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Meeting Her Parent

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This story was inspired by @drawbauchery‘s various AU’s with Lapidot. There are so many. I chose the one where Lapis is a librarian by day and a bike riding badass at night.

Peridot tried to balance driving her little buggy and fixing Lapis’ unruly hair at the same time. One strand of ocean-blue was driving her insane because it wouldn’t cooperate with the rest of the hairstyle she picked out for her girlfriend; no amount of spit on Peridot’s fingertips could make the single strand on Lapis’ forehead fall into place.

 “You know, I could find a better use for your ‘magic’ fingers,” said Lapis, bouncing her eyebrows, flirting.

 Peridot blushed red, slapping Lapis’ face. “Will you knock it off?! This is serious!”

 “Yeah, yeah, I know.”

 “This is the first time you’re going to meet Zircon and I’d rather you be more your librarian persona than your biker self.”

 “But you like my biker self.”

 Peridot actually spit into her fingertips and forcibly glued the stubborn strand down, only to have it pop back out. “Erraaa! That’s not the point!”

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The Rising Sign also known as the Ascendant, rules the first house of the Zodiac chart and is discovered by a person’s  time of birth.    The Rising Sign signifies the”face” we show to the world and how the world sees you.  The 1st house, Rising Sign is the lens by which an Astrologer would view the Natal/Birth Chart of an individual, giving an indication of how they would interact through life.   Some people consider the Rising Sign, the “mask” hiding the the true essence (Sun Sign) of a person.  This is because if the Rising Sign is in a Sign with an element stronger than the Sun Sign, the Sun Sign can be overshadowed.  For example if a person has a Cancer Sun Sign but an Aries Rising Sign, because Aries is ruled by the element of Fire and Cancer ruled by the element Water.,  Aries will overshadow the energy of Cancer, giving the impression that the individual is an Aries.  Although a strong Cancer (lots of water) could  theoretically dampen the Aries Fire. This could also happen if Mercury, Venus, Mars or Jupiter are in  Aries too.   In fact what you presume a person to be isn’t always what you’re actually getting. That’s why it’s wise to get to know a person on a deeper level before getting too involved, especially where love is concerned.   In Astrology, each individual, because of Free Will, can veer towards the positive or negative traits of  a Sign, also depending on how self-introspective they are/aware of Cause and Affect.

ARIES: Ruler - Mars, Symbol the Ram

The influence of Aries rising is that of ‘Me first”  forcefulness pushing past everyone and everything that represents restriction and stands in its way,  Starting new things and new beginnings is top of the list, Aries will be the one to initiate and implement.  However,  they seldom complete the old before starting something new.  This Sign cannot abide or exist in a sedentary life, they will “explode” using Aries anger without thought of the consequences.  If Aries rising is not tempered with sensitivity; selfishness, crudeness, ego and impulsive actions are the result.

TAURUS: Ruler - Venus, Symbol the Bull

Taurus is the symbol of the bull as it suggests.  Taurus can be strongly “rooted” in their opinions and stubbornly “dig their heels in” not liking contradiction.   Patience and reliability are ingrained within them and will therefore never let you down but are also prone to laziness and inertia.    Taurus will always present themselves at their best and are usually very attractive/sensual in an earthy practical way.  They are lovers of good food, luxurious things, art and all things of beauty, especially natural beauty.    Being secure and good with money, makes Taurus a good person to have in business.  

Taurus rising will demonstrate affection to the point of sometimes being possessive.  Endurance is another word associated with the Sign, they can be relied upon to stay the course.

GEMINI: Ruler - Mercury, Symbol Twins

Gemini can keep a conversation going for infinite amount of time. Talking is what they do best although sometimes just of the sake of it.  As the Sign of the Twins , Gemini can show you two sides of themselves and be very scattered if not balanced with an Earth Sign.  One of the most, if not the most versatile Signs of the Zodiac, they can multi-task and get things done.  Their wit and humor are infectious and guaranteed to keep you entertained.  Gemini has a logical, inquisitive, spontaneous mind that can shift topics in a heartbeat.  On the negative side Gemini can be inconsistent, restless and nervous. Quicksilver is the metal associated with Gemini and just the same as this metal,  Gemini maintains a shape of its own.  If you try to hold a Gemini down, mold and shape it your way, you’ll fail,.  Elusive Gemini will have “left the building!”

