What’s a better time to dance than when you’re happy?

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you guys! Love you all, this year has been amazing, stay awesome! ;w;


thank you so much!! <3 <3 :D
i think ford would like the fact, that there’s at least one competent version of himself somewhere in the multiverse XD idk, i’d just love the concept that ford isn’t exactly repulsed or afraid of his counterpart, but rather sees a possible future for himself in him and kind of pities/respects rev!ford because of that ;~; (that is, until rev!ford threatens/hurts rev!bill, then ford would most definitely punch this guy in the face ;u;)

the rev!ford design is by @obsidianchameleon, i just had to draw it again, i love the fur coat and cape so much ;u;


      // Reverse Billford

@swiftboone​ and @cirilee​‘s sad Pure Billford comics [here and here] left me with a hole in my heart I could only fill with more sadness. This hellish comic idea and fab Rev!Stanford cape design came from @obsidianchameleon​.

If I have to suffer then everyone has to suffer with me.


“Why’d we need to turn the lights off?”

“Does that answer your question?”

Hey, andouilles and obsidianchameleon, two wonderful writers of Weltschmerz (older!au crossover between Gravity Falls and Over the Garden Wall), MERRY CHRISTMAS! I wish there was more crossovers between these two shows, they go so well together! I wanted to illustrate this chapter since the day I read it. I hope you guys like this, it belongs to you now, happy holidays! xoxo

Reverse Stanford based on @obsidianchameleon and my interpretation of him!

In a nutshell Stanford is a talented and ambitious magician who will stop at nothing to garner more power, up to and including the summoning of his own personal demon. In this manner he acquires Rev!Bill, who isn’t entirely as he expected, but is spectacularly malleable given the swift affections he develops for Stanford, willingly permitting himself to be roped into a deal with the sorcerer that isn’t entirely in his favor.

Not, of course, that this is clear at the time, but would present down the road when Stanford had no more use for Bill, making an effort to send the demon back to his original dimension. Only (on account of Bill’s clinginess) Stanford finds himself dragged alongside the demon and set adrift in the multiverse for the next three decades.

From there the twins summon and enslave Bill who, not realizing to the extent Stanford attempted to betray him, spends the time since his summoning making every effort to bring Stanford back. And succeeds (eventually). Though perhaps not for the best…



You guys! My friend Obsidianchameleon (you should follow her!)
gave me this for my birthday! Ohmygoodnessgracious! It’s chibi Levi :3 look at ‘im. Such a small person…i mean..cough soo cute~
I found the best place to put him: with my car keys~~
Then she wrote a Lokane fanfic for me! Aaaaah thank you thank you thank you!!! You can see an illustration of the scene on her card too. Super cool!!