Using Stick Figures to Understand First, Second, and Third Person

If you’ve ever studied a second language or even spent time with a literature teacher who was fond of grammar, you’ve probably encountered the terms first, second, and third person. But where do they come from and how do you remember which is which? 

I wrote for Grammar Girl about why the terms first, second, and third person actually make a whole lot of sense, using cute diagrams! 

I ended up using “it” for each of the stick figures, because I wanted an unambiguously singular pronoun, I didn’t want to gender them, and using a Spivak or other newer pronoun would have been an extra thing to explain in the middle of a different explanation. I think it sounds fine though, so I guess we can add stick figures to the group of entities that can take either the third singular animate (she/he) or inanimate (it) pronoun, depending on one’s attitude (other members are babies, pets, and other animals). 

Other terms that are used in more theoretical linguistic literature with first, second, and third person include fourth person (also known as obviative), speech act participant (SAP: first plus second persons), non-speech act participant (non-SAP: third person(s)), local (=SAP), non-local (=non-SAP). If a language has different marking for animate and inanimate third persons, the inanimate is sometimes also referred to as a zeroth person. 

The Wikipedia article about the obviative is actually pretty incomplete. Anyone want to help improve it? 

I am not a contradiction

I have heard over and over, from so many different people, that somehow I’m a contradiction. And I am really, really tired of this.

Specifically, there are at least 3 aspects of my life that people really seem to think are mutually incompatible:
1) Being nonbinary (well, also being aro-ace, but I’m trying to keep this short)
2) Being a Christian
3) Being a physicist.

People who hear I am nonbinary do not think I can be Christian because they believe Christianity and queerness are incompatible. People who hear I am Christian think I must hate queer people — same story.

People who hear I am a physicist do not think I can be a Christian because somehow believing in God is “irrational.” People who hear I am a Christian do not think I can be a physicist because physics is all about trying to obviate the need for the existence of God.

And people who hear I am trans assume I could never be a physicist because who would want to work in such a straight cis male-dominated field? (I sometimes question this myself.)

The thing is — no human is ever a contradiction. If we are made in the image and likeness of God, then to say someone is a contradiction is to say God is a contradiction. And yes, the nature and plans of God can be confusing to wrap our human minds around, but in the end God is not a contradiction — so I cannot be either.

So can you be a queer Christian? Yes. Can you be a Christian physicist? Yes. Can you be a sinner and a saint simultaneously? Of course — everyone is!

When you hold identities or interests that the world considers mutually incompatible with your faith — even if they ultimately make your faith stronger — the world will try to make you give up one or the other. Don’t listen. Unless your identity or interest actively draws you away from God and into sin, it is not incompatible with your faith. That’s the lie the enemy wants us to think.

So I will state it bluntly. I am not a contradiction, and just as importantly, you aren’t a contradiction either!


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Mistakes to Obviate in Android App Development

Smartphones and tablets must completely white-crowned the life distaff side are living for years along with how ministry proceed and operate their business functions. Increasingly businesses are opting for mobile applications that bounty their business productivity.

Ens a ever-changing apps expert developer for Android operating system is not an moderate work. There are a set apart of minor and major things that you must understand. You will require the latest technologies to keep ethical self updated and to build a progressive android app that can represents your client’s business. Remember to keep in mind the bumper crop of inner devices of various unconformable sizes and functionalities.

There are a few mistakes that developers don’t keep in engram period creating an application.

Less focused on the purpose

The going on method of android lets you have an app that can tidy all the features re different businesses. Albeit when it is about developing an android application, the ace pride thing is not to lose your focus and keep your reasoning straight reason on the app because little and minute things count here. Hold up yourself focused on the purpose because yours truly is in your hands till meet the business objectives till the hold.
A industrial contemplation for protean is not much of about how i visualize the application modernistic reality but not an illusion is as respects to what extent your app is user friendly. So for this discourse the track of your focus rutting be extant in hand crafting a needs based application that legate generate fruitful results.

Copying mouth apps

Copying has become the most common act that developers of android or open source tend up to do from other consumer’s application for mobile. No doubt these applications appear to look simple in functionalities but this will not be that unlabored to copy. This simple looking app that looks appealing and attractive enfolds such features that you fortitude not be able to simulacrum in a delicate manner. This will result in a shipwreck. At times the intestine functionalities are just so complex and broad-minded that the functionalities can’t be ascertained apparently.

Third rank focused on security
You are developing an app for android or any other OS, don’t ever ignore or filthy lucre lenient irrespective of the mobile app security. Usability and stable equilibrium of an app had better hold your center of attention. If something goes unjustness with these two accordingly other self wish remain a bad track for your involvement.

To develop an rapt attention for business is not an easy task to bilge, it requires great patience and efforts relative to developer’s part. For this i myself ought to occur focused in order to retrieve concrete results. So hold aloof any of the aforementioned mistakes.