CANCER: Ruler - Moon, Symbol, the Crab

Cancer can be perceived as moody and emotional, pursuing what they need to do secretly and in unconscious ways.  Like their symbol the Crab, they can “hide”  or retreat when hurt or self-repressive.  Cancer can appear to be hard and insensitive on the outside but on the inside they are extremely vulnerable and  sensitive, therefore easily hurt, side-stepping in order to avoid confrontation.   Creativity and imagination are fertile in this sign, making Cancer a good person to have involved in a project, plan or idea, in addition to being one of the most intuitive Signs of the Zodiac, Cancer knows and senses things others do not.    Their Moon nature makes them kind, sensitive, shrewd, cautious, sympathetic, protective and resourceful.  It will take a while to really get to know a Cancer because they stay in their “shell” until they feel it is comfortable an safe to “expose” themselves and most of all don’t like people prying into their lives.

LEO:  Ruler - Sun, Symbol, the Lion

As the Sun is the ruler of Leo, it motivates the Sign to be the center of attention. With the dignity of its symbol. Leo demonstrates pride, creativity, strength, determination, grace and enthusiasm.  Being good organizers and leaders, they crave to be “worshipped” and looked up to, Leo is generous to a fault.   However, all these powerful traits can bring out conceit, intolerance dogmatism, pompous, bombastic and patronizing behavior towards others.  On  a good day, Leo can demonstrate warmheartedness and encouragement towards others.  

It’s interesting to note that Donald Trump is a Gemini, with Leo rising, Mars in Leo and Pluto in Leo.

VIRGO: Ruler - Mercury, Symbol, The Virgin

Virgo likes to be practical analytical, critical, discriminatory, orderly and modest and they will always present themselves in this manner.  However, there is a tendency to worry, be overly critical, fastidious and too conventional, never stepping out of their comfort zone.  In bureaucratic modern society, Virgo is most capable because they are adept when it comes to assimilating facts and paying attention to detail.   When Virgo focuses too much on themselves or others, their analytical ability becomes more destructive than helpful.  Virgo needs to work, feel useful and most of all be of service to others.

LIBRA: Ruler - Venus, Symbol, Scales of Justice (balance)

Libra is often described as the “iron hand in the velvet glove” because its aggressiveness is not usually obvious.  They want balance and harmony between Self and others, they don’t like discord.  Because Libra is ruled by Venus, the emphasis is on charm and beauty.   Libra will always present itself as idealistic, easy-going, diplomatic and romantic with a very refined appearance.   At their worst, Libra is gullible, frivolous and very flirtatious. They easily see the value of each point of view which can make them indecisive, sometimes this is because they don’t hold a definitive opinion of their own.

SCORPIO: Ruler - Mars & Pluto, Symbol, The Scorpion

Set in its ways with a very forceful nature hidden from view until it needs to “strike out”, Scorpio a water Sign, has an “unstable” emotional nature leaving the Sign often at “war” with itself between being fixed and “unstable”.  Water needs to flow it can’t be stagnant. With powerful feelings and a strong sense of purpose, they are very imaginative, subtle, persistent and determined.  They are a concentration of vast amounts of stored energy ready to burst out.   At their worst, Scorpio can be resentful, vengeful, stubborn, obstinate, secretive, suspicious, jealous and self-centered, exuding tremendous amounts of personal magnetism and healing power.  Scorpio needs to regenerate itself through suffering and often seemingly self-destructive behavior.  This Sign needs to experience life with great depth and intensity.

SAGITTARIUS: Ruler - Jupiter, Symbol The Archer

Aspiration is the key to this Sign, forever aiming at and for greater heights. They possess great adaptability, self-expression and enthusiasm.   Sagittarius has an expansive consciousness and loves to travel in Mind, Body, Spirit and Soul. They can easily be seen to be Philosophers, very friendly, sincere, versatile, outgoing, dependable, open-minded, excitable, jovial and optimistic.  Their greatest faults, dogmatism and arrogance can lead to tactlessness, irresponsibility and capriciousness.  If they’re able to get off their “high-horse” they have the ability to be positive and encouraging individuals.    Sagittarius loves freedom, they need space (literally), they are explorers with a love for adventure and the outdoors.

