auburn?”

“U-um.. He’s a friend I made at a ball while you guys were in Unova.”

“You went to a ball without me and Mags!? Oh I’m sooo jealous!”


<Auburn has returned home from the ball.>
<Ava and Mags are open for asks and their references have been unlocked!!>


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