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The Vipuur

The vipuur also called the stair dweller, is a slender, almost sickly looking woman, who’s ribs can easily be seen through her water drenched, shredded gown. With arms that are twig thin, and long sharp talons for fingers, she preys on unsuspecting victims. Other attributes that are distinguishing to her are long almost greasy black locks of hair that trail down her back from the scalp of her head, and a few pieces that hide her face. For those brave enough to venture close enough, you’d be able to see gaping holes where eyes no longer are and a dark thick tar like goop seeps from the lids like obsidian tears, and sharp needle like teeth line her mouth. Her tongue is a dark blue, and the same tar like substance is often seen dripping down her lips.

She will never be seen in houses with only floor to them, but rather houses with a basement. She’s silent, and rarely ventures out into the daylight.

Nighttime from 10pm to 4am are her favored hunting times, waiting for her prey to venture down into the basement for whatever reason and the lights to go off. Once they are she slowly stalks her prey up the stairs, her long arms seeming to drag her body up the stairs in an unnatural fashion. Those who look back are often petrified by the sight of her, gaping up at them and tailing them. If you run you may escape her, for she fears the light- even artificial- though even that may not stop her pursuit.

Once she catches her prey however, she’ll favor gouging out your eyes and dragging you back to her nest to feed on your body’s fluids. Some reports say that the bodies of those she’s devoured look much like husks of their former selves.

The other method of hunting she may do is for particularly cunning prey. In which she will leave the black ooze from her mouth in cups and glasses, even food to get her prey to eat it. Eating the substance causes a state of drowsiness, unbalanced equilibrium, and a feeling of being numb. This allows the prey to be a lot easier to catch and drag back to her nest.

The only defense against this creature is to hide in the light- which doesn’t always work, arm yourself with fire- more effective but still not guaranteed, Never be alone- she seems to be a bit less interested in prey that’s in groups, or to have a penny of pure copper- it is unknown why pure copper is effective but it is the best defense against her.

[Based around an actual monster my sister and wife claim to have seen crawling up the stairs.]

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Behold, the DC/CW Universe's Justice Society of America

We’ve seen brief glimpses of the superteam in various Legends of Tomorrow stills and footage, but now we have them all together in our best look yet at this newest version of DC’s classic heroes.

The Justice Society will make their debut in the second episode of Legends’ new season, aptly titled “The Justice Society of America,” which sees the Legends travel back in time to Nazi-occupied Paris to intercept a mysterious anomaly in the timeline that threatens the very existence of the JSA.

This form of the team features Commander Steel, Vixen (a former incarnation than the one that already appeared in Arrow), Dr. Mid-Nite, Stargirl, Obsidian, and Hourman, who first cropped up at the end of Legends’ first season.

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anonymous asked:

Any ideas for a Smoky Quartz gemsona + Canon gem fusions? Ps. I love your blog!

Aww thanks <3


Brown Opal


Brown Banded Agate

Smoky Quartz:
Smoky Quartz


Green Tiger’s Eye

Rainbow Quartz:
-Black Opal
-Fire Obsidian

Stevonnie (aka: Rose Quartz)
Outback Jasper

Purple Tiger’s Eye

Any Ruby Fusion:
-Red Tiger’s Eye

Obsidian actor Lance Henriksen has confirmed that his character IS the son of Golden Age Green Lantern Alan Scott within DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. He also confirmed that Obsidian is still gay in the show, which is good considering the amount of stuff that’s changed in the CW shows (mainly making everyone white).

Kind of makes you wonder if the JSA members we see in the show aren’t the entire group, and that the hints of an appearance by the Sandman and such mean the rest of the team is still back in New York or something.

In the deepest obsidian soul of the night

Love is a Mystery, a darkness burning bright

Where there is nothing to know, nothing to learn

And the rose of the soul lives only to burn