Imgur HQ version Here: http://imgur.com/gallery/ohtlpga

This is a Hypertunnel, I like it a lot. I was looking at a curated tumblr that had an old school 80’s square grid tunnel ala return of the jedi, and I though you know what this tunnel needs?  1: hexagons, and 2: Obviologist treatment.    I hope you enjoy.

Take a look at the drafts over at obviologistsdrafts.tumblr.com

Please let me know what you think?

Lights in the Distance - 1

Higher quality version here: http://imgur.com/gallery/IoLRwGp/

HAY GUIZ, I GOTZ A NEW RENDER BAWX! And it’s like 3 times faster than my old one! Asteria(i7-4771 + GTX 780 Ti + Linux) > Nyx(i7-3770K + GTX 680 + Win7). So I put that machine to work right away, rendering like 10 designs with way too many samples in Cycles. Knowing that my new graphics card would be busy with those tasks, I build this quick little test to run on the CPU and play with putting Drivers on some values in Blender’s 2D compositor. I also happen to be on winter break this week, so you can expect to see more new GIFs soon.

Obviologist is always up chillin’ at my place, cuz we tight like dat. So while I was working on this and waiting for my other designs to finish rendering on Asteria, he created “The Stone” on Nyx. I’m totally jealous of how much more awesome his idea came out than 3 of mine did in the same amount of time, but I guess that’s what what happens when I try to compete with a badass like him. Check out how much better his ideas are.