CAPRICORN:  Ruler - Saturn, Symbol, The Mountain Goat

Capricorn has the ability to withdraw from the turbulence of life and bide their time (Saturn) , until conditions are ripe for them to pursue their ambitions. They will keep striving to pursue and overcome obstacles with tremendous drive.  On the negative side Capricorn can be cold, rigid, pessimistic and too conventional. Being an Earth Sign it’s easy for them to be stuck, stagnated, climbing, striving in vain but never achieving their goals.  Their best course of action is to keep moving forward and upward in harmony with cycles of life and time.    At their very best Capricorn is reliable, practical, ambitious, prudent, efficient, persistent and patient with a good dry sense of humor.  They are slow to develop often reaching their peak later in life (middle age), not changing for decades, while their peers move at a normal pace.

AQUARIUS:   Ruler:  Saturn & Uranus - Symbol, The Water-Bearer

Aquarius is a disseminator of knowledge, they prefer to express themselves through sizable groups of people and often have preconceived ideas they hold onto but are still able to maintain a progressive outlook.   Aquarius can always be relied upon to be original, inventive, intellectual, friendly independent, idealistic and revolutionary, sometimes going out of their way to be unconventional.  Aquarius, when it comes to love are very loving, but their caring is more easily expressed as a detached concern for groups rather than individuals.

Aquarius needs their freedom and often find close personal relationships too restrictive. Aquarius rules by Saturn and Uranus is often seen as the erratic revolutionary, which, with a certain amount of “electricity”, energizes the Universe over time and those it comes in contact with.

PISCES: Ruler: Neptune - Symbol, Two fish swimming in opposite directions.

Pisces, a water sign, finds it easy to drift through change, making it the most fluid sign of the Zodiac and the most sensitive of all Signs.  Pisces has strong deep emotions but are also very impressionable and susceptible to outside influences, with a desire to “escape”   Their ruler Neptune makes them “difficult” to understand, they operate on an intuitive level and often have to retreat in order to maintain their equilibrium.  Pisces cannot be defined or understood through logic, analysis or pressure.   Pisces gives vast amounts of compassion and is good at self-sacrifice to others.   They  are best understood with sympathetic and mutual caring. Pisces is kind, humble, intuitive and receptive but at the same time has a tendency to be very secretive, indecisive and careless, unable to deal with the physical material world.

  • INFJ is driving, approaching an intersection
  • INFJ: *Sees intersection*
  • INFJ: *Contemplates how busy the intersection is*
  • INFJ: *Thinks about the symbolic significance of intersections as representative of how our choices in life affect other people*
  • INFJ: *Enters intersection* AAAAAHHH A CAR WHAT THE HELL-

jellal-okaku25  asked:

Sabriel with 'Atelophobia'?

Atelophobia (Greek): the fear of not being good enough or imperfection.

OMG, why you do this?? Oh no, the angst-filled ideas that came from this prompt. Well, no matter, it’s gonna end happy either way! Thank you so much, I hope you enjoy it!!

Sam huffed as he unclipped the magazine of his handgun, sliding the top off the gun to release the bullet in the chamber. It was nearing three in the morning, and he was cleaning his guns. Sam always found the task of ensuring his weapons were in good shape calming. The movements were repetitive and precise, and it worked well to give him a task to focus on whenever he needed a distraction.

And boy, did he need a distraction now.

Because it could not have been this simple, right?

There was no way that he was sitting here at his desk, cleaning out his guns at a godforsaken hour in the morning, while Gabriel – as in Gabriel the freaking Archangel of Heaven – was lying prone on Sam’s bed with his arms folded underneath the pillow he was snoring softly into, a thick blanket covering the bottom half of his bare body, oblivious to the turmoil raging inside Sam’s mind.

Sam shoved the cleaning rod inside the gun, cleaning it as harshly as he could without do more damage than actual cleaning. It was getting harder and harder to steer clear from his troubling speculations, especially once he noticed that he was getting close in finishing the gun in his hands, and it was the last weapon in his lineup that needed cleaning.

