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The Character Designs in Voltron Look Too Much Like Korra’s to the Point Where It’s Angering: An Analysis By Me

So I was talking to my friends on Discord about Voltron and we realized something: the character designs in Voltron look too similar to Korra’s to the point where it kinda pisses me off.

Sure, you can chalk it up to both of them having the same crew and animation studio, but so did Avatar, and that had a distinct style that set it apart from Korra.

(Although with a more mature tone, Korra needed a different art style that set it apart from its predecessor)

Let’s look it at two more examples:

Milo Murphy’s Law and Phineas and Ferb are both made by the same crew, anyone with eyes can see that. But while Milo has a more “realistic” art style, Phineas and Ferb is definitely wackier, if the designs of its titular brothers wasn’t a dead giveaway (also they take place in the same universe. So there’s that.

Second and last example: good ol Craig McCracken.


Also, sure, you can say “Voltron is anime influenced, that’s why it looks like Korra”, and while that can be true, so was Teen Titans.

While having very obvious anime influences, Teen Titans’ roots were always in the DC Animated Universe, and you can clearly tell that, even when the over the top animation kicked in.


Instead we got Korra. In space. And worse.

Imagine Woozi getting flustered when you start acting cute towards him out of the blue.

You know what’s a great bit of writing?

Chip doesn’t change in anyway when he finds out he’s Light Gaia.

It’s not like Tetra from Zelda who goes from tomboy straight into boring Princess mode as soon as she finds out she’s Zelda.

It’s not like Beast in Beauty and the Beast who gets a softer voice and a obvious redesign when his true form is discovered. So now you gotta fall in love with an entirely new character.

Chip stays the same. He’s allowed to be the same innocent, childlike food lover that we met at the beginning of the game.

       Chip didn’t change.

                                   We just learned more about him.

True Love with Peter Parker (Headcanon)

here’s a sweet/lowkey funny?? idk lmao, headcanon for u all! hope u like!! super LONG WOW BE PREPARED (KEEP READING PORTION BC OF LENGTH! SO BE SURE TO CLICK IT:D lmao whe u think it’s over IT’S NOT) (not my gif) 


Based off the song True Love by P!nk (feat. Lily Allen) listen to it here!


Sometimes I hate every single stupid word you say. Sometimes I wanna slap you in your whole face. There’s no one quite like you. You push all my buttons down, I know life would suck without you

- okay you didn’t hate peter parker per say…

- fine you really, really disliked him

- it wasn’t an anger filled hate, it was almost like a clueless filled hate

- you and peter were standing on the line between friends and a couple

- it was almost like a game to peter, just to see how far he could push you

- “you were totally just checking me out.’‘


- “okay, sure.’’

- H E A D A S S

- his scratchy yet soothing voice whispered against your ear softly

- fuck fuck fuck fuck


At the same time, I wanna hug you, I wanna wrap my hands around your neck. You’re an asshole but I love you. And you make me so mad I ask myself, “Why I’m still here, or where could I go?”.You’re the only love I’ve ever known. But hate you, I really hate you. So much, I think it must be…

- it wasn’t your fault it was raining outside and his curls had popped out, framing his handsome, gentle face sweetly

- you were so fuckin whipped for this boy, it was actually pathetic

- the wavering line of friends and utter teasing was beginning to take a toll on the relationship

- y’all fought every second of the day

- but it was fighting that masked the love you felt for one another

- as if the bickering was just the emotions playing your true feelings

- peter’s soft eyes would brighten as a smirk played on his thin lips as he caught your eye during class

- your heart thumped rapidly in your chest as your eyes narrowed at him

- wowowowowowwowow he’s so pretty you hated yourself for allowing him to play with you like that

- the two of you would briskly touch hands in the hallway, almost as if it was a tease to do so


- at one point, you wanted to punch peter in the face and pull him into your comforting frame at the same time

True love, true love. It must be true love. Nothing else can break my heart like, true love, true love. It must be true love. No one else can break my heart like you.

- besides wanting to ridicule the other most of the time, your hearts yearned for the end of the friend zone

- peter knew how much he was in love with you, and if messing with you and him getting to see that cute little smirk you give him meant it was mutual be it

- he would scale your figure as you chatted to your friends, his eyes adorning your sweet features

- his arms folded across his chest as he wondered when he would have the balls to tell you how much he truly loved you

- he knew you felt the same towards him, but he didn’t know the strong love you felt for him back

- true love was so obvious between the two of you

- to quick glances at the other’s lips, and thumps of heart beats escalating as the other would smile 


Just once try to wrap your little brain around my feelings. Just once please try not to be so mean. Repeat after me now R-O-M-A-N-C-E-E-E. Come on I’ll say it slowly (Romance). You can do it baby.

