Zodiac Signs as Dragons
  • Aries:Purple eyes, topaz scales, specks of red on claws and mouth, friendly, skilled at hunting, cocky personality, hypnotising gaze.
  • Taurus:Orange eyes and auburn scales, feather-like scales, skilled at claiming territory, violent, 6 claws on each hand, rigid, ungraceful movements, sticks to colder climates.
  • Gemini:Grey eyes, transparent skin, very long and lanky, skilled at flying great distances, spiked horns extend from torso, hundreds of small razor sharp teeth.
  • Cancer:Small midnight blue eyes, flecks of gold in them, feathered crest, plum purple body, patches of yellow down its spine, sinister smile, deceptive personality, griffin-like.
  • Leo:Black eyes, full white body, bioluminescent, rare species, stick to the shadows and caves, can survive colder temperatures, hot weather is fatal.
  • Virgo:Large grey eyes, elongated spiked tail, obsidian black torso and head, stomach glows red when breathing fire, large wingspan, skilled at flying, rows of long teeth, sinister grin.
  • Libra:Skeletal frame, unpredictable, yellow glow in the dark eyes, variations of blue on the head, tail and torso. Long, thing, whipping tail, skilled at unseen movement.
  • Scorpio:Green dragon, red almond shape eyes, long neck and legs, thick tail shimmers in the moonlight, skilled at tracking, sticks to forests, solitary
  • Sagittarius:Slitted golden eyes, blood red body, patches of blue, red and orange on the tail, claw-like hooks on wings, skilled at graceful landings.
  • Capricorn:Round pupil-less pink eyes, grey body, flecks of blue and purple splattered on tail, long talons, spiked crest, spine and legs, rare species, skilled at ambushing.
  • Aquarius:Blind, wingless, skilled at running, has a keen sense of smell and hearing, best out of all the dragons at hunting, metallic, shimmering scales.
  • Pisces:Green eye and blue eye, Small fine thorns covering skin, skilled at defence, short muscular limbs, constantly sneers, is contemptuous.

Mermaid!J² Fic Recs

monday! we need some good mermands!j2 fics! very quick list to go with a cofee! MORE MERMANDS HERE

Coming Up For Air by Obsidian Romance Jared is a marine biologist.  He finds pregnant, injured, merman Jensen on the beach and takes it upon himself to nurse the merman back to health and figure out what he really is.

On a Generous Sea by zubeneschamali Jensen lives in a pious fishing village where he almost drowned when he was thirteen. Now in his twenties, he remains terrified of the sea. When there is a string of bad weather and worse fishing, the villagers blame Jensen for not returning to the Sea God, J'Red, as tradition commands, so they leave him near the sea as an offering. But Jared isn’t anything like Jensen expected, especially once he shows his true form…

tiillii asked:

Wait qait yo I haven't seen mianite for the last two days (and probably not for the next few weeks ;___;) Mind updating me on what's going on?

Sure! They were sent on a mission to go to the witchery dream world where they retrieved these boots that, when walking, create an obsidian bridge right under the wearers feet. They also learned of the place where they could find hints to Dianites body. Today they went to Urulu where they learned more backstory of the gods (forget the exact details but it was mostly of Ianite and Sparks relationship and some status-y reports of all the gods). Urulu is also the home of Farmer Steve and Mot. In the deep underground caverns of Urulu laid a dragon. He apparently was a friend of Dianite. Tom, Jordan, Wag, and Sonja raided his lair of a lot of his gold. And lastly, the helped out a DG Worker who had some trouble with a pipe that would’ve endangered the town. He believed the Architect sent them as some sort of body guards. DG u fool.

The Signs as Dragons

Aries: A massive fire breathing dragon with black indestructible scales, lives atop a volcano and hoards the traditional golden treasure. Massive obsidian claws help it defend its treasure from whatever foolish knight who comes to take it.

Taurus: A small, but ancient, brown dragon covered in ivy that lives in a mossy cave deep in the forest. Has wings but does not use them. Hoards miscellaneous human artifacts and traps passing travelers to keep it company.

Gemini: A white leathery dragon with piercing black eyes, claims the very top of a huge mountain as its home and rarely interacts with humans. Only ever seen when flying around it’s mountain and collecting beautiful rocks for it’s hoard.

Cancer: Light blue, no wings, thin and scaly, the Cancer dragon lives in warm shallow water around islands and is mostly friendly to the humans it meets. Hoards treasure from sunken ships and eats sharks who swim too close.

Leo: Appearing to be made of pure flame and with giant wings, this dragon scorches the countryside and lives in a glowing cave deep beneath the surface. Travelers beware, this dragon with burn you to a crisp and steal what is thinks beautiful off your corpse

Virgo: A golden Chinese dragon, long and scaly. Can fly, but doesn’t often as it has no reason to go anywhere. This dragon hoards people to carry out it’s bidding. It lives atop a mountain surrounded by the village of people it controls.

Libra: Lives in the clouds, and uses the wind currents as well as it’s wings to carry its cerulean leathery body from place to place. Hoards clouds, and sleeps on a pile of them. It can also manipulate thunderstorms should the opportunity arise.

Scorpio: The only dragon that is known to travel by land, air and sea, this winged dragon has a dark green leathery skin and sharp fierce teeth. No particular powers, but is VERY strong and carries its valuable hoard on its back.

Sagittarius: A huge wingless gray dragon with glimmering scales who lives in a hot minefield of geysers, quick sand and lava. Small eyes to protect it from gas and wide balancing feet, it loves the smell of sulfur and collects charred artifacts it finds for its hoard.

Capricorn: A massive dragon without wings, but with trees growing from its back. Moss drips and grows from its neck and face. Animals live peacefully where it cannot see them on it’s huge back. It lives in a marsh, and to a passerby only looks like a huge hill.

Aquarius: A grey dragon with feathery soft wings, it lives in a forest of eternal winter and often spends years flying about and staking claim to all its domain. Is capable of breathing frost breath to freeze its prey.

Pisces: A soft blubbery dragon which lives deeps beneath the ocean waves. It glows with phosphorescent lights down its sides and tail. Living on fish and known to cause terrible shipwrecks, this beast rules the ocean.