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Going against Tradition

“Nurses are open-minded, and welcoming.”


On graduating: “Go right to Med Surg, you have to do your time there first”

As nursing students, graduate nurses, and practicing nurses, we have a great appreciation for older experienced nurses who have paved the way for us, but where is it written in the literature that nurses are only successful in specialized disciplines such as ED or ICU if they’ve had two years Med Surg under their belt?

On having to teach new nurses in a specialty; “I’m tired of all these new nurses not knowing basics, why can’t they do a couple of years of med surg?”

Without undermining the level of acuity in emergent and critical care, or the need for speed, Med Surg is actually a specialty too, so it sort of undermines this area by implying you are sentenced there before moving onto greener pastures. And as a not-so-afterthought, didn’t we all start somewhere? Didn’t we all begin not knowing the basics? Isn’t it possible that with the right support, and solid orientation (without burning out the same preceptors over and over again), a nurse can be successful in any specialty? Are we determining failure is imminent, based solely on what’s been tradition? Are we discouraging nurses from pursuing their dream specialty, forcing them to do one they aren’t happy in, merely because it’s “always been done his way?” Or is our energy better spent simply supporting fellow nurses whatever their choices may be?

If you have the will and drive to learn fast, the ability to work under fire, the stones it takes to stand up to physicians,supervisors,  families, and advocate for your patient, the mastery of a detective, mediator, the courage to admit you fucked up and humility to learn from it, and then go back again the next day with an intense desire to do better, the relentless and unquenchable thirst for learning - then you’re a nurse. It doesn’t matter where.

Nursing is nursing, every role is specialized.
It takes a tough cookie just to be a nurse  🍪

Hey, let's not.

I’m going to use the Sherlock fandom as an example, but this can/should be applied to any fandom/other thing.

I like to see everything from both sides.

Scratch that.

I have a compulsive need to see everything from every side. I think this is a good quality; it lets me form opinions based on as much fact as possible, it lets me view things from a point of view I never would have thought of, it gives me entirely new ideas that I can’t wait to shout from the rooftops.

Like Golly!

I follow exclusively mostly fandom blogs. A lot of those are Sherlock. One of the awesome things about the Sherlock fandom is all the contemplating and theorizing and detecting that we can do. I sometimes find it stressful to read through all of it because I just want to know already dammit!, but I love that it’s there.

This continues through to pairings. My primary ship is Johnlock, immediately followed by Sheriarty, and then Golly a more respectable distance down. Before I started shipping Sheriarty, my dash was filled with Johnlock fluff and angst and all the things one would expect from a primarily Johnlock dash.

When I started adding Moriarty and Sheriarty blogs, things changed. Not in a bad way or an unexpected way, they just changed. There’s a lot less fluff going on in Sheriarty than there is in Johnlock, and I’m sort of on an unofficial crusade to add more.

[primarily here and also here]

But what I wasn’t expecting is so much debate about Jim’s character. I love it, I think it’s fascinating. I just read

this post

and I’m still kind of reeling from it. Every time I read something like that, it adds to, rewrites, and deletes aspects of my headcanon. I love that tumblr allows for the exchange of ideas like that.


That blogger has left tumblr because of so much ship hate and flames.

There are blogs out there that really upset me. One in particular, but I’m sure I could find more if I tried. In my question to see every single thing from every single side, I can get trapped in a dark place that I strongly disagree with and have no way of processing other than ALL THE FEELS.

For me, this means making myself miserable. I don’t want to reblog or start a war or anything, but I also have a compulsion to keep reading. I know that not everyone has that, and I try not to even click on posts that I think I might find upsetting, but it can be so hard.

I want to respond. I want to respond so badly. But is there a real point to it? This is the internet, and the odds of people taking it personally instead of starting an intellectual debate are all but zero.

This post aside. This is my favorite post on tumblr. Human nature at its best, my dears. Manatees bringing the world together one post at a time.

It’s especially a problem because what I want to debate I’m passionate about, Sherlock and Harry Potter most of all. If I try to talk about Harry Potter, no matter how respectably, if it’s about Severus and his alive status, I will start crying. The only thing I can do is extract myself from the conversation, and with the exception of my amazing friend Jonathan, that’s not understood very well. People think I’m weak or stupid or a silly fangirl or ran out of arguments and am trying to call a draw when I know I lost.