- you wanted to romance to be alive so badly, but you were afraid

- between fighting constantly and yearning for the validation of love from peter, your mind was always crawling back to the romance aspect

- you would imagine peter racing toward you in the hallway, reaching for your face softly, yanking your lips towards his in a fiery kiss

- wow your hormones were in a rage

- his lips looked so kissable as they smirked at you every day

- peter wasn’t the only headass wow

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i know people feel like they messed up how magnus showed alec his cat eyes and ruined another first for malec or whatever but i completely disagree i love that it was shown in the way it was with magnus being in charge and just showing the lightwoods and being like “this is who i am” and alec’s little peak of interest… loved it

Candy = Phantomhive Ring

I totally forgot to mention an important detail about the “candy = ring” theory in this post ! xD

In the latest chapter, right after Sebastian and Ciel found that message on the wall in Ciel’s room (”Who stole the candy from my tummy?”), Sebastian directs a meaningful stare at Ciel (as if he has a clue what the message is about)

and then we get a close-up of Ciel’s hands:

Maybe this panel is just supposed to show Ciel’s shaking hands and thus how shocked he was, but I rather think the focus is on the ring. So this panel might be a (pretty obvious, if true) hint from Yana that the “candy” refers to the ring he’s wearing. 

So yeah, there’s still the possibility that “candy” stands for something else, but for me, there are hints enough to believe that it’s the ring, so I’ll stick with that theory for now~ :D


Summary: With homecoming being right around the corner, Peter takes up the courage to ask you out.

Word Count: 1,759.

A/N: Surprise! This fic was super cute to write, and I loved the way it came out. Also, I’m highly sure Midtown High’s mascot isn’t a Wildcat, but for this sake, just go with it lol. Hope you enjoy :D

@buckyywiththegoodhair - you’re amazing, and thank you so much for helping me edit this out.

Originally posted by tomshollandss

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marvel-is-my-job  asked:

8 with Sirius???? Pretty please 💗

I got like 6 requests for this so let’s do it! :D This gets…not smutty but I guess just kind of hot and intense so if that’s not your thing don’t read it!

#8 – seductive kiss

You had never seen the Leaky Cauldron so packed; you supposed everyone had seen the headline in the Daily Prophet–Ten Muggles Murdered Outside Yorkshire–and had come to the pub to talk, then try and drink until they forgot about it.  It seemed like every day there was a new disappearance or death, and it was starting to affect the non-magical world as well.  You and the rest of the Order were especially concerned.  If your world was revealed because of all these Dark attacks on Muggles, it would likely mean a two-front war against not only Lord Voldemort, but the nonmagical population as well.  You had nothing against most Muggles, but there always seemed to be that percentage of them that was so keen to fight people different from themselves.

“Dangerous, isn’t it, all of us gathering at once?” You wondered aloud.

“Hmm?” Sirius was standing next to you at the bar, leaning against it and swirling his drink in his hand.

You turned to face him and repeated, “I said it’s risky for us all to be here.”  You gestured at the dozen or so Order members all congregated in the same place–you were sitting ducks with targets on your backs should the Death Eaters choose to attack now–but Sirius merely shrugged.  “How can you be so nonchalant?” you asked him.

“I just don’t reckon Voldemort’s followers are going to come knocking down the door looking for drinks, is all,” he said as he shook his dark hair out of his face.

“They might, they did just kill ten Muggles.  They’ll want to celebrate,” you said sarcastically, and Sirius laughed as he took another sip.  You surveyed everyone milling about, talking in hushed voices and in some cases booming ones about what this meant for the Wizarding community, for He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, for students at Hogwarts.  A strange silence fell between you and Sirius while you stood next to him, stealing occasional glances as he did the same thing.

That’s how it always was between you two.  You were partners on almost all Order missions and had never failed a single one because you worked so well as a team.  In seventh year, you and he had always seemed to teeter on the edge of a relationship, or at the very least, a fling, but it just never happened and now that you had jobs to do you knew it went without saying that it never would.  And that was okay.  But still, every now and then you felt a rush of warmth in your face when he walked into a room, or you would notice him pause just a little too long after you finished a sentence, or feel those gray eyes of his lingering on you as you tried to work.