Sam bit his bottom lip, feeling himself delve deeper into his mind with every second that passed.

Because it just couldn’t be that simple. He could see himself falling for Gabriel. He had fallen for Gabriel, and fallen for him hard.

But he could not see Gabriel falling for Sam.

Why would he? What did Sam have to offer that could even compare to everything that Gabriel was and represented? Why would Gabriel love Sam of all people?

“You’re thinking too hard.”

Sam flinched out of his spiraling thoughts at the sudden intrusion, but relaxed with a deep sigh, his stiff posture sagging slightly as Gabriel’s arms slid around his shoulders. Sam placed the gun and cleaning rod down on the desk while the archangel nuzzled his neck sleepily, soft lips pressing chastely against the side of his neck. Sam closed his heavy eyes and leaned into the pleasant contact.

“You reading my mind?” Sam asked, half-curious and half-dreading that the answer was yes.

But Gabriel merely shook his head. “Nah. But I can tell that you’re brooding. You okay?” Gabriel murmured, his words slightly muffled by Sam’s neck, and he continued to press comforting, close-lipped kisses to it.

Sam nodded by default, reaching up diagonally over his chest with his right hand to grasp Gabriel’s naked left shoulder, squeezing reassuringly. “Yeah, I’m fine.”

A puff of warm air blew across the crook of Sam’s shoulder as Gabriel scoffed, the angel’s arms tightening slightly around Sam, his chest pressing tight against Sam’s upper back. “You’re lying,” he accused gently. “You’re sitting in your underwear in the dead of morning, cleaning your guns.”

Sam sighed, his hand sliding off of Gabriel’s shoulder as the archangel removed his arms from around Sam. Gabriel walked around the chair as Sam swiveled in his seat to face him better, and the angel smiled as he placed his hands on Sam’s shoulders, carefully seating himself on Sam’s lap and straddling the hunter’s thighs.

“I know your tells by now, Samsquatch,” Gabriel muttered, moving in to press a short, languid kiss to Sam’s lips. Sam closed his eyes at the touch, his chest warming sweetly and the negative thoughts from earlier almost dissipating.


“So,” Gabriel asked as he pulled away, watching Sam through half-lidded yet alert eyes. “What’s going through that pretty little head of yours?”

Sam paused, eyes flickering in between each of Gabriel’s own. The archangel remained firm, linking his fingers together behind Sam’s neck as he waited expectantly. Seeing no way out, Sam took in a deep breath, wincing as it trembled upon exhale. He ran his hands soothingly up and down Gabriel’s sides as he struggled on how to start.

“… Why do you love me?” Sam finally asked, his lips pressing together almost instantly after the last syllable flow past his lips.

If Gabriel looked alert before with his half-asleep expression, he was completely awake now. The archangel gave a minor startled jolt in Sam’s lap, mouth gaping at the unexpected question.

“Sammy, I… why are you asking me this?” Gabriel asked, his hands cupping around Sam’s neck a little tighter.

Though the pressure against his skin felt nice and reassuring, Sam was struck with the knowledge of the fact that Gabriel did not answer the question. He knew he was probably overanalyzing it, that Gabriel had just been taken aback by the question, but…

Sam swallowed, ducking his head to stare at Gabriel’s exposed abdomen. “I just… I’m gonna say a couple things, and I don’t want you to think that I’m delivering accusations or that I’m breaking up with you, okay? I’m not. But… I just wanna say a few things.” He licked at his lips at he finished, and lifted his head to meet Gabriel’s gaze again.

To Sam’s shock, Gabriel actually looked scared now. His brows pinched upward, forehead wrinkled in worry, the corners of his mouth turned downward, and his eyes sparkling, Gabriel nodded slowly.

Sam tried his best to smile, stretching his lips as he wrapped his arms securely around Gabriel’s waist. He hoped it passed off as a smile. It felt more like hooks pulling at the corners of his mouth.

“I love you so much,” Sam whispered, and a little bit of the fear inside Gabriel’s eyes ebbed away as the archangel smiled fondly at the hunter. “I really do. I just… I don’t see why you love me.”