But no.

I will actually burst into tears.

I legitimately can’t do it. So I quietly excuse myself and move on.

I’ve seen things like this devolve into flame wars so quickly, and it just makes me so sad. We’re all one fandom, we all fly under the Sherlock flag. Why do we need to fight? If you see a Sheriarty post and you can’t stand Sheriarty, there’s no reason to message/respond in a rude/yelling way. Either keep scrolling or maybe post something silly and friendly.

I see your Sheriarty and raise you Johnlock.

There are even silly ways of being “mean” if it’s necessary.

Gross. Sheriarty is so much better than Johnlock.

That way we can all have a good laugh, defend our ships, and be nice to each other, even while being snarky.

It’s fine if you don’t respect someone’s pairing. I’m aware that Sheriarty can be controversial. But what’s the point in being rude? Does it actually fix the problem to go on a thousand word rant about why the ship is stupid, you’re stupid, all your Sheriarty friends are stupid? All it does is cause upset and strife where there doesn’t need to be any.

That’s a totally reasonable, well thought out, calm rebuttal to an incredibly rude Anon question. I’m not sure why it’s so hard for the internet to grasp that’s a possibility. Even if you don’t feel the need to defend your pairing - which is totally fine - or don’t want to write out a long response, there are good ways of going about it.

This is not one of them. Bringing LGBTQIA into a flame war about a Sherlock pairing is one of those things I can’t talk about without devolving into someone like this person. There’s no call for this. No reason whatsoever.

“Fat bitch” is never excusable unless it’s about an overweight dog, and even then I don’t like it. It reminds me of Aunt Marge.

(both of those examples taken from this wonderful post)

Y'know what’s great? Agreeing to disagree. I ship Johnlock and Sheriarty. I love both pairings. I lean towards Johnlock, but I’m still a complete and utter Sheriarty fangirl. Why can’t there be both? I’m not asking everyone to love every pairing; the opposite, in fact. People who ship Johnlock can have friends who ship Sheriarty.

I know fandoms are dear to the heart and can be more real than real life. I’ve so been there. I live in the HP ‘Verse as much as possible. I’m very, very attached to certain pairings, and while there are only a few that make me legitimately angry, I just ignore those. One of my closest friends ships Lily/James, and I just can’t. The thought of the two of them together makes me want to scream. So you know what we do?

Don’t talk about it.

Sometimes we explain ourselves rationally.

When we’re done, we quietly go back to our own views on Lily/James and talk about our shared pairings, or ones that don’t make us so angry. It’s really, really not a big deal.

Her Gryffindor doesn’t even need to eat my Slytherin.

What’s so ironic is that we all love Sherlock. That’s where these feelings come from: love so intense we feel the need to fight about it.

Can you just read that sentence again?

It’s wrong on such a fundamental level. We have the power to change it. We, the Sherlock fandom. We can have love so intense that we all unite together under one Sherlockian flag. And of course this happens, most notably with the series three trailer when we all collectively freaked out.

One of my most popular posts is about the trailer.

If you look through the notes, there are blogs named after every possible aspect of Sherlock. Do you think we could unite without a magical catastrophe falling into our laps? Nobody was fighting about pairings then. We all just freaked out about the new series. Can we have that back, please?

Not the freaking out, that made me feel like I was going crazy.

But the unity, the love. We were all together. Look how nice we were to other fandoms and how nice other fandoms were to us in recent times of crisis:

Why aren’t we this nice to each other in downtime?

Dear Johnlockians,

I saw the look in John’s face as Sherlock fell. Here’s a shock blanket. A purple one, for your shirt of sex.


Dear Sheriartians,

I saw the look of desperation in Jim’s face just before he killed himself. Here’s a shock blanket. It’s skull patterned for Moriarty. It’s also a Snuggie; we hope you don’t mind.


Dear Mystrades,

I saw how Greg reacted to Molly at the Christmas party. Here’s a shock blanket. It’s grey, to help with the extra shock of Greg’s hair in the trailer.


Ending on a fabulous note, I found this on Google while searching for something else entirely. It says it better than anything I can say.

Why would God make us all so different if he wanted us to be the same?
—  Saved!