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Limp – sensitive – yet unformed – a prostration


Rarely have I seen a blog that is clearer about its own purpose, you don’t need my help


You sure seem like you’re having a good time over there


4chan vibe soup enlivened by occasional body horror croutons – dig deeper


You asked for extra rudeness, so: I know we’re all about elevating the mediocre through fanwork here but you also need to consume good art sometimes or you’ll get scurvy


A wholesome mixture of political powerlessness and dogs


One of my favorite types – you who are acutely aware of your own corpse and would, given the option, pupate


Clear, obvious virtue, a head that demands pats.  A born mascot


Old guard.  Casual, gestural interaction underscores the fact that you live here


I know you too well for this to be super useful but you do a pretty good job obfuscating your misery – you could plausibly hang with 551 in obsolete medical device fandom


The best I can say for you is that your blog does not immediately reveal what a goober you are


Not a whole lot to grab on to here but the inclusion of the exchange with the Donald Trump kin who is upset with his real-world counterpart elevates you above 80th percentile jokewise, please continue to refine this aspect of yourself


Rude yet aesthetically invigorating, just like me!  You’ve always been my secret favorite


2560 but with extra points for choosing the Penguin of all people to fixate on


I think you could enhance your brand by bringing your mighty will to nitpick more consistently to bear on the content you choose to share


You seem be into images which are competently framed and executed, which is honestly kind of a relief at this point. If you’re gonna be standard it’s important to be discerning with it

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I too will be watching the eclipse, Caretaker, having slept on a camping mat the previous night in the house of an online friend who lives in the line of totality, with whom I have never yet shared airspace. I will watch with the assistance of my father's Coast Guard sextant, now an obsolete and antique device. I'm sure we already have magic enough, but have you any further suggestions?


Remember when you were a kid and you personified so many inanimate objects around you? You’d group all your stuffed animals together so they wouldn’t be lonely at night or you’d think about cars in a parking lot talking to each other while they wait for their drivers to return? 

I never really stopped believing this, not totally. I like to park my Jeep next to other Jeeps because I consider them family. The few action figures I have all stand next to each other on the same shelf. I don’t really believe that they talk to each other at night but I think the grouping together just makes them content. I kinda talked about this awhile ago here about obsolete devices and I’ve just been doing a lot of thinking about this lately. Marie Kondo has a book about de-cluttering your life and it involves getting rid of the things that dont explicitly bring you joy, but only after thanking them for the role they played in your life. It’s not necessarily for the object’s peace of mind, but for yours. 

But I do sincerely feel that if we as humans create something with a particular purpose in mind, that there’s some kind of harmony that exists within the object when it fulfills that purpose. A toaster, for example, wants to toast. Pens want to write. A car wants to drive. That’s what it was made to do. Moreover, a car gets familiar with a driver and their specific way of driving and, if you’re not pushing the car too hard beyond its means but actually taking it out for long, scenic excursions (since that’s what cars want to do), it’ll stay in relatively good repair. A car, just like a pet, doesn’t want to be shipped off to a new owner, which is why so frequently cars break down immediately after being sold to someone new. You give a cherished knick-knack to a friend who expressed interest in it and they lose it within weeks. Those things didn’t like their new life. They have a sole function they want to complete: serving you. 

I dont know that I would call this a spirit because I dont think it goes as deep as that. But when something is fulfilling its purpose, when you have that harmony within its parts, I can only equate that harmony with some kind of happiness or at the very least a tranquility. All its inner mechanisms moving in unison to complete the task it was designed to do. It just makes you appreciate your things a little bit more, but on the same note, you gotta allow them to be themselves. A car doesn’t want to sit in a garage all winter long. A house falls apart when people are no longer living in it. Sure, these things will deteriorate over time no matter what, but so do people so maybe they’re also deserving of your love.


Intaglio ink relief print of a cassette tape…. the texture of music. I ripped open a cassette, and wanted to capture the texture of another “obsolete” musical device. A reminder that this is what we used to listen to music at one point in time.

i intaglio wiped the parts of the cassette tape, ran it through the press, and this is the beautiful detail and texture i got, simply from the inside of a device we used to use to play music, an obsolete technology that held sound in rolls of tape.

This is part of a series of prints i did, where i took musical devices, dismantled or dissected them, and pulled print images from them.

“Cassette Tape.” from The Texture of Music Series. Intaglio relief print on Rives BFK Paper. 2015.

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Rose sighs at the intercom announcement and stands up. Really, she welcomes the distraction, but the pile of post-mission paperwork on her desk won’t disappear on its own, and this interruption only prolongs her day at Torchwood when she’d much rather be at home with the Doctor. 

Hurrying down the hallway and then jogging down the two flights of stairs until she exits the door on the correct floor, Rose wonders what the admin department needs from her. It’s not exactly a department that usually requires the use of the almost obsolete intercom device. 

As soon as she enters the admin department, however, all her questions are answered when she sees the sight in front of her.


Paper shoots violently out of a giant printer/copy machine, attacking the Doctor (and the rest of the office) with a storm of paper. While it’s clear he tried to improve the machine with his sonic screwdriver, the machine quite obviously thought it was just fine as is.

Rose doubles over in laughter, and the Doctor turns to her with a ‘just been caught red-handed’ expression on his face. 

“Rose!” he squeaks over the sound of the machine and paper fluttering about the room. “It’s not what it looks like!”