Gabriel blinked, the fear gone and confusion in its place. “Sam, I do love you. Why are you—“

“I know you do, I just don’t understand why,” Sam emphasized, his smile faltering until it was just a thin line of doubt. “Gabriel, ever since the beginning, I’ve felt like I was different. I’ve felt like I was a freak. And ever since the beginning, I was meant for your brother; I was meant for the Devil. I’ve… I’ve drank demon blood, and I allowed it to corrupt me so bad that I saw my own brother as the enemy. I’m the Boy King, an abomination, and… Just why would you want to waste your time with me–?”

“Okay,” Gabriel cut in, and Sam froze at the whispered fury coiling around the edges of Gabriel’s voice. “I’m going to stop you… right there. Right before you can say any more things that are just going to serve in making me angrier. Understood?”

Sam shook underneath Gabriel and nodded in tiny, jerky motions of his head. “Yeah. Okay.”

“Good,” Gabriel murmured, the pads of his fingers digging firmly into the back of Sam’s neck. Not enough to hurt, but enough to maintain his attention. “Now… how dare you?”

Sam’s eyes widened. “Gabe—“

“Is that what you think this is for me? Wasted time?” Gabriel hissed, his furious eyes narrowing. “I’ve devoted so much of myself to you, Sam. Do you really, honestly think I would do that for just anyone? If I’m choosing to be here with you, to be by your side, to love you… Why would I do any of those things, feel what I feel for you, if I didn’t want to? If I didn’t desire you as much as I do? If I didn’t love you?”

Sam gave a quivering exhale, tilting his head to lean his chin onto Gabriel’s forearm.

“You are not wasted time, Sam,” Gabriel growled adamantly. “On the contrary, every moment I’ve spent with you is a moment I want to relive over and over again. I cherish all the time I spent with you above every other memory, and I adore being able to be there with you. You… are not wasted time.”

The battle against the overwhelming emotions inside of Sam had long since been lost, and tears slid unashamedly down Sam’s reddened cheeks, hot and fast.

“As for the rest,” Gabriel whispered, instantly softened at the sight of Sam’s tears; he unraveled one hand from Sam’s neck to gently wipe at Sam’s face with a conjured handkerchief. “It wasn’t fair. Dad left us without a manual, no clue as to how to proceed. The educated guess was the Apocalypse, and it wasn’t fair. You were set up from the beginning, Sam. Nothing that has happened to you has been your fault. It was a product of both Heaven and Hell manipulation, and it wasn’t your fault. Okay?”

Sam breathed out a sob, his Adam’s apple bobbing roughly as his throat wobbled and grew thick and sore.

“As for why I love you,” Gabriel continued, his face gradually glowing with pride and adoration and love. “Despite the fact that you endured all of that and were faced with obstacles that could drive almost any man to his knees, you kept fighting. And better yet, you stayed good. Do you know how incredible you are, Sam? You’ve faced death, deception, betrayal, manipulation, demon blood, Lucifer himself actually possessing you, and you came out the other side. A bit rougher, a bit worn, but so, so good.”

Gabriel was grinning wide now, his own eyes swimming with emotion and tears.

“I swear to you Sam Winchester, on everything pertained Holy, you should never ask me why I love you,” Gabriel whispered, pressing his lips to Sam’s forehead. “It’s me who should be asking you… But I already know you love me for my gorgeous bod and frisky personality, so no question there!”

Sam couldn’t help the true smile that split across his face at that moment, or the tear-stained laughter that burst forth from his throat. He laughed through his tears, his shoulders shaking, and he leaned forward to press his face into Gabriel’s neck to muffle his amusement.

Moments later, the laughter morphed into sobbing and Sam’s shoulders shook for a different reason; at the transition, Gabriel cradled him close and pressed his lips to Sam’s hair soothingly, whispering sweet nothings and proclamations of love in Sam’s ear.

But these tears were not mournful or desperate or angry. They were tears of breathtaking joy and of blissful awe at having the wonderful fortune and blessing of having someone like Gabriel become a permanent fixture in his life. He cried because though he may not have believed everything Gabriel said tonight at the moment, he was beginning to. He knew that Gabriel truly loved him, and the archangel would remain by his side until he did. Beyond that, even.

