obsidian plugs

Book 1 - The Gods - Sixth Chapter

Sixth Chapter: here are named the highest of the goddesses whom the natives worshipped, whom they falsely revered as divine.

Ciuacoatl (Snake-woman) [was called] a savage beast and an evil omen. She was an evil omen to men; she brought men misery. For, it was said, she gave men the digging stick, the tump-line; she visited men therewith.

And as she appeared before men, she was covered with chalk, like a court lady. She wore ear plugs, obsidian ear plugs. She appeared in white, garbed in white, standing white, pure white. Her womanly hairdress rose up.

By night she walked weeping, wailing; also was she an omen of war.

And in this wise was her image arrayed: her face was painted one-half red, one-half black. She had a headdress of [eagle] feathers; she had golden ear plugs. She wore a triangular shoulder shawl. She carried a turquoise [mosaic] weaving-stick.

Jnjc chiquacẽ capitulo: vncan moteneoa, yn oc cenca tlapanauja yn cioateteu: yn qujnmoteutiaia, in qujnteutlapiqujaia yn njcan tlaca.

Cioacoatl tequnj: yoan tetzaujtl, tetetzaujanj, icnoiutl qujteittitia: ca mjtoaia, victli mecapalli, qujtemacaia, ic temotlaia.

Auh ynjc moteittitiaia, motenextiliaia: iuhqujn tecpac cioatl, nanacoche, iitznacoche, iztaian moquetza, iztaian actica, iztacatla ycaia, iztaztiac, vel panj qujquetza yn jneaxtlaoal, yn jaxtlacujl.

ioaltica chocatinenca, tecoiouhtinenca, no iautetzaujtl catca.

Auh yuj yn muchichioaia yxiptla, yn jxaiac, centlaochichiltic, centlacotliltic, yujquatzone, teucujtlanacoche, quechqueme, xiuhtzotzopace.

Codex, Florentine. “General History of the Things of New Spain, Book 1: The Gods.” (1970). pp. 11


1-½" (38mm) Black Lace Obsidian Plugs

Seriously amazing patterns in this material, I have to admit that I’ve spent too much time this week playing with it!


1-½" (38mm) Single Concave Obsidian Plugs,

I hope most of you know that I REALLY love Obsidian and this pair right here are no exception! Some awesome clarity in this material! If you look closely you’ll see some small inclusions which look like tiny Dandelion florets suspended in the Obsidian! So sweet!

1-3/8" (35mm) Mahogany Obsidian teardrops