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Some Vylad Headcanons

@gay-for-vylad You asked. 

  • Gay
  • Has literally the floofiest hair ever, it’s curly and soft, and no one can resist the floof just after he’s woken up.
  • Avid music lover.
  • HE ACTUALLY TRAVELS SOMETIMES FOR WORK! He’s a freelance Travel Writer, he’s sold his pieces to quite a few popular magazines.
  • Loves Voltron Legendary Defender, he will defend it until he’s out of breath not to mention he is extremely gay for Lance.
  • He’s also heavily gay for Laurance Z’Vhal and I HAVE PROOF, ok Maddie( @undercovermcdfan ) has more proof than I do but POINT ALWAYS STANDS.
  • Likes Taylor Swift, because I can see him listening to the ‘Speak Now’ album while on a plane or boat.
  • When not surrounded by people he knows/has to talk to he wears headphones 99.9% of the time.
  • He’s had at least one night away from his hotel since he started traveling.
  • Actually saw Laurance with red hair, and knew he’d be fucked from that point forwards.
  • GAY
  • Is the person who wiggles his eyebrows at Aphmau suggestively when she watches Aaron leave a room.
  • Has had sass-offs with everyone in the group apart from Kim, who upon meeting her he swore to protect her until his dying breath. Common crush or not.
  • Follows social media a lot, best bet on contacting him.
  • OH did I mention he takes pictures of beautiful places he’s been!
  • Despite what his brothers believe he does actually carry a phone with him, they just don’t have the number. The only two people that do are Katelyn and Zianna.
  • For obvious reasons.
  • Very into burner phones for some unknown reasons.
  • When he was a junior at PDH everyone thought he was in the Mafia.
  • Watching Vylad and Zane sass-off one another is an interesting event that those who have been lucky to view it. Bet on the spot.
  • Did I mention he’s 100% Gay?
  • Favourite colour is green, closely followed by purple.
  • Mocks Token Gay Character as much as possible.
  • He and Ivy are frenemies in every sense of the word.
  • Was a shadow knight for two seconds before he high-tailed it out of there like Sasha and Zenix were on fire.
  • Does the Mean Anime Girl laugh (You know the one with the hand in front of their mouth going “OHOHOHOHOHO”)
  • Literally Haruhi Fujioka most of the time.
  • “These damn rich people.” “Vylad your one of those damn rich people.” “I WILL NEVER EVER BE LIKE-”
  • Took a gap year from college.
  • N E V E R C A M E B A C K
  • He is 100% Grade A, unavoidably gay for Laurance Z’Vhal.

anonymous asked:

I have seen on some blogs that z has developed some feeling For v! Is it too late? Also what do u think if z, jj & ar go to the wedding! Who will v spend most his time with!

Developed feelings for V 🤔I’d say those feelings were always there, but pushed to the back burner for obvious reasons.
Now I’m hoping that Z makes the wedding, but knowing how busy she is I’m sure she won’t be there for the whole 3 day event, but will make it for the actual wedding. I don’t foresee any issues bc like I’ve stated J/J allows herself to be overlooked. He will do what he always does when Z is around show; her the love and affection he has trouble containing when she’s in his space. AR will be invited, but will she show up or just send a gift. I say, send a gift, but you never know. Is it too late for V and Z? It’s never too late they just have to decide if they want to act on those feelings. Only time will tell, but in the meantime V will continue his fuckboy antics. And Z will continue to date herself as she would like everyone to believe.