In that time, he’d do his very best to convince Gabriel of the same thing.

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Fairy tales are more than true: not because they tell us that dragons exist, but because they tell us that dragons can be beaten.
—  Neil Gaiman
14x02 - 14x12 Episode Descriptions [SPOILERS]

14x02 Wise Up: Drew’s not taking the easy way out - he’s going to be part of his child’s life, whether Clare wants it or not. Mr. Hollingsorth thinks he can buy Miles’ support and crafts a plan to protect his image. Zoë is over being judged by everyone and when she senses this from Zig, it’s time for her to make a hard decision.

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The will to push through any obstacle… the drive to never give in to defeat… these are the virtues that define the Olympic spirit. Epitomized in the incredible story of former Olympian and American hero, Louis Zamperini. As a complete unknown, Zamperini burst onto the world stage at the Olympics 1936. The unwavering spirit that got him there and lead him to a record breaking performance and carried him forward to a time when the world was at war and his country needed him most.

My 2 worst flaws

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how it would have been smart if I had bothered to learn how to drive at some point in the last 17 years. Obviously, it is insane that I don’t know how to drive. All American adults can drive. I live in the only city where you can get away with not driving, but I don’t even have the excuse of having grown up here. I grew up in the suburbs and failed my driver’s test three times.

Looking back, it’s hard to say exactly why I failed. Being a naturally bad driver was part of it, but you don’t have to look far to see a ton of people who’ve overcome that obstacle and who now drive all the time; they are all over the roads. I think I was also pretty nearsighted and no one realized it, but at this point I’m making excuses. The real problem was that I was too ashamed and too unused to being innately bad at things to keep trying after those three failures. It was easier to suffer the small continuous humiliation of needing to be chauffeured around by my parents and friends til I left for college than to try to improve at something I for whatever reason wasn’t good at doing. For the two final years of high school I rode my bike a lot and took the bus to the Metro in DC, making half-day endeavors out of travel that could have taken 20 minutes in a car. Then I went to college in Ohio for two years. Weirdly, my phobia of driving didn’t extend to being phobic about being driven by bad, stupid or incredibly drunk drivers. I survived though and moved to New York, where I continued to not drive. For a while I semiconsciously thought that I would learn how to drive if if we owned a car. Then when we did own a car for a while (a flukey couple of years spent accumulating parking tickets on the car equivalent of an unraveling hand-me-down sweater) I made zero moves to do so. At that point I thought “I’ll learn how to drive if I have a baby,” and did not examine that thought long enough to realize that it made absolutely zero sense. After you have a baby, it turns out, it becomes much more important that you not die! And also maybe the BABY could be in the CAR that you are DRIVING?  

The worst detail of my inability to drive is that I wrote my college admissions essay about trying, and failing, to learn how to drive. I remain convinced that this is why I didn’t get into any of the colleges I wanted to go to. That essay was so bad, so confused and maybe too revealing of my true self. I was, and am, someone who wants to tell a story where the point was not that I grew and learned and overcame adversity, but that I recognized a deficiency in myself and half-figured out how to put a sloppy band-aid on it. 

Now, here I am 16 years later, repeating that act, I don’t know why. Just reporting that this is one of the things I think about from 4-5am lately. Great thing about babies: they give you mucho opportunity for the kind of introspection and self-flagellation that can only occur during that time slot! 

Another thing I’ve been thinking about in that predawn hour is how terrible it must have been for my parents to read about all the stupid things I’ve done that might have gotten me violently raped or killed or brain-damaged from drugs or accidents or just badly emotionally scarred. Like, it’s bad enough that I had to do those things, but then I had to go and write about it so they couldn’t escape knowing how close I’d come so many times to making what must have been their worst nightmares come true!  A friend recently gave us two onesies that Penguin makes. One of them said “Future Reader” which, fine, sure. The other said “Future Writer” and I think I’m not ever going to put it on him. 

