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oh wow, AU headcanons!! um, how about for your favorite fantasy series? If the Voltron crew lived in that world, what would that look like? (Hope this entertained you!)

Yes! My favorite fantasy series is a High Fantasy book trilogy called The Obsidian Trilogy, by Mercedes Lackey and James Mallory. It centers on a young man named Kellen, who struggles to find his place in the human-only Mage-City where he lives. After discovering a different, “dangerous” form of magic, he’s cast out and goes on to find epic adventures outside the City Walls, including escapades with elves, dragons, centaurs, and discovering his own calling in the larger world.  I recommend it if you’ve got time to spare this holiday season! A bit verbose on the description in places, but that’s Mercedes Lackey for you. Great war tactics. Excellent excellent world-building. 

I’ve included quotes from the source material to help with context. No copyright infringement is intended. Uh. This is also the longest prompt I’ve done yet. By, uh, a considerable amount. Oops. Enjoy!


00. Magic always has a Price.

This was the Mage-City of Armethalieh. Mages had built it, Mages ruled it, and Mages were the only people of any real consequence in it, though it had nobility and rich men in plenty.

…when it came to power and the wielding of it - well - Mages were the only men who had it, and they guarded their privileges jealously.

- The Outstretched Shadow, pg. 14

The Mage-City of Armethalieh is also called The Golden City, so titled for a reason. All your needs are taken care of, here; people want for basically nothing. High Magick runs the city. It regulates the money, the weather, the bell towers ringing in perfect unison and harmony. It steadies the waters in the Harbor; cleans the streets at night; keeps food from spoiling; can heal illness, disease, and charm all manner of objects and problems into impeccable compliance. High Magick rules the city. It’s orderly. Prescribed. Perfect. Nothing changes, here. Nothing needs to.

If you live ‘out there’, beyond the Wall -

- why would you? No one wants to be ‘out there’, out in the wild. The weather’s uncontrollable. It’s chaotic. There are demons. There are creatures who don’t look like us. If they aren’t human, they’re not allowed into our Harbor, through our Wall. If they were worth talking to - dealing with - they’d be in here. And they aren’t.

Life here is better. Life here is best. Other types of lifestyles? Other people, other cultures, other experiences and other types of magick?

Surely no one could want anything other than life here in Armethelieh.

Keith doesn’t.

But that was before Shiro disappeared.

01. Gunderson

The Mage College…was surrounded by the homes of the Mages, and no one who was not himself a Mage or a Mage-to-be had ever set foot upon the grounds. Many of the wonder tales circulating about the City dealt at great length with a young Apprentice’s first sight of the College. All were completely inaccurate, as none of the fabulists had ever actually seen it.

- The Outstretched Shadow, pg. 55

There’s something about the new student that Keith can’t quite put his finger on.

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