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Only One | Gladiolus Amicitia x Reader

RATING: Teen | GENRE: Drama/Fluff | 1,948 words
SUMMARY: You need a moment to yourself when you find Gladio flirting with somebody again.

There he was again, flirting with another woman he happened to pass by. And there it was again, the gut-wrenching feeling sinking all the way down to the pit of your stomach. You were no fool; you understood what these feelings were, but just because you could admit the truth to yourself didn’t make that sickening feeling any better.

Initially, you stayed around, thinking that you could manage somehow. But then that deep voice saying those sweet words filled your ears, and you felt your heart clench painfully within your ribcage. Those words weren’t directed towards you. Those warm eyes weren’t looking your way, and you wondered if they would ever truly see you. A wry smile tugged at your lips. It was highly unlikely.

With your hands balled into fists and unable to take much more of this frustrated pining, you turned on your heel and made to leave when Prompto stopped you. He placed a concerned hand on your shoulder, firmly turning you around enough to look at him. His eyebrows were stitched together, and for a moment, you thought that perhaps this blond boy understood you in a way.

“You okay?” He asked vaguely, but his eyes momentarily flickered over to the Shield who was still chatting up some woman you didn’t know, before going back to you as he chewed on his bottom lip. Ah, so Prompto did know. You didn’t think you were so obvious. But if that was true, then surely Gladio must have realized your own feelings by now. After all, if Prompto knew, then surely Gladio must too.

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anonymous asked:

So like... idk if this still counts as an unpopular opinion, but ever since playing the assassins festival I actually don't headcanon ignis as this bdsm guy who knows how to make a girl orgasm tbh 8D;;; I am probably gonna get killed for this but I am honestly digging at the idea of ignis being a shy lil shit and sex not being his main thing like a demisexual or something. Like the festival just makes me squeal at how precious shy ignis is 8D I am sorry but it's just... makes me want to hug him

External image

No apologies needed fam, and I don’t really think it’s an unpopular opinion. I’ve HC’d Ignis in just about anything from attentive sex god to giggly asf drunk so it’s safe to say that I’m just trash for Ignis anything. And him being so shy at showing off some skin just makes me wanna… well, okay so it still makes me wanna bone him. I now just want to wreck him instead of him wrecking me, LMFAO!

I can see Ignis being demisexual very easily, as well as Noct being ace. Despite how thirsty I am for those two, I find it very fitting for both of them in many ways. Ignis most likely wouldn’t want to be any sort of sexual with a person he doesn’t already have a deep connection to, somehow.


“[Rose] was - ah - a girlfriend, really. I know we don’t say it, but she sort of was.” - David Tennant, Raleigh Comic Con, 14/03/2015. 

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I know you said eren doesn't love mikasa but the whole "I'll wrap that scarf around you as much you want" thing really bothers me :/ I read the manga too I just hope nothing happens after if they manage to bring peace to humanity, I dont want them together


First of all, don’t let that statement bother you one bit, that was not Eren’s way of declaring love or saying “ l love you” back, that was him reassuring Mikasa and himself that this was not the end, that he was not gonna die there without achieving his dream

If you watched the scene again you would notice that Mikasa actually leaned in to kiss Eren, it wasn’t as obvious in the manga but now we know it’s true, so why didn’t he kiss her? If he loved her romantically why would he refuse to do that knowing they were on the verge of death?

What he did was pushing her away almost knocking her off ( I’m not gonna use any gifs since they’re not mine), his eyes widened when he realized what she was trying to attempt by leaning very close, he was aware of her actions and yet he refused to give her what she wanted because it was not what he wanted, that was not a very romantic thing to do

So for me him saying “I’ll wrap that scarf around you as much as you want” was his way of apologizing about not feeling the same way about her and a promise that he will always be there for her & as I said a way to reassure himself that they’re gonna get through this

That being said, their relationship after chapter 50 didn’t change at all, well for Eren at least (I’m talking about his feelings), he was still as oblivious as ever

He actually made a lesbian girl blush without even trying and above all he had no freaking idea why was Mikasa mad, he didn’t know she was jealous (ffs she confessed her love to you not so long ago) because he didn’t care 

You would think that after chapter 50 their relationship would improve but no, this is Eren we’re talking about here, and what he told Mikasa that day was a promise anyone would make to a close friend even he himself seemed to forget 

Notice the difference between Eren’s and Jean’s behavior around Mikasa for more proof 

He didn’t even understand what Jean meant, srsly how can someone be so oblivious? That should be illegal 

So don’t worry about ere///mika being canon or anything like that, this series is not focused on romance and I’m sure it will always stay that way