Advice: World First, Plot Later

i-am-mental asked: 

I think I do all this world-building and character creation before I write my story, and then when I start to write the plot is crap and I become uninterested. And I spend a lot of time in the world building and history of the story, so I don’t wanna abandon the story. I know you already have giving your story a purpose posts, but do you have anything about incorporating the world’s history into the plot and make it world/character based instead of event based?

Even if you write a story that is character based, your character still needs to have a purpose. Otherwise you’re just writing about a character doing nothing special, and no one wants to read that. Your character’s purpose can be mundane. It doesn’t have to be something grand like inciting rebellion or becoming the world’s greatest assassin. It could be that they’re interested in another character and hope that they’ll get together. It could be to find a place where they feel like they belong. It could be to get out of their hometown and explore the world. Anything you want. Once you decide what that goal will be, you can plunk them down in your world and start writing. Write about them in their everyday life and show why it is they want the thing they want. Then write about them figuring out how to get the thing they want. Then write about them going after the thing they want. Create conflict by putting obstacles in their way which they have to overcome and sometimes fail to overcome. Make those obstacles personal to the character. How the character chooses to deal with those obstacles will drive the story. :)

byebyespacecowboy  asked:

Apologies if this has been asked recently, but how is recall training with Jude going? I remember last reading that he was still a little iffy, and wondered how you're tackling that, especially in the woods.

It’s actually been very good, aside from one simple obstacle: Jude’s prey drive. I had to put the contacts back on his tracking collar since he did recently take off after a deer near Fern Camp and was gone for about five minutes while I called and waited anxiously in the dark for him to return. Those five minutes felt like five hours to me. I didn’t know whether my dog would get kicked through the skull, shot by a hunter, or if he’d maul a hapless deer. All of these scenarios would be awful. 

When he finally did come bounding back, I assume after losing his quarry in the brush, he was a perfect angel all over again, almost like he was saying “Sorry I ran off! I really couldn’t help myself! I’ll be good now that I’m not distracted!” and I was grateful, but decided in that moment that I’d never let it happen again.

He knows already what I expect from him while we’re out, and so long as we’re in an open area - like on the beach or in a city park - he’s great. You’d never guess he was the same dog as the one I brought home from Washington in December, and positive reinforcement training methods are greatly accountable for his success. 

But when it comes to his prey drive issue, nothing in the world can stop him short of a sudden low-level static shock. It’s not enough to hurt him. And frankly, that’s not the point of a shock collar. The static breaks his concentration without causing him undue harm, but is a poignant enough deterrent to discourage repeat bad behavior. It’s also got a beep and vibrate function, so that I have a means of giving Jude ample warnings prior to shocking him. 

Even so, it sucks that I have to use the tracking collar at all. And frankly, if it weren’t for his prey drive, I don’t think he’d need it, as he is generally a very good listener, especially now that I’ve had more time to work with him using +R methods. But when prey is present, it’s like Jude becomes a different dog. It’s kind of scary, and the collar is literally our last resort. 

It works. But allow me to be abundantly clear in making it well-known to all of my followers that even though I use an electronic shock collar on Jude, I do so for a very specific reason. A collar like this should ONLY ever be utilized if positive training methods have failed, and should NEVER be used for negative reinforcement, or for positive punishment unless the behavior you are trying to stop is potentially life-threatening to your dog. We discussed the use of the tracking collar with two different trainers and did a LOT of research before using it on Jude to curb his prey drive.

Just because I use it for this singular behavior doesn’t mean that I endorse the use of shock collars as a training tool overall. In fact, I find that most people who use them do so as a kind of crutch when they’re not good enough at using positive training techniques instead, and it’s incredibly irresponsible. 

Greece, my love and my best friend. You’re the best thing that ever happened to me.

nothing makes me feel more alive than you, almost 4 years together and I love you more than the first day, my prince came in the form of princess are my beautiful my love my life my baby, all I want and desire. See you smiling every day and see you next to me makes me invincible. I love you! LUCKY I’M IN LOVE WITH MY BEST FRIEND ♥

The last four months were the litmus test to our love, but we overcame every obstacle and drive together more than before.

Our love will keep us alive. YOU SET MY SOUL ON FIRE. <3


My life is in your hands. I LOVE YOU!