Adam Heath started his pursuit of art studying photography. He especially loves portrait photography. Over the last few years, he has become distant from photography. Lately he finds himself pulled to 3D animation in the form of perfect-looping GIFs. Find his work on Tumblr as obviologist.


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In early July 2014, I was able to join Cross Connect as one of their first ever Featured Curators. After my week of curation, I was invited back to become a full member of the team. Since then, I have featured many of my favourite artists on Tumblr on this blog. For my 100th feature post, I decided to showcase one image from each of my ten most popular features (in terms of notes). The images are sorted from top to bottom in order of the popularity of the feature. From top to bottom, the blogs featured are: fullertj, pencilarms, carlburton, 12gon, zolloc, wmill, angulargeometry, obviologist, nogifsallowed and falcaolucasart. To find the rest of the features I’ve done on Cross Connect, click here. Can’t wait for the next 100!

Posted by Philip

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