Armor Keywords Community Resource (AKCR)

Armor Keywords Community Resource (AKCR)

Mod Users ——————— Mods you have installed may require this file as a base resource. Simply download and install the mod using the standard installation methods. If you do not have any mods that require this resource, installing this mod will have no effect on your game. Mod Authors ——————— Purpose of this resource: Create a standardize framework for armor so that modders can create and modify…

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2016년 1월 27일 오픈베타 테스트를 시작하는 “BLASS"입니다
피팡이 오랜시간 제작하고 돈도 많이쓴 (700억원)게임입니다
최근의 가장 화재가 되고있는 MMORPG입니다

오픈베타 테스트가 시작되면 해볼생각입니다

Production 5 years
Production costs: $ 70 million
27 January 2016 Korea Open Beta testing begins


anonymous asked:

OK, coming from meme: would you consider writing a fic called "Pounded in the Butt by the Father of our Country"? I imagine it would be an interesting diary entry/imaginative pamphlet cooked up to discredit Hamilton....

oh my god

“Pounded in the Butt by Alexander Hamilton’s Immaculate Daddy” by yr obt. srvt. C. Tingle

Did a casualty evacuation drill today and remind of this experience. Never wish to go through this again at the mountain but by all means if similar situation happen again (chio) will try my best to save.

Waking up to pass motion in the middle of night and got call up to evacuate my dear friend down the mountain. I would say it’s really a team effort in “transporting” him down (though inside us wish the easier method in calling for a helicopter😂).

Throughout the process I will always remember my glove was sacrifice and my stupidity in wearing so much layer. And was glad that he survived and was being so picky with the food given during his semi unconscious state!

I guess it will be a big regret for not putting our best to do what we could to save one life when we can. Therefore, I guess this applies to the determination I should put into my work too. So allehz!
#throwback #dabashan #taiwan #obt

Old Burial Temple - I

~Sea of blood red dust~

In mental preparation for the 1349 show in town tonight I’m bringing you two dark acts today; both from Australia. Old Burial Temple is an organic dark ambient drone project with the sonic aesthetic deeply rooted in meditative and ritualistic principles. Despite the project being from the other side of the planet I was surprised to learn after finding the project that I have been personally acquainted with the artist behind Old Burial Temple for a handful of years now. OBT utilizes entirely organic tangible instrumentation which is often performed simultaneously as well as layered. Supposedly some of the recording rituals became so spiritually intense as to yield some rather traumatic paranormal interaction(hearing voices, feeling and fearing invisible presences and some form of mental breakdown at some point as well) some of that energy certainly does carry through the music in the recordings for me.
The person behind the recordings actually has black gaps in their memory of even making some of the takes too.

The album entitled Inner Temple Mutilation is actually a compilation of OBT’s tape demo recordings but regardless it does flow pretty smoothly. The first track is without question my favorite; featuring throat singing and other visceral vocal textures, flute, an array of percussion instruments and a few others that I cannot name or place. The sound does have a very eastern feel at times but definitely still blisteringly dark and unnerving, also just a very ancient archaic energy surrounding it at all times.
Here is one more track from the album below.

The album is available on the incredible dark australian label Aurora Australis, if you like what you hear go grab a copy AND if you get the opportunity to see

Old Burial Temple perform live do NOT pass it up, it sounds incredible.


love the new commercial (ib: ChowduhXO, are you serious tom, OBT) (Dank Memes)

GCTH CBT First Impression

The Goods:

  • Negligible lag (if you’re in Thailand ofc).
  • Edel and Veigas start at level 19 with Bermesiah and all shop functions unlocked. (don’t know if this is a bug or not)
  • All coordishop avatars have ‘permanent’ sales. (Yeah!)
  • All characters can enter Frosland and Trivia (don’t know if this is a bug or not)
  • Card Fusion is available

The Bads: (expected to be fixed before OBT)

  • Messed up text. (The vowels are misplaced, but still understandable)
  • Some items/skills are not translated. (still in English or Korean)
  • Some items cause the character to disappear.
  • Too few screen resolution options.

cryogenicammunition asked:

✉ & ✔ !


✉ - texting habits 

Aaron isn’t an avid texter, he usually only uses it for mission details and so forth. Considering his phone is his work one and he doesn’t have many close friends it’s rare to see him texting. Every once and a while though, you can see him on his phone planning to go get a drink with colleagues.

✔ - five things my muse is good at 

  1. Stealing
  2. Shooting
  3. Cooking (surprisingly)
  4. Beer Pong ( current SHIELD champ ) 
  5. Skateboarding because when he was younger he stole one and that’s how he primarily got around

& ! - i think there’s a difference in emojis cause I don’t see those? (on a mac)