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Some Vylad Headcanons

@gay-for-vylad You asked. 

  • Gay
  • Has literally the floofiest hair ever, it’s curly and soft, and no one can resist the floof just after he’s woken up.
  • Avid music lover.
  • HE ACTUALLY TRAVELS SOMETIMES FOR WORK! He’s a freelance Travel Writer, he’s sold his pieces to quite a few popular magazines.
  • Loves Voltron Legendary Defender, he will defend it until he’s out of breath not to mention he is extremely gay for Lance.
  • He’s also heavily gay for Laurance Z’Vhal and I HAVE PROOF, ok Maddie( @undercovermcdfan ) has more proof than I do but POINT ALWAYS STANDS.
  • Likes Taylor Swift, because I can see him listening to the ‘Speak Now’ album while on a plane or boat.
  • When not surrounded by people he knows/has to talk to he wears headphones 99.9% of the time.
  • He’s had at least one night away from his hotel since he started traveling.
  • Actually saw Laurance with red hair, and knew he’d be fucked from that point forwards.
  • GAY
  • Is the person who wiggles his eyebrows at Aphmau suggestively when she watches Aaron leave a room.
  • Has had sass-offs with everyone in the group apart from Kim, who upon meeting her he swore to protect her until his dying breath. Common crush or not.
  • Follows social media a lot, best bet on contacting him.
  • OH did I mention he takes pictures of beautiful places he’s been!
  • Despite what his brothers believe he does actually carry a phone with him, they just don’t have the number. The only two people that do are Katelyn and Zianna.
  • For obvious reasons.
  • Very into burner phones for some unknown reasons.
  • When he was a junior at PDH everyone thought he was in the Mafia.
  • Watching Vylad and Zane sass-off one another is an interesting event that those who have been lucky to view it. Bet on the spot.
  • Did I mention he’s 100% Gay?
  • Favourite colour is green, closely followed by purple.
  • Mocks Token Gay Character as much as possible.
  • He and Ivy are frenemies in every sense of the word.
  • Was a shadow knight for two seconds before he high-tailed it out of there like Sasha and Zenix were on fire.
  • Does the Mean Anime Girl laugh (You know the one with the hand in front of their mouth going “OHOHOHOHOHO”)
  • Literally Haruhi Fujioka most of the time.
  • “These damn rich people.” “Vylad your one of those damn rich people.” “I WILL NEVER EVER BE LIKE-”
  • Took a gap year from college.
  • N E V E R C A M E B A C K
  • He is 100% Grade A, unavoidably gay for Laurance Z’Vhal.

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#16 With rain outside

In a moment of romance, Isak thinks it’s fitting to be in a downpour with Even.

It came on sudden and strong, demanding their attention. It insisted they feel every moment of it on their skin. It was as uncomfortable as it was cleansing. 

They run to their apartment building, laughing as the water splashes around them. But once they arrive, they stall, eyeing each other with smirks and raised eyebrows. Even surrenders first, pushing Isak against the building to kiss him in the rain.

Once they’re inside, they realize how cold they are. “I’ll get the water boiling,” Isak says.

“I’ll get you boiling.”

As Isak turns up the heat on the burner, Even’s hands find his waist, and his lips find his neck. “I fucking hate you.”

“Oh, yeah. That’s obvious.”

Even turns the burner back down and Isak is slightly relieved he sees no romance in setting their apartment ablaze. “I don’t need tea,” Even says. “Just need you to warm me up.”

Isak lets Even lead him to their bed, where they both lie on their sides, face-to-face, holding each other. Isak plays with Even’s wet, floppy hair as Even strokes his back, both of them smiling but not speaking.

The silence lets Isak focus on the rain outside. While Even can still be his rain, he’s also comforting, warm, absolutely worth the effort. 

Even’s his fire, too.